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tv   Kendis Gibson and Lindsey Reiser Report  MSNBC  October 30, 2021 4:00am-5:00am PDT

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skeptical global audience, can he convince allies that america is really back after four years of trump? showdown over shots, a vaccine mandate for new york city's municipal workers now in effect and warnings the decision could shutter up to 20% of the city's fire houses. >> new york city is going to come to a crisis on monday morning. >> reaction from the head of the city's firefighters' union ahead. a new arms race with china, the latest warnings about the nation's missile test of hypersonic weapons, and why the pentagon fears it could evade u.s. defense systems. one of the biggest scandals facing the nhl, new details on the sexual abuse allegations made by a former hockey player against his former coach. the controversy triggering major resignations right now. we say good morning, everyone, it's saturday, october 30th. i'm kendis gibson. >> i'm lindsey riser.
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the president is in the first kind of planning session with a bunch of other countries right now. we did see the family photo that was taken a little bit before our 6:00 a.m. hour. all the world leaders gathered next to one another, posing for the cameras and we have a team of reporters and analysts breaking everything down for us from capitol hill. to rome. let's go ahead and start in rome, president biden sitting down with the other most powerful leaders in the world. a lot of big items on his agenda. right now they're all meeting, as i mentioned, the next event is after that, it's a discussion about women-owned businesses. that will be taking place around 9:00 a.m. eastern time. >> so the president's agenda includes two of the biggest issues for americans here at home. the shipping supply crisis as well as high energy prices. now part of a big trip for the administration including the g20 summit this weekend in rome and the climate summit that is starting tomorrow in scotland. >> as the president tries to get his fellow world leaders on the same page he's also in contact with party leaders in washington. as they try to put together the
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actual bill to match the framework he announced for his agenda. >> white house correspondent mike memly is traveling with the president and julie tsirkin is on capitol hill for us this morning. there are some important meetings in this white house and rome over the weekend. >> reporter: yeah, that's absolutely right, kendis. if you want a clear example of how the president's domestic political challenges at home are trailing him here to europe, look no further than what we expect to be one of the big headlines coming out of the g20 summit, the world leaders coming together to agree on a global minimum tax. this would be a significant step, pushed forward by the united states, to try to deal with the issue of tax havens, countries sort of run a race to the bottom in terms of their tax rate. which has a significant impact on the ability of world powers to provide for their people, and also really is a challenge to the u.s. domestic economy. while the president back home has been trying to get the u.s. version of the global minimum tax, a 15% rate, passed as part
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of his build back better reconciliation plan. the fact that the president was unable to come here with a firmer pathway to realization has been part of the headaches here for the white house as they begin to sit down for these meetings. now, this is largely a formality. the g20 finance ministers signed off on this at an earlier summit in venice, we expect the final communique to be issued at the end of the g20, to dot the i's and cross the t's to make this official. but there's a concern heading into the conference the president was unable to assure this at home, could stall momentum towards it. the other big story line that's dominating the conference here is the very different reception president biden is getting at the g20 summit than he did at the g-7 summit. the warm welcomes he was receiving from every world leader, including french president emmanuel macron, in june when he sat down with president biden for the first time in the united kingdom, he said definitely the u.s. is back after the trump administration. what did we see yesterday?
