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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  October 26, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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pass into your voice remote or go online today. all right. that is going to do it for us tonight. we'll see you again tomorrow. "way too early" is up next ♪♪ senator, what are the chances? >> having it finished with all the ts and is and everything crossed and dotted, that will be difficult from the senate's side because we have an awful lot of texts to go dlu, but as far as conceptually, we should. >> snow one ever said passing transformational legislation like this would be easy, but we are on track to get this done. with the white house pushing for a deal, democrats on capitol hill are haggling over what to keep in and what to leave out of their social spending plan.
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the question is will they have to ditch medicare expansion and paid leave. plus ammunition at a movie set involving a killing and alec baldwin. the question, how was a woman killed with a gun that wasn't supposed to contain live bullets. >> jeff bezos is working to build a space station. the question is, will there be prime one-day delivery? it's "way too early" for this. ♪♪ good morning. welcome to "way too early," the show that looks a little different today. i'm jonathan lemire on this tuesday, october 26th. santa fe county sheriff's investigators seized three revolvers along with ammunition where alec baldwin shot and
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killed a cinematographer. other items listed including a fanny pack and nine shell casings. "the new york times" didn't indicate what kind of ammunition was seized or whether it included blanks, real bullets. nbc news reports that dave halls had been fired from the film in 2019 after a gun unexpectedly discharged on the set, injuring a crew member. that's according to a producer for your the film. halls did not immediately respond to a request for comment. the santa fe sheriff will hold a press conference at noon. meanwhile with only days,
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another key program may be cut. joe manchin of west virginia has come out against four weeks of paid family leave, a hallmark of president biden's build back better agenda. that's according to two measures. it was 12 weeks initially. however, senator gillibrand of new york wants to make sure family leave stays in the bill. manchin has sourced sowering on medical care expansion. he spoke with house majority whip jim clyburn about that medicate expansion. some other elements that may be out of the spending bill, that includes free community college, clean electricity performance program, and tax rate hikes on corporations and top earners. senator ee liz both warner of massachusetts is pushing for the
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raised tax rate, negotiating with the other key opponent, senator kyrsten sinema. >> where are you on the walth tax? >> i think everybody should pay for it. the corporation should be paying at least a michb mum if you're doing business in the united states. i think anyone who has a potential should be paying. >> are you open to a billionaire's tax? >> i'm open to any type of pay on anybody who's not paying right now. there has to be a way to make them pay their fair share. >> they want the framework done before president biden travels to europe. when asked if it's possible to have a deal that soon, senator manchin said, they should. joining us now punch bowl's jake
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sherman and my first guest as the host of an officially new show. changes, what's in, what's out, do we have as of right now at 5:04 in the morning, do we have anything? >> first of all, congratulations. you're at a place, policeco, which is near to my heart, a place i love. let's just boil it down to its most basic. they don't have an agreement on medicare/medicaid coverage gap, paid leave, climate provisions, and a top line number. they don't have anything on the big proposals here that they need to get this large-scale agreement done. i'm just struggling to see how they can get a deal this week. today is tuesday. if they got a deal today and
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presented it tomorrow, could they get an infrastructure vote on thursday? yes. i was told last night as they left the capitol they don't want to vote on infrastructure, the other part of biden's agenda, urn till they see legislation, not only a plan on the package. >> you anticipated my next question. you seem skeptical that a deal should happen this week. in terms of what we do know, paid family leave, child tax credit, are those things going to be in here? so the progressives say they're going to see legislation, like actual tax, like framework is not good enough? >> framework, they say, is not good enough. i talked to pramila jayapal as i left last night. she says joe manchin says you don't know what's in it until you see the bill, and i'm going
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to take his advice on it. so that's kind of what they're thinking. i've learned to believe people when they, you know, make a statement during this process because they usually mean what they say. and i mean here's what i would say, john, on all of these points. i find it really difficult to believe that progressive democrats are going to accept a package without paid leave at this point. it doesn't seem terribly likely to me. so i just think, you know -- manchin, as "the new york times" note this morning, has stripped all of the climate provisions out of this bill. they're not going to let him gut the social spending side. i find that very difficult to believe. >> jake sherman of "punchbowl news." we certainly know the deadline is approaching. you have the virginia's race which terry mcauliffe says, hey, i need you to pass this. jake, we appreciate this. come back some. frances haugen meanwhile
