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tv   Way Too Early With Jonathan Lemire  MSNBC  October 29, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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it's friday eve which doesn't mean it's friday eve now. it will be tomorrow. there's no greater news i can give you. that's going to do it for us now. "way too early" is up next. president biden kicks off the first full day of his overseas trip with an eye on what's happening here at home. he left for italy without a deal on a spending plan. with democrats still squab ling, the question is did the president pack his patience? plus virginia is for lovers of glenn youngkin apparently. with just four days to go, the question is can terry mcauliffe come from behind? and mitt romney returns the favor. after years of being impersonated by jason sudeikis on "snl," the senator does his best impersonation of ted la sow. the question is how did kyrsten
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sinema of all times get roped into that? it's "way too early" for this. ♪♪ good morning and welcome to "way too early," the show whose staff is still debating yesterday's question on "morning joe" about which halloween candy is best. team snickers. i'm jonathan lemire. we'll start with the news. yesterday morning the president pitched a slimmed down version of his social spending package to lawmakers and the american people. the white house had hopes that the announcement of a build back better act framework would be inuvik to convince house progressives they would vote for the infrastructure bill. instead they dug in and insisted the bills be voted on together. in a statement congresswoman
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jayapal said, quote, members of our caucus will not vote for the infrastructure bill would the build back better action. we will work immediately to finalize and pass both pieces of legislation through the house together. the act includes paid family leave, free community college, and lowering the cost of drugs. instead they passed transportation funding that was running out and being used as an artificial deadline. during his appearance after the democratic caucus meeting to build support for the reconciliation deal, president biden framed the moment ascii to the success of his presidency. two nbc news sources familiar with the talks say the president called it an inflection point. he pressed house democrats, telling them exactly what he believes is at stake, saying, quote, i don't think it's hyperbole to say that the house and senate majorities and my
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presidency will be determined by what happened. >> i want to thank my colleagues and the leadership. we spent hours and hours and months and months working on this. no one got everything they wanted, including me. but that's what compromise is. that's consensus. and that's what i ran on. i've long said compromise and consensus are the only way to get big things done in a democracy, important things done for the country. i know it's hard. i know how deeply people feel about things they fight for. but this framework includes historic things on our nation and our people. any single element of this framework would fundamentally be viewed as a fundamental change in america. taken together, they're truly consequential. i couldn't have been any clearer from the very moment i announced
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my candidacy. that's why e wrote these bills in the first place and took them to the people. i campaigned on them. and the american people spoke. this agenda, the agenda that's in these bills, is what 81 million americans voted for. more people voted than any time in american history. that's what they voted for. >> all this, as we mentioned, is playing out as president biden engages in a high-stakes trip overseas. he's set to meet with the pope just a few minutes from now before he turns his attention to the group of 20 summit in rome. that's where we find nbc news senior international correspondent keir simmons. keir, thanks for joining us. that's a nice backdrop. there have been reports that a lot of european leaders are still wary of the united states after former president trump's four chaotic years in office.
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we know some of america's closest allies were upset about how the withdrawal from afghanistan took place, and, of course, the deal the president made with australians and the uk, cutting out the submarine contract. how will he be received? what work does he have to do? >> reporter: hey, jonathan. congratulations on the new role there, my friend. listen, president biden wakes up in rome having had little sleep and multiple headaches. really this trip should all be about the fact that president putin and president xi of china aren't here, whereas, president biden is. but, of course, everything president biden faces is controversy. the europeans will have noticed that those troubles that he's having with his own party back there with progressives with the build back better act and when he meets even with the pope here in the next hour, i guess the one thing they won't talk about will be the controversies, the challenges that the president and the pope actually has with
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conservative catholics there? the u.s. they're more likely to talk about climate change. but, again, the europeans in the world will have noticed that up until now, the president isn't able to arrive here for the g20 and the cop26 conference later in scotland with any concrete climate change measures to announce, to present. and then later he has a meeting with the french presidents, and that's who, jonathan, is going to be a challenge for all the reasons that you suggested. >> yeah, keir. i think there should be some tension there with president macron. let's remember france withdrew their ambassador from the united states for the first time ever out of protests over that deal. let's hear a little bit on this meeting with the pope that's coming up in a few minutes. obviously president biden is just the second catholic of the united states. he's a devout catholic, attends mass every weekend. there's been controversy that's
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been alluded to whether he should receive communion because of his pro-choice stachbls but he and the pope are soulmates in terms of climate change and helping out the poor. tell us about this. why is this meeting so significant? >> reporter: clearly it's going to be special for president biden as a catholic, the opportunity to come here and meet with the pope is always going to be a life moment, if you like, even if you are the president of the united states. so there's that aspect clearly. also, i think it may be the easiest meeting that he has because the two of them agree on so much, in particular on climate change. we know that climate change is going to be one of the topics of conversation. i suspect that pope francis will want to have that be the central conversation during this
