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tv   American Voices With Alicia Menendez  MSNBC  October 23, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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they said they aim to vote on both the infrastructure bill and the build back better plan sometime next week. nancy pelosi says 90% of everything is agreed to. >> if it takes an extra week, to me that's worth it, but we are getting much closer. i think that's what the american people need to know. at the end of the day, even some of the things you had on the chopping block i don't think are actually gone. we are still working hard to make sure there is some form of medicare expansion. not everything we would do if we had everybody with us, but we need 50 votes in the senate.
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>> the bill's 3.5 trillion price tag is ex-pegsed to be reduced to less than 2 trillion. >> all of these changes may make president biden's presidential campaign become reality. they hope passing these bills can demonstrate they can get things done. >> when you have the right person in the job, we might not
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get every single person with a job, but more people will get jobs. we may not get every child the best education in the world, but we can get a lot more kids a better education. i didn't get everybody health care in america, but we got a whole lot more people health care in america. it makes a difference when we decide to make things better. >> daniel and rene graham with us and -- it's great to see you all. president obama taking the stage in new jersey campaigning for governor phil murphy. talk to me about what is happening with the deal on the hill and how much the shadow of what is happening in virginia
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and new jersey is factoring into their thinking. >> i was speaking with democrats, i was trying to gauge how much obama visiting to campaign for terry mcauliffe was helping. they said obama is one of the most influential figures in democratic politics and they believe it will help him. but is it enough. but what is tied to mcauliffe is what is happening in washington. they are inching forward. there were so many meetings between the white house and moderates and progressives that they say they are almost there. we don't know the exact date they will say they will have a deal, but it is looking more and more likely after weeks and weeks of negotiation. but like you said, there is also the risk since they pareed down
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this significantly, you are pulling voters out. if you do that with a dog and a biscuit enough times, voters will stop coming out. that is the fear, if they don't pass this and legislation, it may impact voter turnout. it could also impact it heading into the mid terms next year. they are looking to see if they can pass a key legislative agenda for the biden administration. >> we heard obama address the malaise telling voters, you are tired. democrats have been here before. what is the danger of passing a scaled back version of this agenda. and how do they acknowledge to voters, we got this done, but we know there is more to do.
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>> i think the danger lies in the framing of it. if this abbreviated version of the bill gets through, then it's a victory for president biden. but it is also a victory for the american people and democrats, whatever their differences, sat down, burned the midnight oil and tried to get a deal to the american people while senate republicans did nothing. there could have been so much more including medicare expansion and dental and vision for seniors if republicans were interested in doing anything more than obstructing anything president biden says. that's the framing. they are not going to get everything the president promised, but they will get a lot more than they would get from republicans. republicans have done nothing to help the american people. all they have done is what mitch mcconnell swore they would do,
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which is to shut this administration down 100%. you can look at it as biden promised this and that and that will demoralize his supporters. what should motivate them is that he is getting this much done given the opposition he is facing. >> i think rene gets it right. i think it is bigger. when you look at some of the swing voters, whether or not government can deliver, voters who is have questions whether or not government can get things done. trump-ism and faux populous saying that washington is broke. is there any better antidote to trump-ism than showing that washington can deliver at a
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macrolevel. >> this bill is inextricably linked to their destiny in the mid terms. their argument is if they pass this massive domestic policy bill, it will give people something formidable to run on and the argument is the effects of that will be immediate. that's why we have seen a rare link between house speaker pelosi talking to terry mcauliffe and those two both speaking because they see mcauliffe's political fortunes in this gubernatorial election whether congress passes biden's build back better. if they fail to pass that, it
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will further suppress those they need to win for the fight across the country. >> we've seen -- it's not final until it's final, but like you said, some of the medicare expansion seems to be out, paid community college tuition seems to be out. pareed down child tax care credits. the list goes on. they are working together on different points. you have kyrsten sinema and manchin with their list of demands they say must be included. there has been a cutdown in climate provisions, medicare provisions and elsewhere. but democrats have emphasized
