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tv   Velshi  MSNBC  October 31, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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companies, but they couldn't give us as much as they could historically. so we needed to buy about nine to ten times of food, and thankfully donors gave us the money to do that with, but it's a daunting thing to think about a week where maybe we spent 15,000 purchasing food the year before and we spent $1 million of food in a week we didn't expect to. but expenses went up, too. all operating costs went up. >> and this supply chain matter is very real when you have to think about where you're getting your food. john, thank you as well as people across america trying to keep people fed. in just seconds we're going to release brand new polling data about president biden's job performance. plus representative ayanna pressley is with us to discuss
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spending bills. get ready because another hour of "velshi" begins right now. good morning. it's sunday, october 1st. i'm ali velshi. it's halloween and we begin this hour with some breaking news. we have brand new nbc news polling that may scare president biden and democrats, especially heading into key local and statewide elections on tuesday. the president's approval rating has dropped to 42% among american adults with a 54% disapproval. he's 12 points underwater. it's a 7% drop since august and 11-point drop since the spring. biden's approval rate at this point in his presidency is the lowest of any modern president with the very clear exception of donald trump. some more devastating data of deep concern for democrats, just
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37% of american adults gave high marks, good or very good, for being competent and a good president, against 50% who gave biden poor and very poor marks. on several notable issues, you can see republicans hold a significant advantage on border security, inflation, crime, national security and the economy. democrats hold double-digit advantages on climate change, covid-19, education and abortion which, not coincidentally, are things many modern republicans don't support. however, the poll is not all doom and gloom for democrats looking past tuesday and ahead to the 2022 midterms. a majority of registered voters say they prefer a democrat-controlled congress, 47% compared to 45% who want republicans in control. that's changed since august in a margin of error. with us is senior political editor mark murray. thank you for this new polling
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data. pretty drastic in the poll, a lot to parse. what do you make of it? >> ali, right now, one year before the 2022 midterms, just a couple days before the virginia governor's race that everyone is watching, this political environment right now for democrats looks a whole lot more like 2010 and 2014 than it does in 2018. you know, ali, one other kind of number when it shows when you end up looking at the midterms, and while democrats do have a 2-point advantage when it comes to preference for congressional control, republicans have an 11-point advantage in our poll in enthusiasm. that's playing out in virginia. it might end up playing out a year from now for democrats, but this is shaping up, and i stress right now because so much could end up changing, you can see democrats becoming more enthusiastic, you can see a bump in president biden's job ratings, but the decision right now for democrats is pretty
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dire. >> there is an election in virginia. how much are these in virginia thought to be bellweathers compared to those who will look at their views accurately? >> you're right, sometimes we look a year after a governor's race and the question could be, why is everyone making such a big deal about this? i've covered this governor's race going back to 2005 for nbc news, and to me it's always been a good indication of how the political winds are blowing. it's not predictive of what necessarily is going to happen, but it gives us a good measure of how the opposition is faring, how those who just left the white house are doing as well, and what we're seeing, ali, is a position where the president's
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job numbers are low, where republicans have enthusiasm on their side. the good news for democrats in virginia is this is a state that president biden ended up winning by 20 points in virginia. they don't need this to be a 2020 environment, they don't need it to be 2017 when they won 9 points in the governor's race, they just need to win by a few thousand votes not only in this race but for the lieutenant governor who will be on the ballot. we've seen this play out for a republican party that's very enthusiasm, a democratic president that's dragging down his party, but also a state that has so many more democratic voters than republican voters. >> let me ask you about the things biden can or should have done differently like afghanistan where he got very poor marks, versus the things more substantial like covid or the economy. to the voter it doesn't matter, right? if they're dissatisfied with the economy or they're dissatisfied
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with the way covid is unfolding, the president gets the blame or the credit? >> ail, it's the all the above, and the question is whether the country is on the right track or the wrong track? our polls show 37% of people think the country is headed the wrong direction. not only do you have 7% of independents sharing that view, you have half of democrats. i think that's one of the problems, that there are some democrats that see some unease going on, whether it's in the economy, whether it's negotiations happening on capitol hill. one thing we did note in our poll is the 7% drop in president biden's approval rating is coming mainly from the democratic base. this poll shows it's actually democrats who have come down on biden that are dragging down those numbers. you can see there is some good news for the president, how those numbers come up for him.