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the president explaining the clumsy decision that france was obviously devastated by in terms of the nuclear subagreement with australia. and the french president yesterday saying that declarations are one thing, but trust needs to be shown by actions. so an indication of a different reception president biden is now getting here. >> interesting, maybe all is not forgiven. all right, julie, can you tell us here about the timeline for this spending bill? >> reporter: well, we've been at this for a while. infrastructure season seems never ending. but the capitol here right now is empty. democrats went home on thursday. both chambers went home without able to advance president biden's build back better agenda and that's because there's no deal yet on that social safety net and climate plan. the president, just before he left overseas, came to congress to have democrats coalesce around the $1.75 trillion build back better framework. it includes good stuff
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progressives and democrats are hoping for, moderates and progressives, i should say. it includes a third of the funding allocates that to climate and clean energy provisions, universal pre-k, child tax credits, expanding college credits for folks to be able to access that but there's also some things missing there, including some things high on the president's agenda, like paid family leave, and medicaid expansion, a huge priority for progressives, like senator bernie sanders. so where do we go from here? both chambers as i mentioned left town, they were unable to pass the bipartisan infrastructure plan as democratic leadership had wanted before that halloween deadline. when they return next week pramila jayapal told us she hopes they'll be able to pass the plan and get a deal on the agenda. >> one more question to you, mike, climate change is a major topic in rome and of course they have the major climate change summit coming up within a day or two. yet the president's motorcade is
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85 cars long. even by presidential motorcade standards that's extremely long. any reason for that? >> reporter: that statistic jumped out to us here yesterday as well. it's a significant -- obviously whenever the president travels abroad his motorcade tends to be longer than usual. the explanation we got from the white house, this is all about the pandemic. italy has very stringent social distancing requirements, as it relates to the number of passengers that can go into a vehicle in the motorcade. driven myself as part of the motorcade, it's reporters crammed into a van side by side, they need to ensure there's enough space in between the passengers in each car. that means you need a lot more cars. clearly the president rolling deep here in rome. >> yes, he does. all right, mike memly from rome, julie tsirkin on capitol hill. let's bring in our political panel. allen was the security council
4:07 am
under president george w. bush and grace panetta. welcome to both of you. how much can a president accomplish at a summit like this and how much is political postures? >> so much of it is the symbolism of conveying to the world that we are united and we are trying to conquer the biggest problems. president biden set out at the beginning of his presidency to tackle at least two of the big things on the agenda here, and that is climate change, which is coming up, and also the pandemic, and so i think he wants to show measurable progress here on the world stage, show that he's in charge and that the united states is leading. but you're right, a lot of the details have been worked out for the last weeks and months, and some of this is just sort of signing the deal here in front of the world's cameras. >> grace, what do you think is the single top priority here for the president at these meetings? >> i think definitely
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reestablishing the sort of dominance on the world stage that michael was just talking about and i also think climate is going to be a huge, huge deal, both at these meetings and at the climate summit in glasgow this weekend. obviously as we were just hearing, a huge chunk of his domestic agenda is finally doing something about climate and the warming planet. i think -- showing leadership on that topic and on everything else tied to the agenda would be a big win, just like with the tax thing we were just mentioning. >> michael, you're familiar with dealing with china and russia in your work. is this an opportunity for president biden with those countries' leaders not attending in person? >> i saw it as more of a loss because when you look at the statistics of the greatest carbon emitters, it's india and china. in particular, china has 28% of the emissions of the world. and what we needed them to do is show up at a leader level and make commitments. they're supposed to come to
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these and make pledges. they have made pledges, but i think by and large we're disappointed with the one that china made and certainly russia never fails to disappoint. and so i think we would have all things being equal wished they'd showed up bearing gifts. >> you know, grace, after this, this isn't the president's only overseas goal right now this week, we have the cop 26 climate summit. what would his administration consider a success when it comes to this summit? what's he looking for from other world leaders and what are other world leaders looking for from president biden? >> absolutely. i think the biggest thing is for him to really have the credibility to assert leadership on this topic and to get other nations on board and to have some actual pledges being signed. this is obviously not a priority of the last administration and i also think for biden it's important to sort of impress upon the congress back home why it's so crucial for them to pass this climate related
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legislation. build a better agenda and the infrastructure bill too. >> as i mentioned it's been 2 1/2 years since these world leaders gathered together, 2019 in june, in asia. what a different world -- it has been since then, michael, not joe. put in context for me, how different this meeting is versus that one back in 2019. >> well, we have plenty of problems throughout the world, iran and a surging china and a surging russia, but i think when you consider how much the pandemic has changed, the country, has changed the world. it's a completely different setting. if anything, it's outlined the need for the united states and others to work collaboratively. we've frankly been talking about this since post-9/11. so many of the problems are
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transnational. and they require a certain amount of cooperation with the leading countries around the world. that's what the g20 is about and so it's a good idea for everyone to meet. we can't -- it's not a panacea. it's not going to solve all of our problems but by and large it's a good idea to come together and try and make pledges to work together. but the united states has got to continue to lead, no matter if it's a republican in office or a democrat in office. >> all right, michael allen and grace panetta, thank you both for joining us bright and early on this saturday morning. appreciate it. a fight to the finish, both candidates in the virginia governor's race are making their last play for voters, but policy seems to be taking a backseat to culture wars. we have a live report. ♪ limu emu & doug ♪ got a couple of bogeys on your six, limu.
