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tv   Kendis Gibson and Lindsey Reiser Report  MSNBC  October 24, 2021 3:00am-4:00am PDT

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for me that was never the case. it was about the challenge, it was about the hunt. >> that's all for this edition of "dateline." i'm natalie, thank you for watching. >> first up on msnbc, it is set to be a critical week for democrats, as they move closer to a deal on president biden's social spending plan. the self-imposed outlined are just a week away. democrats are also gearing up for the razor-thin in virginia governor's race, where former president obama came out swinging on the campaign trail with a fiery speech. >> instead of spreading misinformation and disinformation about the last
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election, we should be trying to strike for our democracy and make it easier for more people to vote in future elections. why is it republicans do not want you to vote? what is it that they are so afraid of? >> tragedy in texas. two children killed and several others critically injured after a drag racer veered off of the track, plowing into a crowd of spectators. the safety concerns this morning. >> hundreds gathering to member cinematographer halyna hutchins, as we learn new details about other incidents involving the prop gun that took her life on the set of rust. >> union sets should be safe sets. everyone deserves to go to work with complete security, knowing they can perform their work and return home safely. this moment has shaken all of us to the very core. and we will carry her in our hearts and minds forever. >> more than 100 millions of americans bracing for severe storms, coast to coast.
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a bomb cyclone taking aim at california. concerns about mudslides, in the region, already battered by wildfires and drought. >> all right everybody. good morning, it is sunday, october 24th. i am lindsay riser. >> i am candice gibson. we are taking a look at that, that is a mess. that is the epitome of the bomb cyclone, right there. it is national weather services are calling an atmospheric river. you can really see it rolling in right there. >> hitting portions of washington, oregon and northern california. of course, people in california want the rain, they need the rain. remember all of those wildfires that have burned in that region? that is where the concern for flash flooding is coming from. >> they are not the only ones who will be dealing with. it much of the country, the midwest as well as the mid-atlantic area will be taking in part of all of that bad weather. as we join you here from msnbc, world headquarters in new york, we do have a team of correspondents and analysts joining us this morning, to get us started from delaware to
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texas, and to london. but we will begin in washington, d.c.. and perhaps the most critical next few days ahead, in the younger biden administration. >> the democrats self imposed deadline of october 31st, one week from today, here is a look at capitol hill right now. it will all come down to eight senators joe manchin and kyrsten sinema will agree to. >> msnbc news editor josh lederman is traveling with the president in delaware. josh, good morning to you. this could be a big week for this white house. either positive or negative, how close are they getting to this thing, to the finish line? >> hey, good morning kendis. you know that line from the movie field of dreams? if you build it, they will come? we are in this phase we sometimes get into in washington, where lawmakers are trying to will a deal into existence, simply by projecting confidence and progress on that deal. so it has been really hard to pin down whether lawmakers are getting close to the deal that they say they are now on the
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verge of being able to clinch with nancy pelosi this week saying, they are 90% of the way they're. president joe biden obviously also projecting confidence that they will be able to meet that end of the month deadline to pass, or at least move forward on his economic agenda. then on the other hand, you hear from one of the most critical voices in this whole issue, senator joe manchin who says, he does not see any way they will be able to get where they need to go by the end of the month, given the issues that still have to be resolved. and a big part of what they are actually doing right now is trying to find work around's for a lot of the priorities that president biden and democrats have for this bill, they will not be able to be met, the original way they had envisioned this playing out. for instance, joe manchin, opposed to that clean energy performance plan that was initially in this bill, trying to force utilities to shift towards renewable energy. okay, if that is out, how do we
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get to the same goal, but through some other mechanism that joe manchin and everybody else can except? they are looking for, can we add tax incentives to make people shift towards clean energy, and to take electric vehicles? the same thing when it comes to how we will actually pay for this. kyrsten sinema, the senator for arizona is opposed to reversing those trump era tax cuts. can we find another way to get money from billionaires, to try to pay for the same priorities? so it is a little bit of trying to say, how can we preserve the goals over here, even if it will not actually logistically look like we initially thought it would look like? the big impetus for getting this wrapped up by the end of the month, there are a few of them. first of all, these major summits president biden is headed to in rome and glasgow in the next few weeks, where he wants to show up with something to deliver, and the virginia's governor's race, two weeks away, democrats want to show they are delivering on the behalf of the country, candace. >> you are not necessarily a