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meeting. as you say, then later when he goes on to meet with president macron of france, that meeting is going to take place, i think the french will see as a victory. every leader around the world looks for the opportunity to stand next to the american president and have that seen domestically. but there are going to be challenges in that meeting. how does the white house pivot the toward focuses on china and not let arguments with allies like the one we saw with the french earlier this year kind of scuffle that plan, that change in diplomacy. it isn't easy. and the meeting with president macron later will kind of set the tone, if you like. >> nbc's keir simmons. thank you for that and the kind words. we should note the president will be arriving at the vatican in an 85-car motorcade. that's impressive. thank you, again, sir. we should also note we'll
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have much more on the policy fight at home and the president's overseas trip a little later in the show. but now this. former new york governor andrew cuomo has been formally charged for groping a female in the governor's mansion. cuomo is expected to appear in court on november 7th to be arraigned on the charge of forceable touching. court documents don't name the woman involved, brittany camas sow previously accused the governor groping her urnld her shirt. the simmons was issued without commiss sow's or her attorney's knowledge. in a statement through her lawyer, cami sow said she was surprised by the turn of events but will remain a resolute victim in pursuit of blind justice. albany county's district attorney was also uninformed about the filing.
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he writes, like the rest of the public, we were surprised to lever today that a criminal complaint was filed in albany city court by the albany county sheriff's office against andrew cuomo. the statement adds, quote, this is not professional law enforcement. this is politics. still ahead, what happens to members of the military if they refuse to get vaccinated? that's a question the pentagon is grappling with as thousands of troops still haven't rolled up their sleeves. the latest on that story and a check on the weather when we come back on this friday. come back on this friday this is... ♪ ♪ this is iowa. we just haven't been properly introduced. say hello to the place where rolling hills meets low bills. where our fields, inside and out, are always growing.
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[gusts of wind] [gusts of wind] [ding]
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snu new hope in the fight against the covid pandemic as cases continue to plummet nationwide. the united states is averaging
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70,000 new cases every day. that's a 20% drop. the number of people dying is still high, 1,400 a day. but even that represents a 15-day drop. likely, hopefully it will continue to drop. the nation's largest fire department is bracing for a possible first responder shortage as new york city's covid vaccine mandate for workers takes place monday. nbc's correspondent gabe gutierrez has the latest. >> reporter: outside the new york city mayor's residence today, outrage from firefighters and their supporters over a covid vaccine mandate impacting 160,000 city employees. the deadline for proof of one shot, friday evening. >> i don't feel i should be coerced into taking it before i'm ready to. >> i'm already vaccinated. just to get the mandate. that's all. >> reporter: employees who don't comply face unpaid leave
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starting monday. union officials say up to one-fifth of fire companies could close. right now new york city police have a 74% vaccination rate, firefighters, only 65%. >> your lives are more important than their mandates. >> reporter: mayor bill de blasio facing pressure from sanitation workers, too, some letting trash pile up on sidewalks in protest. >> anyone who's not doing their job, you're harming your fellow sanitation workers, and you're harming your neighbors and the people in new york city, and it's time to stop. >> reporter: the battle over vaccine mandates is extending beyond new york, not just in street rallies but in courtrooms. missouri's governor just barred state offices from punishing those who declined the vaccine. 21 attorneys general have signed this letter challenging the biden administration vaccine requirement for federal
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contractors, and florida filed a lawsuit. >> we do have a responsibility to stand up for our authority here to governor ourselves. >> our thanks to nbc's gabe gutierrez for that report. about 12,000 air force personnel have rejected orders to get fully vaccinated against the coronavirus despite a pentagon mandate. data from the third largest military service shows more than 96% of active duty airmen are at least partially vaccinated. they're refusing to say how many are outright refusing it versus those looking for exemptions because they're nearing an exit from the military. they're subject to punishment including possible dismissal from the service. they add that vaccinations have slowed and they say it's too late to begin a regimen now and be in compliance by the tuesday deadline. a pentagon spokesperson says nearly 87% of active duty troops
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are fully vaccinated. still ahead, kyler murray throws away the undefeated record against the packers. and an outdated term by peta. let's try to figure that out. sports is next. "way too early" will be right back. s next "way too early" will be right back for people who are a little intense about hydration. neutrogena® hydro boost lightweight. fragrance-free. 48 hour hydration. for that healthy skin glow. neutrogena®. for people with skin. (burke) i've seen this movie before. (woman) for that you have?kin glow. (burke) sure, this is the part where all is lost and the hero searches for hope. then, a mysterious figure reminds her that she has the farmers home policy perk, guaranteed replacement cost. and that her home will be rebuilt, regardless
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now he knows his glucose levels when he needs to. and... when he wants to. so ray... can be ray. take the mystery out of your glucose levels, and lower your a1c. now you know. try it for free. visit third down and five. a pump fake play is caught. second of the game. cobb. touchdown, green bay. >> good game on "thursday night football." missing his top two receivers, green bay quarterback aaron rodgers relies on veteran randall cobb hauling in his second touchdown pass of the game. that helped them in the lead over the arizona cardinals. but the cards came soaring back, making it a three-point game with connors' second rushing score of the night.
