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tv   The Reid Out  MSNBC  October 25, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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thanks for joining me on "the beat." i turn to my friend joy reid on "the reidout." >> happy monday, thank you. have a wonderful evening. we begin "the reidout" with calls from house democrats for the explution of seven democrats. they said some were intimately involved in trump's efforts to overturn the election loss and the january 6th events that turned violent. according to two of the people that planned it on january 6th. according to "rolling stone," the two planners are speaking with the january 6th committee and claiming the members participated in planning briefings ahead of the days
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events. the house republicans deny any involvement and nbc news has not independently confirmed. two of the republicans, madison cawthorn and mo brooks did speak and they said it was supposed to be a peaceful rally, that didn't stop mo brooks from saying he wore body armor to the event for his safety and we know definitively, donald trump has not and seemingly cannot accept that he lost the election. that's been true from the very minute joe biden was declared the winner last november and since then trump shaped his cult of personality around that single grievance. it's the only thing he seems to care about. it's all he ever talks about. and everything, i mean, everything that has happened between november 3rd and january 6th was centered around his desperation to undo that one
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fact that he cannot live with, that he lost. trump was able to get his minions in congress, disgraced figures like rudy giuliani and governor's mansion to do his bidding, to do whatever it took to undo that one thing, undo the loss and make him not the loser and continues to this day. nearly one year since he lost the election with violent democracy inparoling results. joining me is corey bush and malcolm nance, msnbc counterterrorism analyst. congresswoman, you have had run ins with one of the people who is alleged to have been part of sort of working in someway in tandem with the white house to stop biden from being certified
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as the winner of the election. this is marjorie taylor greene on december 21st. >> just finished with the meetings. we had a great planning ceremony for the january 6th objection. we won't let this election be stolen by joe biden and the democrats. president trump won by a landslide. call your house reps. call your senators from your states. we've got to make sure they're on board. >> make sure they're on board. we don't know what that means. do you believe based on what we know from the conversations members may or may not have been having with the white house and team, do you believe people like marjorie taylor greene should be expelled? >> absolutely. absolutely. she should be expelled and any other congress member especially in the house. you know, the sitting -- the day of the insurrection, sitting barricaded in my office with my team, we put together a bill hrs
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25 to investigate and expel those members of congress who participated in any way to overturn the election results and then also the actual insurrection. the fact that we have people like josh hawley, the senator from my state that represents my district to put his fist up to those folks. they weren't protesters, those folks were insurrectionists and we talk about people that we have to see, i have to see that congresswoman as well as other congress members every single time i'm in these halls of congress, i see them. they have the same authority, the same type of jurisdiction, the same vote and same power of the pen and purse that i have in so many others that had nothing to do with this that believe in democracy. we have the same authority and so no, they need to be investigated and expelled and whatever else should happen to them, i'm all for it because they put the lives of people in
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danger and they decided that this is something that they should do with the power of the white house. >> you know, malcolm, what is clear here is that all of this stems from donald trump's determination to stay in power regardless of how the vote went. that's his authoritarian impulse. he's created sort of a cult of personality around that belief that he seems to have or the hope that he seems to have. here is ally alexander. he made this video and later deleted it. he's one of the planners of the violent insurrection and had violent associations. here he is before the january 6th attack talking about who he was working with. >> i was the person who came up with the january 6th idea with congress man. we put maximum pressure on congress while they were voting so that who we couldn't lobby, we could change the hearts and the minds of republicans who were in that body hearing our
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loud war from outside. >> there is nothing wrong with lobbying your member of congress but you had paul gosar tweeting on january 6th at ally and tagging him, biden should concede. i want his concession on my desk tomorrow morning. don't make me come over there. and he tags it stop the steal 2021. in your mind, where is the line between just pushing, even really pushing hard in a nasty way for biden certification to be abandoned and criminality and frankly domestic terrorism? >> you know, i've been studying extensively all of the tactical activities and how all these small groups, the oath keepers, the three percenters and proud boys were coordinating extensively throughout november into december to bring all of their forces into the capitol. and what we've really been missing i think the rolling stone article has finally given
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us the outlines of is the premeditated murder of the american constitutional form of government. we have an actual command cell, a leadership organization that was reaching down organizing people from the ground up with the sole intent of carrying out what could clearly now be considered an over throw of the government. there was paul gosar and the rest not just talking about influencing people. they meant influencing them, intimidating them with the threat of violence or death in order to over throw the constitutional order. this, now, one thing we should note is there is a big gap between the ally alexanders and donald trump and the people in the command center over at the willard hotel. there has to be an independent counsel for this. this is way beyond the 1/6
