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tv   Way Too Early With Jonathan Lemire  MSNBC  October 27, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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all right. that is going to do it for us tonight this fine tuesday evening. see you again tomorrow. "way too early" is up next. ♪♪ another day without a deal. democrats are trying to hammer out the details of a huge social spending plan. but with new tensions around a billionaire's tax and climate change, the question is will president biden leave on a foreign tour without a deal in hand? plus, in virginia high-stakes race for governor, the president put his focus on his predecessor, donald trump. the question is will his words be enough to help terry mcauliffe cross the finish line. and as you sit down for breakfast this morning, kelloggs
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is facing a lawsuit. the question is, do pop tarts have enough strawberries? it's "way too early" for this. good morning, welcome to the show "way too early" that in the fourth grade ate too many frosted cinnamon that care to admit. i'm jon lemire. senators joe manchin and kyrsten sinema both met with president biden last night at the white house. the two senators are key to passing the reconciliation bill that have reservations about some measures. nbc news reports the problems are two-fold. senator sinema centers around how to pay for it. and senator manchin are what to spend the money on. the negotiations are ongoing and ongoing. democrats searching for several ways to pay for it, they say it
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will require companies that make more than $1 billion in profit to pay a minimum of 15% tax on that. the white house has supported that plan. last night senator sinema released a statement in support, calling the measure, a, quote, common sense step. the white house ahead to get a deal before president biden leaves for europe. he's slated to go tomorrow but even they are lowering expectations. white house press secretary jen psaki, our guest yesterday on "way too early" has acknowledged it. some lawmakers are worried if the deal isn't agreed upon by the end of the week, they will lose momentum. and joining us now, co-founder of punchbowl, anna palmer. what more are you tell us about the deadlines that the president had last night with senator manchin of west virginia and
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sinema of arizona? >> this is the whole key for joe biden, senator joe manchin and kyrsten sinema. going to pieces of the package because they know everything is in their hands at this point but i do think you have to have a pretty miraculous 24 hours for joe biden to head to europe without any kind of a deal here. there is so much here still undecided. >> give us updates on a key components here, in terms of the family leave plan, or the child tax credit, or the mechanism to pay for it. there was some reporting last night this is being hurtedly put together, walk us through how messy are things right now? >> very messy. i would say, i mean, everything from what you're talking about, paid family leave is now being cut. it's a way for progressives right now, saying 500 billion to $550 billion for climate change
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provisions. this is one of the few bright spots that progressives have, because so much of what they wanted is getting cut. there's no sign of what it's going to be if anything on immigration. medicare provisions, bernie sanders pushing it really hard so far there doesn't seem to be any agreement here. as much as democrats say, yes, we're working, everybody it on the table we don't even have a top line in terms of numbers, how they're going to pay for it or what they're going to do on things we're discussing. >> it does seem there was some momentum or progress made at the end of the last week. that momentum has seemed to stall. i feel like senator tester put it forth every week that it gets done and we have yet to do that. because of the trip, the president leaves tomorrow nor a couple of stops capping off at this climate change summit in scotland. he didn't want to go there empty-handed.
