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tv   Ayman  MSNBC  October 31, 2021 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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i'm ayman mohyeldin. let's get started. all right. question. when is baseball or a baseball game more than just simply a baseball game? that are burning all over the country. when you combine all of that, that is when you get, a baseball -- the world series underway. in fact game five is on as we speak. last night was game four, between the houston astros and atlanta braves, the home team. it was a great game. but if you did not watch any of it, this is what it sounded like for much of the broadcast.
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[noise] that of course, was the so-called tomahawk chat. a fan tradition that has been criticize, as racist. along with the team nickname, for years. keep in mind it's 2021. we are living in the age of the cleveland guardians, in the washington football team. no one can claim ignorance about this stuff anymore. mlb commissioner rob mann friend has voiced his support, saying native american community in georgia or in the region is only supportive of the braves program, including the chop. but this is a national pastime, not a regional one. so the statement that was released on wednesday, the national congress of american indians, writes in our discussion with the atlanta, braves we have repeatedly and unequivocal, we made our position clear. native people are not mascots,
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and degrading rituals like the time hawk chop, that dehumanize in harm us, have no place in american society. with the controversy over this swirling all week, it's no accident that former president trump, decided to attend last night's game. and here's how that went. >> [noise] let's keep that video up there for a moment. i want you to really look at this. trump clearly came to this game, for a reason. he is inserting himself at the center of the latest cultural war flash point, that's his brand. it's been the center of his own electoral strategy from the beginning. and the fact that it's happening in georgia, is only natural. since last year's election, georgia has become the epicenter of the gop's entire electoral strategy, remember after he lost the election, it was in georgia, where trump repeatedly tried and failed to
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get georgia state officials to overturn the results, he is on tape literally on, taped telling georgia's top election officials, i just want you to find 11,780 votes. it is very public efforts, then held hand to senate seats to the democrats, when john ossoff and raphael warnock, one in the special runoff election. state republican lawmakers responded, by being among the first states to pass new voting restrictions, including measures, that give the republican state legislature more power, over county election boards. in response to, that major league baseball then decided to move the all-star game, out of atlanta, that's the very sight of last night's game, and tonight's. so elections in institutions, make it harder to vote and whip up a cultural war panic. this strategy was made in georgia, but you can see it playing out and states across the country. including virginia governor's election, on tuesday.
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and that's why last nights and tonight's baseball game, is about so much more, than just baseball. so much to discuss and i have the perfect person to do it, with joining me now is georgia state senator gingered, and she's a democrat representing georgia's sixth district. which is where the braves stadium is currently located. she's also a candidate for the democratic nomination for state attorney general. jen it's great to have you with. us thanks so much for your. time let me start by getting your reaction, as an elected official, to former president trump showing up to the braves game last night. and of course doing the tomahawk chop with the fans. major league baseball and the braves, they say they did not invite trump to the game, but they did accommodate his request, to attend it. trump showing up to this game in atlanta, it doesn't seem like it was an accident rate. he knew what he was doing on the optics of it. >> of course he did. he constantly tries to insert himself, wherever he thinks he can get some attention.
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and you know right here in georgia, which is really been ground zero and a lot of the election say. [inaudible] when we're all coming together. and he can really divide us. [laughs] [inaudible] [inaudible] -- i know for those who don't know, the braves used to play it turned. feel they went ice-cold, land i remember going to braids games like turner, field in historic black neighborhood in downtown atlanta, but the team's sense moved, within the last few years to a stadium in marietta, in the more conservative suburbs, after trying and failing to get some more funding, from this city for a new stadium complex. how is the move to the suburbs viewed in this city at the time? >> i think at the time it surprised a lot of folks, and not a lot of people knew about it, it was done a lot of
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backroom deals, that's where the lot of people thought, but i'll tell you as respect to where the stadium is and where they moved. it is in my district, senate district six. and i'm a democrat. and i represent that district. and also where the stadium is, it's represented by democratic representatives, so in terms of the area, where the stadium is, and where a lot of the folks that work at the stadium live, where democrats. cobb county is a blue county. while there may have been some thought that they were moving there because it was considered more conservative at some point in time, that's just not the case now. >> let's talk a little bit about voting rights in your, state they've been under attack by republicans in, georgia new laws have been enacted, making it harder for people of color to, vote as a candidate for state attorney general, what can you do to protect voting, rights and make sure elections are free and fair. it really came down last time to maybe a handful of officials,
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mostly republican, in the state of georgia, who stood up to trump, and although they have since flip-flopped if you will, and some of the voting right, laws they did at that time deny his request to find those 11,000 votes. but we cannot be assured, that next time around another republican official perhaps when that's even more prone, trump is not going to acquiesce to his demand. >> i think you have to find it at all, friends i think you have to find it in the, courts i think you have to talk to the public about what exactly they need to do i think we have to fight it on the grounds. i think they're fighting at the local election board in fulton county, i think it's basically all of the things. there can't just be one strategy, one way to do, a can't out organize this. we really need at the federal level, as protections.
