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tv   Ayman  MSNBC  October 30, 2021 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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this country. o, now, with midterms approaching, have biden and the democrats done enough to say that they deserve to remain in power? look, there's still time to getd the president's agenda passed and it looks like that may very welcome in the days ahead but i? there is time to get the president's agenda passed. it can't be ignored how excruciating this process had been. it may be time to give them some bold reasons to. a lot to discuss and i have got a great panel to do it with. joining me now is amanda and carlos curbello and josh on "show time," it's great to have you with us.
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amanda, talk about the issue of paid leave. part of the reason why i want to have this conversation about, how are women voters and all voters given the popularity of paid family leave is going to respond to democrats dropping the ball on this issue that's so important ton people. as i mentioned, 73% among women and 61% among men. >> i am hearing a huge backlash. i ama hearing activists in wes virginia were planning to target joe manchin because he's the democrat specifically who objected this and we hear a lot of sinema and she and manchin was more conservative. this was all for manchin. i don't know if it's going to be enough tof change manchin's mi. it's popular across age group and p parties and this does not
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benefit women. it's paidt family and medical leave. this is if you have a child ordeal with a loved one military's deployment. this touches every aspect of life and right now i think something like 23% of private workers have access to this leave. this would be hugely beneficial. i think a lot of people honestly are just really shocked that democrats could not get it in the bill. >> one of the funny things that despite this being widely popular and quite frankly reported the fact thatan the u. is so far behind on the issue of paid family leave, it's one of the most well known things in washington. senator manchin has been telling other democrats that he wanted to do his own research on this about how other countries handl paid family leave. how bizarre to say something
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like that as to why he won't support it? >> it's so bizarre to me. maybe he needs to take a quick breath from facebook. it's frustrating to me because it's such an important program. it's so tough to get a good deal on negotiations. if manchin shows up to a bank robbery, okay, the guy inside wants to kill all the hostages, we want to get out alive, let's kill three or four, we'll call it a deal. >> i want to start using excuses as doing my research when i don't want to pay my taxes. carlos, it'smy one thing forema for manchin to shoot it down. why won't moderates or republicans throw their voice behind it. even something so widely popular, republicans are loyal to their political party than to
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the americans who want to see something like this. paid family leave is something almost three quarter of americans agree on. >> we have to take into account that there are four parties in congress and not two. there are liberal democrats, centrist democrats or trump republicans as whatever you want to call them. there are a lot of members in the center who cares about other issues like the role of government or the cost of bills, deficits spending and national debt. that's one. number two, why are republicans participating in this debate because this is a reconciliation process. this was a process designed specifically to cut out republicans. republicans did participate in the bipartisan infrastructure
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bill design and 19 republicans voted for it including mitch mcconnell. reconciliation excludes the minority party when republicans did tax reform in 2017, no democrats voted for it. even though that included for example, an increase in the child tax credit at the time. so, when you decide to go it alone, you have to do things on your own. is washington dysfunctional? you know republicans and when republicans are in power, they know democrats do not meet them half way. is that where we are? >> yes, it's a big problem. that's why eventhough members like joeho manchin and sinema a lisa murkowski taking a
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pounding, i think these members are trying to preserve that notion of working across the isle and building that consensus. a lot of times they end up opposing popular policies like paid family leave, they're looking out for the broader political system and trying to bring back that sense of comradery and cooperations that existed decades ago. >> dejeff, i saw you rolling yo eyes about sinema and manchin, hea says he does not want to t billionaires because he represents west virginia that has novi billionaires. that does not make sense. >> it does not. the idea of like return to a different time, take a backseat to policies that'll help the lives of people now. bipartisanship and this process
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all that has gotten us is a joint romney and kirsten sinema as ted lasso and rebecca. republicans start from a position nobody can vote and every gay person is replaced as the statute of robert e. lee. >> amanda, let's talk about the progressives here, after the announcement ofiv the framework agreement on thursdaynt ended u being fairly anticlematic day at the capital here. what do you make of the lack of trusts between progressives and conservatives? they do not trust and at least this is how i read it. progressives in the democratic party simply do not trust
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senators sinema and manchin. they'll find a reason in the last minute now that we have the fine print, we are not going to pass the build back better bill. >> k yes, that's right. there is a lack of trust. can you blame them? they can't get a straight answer from senator sinema a lot of times. the statements that sinema and manchin put out after the framework was released, it was promising.le it seemed like they support it. it's not an ironclad agreement. a lot of times progressives expected to go along. if you support biden, let's go along with it. infrastructure bill was put together withoutas them. this was a bipartisan thing. it wasn put together by a grou of members from overwhelmingly white states where as a lot of progressives are from much more diverse, much more urban states. they felt like you know fine,
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you want this infrastructure bill, we support this. we want this reconciliation bill that'll help a lot of people who are in our district and maybe won't benefit from the infrastructure as much. we want to make sure there are things likesu universal pre-k a child care and things like that. we are not giving up our one piece of leverage, this is a package deal and we are not committing until we know they are on board. >> i am a huge fan of "the simpsons." this is an episode that aired all the way back in 1994. one of the banners at this national convention reads "we can't govern." one over the rnc says "we want what's worst for everyone." how bad of a look is it from congress that a simpsons' episode from 30 years ago is painfully accurate here? >> it'sac a bad look.