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he wants to re-establish the united states goal on the issue. white house saying it might not get done this week. what do you think, with sources you're talking to, what sort of time line is realistic to get this finished? >> i think end of the week is probably unrealistic at this point. there's just so much we can discuss. senator wyden coming up this morning with a whole new tax scheme and the fact that the house and senate are so far apart on this is key. not only is this not going to happen, but it's hard to see the bipartisan infrastructure deal that speaker pelosi said will meet that october 31st deadline, hard to see it will make that as well. i think we'll see this as continued negotiations probably for days, potentially weeks, going into the end of the year. >> one last quick one, democrats have said white house advisers have told me so long, they feel like at the end of the day,
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democrats wouldn't vote against their president's own party. sort of a submarine. is there a point that this could completely fall apart? >> nothing is done until it's finally done. the big thing is what happened with senator joe manchin. he's talking about he doesn't feel like he has a place with the democratic party right now to vote for what is joe biden agenda or not. progressives are frustrated coming into line, knowing this is kind of their one shot here but nothing is done until it's done. i think that's the big key here, where senators love having big differences, it's hard to find a way forward, but we haven't stheenl come together on a lot of these provisions. >> anna palmer, punchbowl news, thank you. we'll see you on "morning joe." president biden was in virginia campaigning for terry
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mcauliffe, biden who has rarely mentioned former president trump by name since taking office repeatedly criticized his predecessor. he argued that glenn youngkin will only further trump's agenda. >> look, how well do you know terry's opponent? just remember this, i ran against donald trump. and terry is running against an acolyte of donald trump. he started his campaign by saying the number one issue in the race was he called -- he called election integrity. this guy calls election integrity. now, why did he do that? because he wanted to hear donald trump? there was a price he'd have to pay for the nomination. and he paid it. but now he doesn't want to talk about trump anymore.
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well, i do. talk about an oxymoron, donald trump and election integrity? terry's opponent has made all of this pledges of loyalty to donald trump and what's really interesting to me, he won't stand next to donald trump now that the campaign's on. think about it. he won'tal allow donald trump to campaign for him in this state. and really to pledge his loyalty to trump in private, why not in public? what's he trying to hide? is there a problem with trump being here? is he embarrassed? >> the president also denounced extremism saying he came in the form of an angry mob or it can come in the smile with a vest. referring to glenn youngkin.
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committee chair bennie thompson confirmed it in an interview yesterday telling "the washington post" it will happen. eastman is the figure that contends that donald trump can deny joe biden the presidency. he was working out the willard command center in the days leading up to the report. the post reports the committee has requests documents and communications related to eastman's legal advice on how donald trump can remain in office. eastman confirmed that the committee had contacted him. still ahead, what we're learning about the possibility of criminal charges related to that deadly shooting involving actor alec baldwin. plus, how facebook reportedly with the angry emoji. those stories and more.
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the santa fe county district attorney is not ruling out criminal charges on last week's deadly shooting on the set of the film "rust." according to the "the new york times" the investigation is said to be focused on ballistics in an effort to determine what kind of round was in the gun that killed cinematographer halyna hutchins and who put that in the weapon. deshgts recovered three rounds both contained in boxes and fanny pack according to the items released on monday. the inventory did not list the type of ammunition found. the santa fe d.a. took issue with the gun used as a prop gun it was a legit gun, she said, it was an antique-era appropriate
2:14 am
gun. the detectives from the santa fe sheriff's office are proceeding carefully with the investigation, she said, citing the large number of forensics evidence. she will meet with the sheriff today at noon eastern time. meanwhile, if you've ever used an emoji to react to a facebook post, new information suggests you may have unknowingly amplified dangerous content on the site. according to internal documents recently provided to congress by former employee frances haugen, there were reporting for posts on your news feed. when they unveiled five back in 2017, it didn't tell users that each emoji was worth five likes at a time. these reactions were prioritized to appear higher in user's feeds. soon after rolling out this feature, internal studies reportedly found that angry actions were much more frequent
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containing low-quality news, tox toxicity. and top executives for social media sites including tiktok and youtube were grilled on capitol hill yesterday. this comes after months of outrage and criticism over facebook's and instagram's harmle effect on children. nbc news correspondent hallie jackson has more. >> reporter: for the first time reps from tiktok and snapchat facing fiery questions from congress. >> you're parents. how can you allow this? >> reporter: those executives from platforms hugely popular with young teens defending their practices, along with youtube, arguing they protect kids, in trying to separate themselves from facebook. >> tiktok is not a social
2:16 am
network based on followers. >> snapchat was a decidedly different platform where people to actually talk to friends in real life. >> we do not support features such as comments on snapchat. >> reporter: lawmakers looking for more. >> that's why it's in the gutter. >> reporter: congress could put in place stricter privacy laws and other protections for kids and teens, for example, banning like buttons and auto play. requiring platforms to flag harmful content and preventing websites from promoting influencer ads to young teens. >> we're hoping to get feedback from outside experts and health experts and parents to improve. >> we're constantly trying to balance the freedom of expression with being responsible. >> reporter: some senators looking for a stronger commitment to support specific legislation. >> this bill's been out there for years, and you still don't have a view on it. >> our thanks to hallie jackson. still ahead, the atlanta
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and now get relief without a pill with tylenol dissolve packs. relief without the water. see if they can swing a strike. there's one to left field, how about that strike for the world series, puts atlanta up 1-zip for the first swing in the fall classic. >> in the first pitch out becoming the first to homer in the very first at-bat for the world series. part of a two-run series for the braves. the second coming off the bat of adam duval. it made it a 5-0 ball game in the third. braves never looked back. they will be the first team in history to score each of the first three innings of game one.
