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tv   Hallie Jackson Reports  MSNBC  November 5, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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hello? gordon ramsay? this is a cold call! nfl teams are turning to cold with tide, will you? that will never work! if it works on nfl jerseys it'll work for you. seriously! just perfect! and it'll save up to $150 a year. and it's cold! so you will turn to cold? fine! i'll turn to cold! that guy needs to chill out! this was a cold call! the house is in session barreling toward votes on both
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bills critical to the president's agenda. this hour, the $1.75 trillion question, what's going to happen? it depends on what minute you ask that question. a handful the moderates, six to be specific, holding things up until they know how much it will cost. the president is back inside the oval office. this last-minute pushing, as we wait to hear from the white house, deputy press secretary taking that podium not too long from now. i'm hallie jackson in washington. we're also joined by ana palmer. ali, i have to ask you.
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where are we at 3:01 eastern when it comes to timing on a vote. >> reporter: it hasn't been easy for the past few weeks now. it seems like every time they come close to actually setting this vote, it ends up falling apart. we're not at the falling apart phase yesterday. members are wondering whether they're heading out tonight or not. the lay of the land came from hakim jeffries a few minutes ago. in the tweet, he says he's looking forward to moving legislation on the house floor to create millions of good paying jobs for the people. notice. he doesn't say what legislation he's talking about there. there's a few theories of how they could go forward.
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and even in that bbb vote, there's a question of if they're just going to do. proposal vote on the -- on if they're going to be able to move forward today. what is clear is a lot of people are jockeying for this point. you have six holdouts. obviously there she's got way more than that. if they were to push forward on the social spending package rule there's a question whether or not progressives would go along with that. it could be a whole new round of graphics with progressives not on board with that plan. the speaker's task has always been to herd all of the different factions of her party. that's still true today.
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what is true is many people in this caucus do want to see a vote. it's just a question of when or if they'll do it today, on if this is another misstep. >> monica, something has to give if this vote happens today, as we're seeing signals, for example from bennie thompson, that they're waiting for scoring. that's in and out coming today. >> reporter: and it may not for a couple weeks. >> right. so something has to give here, it seems. >> reporter: absolutely right. president biden is the first that come out saying i don't care if you're in this pattern of waiting, i want action and see the votes, send the bills to my desks. he's saying that perhaps more emphatically. you're seeing the white house press briefing about to get underway, where we hope to get
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an update on negotiations. it was so telling, the president said he was going to hustle bag over to the oval office to continue to make calls to essentially urge house democrats to get on the same page. that's not something we've heard him say before. he's gone to capitol hill, had meetings behind closed doors, but for him to be more front facing about the pressure he's applying here political wall street a notable shift. he said i understand about all of your concerns, but i want to be sure that you're essential going to get behind me, and told the party this week this could perhaps -- >> i'm only interrupting you, because i know ali has an
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update, which is vote timing. ali, to you. >> reporter: in just the last few seconds we got an update from the majority leader's office. he says around 3:15 they're going to start beginning debate of the rule, which is the procedural process you have to clear to actually vote on the substantive bill. the debate will be about an hour. after that this can't move on to the vote on the rule. i'm also still looking at my money. we got a dear colleague letter from speaker pelosi that hasn't yet hit my inbox. as soon as i get that, i'll bring it right back to you, but it shows all the conversations between the different factions in the democratic party, that things are at least starting to move forward. earlier when i say jim clyburn,
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what progress would this look like? he says if we vote on the rule, that's moving forward. as i keep refreshing my inbox, it's clear we're starting to see some moving. >> moving meeting just about ten minutes or so from now, the debate will begin on the build back better act, so ali, what point does that put a timing of the vote? >> basically what that means is you're going to see an hour starting around 3:15, then they'll move on to the rules vote. theoretically they could move from the rules voight and then move to the bipartisan bill, or the actual social spending package itself. again, i'm not clear on what reading this what order we're doing it in, but it looks like
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what's happening is there will be a bipartisan infrastructure vote, and then the rule vote on build back better, and then we'll see where it goes. >> so maybe in the 4:30-ish range. >> reporter: yeah. >> just to give us a -- one of them so far, a big day for joe biden and speaker pelosi. 3:08, you heard the update how do things unfold in the next two to six hours from now? >> this has clearly been more difficult than expected. everybody had been teed up they were going to start this in the early morning potentially. now we're at 3:08. we knew the rule would be be the
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most difficult to pass. i think as ali smartly pointed out, in her dear colleague i was just reading as she was speaking, the speaker does not say what the sequence of it is, she just uses the terms that it's important to advance. advance both of bipartisan infrastructure bill as well as the build back better act. you could see them potential pushing back the final vote until that cbo score comes out to appease some moderates. if she's able to pull it off today, it will be a massive victory for her, and also joe biden. >> explain why it matters which one she brings up? >> it matters because this is a delicate process of negotiation. obviously the moderates and everything in the democratic party have wanted to move forward. they've had the vote for that for a long time.
