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tv   MTP Daily  MSNBC  October 28, 2021 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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women should focus on awareness every month. prevention and early screenings are the secret to breast health and survival. and that does it for this edition of "andrea mitchell reports." follow the show online and facebook and twitter. >> welcome to "meet the press daily." they're enforcing in principle president biden's build back better framework but with a catch. this comes as president biden is on his way to europe after delivering a warning to democrats in private that congressional majorities and his presidency are on the line if his agenda falls through. he announced in public a $1.75 trillion framework
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agreement that he expects can pass both the house and even more importantly the senate. >> today i'm going to announce after months of tough and ultimate negotiations, i think we have a historic framework. we spent hours and hours and hours over months and months working on this. no one got everything they wanted including me. that's what compromise is. that's consensus. and that's why i ran. >> there is a lot of framework that president ran on including universal pre-k, huge climate investments and funding for immigration reform assuming that doesn't run afoul of signal rules. there is a lot that snnt this bill as well. a paid family leave, one of the last items on the bill. free community college and other progressive priorities.
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are these cuts progressives they can support the bill or not? speaker pelosi says that the president by her side, the house will hold a vote on the president's long stalled bipartisan infrastructure bill today. now that they have this framework in hand. but looks like that vote could be delayed because moments ago congressional progressive caucus chair told reporters that her caucus is endorsing this framework in principle but that they won't back one bill without the other. >> everyone in the room endorsed a resolution that approves in principle the framework that president laud out today. we intend to vote for both bills when the build back better act is ready. our members are enthusiastic for voting for both bills. >> for the latest on the infrastructure talks, monica alba is at the white house and we have the latest from capitol hill. i'll start with you, ally.
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so this presidential visit today. i think the idea here was this was supposed to close the deal. did this visit accomplish that? >> i don't think it did. what the goal was to coalesce the group around moving forward, speaker pelosi wanted to see this vote, you know, before the president lands in rome. it doesn't look like they're going to be able to bring that floor to the vote right now. i was spending my time before coming up here to talk to you outside that room where progressives were huddling and the sense i got from most of the law machers as they were leaving is that there is a real frustration around calling this a done deal when even the key senators, manchin and sinema and bernie sanders did not say they're all onboard for this as a framework. it's been the undercurrent to the discussions over the last
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few months. the fact that progressives are skeptical whether or not they can believe that the senators are going to come through for them on this if they were to come through on the bipartisan infrastructure bill. that brings us back to the same place of leverage we've been in weeks for now. they continue to hold their line. some even telling me down stairs that they said they felt bamboozled by today because this is not a framework that senators have come out and said we agree with. we will vote for. that's why you see them endorsing this in principle. they would like to see the senate push forward on a build back better vote and they want to seat two bills on infrastructure move through the house in tandem. that habit strategy that progressives endorsed. they're stucking to that now. >> i would have loved to come on the aur and played a firm statement of rejection fwor them
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if we have them. we got open ended sort of positive thoughts about this framework from both of those lawmakers. monica, let's talk a little bit about what is actually in this package. what got left out. how final do we think this framework is from the white house this perspective? >> the president made clear in those remarks that he expects this to be the deal essentially he wants his own party to get hund. he laid that out in stark terms because of the dead line he's up against which he is wheels up to rome. you can set your clocks. that is seven or so hour flight is going to be a very long one. it depends on what they can accomplish on pennsylvania avenue or a short one if the answer to that is nothing and there is no vote. something that president was hoping for potential action on by the time he does land in italy tonight.
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the president said this is not done. this is not something that at all is agreed to by all the parties or factions within the democratic party. and, of course, what is really critical here is that the president has said i have essentially want everybody to get onboard because this is probably the best that we're going to do. remember, originally he wanted $3.5 trillion. in terms of what is left out, two major promises which we can talk about in a moment. you see the breakdown of what is in it and what the white house is going to tout all weekend long while the president is abroad is the fact that there is more than $555 billion in this proposal dedicated to fighting climate change. you can bet the president will repeat that the entire time he's in scotland at that major un climate summit. the other things in here, things the president had promised when he was on the campaign trail. eldercare.