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we were promised by joe biden so much more than it seems like we are going to get. the entire country knows what it was like tory get a sexy text fm me when i was in my 20s. nobody should have to go through that. not in this decade, not ever. >> a couple of big gubernatorial races coming up. how do you think biden and democrats is handling so far or the h inability to pass anythin at this point. i aman talking about these two pieces ofut legislations, i am t talking about what they have done over the past ten months broadly speaking. how do you think these two pieces of legislation that have stalled so far. we'll see what happens on tuesday may play a role in voters' decisions in virginia and new jersey, could it end up hurting terry mcauliffe or not? >> new jersey should be fine for democrats. virginia, there is a lot of risk certainly. one season the polling and just
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the fact that it's close. ten years ago it was a purple state. 20 years ago it was a red state. these days it's definitely a blue state. the fact that terry mcauliffe is having trouble there is evidence that democrats are not enthusiastic, republicans are out of power are and will be turning p out. so it really behooves democrats trying to get something done even if it's just a bipartisan bill.tructure something to show voters to gi people an excuse to reason to turn out and support the party if democrats lose the governorship in virginia and it will be embarrassing. >> amanda and carlos and josh, stick around. we gotos a lot more to talk to including republicans putting critical racepu theory.
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when it comes to politics in this country, there is no such thing as an off year. nowhere that's on display than virginia for the race of mcauliffe and youngkin. no, not covid you may think and it's not the economy and it's not saving our democracy. if you had critical race theory, bingo. comments like this the republican candidate can help you understand why. >> friends, dr. martin luther king called us all to be better than we are. he called us to judge one another based on the content of our character and not the color
9:18 pm
of our skin and critical race theory is a political agenda that as absolutes in our schools and he teaches everyone to view everything in a lens of race. we'll teach history but i will ban critical race theory. >> a reminder for you there. critical race theory is not being taught in grade school in virginia. it's a disturbing trend we are seeing from top republicans all the way down. they see the path, not addressing policies that affect voters' health or economic security or not saving our democracy but stoking anger. my panel is back with me, carlos, i will start with you. these two are not campaigning each other.
9:19 pm
youngkin is running against the so-called culture world. the mcauliffe is going against the ghost of trump or trump if you will. obama has been out campaigning with mcauliffe. despite the fact that youngkin has been a pain associating too much of donald trump. trump is planning to prepare a call into show support. is this a win-win for youngkin. how is he walking that tight rope with donald trump and he's distancing him quite frankly and embracing him if any way possible except in person. >> yeah, this is the republican high wire act that a lot of candidates tried to perform in swing states and swing districts. what republicans in situations like this need is for the people who need to know, republican based voters that donald trump support the candidate they get that message. make sure no one else hears that
9:20 pm
message because it can cause you a lot of swing voters and independence. >> is that why thigh are using dog whistles? the base hears them and turns out. >> it's like being on a third base, you are putting out a bunch of signals and some people understand it and others don't. it's unfortunate. it's not ideal and it's fot good for the country. that's the republican party of today. >> yeah, it's definitely one way of saying it. amanda, what's more concerning? let me play for you or read for you what trump said. this is what he said to a radio show. "you know how they cheat in elections, you better watch it, you have a close race in virginia but it's not close if they cheat."