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getting something done is very important for democrats heading into the next election. >> i want to get to your recent piece for "the boston globe." the. >> the president hinted this week he might go for some filibuster reform. what should the white house be doing, in your opinion? >> everything in its power to abolish the filibuster. you are not going to have voting rights legislation if the filibuster is still in place. they had the for the people act and it came down to at the freedom to vote act and this week senate republicans said we are not going to talk about a
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vote on the bill -- to have a discussion on the bill. that's where we are. with the filibuster, it gives him a weapon to use on the democratic process. if you don't get rid of the filibuster you can't protect voting rights and democracy. >> i want to go to former president obama as he campaigns. >> by the way, i applaud the handful of republicans out there who say we are conservative, we didn't vote for biden, but we lost. imagine that. that's a pretty low bar to give folks credit for just speaking the truth, but in this current environment you have to give them credit because they get threatened just by telling the
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truth. so phil is focused on you. the minimum wage increase phil signed, he will stop it it. the work phil did to fund public schools, he wants to take that money away from school districts. especially in black and brown communities. the progress you made on women's health or voting rights or gun safety, he will roll it back. then there is phil's decision to reinstate the tax on the wealthy. apparently it is not enough to go back to the way things were, phil's opponent wants to give
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them back more. don't fall for the okedoke. when you have a candidate who spoke at the stop the steal rally, you can bet he will not be a champion of democracy. apparently phil's opponent says he didn't know it was a rally to overturn the results of the last election. didn't know it. come ton! when you are standing in front of a sign that says stop the steal and there is a guy in the crowd waving a confederate flag, you know this isn't a neighborhood barbecue. you know it is not a league of women's voters rally. come on.
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come on, man. that's not what new jersey needs. you need a governor who is going to be honest with you. you need a governor who knows that there are some things that are more important than getting elected and that just maybe american democracy is one of those things. you know, there were times where i had to say no or disagree with my own base and my supporters. because i thought there were some bigger principles at stake. there were times whereas president i couldn't just do the expedient thing or even the popular thing because there were some things i thought that were important enough i had to do what i thought was right. if somebody is not willing to do
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that, if they are willing to say anything or do anything to get elected, then they do not deserve to hold the highest office in new jersey. by the way, if that's not enough, new jersey, here is the real kicker. back in the '90s, when he was a local council member, apparently phil's opponent supported an effort to ban swearing. now i'm not from jersey, but i know that's a bad idea. if we didn't have any cameras around, i would tell you just how bad an idea that is. because there are times when you just need to express yourself. new jersey, come on -- that's
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not serious. these are serious times and we need serious people. we have too much to get done to be going backwards. here we are trying to recover from a global pandemic that has killed more than 700,000 americans, put millions in harm's way. we don't have time to waste on phony culture wars. we should be building on the pr -- progress we made, not tearing it down. instead of forcing schools to cut back, we should be doing more to support the people who are educating our kids instead of asking middle class families to bear more of the burden, he would should be asking those fortunate enough in this economy
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to be doing better than ever, to pay their fair share of taxes. instead of spreading misinformation or disinformation about the last election. we should be encouraging people to vote. we are at a turning point here, both here in america and around the world. there is a mood out there of politics, division and meanness, tribalism and cynicism. we could go down that path but that is the path to ruin. the good news is there is another pass, one where we pull together, one where we solve problems together. one where we rebuild society to give more and more people a better life. that's a choice we face. a choice i believe we will
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define not just the next few years, but the next few decades. it will determine what happens with our kids and grandkids. when i look out at these crowds, some of these young people were 2, 5, maybe just born when i was elected, maybe weren't born. i was at a rally in virginia and this guy raises my hand and he said i was a few months old. okay, good for you. but when i see young people, i see my own daughters. i just saw phil's kids backstage. they were tiny when i first met them. now they are all grown, got whiskers -- the boys do.