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betting man, but -- >> i was going to ask the same thing! >> yes. if we are talking a week from today, when you are out there in scotland, enjoying the rolling hills of the scottish highlands, would he have been there and haven't had it done a deal? >> i think the most likely scenario at this point is probably that they get some type of arrangement that president biden is able to hold up and say, look. we have the contours, the framework. we have something that is not quite a piece of legislation that is voted on, signed into law, but it is something he could claim is enough of a step towards a deal where he could say, we are pretty much at the finish line. i have my ticket in my hand, and i can claim some real progress, there. >> all right, josh lederman, making a wager. there josh, we appreciate. let's bring in our political channel. tori taylor is a political strategist, lucy caldwell he's a former campaign manager for
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joe walsh who ran for the presidential repugnant nomination on 2012, frequent guest of this show. tori, let's start with. you we have the reporting josh lederman of, nancy pelosi says 90%, their mansion says not so much. do you think it is likely that democrats get both deals done this week? and if you are advising them, what are you telling them? >> yes. i think we are really close. we are a big tent party with a lot of points of view. we need consensus, and to get this across the line. there are a lot of different ways to get this in play. last year, democrats outlined a bold forward looking vision for one they were elected, that is what we need to deliver. i think the biden administration is going to deliver this pure investment to infrastructure, roads and bridges, as well as key economic and human infrastructure policy like paid leave and childcare. these policies are going to get people back to work, care for their families and be the cornerstone for a good economic recovery, good economic
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recovery. at the end of the day, this is all about math. we mainly agree on the policy outcomes, we need to find a way to pay for that in a way that will get us the votes we need, the vote in the bill of chambers. there's one thing i learned in this business, never bet against joe biden or nancy pelosi, they always get something done. >> lucy, i want your take on a recent washington post about that, from eugene robinson, where he writes democrats are getting pilloried for struggling to do big, and important things. while republicans are getting a free pass for behaving like a horde of vandals. do you, do you get that sense as well? >> look. i think that the reality is that this is about whether or not we will nationalize politics, look back at 2020 or look forward. this is the kind of issue for democrats and republicans alike. republicans want to say january 6th never happened, let's move on. democrats are saying, we really
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have to know where we bench, where we are going. one of the challenges for democrats is that, this is a sort of false sense that democrats are in the past, when really it is that they are trying to do a whole bunch of things at once, right? they are trying to move their policy agenda forward, but also trying to, i think, figure out who we are as a country. it is like, the legacy of gender and sex is very definition all. so i think that is one of the challenges. i think as well, republicans just too much better politically as underdogs, right? we have seen this build before, right? i think some aspect of this is that democrats have the majority, they have the presidency. at the end of the day, this puts republicans in a bird seat. in terms of coming after them. so i think a lot of this is, in fact, politics as usual. >> tory, i now want to turn to the virginia's governor's race. yesterday, we saw president obama on the campaign trail,
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coming out firing, telling voters republicans are trying to rig elections. let's this into a part of what he said. >> it makes a difference! it makes a difference when we decide to make things better. our democracy is what makes america great. it is what makes us the shining city on the hill. this extraordinary experiment in self government and protecting that, preserving, that this should not be a partisan issue. what are you willing to stand up for? when are you willing to say no to your own supporters? when are you willing to say, there are some things that are more important than getting elected, and maybe american democracy is one of those things? >> we know virginia's highly contested, very close. what we are hearing right now, potentially, the messages we will hear from democrats and republicans going into the midterms is this message something that will resonate? >> yes. it is a huge factor in this
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election, you know. like, thinking about donald trump, which is been a huge part of this election, and a lot of the things you have seen play around in virginia over the past few months, virginia does not want a repeat of donald trump. he might not be in the white house anymore, but is certainly still on the ballot. because -- is the standard. they're today's republican party is the party of donald trump. not just him as a leader, but the destructive policies and ideas he brought up as president, all of which are deeply unpopular in virginia. this is not the only thing this lesson is about. there is a reason why biden won virginia by ten points, why obama has delivered the state twice. virginia was brought into that style of leadership and their forward-looking vision for the state, which is shared by the democrats, up and down the ballot. under democratic leadership, we have seen virginia see a historic investment in education, increased the minimum wage, expanded access to health care, and hundreds of thousands of jobs were created. they have proven leaders, while glenn youngkin is essentially