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after the last couple weeks we've had this debate. the progressives were holding out, wanted the reconciliation package to move forward. they got in a better place more recently. after that virginia defeat, you had moderates get very nervous about the price tag of this. she's trying to find a way forward. so she's being true to her word that they're moving in tandem together. there's progress there on the rule, the procedure motion, and then it will allow them to move forward on the bipartisan infrastructure package. give joe biden the rose garden ceremony, and then move on. >> we talk about the politics of getting it passed, what it means for president biden and his agenda, but there's a lot in these bills that matter for americans that are sort of
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tangible. talk through some of the policies that advancing these bills would advance. >> reporter: there are a lot of them that have been democratic priorities for years now. that's why you hear lawmakers talks about it being the most transformative. speaker pelosi has tried to push this bill through, what it has in the spending, even though that's lower, it still includes many of theirs priorities. over $500 billion for climate change and environmental priorities. it includes university pre-k, childcare, elder care. i would add on the care economy, though,ing there big thing that's different, paid leave, four weeks of it got added back into the house's version. senator manchin is not support
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of that at this point. the really is once the house does finish the work it's doing, when the largest social spending package goes to the senate, it could look very different, in part because of the personal politics. people like joe manchin but also bulk -- it's unclear whether or not the immigration policies that are in here will actually pass the test, the birdbath as we call it here on capitol hill, of what actually qualifies to be able to be done through the reconciliation. it's possible once the senate is done with this, this bill looks different, the house gets it back and they have to consider what's actually made it through the senate process at that point. thank you all. i know you're all staying close to your cameras. we're going to bring developments to you as we get
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them. i want to bring in congressman allred from texas. great timing for being on the show with us. good afternoon. >> good afternoon. >> what are you voting on around 4:30? >> we, you have broken news for me while i was standing here actually. in this case, the congressional black caucus has come to the rescue and put forward a compromise that allows both bills to move forward. it looks like from what you've just reported, what we'll be doing is voting on the infrastructure bill that a lot of things i'm excited about, in it, but also move forward the build back better act, in terms of the rule -- folks understand you have to have a rule vote and a final passage vote. >> so, first of all, i want to understand -- is it your understanding that the progressives will be on board -- as a crowd of reporters trail
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you in the back. is it your understanding that speaker pelosi, actually, that progressives will get on board with this rule vote, that will be enough for them to go on board with the bill also? >> i think so. we're moving together, and the strength and importance of the congressional black caucus behind this, which i think is part of the reason to come together today. obviously there's no guarantees, but i think it's important we not leave washington without moving these bills forward, especially when we have 98%, 97% in support of this. we just have a few folks -- we can bring that divide. >> well, that's what i want to ask you about, the inversion, the progressive question, because there are six moderates. we put the pictures, who still
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have concerns because they still haven't seen the cbo score. tell me your message to those members and do you believe -- i heard it from you and your colleagues many times, speaker pelosi doesn't bring to the floor a vote she knows can't past. does it indicate movement there has been at least some movement on their parts? >> it's my understanding they have their commitments. >> all sings of them, congressman? i'm sorry, i didn't mean to interrupt you. >> this is my understanding. again, this is all about faith in each other. we have to understand we have shared values in both bills, and it's critically important for the president, for the people in this country, for all of us and the people we represent that we past both of these bills. it's my understanding we have the votes. we'll see at the same time
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whether or not that's true. >> what is the tipping point with your colleagues to get these votes on board? >> it's an understanding we have to move forward. the cbo score about take some time. for folks trying to figure out what's going on, we are working on an historic piece of legislation that will lower user healthcare costs, that will create jobs, and thinks a big deal, a big piece of legislation, and partly necessary we have to do this. the process has been long, and it's been frustrating. i understand that, but before this year is out, we're going to pass legislation that will be as important as anything passed since the great society. we are on track to do that. what you will see this afternoon is evidence of that. >> we've been reporting that the