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in just a couple of hours the last day of early voting
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kicks off in virginia's governor election and it's the highest profile race right now in a slate of local and state elections set for tuesday. it's shaping up to be a tight one as republican glen youngkin -- >> youngkin is making multiple stops across the commonwealth. a lot of focus in northern virginia and mcauliffe with help from vice president harris and virginia native pharrell, who never ages, rallied voters in norfolk. >> it's how happy he is. >> sure enough. >> they were in norfolk last night. he's from the virginia beach area. chris janssen is in northern with more on all of this. >> i don't know what deal he made to be able to look that good in his midthourts. >> 40s. >> the same deal you made. >> talk about these polls. there are too many for comfort
4:17 am
for democrats in this state. >> can we talk about the fact that i'm not going to be able to get "happy" out of my head the rest of the day. let's talk about the polls. this race is a statistical dead heat. to say it's too close to call. both sides working frantically. you showed the bus tour graphic. you're going to see glen youngkin continues his ten-day 50 stop tour. he's been going all across this state. he's been talking to voters one on one. terry mcauliffe who last night was with pharrell and with vice president harris, and drew a crowd, is going to be in the virginia beach hampton area tonight. and part of this final push is really about where i'm standing. i'm outside an early polling place. this is, as you noted, the last day of early voting. it's also about who's going to take control of the house of delegates but this big push is to get people to the polls and
4:18 am
the early voting so far, we just got these new numbers in, more than a million people in virginia have already gone to the polls in early voting, and we could be getting close to 50,000 here in loudoun county. loudoun county absolutely critical. one of these suburban areas that has made all the difference. we saw it with joe biden. he won the majority of suburban voters. so that's what terry mcauliffe wants to do her. loudoun county particularly critical for him, it's a place where in the past we've seen the democratic numbers really push up. ralph northam, the current democratic governor, won this county by 19 points and then joe biden last year won it by 25. republicans believe that what's going on in washington means that they're going to be able to win back some of these suburban voters and we're already seeing indications that independent voters may be leaning toward youngkin.
4:19 am
so a very dynamic situation that's going to continue to play out over the next three days, guys. >> yeah, and then chris, there might be some people who don't live in virginia and say why should i pay attention to this? but both parties are kind of using this as a bell weather for the midterms. >> there's no doubt. the question is just how much of a preview will it be, and pundits may disagree about that but there's no doubt about the fact that this will be parsed closely for an early glimpse on the mood of the elakt rat. for democrats, are they exhausted without donald trump as a daily target. are they going to turn out in the kinds of numbers we saw in the last election. for republicans, one of the things we've seen that's been key to youngkin closing the gap with terry mcauliffe is the culture wars, including going against toni morrison's book beloved, including bringing up critical race theory, which isn't even taught in schools in virginia, and for independents
4:20 am
who went with joe biden, are they more willing to go back to their republican side? so how -- to what extent this will actually be a harbinger will be debated. >> we know you will be there. chris jansing, thank you. on election night, in addition to chris in virginia. join rachel maddow, joy reed, they're breaking down live results of the key races happening across the country, including virginia. our team coverage starts at 5:00 p.m. eastern on tuesday and you can stream kornacki cam non-stop, all that diet coke, at got to get the website right. >> there you go, exactly. we're digging through some shocking new reporting from the washington post from overnight and we're going to talk about it. apparently while vice president pence hid from rioters on january 6th a trump lawyer was reportedly blaming the violence on pence and his refusal to
4:21 am