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commission. we're talking about people that literally planned to destroy american democracy with an organized effort as you saw led to people threatening to kill the vice president of the united states. >> i mean, because normally congress woman, if you're talking about call your congressperson, you see people like indivisible saying call your members of congress, you don't normally add storm the bar -- barricades and go in with zip ties to do citizens arrest, break into congress and make threats. "the washington post" does talk about this willard hotel war room and hit everyone from rudy giuliani to john eastman that wrote that memo, the how to memo how to over throw the election, et cetera. we know the january 6th committee called the willard hotel meetings, the reason they want bannon subpoenaed and want ally alexander's testimony as
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well. at this point, do you view what happened on january 6th as a conspiracy that involved the white house and members of congress or one they took advantage of? which do you think it is? >> at this point i can't tell but i -- but what we saw was willingful participation. you know, i remember sitting in the gallery just before those doors were breached and listening to my colleague on the house floor talk about those are my people outside. those are the people that i represent. and they deserve respects. i'm listening to that. and the fact that section 3 of the 14th amendment says no person who works in rebellion to the united states should be -- should hold the office of senator representative or president. so they should not be here because they actively willingly participated in whatever -- in whatever capacity they did and we also have to remember let us not forget the vulgar tweets
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that day of calling out where the speaker of the house was like there is so much to this and we can't let this go. we're thankful for the commission and anybody else that can come in and do this work to uncover what happened. it's way bigger than we think. >> it's not ending, malcolm. let me let you listen to madison talking to students and still on the same line of quote unquote stop the steal. take a listen. >> so, as you will see in article 2 section 3 of the constitution, the only people that have a right to change the law in the united states of america are state legislatures. you saw in six key states, wisconsin and arizona the worst perpetrators, the state governors and the board of elections there who actually went around the state legislature and changed election laws on their own. that is unconstitutional. >> he is still going. you have kevin mccarthy actively trying to disrupt basically the process in congress, making what
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seemed like threats getting donors to walk away from people like liz china and seemingly, if he were to become speaker, one would presume he would end this investigation. i wonder what you make of the fact this whole investigation now really hinges on what controls congress next year whether it continues or whether it's ended. and that some of the people involved in it are people that could be subpoenaed. >> right. you know, november 2022 was not going to be a referendum about joe biden or referendum on the 1/6 insurrection. it will be a referendum whether american democracy ends, whether the american experiment comes to a crashing halt. if the republicans take power in january 2023 and they control the house of representative, jason johnson said many times on this channel, they fully intend
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to i'm peech impeach and they w and help donald trump come back into power. listen, they are operating on a strategy that i've written about, which i call the darf strategy, deny there was ever anything to the insurrection, attack anyone and anything that denies donald trump was not the president, then exact revenge and spread fear. we're on the cusp of an insurgency. that means there may be more insurrections, many more small mini insurrections but that's when you take the political -- your political disagreements from the halls of power out into the streets. the republicans have done it once. they are now building all of the pressure within their base to believe that there is a completely illegitimate united states government in power and you -- when you can convince
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people, especially people like madison thinking you have to go in and resolve with the second amendment and this bizarre belief in what they think the constitution says because the constitution doesn't say anything about what they did other than sedition, than you have the position where you could have violence. they fully intend to take back power, and when they do, they will not rerelinquish. they're on the twitter feeds wondering why we can't do what happened yesterday. >> i think americans have to wake up to this idea that we are not different in substantial ways from any other country and if we don't actively defend democracy, we won't have one. that's the reality in the party we're dealing with. corey bush, malcolm nance, thank you. up next on "the reidout" the
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bombshell reporting on facebook and the january 6th insurrection. leaked documents and the start of the trial over charlottesville's racist unite to the right rally is the stark reminder of what is at stake in the election for virginia governor. now just eight days away. and the build back better legislation keeps getting smaller and smaller at the center of that shrinking is joe mansion and it's not hard to figure out why in tonight's absolute worst is paying to bring deadly covid into his state. come to me, covid. "the reidout" continues after this. "the reidout" continues after this ♪♪ this... is the planning effect. this is how it feels to know you have a wealth plan that covers everything that's important to you. this is what it's like to have a dedicated fidelity advisor looking at your full financial picture. making sure you have the right balance of risk and reward.
