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tv   Way Too Early With Jonathan Lemire  MSNBC  November 5, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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bennie thompson, just told reporters today he's freshly signed 20 new subpoenas he says are being sent out, quote, soon, possibly as soon as tomorrow. things are moving fast now and with quite a lot of volume in terms of the flow-through. watch this space. that's going to do it for us tonight. "way too early" is up next. after months of negotiations, lawmakers are expected to hold a vote today on president biden's sweeping infrastructure plan and bipartisan bill. the question is are we finally going to see democrats get something done? plus in georgia a murder trial gets under way for the three men who killed ahmaud arbery, but there's controversy. only one person on the jury deciding the case is blachlkt. and lesson learned. i'll speak with a pair of
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political gurus, one on the left, one on the right, with their take on each of the parties. was this a teachable vote? it's "way too early" for this. ♪♪ good morning and welcome to "way too early," the show that always learns its lessons the hard way. i'm jonathan lemire on this friday, november 5th. we'll start with the news. the house is set to vote today on both the build back better act and the bipartisan infrastructure bill. overnight the rules committee voted along party lines to advance the final pieces of legislation to the full house. debate will begin in just a few hours at 8:00 a.m. eastern. democrats worked late into the night, finalizing deals on the spending bill. speaker pelosi agreed to consider immigration legislation with a group of latinos after it's done. on state and local taxes, nbc
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news has been told negotiations are complete and the $10,000 reduction cap will be raised to $80,000 for the next ten years. and for democrats concerned with the cost of legislation, speaker pelosi says it confirms a previous report that the bill is paid for. regardless of today's house votes, the senate will be able to consider the build back better act until the week of november 15th. it's in recess next week for the veterans day holiday. joining us now, political reporter if axios, sara. good morning. >> good morning. >> what can we expect? do we believe that the work that has been painstakingly done in the recent weeks and nights and i'm sure today, do we really believe the democrats have resolved all of their differences. >> you're right. today is the day.
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is it a big day? we'll know whether the votes that nancy pelosi has schedule ed, if they'll work through. they worked through that cap like they mentioned, but there's still the question how it will be paid for to some extent. pelosi circulated a letter last night, detailing the joint committee on the tax yag and the white house saying how they think they're going to pay for it. but some moderates are pretty accurate about wanting a cbo score, but that's still not going to come. it will likely take a while, but there is definitely signs of optimism and signs of confidence from leadership saying today's the day we're going to get this done. >> it feels like, sarah, they're going to get this done. speaker pelosi has said we're on track for a vote, we're on track for a vote, and it doesn't
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happen. she doesn't have the call for the vote. why is this time different, and do you think the decide the difference between the progressives and moderates in the house who have been sort of distrustful to this point, do we think they're in agreement here? >> it sounds like it. obviously the progressives have taken a couple of steps back from their initial demands. they wanted a senate vote at photograph. they wanted a couple of different provisions. at the end of the day, they said, okay, never mind. it looks like they're going to get a vote on the build back better app first anyway. that's one of their hopes. at the end of the day, of course, moderates want that. they want that price. some people are saying we don't want to pass that reconciliation bill. that's that build back better act. until we're confident that what we have will pass with 50 votes in the senate because we don't want people to get their hopes
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up. we'll have to tell our constituents why it didn't work out. this feels different again because that vote is scheduled. it's written down on paper. we don't have exact timing yet. they'll start considering it at 8:00 a.m. it could go late into the afternoon. >> written down on paper, always a good sign. sarah, stay put for a second because i want to get your take on this next story. bennie thompson tells supporters he's signed 20 new subpoenas, but he hasn't say when they will be served or who will receive them. >> who's in this next batch. >> some of the people that have been written about, some of the people who haven't been written about. you know, we're just doing our body of work. >> thompson also told reporters no members of congress have been subpoenaed yet, and there will not be another public hearing before thanksgiving.