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back with new developments i mentioned, related to the january 6th insurrection. >> "the washington post" is out with startling new revelations on some of the communication that day between then vice president mike pence's team and trump's attorney at the time, john eastman. eastman, by the way, a target of the upcoming subpoena by the investigating committee. >> these allegations, you le tsirkin, absolutely explosive and mind boggling. what are we learning? >> reporter: "the washington post" is reporting that as the vice president was hiding from the mob that attacked this capitol i'm standing in on january 6th his top aide received an email from former trump lawyer jonathan eastman
4:26 am
blaming pence for the violence that occurred on that day because pence refused to block the election certification process like the president wanted him to. eastman denies he was blaming pence for the violence. nbc news has not independently verified this email but i want to read you part of ha what it says. eastman allegedly wrote the siege is because you and your boss did not do what was necessary to allow this to be aired in a public way so that the american can see for themselves what happened. according to false election claims eastman at the top there is set to be subpoenaed by the january 6th committee by midweek next week, a sort familiar telling nbc news it's because of eastman's previous memo that he outlined, basically unconstitutional pathway for the vice president, former vice president pence, to be able to overturn the election and basically prove the voter election fraud claims of the former president asked him to do and block the election
4:27 am
certification process. as we head into next week we'll wait for the subpoena from the committee. we reached out to them this morning. i should add on this new reporting and emails we have not heard back yet, guys. >> julie, thank you for that. she mentioned we have cynthiaoxney who is joining us at the end of this broadcast. it would seem there are legal ramifications that might be at play with this new revelation. julie, thank you. come monday new york city workers who aren't vaccinated will be on paid leave and it could mean fewer police and ambulances on the streets. for the mayor to turn around and say we can run this department with 25% to 35% less members is ignoring the fact that we can't even keep fire houses open today. how some workers and unions are resisting the mandate. rward. even after paying for . love you, sweetheart
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he is coming for me... but i'm coming for him. happy halloween michael. intensifying over covid-19 vaccine mandates for municipal workers across the country, including mere in new york city. >> police officers, firefighters and other city workers must now show proof of vaccination or risk losing their jobs but the fdny is warning of possible shortages of first responders. gabe gutierrez has more. >> reporter: kendis and lindsey, good morning, city officials say they will move around staffing to make sure public safety won't
4:32 am
be impacted but union officials say there could possibly be a shortage of first responders. as new york city's covid vaccine mandate for municipal workers kicked in the union for the nation's largest fire department warned of the potential for closed fire houses and lodger emergency response times. >> new york city is coming to a crisis on monday morning. >> the city said just 67% of its firefighters received at least one dose. those who don't get the shot face unpaid leave starting monday. six firefighters have been suspended while driving a ladder truck on duty at a state senator's office and allegedly threatening the senator's staff over the covid vaccine mandate. from coast-to-coast, more show downs over shots. los angeles county sheriff is calling his area's covid vaccine mandate an imminent threat to public safety, saying it's causing a mass exodus within his department. also in california, popular
4:33 am
burger chain in-n-out just shut down more restaurants rather than comply with mandates. >> i can see where they're coming from that's not their job to, as they put it, be vaccine police. >> reporter: ten states filed a new lawsuit against the biden administration's vaccine requirement for federal contractors. iowa's governor signed a new law allowing workers fired for noncompliance with covid vaccine mandates to receive unemployment benefits and next tuesday a new deadline for the air force, up to 12,000 personnel have rejected orders to get fully vaccinated despite a pentagon mandate. the vast majority, more than 96%, are at least partially vaccinated. word the u.s. supreme court won't block a covid vaccine mandate for health care workers in maine. back in new york city, officials say the last-minute push is working. the nypd reporting more than 80% compliance, up from 70% last week. >> so i think we're heading in the right direction.