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childcare. but what is not in it and what i think is even more important to talk about in terms of what the president had really lobbied for and in the end didn't get any kind of paid family leave. there is none of that in the current framework as it stands. there is isn't free community college. there are pell grants that can help with that. then there are also all of the debates over expanded medicare coverage. right now it seems only they'll be able to cover hearing services not dental or vision and then still up for debate, apparently, what could happen with prescription drug reform and lowering those drug prices. but the white house essentially said today and the president said it himself, nobody's going to get everything that they want. he's hopeful though that during this long flight to italy he can maybe continue to talk to lawmakers and see what other concerns they have to see what they can solidify. but the president also kind of left here not answering some of those main questions. he had multiple opportunities to. i'm told is because he is going to try to put his focus on the
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summits overseas and leave a little bit of the domestic negotiations hund while he's there. of course, phones work on air force one and in europe. he can still be talking to them. he is going to really try to focus his energy on what is happening there and telling world leaders we're on the verge of something historic. the question is it really coalescing and when? >> i feel like democrats in the senate have been trying to handle their two-wayward moderates with kid gloves. last night when it came out that paid family leave was not going to be in the framework, we saw democratic lawmakers' frustration really boil over. can you give us a sense of how tense the relationships are there and what the trust level son the senate side alone this framework will be agreed to by the members? >> look, there is trust deficits throughout this building in part because of the ways that
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senators manchin and sinema communicated or not always been transparently communicating with their colleagues on the house side and the senate side. when it comes to paid family leave, i've been talking to advocates for weeks now who very much feel luke they got left out in the cold on. this it is something they felt was in until the very last moment when it was not. senator joe manchin said he wanted to see that policies help keep people family in the workforce. they still manage to fall out of this package. i will also say that last night i caught up with manchin as leaving the building. he seemed frustrated and exhausted. he didn't think reconciliation is a way to go about family paid sick and leave policy. that is something we heard from one of the key people trying to get manchin onboard with this. she was negotiating whether or not they could get anything even if it was just four weeks of
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paid leave. whether it included sick leave or not. they were trying a few different permtations of this. ultimately, the policy fell out of it. but what we heard from gillibrand today is echoing what manchin told me, he didn't think reconciliation is the right vehicle for this. will it be a stand alone proposal? many republicans said they prefer corporations and companies to do this on their own. of course, democrats want to see a federal policy on this. the united states is the only country that doesn't have a policy like. this they're not clear how they doll that now. certainly it's not no reconciliation package. >> it will remain that way for now. thank you both. and just now a senior democratic aide tells nbc news that chuck schumer is having a special senate democrat all caucus zoom meeting right now.
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white house officials can join and discuss this framework. so everybody on capitol hill is learning about this in real time. i'm j joined by the congressman from new jersey. what did you hear from the president today? what stuck out from him in terms of making progress on moving all of the agenda items forward? >> thanks for having me. it's a big day here. and the president made clear to us as reinforced by the speaker our leadership he wants us to vote on the infrastructure bill. the importance as he goes overseas of landing with a, he called it competitiveness versus complaisancy of getting this son and how important it is for the country. he laid out the framework. and what was also clear is time to make progress. time to move forward.