2:21 am
meanwhile, charlie morton pitched a perfect inning on a broken leg, after struck by a come-backer to start the bottom of the second. after tying next two batters. he stayed out there, returns with jose altuve. later in the game, x-rays show that morton suffered a fractured right fibula. game two of the best of seven series tonight back in houston 8:00. the braves not only won game one, but perhaps more important earned america free tacos. atlanta helped cash on taco bell's steal a base, get a taco promotion. i was watching with my kids, let me just say, the two boys very excited about their tacos. the steal has now happened in game one of the fall class nick four straight years. the teams of past, taco heroes are 7-2 in world series
2:22 am
championships in each of the past four years. i remember mookie betts did it for the red sox in 2013. nfl commissioner roger goodell will not issue a report on the investigation on the washington football team, because of a promise to protect the identities of those who testified. leaked emails resulted in the resignation of las vegas voch jon gruden. according to ap, goodell sidestepped it saying what he believes is that what the nfl was appropriate. turning now to last night's action on the nba hard court, in san antonio, the lakers did not need lebron james who sat out with an ankle injury. while his status remains up in the air with the matchup in homer city as with anthony
2:23 am
davis, the superstar went down with a knee injury late in the fourth quarter but got back up and finished the game. meanwhile, in utah, he suffered a right knee injury, you see it there, he glided with jokic unable to return. the jazz beat them. finally, one of the most decorated careers in soccer history has come to a close. carli lloyd played her farewell match against south korea yesterday. while she did not score, the crowd gave lloyd a standing ovation as the number 10 was shown for a substitution in the 55th minute before lloyd removed her cleats and hugged her teammates. she addressed the crowd after the game. >> thank you to everybody who has played a role in my journey. i can't thank you enough. and that is it. i am signing off. you will not see me on the
2:24 am
field, but you best believe that i will be around helping this team grow. >> a legend. lloyd's final match was her 316th with the national team. the second most international appearances of any player. she scored 134 goals for the u.s., the third most in team history along with 61 assists. best wishes for her. time now for the weather. yesterday, bill karins, it rained, it rained and it rained some more here in the northeast. what happened? and what do things look like today? >> yeah, we're still getting a workout. you're missing a lot of your viewers in massachusetts this morning. we have 300,000 people without power because of the nor'easter. yesterday was the rain and then the storm. numerous 80-mile-per-hour winds on cape cod. at sun-up, we'll see that damage, the trees and power
2:25 am
damage to go along with it. the storm is located right over nantucket. by the way, this is the strongest storm nantucket's ever recorded in october. that even goes past some of the hurricanes and tropical storms. this is a rare storm for this time of year. you can see the current wind gusts we've lost some of our stations like provincetown and martha's vineyard. downtown boston has gusts of 50, long island, connecticut, new york city there's not much wind at all. this is really an event for rhode island and eastern portions of massachusetts. we still have the high wind warning that's in effect for 9 million people including the areas that are under the wind advisory. the storm itself will slowly move away during date today, it will stay very windy with significant airport delays. especially boston and providence as we go throughout the morning. today's forecast, it will improve during date in new york. no problems whatever in the ohio valley but we had pretty big
2:26 am