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the mississippi democrat confirmed that it has conducted about 150 interviews. thompson added there are quite a few more to do all over the country. when repeatedly asked, he would not say who's to be served. the house committee is acting on multiple fronts here, and that's a big number, 150. the chairman, representative thompson s obviously playing it close to the vest, but what have you heard? what's the latest reporting in the sense of a timetable here or how far the committee's reach is in terms of who they want to bring in? >> yeah, that's right. they are -- obviously there's going to be a recess next week, but that doesn't mean the committee can't do some work remotely, but it's likely any action we see publicly will, of course, happen after the recess.
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as you mentioned, the chairman, he confirmed that liz cheney said that 150 people they've interviewed, that shows a lot of this work is happening behind closed doors, which means we won't hear much of it except for what we're reporting until at the very end when that final report comes out. >> sarah mucha of axios, thank you. a federal judge yesterday appeared poised yesterday to deny president trump's request to block the release of white house documents to that january 6th select committee on grounds, he says, of executive privilege. seeking to prevent a wide-ranging list of documents being turned over, the committee's request is invalid because it can only seek material directly related to right legislation. the district court judge asked in response saying, are you really asking the president's
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talking and notes have no bearing on the january 6th investigation? these are the people he was talking to as people were breaking windows and climbing into the capitol. while it appeared a little too broad, the judge said she would be better equipped to limit production if they objected to it, but they didn't. it's pretty clear where she stands on that. meanwhile president biden and the first lady are set to attend the funeral of colin powell today. they'll be among those paying respects at the washington national cathedral. powell died of covid-19 complications last month. the 84-year-old was also being treated for parkinson's disease. his family made a statement he had been vaccinated before dying of covid-19 complications. still ahead, the biden administration sets a new deadline for large companies to mandate covid-19 inoculations.
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the biden administration is unveiling the details of new federal regulations that will soon impact two-thirds of the american work force. companies with more than 100 employees will have to ensure their employees are vaccinated or get tested weekly. anyone failing to meet these requirements by january 4th could face fines of nearly $14,000 for each employee that's not compliant. nbc correspondent gabe gutierrez has the latest. >> reporter: the new covid vaccine mandate covers a staggering 84 million people,
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two-thirds of the u.s. work force. it requires companies with more than 100 employees to ensure they're fully vaccinated against covid by january 4th or tested weekly. the order does not require employers to pay for the test, though union rekweerlt may require them to foot the bill. >> the idea is not to spend hours and hours and a lot of public money in court. the intent behind this is to get the health and safety of workers in the workplace front and center. >> reporter: marty walsh said the rule will be administered by osha, osha word. >> osha has done this work for over 50 years, and employers know the way to work with osha on this thing. >> reporter: starting december 5th, covered employers will be required to give paid time off as well as paid sick leave to
2:14 am
deal with side effects. dr. rochelle walensky and dr. anthony fauci -- >> if you look, for example, at the number of people at united airlines or the houston medical association or at other associations that have mandated, it works, 99%. >> reporter: it remains a flashpoint. >> no one should lose their job over a vaccine mandate. >> reporter: in lynchburg, virginia, this week where dozens of workers walked off the job. >> we would like the company to sit down and talk, come to the table and have open and clear communication. >> reporter: some states are going to sue. in houston, brian filko is concerned about employees leaving in a tight labor market. >> i have real mixed emotions because on the one hand, you
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know, i know that the vaccine is our one-way ticket out of the pandemic. on the other, there's a certain reality of managing our employee bases and running our companies, and those two may be on a bit of a collision course. we're going to find out. meanwhile in new york city outgoing mayor bill de blasio has reached a deal with nine labor unions on vaccine mandates. it includes extending deadlines for exemption requests while allowing employees to work while that's pending. unvaccinated pregnant women in their third trimester can take compensatory time or sick leave, and all unvaccinated workers will be allowed to come back to work any time before july 1st of next year if they decide to get a covid shot. we should note incoming eric adams has not committed to continue these mandates when he takes office january 1st.