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as the same time we just can't rely on that. it's too important in it's just too important to sit back and let republicans take away the rights, but really put into place people who aren't duly elected. by the people of this state. >> it is going to be all eyes on georgia, without a doubt, georgia state senator jim jordan. thank you for joining us this evening. and greatly appreciate your time. >> thank you. joining me now is jonathan, allen's senior political reporter for nbc news digital, and representative john edwards, a former congresswoman from maryland and contributor. jonathan let me begin with, you i love to get your thoughts on this controversy surrounding the braves and former president trump's visit to the game last night. as i mentioned i grew up in atlanta, i'm a fan of the braves, or some call them the atlanta baseball, club it seem in the league are obviously trying to be a political here, is that impossible?
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given the state of the culture and the fact that it's trump himself who's involved in obviously wants to insert himself to any cultural wedge in this country? >> former presidents brand is absolutely to divide everybody that you can. to big baseball in the national pastime, and try to turn it into a political issue, i think it's possible to end voided as a political, issue we saw that with the moving of the all-star game. i think it's going to continue. >> if you are a last night's, game or even tonight and you are to try to use it as a bellwether for the popularity of, trump both in georgia and around the country. especially with the very trumpian candidate running for governor in virginia, and even some of the bell in georgia, how would you see things look for him, and the maga movement. is it strong? or has he been set some massive political setbacks with some of the candidates he's indoors, they have not won? >> let me just say it be impossible to sell from the
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braves game, the attendance that breeds games, and i've been to them as, well my wife from near that stadium right outside of atlanta, the audience, the crowded of breeds game is not representative of the atlanta area, in terms of the politics. in terms of race and income, even if you were to say that he was popular at the stadium last, night i don't think everything was focused on, him i think they were the crowd was focused on the braves come back yesterday, i just don't think you can get any thing. they're >> the gubernatorial races this tuesday, the polls are incredibly tight. how do you think that is going to play, out and do you think there's a danger, trying to read too much into this one, race ahead of next year's midterms? >> i think there's pose a danger and, not i think that they campaign particularly in the late stages of the campaign, has been very aggressive, knocking on doors, you look at the early vote numbers which
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are off the charge, with generally favor democrats, so that's a good sign, and so on election day, i guess we will see, i think it's going to be a close race, everybody believes that. but, i think the difference between mcauliffe and youngkin, could not be more stark, youngkin has continued to play, and sugar those kind of cultural wars, to generate enthusiasm for his campaign. and i think it's an indication, of the way that these campaigns will be run through the midterms. even if virginia is not predictive of what will happen in the midterm elections. >> jonathan stop me if you've heard this one before. it's not looking like the vote on both the bipartisan infrastructure bill in the presidents build back better spending plan, is going to happen on tuesday, like we were told it would. just a couple days ago i believe, democrats and both chambers are still trying to add changes to prescription drug pricing, and a few other issues, do you think the vote, a is going to happen at all
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this week? and b has any implications for the virginia governor's race? >> i think it's sort of the opposite, one, i can't predict what will happen, but it will be difficult cult for them to be get this past, it's possible the go change are ongoing, but here's the reason, in this is why i say it's kind of the reverse. the problem for democratic leaders in congress, if terry mcauliffe loses, it is going to be more difficult to pass either of these bills, certainly both of these. bills because they'll be -- for next november in the midterms, and they will become more skittish about what they're willing to vote for. i think that the idea to try to get it moving as fast as possible, before these electoral results get, it is to make sure that it doesn't prevent them from getting both of these bills, done if mcauliffe loses, and just for some context here, i don't think anyone is predicting a ten-point terry mcauliffe win.