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continues to send the alarm. >> mark zuckerberg has unilateral control over 3 billion people, right? there's no will at the top to make sure these systems are run in an adequately safe way, and i think until we bring in a counterweight, things will be in the shareholders' interest. >> she testified yesterday. those papers include allegations that facebook founder mark zuckerberg caved to vietnam's ruling party last year to help censure anti-government posts. zuckerberg also is hitting back as what he says is a, quote, false picture being painted of his company. on a conference call with wall street analysts yesterday, the ceo claimed the documents were
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being selectively leaked as part of a coordinated effort against facebook and in the midst of that controversy, the social media giants reported near record revenue and quarterly profits of $9.2 billion yesterday. those numbers, however, do not take into account any financial losses from the recent investigations into the company. still ahead, the fda could authorize a covid-19 vaccine for young children, but how many parents will be on board? and coming up later in the show, i'll be joined by white house press secretary jen psaki. but before we go to break, a personal note. i'm honored to officially be the new host of "way too early" following in the footsteps of willie and amon and yasmin. we'll have fun when we can. we'll give you the insight, analysis, and interviews you need to start your day and probably the occasional red sox joke. it may be way too early for this, but we'll give our best
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now to the latest in covid vaccines for children. moderna says it's showing a strong immune response for yinner children. stephanie gosk has the very latest. >> reporter: the pediatric vaccines are ready to go. they will meet to discuss approval. some states are already getting ahead of an expected authorization. >> in just a few days' time, millions of parents all across the united states should be able to breathe a sigh of relief. >> reporter: pfizer says it's two-dose pediatric shot, which is one third the adult dosage,
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is more than 90% effective while moderna announced its covid vaccine for children trigger as robust response with mild side effects. over 30 million children may become eligible. only 30% of parents say they would get their children vaccinated right away. this mom of four in kentucky is not one of them. >> it's so mild, why risk it on them. >> reporter: this woman looked into a group of factors with a group of 80 moms from different backgrounds. were you surprised how many parentses in the group were vaccinated themselves? >> yes. the message is kids are going to be okay and they're more willing to take that chance. >> reporter: and the message of social responsibility is not resonating. >> that's one of the big problems here we have a model of public health in the u.s. that
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is focused on individual risk and responsibility. with vaccines, we need as many people to be vaccinated as upon to protect those who can't be vaccinated. >> reporter: the over is covid fatigue. >> one mom said she's putting her head in the sand. she's tired of listening. >> reporter: if they're not listening, changing minds won't be easy. the biden administration has released updated guidelines for traveling into the united states. beginning next month, unvaccinated americans will have one day to get tested. previously all travelers including u.s. citizens were required to produce a negative test result within three days of travel to the u.s. regardless of their travel status. they will end a travel ban that has been in plats for dozens of countries. the white house says people coming from countries with vaccination rates urn 10% will have to provide a compelling
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reason for why they're traveling to the u.s. proof of vaccination and testing will be required before boarding the plane and it will be up to the airmens to enforce these measures. still ahead, a little "monday night football," plus tom brady's record-breaking football. we'll show you how a good deed got rewarded. sports will be next. good deed got rewarded sports will be next. and i'm a federal contract investigator. as a single parent, i would run from football games to work and trying to balance it all. so, what do you see when you look at yourself? i see a person that's caring. sometimes i care too much, and that's when i had to learn to put myself first, because i would care about everyone all the time but i'm just as important as they are. botox® cosmetic is fda approved to temporarily make frown line, crow's feet and forehead lines look better. the effects of botox® cosmetic may spread hours to weeks after injection, causing serious symptoms. alert your doctor right away as difficulty swallowing, speaking, breathing, eye problems, or muscle weakness may be a sign of a life-threatening condition.