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according to w.h.o., cases of covid has spread as efforts spread and stall in several regions. in the past week there have been 1.8 million new infections and about 24,000 deaths across europe. the w.h.o. european director warned in an announcement, quote, we must change our tactics to preventing them from happening in the first place. meanwhile a white house aide who accompanied biden to europe remains quarantined after testing positive for covid-19. he was not in close contact with the president. this positive case comes just days after white house press secretary jen psaki said she got
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covid after members of her household tested positive. still ahead, "thursday night football." we'll have all the highlights. >> plus the latest on green bay packers' aaron rodgers and the status of vaccination. sports will be up next. sports will be up next the way they exaggerate the surprises they initiate. otezla. it's a choice you can make. otezla is not an injection or a cream it's a pill that treats differently. for psoriasis, 75% clearer skin is achievable, with reduced redness, thickness, and scaliness of plaques. for psoriatic arthritis, otezla is proven to reduce joint swelling, tenderness, and pain. and the otezla prescribing information has no requirement for routine lab monitoring. don't use if you're allergic to otezla. it may cause severe diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting. otezla is associated with an increased risk of depression. tell your doctor if you have a history of depression or suicidal thoughts or if these feelings develop. some people taking otezla reported weight loss.
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your happy place. you're weird, man. find your breaking point. then break it. every emergen-c gives you a potent blend of nutrients so you can emerge your best with emergen-c. right back to offense for the colts. wow. taylor's gone. jonathan taylor, touchdown ending as he drosed the tape at the goal line. >> that's the colts' jonathan taylor reaching a top speed of 22 miles an hour on that run. he did it all last night. he rushed for 172 yards and two scores and hauled in a pair of passes for 27 yards as the colts sailed past the jets in a game that was not that close. another one for the jets. case in point --
2:21 am
>> false start. offense, everybody but the center. second down. >> that's kind of harsh. >> penalty on everybody. same old jets. >> now to the ongoing saga surrounding aaron rodgers. after telling reporters before the start of the season that he had been immunized against covid-19, the star packers quarterback applied for exemption from the league but was denied. he then went on to receive home owe pathic treatment from his personal doctor to, quote, raise his antibody levels. when the league reviewed his case, they revealed it did not protect him from the coronavirus. now he's reportedly furious over the fact that his true vaccination status was leaked. according to a report by "pro football talk" they do not
2:22 am
reveal the names of those who are unvaccinated. meanwhile it was said 100% followed the protocols. >> and to the ice. pa treat bergeron put on a show scoring four goals. he's wonderful. including three straight on the power play. my bruins beat the red wings. he also did it back in 2018. but not to be outdone, we head north of the border where brock nelson also put four in the back of the net, lighting the lamp repeatedly as the new york islanders beat the canadiens 6-2 up in montreal. time for the weather, and michelle grossman is here. thanks for telling us what's coming up this weekend, and in particular, how are we looking for the new york city marathon this sunday? >> we're looking pretty good. good morning, jonathan. happy friday. cold for many, but by sunday,
2:23 am
looking picture-perfect for the marathon. that's good news. let's start with the freeze warnings and alerts across the area east of the rockies. 're looking from the central southern plains to the tennessee valley and the mid-atlantic for the freeze warnings. we're seeing 22 million people impacted. we're starting out below average and ending up above average. lots of blue. anywhere from nashville, 70 degrees, which is typical for this time of year. gainesville, 14 degrees below average. that's going to be the same story as we head toward saturday. kicking off your weekend with chilly air. jacksonville, 62 degrees as a daytime high. that's 13 degrees below where we're supposed to be for this time of year. then it's a nice rebound in time for the sunday new york city marathon. as we look toward monday and tuesday, 60s, 70s, above normal for this time of year as we kick off next week. we're also watching showers and storms in southeast florida. you're going to see localized
2:24 am
flooding, even severe weather as we head into the later part of the day. watch out for that. that's going to track in wet weather and flooding for parts of the southeast on saturday. so your rainfall forecast especially in florida, we're looking up to even 3 inches in some spots. there's your coastal flood threat, moderate flooding, closed roads. that will be the story for your saturday. then your rainfall forecast in the pacific northwest, we're looking at high-elevation snow, near a foot in some spots, and generally 1 to 3 inches. looking good for bill karins and willie geist. the weather is cooperating. we're looking at temperatures in the upper 30s, low 40s, which is perfect for the marathon. >> yes, it is. my job is stand ag long the road cheering them on, maybe holding up a joe scarbrough face or something. thank you very much. >> or a mimosa.