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>> mark, good to see you. thank you for your analysis here. we always appreciate it. mark murray, nbc news senior political editor. meanwhile, nbc has learned that the house of representatives plan to hold votes on the infrastructure and president biden's build back better bills on tuesday, meaning there will be a whole bunch of voting going on around the country. if they're really going to hold the votes on tuesday, the governor's timeline includes finishing the build back better bill by tonight, sending it to the rules committee tomorrow and vote on tuesday. at least, that's what they say. i don't know how these things actually work. revisions and negotiations reportedly still continue, and it's still possible democrats won't be able to stick to this ambitious new timeline. while biden's scaled-down bill is big and transformational, some have been paid out, notably family paid leave, and the
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question is how much of a missed opportunity is this going to be? with us is ayanna pressley, a member of the committee, and she's a friend of the show and someone who i can speak honestly about this. congresswoman, good to see you this morning. let's pretend we're not on tv. there is a lot of things that are good and important about this bill, but there's a lot that progressives want to see in it that are not in it, so i wonder if there is a chance like this to make real transformational change that people like you and me are looking for. >> this isn't about numbers, this is about substance and impact, and people feeling that impact in their lives in a meaningful way each and every day. child care, for example. it was already a crisis that has only been exacerbated during the pandemic. we lost some 200-plus women from
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the work force because there was not access to child care. but it was not only about ensuring families have affordable access to quality care and that they're not choosing between paying the rent and paying for early education and care for their child. ali, it's also about this work force, this work force that is mostly women and women of color who we are currently losing to waitressing jobs across the street. and these are people who are very passionate about being early educators, they want to set our babies on a pathway to be successful, but they can't take care of their own babies. that's unacceptable. if you look at family paid leave, every single one of us will play a caregiving role in their family, and they shouldn't have to choose about being with their baby or if they have a right to wait for their c-section scar, a wound to heal,
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and if they don't do that, they could risk their job, their income being gainfully employed. this is personal to me as many families. i was a caregiver in her leukemia battle. there is no bigger heartbreak than seeing life ebb out of the body from someone that you love. i would have it no other way to take on that responsibility, and i shouldn't have to wonder if i will still be gainfully employed because i needed to be there at my mother's side. paid leave, child care, it's infrastructure for a reason because it is essential. it is essential to the functioning of our society. so we need child care for our families, we need to take care of the child care work force, and we need to make sure we're supporting our families. policy is our love language. >> i know. >> i want those who are being caregivers right now who have been battling depression and anxiety and who have felt alone
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in doing this loving labor, but especially during the pandemic, i want them to know that we see them. but moreover, every nation in the globe, except for us, except for the united states of america, understands that paid leave is essential infrastructure. so this is the time. and if we're really serious about building back better, and if we're really serious about this reckoning on racial injustice, this is a gender justice issue. this is a racial justice issue. economists are calling the current state of our economy and what has happened with women in the work force, they're calling it a shecession more than a recession. so if we want to build back better, it means leaving nobody behind. we can take care of everyone. there is not a deficit of resource, there is only a deficit of empathy, and i'm going to continue to lift the stories of the families in my district when it comes to child care.