9:21 pm
it gives me flash backs, to the california recall race before the election we are already saying if the governor there gavin newsom wins or survives the recall is because the election was rigged and this has become the republican's play book. >> yes, we'll see this in every election. where a republican loses because it was rigged against them and it's not fair. you know democrats have been making sort of voters integrity and you know sort of getting out the vote and making sure that they combat this and have trusted in the electoral process. this is a big message of mcauliffe. it can backfire against republicans. you saw trump saying if republicans don't get on board and support my claims that the 2020 election was stolen, republicans should not get out of votes in the midterms. i know that was making gop operatives having heart attacks
9:22 pm
because it's like what is he doing? we want to move on from this. you can give the wings or not to the base. we can't have large majorities or even large portions of the republican party believes this and not turn out to vote. a lot of this makes republicans really nervous. >> i got to ask you about this lincoln project stun. they owned up to it and sending actors with tiki torches pretending to be far right supporters of glenn supremacist up because he's speaking to their basis. it's a political stunt. what do you make of this as a campaign tactic? is that effective or did this backfire against, it's not fair to say it is mcauliffe campaign or democrats. they are doing it to highlight
9:23 pm
youngkin's dog whistle, did this backfire or effective? >> it seems corny. i am trying to say this in a television-friendly way. it seems like they're trying rat fornicade without completion. the whole trick was like oh we'll tie this gubernatorial candidate to donald trump. it's like good trick, guys, real cool. >> carlos, what do you think of that? was it a political that backfired? >> i think it's dishonest. if we want to criticize donald trump, probably the best way to do that is sincere and honest. donald trump is the fact opposite of that and trying to be too cute is not a good way doing it. >> some interesting contents.
9:24 pm
you know, a year ago or year half ago. i think they kind of lost their steps in a little bit. >> let's talk about regulation, education is hugely important. kids have missed a lot of school and many are struggling. this is not about education. this is about critical race theory and fear mongering and it's not really to do with education in our society or everyone in virginia. somehow, the republicans and youngkin made critical race theory at the forefront of this race in the voters' mind. how do you think this is possible? what led to this moment in virginia politics? >> many m years of racism. besides that, it's not just critical race theory. they have been fear mongering about transgender issues.
9:25 pm
and bathroom policies. parents should get more of a say, that's youngkin's message. you should be able to opt out of wearing masks or vaccine mandates. he had that ad that feerched a woman who tried to ban tony morrison because her son who was a senior in high school in ap english was having nightmares. so this is critical race theory is the sort of nastiest tips of this. this goes much further. republicans are running on a different set of issues than what democrats are. terry mcauliffe is out there talking about getting the economy going and virginia has been doing very well. republicans were initial si
9:26 pm
saying it's a mess, we'll fix it. >> they're almost running on these and imaginary issues and trying to win over white suburban voters and get them angry enough, hopefully turn them out. >> they're getting a little help from right-wing media. >> it shows the increase of critical race theory mentioned on fox news. exponential growth, 600 times. carlos, now you have tucker carlson poedling this quote on quote where it impies that january 6th was a false flag omnivore realization. >> we are no longer tacticing about or certain the republicans in this country no longer talk about their race issue. a false flag operations, it seems to be working skrusing up their base, sadly. >> well, on january 6th, there
9:27 pm
is no excuse and what carlson is doing is unforgivable and really just horrible. >> i want to say criminal but technically that's not true. >> although maybe it should be. >> on education i have toll tell you, republicans do have fen thumb. i see it all over the country. obviously in virginia and here in the state of florida, my home state as well. i think democrats are looking to meet voters where they think voters should be and republicans are meeting voters where they're at. on school closures, for example, republicans i think were pretty passionate about reopening schools and the bison administration ultimately crushing a lot of blue states to do that. some republicans have over reached and try to end school districts and mask mandates when transmission lefrls are high in
9:28 pm
the community. i do see some lienlt. i think democrats ought to rethink that strategy. i served on the school board for four years. >> we are not talking about education. sorry to jump in here. >> we are not having conversations about education. we are not talking about substance when it comes to education policies. >> we are talking about critical race theory. >> yes and no. in terms of school closures and whether or not kids should be in person was a big topic in this country. i think republicans ended up having the upper hand there. most people now look back and say, we should not have closed school for thag long. >> a lot of low income family suffered tremendously zr disproportionately during that time. >> here in florida, schools only close for a couple of months and we are open the rest of the
9:29 pm
time. >> i would tell you opening up schools was a big deal in this country. >> a quick fire, who do you think wins virginia? >> carlos, amanda or josh. >> i think republicans are at a close race with virginia. >> i think mccarle. >> we got a lot more to talk to you after this break. when is the going get stuff about changing your name. i will share my thoughts on the facebook rebrand, next.