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he's expecting us to stand by him as he lands overseas. >> you heard from ally at the end of the last segment, the trust deficit that exists between progressive colleagues in the house and those moderate or conserve tough democrats. do you trust this framework will get 50 votes in the senate. >> i do. i've been working with senate colleagues for months. i really believe that this is a framework that we can get the 50 votes for. and i know my colleagues worked very hard to get there. right now what is really important is -- as you pointed out -- is there a trust deficit? we're united about our values and climate change and standing
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childcare for families and things we care about. dealing with drinking water and those are things represented in the packages. the first one is a great bipartisan bill that came out of the senate the beginning of august. you go back home and all you hear about is when are we going to get this done? there are two million jobs a year. we can get both done and there is no reason we can't start today for that infrastructure package. >> you had some champagne on ice a month ago when you thought a vote was imminent. what is your confidence level that this can get landed today? i don't have to tell you the concerns that progressives have about moving forward on a vote today. >> i'm out of the prediction business. i still have the champagne. it's still on ice. i think the country wants to
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drink that champagne and get this done. i'll tell you this, we're going to stay up and it's clear that the white house has made clear they're going to be working votes all day long. we're all going to be on the phone showing the importance of getting this done. it's hard to go home and look at the hard-working men and women and say, yeah, i know how important it is to get those jobs moving and when people say to me, i have to get home and see my cud to neutral. potholes and we have to fix the rail and get the gateway tunnel to new york, new jersey redone. i want to show them we can get it done. it is important we're going to see. that it will probably be a late night. >> you mentioned salt. would you vote for this framework now that doesn't include any changes to the state and local tax deductions? >> without a lot of assurances, salt will be in the final bill. i'll vote for it when there is salt in there. >> do you see the problem here though, congressman? you've got assurances that
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something that isn't in this bill will be. the who us is making assurances to progressives the senators who haven't come out and said publicly they're for it will be. what good is framework if everybody is operating on assurances that aren't part of it? >> i've seen statements from senators making clear this is something they support. listen, the -- someone came out and talked about how that will be in the final package. and, of course, we're awaiting on the final language here. the president feels good about where we are and asking four our vote that is bipartisan. it's been sitting there since august. i think we owe him for the country. i'm hoping that everyone comes together and does that. i know there are lots of people with lots of questions. the bottom line is that's why we have today to keep working through it and get there. >> since you mentioned it, i
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want to show you the statement that was put out today. after months of productive good faith negotiations with president biden and the white house, we made significant progress on the proposed budget reconciliation package. i look forward to getting this done, expanding economic opportunity and helping every day families get ahead. she doesn't explicitly say she would vote for it. you worked hand in hand with her on the negotiations. does she need to come out with a more explicit statement saying i am for this? i am with you? would that help seal the deal on the house side today? >> i don't speak for others. when i read look forward to get it done it is clear. and i believe strongly that she's behind this and so is senator manchin. we're going to get 50 and get this reconciliation package done. we have to come together as the president asked us to do and vote for that package and we'll get reconciliation done.
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it is is important for the country, for childcare and climate change and reinstating salt and universal pre-k. we'll get this done. it is a big tent party. i get it. it always takes a lot to come together. i think with the president bringing us together, he maud it clear with what his expectations are as he heads overseas for us to compete with china and creating jobs. >> all right, congressman. i'll see you later on what will be a late night. >> i have red bull, man. >> red bull and champagne, your fridge is stocked. we'll be all over this store you for the next hour. later in the show, we'll speak with a congressional progressive caucus chair who you just heard moments ago. her caucus is endorsing this framework in principle. but with those crucial caveats. will we'll get into all. that first, congresswoman judy chu who was also in the room
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welcome back. we're continuing to follow the breaking news that president biden is calling democrats to support the framework on the build back better plan even if the legislation itself remains a bit in flux. as we said moments ago, we heard majority of the congressional progressive caucus backs the framework in principle but wants to see the text of the bill before moving forward on the president's bipartisan infrastructure bill. i'm joined by judy chu. what did you hear that significant my moves the ball forward, changes the state of
10:22 am
play on two poses of legislation? >> president biden was more specific than environment better the framework. he talked about there being even more money for universal pre-k, $400 billion. he talked about childcare being fully implemented in this at no more than 7% of a family's income. and about clean energy increases in terms of the amount devoted to it, $500 billion as well as $150 billion to help with housing in this country. i was encouraged by what he said. we do want to note what the details are. and actually what i do want to emphasize is that what he said was we need to get both bulls passed. some are saying he just said one bill. i want to be very, very clear. because i listened very carefully. he said it's so important to get both bills passed.