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daycare in massachusetts is $2100 per child, and i'm going to continue supporting those caregivers who feel alone and let them know i'm going to sit at the table until the ink is dry. this is our moment. >> so are there still negotiations underway and still some efforts to include these that have been left out? are you still working on getting stuff into this bill? >> absolutely. i'm in ongoing and regular communication with my two senators, senators warren and markey, respectively, and other colleagues across the aisle, and of course working in coalition. i want to give a shout-out to the paid leave coalition, these advocates who have been working so hard. it's very demoralizing that we have to fight so hard. we'll all have to pay the role of caregiver in our families and
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care can't wait. care is essential for the functioning of our very society, and people can't wonder if they choose to be with their baby in nicu, because they have to be, that they'll lose their job. if they stay home to recover from a c-section the adequate time to heal that they'll risk their job. if they're there holding their mother's hand as i was trying to give her every ounce of dignity in her final time of life. care can't wait, whether you're talking about child care or paid leave. i'm staying at the table. i'm not going to stop working until the ink is dry. >> we appreciate your time this morning as always. representative ayanna pressley, congresswoman of massachusetts. division in america, including widening fissures between the president's army and
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it's been more than 500 days since protests erupted over the death of breonna taylor. the first protester trial will begin tomorrow. breonna taylor was shot dead in the middle of the night in her own home by police. it was described as a, quote, botched raid. taylor has sparked rage nationwide at a time when america was reckoning with police brutality and wronged police shootings. in louisville, where breonna was killed, more than a thousand people were rested in the
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protest. hundreds of them face misdemeanor charges including destroying a highway and inciting a riot. those all have a maximum penalty of 90 days in jail and a fine. the first trial begins tomorrow. it could set the stage for the rest of the cases. one is going to fight about barricading a street. this is similar to the insurrectionists who are likely to face charges. there is a distinction between the two. one was about fairness and the act of policing and the law. the other was an insurrection filled with lies and conspiracy theories of a stolen election. there are some january 6 rioters who face federal felony charges, but there are dozens of low-level insurrectionists who legal experts say could plead guilty to misdemeanors who
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we got a scary stat from nbc's latest polling this morning. just 22% of americans believe the country is going in the right direction, while 71% say the u.s. is headed down the wrong track. that's not a good poll, but for democrats and those in congress, it's especially bad for them. according to nbc's new polling, 69% of republicans say they ever -- they have a high level of enthusiasm in the midterms versus 58% of democrats. but it's not like the republican party is a picture of unity. there are those who believe in whatever they believe in, and
6:25 am
trump sycophants who still are going with a tyrant who is lining up behind the former president, and those who stood up for him are increasingly standing down. adam kinzinger announced he is retiring at the end of his term. joining me to discuss is former republican congressman joe walsh of illinois. he primaied donald trump as president in 2020. he's a book called "f silence" -- it's not really f on the book. we should note that joe is a conservative but he left the
6:26 am
republican party last year. joe, thanks for joining us. >> nice to be with you. >> our new polling indicates this enthusiasm gap. republicans seem more enthusiastic right now than democrats do. is that in line with what you've been hearing? >> absolutely, ali. i speak with republican-based voters, i engage with them still by the hundreds every day, and they're fired up. look, this should be a wake-up call to democrats. ali, i want to correct you on one thing. there is not a fight in the republican party. there is not a fight for the heart and the soul of the party. it's trump's party. trump and trumpism 1. i know everybody says this, but i want to say it again this morning. it is a cult. that party that i belonged to my whole entire adult life until last year is a cult. if you don't support the cult
6:27 am
leader, you have no future in the party. my friend and former colleague, adam kinzinger, realized that. he's got no place in this party. i realized that a few months ago, a few years ago, ali, and here's the scary thing. the more you embrace the cult leader, the more enthusiastically you embrace trump, the better you do. so if you embrace the big lie, your future in the party is much rosier. >> so what do people do? what do conservatives do at this point? there are threats to leave the party. i had marjorie -- i'm sorry, i did not have marjorie taylor greene on the show, i had with it knee taylor on the show talking about what happens if you don't follow the cult. what do you do? >> it cannot be reformed, it cannot be fixed and saved.