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facebook is changing their name to meta, they rolled out their name change with whatever the hell this is. >> hey, are you coming? >> yeah, just got to find something to weawear. all right, perfect. >> hey, mark. >> what's going on? >> whoa, we are floating in space? >> yes. >> who made this space? >> it's awesome. >> it's from a creator i met in l.a. this place is amazing. >> boss, is it you? >> you know i had to be the robot man. i thought i was supposed to be the robot. >> oh man. so meta is a nod to the fact that an estimated $3 billion used their services. if you feel and felt like social media had a grip on your life,
9:35 pm
well, before the meta first is supposed to consume you whole. the chain this week, the next platform will be more inmerserve. good luck looking at instagram or any other product. >> it's like he's aspiring some james bond lefrl of ochvilleny. >> facebook facebook before the british pirate. watch. >> i was shocked that facebook is going to double down the
9:36 pm
metaverse. i was like what you, do you know what we could have nen with safe if we had more crabs dying. it would have been amazing. >> they are listening to one group, their shald holders over the last fiver years,endless controversies and criticisms. what are we make of this? >> if hair holders don't care. if it fuels the pred of misinformation, should we be surprised that facebook is doubling down on ideas that made share shoulders happy? >> i am going to ask my panel t don't go anywhere. my panel t don't go anywhere.
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a good measure of what things of that could summed up really by the results of a buzz feed on what name they would have chosen for facebook. oops we facilitated genocide. surprisingly, free brittney. with me now to discuss all that, that's going on in facebook and the tech stratus fear. katy has been writing this for us and amanda and josh are back with us. katie, you wrote in an article for buzz feed detailing that
9:41 pm
facebook company is rebranding and their new names meta, tell me what you learn about this. why are they pushing this bright promise of a toep tan future -- is it too late for them to take the advise of buzz feed news readers and change their name again? . . . . . . . . . . . and in fact even on instagram, they're starting to lose
9:42 pm
teenagers and meta verse is very gaing heavy. >> josh, that whole keynote conversation, it was bizarre visually. it was so weird and except the strangest thing was the barbecue bottle of sweet baby rays behind mark zuckerberg on the show. what in the world is that about? using lash cue sauce as a bookend there. >> i didn't looked too fine into it. it feels like a distraction. i don't care about the barbecue sauce or the name is good. the thing is terrifying. the question real is should they be doing this and talking about the barbecue sauce and what it means or meta is markable. and it's okay. i, josh, i make bad jokes and i
9:43 pm
am a monster. >> you are talking about substance, where do you see the biggest problem then for what facebook is today? is it the problem with the south imaging that creates among young women, is it the genocide in myanmar or everything that controls in our life from what's app to instagram. what do you see it being the biggest problem. >> i -- i think it's the ability of facebook to create their own reality. people have been complaining all these information on facebook and some people are living at a false reality. mark serk says it's unfair that it's happening to people. >> we need to get everybody voted. >> democrats, he tweeted out,
9:44 pm
don't forget that when phillip moore is changed, it was still selling cigarettes that cause cancer. there is a lot of comparisons between facebook and tobacco company lately. i have to think it's a bad thing but the shareholders don't seem to mind given the way facebook stock is performing. the public's discourse and the concerns around facebook and shareholders have no problems. >> i am so glad you brought up that tweet. there is this politic problem. >> i didn't think of when i would cover the bush administration. although i am not really sure if anyone is really defending facebook that much. >> stock prices are going up.