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2:20 am
go ahead without russell wilson. there were two missed field goal attempts. geno smith was sacked five times including a pair taken on the seahawks' final drive, coming up short on a fourth and long. new orleans hangs on for an unexpect victory while seattle records three straight losses for the first time in a decade and marks an 0-3 for the first time in years. tom brady became the first quarterback with 600 touchdowns during sunday's win over the bears. and the return of a record-breaking ball has been the talk of a sports world after it was mistakenly thrown into the stands, but even brady squloining peyton manning on the "monday night football" program was kind enough to give the ball back may have relinquished it. >> he's negotiating with byron. byron realized he lost all of
2:21 am
his leverage once he gave the ball away. he should have held it. >> amateur move, yeah, yeah. if he would have held it, he would have been sitting in the tom brady suite for the rest of the season, but amateur move on his part. >> hey, i think it worked out pretty well. i'm also giving him a bitcoin, which that's pretty cool too. at the end of the day, i think he's making out pretty well. >> the fan will reportedly receive some other memorabilia as well as tickets for the remainder of the season and a $1,000 credit to the team store. the fan has one ask, telling nfl network, he wouldn't mind a round of golf with brady. the ball could fetch at least $500,000 at auction. speaking of high-priced memorabilia, a pair of autographed shoes worn by
2:22 am
michael jordan in his rookie season sold for $1.5 million on sunday, setting up a record for sneakers at auction. they're from jordan's fifth nba game, his earliest known regular season-worn nikes. and finally a reminder of game one, the world series begins tonight. valdes will host the astros and the braves will have charlie morton on the mound. the red sox still not involved. time now for the weather and a major flood threat around new york city this morning. in fact, bill, my tenure as host was almost very, very shortly as the car nearly wiped out on the way here at fdr drive. it's standing water, raining like you wouldn't believe. what's it look like? how long is it going to stick around? >> first, congratulations on the "way too early" gig. you're filling big shoes there, of course, you gave the list of people earlier, but well deserved. >> i appreciate that. >> i look forward to working with you except the red sox
2:23 am
stuff. let's get into this big storm. you mentioned what you went through. the morning commute in and around new york city is going to be a mess. the bottom line, we have torrential rain and there's going to be a lot of standing water on the roads and a lot of delays. the storm is in two parts. one is the heavy rain threat. we have flash flood warnings. some have been in central and northern new jersey. we have 39 million people under these flash flood watches some of the first part of the storm is the very heavy rain. and then later today as the nor'easter starts cranking, we'll start to see the rain and wind increasing especially from providence to the cape and the island. you see heavy rain this morning. still another 2 to 4 inches is possible from new york city to the poconos, binghamton and hudson valley. the wind peaks later tonight and continues all day tomorrow. 9 million at risk.
2:24 am
high risk of winds from boston to dourch the coast. some will be strong enough to have power outages. it's going to feel leak a hurricane on cape cod later tonight and all day tomorrow, winds gusts 50, 60, 70 miles an hour. you'll notice that boston could have some wind damage, too, with wind gusts up to 60. not so bad in new york city. the timing of all this mess, it's going to be a rough morning around new york, and later tonight and tomorrow, those winds will knock out power to thousands in southern new england, jonathan. so if this is -- it's not a snow nor'easter. it's an all-rain effect. it will have significant impact. i wouldn't doubt if we get a couple hundred thousand of people without power come this time tomorrow morning. >> it's truly dreadful out there. stay safe, everyone. bill caron, thank you for this and the kind words. still ahead, police officers, firefighters, sanitation workers and more hit
2:25 am
the streets in new york to protest the city's covid vaccine mandate. we'll talk about the new legal battle involving nyc's biggest police union. but before we go to break, we want to know why you're awake. i'm your reasons to or tweet me @jonlemire. we'll read our favorite answers later in the show. ad our favori later in the show. i don't know,♪ ♪i don't know why i can't get♪ applebee's. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood. find your rhythm. your happy place. applebee's. find your breaking point. then break it. every emergen-c gives you a potent blend of nutrients so you can emerge your best with emergen-c. [coins clinking in jar] ♪ you can get it if you really want it, by jimmy cliff ♪ [suitcase closing]
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welcome back to "way too early."