6:28 am
so what do people like me do? well, plenty of people like me, ali, are joining the democratic party. and in a way that makes a lot of sense. i have not done that yet. but if you believe like i do that right now the existential threat to this country is the cult leader donald trump and the republican party, which attacks our democracy every day, the only game in town is the democratic party. they're the only ones who, again, can stop this threat which is why i screamed to all of my independents and conserves that i talk to every day, there should be no enthusiasm gap right now. the republicans have declared war on our democracy. democrats and independents ought to be busting through walls to vote. >> so what happens, then? because i get your point, and the democrats can perhaps figure out a way to be a yet bigger tent party that has a greater
6:29 am
perspective along its idealogical spectrum, but in the end we don't want to end up in a country that has one major political party. that's bad for democrats and bad for everybody. you need idealogical positions. >> you may disagree with me. i think what we're witnessing right now is kind of the last dying gasp of the republican party. the republican party is primarily a bunch of old white men and old white women, though those used to be my supporters, well, old white men and old white women eventually die and the republican party eventually replaces itself. for people like me, there has to be somewhere for us to go. i think, ali, in the next few election cycles, we are going to witness the birth of a new political party while the
6:30 am
republican party continues down the road of just becoming a regional world party. something new is going to come. >> you tweeted a while ago something you and i talked about. i'm having conversations with people from other political tribes to search for common ground. it's not easy but it's important. check it out. this is interesting to me. you're not trying to align your political views with other people, you're aligning your sense that democracy is the underpinning of what we have. we can discuss minimum wage, we can discuss all sorts of other things, but your point is that we have to agree on a fundamental value and that value is democracy. >> yes. and i want to show, ali, everybody, that ali velshi and joe walsh who disagree on probably most policy issues, you and i can sit down and have respectful conversations. ali, you've watched me over the last few years. i believe this country is divided. i played a big part in helping
6:31 am
to divide this country. i went to washington, i fought for the things i believed in, oftentimes, ali, my rhetoric was divisive and ugly. i've apologized for that. i think the biggest problem, ali, is we all live in our sigh sigh -- siloes, our political tribes. i sat down with fred who lost his daughter a few years ago. fred and i disagree on most things when it comes to gun and done laws. but we sat down for an hour and we had a damn respectful conversation about that issue. i think the country needs to see that that's possible. >> i think they need to see it's possible that we don't have to end up agreeing on every fundamental issue. you need to have the conversation, and as long as you're prepared to do that,
6:32 am
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and that was the new mvp parmesan vinaigrette . right. which makes a next level foot... hold up. the subway logo? wait i'm out of time? back to our breaking news this morning. nbc has brand new polling data democrats might find scary just in time for halloween. biden's approval rating slid to
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54%. joining me is jonathan capehart, host of nbc's "the sunday show." jonathan, my twitter feed is filled with nothing but hate about how b.s. polls are and this is nonsense and everybody is blaming joe biden for donald trump's stuff. you do this for a living. you analyze this stuff for a living. you see these poll numbers as i do. break it down for me. >> people need to understand that polls are a snapshot in time. polls tell you, when were these phone calls made? i should have it pulled up here in front of me, but this poll was done last week over a period of days, and it's just a snapshot of where the american people are at that moment. this is not a foolproof science
6:37 am
as we learned in 2016 and in other races. so people need to take any poll that they see, no matter how spectacular that poll is, they need to take those numbers with a grain of salt until we find out the actual vote. and that is the only poll that really matters. >> so we have an actual vote on tuesday in virginia and in new jersey. i was talking to mark murray about this earlier. to what degree is what happens in new jersey, which could go either way at this point, you have two formidable candidates, democrat and republican running, to what degree is it about those candidates and what virginia feels and this stuff, about how the national community and politics is going? >> virginia, i think, is capturing the nation for a number of reasons. one is something that steve kornacki has pointed out many times. in virginia, ten out of the last
6:38 am
11 gubernatorial elections, the people that virginia elects is opposite the party the one before. one exception, ali, is terry mcauliffe. he won an election in 2012. he won election for governor in virginia in 2013. so we're looking at it and saying, you know what, history is not on the side of the democratic candidate. and i'm going to be talking about this in my by-line so i'm giving you a little preview, ali. what put terry mcauliffe over the top by three points in 2013 was turnout, particularly among african-american voters. he lost white women by 16 percentage points, but won 91% of the black women vote in 2013. and so -- also we're fascinated by virginia because, one, it's just next door to washington, d.c., but also considering in 2020, joe biden won that state
6:39 am
by ten points. so you would expect that terry mccallive, the democratic candidate, would be ahead of glenn youngkin, the republican candidate, and yet if you look at the 538 averages of polls, it had youngkin up by 0.5%. >> you've got tim kaine, which is a perfect guest to talk about on your show, and you have eric adams. i've not heard people talk about a mayoral candidate as i have eric adams right now. he has a big thing to overcome if he makes mayor. jonathan capehart starts at 10:00 a.m. eastern right when we're done here. unless you're running for governor, the commonwealth marks
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the 2022 midterm elections, those are the ones i keep referring to next year as 2020, but it's next year. they're one year away. we're very close tovirginia's very much watched race for governor, and according to the news, they carry issues like immigration while losing on the pandemic. the ones on the left have border security, inflation, crime, national security, economy, and the democrats have climate
6:45 am
change, covid-19, education and abortion. joining me now to have this conversation, welcome to both of you. thank you for being with us this morning. alencia, let's talk about this election you have in virginia and how much of that is local issues and how much of that is temperature taking of what americans are thinking right now? >> it's definitely a combination of both. i am a native virginian and i moved back here, and i'm so excited because not only is there a referendum on trump and what he's brought to the republican party and the culture wars they're raging on our nation, but this is about the promises we made and promises we hope to keep as long as we can pass a big, bold legislation.