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donald trump in a fleece, who pretends to be a likable guy, while embracing far-right policies, and conspiracy theorists to appeal to donald trump's base. in the end of the day, the election is simple, it's about which team is more fired up. that is what it will come down to. i think the democratic team is taking this election very seriously. they also -- >> sorry, we have to let both of you go. but, we are all watching this closely. we do know, as you have alluded to, that youngkin is trying to distance himself as an interesting strategy, we will see how that plays out. >> this is a problem we are having, democrats are fired up, that is the problem that they are facing right now. they feel as if the base is not fired up enough. this is why the polls are even right now. >> history as well, it shows especially for the virginia gubernatorial race, the opposite party usually is the one we see with a win. >> yes, he was in new jersey yesterday as. well we will now move on to a
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developing story overnight. police in texas are investigating a drag race crash, that took the lives of two young children and left eight other people injured. >> officials say the driver lost control, and plowed into a crowd of spectators. this is taking place in curve ill, 60 miles northwest of san antonio. a six year old boy died at the scene, an eight-year-old boy died at the hospital. >> nbc news correspondent jay gray is following the latest from us from dallas, texas. jay, what do we know right now? >> yes, kendis and lindsey. a tragedy is unfolding in cooterville. look, we know it was an independently sponsored drag racing event known as airport racehorse to, because it was taking place at the curve in her county airport, along one of the landing strips there. we know the race occurred, one of the cars lost control, as you talk about, careening into parked vehicles, ultimately into spectators that were lining that strip over there. a six and eight year old boy
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died as a result of that crash, four people including the driver, transported to area hospitals by air ambulance. they are all in stable condition. none of their injuries are life-threatening. we are told to others were treated and released at the scene. and a four year old boy and three month old little girl were taken to the hospital. but that was for evaluation, for observation. the investigation is it described as active and ongoing right now. we have no answer as to how or why this happened. again, herbal police looking into that, and hopefully a little more as we go through the day over here, guys? >> all right. quite a tragedy indeed, over there in texas. jay gray thank you. >> coming up, how did on -- with the experience, get to be in charge of all of the fire arms on the set of rust? new reporting from nbc news on the reporters assistant director, was the one who handed alec baldwin the gun
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involved in the fatal shooting. now, a former colleague is questioning his safety record. >> later in the hour, a live update on the queens health, and the questions that are swirling around the secrecy over her hospital stay. over her hospital stay they customize my car insurance, so i only pay for what i need. how about a throwback? ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ ok everyone, our mission is to provide complete, balanced nutrition for strength and energy. whoo hoo! ensure, with 27 vitamins and minerals, now introducing ensure complete! with 30 grams of protein.
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in new mexico for a candlelight vigil to remember the cinematographer, halyna hutchins, who was killed in that movie set shooting involving alec baldwin. >> as investigators tried to figure out what happened, nbc news has learned that the same prop gun that took hutchins life an injured director, joel souza, has misfired before on the set. the director also speaking out for the first time since this happened saying he's gutted by the loss of hutchins and, that his thoughts are with her family. he also says he's grateful for the affection they've gotten in the community. joining us right now, senior editor of deadline hollywood, dominic pattern and criminal defense attorney sara azari.
3:20 am
thank you for both for being with us. dominic, let's your latest reporting here? i feel like we keep getting more details that trickle out that really sound like they are raising red flags here. what's the latest reporting on the investigation? >> where we stand right now -- i also want to mention there's going to be another candlelight vigil here in hollywood, tonight, in burbank for halyna hutchins. what we're seeing right now is the santa fe county sheriff's office are combing the scene at the ranch to determine exactly what happened there. specifically, they're looking actually for footage. this was a rehearsal in which this tragedy occurred, and usually these things are filmed. so, there may be footage of how and what actually happened. what could be very important to determine here is whether or not safety protocols of any type were followed. i know that might seem almost stupid to say at this point, with the loss of a life. but we are told that when the assistant director handed the prop gun to alec baldwin, they said "cold" gun. which is part of the security protocol to make sure that
3:21 am