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leaked internal documents shed light on the social giant's role in the capitol insurrection. the documents reviewed reveal more from facebook's own
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research after the fact for stop the steal conspiracy pages and facebook between aware on election night and disabled the main page for hate speech. the calls for violence in the months that followed while new conspiracy theory groups flourished and facebook watched and did nothing as other conspiracy groups related to stop the steal experienced great rates. the documents are part of a trove turned over to the scc and provided to congress by facebook whistle blower francis. they pull back the curtain on how alarmed some facebook employees were in the days following the january 6th capitol siege with some blaming the platform for contributing to the violence. comments on an internal message board included this quote, i'm struggling to match my values to my employment here. i came here hoping to affect change and improve society but all i've seen is atrophy and
4:20 pm
advocation of responsibility. facebook says the documents don't tell the whole story. in a statement tonight, ceo mark zuckerberg said my view is what we're seeing is a coordinated effort to selectively use leaked documents to paint a false picture of our company. i'm joined by nbc news correspondent jacob ward. give us a sum total of what we're learning that is new in these documents. >> well, i think it's almost impossible to over state how many documents we're talking about here, joy. i mean, not only are we seeing what you've mentioned on domestic and teenage health and the demise of democracy and hate speech in the middle east and on and on and on. if i put all of the documents into banker's boxes that carries about 2,000 pages, we're looking at 15 boxes worth and we're
4:21 pm
getting a new dump every weekday. we're looking at an additional hundreds of pages every weekday until probably the middle of november. just a sheer breath of this we've begun to see what is inside the documents. >> you spoke with monica bickered, the facebook vp of content policy. an exclusive interview i want to play. here it is. >> there will always be challenges in the social media landscape but just like you will never stop abuse in the offline world, and you'll never stop abuse in the online world, you can get better at detecting it and preventing it and curbing it. >> do you get the sense in the interview and talking to facebook people, the problem is they just are naive to the power of facebook to amplify negativity and negative content or that they looked away from it because there is a profit in amp
4:22 pm
fie -- amplifying negative content? >> it difficult to understand the philosophical position until you get up close but once you do, you can often times detect the feeling our idea is such a powerful one and will make money anyway. the short term thing is not how much money we'll make but influence is a big thing. growth is what francis talked about in her congressional testimony. that is the be all end all, being about growth. at the same time, there is also a broader libertarian style world you often times at the top leadership positions of these companies in which it is basically saying and you heard a little there, where monica bic is saying there is the trouble of the real world and facebook and they're a mirror of one another. we're doing the best we can in this big and complicated world. what we're seeing in this trove of documents is that researchers who know all about the data are saying it's not just an endless flowing river, it's in fact
4:23 pm
something we need to take responsibility for and begin to understand. i'll give you an example. they point out at this point political actors, political parties and news organizations and specifically political parties in the e.u. are actually changing their policy positions to be more extreme so that their statements on those positions will do better on facebook. a true dog being wagged by the tail is the thing researchers are pointing out. >> jacob ward, great reporting. joining me is assistant professor of law at st. john's university and hopefully, you heard what jacob ward was saying. the real world mirroring the online world but only if the negative people who come up to you come up to you and they come with a friend and another friend and another friend and another friend and another friend and any positive people that come up to you are alone. the amplification is the issue, am i wrong or right about that? >> no, i think that's a good way
4:24 pm