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president has been on the phone since coming back from colin powell's funeral. >> i know he's been on the phone, and i know we're all in support of the president and his plan. this is the plan he laid out to us in the joint session of congress when he addressed us earlier. this is the plan he ran on. so, yes, it's been incredibly important. the white house has been involved in every one of these meetings. so their weight and the idea and understanding that the president wants this will help. absolutely. congressman allred, thank you. you apparently have a busy afternoon and evening ahead of you. we appreciate your time. >> thank you. we'll be checking in and bring you any updaze as we work
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all of the sources with the timing update out in just a few minutes. and reporting on when a former doj official, right there, appeared before the january 6th investigation, including a quote, unusual and surprising letter. plus the nfl player at the center of a controversy making some starting comments in the last several hours. why aaron rodgers claimed he was immune icd -- immunized and what the league knows about his status. mmunized and what the league knows about his status ♪♪ this... is the planning effect. this is how it feels to know you have a wealth plan that covers everything that's important to you.
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new developments this afternoon out of committee investigating the january 6th insurrection. that committee today bringing in former doj official jeffrey clark, only to have him not answer any questions. he's been highlighted as possibly the sole justice
12:23 pm
official who backed president trump. let me bring in our own -- let me start with you here. what is it that brought jeffrey clark in today. even his appearance seemed like stonewalling. he didn't tell them anything. you can't argue he's not like steve bannon who, through his attorney, decided not to cooperate. but other officials went and spoke, and delivered hours upon hours of testimony. >> we know jeffrey clark got in a room with investigators today for 90 minutes, according to an aide, who has declined officially to saying what was asked and said and the full level of cooperate. he says it goes against
12:24 pm
protocols to divulge that. and of course it's hard to divorce this from steve bannon, who got hit with a criminal contempt, or they could be next on this. jeffrey clark is at the red-hot center of this who tried to encourage presumption to overturn the election. through pressure to states to not certify the election. so after that, he's certainly at the very center of this. >> betsy, explain something to me. to walk in and say i would like to not talk to you for nine sects, not 9 minutes. >> i obtained and politico just published a multipage letter
12:25 pm
that jeff clark's new lawyer wrote and addressed to the head of the committee. in this her, the lawyer lays out a real head scratcher for the legal theory as to why he doesn't have to answer the committee's question. it said that clark and other doj officials could actually testify, that letter from trump world august 7th specifically said trump would not take steps to block clark and other senior officials from playing ball. however, clark and his lawyers have taken a slightly tortured read of that letter and are trying to say because some circumstances are difference, because of steps the committee has taken, they're trying to say clark doesn't have to participate. my expectation is that letter would would be a key
12:26 pm
conversation topic in those 90 minutes. clark parted ways with his lawyers about two weeks ago, brought in a new lawyer, a guy named harry mcdougal who worked with sydney powell, the release the kraken infamy, so mcdougal is not just representing clark, but part of the mechanics to try to reverse the 2020 election results, something which the select committee is interested in. we don't know what happened, but i'm confident it's extremely interesting. >> that's important insight, too, betsy, in what i think happened, his partnership with sydney powell, et cetera. real quickly, what do you know
12:27 pm
about the subpoena? >> chairman thompson told us yesterday he's being preparing 20 new subpoenas. look, this really shows the breadth of the mandate this committee has. they've gone after organizers of rallies and bus tours that led up to the attack. they got jeffrey clark in room today, which they haven't been able to do with others. the urgency of this committee cranked up a lot after the election this week, a double-digit turn toward republicans for the 2020 election. the reason is, if the midterm landscaped looks anything like it did this week, rep will take control of the house. one of the first things they're likely to to do is shut down this investigation, so they
12:28 pm
functionally have a year to get this done, before they face a serious risk of rpg dissolving this investigation. >> sahil kapur, thank you. betsy woodson-swann, thank you. another matter, the debate ready to get going in the house on the build back better act, the $1.75 trillion climbed and social spending bill. as we told you, you saw it break, live on the air, you watched the sausage go ahead made. nancy pelosi is moving ahead. congressman allred told us it is his understanding that those moderates you now on board. president biden pointed to the better than expected jobs report as a reason to get this done, as a reason to pass these bills, a reason to make sure the economy stays on track.
