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tv   Four Seasons Total Documentary  MSNBC  November 7, 2021 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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in the big lie. you'll see my conversations with them after the film. "four seasons total documentary" starts right now. >> well, this is it. this is where it all happened. imagine that, my garage door made history. this is where the big press
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conference took place. i don't even know how to explain 2020. it was a crazy, crazy year. >> joe biden becomes the 46th president of the united states. >> i thought it was a fake. i thought my friends were messing with me. >> a philadelphia landscaping company has been thrust into the national spotlight. >> just put me in shock to see my name on the president's twitter. >> we have a lot of haters. >> i remember asking, did we make a mistake?
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there were just way too many trees. here's the other thing, and i think we'll discuss this with the board. my name's marie siravo. i'm 65 and i'm the president of the landscaping company. we do flowers, snow removal. it's kind of boring. i think the most challenging part of starting the business and being in business is being woman-owned. nobody took you serious. you're on the property. you have cameras. >> yeah. >> our maintenance men on other properties, they connect with us. we help them. they help us. if i had a dollar for every time i got asked do i have a husband, very a wonderful husband. he just had his business and i
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had mine. this is my life. other than my family, this is my entire life. we want to make sure that if we do purchase this it's meeting our needs and that we don't now also need another building. i have three boys. michael's the youngest. mike took on the general manager role. ly to let go a little bit. because i want my hands in everything. >> how many people get the chance to go to work every gay day with their mother? >> the first thing we do is food. some days she can't figure out how to use the printer, and it's frustrating. >> mike, i need some help. >> we have some days where our horns lock, and he forgets i'm still his boss, but i try not to use that card because i need him
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to learn everything that's in my head. >> i started at the very bottom, being a laborer and working underneath the supervisor. shadowing him. so i pretty much worked from the ground up to where i am now. get? ground up? >> basically mike and shawn run the daily operations. >> i really do depend on mike. we're partners with his another this business. >> shawn and i met when we were m college, and he was an upper classman. i looked up to him. he was almost like a big brother to me. >> mike and very been through a lot together, both personally and professionally. we're both in recovery, which is a big thing in common. >> they're like two old souls. they work together so well. i know they both have the company's best interest at heart.
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sometimes it takes a little, you know, i just got to let him be him and back off, and he comes around. so, is this what people want to hear about in this documentary? >> the race to the white house has now been called for pennsylvania. >> a confusing pennsylvania is going to be. >> president trump is still leading in that case by about 108,000 votes. >> it left everyone worried and stressed. >> philadelphia became ground zero. in the center was where the votes were being counted. you had trump supporters gathering outside. biden supporters facing off against each other. >> people were dressing up as the constitution, mailboxes, holding signs saying we the people. progressives, conservative americans, in one place, in the philly convention center.
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pam goes to address the crowd, and the count every votes protest right across the street turned up the music really, really loud. so you cannot hear a word that pam says because it's complet overwhelmed. >> every tweet and instagram you saw, people were arguing and it just was very uneasy. and then the phone call. >> my phone rang around 8:45 a.m. i was m a men's bible study in doils town, pennsylvania. >> hello. >> so i didn't answer. then my phone immediately rang again. so i excused myself and walked outside. and it was a trump staffer. they were asking if we would be amenable to them having a press
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conference at four seasons total landscaping. i just thought, why not? >> by about 9:45, the deal was sealed. it's just insane. out of all places, it's here. >> we're a landscaping company. we're experts innergation, seeding, planting, not press conferences. planting, not press conferences. suring food arrives as fresh as when it departs... keeping crews connected as they help build communities... or providing patients the care they need, even at home. we are the leader in 5g and a partner who delivers exceptional customer support and facebook advertising, on us. network. support. value. no trade-offs. unconventional thinking, it's better for business. ♪ ♪
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suddenly, this tweet comes through from donald trump. lawyers press conference at four seasons, 11:00 a.m. i scrambled, grabbed my stuff. >> i jump in my car and go down to the four seasons hotel in downtown philadelphia. >> i think i was at the door when the second tweet came through. four seasons landscaping, philadelphia. i think my initial reaction was one of utter confusion. >> it's like, of course it's
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there, there's landscaping there. oh, yeah, it's the four seasons hotel, the entrance area with the landscaping. >> i thought was he mushed the keyboard and it was the hotel. >> are they coming to you or coming to me? >> a third tweet comes in, and it says big press conference this philadelphia, four seasons total landscaping. why would the president's lawyers hold a press conference at a landscaping company. >> not the hotel but four seasons total landscaping. it remains unclear whether the trump campaign booked the whole area in error or not. >> why would you book this place? it was a head scratcher. this is just the beginning of how surreal this event was.
