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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  October 28, 2021 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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climbs those things, his job is dangerous, and he says i don't want my kids in a world where the threat of climate change is over their heads. folks we all have that obligation to our children and grandchildren. across the country now there are 45,000 bridges and 173,000 miles of road that's are in poor condition. some you don't even risk going
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across. the weather is not going to get better, it's going to get worse. we have to build back better and stronger. we're going to put hard working americans on the job to bring our infrastructure up to speed, good union jobs and prevailing wages. jobs that you can raise a family on. my dad would say a little breathing room. jobs that can't be outsourced. improve the quality of our drinking water, putting plumbers and pipe fitters to work. laying thousands of miles of lines to build a modern energy grid. making high speed internet affordable everywhere. particularly including 35% of rural america that goes without it right now. this pandemic made clear the
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need for affordable high speed internet. the idea of a parent having to put their kids in a car for virtual learning and drive and sit in a mcdonald's parking lot so the child can access the internet when school is taught virtually is not only unnecessary, but just wrong if is wrong. as i said before these plans are fiscally responsible. they're fully paid for. they don't had a single penny to the deficit. they don't raise taxes on anyone making less than $400,000 a year. in fact, they reduce the deficit. here is how. i don't want to punish anyone's success, i'm a capitalist. i want everyone to be a millionaire or billionaire and seek their goal, but i'm just asking pay your fair share.
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pay your fair share. pay your fair share. right now many of them are paying virtually nothing. last year the 55 most profitable korb rations in america, paid zero, zero, in federal income tax. if they report big profits, they should be paying some taxes. they will have a 15% minimum of corporations. the top 1% of the wealthiest, as estimated by the experts, 10 billion from taxes. that is wrong. we're going to change that. i want to erp size what i said from the beginning. under my plans if you earn less than 400,000 you won't pay a single penny more in federal
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taxes, period. they continue to cut taxes for the middle classes for childcare and health care and so much more. let me close with this. for much too long, working people of this nation in the middle class and in this country have been dealt out of the american deal. it is time to deal them back in. it is time to rebuild the backbone of this nation. it could not have been any clearer from the very moment that i announced my candidacy. that's why i wrote these bills in the first place. and the american people spoke. this agenda, the agenda that is in these bills, is what 81 million americans voted for. more than any time in american
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history. that is what they voted for. their voices deserve to be heard, not denied or ignored. here is what i know. we make these investments, and there will be no stopping the american people or america. we will own the future. i long said it has never been a good bet to bet against the american people. i said that to foreign leaders and everybody in this country which mean it's is always a good bet to bet on the american people. just give them half a chance. and that is what we're doing. that is what the plans do. they're about betting on america, about believing in america, about believing in the capacity of the american people. if you look at the history of the journey of this nation, what welcomes crystal clear is this. we say it again, given half a chance, the american have never, ever, ever let the country down. let's get this done. god bless you all and may god
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protect the troops and i will see you in italy and in scotland. thank you. good day, everyone. this is ""andrea mitchell reports" in washington. that was president biden speaking about the deal to get the infrastructure bill on his desk. >> the positions i announce when i laid in and out a joint session of congress. these are not about left versus right or moderate versus progressive. or nen else that pits americans against one another, this is competitiveness versus complacency. >> claiming that he had demand for this. there is a new top line number,
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1.75 trillion for the spending bill. administration officials believe there will be the backing of joe manchin and kristin sinema. joining me now is leann caldwell and jonathan lemaire, the new host of "way too early." what do they believe the president has established this morning by going up to the hill, talking to the democrats, because the progressives as of last night and this morning were feeling very left out and very angry at senators manchin and sinema. >> he was trying to extend that olive branch saying he needed this to get done. but he is facing a lot of distrust in his own party. those moderate conservative senators, as you mentioned they're not trusted by a lot of
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progressives, even now. there is a sense here, we heard from lawmakers, waiting to see. progressives are saying we're not going to vote unless we have firm commitments that they will back the reconciliation program and until they do we won't vote on the bipartisan infrastructure deal. and so now we're hearing moderates in the house saying they may not be for this bill. usually when a president goes to capitol hill he goes to to seal the deal that he is just getting the ball from the one yard line into the end zone. this is not what he has done before. this is him trying to get an agreement and it seems like that has not quite happened yet. so we know they are voting for the bipartisan bill, but they're not quite there yet and the prth