2:25 am
>> yes. that would be my contribution to the race. coming up, there's a pledge of a smooth transition. i'll bring in a panel to talk about that and what tuesday's results mean for both republicans and democrats next year. but before we go to break, we want to know why are you awake? email your reasons to or tweet me @jonlemire. we'll read some of our favorite answers later in the show. e of answers later in the show. and i'm a federal contract investigator. as a single parent, i would run from football games to work and trying to balance it all. so, what do you see when you look at yourself? i see a person that's caring. sometimes i care too much, and that's when i had to learn to put myself first, because i would care about everyone all the time but i'm just as important as they are. botox® cosmetic is fda approved to temporarily make frown line,
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welcome back to "way too early." it's a touch before 5:30 on the east coast, 2:30 out west. i'm jonathan lemire. there's a transition of power this week. republican elect glenn youngkin and outgoing democrat ralph northam met at the governor's mansion yesterday with their wives. both men said they were committed to a smooth transition process. here's what glenn youngkin had to say to reporters yesterday afternoon. >> today was the beginning of a friendship, and i appreciate that. what's most important in a moment like this is to have somebody you can call and ask questions, and so i just appreciated that entire sentiment today. >> on the heels of the election in virginia and new jersey, one of the democratic party's most prominent super pacs is sending out a warning that things are on
2:30 am
track to be worse. according to politico, they sent a memo to politico saying democrats risk fierce backlash from voters and can't allow themselves to get dragged into intra-party ware fare. in virginia where terry mcauliffe lost the governor's race and in new jersey where phil murphy barely hung on represent relatively safe terrain compared to the districts democrats must win in 2022 if they want to continue to hang onto congress. democrats must prioritize infrequent and new voters who turned out for president biden. without donald trump in office or on the ballot, we will need an aggressive prom negligent approach to win them over again. joining us now, former chief of staff to the dccc, adrian al rod
2:31 am
and from "the daily beast," matt lewis. thanks for joining us. adrian, let me start with you. we saw a number of biden voters on tuesday cast their ballots for the republican candidate in virginia. why did that happen? >> well, i think there's a number of reasons, jonathan. first of all, i think it's important to note the turnout was historic in virginia in an off-year election, which the governor's race always is. terry mcauliffe was tracking. they thought they were going to be successful, and that did happen. they were not successful because a lot of voters turned out for youngkin. so far we've allowed not the white house but has allowed the
2:32 am
enemy to be good by not passing the infrastructure bill or the build back better act. i think those two things may happen very, very soon, possibly one of them at least today, but i think terry mcauliffe's campaign was not able to run on anything tangible or anything that was results-driven this cycle. certainly he had a record to run on, and he did, given the fact he served previously as governor, but voters wanted something fresh, new results, and i think because of the inaction in congress from democrats, and, of course, the republicans aren't coming along for this ride either, it made things more challenging for terry. >> matt, you've been breaking down the suburbs and mainly white women. what's your takeaway? >> right. well, look. i just think that this -- you know, joe biden was elected to deliver, but what was he elected to deliver? not necessarily a big social agenda. i think what people wanted was a
2:33 am
return to normalcy, somebody who was not chaotic and someone who was a centrist. i think that's what people thought they were getting when they voted for joe biden, including a lot of people who are, you know, suburban nights. people in loudoun county, for example, who are sophisticated, probably work in washington, d.c., but they moved to loudoun county for a reason, right? they wanted to get away from some of the chaos. so i think what happened is they were in a sense radicalized, basically by two things. you ha the failure to, you know, pass not just a social agenda but the infrastructure stuff, but also i think the culture war stuff resonated with them. and then you had a guy a republican, who seemed like mitt romney, who seemed non-threatening. so these voters are up for grabs, i think is the message, and democrats, i think, prematurely thought they were part of the coalition and they
2:34 am