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it's just before 5:30 on the east coast, 2:30 out west. i'm jonathan lemire. the largest police union in new york city filed a lawsuit against the covid vaccine mandate. they filed suit in the state supreme court, asking the judge to allow unvaccinated officers to continue working. the suit argues the mandate does not contain sufficient protections to officers who might object to the vaccine because of their religious beliefs. it also claims coronavirus transmission has been declining in new york and a third of the officers who were infected have recovering. mayor bill de blasio issued the mandate last week, ordering that they receive one vaccine by november 1st or be put on unpaid leave. police unions across the country have urged their members to resist vaccine requirements despite reports suggesting that in the past year, officers died from covid four times as often
2:30 am
as gunfire. joining us now, host of msnbc's ""politicsnation,"" reverend al sharpton. >> first of all, congratulations. i dressed to come. you're one of the few i would come through a nor'easter to don congratulate you in person. my prayers couldn't help you with the red sox. >> this is a nice consolation prize. if you ever want to do facetiming from the treadmill, i'm willing to do that. you have a story on eric adams. >> i think he's up to the challenge being he was a police officer himself and he's a tough new yorker.
2:31 am
he would deal with the fact that, yes, he respects policemen's rights and all of us do to their choice, but we also have to respect citizens rights not to want to be possibly infected. everybody has rights. you have the right to say i don't want a vaccine if i don't believe in it, but you have to take the consequences of your decision, but you don't have the right to impose your will on others who are afraid of being infected and, in fact, the data shows people can be infected by people. so i think that everyone has to respect people's rights. if you have your position, be it religious or otherwise against being vaccinated, you've got that right. but i have the right to say, but you can't come and work around me and me not know that you're not protected and i could possibly be infected. my rights have to be protected as well. >> that's right. as mayor de blasio says it wouldn't be a dismissal. let's shift gears here.
2:32 am
we've been talking all morning about the reconciliation pack and and the debate on the hill. nbc news has found that joe manchin has a whole bunch of concerns. he seems to be a real stumbling block here. we know the deadlines that are approaching. the president's heading to europe in a couple of days for the climate change summit. terry mcauliffe is about to run in the virginia's governor race and it's very tight. what can be done? >> it have very vital. the voting rights package, we're all trying to talk to manchin and have scheduled to do. so manchin needs to understand he in effect is determining whether or not the promised plans of president biden goes through and with him the party. it can have a real impact on the
2:33 am
virginia race for governor next week. it could have a real impact on the governor's race for new jersey. so it's one thing to play the micro politics of west virginia of how am i going to look to certain pockets of my constituents even though his constituents have been polling. it's another to look at the may crow picture to say history will say i was the stumbling block on some of the things promised in the 2020 election that was not achieved like voting rights around reconciliation. if i was manchin, i wouldn't want to go down in history as the stumbling block to progress and the one that carried over the residue of the trump years. >> you obviously have deep ties to some of the progressives in congress. would they be willing to discuss the deal? >> i think the progressives have been pragmatic, more so than we've seen with moderates. i think they will accept some things in terms of shortening
2:34 am
times, but some things are fundamental. there's a point where aggressive becomes regressive if you take too much of the meat out. if you take too much meat out of the sandwich, you end up with dough bread. >> you mentioned the voting push. the president has folk wassed on other things. what more does he need do and when? >> i think the president needs to continue to use his bully pulpit. he needs to stay out loud what he said in the town hall last week, that voting rights is something he would at least entertain dealing with in terms of a filibuster. he needs to outright it and say the filibuster needs to go or have a carve-around around the issue of voting. that's fundamental to democracy, one person, one vote. if there's anything deserving or a carve-out, i think the
2:35 am
filibuster should go, but if anything should go, it's the fundamental right. >> thank you. >> congratulations again. see you on the treadmill every morning. >> perfect. still ahead, the start of a billion air chapter in the race. we'll be back with that in just a minute. back with that in jus a minute this is... ♪ ♪ this is iowa.
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[gusts of wind] [ding] find your rhythm. your happy place. [gusts of wind] find your breaking point. then break it. every emergen-c gives you a potent blend of nutrients so you can emerge your best with emergen-c. time now for something totally different. after going to space this year, amazon founder jeff bezos wants to put a footprint there. he wants to build a space station called orbital reef. the space station which is to begin initial operations later this decade will serve government agencies and private customers. this comes as nasa prepares to retire the international space
2:39 am
station offering four $300 million contracts. blue origin has submitted a proposal for the opportunity, but officials say they plan to move forward regardless. hitting the number yesterday, hertz is testing teslas. the deal is the largest ever of electric deals. tesla stock hit a new record high by midday rising to more than $1,045 a share. tesla joins other trillion dollar companies such as amazon, apple, and microsoft. still ahead, i'll be joined by the real white house press secretary jen psaki, not the "snl" version. i'll be right back. >> jen, i've got to tell you.