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is risking it. >> nancy pelosi is supposed to be speaking at 2:00 this around. he is just left a meeting with her own progressive caucus. did she persuade them. >> sn. >> that is the big question. speaker pelosi was supposed to hold a press conference at 10:45 this morning, but the president was speaking at 11:15 and she did didn't want to speak on that. she did not take any questions from progressive members and then left. we don't know if she per persuaded them, but they were not yet satisfied based on what
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president biden said this morning. here is what they said after that meeting today. >> there is a few things not in here, paid leave, that was on the table, and medicare expansion that was slimmed down, and he said he doesn't know if he has an amendment for that. it wasn't, i think, it wasn't clear if the two senators have committed to vote for it, so you know, i think it is a bit of a leap of faith in the president. >> that is not what progressives wanted to hear from the president, but they want today hear senator joemanchin and kristin sinema are firmly on board. but he was unable to say that and he was unable to provide the
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legislate i text of the frame work. that's another thinking that the progressives want. joe manchin did not really comment on the frame work. he says it is up to the house right now. senator sinema said there was good progress, but that was the extend of it. you have generally from senators sinema and manchin. and speaker pelosi is trying to round out the votes for the bipartisan trillion dollar roads, bridges, and highway bill, and she doesn't have those yet either. she needs the progressives to sign on and she says at this point you don't have our support until we have this other bill. >> and it is really a big stretch, not knowing where bernie standers is.
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>> yeah, he would support their decision not to vote, mind you, something that he supported in the past until they got what they needed in the reconciliation package. that is a thorny thing for the democrats. there is also two significant political ones. the virginia governor's race. pleaded with the white house and the democrats on capitol hill to get this done, give them something to run on. and of course there is another deadline which is, at this point, a matter of minutes to europe. and he hoped to go to roam.
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it seems like right now that he might not be able to do that. >> he will be the only leader in the g-20. the only leader for the world's 20 wealthiest countries, the only country that does not have paid family leave. a very busy day, i know. chris murphy now joins me on the appropriations committee. senator murphy, the president is asking these democrats, especially the progressives in the house, as a leap of faith that the senator wills be on board, and that they have the 50 votes for reconciliation. until they have that and have language on the social spending, they don't want to vote on the bill that the president could have had three months ago. so you have an extraordinary situation with the leader of the party pleading with his own
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democrats in a way that lbj never had to, as he goes overseas to two critical summits. and politically, terry mccauliffe, they're saying they have to be done just a week ago. it is important for the race and the midterms. what the president is saying is that you're going to lose the house and potentially the senate if you don't back me. >> we're going to focus on what is in the bill. >> but senator, how do you get the infrastructure bill, the
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bipartisan bill today, before he lands in rome overnight. >> i mean that is up to the house of representatives. my belief is that we're going to get 50 votes for the bill back better bill. i can't speak for joe manchin and kristin sinema, and while we're working on common sense improvements to it, i think they're going to find 50 votes for the framework announced this morning. i can't speak to the commitments that the house of representatives needs. i think it is better to get the president a deal efore he lands in glasgow. >> what would you say to women in second and to your women senators, and your colleagues about the fact that as they put it, one 74-year-old man is
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stopping this package, this reconciliation from having paid family leave? >> i'm deeply disappointed by it. as will many women and men in my state, but i would also point folks to investments that are in this package that are going to make a difference for families. i think of one woman i talked to two weeks ago in connecticut, a single mom, who is out of work right now for one simple reason. she can't find childcare that she can afford. this legislation, the frame work, would say that for anybody who is low income or low to middle income, you're never going to pay more than 7% on your income on childcare. that will make a difference for a lot of families and low income women. of course this doesn't have everything that i would like or my comments will like, but it will make a difference in
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people's lives. >> are they shooting for the moon, and it is something so big that instead of focuses on some really positive things for progressives in this final package, if it gets through, and everyone is focused on the top line and then as senator sanders said, we started out at $7 trillion an we have come down a long way. >> i think it is up to us. it is up to leaders voting for this whether or not we want to go talk about what is not in the package or talk about what is in it. i think we go back to november, when mitch mcconnell would be in the senate for the next two years. i think what happened is extraordinary.
