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tv   Kendis Gibson and Lindsey Reiser Report  MSNBC  October 30, 2021 3:00am-4:00am PDT

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now, just things you can't even imagine change in ways that seem very small but really are monumental. >> that's all for this edition of "dateline." i'm natalie morales. thank you for watching. breaking right now on msnbc, the biggest world leaders gathering in person for the first time in more than two years. the gathering just moments ago, the president facing numerous challenges on the world stage, looking to repair some important alliances. >> i think what happened was, to use an english phrase, was clumsy. >> this high-profile meeting with the pope running three times as long as the pontiff's meeting with president trump. 28 million american kids are
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one big step closer to being vaccinated. what's next and why doctors say this is such an important step in getting past the pandemic. >> children are getting sick. children are being hospitalized, and it's a serious thing for them. three days until that crucial governor's election in virginia. book banning and nobel prize-winning author tony larson now taking center stage in the final days of the race. and big developments expecteden from the january 6th committee next week as tucker carlson's show draws a response from republicans and democrats alike. good morning. i'm lindsey reiser. >> of course, a lot of stories coming out from overseas and we're keeping an eye on something developing right now, specifically in the mid-atlantic
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region. this is the old town alexander area of washington, d.c. that area is particularly prone to flooding. i know because i lived there. there's a major flood warning this weekend. >> we know it's active until 2:00 today. high winds, 40-mile-per-hour winds. >> our meteorologist will be joining us this hour with the latest on that situation. but our kickoff team this morning from leesburg, virginia, rome, italy, with a lot to get to. we're going to start with breaking news and the pictures we saw moments ago. the first world leaders meeting at the g20 summit in rome just getting under way. this is what they call the class photo? >> the family photo. >> the family photo. 19 countries and the european
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union. president biden has a lot on his agenda there. >> he'll be prioritizing conversation about energy prices, supply chain irns, iran nuclear program, and the possibility of a global minimum tax. >> is that all? >> that's all. >> both president putin and president xi will be attending the summit virtually. some see this as a perfect chance for president biden to show the u.s. is still a primary lead owner the stage. back home in washington his party is still trying to put together an actual bill they can vote on, based on the framework you see here, the agenda the president announced before he left town. >> mike memoli is traveling with the president in rome, italy, and julie tsirkin is live on capitol hill tracking the latest on the agenda. welcome to both of you. michael, let's start with you. it's a big day for you in the eternal city.
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it's just getting under way. >> reporter: yeah. good afternoon to you guys as i hear the church bells ring from the vatican behind me. yesterday was all about those meetings, a one-on-one with pope francis, and the prime minister, and the repair mission with emmanuel macron. today the g20 is now officially under way. you mentioned the family photo earlier, joined by some first responders here from italy, a reminder of the fact that this is the first in-person meeting on f the g20 since the pandemic in two years now. at the top of the agenda is the economy. the world leaders here are expected to finally endorse a global minimum tax of 15%. this has been a priority of the biden administration. they've been pushing for this for years. 130 of the countries have thus far signed on for this. they're also going to be talking about energy prices. you have saudi arabia here. there are concerns the global supplies has not caught up with global demand at this points a
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the pandemic is ending. we're going to see the president meeting on the sidelines with some of his top allies, germany, the united kingdom, and france. there's some talk with the new deal with the president trying to get back to the table with iran. a key meeting for those two leaders to sit down together. as you mentioned, a big focus on the two leaders that are not here, putin and xi. this idea is the world's democracy, not autocracy is key. >> when kendis asked, is that all, he met with french president emmanuel macron and said essentially the submarine deal that left france out was
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not done with a lot of grace. julie, what do we know about the democrats' progress when it comes to putting bill together. >> they sent president biden overseas empty-handed. that's because there's no deal on the safety net and climate plan. the president just before he left overseas came to capitol hill on thursday to present his $1.75 trillion framework, his second visit just this month. and in that plan that was warmly received by most progressives and centrist holdouts, manchin and sinema, there are some wins in there including on climate chairj. approximately one third of that plan dedicated climate and energy provisions. but there are some notable things missing there, including what president biden ran on like paid family leave that was opposed by senator manchin. there's still some talk that may be worked out, but we don't see