12:29 pm
watch. >> right now we stand on the cusp of historic progress, two bills that, together, will invest in our people. >> the job market came roaring back last month. the unemployment rate ticking down to 4.6%. big rebounds in the leisure and hospitality industry, and big gains in manufacture, transportation, professional and business services. men and women doing equally as well, but the rate still remains higher for black and hispanic americans looking for work. i'm joined by garrett haake, and stephanie ruhle, who's posted up in her favorite state, new jersey. garrett, let me start with you, first. i'm seeing if we can get a shot of the house floor up.
12:30 pm
i'm told it's about to. what is your understanding in the reporting you've been doing in the last 20 minutes or so why leadership decided to move ahead. congressman allred told us the mott rats apparently got on board. >> reporter: this entire process is a mess this is just another delay tactic. it will take 20 minutes or so, and then they'll get into the process that speaker pelosi laid out. the plan is to spend the next hour debating the rule, the first procedure vote, then vote on that, vote on that, and basically wall it a day a proper
12:31 pm
accounting, but just within the last two minutes or so, there's yet another wrinkle here. >> tell us. >> reporter: progressives probably aren't going to like this, it turns out you're right. we've been in touch with a lot of progressives that didn't like the de-links, and a few minutes ago pramila jayapal want to be a cbo score, progressives would rather see that happen than separate one bill today and not the other. they're supposed to meet any minute in and out. >> none of this is a sure thing at 3:30 this afternoon. >> i'm being told.
12:32 pm
>> and what her thinking is on this. >> reporter: it looked lie progressives were getting rolled. their plan was not to let hard infrastructure go to the president, while the other bill was still mired in the house. so whether she's going to come to the mike and saying she's -- as we're all getting vertigo
12:33 pm
from the camera -- >> more sausage making. >> reporter: hey, we're showing people the process. >> steph, let me go to you. >> sometimes it's tough -- >> we do, but leave it to democrats to be debby downers on a huge day for them. this is a monster win. october, over 500,000 jobs created. this is the first month where
12:34 pm
kids back to school so parents can go back to work. 200 million americans vaccinated, huge numbers. this is important, because discussing covid, everyone is sitting home, and that's what led to so many now we're out, we're traveling, going to restaurants. >> now, you bring up a point. these supply chain issues are problematic. especially for individuals and small businesses. i talked to one earlier that yes, they're open, but getting supplies is still an issue. >> my husband does the shopping. he'll go to need to buy something at home do po, and
12:35 pm
there's nothing on the shelves. he's like, what's going on? he asked one of the workers and we're waiting for the delivery. it's sitting at the without, it's not coming in, because they don't have enough employees to work. >> reporter: where i am right now, i'm at a transportation facility, where they're bringing on new truck drivers, training truck drivers. a year and a half ago we were facing possibly a global recession, we were facing a global pandemic, and now we're in a clear economic recovery, possibly about to pass two historic infrastructure deals. it's a very good day. >> stephanie ruhle, are you from new jersey? do you like new jersey? that's so interesting that you're there. >> reporter: adopt make fun of me, hallie jackson. thrilled to be here. it's pennsylvania.
12:36 pm
>> now we're going to have to fight. >> reporter: sad. garrett, what do you know? >> i think the speaker and steffie are on the same page. it's a chance for a big win if they even advance one of the bills today, if they can get out of their own way procedurally to do it. >> garrett haake, live for us there. we'll be monitoring that news conference. the second it starts, we'll bust for break. we'll be right back. st for break. we'll be right back.