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at a dinner with reporters yesterday, senator joe man chen vented about his position as a swing vote at a democratic party. he discussed his distance from the rest of the caucus, saying, quote, i would not wish this position on anybody. i'm having a hard time with 48 democrats. i love them all in all the republicans. i'm just trying to survive in a very, very divided congress in a very divided country. he did express optimism about a reconciliation deal though, saying, do i think we can do something? i absolutely do. do i think it will be done?
2:44 am
you kind of hope so. but do i think there should be kind of a balance to it? yeah. we're working to get jen psaki on the line. but first earlier in the show we asked this immortal question. why are you up? i want to watch history. thank you, john. another is up with his kitten jane. dan, what have you got on that? >> audrey is up because her cat managed to get its head stuck in a trash can. audrey, we've all been there. in fact, my 6-year-old has done that too. david, meanwhile, is up early to make sure the basement isn't flooding. again, right here in new york city, everything is flooding including highways. up next, the white house rejected donald trump's latest claim of executive privilege over january 6th documents. and coming up on "morning joe," as democrats continue to
2:45 am
vote, we'll hear from majority whip jim clyburn. plus senator elizabeth warren will join the conversation. "morning joe" is just a few minutes away. nversation "morning joe" is just a few minutes away gabrielle? this old spice fiji hand and body lotion has me smoother than ever. that's what it does. there's a different way to treat hiv. it's once-monthly injectable cabenuva. cabenuva is the only once-a-month, complete hiv treatment for adults who are undetectable. cabenuva helps keep me undetectable. it's two injections, given by a healthcare provider once a month. hiv pills aren't on my mind. i love being able to pick up and go.
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jiening us now by phone, white house press secretary jen psaki. thank you for joining us. >> tech is never perfect. good morning and congratulations on your new hosting gig. >> thank you. i appreciate that and i appreciate you being here to do this and do it daily. just kidding. this is one of the most consequential weeks of the presidency. in the meantime the democrats are in the final stages potentially of negotiating the package and there are new ports of paid family leave being on the chopping block. what is the white house's position on that? first of all, the president proposed 12 weeks of paid family leave because he thinks it's absolutely insane we're one of the only countries in the world that doesn't have that in place, but what's happening right now
2:49 am
and what everybody in the public is seeing is negotiating in congress. paid leave got a little bit smaller. the president talked about that at the town hall he did last week and we're still working through it, but this is something that's important to the president. he wants to get it done. we absolutely need to have paid leave in this country, but i doge have the parameters or the final package quite yet. >> what about the tax credit? how essential is that? >> absolutely essential. the president included child tax credit and the american rescue plan that we passed earlier this year, and because of its impact to date, we've cut child poverty in half. it's hugely impactful. it can help millions. women trying to rejoin the work force. and we've been negotiating with congress about how long this
2:50 am
extension would look like. here's the good news. a pack and like this, we're not going to get everything we want, and the president knows that. but what it's going to do is have a historic investment in child care, the biggest in probably a hundred infrastructure for programs that don't exist, universal pre-k. that's something that we can build on. it's going to have a huge impact once this passes the block. >> we heard senator manchin thinks something can get done this week. time is running short before the president heads to europe. progressives say they need to see legislation, it's not good enough. that seems big at mind to manage here. what will the president's involvement in the next couple of days. we know he has senator manchin in delaware. should we expect something
2:51 am
similar with senator sinema this week. >> sure, he was really encouraged by the agreement of moving forward and want to get things done. it does feel i know for people watching that this is messy and we'll never get there. this is what it looks like when you are near the finish line. this is going to be the largest investment addressing the climate crisis ever in history. to give everybody a sense, a recovery act when it was passed when the president was vice president, six times incise. this is the largest investment in child care. it's also going to expand access to healthcare. what we are talking about now is
2:52 am
how you do that? how do you expand medical care? there is a lot of ideas out there. we are at the stage where we have to make a decision. anywhere you cut it, the package is going to accomplish those things. that's what people should be encourage by. yes, get some things done and certainly we are working towards the finish line here. >> one of those deadlines is the president's trip to europe in a couple of days. his second overseas trip. this one will include a visit with the french president but won't include a visit with xi jinping. he wants to reestablish america's world leadership on climate change and i and others