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i am sure phil thinks the same way i do. it makes you think about what kind of world are we passing on to them. the thing about being a parent, there are two cliches that are true, one is that they grow up fast, and the other is that you will do anything for them. you will do anything to make their lives better. you will sacrifice anything for them. you will jump into a -- you will jump in front of a freight train, wrestle a bear for your kids. so right now we are helping to determine what kind of democracy are we going to inherit, what is kind of planet are they going to inherit, what kind of democracy are they going to inherit? that's our choice. i am here today because i
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believe, new jersey, you will make a right choice. i believe america will ultimately make the right choice. i believe you will show the rest of the country and world we are not going to indulge our worst instinct. we are not going to fall for distractions or okedoke, we are going to go forward with people like phil leading the way. in order for that to happen we need you to vote! i know people are tired of politics right now. i will be honest with you. i don't watch the cable shows. when we are at home i will be reading something and michelle, if she's watching tv, she's
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watching hdtv or food channel. she doesn't want to see that fussing. it seems ugly and the same and nasty all of the time. some folks are just tired, period. i understand that. i understand why people are frustrated. we thought the pandemic was done, then delta comes. people feel cooped up, not sure what is safe, all of these arguments going on. even about wearing masks and getting vaccinated. science says it is the right thing to do. you do it because you are protecting not just yourself, but people you love, people that are vulnerable. i don't know how people just decide everything has to suddenly be political. i understand why people want to know when this is going to end. i know why folks sometimes get
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tired. maybe they say i am not going to bother voting this time. but here is the thing. we can't afford to be tired. in 2016 folks said i am not inspired. obama was okay, but we didn't get everything i wanted. so i am going to sit it out. you all know how that turned out. that's what happens when you are not paying attention. that's what happens when you become complacent or you let your complacent lead to inaction. i know it's hard. phil doesn't claim to solve every problem in new jersey right away. i didn't claim to solve every problem when i was president. but we can still make it better.
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it's hard to undo the legacy of discrimination that goes back centuries, but we can make it better. it's hard to deal with special interests when you are trying to make the economy fair and just, but you can make it better. it can be hard in a country where people disagree to get the country moving in the right direction. but we can make it better. when you have the right person in the job, we may not get every single person employed, but we can get more people more jobs. we may not get every child an education in newark, but we can maybe get a lot more people in unusual an education. i didn't get everybody health care, but we got a lot more
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people health care when i was president. it helps when you have people with a track record of accomplishment. you have to work for them. not because it will suddenly be perfect, but better. and you are preventing others from making it worse. when you have someone like phil who is responsible and serious, he's worth fighting for. get out there. show the senate you are willing to knock on doors for phil, tell your friends and neighbors what is at stake. we don't have time to be tired. what is required is sustained effort. i know it's starting to drizzle so i am going to wrap this up. i had to warm up. i haven't been on the campaign trail for a while. i was reminiscing. i remember my first presidential election and i spoke about a
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woman in grand park about a woman 106 years old, a woman named miss ann nixon cooper. 106. that means that she was born in 1902. and i tried to imagine everything that she had gone through in her life, a black woman born in the shadow of slavery deep in the midst of jim crow, a woman born at a time when women didn't have the right to vote or participate in public life in meaningful ways, born at a type when there weren't cars on the road or planes in the sky, certainly didn't have the internet. and yet she described how the minute she had a chance to vote she was going to be there.
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each time she got a chance to vote, she didn't miss one, including up to the time where she had to chance for the first african-american nominee of a major party who had a chance to be president of the united states. she had witnessed all of that. and i thought to myself, if miss cooper is not tired, then i can't be tired. if john lewis wasn't tired, getting beat by folks on horseback trying to cross a bridge, we can't be tired. if folks who had to fight for union rights across the country aren't tired, we can't be tired.
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you can't be tired. go out there. fight. work. you are going to decide this election in the direction of new jersey and this country for generations to come. do not sit this out. make sure you vote for democrats up and down the valley including state legislatures where a lot of important work gets done. if you do, vote up and down the ballot, get your friends and neighbors to vote, if you do all of that, we will elect phil murphy again. we will elect oliver again, we will build up our majorities in the legislature. we will keep new jersey on a path of a better new jersey. thank you, new jersey. god bless you. you have been listening to president obama campaigning in
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new jersey. praising the democrats agenda in the state and nationally. obama shaping this as a choice for the future of america and what kind of country we will leave the country for our children. that caps the day on the trail for the former president. earlier he was campaigning in virginia for terry mcauliffe. more bombshell the dramatic steps trump and his team tried to take to remain in power. plus the white house announces its first ever national gender equality strategy. i will ask if he believes what
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what did steve bannon know leading up to the riot at the u.s. capitol. congress found him in contempt after he refused to cooperate with the january 6 committee. in seeking testimony they cited -- new reportings from "the washington post" described the war room as a command center.