2:21 am
that's before a crucial goal line stand late in the corner giving him the ball back and sets up the opportunity to go 99 yards for the win. >> second down and goal. a nice snap again. end zone and picked off! intercepted by russell douglas, and the packers are going to win it. >> just killer interception. 12 seconds to go. arizona does not make it. kyler murray's pass on second and goal was intercepted in the end zone. a.j. green, the receiver, just didn't turn it around. green bay runs out the remaining seconds on the clock to hand arizona their first loss of the season, a heart breaker, 24-21. the bulls hosting the surging new york knicks last night. chicago off a 12-0 run trailing by one in just the final seconds. >> randall throws to robinson.
2:22 am
derozan. here he goes. derozan. there he goes for the lead. that will do it. >> continuing the trend of buzzer beater air balls, derozan misses that one and the knicks beat the bulls, 104-103. quenneville resigns. in the team's response to allegations by a player of being sexually assaulted by another coach during the 2010 stanley cup playoffs. the investigation reveals quenneville was aware of the situation and took part in at least one meeting regarding the allegations. quenneville, the second winningest coach in league history resigned with three years and $50 million remaining on his contract with florida. panthers off to a good start.
2:23 am
meanwhile game three of the world series is this evening in atlanta. tied at one game apiece, this one features a pair of rookie starters. ian andersen on the mound for the braves and garcia on the hill for houston. meanwhile the san diego padres are looking for a new skipper. bob melvin, three-time manager of the year who has been with the oakland a's since 2011 is expected to join the padres on a three-year contract. peta is pitching major league baseball for a new term for bullpen. they're calling the league to strike out the the word and suggesting arm barn. they say it mocks the misery of sensitive animals. >> time now for the weather. warming up for the arm barn in
2:24 am
this segment, bill karins. bill, what does the weather look like for the halloween weekend. >> big forecast. things are very active. this is going to be a wild day in the mid-atlantic region today. historic major coastal flooding expected. the nor'easter built the water up and then this next storm is already moving in on top of it. the water didn't have time to retreat. it's going to be a very unusual storm system setup and it's going to cause a lot of problems especially in the chesapeake bay. it's a huge storm. it needs that powerful, but it's just huge. we had rain from kansas city, all the way from d.c. to delaware. this storm has rain in and out of the ohio valley, the great lakes, and even the southeast, but it's right along the mid-atlantic coast. 18 million people are impacted by the coastal flood warnings. up to three feet of inundalgs is possible. homes are expected to flood along the coast. they're saying in some areas this will be the highest water levels since hurricane is bell since 2003.
2:25 am
think of the major storms that have come up the east coast. this will have higher water levels than all of those. it will be a very significant flood event. call it a sneaky flood event. it isn't from a hurricane or nor'easter. it's two storms quickly in succession and the wind perfect to pile up. you're going to have pretty high wind gusts too. we could see isolated power outages in areas along the coast. for today's forecast, we'll watch the rain from the mid-atlantic to the midwest. we have a flood problem in the northwest. heading into the weekend, the northeast is a trouble spot for heavy rain and kind of gloomy weather. the rest of the country looks pretty good. finally, jonathan, we'll just about clear out. we're watching snow possible in wyoming and nebraska, but we'll call it ideal trick-or-treating weather. you remember those holidaying where you were sweating in your costume or you need a winter coat to cover it up? not this year. it looks pretty good.