10:23 am
this is the president's agenda. >> nancy pelosi said the infrastructure bill needs to pass today. are you a yes vote on the hard infrastructure bill if it comes to the floor today? >> i am for having both bills passed. and i want to see the details of the framework. i believe that we can best get president biden's agenda passed if we do both of those bills together. i think it's important to make sure they are tied together. some may have more interest in one bill than the other. that is what concerns me. but also we need to know the details because that's been
10:24 am
rolling around a lot. we need to know what exactly, for instance, is in the clean energy section of this. we need to know what form of medicare expansion there will be. negotiations are still going on. >> you make a good point. we're kind of using the word bill here loosely. a framework is not a bill. you can't vote on a framework. you need legislative text. you talk about negotiations still going on here. my last guest talked about negotiations still being on on his issue he cares about. i wonder if you feel like the issue of paid family leave is settled and whether that is acceptable to you? >> i don't think it is settled. in fact, i asked speaker pelosi last night directly is this out
10:25 am
or not? and she said we are still futuring for it. so we do not give up until the bill is being voted on. and i am hopeful that we can get something in there pertaining to it. this is bill is trance formational in so many ways. i think it's going to really help american families. the i just hope some day we can get this paid family leave done because it's not right for us to be the only developed country in the world that does not have a national family leave program. >> if it's out of this bill, is that a deal breaker for you? or are the benefits of the bill outweigh the frustration of not being able to do family leave right now? >> oh, my goodness. no. it's definitely not a deal breaker for me. this bill is transformational. it is $1.75 trillion worth of programs that will help american families who will help them with
10:26 am
their housing, with their home care. how about that? $150 billion for the elderly to be taking care of. with the universal pre-k. we're giving our young people the greatest chance in the world to have a good education and come out successfully. the because all the studies show that the investment you put in to those educational programs at age 3 or 4 pay off ben futs for the years to come. >> i think this is going to become the pre-k plus bill. that does seem to be the element that most members of your party are excited about when i talk to them. as we're sitting here talking, you're talking about element that's are not settled. there are elements unsettled like the salt deductions. that doesn't sound like a bill that would have text next week. what is the down side of voting for a bill that is done ready
10:27 am
and could be signed by the president on aur force one today? why not? >> it is only half of the program. i am for the bipartisan infrastructure bill, of course. i do think we need to have a major infusion of funds for our roads and high because which have been allowed to deteriorate so drastically in this country. but these bills have to be brought up together. we have the road and highways infrastructure. we have the human infrastructure. actually, i have to tell you that 90% of the build back better bill is written. so we can with push, with more negotiation, i think it's a negotiation that is taking more time than the bill writing itself. but if we can get both done, then i think we're in an excellent position to be able to pass both bulls together and get
10:28 am
president biden's agenda done. >> all right. thank you, congresswoman chu. i appreciate your time today. >> thank you. >> all right. we're also going to hear from the chair of the progressive caucus later in this hour. but up next, what with all this back and forth in negotiating, what is in the actual legislation and what are the electoral consequences for the elections coming up just five days from now? a lot more to discuss. stay with us. a lot more to discuss. stay with us ss, unconventional thinking means we see things differently, so you can focus on what matters most. whether it's ensuring food arrives as fresh as when it departs... being first on the scene when every second counts... or teaching biology without a lab. we are the leader in 5g and a partner who delivers exceptional customer support and 5g included in every plan. so, you get it all, without trade-offs. unconventional thinking, it's better for business. bogeys on your six, limu. they need customized car insurance from liberty mutual so they only pay for what they need.
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i don't want to punish anyone's success. if they want to be a billion aur, seek their goal. but all i'm asking is pay your fair share. pay your fair share. pay your fair share. and right now, many are paying virtually nothing. >> he said it quietly. he said it three times, you know he means it. that is president biden talking about the plan to pay for this build back better bill including a 15% tax on corporations over $1 billion and a surtax on wealthy americans. now we heard from some law make ers about what they think. i'm joined policy editor, our chief wonk to talk about what is in the framework and what it
10:33 am
means for democrats. benji, you've been listening to the conversations we've been having with lawmakers here. i heard a lot of optimism and also a lot of people that think their particular issue is the one issue that is not in the framework that will be. where do you think this bill stands? >> you're trying to buy a house and you look at the red listing and one that seems to fit your budget, you know, and a little compromise but it all looks good. the you would love to put a down payment on it. and then the broker comes in and says i think we can close this today. but you're not allowed to walk through it. you're not allowed to do an inspection. you have to waive all contingencies and sign today. in the a hothousing market, you might do. that but it's not an ideal situation. it's basically what democrats both moderates like josh was saying and judy chu who you were talking to that is how they both see this.