people realize the type of weapon that's been used. the type of profit that's being used in this case. so, there's a lot of determination about that. as you said, there has also been speculation about previous misfires and other incidents on the set. we also do know that mere hours before this incident actually happened, a number of members of the camera crew resigned from working on the film, because of safety concerns and also because of concerns about. they put those resignations in writing, so you can tell already, we were on a troubled set situation. and yet, this circumstance, this rehearsal, was allowed to go forward. was allowed to go forwith >> all of that in mi, sara, you have the legal analyst by the way who told nbc news that a civil suit is almost guaranteed. but criminal charges against alec baldwin are not. take a listen. >> he pulled the trigger but for him to be charged, he would actually have to have knowledge
3:22 am
that that prop gun was loaded with a live round. >> what do you make of all of that? do you agree? >> i do. i do. these are really bad facts that we just heard. the fact that there were two potential miss fires on this. that is what we call notice. nobody can come out and say, oh, we didn't know that the gun was unsafe. so, this is one of those rare instances that the shooter, criminally speaking, might be the least capable person, that being alec baldwin, because an actor should be able to recently rely on the props that are given by to him by crew members. we have to remember that alec baldwin is also a producer, which carries higher exposure. he has oversight duties. he's responsible to some extent, for the crew and what occurs on set. i think his story and sadly there's history here of this happening on hollywood sets. we're dealing with an accident, not a criminal act. unless, of course, there was something way beyond gross negligence by either baldwin or
3:23 am
some of the other crew members that handled the grand. we're talking about a lot of civil lawsuits. we're talking about a wrongful death suits by hutchins husband and her son, for the loss of life for -- she was 42 years old. she was a rising star in hollywood. there's a lot of income that she would have made in her lifespan. so, we're dealing with that. we're dealing with potentially lawsuits from other people on set who have been traumatized by what they've seen. those individuals could see the experienced emotional distress. there's a lot coming and my hope is that these judgments and settlements will ultimately send a really loud message that this can't happen. hollywood really needs to buckle up and ensure the safety of casting true crew. >> sadly, she leaves behind her nine-year-old son. in the meantime, david, you have some other celebrities were coming to the defense of the actor, alec baldwin, including will and grace start, deborah messing, and tv writer who said it's not fair to make baldwin the face of this
3:24 am
tragedy. what this actually mean? i know this is not an important thought at this point, but what could this mean for his career? ean for his cai >> think alex bs career i, would defer to our other guests. i would say there are two alec baldwin to discuss here. there is alec baldwin the star of "rust", the film, and there is alec baldwin the producer of "rust", the film. i think in that case, you mentioned what they call the judicial district attorney, in this case santa fe is the first district attorney. she has said they are taking a wait and see approach to see will investigators find. there's also the occupational safety and hazard bureau, osha, they're doing their own investigation here to get a determination of what actually happened. you might see a lot of this to defer to our other guest as well, you might also see a lot of this dealt with by the insurance companies, to be honest. as a workman's compensation issue in terms of negligence and payouts happening from their. i doubt very much we are going to see criminal card charges of
3:25 am
anytime against alec baldwin or anyone, but i do think this is going to be a very long process. we've seen things like what happened on the, many, many years ago with brandon louis. we saw this in the film midnight writer with the death of one of its crew members. >> we're actually going to be talking with a lawyer for the family that settle for a midlife writer. sara, last words go to you. >> yes, i think here we're dealing with lots of claims coming. these are mostly civil in nature. i don't expect criminal charges. i think that we still don't know enough about the facts. that is assistant director that said this was a "cold" gun, he actually has a duty of ensuring safety onset in general. he should have been checking and double checking, triple checking that gun. of course, the armor, who by her own admission was not very confident. she was new on the job she. was a very confident about her ability to carry out her duties. so, there's a lot of already bad facts that point to
3:26 am
liability on behalf of a lot of different people involved. >> a right >> i just want to add quickly before we go. in fact, sarah, it was the assistant director should not have been handling that gun at all. the armor should have been handling that gun. that is actually their job onset. that is actually one of the big questions here. why was that assistant director who handed one of those three weapons on that particular scene to alec baldwin? it should not have been that person. >> if i can live with this, what is a loaded gun doing onset? i mean, who loaded it? how did it make its way on set? that is really the million dollar question here? i'm sure we're going to discover what really happened? >> yes, you both have raised just a ton of questions that are still swirling around this. dominic and sara, thank you for both of you. as dominic, manchin, will take a next look at another set death investigated as negligent homicide in 2014. a young camera system hit by train after the director moved a shoot for midnight rider onto
3:27 am
life tracks. we're going to speak to that family's lawyer coming up in our next hour. up next, mudslides, power outages, that's what coastal communities are bracing for as a trio of major storms bears down on northern california. our meteorologist will break it down. at t-mobile for business, unconventional thinking means we see things differently, so you can focus on what matters most. whether it's ensuring food arrives as fresh as when it departs... being first on the scene when every second counts... or teaching biology without a lab. we are the leader in 5g and a partner who delivers exceptional