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a feasible plan according to my sources as to how that will happen. also medicate skparngs a huge priority for senator bernie sanders. he called it a red line a once. that's not in the plan. both chambers left on thursday without any progress. we're hoping that the president would coalesce democrats to vote for that bipartisan plan. he didn't make that ask according to our reporting but he did try and bring progressives and moderates together around his that framework. we know pramila jayapal met with senator sinema. they're going to try again next week when they return. >> right now we're looking at live pictures of the prime minister. mike memoli and julie tsirkin, thank you both for starting us off. joel rubin is a judicial
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secretary of state and robin wall is a chief of magazine. joel, let's start with you. which priorities when we lay out all of the things they need to be doing at the summit and the things on the president's personal agenda, what things does he need to focus on while he's abroad? >> lindsey, thanks for having me. this is really a demonstration of the priority of the american worker and the american middle class, and what joe biden is doing on the world stage is advancing those goals, trying to make sure our economy is build back better, that the united states is leading through a democratic process, and making sure that changes for climate change are robust and making sure the world follows this. those are the real priorities, showing leadership abroad and showing the american people he can deliver abroad for them at home. >> in the meantime, we have
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these polls that show the international reputation of leadership taking a hit. how do you think biden is doing when it comes to restoring that? >> a lot of this is going to be in terms of, you know, what actually emerges over the next few days. i think on the one hand he'll be working to make sure there are tangibles, deliverables, takeaways, in terms of moving the needle on climate commitment. i think he'll need to promise more aid to others in the country. those are the kinds of things that i think countries will look for around the world to get a sense that biden is actually delivering when he says america is back. more than all that, i think behind the scenes biden will be trying to smooth over relations with countries to ensure like with france for sure, the recent
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kerfuffle between the two countries is no more. iran is going to look for concrete examples of american commitment to that relationship. i think amid all that it's important to note as you all have that china's president and putin of russia are not going to be there? person. i think that, too, is an opportunity of sorts for president biden to maybe step it up a bit with the leaders who are there because they won't be looking over their shoulders to try and have their separate meetings in person with xi or putin. >> joel, what do you have to say to that? how much of an opportunity is that with them not attending in person? >> this is a signal they we don't want to play at this moment with the rest of the international community and the united states that the g20 is being driven by a democratic agenda, so i think it's a huge opportunity for joe biden. we have to remember right now
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we're at ninth month essentially of this administration. there's been a lot of cleanup, the transition away from donald trump, the broken position abroad, still dealing with the pandemic. we now see the biden agenda now actually moving in the direction where he's wanted to go for some time. we're in a situation where a democracy is the driving mantra of this white house when it comes to international engainchment. not having china and russia there, that's fine. we're okay. this is one where democracy is leading with the united states at the forefront. rawi is there anything to read into the fact that president biden had a 90-minute meeting with the pope as opposed to that with president trump? >> i think as much as biden is catholic, he wanted to show his faith matters to him, that this
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meeting is more than a diplomatic meeting. it's a personal meeting. it's something important for him personally and it's an important takeaway for the world to see as well. the pope is going to be meeting many other world leaders who are leading. there's modi and attacks on christians. this is a discussion biden is quite happy to have. we don't know exactly what they've discussed. i imagine the issue of abortion might have come up. but all in all, it's clear that faith is important to president biden. >> joel, in talking about climate, we know this is going to be one of the pillars here for the summit, and we also know the president really wanted a win with build back better to go to the summit with better standing. knowing that there's not
3:13 am