thunderstorms last night in the midwest. today, we're going to watch those storms in areas from louisiana, mobile, and houston including. 55 million in severe storms today. tomorrow, we're watching the rain in the midwest and southeast. then as we get into the halloween weekend forecast, we track that storm on friday. it's going to be a rainy, ugly day from virginia, d.c., pennsylvania. i know a lot of schools like to do their halloween parade on friday because of the weekend halloween. that's not great for costumes in a parade. and then on saturday, rainy day in the northeast. the good news, jonathan, on sunday for halloween, we clear it out just about everywhere. it looks like pretty much a treat from coast to coast. >> bill karins, let's certainly hope that continues. my kid going as mario park characters. >> that's fun. >> thanks so much. we'll see you tomorrow. still ahead, an fda advisory panel recommends pfizer's
2:27 am
covid-19 vaccine for young children. dr. kavita patel recommends that and more. before we go to break, we want to know why are you awake, email your reasons @msnbc or tweet it @jon lemire. use the #waytooearly. we'll read some of your answers later on in the show. we just haven't been properly introduced. say hello to the place where rolling hills meets low bills. where our fields, inside and out, are always growing. and where the fun is just getting started. this is iowa. so, when are you coming to see us? ♪ ♪ to be a thriver with metastatic breast cancer means asking for what we want. and need. and we need more time. so, we want kisqali.
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♪♪ welcome back to "way too early." it's 5:30 on the east coast. 2:30 out west. i'm jonathan lemire.
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a key fda advisory panel is recommending that the agency grant emergency use authorization to fiez's covid vaccine for children ages 5 to 11. the recommendation is adopted by the fda and cdc would make 28 million young kids eligible for their shots. parents are waiting for this. nbc news correspondent sam brock has the latest. >> hey, buddy. >> reporter: a near unanimous all clear from the fda panel of pfizer vaccine data for 5 to 11 year olds. >> dr. gann voted yes. this concludes the vote. >> reporter: paving the way for 20 million children eligible for a covid shot, potentially pending fda and cdc approval. >> any way to keep them safer. >> reporter: the pfizer reviewed data shows the child-size dose, more than a third of what's
2:32 am
given to adults, some hold deep reservations 6 in 10 parents in a recent study say they will wait and see or won't vaccinate their children at all. some parents we spoke to say they aren't anti-vaccine but have concerns about mandates. >> i'm not opposed to the vaccine we just don't know what the potential side effects are. >> reporter: the potential side effects. >> myo card indicts, that's an iesh. >> reporter: myo card indicts seen in a small part of adolescents and young man taking pfizer and moderna. today, experts noted not a single case of myocarditis in the trial. >> i feel very comfortable recommending the vaccine for my own children. i recommend it for my own grandchildren, when my daughters call me and say what should we do i say the minute the vaccine is available, get your kids the
2:33 am
vaccine. >> reporter: plus, the looming holidays and cold weather pulling more people indoors. national covid cases have plunged more than 60% since the recent peak in september, but still, more than 7,000 infections a day. and kids can pass it to parents. >> the primary reason is to get them to do it, but also the numbers can bring it down across the board for everybody. it's really important we get everybody vaccinated. >> joining us now, physician at the brookings institution dr. kavita patel, she's an msnbc contributor, dr. patel, we're happy to have you here this morning. thanks for getting up this morning. let's talk about the time line here. some of the nation's top health experts have estimated that the vaccine by the time it's approved or distributed could be more like vehicles, rather than days, walk us through what this looks like? what does the fda have to do, what does the cdc have to do?