4:34 am
>> reporter: and here in new york city, with rising vaccination rates and the fading delta variant, some encouraging news, the city's covid test positivity rate is now below 1%. kendis and lindsey? >> gabe, thank you. we have much more on the new york mandate, joining me right now is james mccarthy of the fdnc, also the uniformed fire officer's association president. james, good morning to you and thanks for being with us here. we're hearing concerns that response times could increase as a result of this. how do you see the real impact? for example, halloween weekend, do you expect calls to go up around this time and will people see longer response times this weekend? >> well, it's the purview of the department to staff the fire companies and the fire houses, and when the weather gets colder we generally have more fires and emergencies. so there is an increase in demand of -- on the fire department during this time of year but not necessarily for
4:35 am
halloween because of the temperature dropping a bit. >> i want to ask you about the percentage rite now of fdny that has complied. according to -- before it was announced. fdny has one of the lowest vaccination rates. 59% of its firefighters, and as of wednesday the rate inched up to about 68%. compared to nypd's 80%. why does nypd higher? >> i don't know the specifics of the numbers. i know that the last statistic we had was our members, the fire officers, their vaccination was 72%. it's increased since then. so we have a little bit of a higher rate in fire officers union. it's inched up because they've incentivized and gave an ultimatum to our membership and members have had to act without the proper time to make decisions.
4:36 am
that's part of our complaint. we're not anti-vaccine. we were only giving nine days to comply with this mandate and other unions have gotten 30 days or even the corrections officers have until december 1st. we need our membership to make decisions on what they're going to do with their careers. >> question, did any union leadership, were you guys in touch with anybody from the city about knowing this was going to come down the pike? i know that you guys have asked for more time, we saw teachers earlier this month, they had to undergo this new mandate. so you kind of had a feeling it was coming. have you guys been in touch with the city at all, have you had a little bit more notice than just what was decided where you guys say i believe you had ten days to comply? >> well, it was nine days. we had been under a test and vax program which was working excellently. we did over 6,000 -- i think it's 13,000 tests so far of our membership and the positivity rate for covid has been less than one-half of 1%.
4:37 am
we're even less than the general public, which we just announced earlier, is at 2%. so our test and vax program is working. our membership is exposed to covid early in the pandemic in march of 2020. we responded when there weren't masks or vaccines or testing and we got exposed to covid and many of our membership got gravely ill and then got the antibody levels that makes them immune to this covid at similar levels to those of the vaccine. >> right, but i think -- >> many of our -- >> i think the challenge there, james, is that a lot of medical experts, the jury's still out, here, on how much immunity previous infection provides. that's why there is this push to get vaccines out there. do you think really that monday we are going to see 20% of ambulances, 20% of fire houses offline or do you think this is being overblown a bit? >> i can't predict the statistics, and i think that there will be people retiring as i've been told by the -- our
4:38 am
pension unit, we have significant numbers of people retiring, not hundreds but some of our members retiring and that would impact some of the fire houses and fire companies. but i don't know about 20%. that's kind of a statistic that people are putting out there. and that's speculation. >> before we let you go, there are six firefighters who were recently suspended for taking a truck, and allegedly going to threaten a state senator over the mandate. he apparently said that his staff was told if their home was on fire, that the firefighters wouldn't respond. do you have any response to that? i mean, do you think suspension is enough for that kind of behavior? >> not familiar with the details of that interaction, nor of that case, but i do -- i am aware of the commissioner giving them punishment. and they've been suspended while that investigation is under way. and i'd rather not comment about them, what they did, until we
4:39 am
find out what happened. but the commissioner has interviewed them, and doled out punishment, as we've often done in the past. the commissioner has suspended people and done investigations, and followed up with their decisions. >> all right, james mccarthy, we'll have to leave it there, thanks for your time this morning. >> thank you. well, from tyler perry to stacey abrams, tributes are pouring in this morning for legendary journalist jevida moore, who died after being diagnosed a progressive brain cancer. she was a native new yorker but had been a popular anchor in atlanta for more than two decades, a mother of three, more importantly, tyler perry writing on twitter, i will miss your beautiful smile and warm laughter, let alone seeing you in my living room every day. you will be missed greatly, my friend, many heartfelt prayers to your family and may your soul travel well. life is but a moment. and tyler is so right about that. she was a personal friend of myself and so many others are
4:40 am
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the nation's top military general is sounding the alarm after china tested a new hypersonic missile system. >> with the new weapons, providing possible nuclear capabilities for their massive military. experts worry it could set off a new arms race between the u.s. and china. nbc news chief foreign correspondent richard ingle with the story. >> china already has the world's largest armed forces over 2 million strong. but it's a new breed of super fast missiles designed to evade american nuclear defenses that has the pentagon deeply concerned. >> what we saw was a very significant event of a test, of a hypersonic weapon system. and it is very concerning.