2:26 am
>> bill karins, what's your halloween costume? >> i will be a monkey, a monkey costume, and that's about it. >> a monkey costume is not the most inspiring choice, bill, but i will say it beats what i did when i was a kid. i was never a huge halloween guy. i was never a huge han kandi guy. one year i went as a successful businessman, i went in a suit and tie and combed my hair. and the next year i did the exact same thing. bill karins, i hope you have a great holiday weekend. i hope the kids have a safe trick-or-treating weekend. coming up, the race for governor is a dead heat in virginia, but now new numbers paint a different picture. is this an outlier or signs of things to come? that story straight ahead. but before we go to break, we want to know why are you awake? email your reasons at
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welcome back to "way too early." it's 5:30 on the east coast, 2:30 out west. i'm jonathan lemire. with just four days to go before the virginia gubernatorial election, new polling shows that republican glenn youngkin is moving ahead of democrat terry mcauliffe. in the latest poll, youngkin is
2:31 am
ahead, 53% to 45%. at the heart of the race is the debate over education and youngkin's promise to ban critical race theory from classrooms. with 79% of the supporters saying they're extremely interested in the election compared to 69% of mcauliffe supporters saying the same. again, it's just one poll. meanwhile youngkin said former president trump will not be stumping for him despite trump teasing an impossible appearance earlier this week. >> he's not coming. in fact, we're campaigning as virginians in virginia with virginians. >> why won't he come out and campaign with you? >> because this is about virginia. >> he's striking a balance between embracing policies of
2:32 am
trump and keeping a distance. terry mcauliffe has brought in some of the democratic petr's biggest names to campaign for him including the president, first lady, vice president, and former president. joining us now is the co-founder of "punchbowl news," john bresnahan. john, obviously this virginia race is against the backdrop of capitol hill, what you're covering so closely each and every day. first of all, what happened yesterday? the president went up pennsylvania avenue after the white house leaked they had a framework, that they thought all democrats would support. that was not the case. isn't it usually a president only makes that trip if he thinks he's got a deal just about in hand? but he left without anything. tell us what happened. >> yeah. that was kind of a shocker.
2:33 am
yesterday was -- you don't see that very often. think about it. happened to biden twice. he's come twice to meet on the bipartisan infrastructure bill t $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill, and he couldn't convince progressives to vote for it. they want to see what's going on with this big social spending package, the build back better act, which is still under negotiation, and they wanted to see texts of that. they wanted to see what senators joe manchin and kyrsten sinema were doing. and they don't trust joe manchin and kyrsten sinema, and joe biden couldn't get them to trust him. so there's a lot of intra-party fighting yesterday. speaker pelosi announced there was going to be a vote. biden never said to himself and the progressives were like, we don't want to vote it. at the end of the day, they got to delay it. it was a setback for biden and the leadership and pelosi, the whole party. you know, as you said, it also
2:34 am
came against the backdrop of virginia and the shocking fox poll. they were talking about that up on the hill, that huge swing in that poll. again, it's only one poll, but if that's the case, you know, that's going to shake up a lot of democrats. >> it also means the president gets to scotland for that climate summit on monday without any clean energy provisions, any sort of proposals on climate change. so, bres, tell us what the schedule's like now. are there still talks, negotiations? congresswoman jayapal, i believe last night, said she thought maybe there could be votes on both measures next week. does that seem realistic? where do things go? >> you know, i have a heard time seeing that happening next week. they could cinch it up. they still have a bunch of outstanding issues. they still have on the reconciliation package, on the social spending pack and, the build back better package, that's still open to negotiations. there's negotiation over the tax
2:35 am
side, medicare expansion, negotiation over paid family leave, immigration. there's a bunch of issues still open. the other thing is congressmen give themselves a five-week deadline. if you give congress five weeks, they're going to take five weeks, okay? they fill up all available space and time with pushing things off. so, you know, that's, i think, a big fear of the leadership. they do feel they have some momentum. there was a lot of negotiation. you know, there's still a bunch of issues ongoing. but they want to cinch up a deal next week, maybe vote on it. i think the earliest is probably two weeks. that's more realistic. and the senate, the house, would vote on it first, and the senate would have to vote on it. but this is going to go on for a while. this is going to drag for a while. we're not close to done on this yet. >> john bresnahan of punch bowl
2:36 am
new. you make a key point there. a key lack of trust between the democrats. still ahead, a totally different name for facebook's parent company. mark zuckerberg is looking to revamp the embattled platform, but will he crash down on the real problems there? "way too early" is coming right back. oo early" is coming right back ♪ i like it, i love it, i want some more of it♪
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2:40 am
him. he chose the name relating to the universe. my theory it was a nod to metta world peace, ron artest's new name. what had people talking, the bottle of barbecue sauce on the ceo's shelf. meta doesn't change what's going on at facebook and the bad headlines they're doing every day. before he was ted la sow, jason sudeikis spent years on "saturday night live." he portrayed mitt romney during his run. mitt romney returned the favor. he dressed up as ted la sow. he said after ten years i'm finally returning the favor. how is my ted lasso, jason? he had fun including warming up with his grandkids and said your body is like day old rice. if it's not heated up properly,
2:41 am
something bad can happen. kyrsten sinema had fun. kyrsten in the headline as lot right now. of course, the iconic believe sign had to be included hanging in the senator's office, saying, quote, if you believe in yourself, you can have clear eyes and a clear nose. it's the friday of halloween weekend and our "way too early" family is getting dressed up for the spooky occasion. adam's dog is going to be wear ing a fuzzy pink coat. steve's son is wearing a dinosaur suit. mike's dog winnie is going as a "way too early" intern complete with coffee cup. it reminds me. i could use a refill.