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both sides will tell you it's much closer than, that what you see from that, is where joe biden was ten points in virginia, a bluish purple state if you will, you will see some recession from, that from where biden was last november, that will be something democrats have to look at in terms of trying to reposition themselves a little bit for the. midterm and be on offense. boaters don't necessarily want to hear that they're gonna keep things the same, or that you're going to change. them but they want to hear that you're going to improve their lives, and i think the democratic message going into that needs to be better than it is right now. >> donna, jonathan's point to the numbers, new abc polling, not looking very good for president biden at the moment, his job approval rating has fallen 42, percent were just one year out from the midterms, do you expect that number to go up at all. when or if the democrats managed to pass his agenda? quite frankly, he has done some very significant pieces of legislation already in his first ten months.
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sure there's a lot of focus on these two right now, but already there are been some important steps taken, and yet has not translated it least from what we're seeing, into the perception of people's lives are getting immediately better. >> well, here's the thing, most of us are memories are very short term, i think that democrats are able to pass this agenda, and i believe that they, will there's no indication that they're not going to pass anything. the question is we know that democrats will be able to go across the country, particularly during the spring building season, the construction season when all of those roads and bridges, and things that are visible to people, actually happened. and when those dollars really show up, in the pockets essentially of parents, who get tax credits, who are able to send their children to pre-kindergarten. those are real things, that
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voters will be able to see, and that democrats, including the president will tell. i do believe his numbers will go up all right donna edwards, stick around for us, we have a lot more to discuss after the break. still to come after some comedian susie estimate will discuss what she thinks her character on enthusiasm will say to the democrats, as they argue over went to hold this infrastructure. we'll have an idea, but we'll see. plus the texas abortion ban goes back before the supreme court on monday. will the court uphold this of temporal-ing? my panelist back to discuss that, the first richard louis is here with the headline, hey richard some of the stories we're watching for you this hour, one person is dead and three are injured. the california city council member, rebecca, is home in gilroy saturday. police responded to a large after a party the bill even all taken took place from the shooting. amanda said in a statement that we are giving our full cooperation to the go board police the part mint in this investigation. a halloween party oneself after mass shooting left two dead and
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12 injured in east texas. police estimate a couple of hundred people were president, when shots were fired. this is suspected shooter left the scene in an unknown vehicle, and the motive is unknown. bon jovi tested positive for covid-19. the lebanon prayer singer canceled the performance in miami beach. joe visa representative told nbc news, john is fully vaccinated, and feeling fine. more with aim in, right after this break. is break bogeys on your six, limu. they need customized car insurance from liberty mutual so they only pay for what they need. woooooooooooooo... we are not getting you a helicopter. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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the democrats following a tough few months, after they started to get something, anything, accomplished on the domestic agenda of president joe biden. last week he made a rare visit to the capitol hill, he pressured his party to pass the build back better act, speaker nancy pelosi said a vote would happen on thursday. president biden stump the ball but it turns out he was only at the ten yard line. because the party infighting continued, and the house vote was quickly postponed. now, we may have a vote this week, but it likely won't be on tuesday as originally planned. so it still feels like we're still stuck in this perpetual limbo. lawmakers defend themselves by saying, we focus more on the process of legislating, then on the actual policy, fair enough. but you can't get to the policy, without the process. you don't get to enjoy the sausage, until the sausage gets made, right? isn't that how it works? and all of this, makes me wonder what enthusiasm, fan favorite, susie green would say to these politicians, if she
9:21 pm
were in the room with them. and i feel like it would go something like this. >> get the hell out of here, get out, out, out, get the. -- get the hell out of my house you can grate. >> the good news is, you don't have to imagine it, and neither does anyone else, joining me now is comedian an actress, susie. it's great to have you with us, thank you so much. >> hi ahmed. >> thank you. it's great to have you with. us what would your character say to democrats, if you are in the room with them. do they need to get a stern talking? >> i don't want to get you in trouble with the fcc. what's she would -- basically, they need a stern talking and she would basically give it to them in a way that they would never forget. >> yes please don't do that our director in the control room may not be fast enough to keep sleeping out the whole words. i know that it seems a little bit has just begun airing, can
9:22 pm
we expect anything this season on the current state of american politics. and what might that be? how do you guys see it? >> while. you know, there was mention, i don't know if you saw the first episode last week, there was mention about the horrors of being named don jr.. [laughs] >> there is something coming up. i can tell you what it is. but there is something coming up in the last episode. in the tenth of the so, that is such an amazing surprise, and so political, and you're going to love it, you're gonna absolutely love it. i can't tell you what it is, but we have a special get star. >> what we are going to definitely be tuning in. but let me ask you, i know last season -- you know larry was seen wearing a magna hat in order to make people stay away from him. he was asked whether he was worried if that might alienate fans by the show who support trump. let me play for you what he said at the time. >> alienate yourself.