2:34 am
when will shots get in arms? >> yeah, jonathan, good to be with you, the advisory committee voted almost unanimously to send it forward to the fda formally to issue the emergency authorization language. that's where that technical language comes up and goes next tuesday or wednesday to the cdc's advisory committee where they will discuss and talk about equity and feasibility, who should administer this, how sand when. those recommendations coming outside of that advisory committee will go to the cdc director. we anticipate that dr. walensky will be ready to receive those and if they're consistent with what the fda advisory committee discussed, then we will immediately sign off and you can literally the next day see pfizer which is prepared to send out the smaller package vials prepares for that smaller dose, jonathan. you could theoretically see shots next friday. but you're right, maybe the next week. my is preparing for the
2:35 am
next week. >> what wore your recommendation, doctor, for physicians, parents to prepare for the covid-19 vaccine? do you have any hesitation at all saying, look, your kids if in the right age group should get the shot? >> looking at the data and following the discussion yesterday i do not have any hesitation that the benefits outweigh the risks, especially in this group. jonathan, there's an interesting discussion and will be on next wednesday's calendar for the cdc advisory group are the children who have had previous infections, especially recent infections because there was a spirited debate about how states might want flexibility to offer one dose to that child, because we know that can be sufficient for maintaining immunity. i'm very comfortable recommending the vaccine. but the question of one or two doses spaced by a certain amount of time, i think that's where we want the flexibly. hope that comes from the cdc as
2:36 am
well. >> it's more of a two-parter. first of all, do we have a sense of a time line for children being under 5? and secondly, give a broad assessment where we stand right now as a nation, in the battle against the pandemic? what trend lines are we seeing for hospitalizations and deaths? >> yeah, there is good news on that front with children under the age of 5. we do expect a readout on the same, pfizer is expecting a readout on their data from trials in the 2 to 5 range in the next several months. we could see data highlighted and even submitted by the end of the year with more of a likelihood for january and february. we're hoping that covid at that time is in a much better position, jonathan, so we can have a discussion to the second part of your question. as you highlighted, with the cases per day, the case rates continue to decline, double digit percentages week over week. but we're still as you noted
2:37 am
anywhere from 1300 to 1500 deaths a day. deaths, as you recall, are the last indicator to improve. we see cases declining, then hospitalizations improving, then deaths improving. what's concerning me just in the big picture, i'm watching the uk, netherlands, belgium, we're seeing an uptick or plateau in that decline. lots of explanations for that, jonathan, but something that we want to watch and see if concerned about the delta plus variant. all in all, the sign for the holiday season, especially if we can get more adults and kids vaccinated by christmastime. >> it does seem what happens in europe eventually ends up here but to be sure, good news for the most part. dr. patel, thank you so much. still ahead, a totally different planet discovered in a galaxy far, far away. "way too early" will be right back. back
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♪♪ time for something totally different. a new york woman is suing breakfast giant kelloggs for $5 million claiming its strawberry pop-tarts don't have enough strawberries. the suit argues that the company is deceiving customers, with strawberries, and using fruitless expensive. quote, the comments whole grain strawberry toaster pastries is false, deceptive and misleading. it contains mostly nonstrawberry ingredients. the suit alleges that it violates state and federal statutes. kelloggs tells nbc news it does not comment on pending litigation. a hiker in colorado missing for 24 hours ignored phone calls from rescuers because it didn't recognize the number. the hiker was reported overdue.
2:42 am
search and rescue teams scoured multiple areas of the hiker but could not find him and again could not make contact by phone. the hiker returned the next day after spending the night looking for the trail, not even knowing they were considered missing. in a statement, lake county wrote, quote, if you're overdue according to your itinerary, and you start getting calls please answer the phone. look, we all hate spam calls. we say no. if you're lost on a trail and people looking for you, you might want to pick up. for the first time astronomers have evidence of a star system outside the milky way. if confirmed this new planet would be the first identified in another galaxy. the study's lead researcher said the sighting, quote, once we began to find planets it made
2:43 am
sense that there were other planets. a giant pumpkin depicting ted lasso, there he is it bringing cheer to a local ohio neighborhood. the local artist is known for her celebrity pumpkins featuring one on her front porch. ted lasso is her pumpkin at 745 pounds her biggest yet. hers including a giant yoda and a trump in 2017. and still ahead, why terry mcauliffe is the flash point in gubernatorial history. and the boston red sox won the first world series, sweeping the st. louis cardinals in game four. >> it's an incredibly emotional time for baseball fans throughout new england, most of whom, by the way, have waited an entire lifetime to see the red sox finally win a world series. >> red sox have long awaited,
2:44 am
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look how he's closing his campaign. he's gone from banning a woman's right to choose to banning books by pulitzer prize and nobel prize winning author tony morrison. my wife jill, my wife jill, went to princeton to interview her. bought her book. let's be clear. this is a guy who doesn't know much about anything. >> that was president biden in virginia last night, he was criticizing republican gubernatorial candidate glenn youngkin who recently put out an ad featuring a parent who was upset that toni morrison's book was being taught.