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it's not prominent, why is it here? you had more questions than could you possibly have answered. >> with trump, it was always difficult to get answers about the truth. sometimes it was because people didn't know the answers. often it was because they were lying. i spent weeks and weeks interviewing everybody i could and hitting dead end after dead end after dead end. nobody really knew how they ended up at a landscaping place in a part of town that, you know, normally is not where campaigns host these things. i set out to try and answer what i thought was a simple question. what the hell had happened. and the longer i dug into it the crazier and crazier it was >> they held their press conference at the loading dock of the landscaper. here's what it looks like. that's quite an image. projects power. >> obviously, they screwed up. they called the wrong place and
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said let's go with it. >> we at an industrial trip with an adult video and bookstore up the street. >> there was a level of excitement among our staff that we would be hosting the president's campaign staff here. but that was quickly followed by dread. >> an obvious screwup in booking, but they all played along, pretended that was the master plan. >> there are two different theories, really, that i had and other people had as well. one, i thought that maybe they had, someone thought this they could book the four seasons hotel. someone on the campaign made the president think that it was a possibility that it would be held there and that once he tweeted that they googled around and found that the closest thing called four seasons to the four seasons philadelphia happened to be this landscaping place. the other theory was this perfect storm of minor screwups
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from various people at various levels of the campaign and somehow through a connection or accident they ended up here. >> i met the campaign staff here at about 9:30. it was a pretty quick setup, obviously, you saw what was on tv. i'm pretty proud of the space that we were able to curate in such a small amount of time. i mean, it was a landscape construction yard. >> normally, you might have police outside on the perimeter, but it was just private security. and they asked us to put our news organization down on a clipboard, and then they would call us in. and they made us look like it might be exclusive, like we might not all get called in. every time they called a news organization, the six to eight trump supporters would boo. >> we'd request that the republican -- >> boo! >> the media is --
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>> giuliani pulling nun two black suburban, it was almost like slow motion, like him walking into the office. >> i actually wasn't going to come here. and i got a phone call from my son anthony, and he said, mom, this is bigger than we think. and he sends me a picture while i'm talking to him. and rudy's sitting at my desk and the plaque in front of my desk says "boss lady", i told my husband, we got to get over there. >> i demand you -- >> we demand a fair election! we demand a fair election! >> there was a crowd of people, both biden and trump supporters were there. they were going back and forth with each other. and then the cops showed up. and the entire front road was
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shut down. that's when it kind of got very nerve-wracking for me. >> it was just overwhelming, so i just looked around. i looked at everybody. i tried to figure out who everybody was. the press conference was about to start. i stood on top of a trailer so i could see, and i just watched. >> in the final weeks of the trump campaign, officials told me that keeping rudy busy became a full-time job. they had to devise places to send him so he wasn't running wild, creating whack a mole problems for them. >> rudy giuliani is undermining our national security. >> rudy giuliani was considered to be a great force of law and order. he was one of the heroes of 9/11. >> and i think that's part of why it was so disturbing to watch him unravel and watch him debase himself in support of
7:18 pm
this guy who they thought that he was better than. >> by the way, do you have any idea that the state department -- shut up, shut up. you don't know what you're talking about. >> chris, chris, chris. >> he was kind of a mess, but he was always around, and he was only loyal, and that was the only thing that seemed to matter to the president. >> he's a great guy. he knows it's a witch hunt. >> we followed his press conference very closely, and was very aware of what the view of him was in mainstream circles. >> he was nothing but respectful to all of us here, shook hands, took pictures with us, greeted all the cops. but, you know, i think going on tv, i don't know if something changes. >> he once told me my view of my legacy is the quote, f-it. >> thank you for coming.