necessarily text of the bill yet but there is a commitment and the president says he is confident he can get something passed and the fact that climate really is one of the hallmarks here of this new legislation once it's written out, does he come into the summit from a place of weakness or strength when it comes to climate change and action? >> thanks, lindsey. this bill t build back better bill, has $500 billion for climate chairj. tremendous for the united states. we're seeing a synchronicity with joe biden publicly. at glasgow he'll speak about the climate agreement. here at home, he'll get the investments. here at home, all indications are the bill is going to pass and we're going to see the climate provisions, the most sweeping provisions in the history of the united states passed by congress, moved into law. it's going to really transform our economy. while he didn't get it
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completely done, the wind is at his back. it's good for the united states. it's just a matter of ironing out the process next week to get the final victory. >> i'm sure someone's going to read in, by the way, as i look at the class photo of the staging. the u.s. president is usually up front and center. it appears joe biden is off to the left. maybe our neighbors will be making a whole hoop about that in the next few days. joel, rawi, thank you. we appreciate it. the surprising number of parents who say they will not allow their children to get the vaccines for kids. later, the armorer on the set of "rust" is breaking her silence. she has no idea how a live round ended up in baldwin's prop
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covid shots could soon be going into the arms of young americans as soon as next week. >> that's when the cdc advisory committee will way in. before pfizer makes a final decision on the vaccine for kids 5 to 11 years old. nearly the entire population will be able to get the vaccine. joining us is the panel member and director at the boston children's hospital. doctor, good morning. you joined us last weekend before you were on the panel and now post that decision. what was your reasoning behind putting your approval behind this? >> well, thank you for that, lindsey. it was a very important meeting that we had about a week ago, and we really were asked as always to weigh the evidence, the data, which were made public ly. we concluded as a panel that the
3:20 am
known and expected benefits of the vaccine for children 5 to 11 years of ainge exceeded the known and expected risks of that vaccine. we looked at dose ranging, the dose for children 5 to 11 years of age. it will be one-third. a much lower dose. they showed safety data as well as the ability even at that low dose to produce antibodies that can protect against covid in that age group. >> you mentioned the kids would receive one third of the adult dose. the clinical trial showed it's 90% effective among children. no serious side effects as well. is a low doris helpful as far as side effects? >> it can be helpful.
3:21 am
many of your viewers are familiar with this. for a day or two you may have an ache in your arm, slight fever, headache. it's lower at the lower dose. that was important to the panel as we considered this. as you know, there are those worried about the rare side effect of heart inflammation or myocarditis. there were no cases of that observed in the study, but even in terms of a less common risk of that, the lower dose was reassuring and the fact that in general, kids 5 to 11 years old in general have lower rates of viral-induced myocarditis than do older teenagers. >> we want to talk about hesitancy right now. because the new kaiser family foundation poll finds only 27% of parents are ready to get their kids vaccinated right away. what's driving this? >> parents are rightfully concerned and right to ask
3:22 am
questions. this is a new technology. the children are quite young. any parent would say, wait a second, why are we doing this. you may say, look, children at that age are at very low risk of covid or covid death. that's very true. at the same time, there have been millions of children that have been infected with this virus. there have been thousands of them hospitalized and over a hundred of them who have died of covid, and therefore we have a safe effective vaccine. there's going to be careful safety surveillance even after the authorization, there's a safety surveillance system to pick up any signals. and we believe as a committee it's important to make this vaccine available to dhirn at that age range. as a personal matter, i think it should not be mandated at this phase but make it available and parents and families can make their decision with their
3:23 am
provider. >> thank you for being with us again. one of the more popular and critically acclaimed books of the last half century on millions of bookshelves across the country, and now the target of republicans in virginia. >> when my son showed me his reading assignment, my heart sunk. it was some of the most explicit material you can imagine. >> why the republican gubernatorial candidate is taking aim at a toni morrison classic in the remaining days of the virginia governor race. coming up in the last hour, china has been testing a space-bound weapon with nuclear capabilities and why the top brass is worried. it's coming up at 7:00 a.m. eastern. coming up at 7:00 a.m. eastern. i don't know. i think they look good, man. mm, smooth.