really were not. >> it seemed like the suburban votes were more anti-trump. adrienne, today might be the day the infrastructure bill gets through, which appears to be day late and a dollar short for terry mcauliffe. talk about the delay. do you believe it cost him the election? in some ways he was a problematic candidate. but if this does get done, will that be something -- enough for democrats to run on in the midterms next year? >> you know, a couple of things, jonathan. first of all, i do think if infrastructure had been passed -- and when we're talking about infrastructure, we're talking roads, bridges, highways, tangible things people can feel in their lives when they're driving their kids to school, driving to work. the effects would not have been felt by election day, but voters would have known it was coming, and, again, democrats would have
2:35 am
had points on the board that terry could have sold back home to his constituents. but i want to slightly disagree with something matt said. i do think the voters elected joe biden. sure, he was not donald trump. they wanted to get some stability and get rid of the chaos that was driving our national politics, but they also wanted some long overdue tangible effects in their lives. people were experiencing covid, needing child care, wanted cuts. i still believe, jonathan, if we were magically able to get the build back better act passed even earlier this summer so that americans could have felt some of those more longer-term effects that are in the plan, expanded child tax credit, for example, it would have made a difference in the election. i think democrats can run on
2:36 am
that going to the midterms because once it's passed, people will be impacted and they'll feel the difference in their everyday lives. matt, obviously this shadow of donald trump was part of these elections, particularly in virginia. but you write there was a failure of mcauliffe to successfully tie youngkin to trump. trump is less on the present as he used to be, which some republicans are grateful for. tell us what you think, what role he played on tuesday, but more than that, how his shadow will affect the midterms. >> this is so interesting, right? first of all, i think there was pent-up demand for a normal republican. there were a lot of people who grew up with reagan and bush, and they want to be republicans, and they couldn't in good conscience vote for donald trump. and so they had this pent-up demand, and i don't think biden -- i think there was an
2:37 am
opportunity where democrats could have brought them in and made them part of a governing coalition. that didn't happen for whatever reason. i think they were yearning to vote for someone other than donald trump, and i think glenn youngkin gave them that opportunity. and for whatever reason, donald trump mostly stayed out of this race. i don't completely understand why, not having twitter, of course, which would be helpful. he could have saab tonaled this race the way he sabotaged georgia. i think that's maybe one of the things hanging over what happens next year in the midterms like will donald trump be disciplined enough. i think, again, you know, if history is a predictor, that's going to be a really big challenge for republicans to let their candidates shine in places like virginia. so stay tuned for that. >> moments of discipline for trump are rare indeed.
2:38 am
adrienne elrod and matt lewis, this is a terrific discussion. i'm really glad you were here. let's do it again. still ahead, the totally different way the city's incoming mayor wants to collect his paycheck. how bitcoin is coming to the big apple next on "way too early." apple next on "way too early." we're getting destroyed out there. we need a plan! right now, at t-mobile, customers on magenta max can get the new iphone 13 pro...
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how bitcoin is coming to the big how bitcoin is coming to the big (woman vo) so, where to next? (vo) reflect on the past, celebrate the future. season's greetings from audi. cue the theme to armageddon. nasa will send a spacecraft smashing into a small asteroid to determine if impact could knock the celesial body off course. this mission is just a test. it's scheduled to launch from california the day before thanksgiving. it's not expected to reach the asteroid until next fall. meanwhile one of hollywood's
2:42 am
biggest stars is taking action following last month's deadly shooting on the set of "rust." actor dwayne johnson said he will no longer allow real guns to be used on set. johnson told "variety" this. we won't use real guns at all. we're going to switch over to rubber guns, and we're going to take care of it in posts. we're not going to care about the dollars. meanwhile mayor elect eric adams say his will take his first three paychecks in bitcoin. he made the announcement on twitter, writing, quote, nyc is going to be the center of the cryptocurrency industry and other fast-growing innovative industries. the comment was in response to a question, which politician will be first to accept bitcoin.