7:19 pm
i'm here on behalf of the trump campaign as an attorney for the president to describe to you the first part of a situation that is extremely, extremely troubling. >> so rudy giuliani comes out and launches into this speech about how the election was stolen, and how there are very grave allegations of fraud. he has witnesses behind him. >> people who have seen alleged fraud, people who had be testifying in lawsuits. he present this is guy, daryl brooks, later learn that he's exposed himself to children underage. >> it became clear really quickly there was nothing really there. he wasn't exposing some big fraud that took place in philadelphia. the election wasn't stolen. >> we looked at each other and
7:20 pm
were in awe of how long this was going on. >> i know you won't accept it because of your hateful biases. but let's see if you can think logically. >> i didn't think anybody took this real serious. >> how can i possibly tell you there's fraud or no fraud. >> and somebody says, yells out, do you know they've called the election for biden. >> who was it called by. oh, my goodness, all the networks. wow. all the networks. >> all the networks. when have the networks decided the election? something to that effect e and we're all thinking, all the time. networks call the elections all the time. >> and you can see this ripple among the crowd of journalists as they try to figure out what
7:21 pm
to do. and i'm kind of standing there thinking the same thing, do i need to stand here listening to rudy giuliani or go back to philadelphia where people are going to be celebrating the election and then you see people start to pack up their stuff. >> many of them had to leave, because the primary story wasn't that rudy giuliani was challenging the election results. the story was that biden had just won the presidency. if somebody asks me, where were you when they called the election for joe biden, i'd say, well, i was in the parking hot of four seasons total landscaping. >> thank you. >> the president's lawyer left as the news came in that joe biden had been declared the victor. perhaps this is why they chose the industrial estate. they wouldn't be heard or well comed here in downtown philadelphia. a city in a state which delivered donald trump the white house four years ago, pennsylvania is now the state which pushed joe biden over the
7:22 pm
line. >> i just thought sure, we said yeah, and it was going to be over. period. >> we would have done this for either political campaign. we just wanted to be helpful. >> and we just had no idea what we were in for. >> did you see my press conference today? it was at the four seasons, fancy. >> yeah, sounds fancy, but it was at a landscaping company called four seasons. was that a mistake? >> what? no! >> we heard from all different types of media outlets and people wanting to know more about what happened. >> i got calls from the washington post. >> chicago times. >> the "new york times." >> "usa today." >> yahoo news. >> hulu. >> abc. >> nbc. >> the bbc. i kept seeing that this was going further and into europe. >> german newspaper, irish newspapers, you name it, they were all calling. >> my e-mails have not stopped.
7:23 pm
are you getting e-mails? >> non-stop. >> it's insane. >> otherwise if i thought it was turning into this i would have thought twice. >> on the day after the press conference, it was nothing but chaos. we couldn't even use the office phone for two weeks, because it just never stopped ringing. >> you couldn't even get a thought processed, let alone answer them. >> you have 1010 new messages of which three are urgent. >> i understood that there is a special. >> message two. >> deleted. >> deleted. >> you're f-ing traitor. >> real message 39.