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early voting in the highly
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watched governor race in virginia. it could be a toss-up between democrat terry mcauliffe and republican glenn youngkin. >> it depends what poll you're watching. the fox poll showing youngkin up 8% and the washington poll showing mcauliffe up by 1%. joining us right now in virginia with the very latest, senior and national correspondent chris jansen. chris, good morning to you. how are the candidates trying to campaign in the waning days of the election? >> reporter: frantically, i think, in a single word. look, the stakes are incredibly high. this is the only contested governor's race in the country this year, but it's also the first big contest since joe biden won the white house, and a lot of folks are looking at this as sort of a harbinger of what's to come in 2022 as a referendum of what's going on in washington and whether this administration has been delivering. so you're going to see the candidates all across the state
3:29 am
today, youngkin continuing on a bus tour, 50 stops over ten days. he's going to start an hour from now in alexandria and go five more cities today. terry mcauliffe is going to be in the virginia beach hampton area tonight. he drew in a crowd with pharrell, "come on, get happy." this is a site that's going to open up in a couple of hours, and this is what both sides are hoping to do. get that enthusiasm up. it's always hard in these elections. take a look so far. nearly a million people have voted early in virginia. about 45,000 here in loudoun county. loudoun county, a huge focus for both of these candidates. you'll remember that it was here in loudoun county, there was a lot of controversy at a school board, and that was stoked.
3:30 am
democrats say culture war stoked. by youngkin who has really been appealing to parents saying education should be in your hands, and going aftery mcauliffe on that. it's critical to terry mcauliffe because this is a politically democratic county. a place where joe biden, the current democratic governor both got very large margins and where terry mcauliffe needs do exactly the same. so what eastery mcauliffe doing today in addition to going out campaigning? he's got a number of democratic grassroots groups working for him. one of them is swing left. you might remember them. they tear folks who were formed after president trump was electeded and who helped to swing the house of representatives to the left, to the democrats. they already -- take a look at these numbers just in v -- have made 130,000 phone calls. they've sent a million letters to voters encouraging them to
3:31 am
get out. they tell me they've knocked on hundreds of thousands of doors. i'm waiting for a final number on that. they have groups going out today here in loudoun county. this is really going to be not just -- many people see it as a run on joe biden, but also terry mcauliffe would like to make it about trump. when we talk about this being a race too close to call, check out the 538. they do an aggregate of all the legitimate polls. yesterday terry mcauliffe was leading by one-tenth of 1%. this morning, guys, it's youngkin, six-tenths of 1%. this race is going down to the wire. >> yes, it is. i'm assuming the democrats are hoping many of those early voting numbers will be on their side. so it will will make tuesday night definitely interesting, chris. thank you, chris jansing joining
3:32 am
us from virginia. campaigns often take interests turning in the waning days. education takes center stage. it's bringing the president owed indication reform now. thank you for being here. we've seen republican candidates say over and over that he supports -- youngkin, that is -- freedom for parents on how kids are educated. kind of took a hit at toni morrison's beloved book, featuring a new ad where a mom is pushing to have the book banned in her son's english curriculum. >> so when my son showed me his reading assignment, my heart sunk. it was some of the most explicit material you can imagine. they passed bills requiring schools to notify parents when explicit content was assigned. but then governor terry mcauliffe vetoed it twice.