10:34 am
it's a lot to ask on page that when you don't have legislative text, when you don't have some of the key votes saying that they are definitively for this framework actually go forward and put that down payment down. >> it's weird you know so closely specifically how i bought my house. as democrats approach this framework and turn it into something they can pass, i want to look under the hood politically. the challenges around this. if you're a democrat that is going to run for re-election next year, are you more concerned about what is in it or not in it or are you more concerned about the process by which we have seen it come together. a lot of this is structural the way reconciliation bill has to work. you start with the pricetag and then go from there. but we have democrats have to
10:35 am
just strip the bark off all of the popular programs to get down to a sues they want. is the problem, you know, if you're looking at it from a political perspective next year, are you more concerned about the policies in it or not in it or the process playing out in public? in theory when they pass will the ball that will go away. what you mentioned is what is trk about this particular negotiation is that stuff that is stripped out isn't necessarily the progressive wish list. it's what a lot of the moderates who are actually in swing districts want the most. it's the things that pull the best. especially things like drug prices. that is the biggest. paid family leave. way up there. but there are still big substantive things in this bill that they can sell, even if they may not fully be taking effect by the mid terms. the biggest one is portions on childcare.
10:36 am
that includes universal pre-k and a major new enconstitute willment for childcare. we've been hearing about how things are stripped out of this bill and watered down. the provisions arguably got more generous in this framework than people thought they would be a couple weeks ago. they seem to actually apply to higher incomes than people both advocates were telling me they expected a week ago. this is clearly where the white house put the political capital and the money is there as well. $400 billion. now here's the flip side of that. it is temporary. six years. you run this huge risk of putting a robust program into place. that's a big risk. >> well, it's fascinating. republicans obviously not been a part of this legislation.
10:37 am
they're not interested in the policies. they're on the sidelines but in the position of the future of cancelling popular programs is a whole different kettle of fish politically. benji, thank you very much. up next, we're taking a deep dive into the places in this country that will tell the story of the upcoming midterm elections, talking directly to the voters whose enthusiasm and motivation will determine who controls congress in 2022 and beyond. you're watching "meet the press daily." beyond you're watching "meet the press daily. e. centrum helps your immune defenses every day, with vitamin c, d and zinc* season after season. ace your immune support with centrum. now with a new look! i thought i was managing my moderate to severe crohn's disease. then i realized something was missing... my symptoms were keeping me from being there for her. so, i talked to my doctor and learned humira is the #1 prescribed biologic for people with crohn's disease.
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welcome back, if it's thursday, we have a new episode of "meet the press reports." we're taking a deep dive into the county to county reporting project, taking a close look at several of the counties where we'll be taking the pulse of the american electorate all year long. >> norm's family has been working this pennsylvania soil for decades. how long have you been in this
10:41 am
county? >> my entire life. >> in that time, this blue collar county has seen a political ground shift. what do you think took this county from being a solidly blue place to now double digits for trump? >> they like what they heard. >> a lot changed here since barack obama sat on this very stool in 2008. this county elected democrats since 1988 but that changed when trump won here by double digits. >> i think the democrats value the blue collar worker anymore. >> cameron cox is a self described former blue dog democrat. a union man. he didn't vote for trump. he did recently reregister as a republican. what made you look around in the democratic party and feel like it doesn't feel luke home anymore? >> go to work in cowboy boots
10:42 am
and fire resistant clothing, covered in grease and look around the room. no one looks like you. >> 1,000 mules away in dane county, wisconsin, the state dap toll and home of university of wisconsin madison, the electorate is anchored by young liberals. this girl is no exception. >> with my generation, we never lufd in a period in which have not been free. >> she interns for congress. >> do you think people will show up for the mud terms? often they sit them out. >> i think 2020 is more substantial for america, was more substantial for the voting population than we realize. and i think 2020 taught people the importance of showing up. >> in duval county, florida, things changed quickly. >> new homes going in everywhere. >> i see major changes going on.