7:24 pm
>> the things they're saying about us is like amazing. i can't even believe this. okay, guys, wait until you hear this one. there's a big conspiracy theory. we're burning ballots across the street at the crematory. people's minds, they're just delusional. >> that was one of the hardest parts for me. i never had to deal with that level of hate. i'm talking hundreds and hundreds of e-mails. i just got basically saying go f yourself, going to burn down your building. it created a lot of fear of what the future holds for four seasons total landscaping. >> it's frightening, because 28 years could go down the tubes. i remember asking my husband joe, are we going to survive this? are we going to get out of this in one piece? people don't get it that being this business is not a picnic. i remember them coming to take
7:25 pm
my car in the middle of the night. bringing a generator home because they shut myelectric off because i couldn't cash my checks. i had a tough time borrowing money when i bought this building. ly i had to put my house up to get the mortgage. >> did i want to see something she built disappear? or was i going to keep the legacy going. >> trying to operate a business through all of this, i don't even know what word to use to describe this. >> people were taunting us, laughing at us. mocking us. and we needed to figure out a way to let them all know that we were in on the joke and that we were laughing, too. >> oh, oh, the networks. >> when you surround yourself with good people, good things happen. i think it started to turn when michael and sean started to run with this on instagram and
7:26 pm
facebook. they made a joke out of everything. because it was funny after. they picked us. they picked our place. >> if this whole thing blew up i would recover from it. i would go somewhere and work somewhere else. baugh family business 28 years in the making might not recover. and i felt responsible because these people are my family. >> understanding the joke and being in on it, it was almost like a water fall of memes you could make. we used our humor to get out of it. we were making thinks of people laugh not only over the entire nation butt world. it went from being majority negative and getting hate to then be total opposite overnight. >> they ended up doing this in a rinky dink parking lot, no offense to the landscaping company. it was the company which has
7:27 pm
really come out of this on top, just owning social media over the last month. >> like entrepreneurs, we wanted to capitalize on this international attention and sell tee shirts. we want from being a landscaper to selling merchandise. we just started filling orders day and night. we'd done approximately $1.5 million in sales revenue. that's a lot of tee shirts. we've been getting a lot of fan mail. people have been sending us christmas cards with our zoom background on them. >> can you believe somebody made this? they made us our own lego set. there was a diorama of our company in berlin. that amazed me. who would want this? >> somebody made a virtual reality four seasons. we had people showing up on our doorstep, knocking, asking for tee shirts. we even had one employee that was leaving, and someone offered them $50 for the stained, sweaty tee shirt off their back. we had hundreds of visitors
7:28 pm
coming in the first couple days following our social media revamp. suddenly, we had fans. it was surreal. >> would you look at all these people out here? it's like every day. this is insane. people have referred to us as a philly landmark. we've had so many families out front. >> we even had two sisters. one lived in bethlehem, pennsylvania. the other in new york city. they met here with a blanket and picnic basket and had their thanksgiving dinner together here. i really think that the four seasons hotel thing was a blessing for us. if our name had been marie's landscaping, none of this would have happened. >> well, the team at four seasons landscaping appears to have taken this in stride. go online now and can you buy a range of make america rake again and law and order merchandise. >> my reporting concluded that nobody from the trump campaign or any campaign had reached out
7:29 pm
to the four seasons hotel about hosting any kind of event. >> i love the narrative that it was a mistake and that they meant to book the four seasons hotel. >> there was no mistake. this is exactly where the press conference was supposed to be. >> they had surveyed some areas along the i-95 corridor, and our site was one of the ones that they determined would be secure with quick access on and off the highway. >> and it was free. that's another important thing. the trump campaign blew through $1.1 billion. they were near broke before the presidential election. they didn't have any money, and that's why it couldn't have been at the four seasons hotel. they would have charged them. >> that's why it was at four seasons total landscaping, there's your inside track. because they didn't want to do it anywhere else. >> this has given me something that i can't explain to you. it's worth more than money.