of putting it. i'd say the thing that facebook and all platforms and basically all that we're seeing from the internet and this connectivity of communications is basically this ability to unhinge the frictions of everyday life from geography and cost and reputation and all of these things. so like, i don't have to come up to you as my own face. i can have an anonymous account or whatever else. there are all of these ways that kind of piling on happens. >> right. the people who are -- the negativity is rewarded. i was reading through "the washington post" piece on this and the thing that was -- there is this extreme libertarian at the top of facebook, obviously, among mark zuckerberg he's like all speech should be open but there is also the fact that no, facebook is rewarding the most negative behavior, the qanon stuff, the proud boys stuff. there is actually a reward for posting that and the more negative comments that gets plussed up and rewarded. let me let you hear francis and what she said in her
4:25 pm
congressional testimony. here she is. >> facebook changed those safety defaults in the runup to the election because they knew they were dangerous and because they wanted to growth back, they wanted the acceleration on the platform back after the election, they returned to their original defaults. and the fact they had to break the glass on january 6 th and turn them back on, i think that's deeply problematic. >> and the fact that you had this 2019 study before facebook banned qanon that showed in two days, facebook would be recommending that when you go on, you join groups dedicated to qanon, within a week the feed was full of groups and pages that violated facebook's rules including hate speech and disinformation. facebook seems like they are good at amplifying content that's dangerous. do you think that exposure of this and this was a philosophy at facebook will end up changing it in the way it operates? >> well, i think that's a great question. i don't think that you can
4:26 pm
actually look -- you're calling this negative content and i really actually want to take one step back. you're not looking at how zoo borns and dog photos and other types -- i know this sounds really -- i'm not trying to be like there is not all bad things on social media. i'm trying to say that how these things travel and how they get amplified is through the behavior of the content and not what -- like imagine that facebook is pass along a box and don't look inside the box to see what the box is promoting or recommending. they're passing it along it it looks like whatever is in the box joy will like, kate will like or whoever. i think that's basically kind of like how you have to see this and it ends up actually amplifying really kind of base content, like cute content, happy feeling content but also totally ampliies the bad content and that's what i think francis is talking about in the clip that you played is basically like they figured out how to down play all of those
4:27 pm
types of -- they figure out how to like amp down the behavioral mechanisms of the system for a period of time. >> right. >> that was going to be long term. if they had done that long -- like for the entire time like for -- until not knowing what would happen with the election, like, there would be a lot of false positives and censorship there. the reason that they amped it back up was specifically because there is some type of really catastrophic event. i'm not being like okay, they did everything great here. they clearly fell down in a bunch of different ways but i do kind of think that we're a little unsophisticated how we take this as a got ya moment from these documents and a lot of them are things we've known already for a long time. >> that we've known and unfortunately, a lot of people in congress trying to regulate it don't even understand the basics of what you're talking about. they're not tech savvy. they're less tech savvy than me. it's going to be a challenge. kate, thank you. and still ahead, former
4:28 pm
president barack obama weighs in on the governor's race in virginia framing it as a key part of the on going struggle to save democracy from conspiracy theories and trump's big lie. the latest on that race in the 2022 midterms straight ahead. e e 2022 midterms straight ahead i've got moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. now, there's skyrizi. 3 out of 4 people achieved 90% clearer skin at 4 months, after just 2 doses. skyrizi may increase your risk of infections and lower your ability to fight them. before treatment, your doctor should check you for infections and tuberculosis. tell your doctor if you have an infection or symptoms such as fever, sweats, chills, muscle aches, or coughs or if you plan to or recently received a vaccine. ♪nothing is everything♪ talk to your dermatologist about skyrizi. learn how abbvie could help you save.