3:33 pm
while they failed to overturn joe biden's election victory, repeated lies of a stolen election led to the january insurrection. jill, it's always good to see you. i want to start with a quote from bannon with a quote the night before the election -- statements like that raise a lot of questions for the january 6 committee. will congress ever get answers from bannon? >> not necessarily. even if he is held in criminal contempt, he could go to jail, be fined, but cannot be forced to talk. in civil contempt he can be kept in jail for as long as he doesn't testify.
3:34 pm
he still doesn't have to testify. if he is willing to stay in jail, he doesn't have to tell us. that's a shame because based on the letter sent for documents from him, it's clear how much he knows. if you listen to his podcast, we know he knew what was going to happen january 6 and that he was part of planning it. it's important for americans to get that knowledge. we need that. >> also, the referral to the justice department. what happens next procedurally? >> it is at the united states attorney for the district of columbia. president biden's nominee for that position is pending. it has not been confirmed. it's on hold for reasons completely unrelated to his qualifications, probably to
3:35 pm
interfere with the january 6 investigation. they have to be able to both gain a conviction and hold a conviction. based on what we know publicly, it seems clear that bannon is in contempt, guilty of the crime and there should be an indictment. i think that should be the next step. issues should be raised in pretrial motions that will try to delay getting him jailed. he can be jailed pending outcome but that doesn't often happen. the supreme court can act quickly when it wants to. it is hearing arguments on november 1 in the texas case. that's pretty quick. maybe they can do the same because justice delayed is justice denied. >> let me throw another element
3:36 pm
into this. let me pull up this chart from "the washington post" which lists the 19 people subpoenaed so far. steve bannon is the only one highlighted as not cooperating. but your sense of the scope of this investigation based on the subpoena so far. >> we have only seen a fraction of what the committee is going to do with subpoenas. my sources have said this is not the end of the people they plan to subpoena in connection with their january 6 investigation. the fact there is this big washington post story out adding more light on what happened and where trump's allies were further shows there is way more to uncover and this committee is not going to stop anytime soon. we only understand parts and
3:37 pm
bits of what happened that day. >> renee, the last time congress voted to hold in contempt, everyone voted for it. today just nine gop crossed the line to vote. >> this is not the gop of decades ago. we know how much republicans just want january 6 to go away. to me the person i am keeping an eye on is attorney general merrick garland, part of his job is to restore trust in the justice department which was defiled during the last
3:38 pm
administration. given the gravity of the situation, he has to act swiftly and precisely. if he falters, it damages his own credibility. the insurrection we know was methodically planned. we know all of these people up to the president were part of the plan. people were shaken to their core. there is no room for half stepping. and to quote my favorite gospel song, 99.5 won't do. next, i will ask the white house gender council what the white house is hoping to accomplish with gender equality. and report of previous gun
3:39 pm
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sotomayor talked about the texas law. she said, quote -- with access to reproductive health care under attack, the white house has unveiled the first nation's strategy on gender he can quit and equality. this plan focuses on priority advertising voting rights. with me is the culture of the
3:44 pm
white house gender policy council. jennifer, thank you for being with us. i want to talk about the plan more broadly. but as we see states like texas limit access to reproductive health care, how can the gender policy council work to ensure access? >> i will leave questions about the actual litigation and the texas ban to the justice department and questions about the supreme court action. but what i will say is that the president has been entirely clear that this law blatantly violates the right protected by roe. that's why he asked the gender policy council and his white house council to lead a government wide approach to lead this issue. that's why, to the point you just raised, protecting that constitutional right and ensuring women have the right to
3:45 pm
health care more generally. >> they did away with the council on women and girls and now you have this council. tell me why this feels critical and what can change when the mandate to agencies is to put this front and center to policy making. >> you just said it. the fact that president biden and vice president harris saw fit to create the gender policy council which was launched on march 8 which is international women's day is significant. and the fact that they called to put this gender equity along with other parts of equity front and center, it is bold, includes ten interconnected priorities
3:46 pm
because so many issues accord to gender equity and equality. everything from economic to health to education to democracy and participation, to things like climate and science and technology. and of course to gender based violence which has been a core priority of both the president and vice president throughout their careers. >> i was happy to see immigration listed among those priorities. watching it come out and reading it, and watching what is happening on capitol hill. on one hand you have what you say is an aspirational document, a sense of where you want things to head. at the same time we are watching on capitol hill some of the very real policies that could deliver change, either dialed down in
3:47 pm
scope, some of these are not clear. but what are we seeing an actual appetite for on capitol hill? >> i think what you are seeing is a strong, strong commitment for the president and vice president to deliver on their promises, and that is exactly what is happening in these negotiations. i think it's absolutely important to notice, as you just did, what is happening on capitol hill, and the difficulty of the negotiations. but i also think it's important to take a step back and take a look at what the build back better agenda and the infrastructure plan will do for middle class families which is exactly what the president promised, and for women and families across the country. these bills are historic, transformational, it would be the largest investment in child care and early childhood education in our nation's
3:48 pm
history. it would be the first national family and paid medical program in our nation's history. it would make significant invest enemies home and community care. it would extend the child tax credit which made child poverty plummet in the one year it has been in existence. it's important to think how these things are building on and delivery what the president has promised to deliver. >> jennifer, thank you for visiting with us. next, the husband of helena hutchins release as statement about what happened in new mexico. and later, how the stop the steal movement got around its monitors leading up to the january 6 insurks. january 6 insurks. tergent coul't keep up. turns out it's mostly water.