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extreme heat and record-breaking wildfires on the west coast, more than 100 million people there are bracing for a complete 180. residents of california already for wet and severe winter-like weather today, threatening flash floods, mudslides and power outages. >> several major storms expected to barreled down on the west coast. you see them there, moving to the midwest as well as mid-atlantic states, msnbc's news meteorologist michelle grossman now joining us live. michelle, this looks like a big mess for several days? >> yes, it is a big mess. hello there, guys. we are looking at several
3:32 am
factors bringing us dangerous situations like threatening flooding, life-threatening mudslides. we will see debris flow from those areas where we saw severe wildfire. it was a terrible wildfire season. it will help with this rain, but we have more before that. we have three factors. a bomb cyclone that is moving onshore. what this means, it is a big word, but is it is a strong, powerful system, you will see a 24 millibar pressure drop in 24 hours. that is what we will see, along with atmospheric river, a plume of moisture, almost like a hurricane, where you see those rivers of water coming in. that is the second thing. then, we have the those scarred, burned areas. let's look at heavy rain, already. we see heavy rain this morning, it will last through tonight. we will see better conditions tomorrow, we expect this rain to continue into tuesday. this is what it looks like on radar. you see darker colors in northern california, this will be the bull's-eye for this really dangerous weather. i can't say this enough. you want to hear your local
3:33 am
warnings, stay indoors if you can, we are looking at some life-threatening conditions today. you see those darker colors, that is where heavy rain in northern california. we also see a lot of snow in the higher elevations as well. this is what it looks like, that west coast deluge, extreme rainfall, all throughout today, heavy mountain snow, even up to two feet in some spots. again, expecting that flooding, mudslides and burn areas where we will see debris flowing downhill. the front could move inland on monday. this will make the conditions a little bit better. we see that rain continuing, and very strong winds, gusting up to 70 miles per hour. it almost feels like what we feel as a nor'easter on the northeast. so that flood is 7 million impacted with flash flooding today, the mudslides, rainfall rates of one inch per hour. we have seen rain over the past few days. this is the third of a very powerful series of storms coming into the west coast. your rainfall forecast, 8 to 10 inches possible in california.
3:34 am
then, the cold side of the storm. we have winter storm alerts, winter storm warnings where you see the pink, this sierra mountains, cascade mountains, we look at the possibility of two feet of snow. guys, this will be a tough day for many, a weather event some have not seen in their lifetime, and certainly, we will track this throughout the. >> that is saying quite a bit. it is not just the west coast that will be impacted by this, the storm will move east and have an impact for several days. our thanks to michelle grossman there for the update. all right, facing down threats. >> in 234 years ago, the founding collocation fathers of america gave us the second amendment. time is running out, richard. we are coming after you and every -- that stole this election. >> the vice news journalist on the very disturbing, very credible death threats from trump voters after investigative reports. >> reporting sparked a max
3:35 am
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helping to run our free and fair elections. and now, death threats are forcing them to walk away from their jobs. this is all laid out in a new story from vice news, which point that a june survey from the brennan center of justice, they found one third of election officials have reported feeling unsafe. just listen to election workers in georgia and pennsylvania reading the violent threats
3:39 am
they got as donald trump pushes his election line. >> we will make the boston bombings look like child's play, at the polls sites in this county. you just wait. nobody at these places will be spared. >> the first email that my wife received. your husband should tell the truth, or your three kids will be fatally shot. cops can't help you, hugh. and then provides a link to an image of our home. >> wow. madeleine may is the vice reporter on this story. she joins us live right now. madeleine, those threats are extremely hard to hear. first of all, the director of elections in a full county georgia says he got between 100 and 150 calls in the week between christmas and new year's. i mean, the workers are brave
3:40 am
to be talking to you, but they still have to be shaken up. >> absolutely. i mean, i think what was most shocking was the variety of threats. i spoke with people who were physically stopped in their homes, they come back from work, or surveyed about their daily lives. i spoke to people who had received so many kind of explicitly violent phone calls, phone calls laden with racial slurs, emails about mass shootings, threatening boston bombing style bombings. you can see watching the video, the trauma of this is still so president, in these officials lives. it is the real reason they are deciding to leave their jobs in mask numbers. there is a mass exodus of these officials who are leading. it is a real threat to our democratic process. >> you talk about the connection between these threats and when former president trump started to call out these election officials. how direct is that connection?