7:30 pm
it wasn't about money at all. this was about our story. >> it's an american underdog story. i think we were able to turn something that appeared to be disastrous for a small business into something positive. before the press conference, four zients total landscaping was struggling. almost like living paycheck to paycheck. going from being just a local city landscaping company to now being globally recognized. it's amazing. but we're just honored being able to give back, helping the next person out. we did a toy drive this christmas with toys for tots. we went and delivered to kids in the hospital. >> thank you so much. i really appreciate it. >> for them to get that joy, that was the best part for me. you know? i'm very proud of myself for that. >> we get on the zoom, i want
7:31 pm
you to take over this. >> yeah, i got you. >> we're end of the line for me and my career. but i know when i hand those keys over to michael, he's got it. he's proved himself. michael has shown every day how much he's grown as an individual, as a father, as a husband. as a son. >> she's a phenomenal mother. she's always there to support me. it's like always having somebody with their hand on your back pushing you to greatness. >> for him to step into my shoes and take over my role, i have so much faith in him. i know he can do anything. >> my distinguished guests, my fellow americans, this is
7:32 pm
america's day! this is democracy's day. a dave history and hope. of renewal and resolve. through a crucible for the ages, america's been tested anew, and america has risen to the challenge. >> the most amazing thing in my life has happened. i'm in a super bowl commercial. >> looks good, guys. success. right place, right time. fiber gets that. from graphic design to web development. we're even a pr expert for things, i don't know. fiber has the freelancers to get you where you want to be. >> is this a lobby? >> this is not a hotel. we have a big show coming up for you. marie and michael of four
7:33 pm
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♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪ we're a landscaping company. we're experts in ground maintenance, irrigation, seeding, planting, not press conferences. >> why would the president's lawyers hold a press conference at a landscaping company? >> it was a pretty quick setup. obviously, you saw what was on tv. it was a landscape construction yard. >> we had no idea what we were in for. >> we demand a fair election. >> oh, my goodness, all the networks. >> we had a lot of haters. >> you have 1010 new messages.
7:38 pm
>> we got put into a corner, and we used our humor to get us out of it. >> oh, oh, the networks. >> they made a joke out of everything, because it was funny to us. >> it's an american underdog story. >> on the morning of november 7, 2020, then president donald trump sent out a series of tweets announcing that his campaign would be holding a press conference at the four seasons in philadelphia, not the four seasons hotel, but four seasons total landscaping, the family-owned business located in north philadelphia in the industrial park just off of i-95. it became host to one of the most surreal moments of the 2020 election and the subject of the four seasons total documentary. the director of that documentary, christopher stout, the owner, marie siravo and her son michael join me now. it was an absolutely incredible
7:39 pm
documentary. i cried. i laughed. i felt sorry for you, and i'm so happy to have the opportunity to talk to you. how has this journey been for you? how is the business and family doing now? >> everybody's doing great, and i'll be honest with you. this was the ride of a lifetime. i'm at the my career, and i, i'm happy that i made the decision i made when we were in, you know, when we were initially called to, you know, to hold the press conference here. and i never could have imagined that it would have turned out like this, but it has been such a year for us, because we've had one thing after another has happened. people have, they've embraced us around the country and around the world. messages we've gotten. i couldn't be happier. and then to, you know, to get to
7:40 pm
a year and have a documentary is, it's just amazing for us. we're thrilled. >> chris, let's talk about that documentary for a moment. how it you decide on doing a documentary about this? how did you connect with the family? and how did you manage to get through to them with all of the thousands of phone calls and messages that they were receiving on any given day? >> well, obviously, the whole world wanted to know the mystery, you know, why did the president's lawyer hold a press conference at a landscaping company. so clearly there was this big question, the million dollar question that needed to be solved, and yet yes, outlets from all over the world were reaching out to them. and i had somewhat of an inside track. a friend of mine was friends with sean middleton, so i was able to get on the phone with them before anyone else did. and when we got on the phone
7:41 pm