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important news conference set to begin at some point very soon. we don't know specifically when, when house speaker pelosi steps up to the microphone and tries to provide clarity on the many moving pieces that have come up in the last 40 minces. we are watching that and will
12:41 pm
bring it to you live. we also have breaking news drove green bay packers quarterback aaron rodgers, who finds himself on defense right now, regarding his decision not to get vaccinated. listen to what he said. >> the situation i'm in should be a conversation, not a controversy. if this were the flu, there's no reason i wouldn't play on sunday. i hope that we can take a step back, quit with the witch hundred dollars and cansling and realize this is a conversation to be had. >> it's a lot from aaron rodgers. he talks about the woke mob, quote/unquote, that he says is oat to, quote/unquote, cancel him, and there is concerns about the ver fertility.
12:42 pm
when this first broke, we had you on, when we had foundous, question about his back status after he said he was immunized, and now this feisty interview, where he's trying to say, hey, listen, don't come at me it's the woke mob's fault that i got covid. >> he doesn't like to be criticized, if he had simply been asked, he would have told the whole story today. i don't buy that. he wanted to conceal the status, because he hates being criticized. he doesn't like the nfl's rules, and he makes good points there, because i think the nfl set up rules that are aimed at
12:43 pm
encouraging guys to get vaccinated, but you've got two choices. you either go by the rules given to you by the company you work for, the union negotiated those rules, or you don't play. it's that simple. he managed to have it both ways until he tested positive. >> you make an interesting point that it will be almost impossible if you were writing a script on this to script a more typical anti-vaxer argument that was outlined today. >> antivaxers don't say i'm a antivaxer, don't -- they're against this specific vaccine, that's what they sort of alternates say. they go into this elaborate, sort of verbal jujitsu to say they've been immunized before, which is what aaron rodders has said. he's otherwise covered.
12:44 pm
that's the way they get around this stuff. they are moving further away from even the stuff that aaron rodgers has been talking about. he's talking about taking ivermectin. he calls it a protocol, but even in that protocol, they have moved on from the stuff he's taking. >> i have a real question about that, when he said why he said he was immunized back in august. here's what he said. >> i'm not, you know, some sort of antivax flat earther. i looked into and talked to a lot of medical individuals and professionals, and found that there was immunization protocol i could go to to best protect myself. >> i mean, a long-term immunization protocol, what is that, ben? >> if it's the sort of joy rogan
12:45 pm
protocol, which is what he said he's following his advice, it's zinc, and monoclonal antibodies which work, but you have to have had covid first for that to work. there's no real prophylactic use there. there is an element that's a little cruel, too. a lot of people saying they're taking protocol, a lot of vitamins, and they are not obese. it's a way for -- >> yeah, i'm thin and healthy, so i'm cool. >> of course. by the way, i'm glad he's thing and healthy. so, look, he's taking a thing, as we know now, over months and months, even the people taking it, know it does not work. these ivermectin group, for months they've seen people flies. one of the posts to the end is do i go to the hospital? what happens next here?
12:46 pm
they have moved on. >> let's be clear, it's really sad, ben, when there is a vaccine that's out there that would prevent people from having such serious results from getting covid. mike, can i just go to you? i know this just happened in the last couple hours. have you heard any reporting on action from others in the nfl? aaron rodgers is one of the biggest names in the league. >> well, he said at one point while going through the process of attempting to get an exemption from the league, he was told by a doctor o. behalf of the league, that people who are vaccinated can't get covid and can't spread it. so i've asked the league for clarity. did someone tell him that? we don't know if he was told that. frankly, given the way they lied about the immunized, i'm not taking anything at face value. i'm hoping the league will come out on details with the interaction and what the league said to him, what he said to the league.
12:47 pm
he won't say what he ultimately did earlier to get himself to the point where he concluded he was immunized. he just said it. >> mike florio, ben collins, thank you both for walking us through this news. there's also news developing in the building behind me, as we wait for house speaker pelosi to speak any minute from now. also, we have an nbc news exclusive, you will only see here on a new controversy involving michigan republicans. the secret influence campaign. that's coming up. e secret influ. that's coming up ♪♪ this... is the planning effect. this is how it feels to know you have a wealth plan that covers everything that's important to you. this is what it's like to have a dedicated fidelity advisor looking at your full financial picture. making sure you have the right balance of risk and reward.