2:43 am
for now, it's cliern if new york city can even issue paychecks in bitcoin. let's just say this. the four years of the adams administration is going to be fascinating to cover. it's starting to feel like christmastime in the city. rockefeller center announced their christmas tree will come from maryland. the 75 foot, 12-on the spruce will be harvested next thursday and arrive in new york two days later. it will be decorated in 50,000 l.e.d. lights and topped with a swarovski star. the light willing take place on december 1st. also a beautiful thing here at rockefeller center. let's hear one for the home team. coming up next, two stories, both hinge on videos taken at the scene. we'll look at the latest investments in a pair of murder trials. we look at this day in
2:44 am
history when in 1968 richard nixon captured the white house becoming the 39th president of the united states. >> ladies and gentlemen, i didn't realize so many of you would stay up so late. i want to express first my grateful appreciation to all of those in this room, but more than that, the media on television and radio, the thousands and i understand millions across the country who worked for our cause. e for busi, unconventional thinking means we see things differently, so you can focus on what matters most. whether it's ensuring food arrives as fresh as when it departs... being first on the scene when every second counts... or teaching biology without a lab. we are the leader in 5g and a partner who delivers exceptional customer support and 5g included in every plan. so, you get it all, without trade-offs. unconventional thinking, it's better for business. to see my ancestors' photos was just breathtaking.
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family members of ahmaud arbery are outraged. nbc news correspondent ron allen has the story. >> reporter: passion running high in the community where ahmaud arbery was shot and killed almost two years ago,
2:48 am
angered that only one black juror was selected. supporters call it a modern-day lynching. >> it was disturbing to find out we had one african-american versus 11 whites. >> do you still think you'll get justice? >> i do think we'll get justice for ahmaud. >> reporter: the three suspects face nine charges each, accused of chasing and killing arbery. they've all pled not guilty. the defense using its legal challenges to eliminate 11 potential black jurors from the jury pool on the final day. >> this court has found there appears to be intentional discrimination. >> reporter: he added georgia law prevents him from taking action because the attorneys gave reasons other than race for the dismissals like insisting
2:49 am
the perspective jurors could not be impartial. >> that's really what the court has to decide, are those race-neutral explanations that were offered, are they satisfactory. in this case the judge said he did find them to be satisfactory. >> reporter: now, prosecutors expected to cytoarbery's race as a significant factor in his death, and the suspects will say they attempted to make a citizen's arrest and acting in self-defense. there's been a shakeup in the trial against kyle rittenhouse in wisconsin as one of the jurors has been dismissed. the judge made a decision after prosecutors called attention to a joke made earlier in the week. when questioned by the judge, the juror identified only as juror number 7 acknowledged he did make the comment but declined to repeat it. before dismissing the juror, the judge said, quote, it was clear the appearance of bias was
2:50 am
present and would seriously undermine the outcome of the case. rittenhouse shot and killed two people and wounded another. up next, a preview of a very big day ahead on capitol hill. with house democrats on track to bring the killed two people and wounded others. house democrats on track to bring the $1.5 trillion social spending bill to the floor. we'll talk about the product of passing it. 'morning joe" is minutes away. 'morning joe" is minutes away. complete hiv treatment for adults who are undetectable. cabenuva helps keep me undetectable. it's two injections, given by a healthcare provider once a month. hiv pills aren't on my mind. i love being able to pick up and go. don't receive cabenuva if you're allergic to its ingredients or taking certain medicines, which may interact with cabenuva. serious side effects include allergic reactions post-injection reactions,
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welcome back, earlier in the show we asked, why are you awake, a viewer sends us this snapshot of the morning sky, that's beautiful. dan, what do you have? anything from the control room? >> yeah, we got one from gregg who says we got back from a week of disney world. let's go back to work even though it's friday. >> you travel and you extend and you take this day off and you ease and return on monday.