2:42 am
ashley's daughters are dressing. maurice, the u.p.s. driver to deliver all of the last-minute candy in time. that's adorable. my own kids going as mario characters. but the photo is classified. i should note, my costume, successful businessman, it also included a briefcase. still ahead, the messy withdrawal from afghanistan. how did they fail to the rapid takeover. my friend richard haass joins us next on that. next on "way too early." xt on tt next on "way too early." and we need more time. so, we want kisqali. women are living longer than ever before with kisqali when taken with an aromatase inhibitor or fulvestrant in postmenopausal women with hr+, her2- metastatic breast cancer. kisqali is a pill that's significantly more effective at delaying disease progression versus an aromatase inhibitor or fulvestrant alone. kisqali can cause lung problems, or an abnormal heartbeat, which can lead to death.
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u.s. intelligence failed to predict the speed at which the taliban would take over afghanistan in the run-up to the final withdrawal of american troops. instead they offered scattershots. that's according to summaries of multiple classified materials obtained. the assessment highlighted taliban advances from the spring of 2020 through july,
2:46 am
forecasting the u.s.-backed government in kabul was unlikely to survive without foreign troops while american forces were still on the ground. joining us now, president of the council of foreign relations and author of the the book. richard, i think we have you. if you are there, let me ask you this question. >> i'm there. >> all right. thank you for being here this morning and getting up a little early for us on our first week here hosting the show. according to "the wall street journal," we just mentioned nearly two dozen intelligence assessments from four different agencies haven't been previously reported. walk us through this. what signs did they miss, how did intelligence officials miss them, and what does that say about our intelligence capabilities in that region going forward? >> jonathan, this is a classic intelligence mistake. it's not the first time we've had it. people didn't see the end of the cold war or the weapons of mass destrurkz in iraq. the israelis missed the 1973 war
2:47 am
that the arabs began. again, what do these all have in common? they have in common assumptions, mind-set or grouping. if you're looking for something, everything you see tends to confirm it or reinforce it. if you're not looking for something, you tend to miss it. what you had here was a mind-set that afghanistan, yes, the situation was deteriorating, but it wasn't on the cliff, it wasn't on the brink. i thinks are not going to happen quickly. my guess is people tended to discount intelligence or analysis that wasn't somehow consistent with this tape. it may have also been a problem to some extent. the sources were obviously weak on the taliban. we were oubs havely talking more to ourselves or the afghan government. i bet a lot at the end of the day, this is more about what people were thinking when they red this little snippet of intelligence. >> afghanistan will certainly be on the agenda for the president when he's overseas. this is his second foreign trip.