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we're going to change lives to make childcare more affordable and frankly my kids will be happy about this, they ask why i work on anything other than climate. they they is the one existential issue facing the planet. >> and clearly climate is a huge national security issue as well. i want to speak to you about foreign policy, that this hyper sonic missile test partly fails, but a troubling test that i know caught people by surprise. i was very aware that weekend when "the financial times" first broke the story of how we learned about it last august. and what the chair of the joint chiefs said is that this comes close to being a sputnik moment,
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when the russians took a leap forward in their space exploration and their rocketry. >> i think is important to get it right. he said it's not a sputnik moment. it might be similar, but it's different. that doesn't mean it isn't incredibly concerning, the advancements that the chinese have made. we have to keep our foot on the pedal for american investment. that being said. i think this town is far too on
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obsessed weapons systems. it is a warning side and we should not be fooled into thinking that we should keep up with china's rise by continuing to invest in the department of defense. >> and president xi will not be at the g-20 which is unfortunately a missed opportunity for at least a one on one for the president to have an opportunity to drive some personal diplomacy with senator xi. thank you for rushing other. >> thank you. >> much more on the president's push for a big deal, plus the complicated politics of paid family leave. that is coming up with senator christian gillibrand. covid infections now down. the factors driving those numbers could spark new problems though. this is "andrea mitchell reports" on msnbc. on msnbc.
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new covid cases are dropping dramatically nationwide as the country prepares to be able to vaccinate children as young as 5 years old as early as next week. there is a lot of talk about whether or not parents will actually vaccinate their children. we have the director of the vaccine education center at children's hospital in philadelphia, and member of the fda advisory committee. first, gabe, you're on the ground and these protests, these are employees, workers, fire, policemen, tell me what you're seeing. >> high there. i want to set the scene here. the crowd has started to disburse after gathering here more than an hour ago. packing in in front of the mayor's residence. mostly firefighters here,
9:25 am
andrea, and supporters. and they're furious about what they see as the government telling them what to do. they're telling me that throughout this protest. the mandates for the fdny, the nypd, other city agencies will kick in this friday afternoon, essentially, kicking in next week. and what the firefighters union say social security that up to 20% of fire companies many in the city -- and the mayor is saying there will be enough vaccinations to keep the public safe, but today he said that is only 68% of the fdny. but ahead to folks here, andrea, are furious about what they see as overreach by city hall. this is, of course, not something that we're pointing out here, but really in other parts of the country and again,
9:26 am
the concern is, especially among union officials, is that there won't be enough staffing next week when the mandate kicks in. >> gabe, people are going to be canceling vacations, and there is going to be an impact, and will ahead to people be fired or furloughed? >> so the firefighters union is telling them to show up on monday. they are saying it will be addressed at a managerial level, but yes. the city is trying to scramble to figure out what to do. enacting mandatory overtime to make sure the staffing levels are maintained. >> i want to turn now to vaccine eligibility for kids. what conversations are you having with the parents of patients?
9:27 am
have you encountered many that are hesitant? >> for now, we voted to essentially say yes, the fda has to approve that and then it goes to the cdc and then they will make a recommendation. i hope that parents will embrace the vaccine. it is a decide that is a decide of the five to 13 years, down to the 9-year-old and it is high fever, they are sick and they tend to have longer term symptoms. so there is every reason to get this vaccine and not any good reason not to get it. >> i know you you are on that
9:28 am
advisory committee, and you're among the exports in the world. >> yes, it is always a little nerve racking. there is 1600 that got the vaccine. 16 of them in the placebo group, and the other thing is that you have a lot of data in adults, you know, hundreds of millions of adults, and now you have millions of children 10 to 15 years of age that gox vaccinated. so i do understand the parents hesitancy. you know that it is the first time we have used mrna containing vaccines. there is a choice not to get a
9:29 am
vaccine is not a choice. we see children in the intensive care unit. and you look at the anguish on their faces. the child was not vaccinated and the parents were not vaccinated. now we have a vaccine that makes this all of the more heartbreaking. >> thank you for your real experiences in the hospital there in the children's hospital. >> and the priorities that have now been dropped. will it affect the party's big test in virginia? this is "andrea mitchell reports" on msnbc. this is "andrea mitchell reports" on msnbc. [suitcase closing] [gusts of wind] [ding]
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president biden is going to roam for the g 20 summit later than planned today.