6:46 am
and in virginia, you talked about this a second before, how terry mcauliffe was a democratic governor. he kind of had policies that people believed in. the voters tend to be in our favor, so we'll see what happens on tuesday. >> and you are a campaigner for terry mcauliffe. >> i thought he would govern as one, and when i did this, i didn't realize how close this race was. it's too close for comfort right now and it's because the culture world is on the ground right now here where i'm living in reston,
6:47 am
virginia. i'm in loudoun county, and many people know that loudoun county since last fall, parents have been storming school board meetings, exercising their amendment rights, sometimes it's gotten nasty. in the past few weeks, what we know is youngkin tried to have his cake and eat it, too, going around, as i believe, a very spineless candidate. someone who is going to the southern part of virginia, for example, and saying one thing, and sitting here in the northern virginia community where he's from and saying another thing. we are really witnessing a candidacy in youngkin that is trumpian in many ways but also trying to distance himself from the current shape of the party. i think this is dangerous, ali, for the future of our democracy, because if youngkin is able to pull it off on tuesday, we are going to see an entire crop of new candidates emerge in republican primaries across the country that attend country clubs, where fleeces like youngkin and say the same stuff. most dangerous of all is he
6:48 am
questions integrity, questioning the very nature of our elections and can they be trusted. we have a snapshot in future of what irginia would be like and it's going backwards with youngkin. >> it's been described as having your cake and eating it, too, i describe it as an alien pose where youngkin does not want to alienate the young ones, but how do you do that? it's not what republicans do. they're all in on trump. you have this new breed of republicans saying, i don't want to alienate you but i want to be an old-fashioned republican. >> it's mind-boggling because they realize running just like trump is actually not a winning strategy, so you see them publicly distancing themselves,
6:49 am
saying, do as i say, not as i do. but they're taking money from trump, letting him come in the state and make calls and have these conversations, and yet, as my co-panelist said, he's running around the state having different messages to different people. this is a test for this new kind of republican who is deciding to not publicly talk like trump but engage with him and engage with the republican party that has been held hoss toj by trump and trump's cronies, and yet i'm going to figure out a way to continue to meet people in the middle where they think i'm somewhat maybe moderate or that i'm able to work across the aisles or that i'm not as bad as trump, when the reality is they're just as bad and he's in bed with the staef bannons and trumps and so many more. the list goes on and on. that's dangerous not only for virginia but extremely dangerous for our country and what's going to happen in 2022 and unfortunately 2024. >> it's a dead heat right now according to the polls.
6:50 am
we're going to take a quick break, alencia johnson and reena schaub, because this will play out in the race for governor, when we come back. ill play out in the race for governor, when we come back. mazing! no, you look amazing! thank you! thank you! thank you! thank you! thank you! thank you! haha, you're welcome. there's a different way to treat hiv. it's once-monthly injectable cabenuva. cabenuva is the only once-a-month, complete hiv treatment for adults who are undetectable. cabenuva helps keep me undetectable. it's two injections, given by a healthcare provider once a month. hiv pills aren't on my mind. i love being able to pick up and go. don't receive cabenuva if you're allergic to its ingredients or taking certain medicines, which may interact with cabenuva. serious side effects include allergic reactions post-injection reactions, liver problems,...and depression. if you have a rash and other allergic reaction symptoms, stop cabenuva and get medical help right away.
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terry mcauliffe caused rifts in our school. >> mccauliff's administration actively pushed crt. >> social warrior.