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new developments in the deadly movie set tragedy in new mexico. nbc has learned that gun that alec baldwin fired accidentally killing cinematographer halyna hutchins and wounding director joel souza had issues in the past and some crew members had so many concerns about safety and working conditions, they walked off the set prior to the shooting. nbc's emily akay da has the latest on the investigation. >> court records are giving us insight around the moments leading up to the accident. an assistant director handing alec baldwin the prop gun telling him it was a cold gun, or without bullets, both unaware there was live ammo inside. many are calling it an unfathomable mistake. with new details before this tragic and deadly accident. >> bonanza creek road, be
3:54 pm
advised, two shot accidentally. >> alec baldwin in anguish after firing a weapon on the set of "rust," killing halyna hutchins and injuring director joel souza. >> we need help immediately. >> reporter: according to a search warrant, another crew member grabbed a prop gun off a cart, handed it to baldwin and yelled cold gun, unaware it was loaded with live rounds. hutchins took a lethal shot to the chest while souza, who was standing behind her, was wounded in the shoulder. court and production documents revealing the person in charge of prop firearms was hannah gutierrez reed, revealing she's brand-new to the role following in her esteemed father's footsteps. >> by all means, i'm still learning, but dad has taught me everything. i think loading blanks is like the scariest thing to me. >> reporter: a safety bulletin for the industry says live ammunition is never to be used
3:55 pm
except for the very rare occasion with special conditions, such as notification shall be made on the call sheet, which did not appear to be the case for the movie "rust." >> so if indeed it was a live round, where did that live round come from? how did it get into the gun? >> reporter: nbc news learning from a source familiar with the matter, the prop gun blamed for the deadly shot has misfired on set before, prompting some crew members to walk off the work site. "rust" movie productions writing they were not made aware of official complaints concerning weapon or prop safety on set, but added they will be conducting an internal review of their procedures. meanwhile, the famed "30 rock" actor says he's cooperating with police and is in touch with hutchins' husband who is now speaking out. matthew hutchins writing her legacy is too meaningful to encapsulate in words, our loss is enormous. so many touching tributes pouring in for the 42-year-old, a rising star in her field of photography. the american film institute
3:56 pm
announcing it's going to be introducing a new scholarship in her name to help support fellow female cinematographers. we'll walk you through the new documents painting a damning picture of the social media platform's role related to the insurrection. and later, reuben gallego will join me. i'll ask about the role kyrsten sinema is playing on the vote on capitol hill. not just unpredictable relapses. all these other things too. it can all add up. kesimpta is a once-monthly at-home injection... that may help you put these rms challenges in their place. kesimpta was proven superior at reducing the rate of relapses, active lesions, and slowing disability progression vs aubagio. don't take kesimpta if you have hepatitis b, and tell your doctor if you have had it, as it could come back.
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inside the latest reporting on how rampant the spread of misinformation was on facebook leading up to the attack on the capitol. a discussion about the company's role around january 6th and what it could mean for its future. as congress discusses the spending bills, my question, which generation will be impacted the most. ruben gallego and i will talk about the bills and the senator representing the state he represents, kyrsten sinema. good news when it comes to the effectiveness of the covid vaccine in young kids. this "american voices." we begin this hour with the disinformation spreading on social media and how it threatens our democra


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