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we're going to the hill first to try to get everybody in the democratic caucus on board. nobody got everything they want, including me, and that is what i ran on. i know it is hard, i know how deeply people feel about the things they fight for. that includes historic investments on our nation and on our people. joining us now is david jolly. let's talk about this agenda because you're watching, we're really watching the sausage being made, but it's a rare time when the leader of the party says i'm going to a summit, i'm going overseas, i need this. we could lose midterms, you could lose virginia, and they are saying it is just not good enough. >> yeah, this was not so much by
9:34 am
joe biden to the nation, but to really house progressives. this is a resignation that every time they reopen, the number goes lower and things come out. i think they're saying that we have the best question get. i need you in this moment, and look this is a test of joe biden's leadership in the last few minutes. barack obama is out with a statement saying this bill has a lot of wins in it and the fight continues. house progressives have hard decisions to make now. if progressives are correct to point the fingers an manchin and cinema, but the numbers are not there. this is a real telling moment for house progressives. perhaps they just stand and say no on principal. let's go back in 22 and see what caucus prevails. >> there really is a long
9:35 am
standing friction between the house and the senate. >> that is right, you know, i made the mistake, i made the mistake and i realized that house and senate leadership rarely talk and rank and file members basically never talk. and the perception that there is great communication between the bodies, there is not. i think we're seeing that play out in this caucus right now. there is a fight over paid family leave. senator kirstin gillibrand is making it her key issue and has been for a decade. thank you, senator, let's talk about it not being in the package, do you still think there is a way to get it? from my reporting it was left
9:36 am
out because senator manchin just would not get on board. i think you were among others that went to him last night and appealed. tell me about that opinion. >> so i went to senator manchin last night for one last effort to ask him to please consider including paid leave in his final package. working parents and working families all across america have emergencies, a new baby, an adopted child, an ill family member or a dieing parent. those are the kind of life events that hit every family. you have to hit your job or not meet that need. so i was trying to find a way to get him to yet. there was all sorts of versions of people getting it first, but the good news is that he said he will work with me and while he cannot do it now he would like to work with me in the future. so we're not giving up today, it
9:37 am
may not be in this package that the president is rolling out, like you said this had a lot of great things in it, universal daycare. along with a lot of investments to deal with severe weather. so we willly to fight another day, and we keep working on these things that really matter to people. and i will keep working in it gets done. >> the president is flying to road where he is meeting with leaders of the g 20. . he is representing the only country of those 20 that don't afford paid family leave. >> yes. it is true. we are the only industrialized country in the entire world that doesn't have access to paid leave. and for most working people only
9:38 am
about 20% in america have access to paid leave. for lower income workers, middle income workers, they just don't have it and they have to make tough decisions. and usually for children, a parent has to quit their job. and it is hard to get rehired, and when they do they tend to be at a bottom rung, a low wage. it happens to women overand overagain and it's why two-thirds of minimum wage workers are women. it's a sticky floor and they can't get off of it. i'm going to keep fighting for it. we can't be in the package today, but it will be in the next one tomorrow and i will keep working until we get it done. >> one of your colleagues was quoted assaying we're not going to let one man tell millions of women in this country they can't have paid leave. speaking of senator manchin. >> she is quite right, neither
9:39 am
of us will be deterred. we can't announce we have an agreement today. it is certainly something that president biden is for. democrats are for, and hopefully overtime it is something that we can work on for a bipartisan basis as well. i have been working with my colleagues in the last several years on this topic. so i'm optimistic that we will get paid leave in this country. certainly while in i'm the senate, it will happen. the fact that it is not happening today is disappointing. the work that has been done in the underlying investment that he wants to make in the american people, the economy, it is transformative. if i could have told you that we have investments in affordable pre-k, i would be so excited that i would be almost incredulous. so we have done really good things here. i'm excited about it. paid leave is still really
9:40 am
important, and it will not be minimized, and we will keep fighting for it. >> let me ask you what you're message is to the house progressives. you were in the house before you became a senator. they feel they have given and given and given in terms of compromising. basically saying as of now, to the president of the united states, their party leader, who is making this plea, and saying that i'm not going to do summits, but we could lose control of the house and the senate. if we don't go along. i need a victory. >> yes. >> but they're basically saying we're not going to just accept your leap of faith. >> the thing is that for the house progressives, and you know, their first version of this bill, a $6 trillion bill, it was a vision of everything that want to do, and i agreed with that vision. it is an extremely powerful vision about how to rebuild the u.s. economy so it does work for everyone. it would be amazing if we could get that done. we just don't have the level of