9:23 pm
[applause] >> go and alienate yourself, you have my blessing. well i could give a -- >> so, that was larry's perspective on it. have you ever worried about alienating fans with the comedy and the show that you guys put on? >> not for one second of my life have i ever worried about that. we do what we do. the show is so politically incorrect, that is correct. do you know what i mean? >> absolutely. >> when you start worrying about who you're defending, and who you're eliminating, then you're not speaking the truth. and larry does not care whatsoever. larry is telling the truth. so far it seems to work out very well for him. for all of us. >> i definitely agree with. that one of my favorite episodes, i believe it was seizing eight, was the palestinian chicken episode.
9:24 pm
that is still one of my favorites. because like you said, -- >> you know what's interesting about that episode. i remember when we did that episode. i remember that we were thinking we were going to get flagged about this. because it was a sensitive issue. there was a lot of political stuff in it. nothing. there was no flag about it whatsoever. because it's funny. >> yes, it was definitely funny. i think you struck the right tone. >> look, how is cathartic is it for you to play her? getting to her so much? it seems like it could be therapeutic. because there are times that i would love to do it, when i'm just talking about politics in this country. >> it is the most fun thing i've ever had to. do i show up at work, i yell, i scream, i curse. i tell everybody to you know what. and then they give me money, and then i go home. it's the greatest job >> how are you in real life to that character? are you like that? do you walk around cursing and yelling at everyone? >> no. no. no. >> i don't suffer -- you know the same type of susie
9:25 pm
green, but i'm much more mellow person than susie greene. but i get it all out while i'm doing the show. i don't need to do it in person. >> that's right. good point. i know that you've been doing standup for more than three decades. what was it like when you were a young comment? is it a whole different world now, or have things changed as much as they've stayed the same? what is your take on it? >> i mean, when i first started, you'd be in the club and nobody had a camera or a phone. nobody was tweeting. it was kind of this chart down dirty nightclub thing. and it was private. as a comedian, you could push the envelope, you could go too far, you could try things that maybe weren't going to work and pull back and figure out what the line was. now, i don't know how the young commits figure out where the line is anymore. because they're just so accountable all the time. there was a sense of where all
9:26 pm
in this together. we're in this thing together. now there's such an adversarial relationship, i don't have to deal with it anymore. >> yes and to that point are comics and comedians expected to push the boundaries of society. or are they supposed to reflect at times that they live in? because as you were saying, with all the controversies around these days, are you walking on eggshells when you're writing your comedy, and you have to be mindful not to offend a certain group of people in this country? or do you feel that no comedian -- legally they have the protective space, but culturally do they have that protective space? >> i think it's both. i think are different types of comedians. there have always been the types of comedians who just -- one who just died this week is a great example who push the boundaries. and there are always the type who are more acceptable, that kind of reflected what everybody -- what their lifestyles was. there is room for everybody in comedy. there is room for all of.