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four years ago white supremacists, militia members and neo-nazis descended chanting jews will not replace us. today a dozen of the unite the right organizers who are some of the most notorious white supremacists and described as very fine people by the disgraced twice impeached former president are standing trial on allegations of conspiracy to commit racially motivated violence. what happens in next week's
4:33 pm
gubernatorial election in the same state that was the epicenter of the vile display of hate will determine which path the commonwealth will follow going forward. a real clear politics average of recent polling shows democrat terry mcauliffe tied with republican glenn youngkin. they produced laws seeking to reform policing aiming to make virginia's criminal justice system more equatable. virginia is also passed its own version of the 1965 voting rights act and increased the minimum wage. a democratic loss on november 2nd could reverse all of that progress. glenn youngkin called for auditing voting machines and launched an election integrity task force. he's also vowed to fight back against racial inclusiveness in schools and says an abortion ban in virginia is appropriate. democrats are so worried that they've called in their party's
4:34 pm
biggest stars to boost enthusiasm. former president obama joined democratic heavy hitters like stacey abrams and jaime harrison to rally support for mcauliffe. >> we're at a turning point right now. both here in america and around the world there is a politics of meanness and division and conflict of tribleism and criticism and that's one path. but the good news is there is another path where we pull together and we solve big problems. and we rebuild our society in a way that gives more and more people a better life and that's the choice we face. >> president biden will headline a rally for mcauliffe tomorrow in arlington. virginians can vote early and in person until this saturday. joining me is cornell belcher. i tend to think of virginia as
4:35 pm
being like colorado, my former state that used to be a pretty reliable republican state but now it's reliably democratic. biden won there easily. can you explain why it's even close when you have a trump backed republican who is vowing to turn it basically into a mini texas on abortion and who is out there doing the whining about critical race theory that isn't taught in virginia schools. >> it is a slide campaign trick. you'll notice, joy, he didn't start off talking about abortion and stolen election because now he's going to his base. he started off quite frankly and as a virginiaen, i live in d.c. now, southeast with my peoples, you know, he started off to a certain exextent, people saw hi commercial and didn't know if he was democrat or republican. he tried to walk the thin line
4:36 pm
but what republicans do very well is go towards the end and often in the beginning republican wills fire up their base. and to me, joy, what's happening in virginia now is going to be a real bellwether for democrats going to the midterm because quite frankly, even though a lot of the establishment democrats don't get that, republicans do. it is in fact about the base, and so if you look at the polling numbers right now, quite frankly, the averages don't look very different from what northam's average polling looked like back when he ran and he won by a landslide in the end because you saw an energy from democrats and the base. to me, if you have an electret that is, you know, below 68, 67% white, you have an electret that is more college educated than not, if you have an electret where young people make up 40, 4 1, 42% of that elect tret that's
4:37 pm
a good. if you start seeing an electret that is older and more diverse, saw a little bit in terry's first runaround, that's really problematic for democrats and for terry in virginia but real problematic for democrats moving forward. >> that is the issue. you know, look, he won -- it's the 80-20 rule. as long as you get north of 80% of voters of color, you can win with low numbers of white voters. the challenge is the enthusiasm that is growing quickly in the state. are democrats doing a good job of reaching those voters and making them understand what it would mean for a state that's been pretty good on voting rights to turn into a texas style state where voter
4:38 pm
suppression becomes? >> that's the million dollar question, joy. i think when you -- the beauty of barack obama coming in and you saw some of that in the clip, barack obama makes it bigger. this isn't about quite frankly, you know, just terry versus republican there. this is about a bigger picture, what is going on and so what you saw, by the way, barack obama is the most popular national political figure in the country regardless of cause of party. barack obama makes this about something larger and by the way, joy, it's kind of how biden and v.p. harris closed out the california recall election. they talked about bigger issues women's rights and voting rights and all these bigger issues and democrats are trying to make this about bigger things and republicans and and used to try
4:39 pm
to get back, back and energizing young voters this is about something bigger and issues that quite frankly they went into the streets and marched about going into the 2020 election. >> well, how about trump? look, the reality is that no republican has shown they can resist doing trump's bidding giving any republican power seems so dangerous this will be a huge prize for republicans. he would be one of the republicans trying to steal the 2024 election for trump. this is somebody behind him. this is his surrogate. she has invited in by him to help her. she is as trump as trump gets and blamed antifa and black lives matter ages of destruction for the assault and violence of the insurrection. she's rallied with steve bannon.
4:40 pm
if that is his ser, he's not different than trump. >> that's the problem in society where advertising goes a long, long way and he has saturated both the adadvertisement with him as a moderate sensible republican and actually increasing education funding, which by the way, last time i checked that was a democrat staple. so the question is will this breakthrough towards the end? will they carry the message he's very much in line with donald trump and obama and national democrats are trying to do. >> he's no different than any other republican of virginia. pay attention to this stuff. it's the ones that try to sneak in under the radar a lot of times are worse.