9:41 am
the majority that we would need to get it done. what i urge them to do this package has a ton of stuff in it that you love. the affordable housing investments. affordable pre-k. universal affordable daycare. that all matters and that all works. take a positive first step, celebrate it, talk about it in your communities, and talk about what else you're for that you're going to keep fighting for, and that is what politics is. and sometimes it is longer than you imagine to have the kind of support that it takes to pass a paid leave bill. it just takes more time than you think and you have to build more support than you think. i encourage them to find their wins, talk about what they're proud of, and keep fighting for the things they believe in. >> do you think senator bernie sanders will be honest because you need on 50. >> senators sanders worked
9:42 am
extremely hard on this package of ideals. his vision is broader as is mine. as are many of the senators and the democratic party but we also know that taking this very positive first step is really important and getting these investments in place is essential. so i think there is a lot of good will power and i feel optimistic. we have an opportunity to do another investment and i think we can make those efforts then. i think people will come together, and i think this is an extraordinary opportunity to rebuild the middle class and rebuild the country after a horrible pandemic and it brought new york's economy to it's knees. >> will people be able to persuade the progressives to let the infrastructure, the bipartisan infrastructure bill, to be a house vote on that? >> i think we will vote on these
9:43 am
bills together. i think is important that we show the american people what we're for, we build hard infrastructure, affordable daycare, investments in clean air and clean water, and energy infrastructure. that matter, too. both are the entire part of the economy and it allows people to work at their full potential to get the economy going again. i think it is best to vote together and i think that has been the deal from the beginning and that is a reasonable request. so we vote on them together and we move forward together and i think question get there. >> nancy pelosi is trying to get a vote now. >> that is up to her, and she can work with her caucus to decide on timing. i liked the idea of doing them together and if they're ready they're ready and if they're not, they're not. that was my hope and my preference. i trust speaker pelosi to be
9:44 am
here for the right part of her caucus. >> the president has the deal, but where are the trillions of dollars to pay for it? a top treasury official, joining us with some answers. this is "andrea mitchell reports" on msnbc. this is "andrea mitchell reports" on msnbc. what do you say, switch to t-mobile with me? yes! fall in love with iphone. now new and existing customers can get the powerful new iphone on us. i'm not getting through the pandemic just to end up with the flu. i asked for fluzone high-dose quadrivalent. it's the #1-used flu vaccine for people 65 and older. fluzone high-dose quadrivalent is the only vaccine approved by the fda for superior flu protection in adults 65+. i'm not letting my guard down. fluzone high-dose quadrivalent isn't for people who've had a severe allergic reaction to any flu vaccine or vaccine component, including eggs or egg products. tell your health care professional
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where our fields, inside and out, are always growing. and where the fun is just getting started. this is iowa. so, when are you coming to see us? ♪ ♪ the white house released a long list of ways to pay for the president's program, more than pay for it, pay for $1.9, not the $ 1.75 trillion. but there is no comments from kristin sinema on these details. first of all, does the president have a commitment from all 50 senators to go for these tax increases and the ways to pay for it? >> andrea, thank you for having
9:49 am
me. it is great to be here to talk about the investments that the president is making in the middle class. it is supported by members of congress throughout the democratic party. he is ensuring that taxes will not go up, and he is cutting taxes for $35 million in this country. increasing the taxes on the wealthy, the corporations, and that is why we have seen support across the political speck chum of democrat that's are looking forward to seeing the passage of this pan. >> i don't see the billionaire's tax in what you put out, is that no longer on the list? >> taxes will go up on billionaires and millionaires based on the president's plan. -- >> but not the billionaire tax that had been proposed. >> there was a number of proposals that were part of this
9:50 am
package that were ultimately not included, but ultimately what we did is kept the president's commitment to ensure that the taxes don't go up on people who are under $400,000 but make to much needed investments in middle class. >> more investmentes in the irs to increase reinforcement. are you eliminating loopholes? do you think you can get the votes despite the lobby against the measures? and you have a 50/50 senate as the president pointed in and out that town hall last week? you think can you get this through congress? you can't do all this through executive action? >> andrea, we do expect democrats in congress to support this plan because ultimately, it's about making sure that the wealthy in america pay their fair share. the money that is devoted to irs enforcement isn't about new taxes, it's about making sure the wealthy pay the taxes they already owe.