9:27 pm
that even mimes. not my. ms. [laughs] >> but for me i was always a boundary pusher. i always wanted to go really far. and other people were really fighting without doing. that so i think that we have to do what's true to ourselves as comedians. the most important thing is a standup comic, is to be true to your own voice. >> well we wish you the best of luck and continue truth in whatever you do susie, thank you so much, will be looking forward to the end of season 11 there. to see who that guest cameo is going to be. be sure to catch her, i'm looking forward to. it catches it air sunday night, tune in tonight at 10:30 pm on hbo, we're streaming on hbo max. thank you so much susie. >> thank. you >> the texas abortion ban is back in front of court on monday morning. where will the judges fall when it comes to the most restrictive abortion measure in the nation? my panels back to break, don't go anywhere.
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comes case comes for the supreme court tomorrow, nine justices come for the total abortion ban, which cuts abortions at about six, weeks from the last menstrual period, the controversial law, flies in the face of almost 50 years of abortion rights rulings. and the court has twice ready rejected pleas to suspend it while it makes its way through the legal process. sits this case apart is that the texas law, unlike every other reapportioned is direction to come for the supreme court, does not depend on state officials, to enforce it. instead, anyone, can file a private lawsuit against an abortion provider, and seek a cash reward of up to $10,000. joining the panel, now is in will highs, or senior correspondent for, fox and author of the agenda. how republican supreme court is reshaping america. john allen, and former congresswoman donna edwards is back with. me let me start with you heading into tomorrow section, can you at all, read the tea
9:33 pm
leaves for us. the court ruled against this case, once before, do you expect it to be different this time, is there anything different in the filing that would make you believe that this is something that will be different this time around? >> i think it's likely that the supreme court will eventually strike down sb8. there was a grief filed by a bunch of groups that said look you have to strike this thing down. because if texas can use this weird bounty hunter system to go after abortion rights, some state could use the same structure in order to nullify the second amendment, and we don't want that. eventually, the supreme court is going to realize that this kind of law, which is set up in order to avoid judicial review, is an tenable, there has to be a constitution that can be enforced, and i think they will eventually strike it down. the question is, there's another case being argued in december, that case has the supreme court to overrule roe v. wade. what i worry might happen is
9:34 pm
the supreme court may wait until after they have taken roll off the books, or after they have taken texans the ability to ban abortion the old-fashioned way. before they wipe out this law, that is sort of banning abortion through a backwards way. >> how do you expect the oral arguments to go tomorrow? can you tell us who the plaintiffs are in this particular case in a nutshell? >> sure, there are two sets of cases being argued tomorrow, the first was brought by a group of abortion providers, i believe the plaintiff is called whole woman's health, and ensues a number of texas state officials, including a texas state judge. the reason why they sued a texas state judge is really important. normally if you want to sue a state, you're not allowed to sue the state directly. so if i sued texas, it wouldn't be called -- he would have to sue the state official, who enforces the law that is being challenged. that is why texas set this up
9:35 pm
with private bounty hunters, so that there be no texas state official that can be sued. but judges still have to issue orders, enforcing the law, if someone wins a lawsuit. so the judge seems to be the right defendant here, if that suit doesn't work, there's also a separate suit, with the united states is suing texas directly. there's some complications as to whether or not the united states is allowed to do that. but one thing that makes the u.s. different, is that the u.s. is allowed to sue a state directly, in a way that private parties are. not >> interesting. john, let zero in on three specific justices for. mitt roberts, kavanaugh, finn bera. what challenges are each one, facing and could one of them be a swing vote in this particular case? >> we saw roberts already toying with the liberal justices, with regards to texas on the losing side. roberts has raised questions
9:36 pm
about basically what's issue here. whether you can have this -- voting rights groups, people trying to stop people from voting. [inaudible] , i've easily amy coney barrett's not been on the court for very long, she's been on the pro-life side, people see her as an antiabortion, unlikely to side, in for those who want to see this law struck down, they're basically going to have to get kavanaugh -- [inaudible] at a historic level. it's pretty incredible, gives
9:37 pm