4:41 pm
cornell belcher, appreciate you. tonight's absolute worst is ahead as a southern governor ramps up his pursuit of natural herd immunity. no matter the cost. not why senator joe mansion is standing in the way of the climate agenda but asking constituents to flip the bill. we'll tackle that when we come right back. we'll tackle that when we come right back paul loves food. but his diabetes made food a mystery. everything felt like a "no". but then paul went from no to know. with freestyle libre 2, now he knows how food affects his glucose. and he knows when to make different choices. take the mystery out of your glucose levels, and lower your a1c.
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climate activists have been on a hunger strike outside of the white house for almost a week. almost a week now. calling on president biden to not abandon his climate agenda. they're willing to starve themselves for climate action as some politicians appear to be more concerned about a certain special interest rather than saving the planet. inside the capitol congress may be close to a deal with president biden saying his meeting with senator mansion was positive and speaker pelosi saying 90% of the bill was
4:46 pm
agreed upon and written. there may be some climate change but significantly reduced from what was proposed with the clean electricity program likely out of it all together making it much more difficult for biden to achieve climate goals. manage made his position on climate change clear. one could argue he's trying to represent constituents that overwhelmingly voted for trump but appears to be acting in his own self-interest. we mentioned mansions is making millions off his family's coal company but a new report details the extent to which mansion has used roles in government to prop up big coal profits close to home. as an example in 2006 when mansion was the governor of west virginia his chief of staff met with lobbyists advocating to petition for a rate increase for west virginians electricity that kept manage's companies biggest coal customer afloat. joining me now is the author of
4:47 pm
article daniel investigative journal journalists. daniel, thank you for being here. i read your report and i was going, oh, oh, throughout the whole thing. i had read these previous pieces about coal prices in the statement of west virginia being hiked up so that rate payers in this second poorest state in the country could basically subsidize this dying indeed of trust -- industry, the coal industry. please explain. >> thanks for having me, joy. it's important to understand first and foremost mansion's company inner systems his broker firm he created in '89 and as the first piece of the investigation showed, this company is having a direct impact on the land, air, soil of west virginia. we showed a massive epa violation at one of the main suppliers to the system discharging into the buffalo creek, which actually runs through mansion's hometown and
4:48 pm
we looked into the grant town power plant, the main consumer of coal that those energy hikes affected. we showed there was almost $200 million per year of associated health impacts in that region, whether that was increased asthma rates, whether that was heart attacks or even deaths. we also looked at the impact on the land from the coal ash, the combustion byproduct going back into the land and reaching, you know, carcinogens into the ground in water. we discovered dozens of safety violations at these sites and in addition to three deaths. so this industry that's being sustained through these rate hikes, which my reporting showed and at least one instance for the plant that was consuming mansion coal and constructed his chief of staff to meet with the lobbiests for, you know, that industry is having a direct impact and is being sustained
4:49 pm
thanks to mansion's efforts. >> and there were even, you know, part of your story was this idea coal was being almost sneaked out of some of these coal plants and sold kind of off the books in a certain way that prompted an investigation. what's the status of that investigation and can you explain that of it? >> sure. so part of the question i wanted to answer was how did we get here? it was joe biden elected with a mandate, not joe mansion although sometimes it doesn't feel that way. so again, looking into the critical moments from mansion's rise and discovered that there were multiple federal investigations. now the one you're referencing began in 1992 around the number two federal mine and basically, this was an investigation into coal shipments disappearing from the mine logs. at the time, all the reporting around this, it didn't mention anything about inner systems, no
4:50 pm
mention of that and a number of people working at this mine were charged through affidavit that i obtained that was sealed seeking search warrants discovered that inner systems was actually named as one of the targets targets f warrant. inner systems trucks were transporting this stolen coal, but at the time, none of these documents were public. there was nothing in any of the media reports despite several people being charged. when i reached out to some of those people, all of the collaborators, only one person responded. that was a man who was working in the mine as an operator. when i asked him how it was that he was charged but no one from inner systems, he told me because they had connections and i didn't. >> wow. just to sum up here. your piece talks about the fact that in some ways, joe manchin