3:33 am
he doesn't think parents should have a say. he said that. he shut us out. >> the book "beloved kwchlt came out in 1987. it's revered by so many people. it follows a woman from the pre-slave days to post-slavery in ohio. it is violent, it is raw, it is fix, but it's oh, so real of that era. we know the so-called beloved bill was vetoed back in 2016, but it looks like republicans are bringing it back as a target. why? >> well, what we see here is very typical in american politics. it's really been typical since the founding of our country where race is used as a political wedge issue to get voters to the polls. in the civil war era, race was pair mournlt in politics and later whether it was nixon, and
3:34 am
so this is a sad and typical feature of closely contested elections. identity is a salient way in which people think about themselves and think about their relationship to the country around so we simply see -- we're seeing race used as a political -- a lever here to motivate, frankly, white voters to the polls in the state of virginia. it's sad, but it's quite typical in our political system. >> i should mention terry mcauliffe released a counter-ad to that one. take a look. >> nothing is more important than my children's education, and so when i heard about glenn youngkin wanting to ban books about prominent black authors, it scared me. we know what it's about. it's the same politics from donald trump, meant to divide us. it has no place in our schools
3:35 am
and no place in virginia. >> so on top of this, his staff has handed out copies of "beloved" with a bookmark saying glenn youngkin will plan bann books in schools. will this actually energize black voters? >> it should energize all voters who want the truth of american history taught to our children. there are absolutely very romantic aspects of our american history that we should be proud of and also ugly parts. slarchry was ugly. it was not pretty. it amounted to kidnapping, minute tense through terrier and violence, and so you can't teach that history in a way that anes anecessary anext that tice tiezs it. you have to deal with the truth. you get to reconciliation through truth, and the wholistic
3:36 am
teaching of american history is what our young people need, and frankly that truth can provide the platform for a future that's brighter and more cohesive as a country. i hope it's something that will resonate with all virginians, not just african-americans, but hopefully white, brown, and virginians of all colors as well. >> appreciate you being here, shavar jeffries, thank you. >> thank you. a big program note. on election night join rachel, joy, nicolle, and steve. they'll cover the close governor's race. it starts at 5:00 p.m. on tuesday. based on some of the poll results, it will last until 5:00 p.m. on thursday. you can stream the kornacki cam non-stop on >> steve won't sleep. still to come, tucker carlson's next big project which many say is stimulate up disinformation is drawing review
3:37 am
from democrats and republicans alike. >> false flags have happened in this country, one of which may have been january 6th. >>'ve members of the fox news family are calling out this so-called documentary after the trailer dropped. and next in the january 6th krit knee sights next. 6th krit knee sights next. my dvt blood clot left me with questions... was another around the corner? or could i have a different game plan? i wanted to help protect myself. my doctor recommended eliquis. eliquis is proven to treat and help prevent another dvt or pe blood clot. almost 98 percent of patients on eliquis
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we are looking ahead to some major developments regarding the january 6th riot. first the january 6th committee is expected to subpoena john eastman sometime next week. he was the legal adviser to then president donald trump. he's speaking here at the podium. he crafted a two-page memo outlining ways to overturn the election. and on thursday we'll hear trump's case signing to block congress from getting records on that day. earlier they denied donald trump's right to executive privilege. joining me right now is terrance rosen krantz, founder of the firm new blue interactive. also joe walsh, former
3:40 am
republican congressman who's the host of white flag with joe walsh. good morning and thereins for being with us. you know, taryn, this case is uncharted territory as regards to exertion of executive privilege. what are we going to see this week? >> i think we're going to see different things. one thing we've seen every time when it comes to trump and his ability to try to keep things secret if you will is he's ready for a fight. i think you're going the hear him be quite vocal this week and from his team, quite vocal about once again the injust tense of him not being able to execute executive privilege of trying to overtake the government on january 6th. so i do expect there to be a bit of a dog fight. i think from the other side we're expecting them obviously to subpoena him and i suspect -- if he cooperates, it would be a
3:41 am
less public thing. but i think it's going to be more of a -- again, more fireworks on that side as well. it will be an interesting week for sure as we uncover what exactly happened in the days leading up to january 6th. >> and, joe, before we turn to you, taryn, i want to ask you about john eastman who may be getting a subpoena in the coming days. he was secretly recorded reresponsibling to questions about former vice president mike pence. we should know the person who's asking the questions is a progressive activist lauren windsor, known to approach republican figures, pretend to be an ally, make flattering comments, and record them making candid comments. let's listen to part of it. >> i read your memo, and i thought it was solid in all of its legal arguments. >> yeah. >> i just -- i was floored that mike pence didn't do anything. i mean why didn't he act on it because you gave him the legal reasoning to do that. >> i know. i know.