2:53 am
reported that he urged lawmakers that i need to have something done on climate at least a framework in hand before i go to scotland where i can't do that. >> it's better to have something more formalized than not. world leaders and diplomats don't think about things exactly in that concrete of terms. they know they are watching. they can see we are getting close here. they know this is the biggest investment in addressing the climate crisis ever that the united states have done in history. it should be because we are one of the world's largest emitters and we have to lead. this trip is an opportunity to do is bring some of the biggest emitters in the world and economy in the world to talk about how we are going to pursue this objective to get to 1.5
2:54 am
degrees celsius. that's a huge forum to do that. if you look at a couple of years ago, we were headed to 5%. so this is a forum to do that. this world knows and other leaders know that we are working to get this done. the president is working around the clock morning and night having people to the white house. he's committed to get this done. the good news is we have phones on air force one and phones in europe. >> last the virginia's governor race, a state that president biden won by 10 points a year ago. what is his message and how important is democrats to hold onto that seat in a race that
2:55 am
perceives as a bell weather and referendum of where things stand in the administration? >> the president is going to be headed to arlington, virginia, this evening my hometown to campaign for former governor mcauliffe. i think you will hear him talk a lot about his agenda where there is real alignment, which is things we need to do to ease the burden on care for people in virginia and people in this country. needing to rebuild roads, rails and bridges. i will leave the political analysis to other guests you have and other people outside the white house. he's headed there tonight. his second trip and he's been out there campaigning for the former governor. >> jen psaki, i appreciate you being here with us. >> thank you, jonathan. congrats again. joining us now is our joe scarborough. >> there he is.
2:56 am
you even put a tie for the occasion. >> i am usually still asleep at 5:55. >> we just talked to jen psaki about democrats and the ability they hold, barely. they seem to be struggling to get ahead of these deadlines and the governor's race and ahead of the president's trip to europe. what are they doing right and wrong here? >> we talked about the importance of progressives and they played it well for quite some time. they been patient, they have been quiet while most of the world focused on two moderate senators. we are past the time of sort of
2:57 am
the sell-by date on these negotiations. the time is for democrats to move is now. they can worry about the legislation if they want to. everybody believes since i have been in room where people are screaming and yelling of their piece of legislation and what they need to do. right now they need to come together and they need to come together quickly. they have been talking to the media about this instead of being behind closed doors for months. they have been talking about what they need for months. they have been making demands for months on both sides. they need to pay attention to what benjamin said. terry mcauliffe has a race a week from now. that's not just bad news for
2:58 am
terry mcauliffe, that's bad news for every democrat in the house in the united states senate. it will -- i have seen this before time and time again. these virginia races, they really do, they act as accelerators for a party when republicans win in 2009 in a big way and barack obama's victory in 2008, that gets people excited. it helps republicans put the tea party into power in 2010, american politics have not been the same since. democrats have an opportunity to pass two-pack packages. i have to say for these democrats who are saying we have to do for all the same, no, you don't have to do all the same time. get the general outline of it. pass the infrastructure bill first. here is how it works. that's the headline.
2:59 am
people are talking about three days about how amazing that is. then maybe on a saturday, oh, i don't know for the sunday paper before the election? pass the other big bill. it hits the sunday morning before the tuesday election, those who things if democrats can get out of their way will make a huge difference in virginia and other races and first thing that's broken in the democrats' direction in about six months now but they need to get out of their way, jonathan. >> so, joe, you obviously, you are right of the politics being all about momentum. the other organization momentum is atlanta braves. give us your series pick here and thank you for being on for my first as host. >> well, and yeah, this is a big day. it's charlie pearce tweeted in
3:00 am
congratulating you. we have a red sox rock block from 5:00 to 10:00 in the morning block of msnbc, it's pretty damn good. i am cheering for the braves. i am red sox through and through but i was born in atlanta. i grew up with frank harold. he's the biggest ever. >> okay, it's time to stop. it's time for "morning joe." >> because it's astros. do we have to go into it. >> it's jonathan's show. >> we are at 20 seconds past the top of the hour. >> jonathan, you walk off the stage and you want to walk off the stage. it's your microphone. >> my


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