2:48 am
joining me now, eddie, good morning, thanks for making the trek down we appreciate it. >> man, i'm so excited to be with you here. congratulations. >> thanks, buddy, i really appreciate that. i'm glad you're here. let's start here with the toni morrison controversy. it's become the flash point in this race, why? what got us here? and what sort of impact in the elections in the coming weeks? >> i think it's playing on a sense that the democratic shifts in the country portend the kind of displacement of white americans, at least that's the anxiety that we heard by the january 6th insurrection. and there's also this sense of critique around critical race theorys that they're being displaced in history. >> right. >> i teach toni morrison's "beloved" every year. the irony, it's fiction. it's based on a real story,
2:49 am
margaret gardner who escaped slavery. pursued by her slave master who ended up killing her child. and to keep the job to go back to slavery. and that became the basis of the novel. and here we have a parent who doesn't want to read it. >> it's a play in virginia, right? capital confederacy, but in a state that has gone blue, biden won it by ten points. a lot of that by voters just outside of washington, d.c., northern virginia. is this an effective argument there? >> it all depends how it plays in the suburbs, right? there's a sense of control over the schools, what's being caught. and echoes, you're a massachusetts guy, there are echoes of debates around school bussing. >> sure. >> when you think about the violent reaction of disrupting neighborhood schools that kind of has this kind of linkage here. so there's a thought that it might not play with the house and this mansion, that it
2:50 am
certainly might cut down the scale, the way -- how to put this -- how much mcauliffe might beat in these areas. >> right, looking at margins or two. democrats with a win,win. the leaders in the party say, look, mcauliffe squeaks out a win by a point or two, it is not necessarily a good sign going forward. >> this is a test of the trump effect. >> right. >> it was all about getting the disaffected white voters who didn't participate in the voting process to join in. then the other side, it was the folks who were afraid of trump who turned out in massive numbers. >> interesting, president biden is so reluctant to mention his predecessor by name, the former guy thing. yesterday he did. he went after trump repeatedly. they're clearly trying to hit the point you just made. they're trying to -- democrats are trying to make this race about trump in the last few days. do you think it's been
2:51 am
effective? youngkin, to this point, i guess, has done a good job, where he didn't rebuke trump, making trump take wrath out at him, but he didn't alienate some of the independents. >> people are saying california is an outlier, but remember how close it was initially and then it was blown out. he was associated with donald trump. we'll see whether or not the closeness is close. maybe the polls -- we have to ask who are they interviewing. >> right. we know polls have been coming into question in recent elections. one more, eddie. >> sure. >> the democrats are trying to get these bills across the finish line. infrastructure, reconciliation. it is not clear whether or not that'll happen before president biden leaves for europe tomorrow. how important is it, whether it is this week or next, perhaps before the virginia election, that they simply get this done, even if some progressives are
2:52 am
unhappy with the finished product? perfect shouldn't be the enemy of the good, or what is your assessment? >> politics matter but the state of the country matters more. we need to get it right, not just get it done. don't waste money. respond to the problems the country faces. i understand we're a political show. this is what we do, talk about the political game, but it is not just about politics. it's addressing the fact that the country stands on the brink. >> eddie glaude reminding us this is a political show, through larger issues are at stake often. buddy, thank you for being here. coming up on "morning joe," we'll hear from the republican running to the the new mayor of new york city. plus, danny strong joins with a look at his new show. "morning joe," eddie will be there, is moments away. moments y so we made a healthier song. for some folks it's like baby steps. maybe it's a jump or eating something green. or taking mom to get that vaccine. ♪ healthier means bringing stuff to the folks ♪