3:41 am
>> it depends. for a couple of the officials, it was extremely direct. so richard, the director in fulton county, this county includes atlanta, president trump, former president trump had a video of him on screen at a rally on december 5th. and that basically sparked this incredible wave of threat issues. it was the same threat issued and republican city committees are out of philadelphia, the former president tweeted about him and directly after both he and his wife started to receive death threats, threatening to kill their two small children. you also had election officials in places like iowa, and outside of these elections hotspots who are also receiving threats. so i think, some of these experiences were tied directly to the president. also, it was more broadly tied to this big line we have all seen in the past year. >> i have to be quick with you over here, madeleine, what kind
3:42 am
of impact could this have for our future elections, both in terms of security and potential worker shortage? >> sure. so ap has reported a third of county election officials have left in the last two months in pennsylvania. this is happening all across the country. you have election officials in places like michigan, arizona, georgia who are leaving en masse. what is really scary is, who will take these jobs when they leave? you have people, in good faith, who are working, frontline election officials who are leaving, and people working in partisan interest going to take their jobs. >> wow. all right, madeleine, we know you will stay on top of. it thank you for joining us with your reporting. >> thank. you >> fascinating, indeed. the next covid battle, an fda panel is set to vote on shots for kids. while this coming for vaccine requirements in schools. requirements in schools. . then, a mysterious figure reminds her that she has the farmers home policy perk, guaranteed replacement cost.
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3:47 am
tuesday to decide whether to authorize pfizer's vaccine for emergency use in kids 5 to 11 years old. there's new fda data apparently that shows a vaccine was nearly 91% effective for children in clinical trials the. see the seed takes up the same issue november 2nd and third, and should the vaccine get the approval, could kick kids could have their shots by the holiday season. joining me right now is doctor dr. ofer levy who's a director of the vaccine program at boston children hospital and a matter of the fda panel. doctor, good morning to you, thank you for being here. pfizer says its vaccine was nearly 91% effective in children during clinical trials. the panel will take that into consideration. can we expect them to authorize it? >> thank you for that, candace. as you know, our vaccine advisory committee will convene this coming tuesday, the 26th of october. we are advisory to fda, so we
3:48 am
deliberate in public session all day, tuesday, and at the end, if our meeting -- whether the evidence of supports benefit over risk of the pfizer mrna vaccine for children 5 to 11 years of age. that briefing documents have been posted publicly on the fda website. any american can download them and look at them. there's always the same two considerations, safety and efficacy. vaccines we give to healthy people so they can better be safe. i don't want to preach on their deliberations. let's let the process play out. we'll hear from the sponsor, pfizer, presenting the results. they will summarize them. and you will hear ftas analysis of pfizer's results. we'll hear public commentary from the american people and then we will deliberate and vote in public fashion. >> yes, but from what you know right now, what you've seen, would you vote to prove? >> an important part of the
3:49 am
process is the actual discussion. the committee has some 20 some odd individuals who are independent of pfizer and consider the data. their discussion points and q and a, question and answer sessions with fda pfizer. i don't want to prejudge all of that. i'm in the midst of reviewing all the documents this weekend. they're interesting and substantive and important. i look forward to a robust discussion. i think we can't prejudge the deliberations are the vote. i can see we know coronavirus does affect children and the concept of making a vaccine, if it's safe and effective, available to children 5 to 11 is an important concept. is an im>> all of that said, and however you guys later on this week, there's a recent poll that found only about 34% of parents of children ages 5 to
3:50 am
11 were prepared to vaccinate their kids as soon as a shot is available. how do you get more people on board? >> well, i think it starts with an open public hearing. we have an excellent process we have an excellent process here in the u.s.
3:51 am
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tell your friends and neighbors what's at stake. we ain't got time to be tired. >> developing overnight, tragedy at a texas drag race.
4:00 am
two young children killed when a driver lost control. what we're learning about the eight others injured. deadly movie set shooting. the problems with the prop gun just hours before it killed a beloved cinematographer on a movie set. we're talking live with the attorney of a family member. major storms taking part in a country. it is an atmospheric river. people trying to prep, get groceries, looking to stay home. the watches and warnings in effect. as we say good morning, it is sunday, october 24th. i'm kendis gibson. fall officially here. no, with the storm, you know, it's very classic. >> yeah. it's not just going to affect the west coast either. it will sweep in the rest of the country. we have a team of reporters


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