2:54 am
last one from melinda who's up way too early after a road trip from boulder, colorado to dallas, texas. be safe and have fun. we have a number of tweets about my new haircut. the reviews are running 50/50 than i would like. i appreciate it. let's go back to capitol hill. at least one congressman from that state says the build back better act is not what the american people asked for. abigail spanberger does not think they chose biden to pass this. his mandates was quite limited, to remove donald trump and to make american life ordinary again. nobody elected him to be fdr.
2:55 am
they elected him to be normal and stop the chaos. the congresswoman alluded to the agenda. joining us now, cofounder of punch ball news, you got to be tired and i know you got a long day ahead. let's talk about the infrastructure and social spending bill. they are scheduled to come out later this morning. walk us through what this day is going to look like and what will happen there this morning and into the night. >> yeah, it's going the take most of the day. the house rules committee to figure out the debate on the build back better act. republicans objected and want to delay it. the house will come in at 8:00, they'll start debating at some point, we don't have the time yet. they'll start debating on build
2:56 am
back better and they'll vote on it. they'll be the big moment. there is opposition, no opposition to stop it among democrats, that's where they'll stop. we don't think it will happen. leadership is confident it's going to pass and they'll bundle formal final passage and they'll vote on the infrastructure bill. after they pass that, they send it to the president. we expect votes early pm. sometimes this afternoon and the infrastructure bill. this is what you said was a huge day for biden and speaker pelosi. it's a big day for the democratic party. >> let's be clear about that. it's so messy to get here and we are to be finished and it's undeniable victory for biden and democrats. you mention there is a little bit of resistance from democrats. would it be progressives or
2:57 am
moderates. the american people don't want an agenda this big. that has not happened. it has to happen before it goes to the senate. this build back better act is just the opening round here, it's the opening act. as long as it's taken. we have to go to the senate, if the senate changes the bill. its got to come back to the house. this is not easy to do. it's going to go on for several more weeks. we'll be talking about this through christmas. today is the hurdle. they have to get over this hurdle today. they have been talking about this hurdle for months and they have been dragging on. there is a separate track on the infrastructure bill. if biden gets that today he's going of a big house ceremony on that.
2:58 am
that's something he love to do and he talked about infrastructure forever, money for amtrak in there which was a big issues for him. two big pieces of legislation. one goes to the senate. >> yeah, we certainly expect where the infrastructure bill to pass president biden have a big ceremony. that'll be a huge win for the white house. on the build back better act, it will face a tougher battle. we hear from manchin about his concerns. walk us through in terms of what could happen there and what changes may occur. >> oh, there is going to be a lot of changes in the senate. this is going to be amended. you have to wait to get the score and analysis and on congressional of what it costs and go to the senate, senators are going to amend not only joe manchin but sinema had a bunch of concern and others, there are
2:59 am
concerns over immigration and robert mendez of new jersey had concerns. there is concerns of do this go far enough on medicare or medicaid. we'll see bernie sanders have a lot to say about this. the senate will change this legislation and they do this really crazy process called a voter-rama where they stay out all night. republicans get a chance to change the legislation. the procedure is going to be pretty complex in the senate and some point after thanksgiving, it's going to come back to the house. there is a long way to go here. this is it is center piece of biden's agenda and after tuesday's shalaking, democrats need to get a move on something. >> you know it's a big day when
3:00 am
john puts on a tie. >> i am trying to classic things up. >> we can use all the help. thanks john. i want to say thank you all for getting up way too early on this friday morning and ending this show with my youngest son turns seven tomorrow. happy birthday buddy. thanks very much for watching, "morning joe" starts right now. make sure everyone is vaccinated right after the holiday. more covid-19 news, there is faster spreading delta variant moving to the u.s. called delta plus. good deal. >> good morning and welcome to "morning joe," it's


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