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2:56 am
sack face is precisely what is not a wake-up way too early in the morning. thanks for that. dan, i hope you have a nicer one to read maybe? >> i do. our friend kasie hunt is up way too early because old habits die hard. getting radar ready for washington with #dogs#dogs. >> katie hunt was my predecessor. then we had willie geist, but you started at 5:30. >> it is now 12 years old, a tween. you've inherited someone who is difficult. >> trying to keep it off instagram, if i can help it. how did the show come about? what are three things i should know? >> i was doing "morning joe" with joe and mika a couple years. we wanted a pregame show, which has grown so much since then. back at the time, phil griffin, the head of msnbc, said, okay,
2:57 am
you can have 5:30. i can't hire any staff. i think he was trying to scare me off. i said, i'll take it. so, yeah, we started as a pregame show. i think you're doing what needs to be done, which is deliver people what they need to know when they wake up but have fun with it, too. it is 5:30 in the morning. people are turned on a little bit, except for the one guy sending you hate mail every day. >> a key is to read the tweet that insults your features. >> there will be plenty of them. i can tell you from experience. some people, in fact, on the west coast where it is 2:00 a.m., they've had a night at the bar, might be angry with something that happened, maybe a fight, and they take it out on you. >> most of the tweets are @mike barnicle. >> he has burner accounts so it won't always be his name. >> he got sloppy that day. >> it's always coming from him. >> i think so. let's talk about a subject not near and dear to our hearts, the houston astros, down one game to zip in the world series. morton pitching on a broken leg.
2:58 am
>> i was talking to mike barnicle downstairs. that was the stuff of legend. curt schilling with the red sox and the ankle. getting out of the second inning. then he took the comebacker off his leg. broke his leg and came back in the next inning, strikes out altuve, then heads back to the dugout. >> collapsed. >> too much. >> you have to love the braves, don't you? first of all, they have the opportunity to take out the houston astros, which is a wonderful thing for them to do. also, america's team. didn't we all grow up watching tbs, skip calling the games? >> maddox in our living rooms every day. the dilemma you faced last series, red sox, is being faced right now. people hate the astros because of the cheating scandal, and can't get behind the braves, their rival. >> you saw what i was able to do briefly. cheer for the red sox but side with the red sox against evil.
2:59 am
if you got an opportunity to take out the death star as luke did to drop that one dime into the center of it and blow it up, red sox were luke skywalker in the scenario. you have to root for luke. >> i appreciate the red sox and luke skywalker comparisons. >> temporary. >> back to where it is. can the braves pull it off? >> still scared of the astros. they're too good. the braves just lost their front line starter. i'm giving the braves the edge in six, but you're always afraid of the astros' lineup. for all the crap we give them, they're incredibly good. >> so deep. i appreciate you coming on today and not just waking up early to come in, but your support and friendship going into the show. >> it was a tough booking. i was sitting over there, and i walked over. >> i know. >> we made it happen. >> we didn't have to send a car. saved us some money. >> thanks, man. >> thank you all for watching this morning on "way too early" on this wednesday. "morning joe," which will include us, starts right now.
3:00 am
this week in covid history. as we end october 2020, the election has been decided. >> the election, i believe the lord told me the president will be re-elected. >> that wasn't the lord. that was your nightmares. i hope she changes your dipies. now, it is time to play the blame game. >> you say, i take no responsibility. >> let me talk about your -- >> i take full responsibility. it is not my fault that it came here. it's china's fault. >> that's right. the buck stops there. >> turn on the television, covid, covid. covid, covid, covid. >> covid, covid, covid, covid. covid, covid, covid. >> they want to scare people. we're rounding the turn. >> yes, we are. and who is watching the kids? >> the reality is this, the number is almost nothing bauds -- because we've gotten control.


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