9:51 am
as you may know, the top 1% of earners in america underpay their taxes each year by over $150 billion. investments that congress is making in the irs will help us capture that money to pay for things like the child tax credit that is included in this package that will help the parents of over 60 million children to continue to provide their churn children with an education and as they continue going forward. parts of the bill that include tax increases target those people who can afford to pay the most. the wealthy and corporations. that's why the president and secretary yellen have focused on negotiating an international tax deal that would mean we would level the playing field for international tax so that american companies can no longer ship jobs abroad in order to lower the taxes but rather will be required to invest here at home. >> that will be difficult to
9:52 am
enforce. did senator manchin the tax and are they onboard for all of the measures? >> i'll leave the legislative process to senator schumer and the speaker. what i can tell you is that president and secretary yellen spent a great deal of time talking with senator manchin and sinema and members of congress about the package and the president the package introduced reflects a compromise. one that meets his basic commitment to ensuring we can build back better for the american middle class and reflects things that all democrats agree on which is that wealthy should pay their fair share in order to make sure we can make transformtive unvestmentes in childcare in the middle class and in health care and climate change in this country. >> i want to point out that a congresswoman just said they're not going to vote for both ills until they see the text of the build back better bill.
9:53 am
you have a lot of work in front of you in putting that together with the congressional staff. thank you very much, mr. secretary. very pleased that you came out to talk to us about this breaking story today. >> thanks for having me, andrea. we expect these two bills will be passed because they represent transformtive changes. they'll improve the american economy and the democrats agree on and we look forward to implementing them. >> thank you very much. and hitting it out of the park. we wrap up breast cancer awareness month with a healthy dose of competition. that's coming next. healthy dose of competition. that's coming next so, should all our it move to the cloud? the cloud would give us more flexibility, but we lose control. ♪ ♪ ♪ should i stay or should i go? ♪ and we need insights across our data silos, but how? ♪ if i go there will be trouble ♪ ♪ ♪ wait, we can stay and go. hpe greenlake is the platform that brings the cloud
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with low rates and no fees. earn a $500 bonus when you refi-and get your money right. welcome back. we're marking the final days of breast cancer awareness month with a win. members of congress versus the bad news babes. they raised more than $500,000 for a nonprofit group for breast cancer survivors. i spoke on the field with the newest member of the breast cancer survivor club. i talked about our sisterhood and our story and importance of raising awareness and funding. >> for me to come back after seeing both of you as inspirations is something. i never thought it would happen
9:58 am
to me. >> my story is i was at the iowa caucus and sat down to interview congresswoman wasserman shultz and i had just flunked the mammogram but i had no go right to iowa. i looked at her and she said something is wrong. i said i'm in trouble. and you looked at me and i leaned on you. >> i remember that day. it is seared in my brain. i remember your face. i remember the day i told amy before i told anyone else other than my family that i had been through breast cancer. and this sisterhood that we have and the game we play here, the money that we raise for the young vufror coalition and for women who make sure that they know they have to pay attention to their breast health. they can't blow off the health care. that is how you become a survivor. you catch it early. one day we're going to find a cure. until then, we have to make sure that women get screenings. you got screened and here you are today. i got screened. here i am today. amy did too. we have to make sure we have millions more survivors.
9:59 am
>> we all have good health care. you guys through congress and me through a great employer, but all those people out there who don't have it. >> yeah. except for a lot of people, they can get mammograms. but they have to decide to go get them. and that's one of our messages today. 20% less women went and got mammograms in 2020 than 2019 because of the pandemic. i put mine off. i got it in time. i ended up with radiation. a lot of people have it a lot worse. i just think the sooner you go in, the better. the. >> my girls are starting to be in that target age-group too. we have to make sure that all women pay attention to their breast health. this game targets women younger than 45 years old because they so often think they're unvincible and they don't have to think about it. we're here to tell you get a screening. don't blow off your health. make sure that if you are eventually diagnosed that you can survive and thrive. >> october is breast cancer awareness month.
10:00 am
we've saying. women should focus on awareness every month. prevention and early screenings are the secret to breast health and survival. and that does it for this edition of "andrea mitchell reports." follow the show online and facebook and twitter. >> welcome to "meet the press daily." they're enforcing in principle president biden's build back better framework but with a catch. this comes as president biden is on his way to europe after delivering a warning to democrats in private that congressional majorities and his presidency are on the line if his agenda falls through. he announced in public a


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