every indication that kavanaugh would like to be chief justice himself, will have to see. >> donna my question about roe v. wade is similar to the broader conversation around the voting rights act. and bear with me here for a moment, is roe v. wade actually in danger here? how concerned should people, be in the point that i'm making is, the supreme court gutted the voting rights act by removing the pre-clearance procedure if you, will a provision within the voting rights, we've seen with that has done in this country. could what we're seeing play out now with this texas law. effectively if not overturn roe v. wade, but got the protection that roe v. wade provided for. women in this becomes the template for other states, to pretty much again, not officially overturn roe v. wade, but, render it no? >> i think certainly the two texas cases, that if the
9:38 pm
supreme court word to allow them to stand, we've already seen other states, begin to look at ways to replicate what's been done in texas, as a way to avoid the constitution, the question is, it is a way to get around the courts if you will, and i do you think, should the supreme court and up allowing the texas statute to remain in place, then it is the drip drip after, all in texas, it is essentially stopped 85 to 90% of abortions, that are being provided, women in texas are going to other states to seek their abortions, and, it effectively shuts it down, and if many more states do, that especially the ones that are surrounding texas, it could have a devastating impact, whether or not roe is actually
9:39 pm
gotten rid of. >> it may actually happen in december, when that specifically comes up. >> that's, right the mississippi case will do that. >> and, let me get your thoughts and a few other cases real quickly, well i, heavy at the supreme court is expected here in number of high-profile cases, including a major second amendment question. another one on torture that we're following closely, why is it tell us, that they are expediting these cases all at once, should we be reading into, this or is it a standard practice, for the court? >> this is going to be unusually busy term, it's going to be a term that has a whole lot of very high profile cases, there are now three major abortion cases being argued this, term there's a big second amendment case, that could go many of america's gun laws. there's a huge case that they just ran that could go the epa's power.
9:40 pm
the federal government. and so there's, we normally don't see this many issues lining up at once, and i think the reason why, is because the core is now more conservative than it is because since the beginning of the roosevelt administration. they are impatient to get a lot of things done, a lot of the justices who are now on the, court were conservative activists and judges, you have been their entire lives, for the opportunity to move the laws far to the raiders they now have the votes to do. and i don't think they want to waits, i think they want to get as much done as possible, and you can see it from the cases they're taking on this, term that they are eager to revolutionize the law very quickly. >> you have that happening in realtime, and you have the presidential commission and studying the supreme court still kind of not putting forth any meaningful recommendations, and how to prevent that from happening, ian, jonathan, donna, thank you very much, greatly
9:41 pm
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9:45 pm
lobbyists are trying to have us pursue. we have a tipping point by 2036. we do not have the privilege or the luxury of a lobbyist van. and it is currently important that we don't reach net zero or in some imaginary future but that we actually cut through to carbon emissions reductions here in the united states and globally. >> all right, when we come back, joe biden's climate leadership is on the line. at cop26 this week, and without a final our social spend built at home, his actions have yet to match his words. words for people living with h-i-v, keep being you. and ask your doctor about biktarvy. biktarvy is a complete, one-pill, once-a-day treatment used for h-i-v in certain adults. it's not a cure, but with one small pill, biktarvy fights h-i-v to help you get to and stay undetectable.
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9:50 pm
with climate change. and there's a reason why people should be disappointed in that. i found it disappointing myself. >> so that was president biden speaking candidly earlier on the last day of the luster of the g20 gathering in rome, it's where we saw world leaders trying, and quite frankly failing, to take meaningful action on climate change. meanwhile the un climate change cop26 kicked off today in glasgow scotland. an unlikely summit for the group of 20, this one will have lasting implications for much more of the world. during this two-week summit delegates, from 200 countries, will discuss climate goals for 2030. president biden will arrive there tomorrow and walk straight into a test of our country's global leadership on this issue. will be passed that test? with americas client clank liability -- joining me now to discuss this is our host of oh my world, and former nsc director under president obama. it's great to see you, thank you so much for joining us.