together i got the sense that every outlet wanted to know, you know, why it this happen? why was the press conference held there? and for me i was more interested in getting to know them as people and to see how their experience has been, just having their world turned upside down. i mean, they were such fish out of water, and for me, the conflict called to me as a film maker, what the hell happened. >> michael, i wanted to play for you this clip from the documentary just after the press conference with rudy giuliani. watch this moment. >> that was one of the hardest parts for me. i never had to deal with that little of hate. i'm talking hundreds and hundreds of e-mails. i just got basically saying to go f yourself, going to burn down your building. it created a lot of fear of what the future holds for four seasons total landscaping. >> so the future has played out a little bit. are you still getting messages
7:42 pm
like that? how do you handle the messages now. >> complete opposite messages filled with love and appreciation for the way we spun this and making it almost comedic. basic, you know, if anybody stops through here we hand them tee shirts, stickers, whatever we can, because it's crazy for us that there's fans. it's still hard for me to grasp, but i always tell people. if you're in the area, stop through, we'll take pictures, we'll do what we can if we have time. yeah, i love it. >> christopher, you had such an insight while were you making this documentary, what surprised
7:43 pm
you the most? >> the outpouring of love that four seasons received after the press conference. i mean, they sold $1.5 million worth of tee shirts. i mean, that's just incredible. you can actually still buy those tee shirts now. people were making christmas cards featuring the garage doors, the zoom background, the two sisters that came to four seasons to have their thanksgiving there. clearly this moment resonated with people. and it created such an outpouring of love. and suddenly, four seasons total landscaping sort of meant something to people. and it became this meme that people could actually share with together and it kind of created this online community. >> i'm going to go out on a limb and say there's probably going to be some wedding proposal there at some point. let me ask you really quickly, marie, let me ask you, though, because it's become such an icon being location. has any other political party or
7:44 pm
campaign reached out to you to hold a political event there? >> unfortunately, no other political campaign has approached us, but we would have said yes, because, you know, knowing where it got us here and all the excitement that we've had, we'd do it again. we would do it again. the outpouring and the embracing that we've had, the way people have treated us, the end result was just, it may not have been business enhancing, the treatment we got and truthfully everywhere we go somebody knows us. it's exciting. it's really exciting. you work your whole life and what a way to go out. i'm at the end of my career, and this is just amazing to me that people stop me and say you look like the girl, the lady from four seasons. i am the lady from four seasons, and it's just funny. it's just, you know, it's
7:45 pm
amazing. >> michael, i know the future of this company is so important to you and your family. we heard christopher talk about how you turned this situation into a positive one with the merchandise. have you given any thought to the future of the company and what you plan to do about expanding beyond doing landscaping and now the merchandise, perhaps even become an event space one day? >> yeah, i think the main goal for me is to obviously create more jobs. keep growing to the next level. that was always my man from plan from prior to the conference. our niche is landscaping, it probably always will be. i'll do the same thing that i did the first time around. it's just take one day at a time. one week at a time and just kind of go from there. if something gets put in our opportunity do something, yeah, i don't see why not. >> well, we're going to be rooting for you for whatever you
7:46 pm
guys decide to do in the future. christopher stout and michael and marie sirvano, thank you. up next, how the narrative pushed by rudy giuliani became a defining belief among republican voters. the growth of the big lie, coming up next. ters the growth of the big lie, coming up next so i only pay for what i need. how about a throwback? ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ unconventional thinking means we see things differently, so you can focus on what matters most. that's how we've become the leader in 5g and a partner who delivers exceptional customer support, and 5g included in every plan, so you get it all. why give your family just any eggs when they can enjoy the best? eggland's best. the only eggs with more fresh and delicious taste. plus, superior nutrition. which is now more important than ever. only eggland's best.
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this is a gross miscarriage of the process that would assure that these ballots are not fraudulent. it's a fraud, an absolute fraud. >> i think that it is a corrupt, stolen election. >> i'd never seen this amount of voter irregularity. >> the election is being stolen. the evidence is overwhelming. >> i'm not sure that every vote was counted, not in the right way. >> they say i lost. i didn't lose. the election was rigged. >> how does anybody trust the election results?