4:45 am
>> speaking to bloomberg, general mark milley, chairman of the joint chiefs, sounding the alarm. >> i don't know if it's quite a sputnik moment but i think it's very close to that. it has all of our attention. >> reporter: it's the most significant public acknowledgment by a senior u.s. official that china conducted two tests of a hypersonic missile system this summer. tests which were first reported by the financial times. the fear now, that one day they may be capable of carrying a nuclear payload. super sonic jets and missiles have been in use for decades, able to break the speed of sound. hypersonic is a whole different league. at least five times faster, traveling around 4,000 miles per hour at a minimum making a hypersonic missile quick and agile enough to evade existing u.s. defense systems. china has only acknowledged one test, saying it was linked to the nation's space program.
4:46 am
but president xi jinping, according to china's official news agency called for the chinese military to break new ground, and said china's capabilities have been enhanced by leapfrog development. in equipment and weapons. defense secretary lloyd austin has been cautious talking about china's growing military capabilities. >> what i can tell you is that we watch closely china's development of armament, and advanced capabilities and systems that will only increase tensions in the region. >> our thanks to richard engel right there. let's bring in the national security institute founder and executive director. a lot of people hear hyperson ic and they don't know what this means. what does it do and should we be worried about the advancement china is making over ours?
4:47 am
>> kendis, i think, look, the key thing about hypersonic, they're a lot faster than traditional nuclear weapons delivery, whether bombs or submarines, they're morage ill. they can evade defenses, move around quickly. they're gliding in once they come in from outer space in the atmosphere, and they're able to be very precise. evade. we should be very concerned. this is a new development. china has been doing hyper sonics for a while. in 2018 it was testified there were testing 20 times more hyper sonic weapons than we were and they're growing their nuclear force. the third largest in the world. a lot less than the u.s. and russia combined. they've got this capability and way of delivering it that's very dangerous. that's a real concern for the united states. >> a lot of people say the most concern right now is about this new weapon system, is that it could be capable of evading our missile defense systems. is the u.s. preparing in any way for this?
4:48 am
>> you know, i think one of the challenges, kendis, in this space is we don't have a ton of missile defense as it stands today. our missile defense capabilities are fairly limited. fairly focused in a couple of areas. we need to accelerate that effort. but the real thing with china is, it's less about trying to shoot down missiles if they've decided to come after us. it's more how do we deter their behavior, preventing them from building capabilities, knowing if they use them we're going to respond aggressively. that's a challenge of the space. the biden administration's international security guidance talked about reducing the role of nuclear weapons in our defense policy. we've seen what the chinese are doing, long-term efforts in the south china say. there are concerning signs. building these defense capabilities, we've got to push back and say if you behave this way we're going to respond. and even if they build these weapons they're not likely to use them. >> the pentagon said our latest hyper sonics weapons test failed. this comes after another failed
4:49 am
test in april. why does the u.s. not have this technology down pat yet. we're sending people into space, on rockets every week now. >> it's about commitment and time and effort, and money. and, you know, we've spent a lot of time thinking about a variety of other sort of threats to the united states, terrorism. we've got to redouble efforts on our strategic defensive capabilities, that means nuclear weapons. now, president obama, and president bush before him, and president trump all supported this idea of nuclear modernization. we need to make sure the biden administration continues that policy going forward and we modernize our nuclear fleet of weapons, of all three parts of the try add, the bombers, the icbms and the submarine based missiles and then we've got to make sure to develop our own strategic capabilities. we haven't dedicated enough time and resources to leading to getting ahead of china in quantum and semiconductors and the like. these are strategic issues. thinking about trillions of dollars in new spending by the
4:50 am
u.s. we should think about how to make sure that that spending in part is focused on the threat that china poses in the long term to the united states's national security. >> when we look back at this era years from now will we think it was the beginning stages of a new cold with a r? it's different because we still have and one of the biggest trading partners. still, is this the start of the cold war? >> kendis, i worry we are in the cold war. they are building more in the south china sea. they are flying military jets and making threatening remarks to taiwan. allies are concerned. it looks like we may not be there for the allies. there is a concern. we need to step up. there is an opportunity for the biden administration to make clear. we willtaiwan. they did a great thing with australia. we need to do more with the quad, japan, china, australia, india.