2:48 am
as we discussed, he's starting today in rome and i'm having some serious fomo of not being there and then on with the pope and the g20 including a meeting with french president macron. tell me what should we expect from him today? what's at stake for the president? what's on the line? we heard from him earlier in the show. he called this week, which he includes obviously trying to get his domestic agenda through. this could determine his future in the office and the democrats in the midterms. what does he need to do here? >> for his sake, he'd better hope not. it was a bad start in the united states not getting the legislation passed. first you have the meeting in italy which comes with the bilaterals with the pope and italian prime minister, with the french president. at the g20, the question will be whether you get the global pass. and then every country has to
2:49 am
implement it in its own law. we'll see what really happens. vaccines will be central. will the rich countries of the world step up meaningfully to provide much needed vaccines for the rest of the world? i'm a little skeptical of that. then you go to glasgow and the climate summit, and the problem there is, again, the gap between the urgency and the scale of the countries and what countries are going to commit to. a lot of countries like ourselves will talk about it. china is talking about 2060, but over the next ten years china is going to be increasing its output, building more coal plants. again, the real problem this week is dealing with the two greatest global challenges out there, which is the pandemic and climate. i don't think that's going to be a whole lot of progress. >> richard, one more quick one for you. i wanted to follow up on something you just said about vaccines. obviously casing are falling
2:50 am
here in the united states. that's not the case everywhere, including united kingdom where the president will be in just a couple of days. talk to us more about what you think will happen with the other foreign leaders turning to president biden and saying, look, you have more vaccines you can use, you have much more money going into it from these other countries but the real lesson is it's not over until it's over everywhere. the latest outbreak you get in u.k., that's the danger. it's almost like a fire that won't go out. it has to be a concerted global
2:51 am
response. >> the vatican is where the president headed to now. the white house correspondent objects to that. richard, thank you for being here. we'll see you again soon. we asked why are you awake? moo my dog kept getting nightmare of a huge spider chasing him. dan, you got something good? >> we got a picture of this little one took over the remote control. >> that's one of our target demographics under three. noreen is looking ahead for the next holiday, standing up in store for a toy. thank you all for sending in the tweets.
2:52 am
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. i am not sure we will and that comes from, my dad used to say all the time, son, whatever there is a will, there is a way. i am not too sure that democrats will develop the will to win in 2022. past majority whip james clyburn is warning democrats that they may lose the majority in 2022. joining us now is our own, mika. thank you for being here. i want to get your reaction.
2:56 am
i am glad you don't have your cat today. >> how do you know? >> hopefully he'll make an appearance on screen. >> this is one of the most important moments of his presidency for him and democrats holding onto both house of congress next fall. how important they get something done right now? they have not yet. >> democrats should look at the big picture. let's get to the meta if i can. excuse me facebook, we'll get to that. the president needed to leave town with a win behind him. instead, progressives dug in, they want these bills voted together. they want what they want. at some point, i wonder jonathan lemire, who you think, jim clyburn, do we need him to save the country again? who do you think james clyburn is talking to. the midterm coming up, long-term and what about next week in these governor's races.
2:57 am
terry could be in trouble if the democrats don't come together and agree on something, they're not going to get anything they want. that's called negotiations. they get to brag on what they get and shawn patrick said on our show last week, we'll get something through. americans will feel right away. americans are still feeling the slow disappearance and i am saying slow of covid, they're bumping into covid and they're having problems because of covid and even though that was the last president's problem, it's on joe biden's plate. that along with this, not, you know coming together and becoming a plan that americans can look at and feel and see and wow, this is build back better and this is biden america. democrats need to give him that win. >> clyburn is such an important
2:58 am
voice of the party. he's the one that delivers in some way of the nomination of joe biden's endorsement in south carolina. there is so much distrust between progressives. mika, you mentioned facebook and according to new documents disclosed by francis hougan. facebook researcher had a deep knowledge of coronavirus and vaccine misinformation moves customers app. what kind of users were more likely to share falsehoods about the virus. the company refused to share much information. facebook repeatedly said they'll fight the pandemic. this is yet another moment mika where facebook did not appear to be forthcoming as it needs to
2:59 am
be. what do you think? >> at this point, the name change seems so absolutely like a force attempt to sort of press reset and when ever you hear from mark zuckerberg, you feel like you are watching an episode of "blue's clues," i feel like we have been misunderstood and we'll get better and we'll do better. most companies when they are hurting society, hurting people, impacting their health. they're held accountable. the bigger picture with this company is going to be from washington and whether or not washington can get it together to create a situation where facebook and other companies like it held accountable, can be sued for their actions because right now they're hoping and banking on a name change. it's despicable all the way
3:00 am
around. francis hougan, a hero. >>mika, thank you so much not just for being here today but all your support about the show. thank you to all of you waking up "way too early" with us on this day. "morning joe" starts right now ahead of halloween. back to you, mika. halloween is almost here. and it's time to choose your costume, i have chosen mine, this is my captain curt. >> the only problem is he's dressed as mr. spock. romney went to work dressed as ted lasso or super mario or he stopped by sinema's office and he went dressed as -- they're having so much fun while the country dies,


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