9:45 pm
i think people are, it's investors and still think hey, they're doing all this baa they're making money, this is a good thing. we believe in what's going on. we see this will happen in corporations that, you know, they are looking to make money. they're not always looking to do what's right. >> hopefully when they do rebrand to meta that people think this is apart it and who we are. >> adopted different names and so what it was doing. >> hopefully people won't be so short. >> facebook and really the facebook paper that was handed over over by francis hougin, they detailed a company that did nothing to avoid the issue. whether it would be the rise hate speed or leading up to january 6th insurrection or
9:46 pm
internal study that shows young users identitied a spunk -- >> it's tough. facebook has this ability to weather bad press. people still use their products and the stock price reflects the fact that people are still using instagram. some people are maybe stopping usage of instagram or what's ab because of what's in the new. i think that's where a lot of the really, really dark and dangerous things that we
9:47 pm
revealed in francis' paper that came out. and to see people not, you know, it's not reflected in the company. they're still rolling out outfits. hair, look this over year. >> we can play virtual ping-pong or serving with our pr goggles right now. don't worry about the fact that we can't moderate in most of the languages that are across the board. >> yeah, it shows. good point. and amanda, you covered washington, d.c. and the intersection of technology and politics is becoming more center. there is an appetite in washington to do something about meta? >> i don't know about meta. ne the sense that it's connected to facebook and there is nor cross-suit any. everyone from josh hawley and the rights, many democrats will
9:48 pm
say they don't work with why den and things like this. >> donald trump is more traditional and amy klobachar in the senate. but certainly a sense for a long time that facebook was good. any tech companies were good and these were better corporations that democrats could work with. thastz completely gone. there is more of an about constitute to go after these companies, look at their practices and you are even seeing that from the biden administration which is made antitrust and things like that, a center piece of is work. >> jeff, where do you come down on what congress should do when big tech company like facebook, do you believe that congress should have ag ber role in trying to asparagus. >> i am against the idea of
9:49 pm
monoapologizing and corporate equal sanitations in the general. >> you brought up before, facebook and since gram. whastz up? >> it's hard to interact online wsdot going through facebook. it's clearly bad or media literacy and arguably bad more democracy. without facebook, where do i go to accidentally wish happy birthday to someone who died five years ago. >> there is nowhere else. >> katie and amanda, josh, stick around for us. >> coming up, ever wonder how you can become a billionaire in a few seconds. i am going to explain before we go. w seconds. i am going to explain before we go hi susan! honey? yeah? i respect that. but that cough looks pretty bad... try this robitussin honey. the real honey you love... plus the powerful cough relief you need. mind if i root through your trash? now get powerful relief with robitussin elderberry. meet stuart and byron, owners of sml,
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[suitcase closing] [gusts of wind] [ding] the in action of democratic senators, it's worth keeping an
9:54 pm
eye on richard burr in north carolina. he faced scrutiny, some convenient stock. this happens as president trump downgrading the virus who said it's a miracle, it will disappear. burr appears to be seeing things differently. march of last year ", warned a small group of well constituent, dire effective of coronavirus. >> two months later, we learned the fbi seized his cell phone as a possible inside trading investigation. he was forced to resign. on january 2019, he addressed his department told burr, it
9:55 pm
would not prosecute him over the stock sales. >> on thursday, propublic ka reported after selling out his stocks. he called his brother-in-law and they talked to for a mere 50 seconds, not a long time. the next minute after that phone call, the brother-in-law called his broker and quote, "$97,280,000 worth of shares in six companies, including several that were particularly hit hard in the mark swoon and economic downturn. i know what you are thinking, right? what an unbelievable coincidence? so unbelievable that it lands both brothers for an investigation. thank you for making time for us
9:56 pm
tonight. come back tomorrow night at 9:00 p.m. eastern on msnbc. actor and comedian susie esmon will join us live. until we meet again, i am ayman, good night. ayman, good night ♪ i like it, i love it, i want some more of it♪ ♪i try so hard, i can't rise above it♪ ♪don't know what it is 'bout that little gal's lovin'♪ ♪but i like it, i love it♪ applebee's. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood.
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>> and this is "dateline. " >> there was a party. there's a u. k. football player. he had been shot. >> he's killed on his birthday. >> i was, like, "it's who?! " that can't happen. why him? >> no one saw a thing. >> it's at night, it's dark, nobody knows where the bullet comes from. >> nothing's making it any easier. >> if you don't have a motive, it's hard to know which direction to go. >> we were just never going to know. >> but someone knew. >> she called me and she said, "i think i know something about a murder. " >> we never could find out why trent was killed because it was something this weird.


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