3:42 am
>> supported and supporter. why do you think mike pence didn't do it? >> because mike pence is an establishment guy at the end of the day. >> nbc news reached out to eastman who had no comment, but your takeaway, taryn, from these comments and the role that eastman may have played and could play, really, in providing insight as to what trump was doing that day. >> yeah. i'm not sure we'll be able to. obviously when we subpoena him and hopefully he will tell the truth on the stand, but i've already seen in some, you know, articles him trying to distance himself through all of this. it's really hard when you have something like that on film where he's like, yeah, yeah, i'm going to call him out right now and say how i feel, but i think the ability to dig into the details here is all going to depend on eastman's ability to tell the truth, the whole truth, right, and really stick to that in the american way. but it's clear to me there was a lot of advance planning and, you know, trying to find the correct
3:43 am
legal argument, you know, that they can undertake to overturn this election, which is both shocking and sad for this country, and i'm just hoping, like i said, that eastman sort of cooperates, tells the truth, and gives us more details so we can make sure that something like this doesn't happen again. >> congressman, i want to get a couple of questions to you. fox news anchor tucker carlson, he's drawing from all sides with this trail already in the series promising to tell the true story of the insurrection. let's play part of it. >> the domestic war on tearer er is here. it's coming on half of the country. >> they've landed here at home. they've begun to fight a new
3:44 am
enemy in a new war or terror. >> not al qaeda. white supremacy. >> false flags have happened in this country, one of which may have been january 6th. >> kendis asking off camera if it's a comedy. this isn't a fringe kind of a darng web here. carlson is one of the most popular and listened to voices in conservative media. what's your take. >> fox news should be ashamed of itself. everyone, lindsey, who works at fox news needs to be asked if they agree with tucker carlson that january 6th was a false flag operation. every one of my former colleagues, every republican member of congress should be asked if they agree. look, lindsey. this is really, really scary, and i want to be clear. tucker carlson is inciting
3:45 am
violence. putting out disinformation about an a attack on our government, getting people to listening to him are getting really, really angry. those people who are getting angrier and angrier, carlson's audience, they're going to engage in violence and people are going to get hurt because of stuff that tucker is putting out. it's really, really scary. >> we have to wrap it up. i also wanted to ask you about adam kinzinger's announcement that he's not seeking re-election, but we'll have to save that for another day. joe and taryn, thank you so much for your time. >> thank you. the armorer of guns on the set of "rust," where she's placing the blame. "rust," whers placing the blame. where does it go? does it get tangled up in knots?
3:46 am
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3:50 am
buckingham palace has said she's been advised by her doctors to rest for two weeks. it comes after the 95-year-old monarch was in the hospital. with don't know what it was for, but it's covid-related. cancelled her appearance at the festival of remembrance. >> she was in charge of all of the guns on set and now she's speaking out. >> we're talking about the armorer on the alec baldwin's latest movie rust. she's telling her side of the story. surrounding the fatal shooting. here's nbc's miguel almaguer. >> saying she's been slandered and falsely betrayed, hannah gutierrez-reed, she's sharing her side of the story, in a statement her attorneys write -- hannah was hired on two positions on this film. which made it extremely difficult to focus on her job as an armorer, she fought for training, but ultimately was
3:51 am
overruled by production, and her department. sources close to the production say no one was looking to cut corners, and she never worked in both positions at the same time. >> although we appreciate the statement given by ms. gutierrez-reed, i think it raises more questions than it does answers. >> reporter: investigators say a single bullet that should have never been on set was placed inside a revolver like this one before alec baldwin pulled the trigger, and killed cinematographer halyna hutchins. hannah has no idea where the live rounds came from, her attorneys say. hannah and the prop master never witnessed anyone shoot live rounds with these guns. >> how could the armorer not know that there was live ammo being put into these guns? that's their job. >> reporter: the sheriff said the investigation could take weeks, even months.
3:52 am
more witnesses are expected to step forward and share their side of the story. >> our thanks to miguel almaguer. the mid-atlantic expecting the worst coastal flooding it's seen in two decades. in our next hour the new york fire department warning ck come monday, there will be a 20% reduction at fire houses due to a city mandate that many firefighters say they're against. we'll speak with the head of their union. (burke) sure, this is the part where all is lost and the hero searches for hope. then, a mysterious figure reminds her that she has the farmers home policy perk, guaranteed replacement cost. and that her home will be rebuilt, regardless of her limits or if the cost of materials has gone up. (woman) that's really something. (burke) get a whole lot of something with farmers policy perks. wait, i didn't ruin the ending, did i? (woman) yeah, y-you did. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ at t-mobile for business, unconventional thinking means we see things differently, so you can focus on what matters most.