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no surprises in these clothes! couple more surprises. here on nbc. two separate reports -- remember, over the summer when major companies all pledged to protect voting rights? turns out some of those same companies also funded republican senators who voted against the john lewis voting rights act. we also have exclusive reporting on something else, republicans in michigan as the state tries to reconfigure their districts, that report showing the in mish gop is putting pressure on what is supposed to be a totally independent process y. does it
12:52 pm
matter? it could have an effect on who ends up sitting in congress. i want to bring in nbc's jane tim. another scoopster joining us on the show who has buy lined both of those paste pieces. what have you found as relates to these businesses donations that they have made. >> the more mish story or the donation story. >> honestly, girl, take your pick. i said voting rights story but do whatever you want. >> let's start with in mish. they are trying to do independent redistricting for the first time, taking partisan jerry mannedering out of it. overwhelmingly voters say we want non-partisan districts, districts that don't have anything to do with it. but parties have a vested interest. what i have seen is republicans encouraged voters to go to the
12:53 pm
commission and ask for changes that would be republican gerrymandering. a lot of what they are going and asking the voters to go and fight for is specifically one that we saw. a person who was involved in this in 2010 is what i am hearing them ask for is what i did in 2010. he now regrets the gerrymandering he drew. it isn't surprising because a lot have tried to influence the redistricting committee in michigan. when we are seeing is calculated effective messaging you can hear sometimes verbatim ahead of this committee labeled as independent comment.
12:54 pm
>> big companies, amazon, facebook, that donated to republican senators even though they signed this business for voting rights letter. what else do we know? >> this summer we had an outpouring of public support, companies coming out and saying voting rights is critical. some companies didn't really want to get behind the for the people act. but the john lewis voting act was the one that 00 companies got behind. they said we need this, it is critical to our democracy. but donations kept flowing. they kept writing checks to republican re-election campaigns. and those republicans voted against this bill. some of the donations came before the john lewis voting rights letter of support and before the vote this week, we knew this was going to happen. the party was very clear they were not going to support new voting rights legislation.
12:55 pm
we known that for months. but the donations, they kept flowing. >> jane tim thank you for the great breakdown. great you have to on. appreciate it. thank you. i want to go back now to the capitol, debate was supposed to begin about 45 minutes ago, 40 minutes ago, or so, ahead of what we expected to be these dual votes moving forward the president's agenda with that bipartisan infrastructure bill and the bigger broader climate and social spending bill. it hasn't happened yet. garrett haake, what's up? >> longtime viewers know i believe when it comes to congress you always bet the over on how long anything will take. that continues to be the case here. you are looking at another point of order, another kind of republican delaying tactic that's happening on the floor right now. it also gives democrats opportunity to twist more arms work more of the whip operation on the floor. rnsst nevertheless we remain stuck. the announced plan by democratic legislators is to take a
12:56 pm
procedural vote on the build back better bill and send it to the president's desk today. progressives object to that plan. they don't want to see these two things split. if this falls apart today, it will be the third time, the third end of the week situation in which you had the president call for a vote, call for action on these items, have the house move to set up these votes and then nothing happens. it gets harder as we head into the end of the year. government funds, raising the debt ceiling, passing a defense spending bill. all of these things take time that congress is running out of as we speak? order a pizza. i might be a long night four. appreciate you being with us. we will keep an eye on speaker pelosi. will she speak this the next few minutes? keep it on msnbc. see you a of the the same time, same place next week. "deadline: white house" will
12:57 pm
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hi, my name is cherrie. oi'm 76 and i livet. on the oregon coast. my husband, sam,
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we've been married 53 years. we love to walk on the beach. i have two daughters and then two granddaughters. i noticed that memories were not there like they were when i was much younger. since taking prevagen, my memory has gotten better and it's like the puzzle pieces have all been [click] put together. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. hi there, everyone. happy friday. it is 4:00 in new york. as we come on the air we are keeping a close eye on the goings on on capitol hill. the house expected to vote today on the two most important pillars of president biden's economic agenda. we are also expecting to hear from house speaker nancy pelosi any moment. sharing our breaking news coverage is garrett haake live up on the hill for us.


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