6:54 am
>> i want to see our curriculum changed. >> stop mcauliffe's chaos, vote for glen junken. >> a campaign for glenn youngkin attacking terry mcauliffe's stance on education. this is the latest to weaponize something called critical race theory. critical race theory is an am academic concept usually taught in college. now one of the great american novels, a staple of high school english programs which recounts the horrors of slavery erupted in a flashpoint in virginia's race for governor. back with me now is valencia johnson, a member of virginia council on women. and riina shaw, founder of relax strategies and former republican strategist. valencia, this critical race theory is kind of -- it has become the new dog whistle except you can hear it, so it is not really a dog whistle. it is a racist thing that is meant to call other people
6:55 am
racist. and now toni morrison is involved. >> it is mind boggling and i am shaking my head because i have flashbacks to my childhood in virginia. my field trips were jamestown, where my ancestors first set foot on this land. it is hypocrisy for people in virginia to say, let's not have a conversation about this history that is continuing to haunt us, which is actually what beloved is talking about, this novel is talking about how the pain of slavery continues to haunt us to this day. it is actually something that we should be teaching in schools and having a conversation about. but let's expand upon it more. this is about the culture wars they're taking through schools, this is about to incite fear among parents, so that their children will understand this very real history and as they typically say, if we don't understand our history, we're bound it repeat it. if we're not allowing for kids, particularly in virginia to understand what is happening in
6:56 am
our history, and i love you clarified critical race theory is not taught in school, it is not taught in college really, it is taught in law school. how are we able to move this country forward in a way that is more unified and more just for people. >> i want to show another part of an ad from glenn youngkin that caught attention. it stars a woman named laura murphy, who virginians know because she was a parent who tried to get toni morrison's "beloved" removed from her son's english curriculum class in 2013. watch a piece of this ad. >> as a parent, it is tough to catch everything. so when my son showed me his reading assignment, my heart sunk. it was some of the most explicit material you can imagine. i met with lawmakers. they couldn't believe what i was showing them. their faces turned bright red with embarrassment.
6:57 am
>> that's an actual real ad. and i think that this is the new culture war and it is playing out in school districts across the country. but it is playing out in this election as well. >> well, i'm a virginia parent, i just became one this year for the first time. my daughter is attending kindergarten and it is incredible how much more responsibility i feel to go into the public sphere and be responsible. i do think it is incumbent upon parents to take a stance and to be involved in our children's education, especially our taxpayer dollars are paying for that. but moreover, the problem with these ads that youngkin is running is about how he instills fear in people about what the democrats will do. on the one hand, he keeps calling out the left for saying they're so woke, they want to cancel everything. he's calling for the cancellation of the nobel and pulitzer prize winning author toni morrison. you're trying to put cancel "beloved" what are you doing? it is hypocritical. the key question to me is if
6:58 am
elected, would glenn youngkin want to cancel things his supporters don't like, his religion doesn't like? that's the road he's going down. that's dangerous for our democracy. keeping our republicans happy means having awkward conversations, acknowledging our country's original sins. if we want to teach our country's successes in school, we have to teach its sins as well. we have a lot of ugly ones in this nation. i wish more people would recognize that there is a middle ground on schools, nothing should be off limits and that our kids should learn about american history the right way and the right way to do it is by recognizing that we have to teach diverse points of view. that is the american experience, that's the american way, when my parents came over in early 1970s, they taught us that acceptance is a two way street, we have to promote love and understanding when people don't understand us. our race, our religion. we just do our part to take it out in there and say, hey, this is where we come from and do it with a smile. what the republicans in virginia are doing right now is really
6:59 am
acting hypocritically and they're sowing chaos, undermining our institutions and that's what they want. they want to create so much doubt in the minds of our fellow americans that they will really truly take us to a place where we break down our democracy and i don't want my kids to live in that kind of country. i want my country to do better and i know it takes all of us to do better. while a applaud the parents that go to the school board meetings, i really hope that we can look at terry mcauliffe for who he is, somebody that does not want to cancel things in our schools and somebody who would govern moderately. >> this say great conversation. i wish we could have it for longer. my time is up. i thank both of you for being with us this morning. that does it for me. thank you for watching. catch me every saturday and sunday from 8:00 to 10:00 a.m.
7:00 am
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