4:51 pm
is single handedly propping up this industry through his representation in the united states senate. is coal benefitting the people of west virginia economically? is it an economic driver such that it's important to stop climate change, to take climate change out of this bill to protect the economic benefits of coal in west virginia? >> i think that's difficult argument to make. especially given what's in this bill. the fact that there is a massive amount of spending on green energy technology, green jobs. and beyond that, even beyond those energy components, massive social spending that is widely popular in west virginia and that west virginians overwhelmingly support. you look at the op-ed that bernie sanders wrote in the hometown paper telling people this is what's in the bill. i think you saw that as an
4:52 pm
extremely effective move for progressives applying pressure because these programs are tremendously impactful. >> and you still have, it appears now that they will be out. in west virginia, what are they saying about that? are west virginians cheering manchin on to cut out those things? we want to short time, but i want to let you answer that. >> i don't think so. i think those are widely popular policies and i think it's confounding why both progressives and you know, the biden administration haven't spent more time hammering. they have tried to carry it. they've given joe manchin's wife an appointment on the appalachian regional commission. they've shaved off these hugely important parts of the bill that are going to be critical for the midterms so i think they are widely popular and i think people support them. >> and i can't emphasize enough, this is the second poorest state in the country.
4:53 pm
it's hard to explain unless it's about profit. daniel, great reporting. thank you very much. appreciate you being here. up next, ron desantis has a new henchman willing to push covid conspiracy theories and misinformation in the name of freedom. absolute worst is straight ahead. don't miss it. s straight ahead. don't miss it. but not every tomato ends in the same kind of heinz ketchup. because a bit of magic unfolds when there's a ketchup for everyone. [coins clinking in jar] ♪ you can get it if you really want it, by jimmy cliff ♪ [suitcase closing] [gusts of wind] [ding] >> are you ready to start a great career? >> safelite is now hiring. >> you will love your job. >> there's room to grow... >> ...and lots of opportunities. >> so, what are you waiting for? >> apply now...
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since the beginning of the pandemic, many republicans have walked the fine line of kind of sort of encouraging safety while also feeling that same skepticism. well, one of those republicans has jumped off that line entirely and is offering covid a one-way first class ticket to his state. and that of course is governor ron desantis. i mean, who else would it be? on sunday, the florida republican announced plans to offer unvaccinated couples $5,000 bonuses to relocate to
4:58 pm
florida and join police forces there. rolling out this perverse distopian tourism ad. >> are you ordering people to comply, but you hate complying with health mandates yourself? do you dream of arresting people's ability to breathe while you arrest them? well, pack up your potentially infectious self, your badge and your gun and come on down to florida. take this taxpayer bonus money and enjoy constant interaction with vulnerable senior citizens you can breathe on. every breakthrough case and icu admission is the virus of freedom spreading. don't forget the sunscreen. of course today, he denied recruiting unvaccinated police despite saying this on fox news last night. >> in florida, our policy is very clear. we're going to have a special session and say nobody should lose their job based off these injections. so nypd, minneapolis, seattle,
4:59 pm
if you're not being treated well, we'll treat you better here. you can fill important needs for us and we'll compensate you as a result. >> so, yeah, ron, you said it. on tape. but that's the thing with death santis. he's a pandemic denier who hops regeneron to line the pockets of his biggest donor. he puts conspiracy theorists on tv to claim the vaccine changes your dna, which it does not do in any way. he's now inflanked by florida's new surgeon general who's questioned the safety of masks and who opposes mandates. he's so pro-covid, hard core, he refused to wear a mask while visiting the office of a state senator who was being treated for breast cancer. desantis isn't the only leader playing this dangerous game. brazil's president down played it as it killed more than 600,000 brazilians, including
5:00 pm
hundreds of pregnant women and babies, lead tog a brazilian senate report pursuing crimes against humanity against him. isn't that what we saw with trump and now with baby death santis? he isn't even pretending to care about florida to stay alive. sacrificing citizen's lives for a death cult leader to lock in the anti-vaxx vote. all in starts now. all in starts. that we identified. >> new details on what was happening inside the trump war room during the insurrection and why new reporting on republican


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