7:51 pm
>> have only kept growing ever since. joining me here to talk than, one of the produce owners four seasons total documentary, olivia knutse, along with analyst kimberly atkins, store columnist for "the boston globe." it's great to have both you have with us. let's start with that moment. at that time that rudy giuliani was standing there, peddling the allegations of voter fraud and that the election was stolen, just as the networks were calling the election for joe biden, it almost seems comical, and you want to laugh at what you were seeing there, but given how this has now resonated among republicans, what is that moment in time mean for where we are as a country? >> in one way, you can look at it as i wouldn't say a break with reality when people talk about -- they would talk about the wheels being off of the trump white house. i would always say like there were wheels? so for seasons was not a
7:52 pm
breaking point because things had been insane. the election had been all about conspiracies for a long time. the administration had been about conspiracies. donald trump's entire political career was about conspiracies. but it was this kind of formal moment where they officially made conspiracies and insanity their strategy going forward. and what followed that was the insurrection. so even though this was this hilariously weird historic event at this landscaping company by mistake or poor planning, it still -- there is a kind of grimness to the whole thing knowing, you know, what came after. >> so kimberly, to that point, when you look at where the polling is today on this, you know, some polls suggest as much as 68% of republicans believe
7:53 pm
the election was stolen. they believe the big lie. it's even higher for people who use fox news as their main source of information, or who trust it. i think it's in the low 80s. how do you even begin to counter big lie when you that many people buying into it? >> it's difficult. and to be sure, this was amplified by donald trump and his campaign, but it goes back so much farther. we have to remember that the idea of the big lie and why it was able the take hold is because decades lawmakers, particularly republicans, have used this, this idea of protecting against fraud, fraud that's never existed, that's never been proven in order to make voting more difficult, to pass laws with everything but from stripping voters' names from polls, from requiring id requirements where we know that it's more difficult for black people, brown people, poor people to get them, and they tend to vote democratic. that's been happening for a long time. you the stripping of the voting
7:54 pm
rights act where it happened even more. so that was sort of that was the kindling where donald trump's big lies was able to set a fire. and really lead to this. so it's a slow buildup. that's why it's so much harder to fight back against now. >> and in the months leading up to this fateful day at four seasons total landscaping, the trump campaign was -- trump is sort of throwing out different reasons why he would eventually lose. once it became clear to him, i remember talking to advisers and the white house on the campaign, once he started to accept that it was a possibility, which took a really long time given what the polls said and how things were going in the country and with the coronavirus, he started to kind of amp things up with spitballing about things that were going wrong, who was taking the election from him, the fact that fraud was forth coming, basically to give himself an excuse in the event that he did lose. >> yeah, and you talk about conspiracy theories there was
7:55 pm
this one moment in the documentary that i think is very foreshadowing. let me play it for you. it's when marie starts receiving phone calls and messages, and one of them was a conspiracy theory. watch. >> the things they're saying about us is amazing. i can't even believe this. okay, guys, wait until you hear this one. there is a big conspiracy theory. we're burning ballots across the street at the crematory. >> kimberly, that seems like a harbinger of the conspiracy theories that we are now inundated with around this election, because of moments like that. >> absolutely. i mean, when there are -- when there is no uniform source of information, information sources are diversified, and when so much misinformation is just being fueled into this election and the past several elections, that's exactly what happens. people believe what they want to believe. they believe even far-fetched things, as long as it confirms their own biases. and that's where you see that
7:56 pm
sort of thing run wild. and we're still seeing that today. people have sort of dug into their corners and believing whatever supports their side. >> kimberly atkins-stohr, olivia nuzzi, thank you so much at home. we're keeping the conversation going online using the #fourseasons total. i'm ayman mohyeldin. good night. eldin. good night upgrade to the iphone 13 pro... on us. frequent heartburn? not anymore. the prilosec otc two-week challenge is helping people love what they love again. just one pill a day. 24 hours. zero heartburn. because life starts when heartburn stops. take the challenge at prilosecotc dot com. ♪ look good feel good play good. gillette proglide, five blades and a pivoting flexball to get virtually every hair on the first stroke. look good, game good. gillette.
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(woman) hey dad. miss us? (vo) reflect on the past, celebrate the future. season's greetings from audi. tonight on the mehdi hasan show republicans won virginia by running against critical race theory. what is it and how did the right make it into such a bogey man? i'll ask one of the co-founders of critical race theory. plus the bipartisan infrastructure bill finally passed in the house. what does this mean for biden's build back better plan? i'll ask quote-unquote moderate congresswoman susan wilde. did progressive politics take a hit in tuesday's elections? not in philadelphia. progressive prosecutor larry krasner was easily reelected as d.a., and he joins me tonight to talk about criminal justice reform, defund the police, and more.


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