10:43 am
>> the sprawl count yuz spanning the jacksonville area was a long time republican strong hold. but president biden flipped it, earning 51% of the vote and becoming the first democrat uk presidential candidate to one near 44 years. >> it's nice to have a calm presidential person and not a drama queen. every day. >> connie duke calls herself a conserve tough independent who voted biden. >> i would give president iden a b. it's not just his doing. it's the lack of cooperation that i'm seeing. >> warning recent trends are fragile if not matched with significant progress. >> you voted 2020. >> yes. i will never vote again. >> why not? >> because there is no change. i don't feel like i was heard. >> anything that can be done in the next year to change that for you? >> change. >> you can see much more of the reporting on the new episode of our streaming show "meet the
10:44 am
press reports". that is 9:00 tonight on nbcnews now and on demand tomorrow on peacock. up next, the ceos of the kun friday's biggest oil companies aren ott hot seat on the thoil day amid allegations they lewd lied about what they knew about profits. hat they knew about profits. tonight, i'll be eating a buffalo chicken panini with extra hot sauce. tonight, i'll be eating salmon sushi with a japanese jiggly cheesecake.
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the heads of four major owl companies are testifying before the house oversight committee. democrats are calling this big tobacco moment. they say oil and gas companies have known for years that their products are major contributors to climate change and have misled the public about the facts. >> i hope big oil will not follow the same playbook as big tobacco. you are powerful leaders at the top of the corporate world at a turning point for our planet. be better. >> committee chair pressed exxonmobil's ceo about whether the company deceived americans about the dangers fossil fuels pose. citing decades of old warnings from the company's own scientists. >> so i'm asking you, mr. woods, do you agree there is an inconsistency between what mr. raymond, the exxon ceo told the
10:49 am
public and what mr. black and mr. cohen both exxon scientists told top executives? >> no, i do not agree there was an inconsistency. i think our position on that has continued to evolve scientific kmukt. this is a problem that requires thoughtful practical solutions. that is something we continue to emphasize over time. >> we'll turn back to president biden's agenda in a moment when the caucus chair joins us live. you're watching "meet the press daily." press daily. ou really want it, by jimmy cliff ♪ [suitcase closing] [gusts of wind] [ding] paul loves food. but his diabetes made food a mystery. everything felt like a "no". but then paul went from no to know.
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welcome back. as we reported earlier in the hour, house progressive caucus care pramila jayapal has announced her caucus has decided to back the president's infrastructure proposal in principle and they're working through the weekend to make it more concrete.
10:53 am
she joins me now. congresswoman, what does in principle mean here? it's a framework, you can't back every word because you don't know every word, right? >> that's exactly right, garrett. we wanted to convey our tremendous appreciation for our caucus members and allies who fought so hard and of course for the president of the united states who has been negotiating this, to see the tremendous momentum we have gained since a few weeks ago when the progressive caucus said these two bills needed to go together. there's been more negotiation that's happened in the last three weeks than has happened in the last many months from these two senators. that is what we were trying to convey. we really believe there is so much good in this framework. now, i will tell you that there are still senators who are continuing to work on things that could be additive to this framework around prescription drug pricing.