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we learned spacex's halloween launch has been delayed. bad weather, a large storm, really, a storm system moving across the ohio valley is bringing in extreme wind and tidal conditions. the crew will now blast off for the iss on wednesday, with forecasters predicting an 80% chance of favorable weather condition at the launch site. nasa's crew 3 astronauts will arrive at the space station the same day for a shorthandover with crew two, which is currently there. they've been there since april. crew two is targeting early november return to earth. we're also following severe weather that is pushing through the mid-atlantic and northeast region. >> heavy rain is already causing flooding in and around washington, d.c. more than 20 million people are under alerts for what could be the worst coastal flooding since 2003. up to three feet of rain in some areas. nbc news meteorologist michelle
3:57 am
grossman is monitoring this for us. we've already seen a lot of flooding. what can you tell us? >> hi there, guys, it's a two part system. we had the the nor'easter that came through a couple days ago. we had so much water and it didn't go anywhere. then we put this storm system on top. we're seeing the flooding loong the coastlines. we'll see that the next several days. the low lying areas prone to flooding, we're seeing two to three feet of water inundation aboveground level. hopefully a lot of these people move their cars. we saw pouring rain last night. look at that, all the way up to the sidewalks, the steps and we're going to continue to see this. it's not going go away today. we're seeing better conditions in terms of the rainfall, but this threat is going to stay in place over the next several days. so let's go ahead and take a look at the threat that is in place. we do have a coastal flood threat. we have a warning, and also advisories. you see the colors on the map here, 20 million included.
3:58 am
we're going to see inundation of water aboveground level. we have the flooding warning in place. but we're going to see that throughout the day as well. a flood threat also in effect due to the rainfall in maine. we could see excessive rainfall in spots and so many spots in new england, especially in massachusetts, still without power from the nor'easter. so a lot of people suffering on this saturday. it's going to be a soggy one for so many. here's a look at the current radar. you can see that huge swirl, lots of green on the map. even yellows and oranges, indicating that heavy rain so zooming in a little bit closer, this is what your saturday is going to look like. it's going to be dreary, indoor type of day in many spots in the mid-atlantic and northeast. winds gusting also, that's part of the problem. you can see the white lines, the winds gusting are pushing the atlantic water inland into those back bays along the island sound, places like that. expect to up three inches of rain in some spots. especially where you see darker colors in maine, vermont, new
3:59 am
hampshire and even new york. as we go throughout the time, we're going to see the heaviest rain lifting into new england. the coastal flooding is going to continue up and down along the east coast. we're seeing rain in parts of the southeast as well. this is a really big system. something to watch today but we do want to end on good news. we have a pretty good forecast for many on halloween. we're looking at really dry conditions, finally, in the mid-atlantic and some sunshine in the middle of the country as well. back to you guys. >> look at that. in bone chilling to go with the halloween theme as well. thank you, michelle grossman. >> a cape over your costume. >> exactly, true, thanks, michelle. we begin a new hour of msnbc right now. and breaking on msnbc, day one of the g20 summit is now under way. president biden is overseas without a deal yet on his domestic agenda. and in rome, a slightly more
4:00 am
skeptical global audience, can he convince allies that america is really back after four years of trump? showdown over shots, a vaccine mandate for new york city's municipal workers now in effect and warnings the decision could shutter up to 20% of the city's fire houses. >> new york city is going to come to a crisis on monday morning. >> reaction from the head of the city's firefighters' union ahead. a new arms race with china, the latest warnings about the nation's missile test of hypersonic weapons, and why the pentagon fears it could evade u.s. defense systems. one of the biggest scandals facing the nhl, new details on the sexual abuse allegations made by a former hockey player against his former coach. the controversy triggering major resignations right now. we say good morning, everyone, it's saturday, october 30th. i'm kendis gibson. >> i'm lindsey


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