4:51 am
kendis, there are opportunities here, but the question is if this is the potential long-term conflict with china, absolutely. they are moving fast. we have to stay ahead of the game. >> they are forcing america's hand. it is a situation we don't want to be part of. thank you. texas' controversial abortion ban is on the docket of the highest court next week. we break down what we can expect with our legal expert next. e cat with our legal expert next as someone who resembles someone else,
4:52 am
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the coming week is set to be historic for the supreme court. getting ready to hear cases on abortion and guns. they will hear back-to-back cases on the restricted texas law on abortion. >> two days later, the court will hear a case on the second amendment and the right to carry guns in public. joining us now is the msnbc legal analyst cynthia oxney. these cases deal with polarizing topics in america. some say the makeup of the court with a conservative shift with trump is the reason they are heard in the first place. >> i agree, but with the word maybe.
4:56 am
at the time the last big gun case was heard, it was voted 5-4. now we have the addition of two trump justices that are hostile to any restriction on gun rights. yes, the court has shifted to the right. we are all living in its shadow. >> cynthia, what will you watch? what will you be listening to pick up on with the abortion argument and the gun argument? >> well, in the abortion case, the abortion case is technically about the sneaky procedure used by the state of texas to shield review. technically, it is about procedure, but the elephant in the room is the justices looking for a way, in my opinion, to overturn roe v. wade or gut it in a way that women lose their rights to control their bodies. i'm looking for the ways in which that sneaks in. there is a good argument this is no longer a chief justice court,
4:57 am
but really so shifted. we will see where he will fall on these cases. he may end up voting with the liberal members of the court. he has voted with them. i'm looking to see where the chief justice votes. i don't have a lot of hope that something will come out of this court that will advance the cause of justice. >> cynthia, we want your reaction to the washington post report earlier. we told viewers we would ask you about it. former president trump's lawyer eastman blaming pence for the attack on the capitol to his staff members because he did not overturn the election. what legal blowback could he face from this? >> he has earned himself a
4:58 am
subpoena. the problem is the department of justice is tepid. they have not taken over the investigation with full force. that's because the attorney general is tepid. he is the leader of the situation. the u.s. attorney's office in d.c. is prosecuting all the little people who showed up. there is no serious investigation into how it happened and who paid for the buses and how did it happen and all these people came and how did it happen that pence was so pressured and what is that framework of the actual attempt to overturn the election? this is one more thing the justice department needs to deal with. this man needs a subpoena. there needs to be an organized system. bannon needs to be arrested. his documents need to be brought forth. all of the other witnesses stalling, need to be interviewed immediately and go to grand jury. it is just one more indication of justice not being strong
4:59 am
enough. >> cynthia, we will leave it there. thank you so much. thank you for watching msnbc reports. i'm lindsey reiser. >> i'm kendis gibson. we are back tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m. eastern. we will have the latest on the g20 summit right now in europe. "velshi" starts right now. good morning. today, democrats may finally have a deal, but at a cost. heather from the white house council of economic advisers joins me next to talk about the latest and what we get and lose and what comes next. the deadline for the new york city first responders to get the first vaccine dose has come and gone. that is setting up closures happening. i'll talk to the head of the new york firefighters union for the support for those protesting the mandate. a preview of the post-roe
5:00 am
landscape from someone who had been studying the laws for over a decade and a certain twice impeached president is trying to keep hidden from the january 6th investigation. "velshi" starts now. good morning. saturday, october 30th. i'm ali velshi. we are find ourselves in the middle of the breakthrough of the plan to shore up america's social safety net. there is a lot to gain from what the president announced this week, but much we are about to lose. the plan was cut in half to reach this compromise. let's start with what is in the bill. billions of dollars for universal pre-kindergarten. elder home care. expanded tax credit for year 2022. clean energy tax credits. expanded medicare for hearing services. money for


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