10:54 am
we of course welcome anything that's additive to the framework. but we are with the president in principle. i think that's the most important thing, is that we understand we have come a long way, that this bill has tremendous investments in it that will be transformational and that the majority of the progressive caucus priorities are in there. that's really very, very good, i think. and i think our caucus, we have the whip question out, but we can say this was enthusiastically endorsed by everybody in the room. >> i certainly don't speak for the white house, but when reporting on their end of the story today, i think they would probably say, if you're with us, be with us on this vote today and trust the white house, trust the president that he can deliver the votes ultimately, and vote today for the infrastructure bill. why would you still oppose the hard infrastructure vote tonight if you're ready to endorse at least in principle what exists for everything else here on the president's agenda? >> look, garrett, you know, this
10:55 am
is the nature of compromise, right? there are many people who simply do not feel comfortable voting for the infrastructure bill without the full legislative text and a vote on the build back better act. and that is just where we've been for months. people feel very strongly about it. they have different reasons for it, much of which have to do with the number of changes that have continued to come from two senators. and, you know, they've been working very hard, and we're very grateful to them for their work to get to at least this framework. but i will tell you that there are still a lot of people who just really believe that we cannot pass the bif without the full agreement, legislative language, and a vote, together. i'm not saying -- i don't think our members care if one comes before the other on the same date, but the two bills need to be together. that's where we are.
10:56 am
we were able to get what i believe will be near unanimous or unanimous support for the framework that the president laid out today. and also a commitment to -- you know, we're willing to stay through the weekend, if the speaker -- you know, the speaker has said that 90% of the bill is written, and i assume that to be true. then let's get the next 10% written, and then we'll vote both bills out at the same time. >> it seems to me if you started with $3.5 trillion and you've cut to 1.75, you are deleting, not writing, which should be a simpler process. can you clarify what the progressive caucus wants to see? i want to make sure these are "and" statements, not "or" statements. if you got complete text or a more complete statement from joe manchin and kyrsten sinema saying they'll support this framework or ultimately a vote, kind of any of those things are what you need to see to move
10:57 am
forward or do you need to see all those things before your caucus moves forward on the hard infrastructure bill? >> yeah, thanks for that, because it is confusing. we need to see both votes on the build back better act and the infrastructure bill moving forward together. we also want to see the commitment from the two senators, and frankly all 50 senators, that they are also supportive of this framework and that it will be passed with no undermining in the senate. so i think, you know, that's where we are. i think that -- you know, the regard for how far we've come is enormous. and i hope -- i hope we can convey that with what i think will be a unanimous or near-unanimous resolution for the framework that has been presented to us today. >> i have two other members on in this hour, one of whom said, even though it's not in here,
10:58 am
they think the s.a.l.t. issue could still be dealt with in the final bill. another member said, even though it's not in here, they think paid family leave could still be in the final version of this bill even though it's not in the framework. i'll ask you, how finished, how complete do you think this framework actually is or are there kind of ghost issues floating around out there that might still get added to it before it becomes legislation? >> you're asking exactly the question all of our members are asking. that's why we say we endorse the framework in principle, because we don't have legislative text. i don't know how anybody can fully move forward without the legislative text. so let's spend the last couple of days here finishing this negotiation. let's get it into legislative text. and then we will vote both bills through. but i think the reality is that, you know, that can be done very quickly. we are ready to endorse this framework in principle.
10:59 am
we would love to see, and i know some of my progressive senators are working on additional things, it's great, if there's anything that's additive, the progressive caucus will be in full support of those additive measures and we too will work to see what we can finalize in this text. but i think it's enormous progress that the president presented to us today. the investments that are in the bill, even as it is, even without the things that, you know, aren't there that we hope could be added, garrett, this is really phenomenal. we are going to put over half a trillion dollars in the care economy. universal childcare, pre-k, home and community-based care, we're going to put over half a trillion into climate. this is one area where there was a robust debate because we need to see the details of what is in there. people really care about carbon emissions and they want to make sure the provisions that are in there are actually going to reduce carbon emissions. and so those are the kind of
11:00 am
things that we want to see. but they're transformative. even on housing, this $150 billion into housing, which has been one of our priorities, i think we were the loudest caucus, in terms of housing being necessary, that is the biggest investment in housing since the new deal. so there are many things to love in here, many progressive priorities. and that's why we're i think going to unanimously endorse this framework in principle. >> congresswoman, thank you. we've got to go. i'll be back tomorrow with more "meet the press daily." msnbc coverage continues with the penultimate program with my friend geoff bennett, right now. it is great to be with you on this thursday. i'm geoff bennett. and we start this hour with the breaking news out of washington, where today the president


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