9:51 pm
let's start with these two major gatherings, we're at the halfway point, g20 is done. it's over. with cop26 was about to get started. or just started i should say today. what do you make of the current state of the u.s. standing going into these two major events without ourselves really having anything meaningful to show in terms of action on climate change as of yet? >> right, well it's as you said. the g20 said it was a blockbuster, the word i was thinking was, unremarkable. and perhaps one planning the country six summit perhaps timing it after the g20 was done by design. that's what i imagine having been on the other side these things didn't happen by coincidence but the problem is, they kind of set the tone for an atmosphere where, if you've got the 20 large countries and into close some of the large looters, like china obviously. and they come with obviously really not very strong kind of
9:52 pm
agreements and commitments, then it's going to set the tone for the next two weeks. and it's gonna be a problem because john kerry is really in the middle of trying to convince countries to agree to a number of commitments, five of them in particular, maybe about releasing the call, and the methane, and to carbon cutting. and it just feels -- i'm a little disappointed going into this. and that is not a fun place to be in at the beginning of the. summit >> and i was going to say, you brought up an interesting point about those that are attending this meeting. what does it say that leaders from countries like china, and russia, have chosen not to show up. is there any way to have any meaningful conversation about climate change when you have some of the world's largest colors and economies quite frankly, not at the table talking about this? >> it's a big bummer. i remember one cop 21 have been. and cop 21 was a big deal and people have been looking over forever big deal. and i get it wasn't in the middle of a pandemic, and i know that the chinese in particular view of the pandemic
9:53 pm
in a different light when it comes to traveling and so on and so forth. so perhaps that's why president xi, is using to attend virtually. that is what he did for the g20. and that is what he's doing. now but president biden, he wasn't trying to flood those words when it felt like china just in shock, right? and the russians just announced that they don't feel like they're going to need their commitment by 2050, that they would like to extend into 2060. and when you have countries already starting to do that, and meanwhile the serious negative repercussions that we are actively seeing from climate change, happening right -- we should have been doing this yesterday. it makes it feel as though there isn't going to be a lot happening here. i am worried that these next two weeks are going to be a lot of talk, a lot of show. even at the g20, by the, way they did make things that president biden is going to have to push through congress here. and giving how things are
9:54 pm
domestically, that is not exactly a shoe. and >> let me ask you about something about the foreign policies on president biden's agenda. he met with turkey's president, they talked about turkeys michelle system as a human rights violation. you stop the ongoing conflict there in syria. did biden take a strong enough stance on this? do you feel that he is on the foreign policies, to some of these things that have been festering for years, are the front and center in the biden administration? >> this is a tough one, because, listen, i was very straightforward when they said they would keep human rights as top priority at their foreign policy. and i do think that they have made a real effort at that. and they have with turkey. they have more -- on human rights violations around the world. they could be better about iran, but will talk about that later. but with turkey, they have been very public about. it they weren't afraid to declare -- they weren't afraid to call out
9:55 pm
tweets at certain lack of democracy, like a performance, and certainly detain personal preferences. so this, meaning is fascinating because it comes right after this being happening in turkey. we are ten nations or so, a signed a letter, calling on the turks to release philanthropist from prison, he has been there for four years. and basically took a partition had a meltdown. he wanted to declare those ten ambassador, and a week later he took a xanax and decided that would be a better deal. so he decided to keep. them and this meeting comes right after that, right? so things are in a bad state. but the thing that i was a little bit upset about was that yes the u.s. spoke out, and was very public about the human rights concerns in turkey. but he threw a fit, like a toddler, which you can appreciate, and we acted like
9:56 pm
nothing happened. we kind of smooth things. out and now he remains in prison. so this is my concern here with not being tough enough with turkey. >> listen, we are out of town, we are going to save around for once those negotiations if they resume get on the, way we are going to invite you, back we'll talk about more of that in-depth, hagar chemali, thank you. as always group leather. >> thank you for making time for us this evening, you can catch ayman at peacock every eastern time on msnbc saturday and saturdays at nine. be sure to follow us on twitter amen msnbc, we post clips and behind the scenes. but until we meet again i am ayman mohyeldin, goodnight. goodnight ♪ ♪ there are beautiful ideas that remain in the dark.
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to have a universal recycling and composting program for residents and businesses. but it all starts with you. let's keep making a differene together. and this is dateline. here is the person i love, he is dying, officer, shot in the dark of night. >> it was an execution. >> was this some sort of hit? >> he was in special forces. there must have been something at work. >> that's what police thought too. until they learned about the secret life of this husband and wife. >> they would meet couples on the internet. >> was there a forbidden affair? >> they were probably meeting for sex about four times a week. >> and did it lead to murder? >> she is absolutely cold-blooded. >> soon, there would be


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