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tv   Kendis Gibson and Lindsey Reiser Report  MSNBC  October 23, 2021 4:00am-5:00am PDT

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the sox didn't stand a shot against the nun. >> there's a lot of faith behind that team. >> there is a lot of faith. >> let's hope all that is. it's faith and nothing else. we're entering the top of a new hour right here on msnbc. ♪♪ and first up on msnbc, a new police warrant is giving us a glimpse into what went down in the shooting involving actor alec baldwin. plus, the safety concerns raised just weeks before the incident. dead heat. the polls tightening in virginia's race for governor as democrats bring out the heavy hitters. former president barack obama is heading there today to campaign for democrat terry mcauliffe that could signal what's to come in next year's midterms. brian laundrie's family is under scrutiny this morning
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after they helped behind his remains. their lawyer is fighting on their behalf. >> chris and roberta laundrie are parents, they have feelings, they are children. one of their children has been confirmed dead. it's sad under any circumstances. gabby petito, notwithstanding, for any family, for any parent out there, this is a loss of a loved one. they're grieving. i would just respectfully ask people outside their home, go home, give it a break, get a good night's sleep. leave the laundries alone, even for one night. if you haven't booked your flights for the holidays you may already be behind. experts are warning about a major travel surge we could expect. we're going to break down what you need to know before locking in your plans. as we do say good morning, everybody, it is saturday, october 23rd. i'm kendis gibson. >> and i'm lindsey reiser taking a live look at lax in los angeles. >> if you're trying to travel out of lax today or anywhere on
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the west coast you might be in for quite some problems. what they're calling a bomb cyclone, the first of the season is making its way onto the coast there, it could cause plenty of problems beyond just weather, beyond just travel aspects. >> a lot of rain expected this weekend. so hopefully everybody stays safe. there are flash flooding concerns. we'll keep an eye on that. we have a team of reporters and analysts following the latest for us this morning and we are going to begin with stunning new details right now in the movie set shooting involving alec baldwin. >> nbc news learned just hours before the shooting some crew members actually walked off the set in protest over safety measures. in the meantime police have issued search warrants for the set as part of their investigation. in fact, an affidavit revealing the assistant director allegedly handed the prop gun to baldwin indicating that it did not have any live rounds. nbc news correspondent emily acada has the story for us. >> reporter: lindsey and kendis, good morning, the film industry
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reeling from what many are calling an unfathomable mistake, with new details released overnight about the moments before this tragic and deadly accident. alec baldwin seen in anguish thursday after firing a prop gun on the set of "rust," an independent western. killing halyna hutchins and injuring director joel souza. another crew member assistant director on the film grabbed a prop gun off of a cart and handed it to baldwin and yelled cold gun unaware it was loaded with live rounds. hutchins took a lethal shot to the chest and souza standing behind her was wounded in the shoulder. the armorer appearing on a podcast last month revealing she's brand new to the role, following in her esteemed father's footsteps. reed nor the podcast responded to nbc news's request for comment. we're learning from a source familiar with the matter.
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the prop gun blamed for the deadly shot has misfired before. rust movie productions writing they were not made aware of any initial complaints concerning weapon or prop safety on set but added they will be conducting an internal review of their procedures. meanwhile, the 30 rock actor is cooperating with police and is in touch with hutchins' husband who is now speaking out. matthew hutchins writing her legacy is too meaningful to encapsulate in words. our loss is enormous. lindsey, kendis. >> thanks to emily right there. we want to bring in the production designer marcus coolly, and danny cevallos. the santa fe sheriff's department says they do not suspect foul play in this incident at all but could we still see other criminal consequences with this situation? >> sure, when they say they don't suspect foul play they're talking about anything intentional. but there certainly could be reckless or at least criminally
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negligent conduct in this situation. and in the criminal sense you do need more than ordinary negligence normally to charge a crime, something along the line of recklessness where somebody consciously disregarded unknown risk. when it comes to firearms there are a number of different protocols on set and there are a number of different folks responsible with overlapping areas of responsibility, including the first assistant director, the armorer, the stunt coordinator. so the investigation will center on what exactly those folks did in the hours and maybe even days leading up to the shooting. >> you know, danny, according to that new police search warrant here the assistant director indicated to baldwin that the gun didn't contain live rounds. we just heard emily reporting. the shout, i believe, was cold gun. obviously it's too early to tell. the investigation needs to be done. nobody has been found criminally responsible yet but could that person maybe hold some of the responsibility here legally as well? what about the armorer?
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>> it's interesting. if you look back at the brandon lee case, one of very few fatal shootings on set in movie history. one of i would say maybe two. you have a situation there where a police investigation concluded there may have been many different people at fault spread among many different individuals with, again, those overlapping areas of responsibility. so an investigation may conclude that this was a failure of many different folks at many different levels. but the bottom line is, generally speaking, you should not have live ammunition on a set ever, ever, ever. so that alone, if true, appears to be indicative of a failure somewhere along the production line. >> marcus, nbc news also has learned that hours before the shooting some crew members walked off the set in protest over safety conditions. i mean, we know this is coming also at a time more than 60,000 hollywood workers threatened to protest over low wages and
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conditions. how does this right now, this incident, highlight a larger concern here about safety measures on set, potentially, again we don't know, but maybe corners being cut? >> yeah, i think as you highlighted, we're obviously at a disadvantage. none of us were there. one of the big pieces we can highlight here is that, you know, corners are cut, people are brought in with little to know experience in these fields as you mentioned the ia recently was going ton strike, even had a strike authorization with one of the first in its history of over 100 years. and as we've seen as the streaming networks and platforms have come on board and there's more demand for content, the demand for crew is there and the demand for producers to bring in people at lower wages highlights the fact that inexperience absolutely has its consequences here. >> yeah, marcus, leading to what
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you mentioned just now, and to -- in the last hour where you talked about cutting corners and inexperienced crew, there is a little bit of protocol that goes into effect when you're using a prop gun. plastic shields, eye and ear protection should be worn and the weapon should never, ever be pointed to another person on the set. is it common for those measures to be ignored and do you think it's all time that all sets simply move to cgi? >> yeah, there's tons of protocols that are in place. i don't think it necessarily -- there's any particular reason that any type of weapon should not be used on set. there's obviously thousands of crafts people who are highly trained and specialized in the craft that rely on their living to have these weapons on set. as a matter of fact, most of the large movies that you see, such as avengers and any of the marvel properties, those projects, most of them use firearms with blank ammunition.
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and they've done so very safely for a number of years and those movies, out of all of them, have the largest budgets to be able to accommodate cgi. i think, again, the highlight here is that a number of safety measures were completely ignored. there's never an instance in any case where there should have ever been ammunition with a projectile, a bullet, on the set ever for any reason. >> okay, we're going to leave it there with marcus coolly and danny cevallos, thank you, guys. the virginia governor's race is days away and the candidates right now are neck and neck. but could a political heavy hitter, like former barack obama, for example, break this dead heat? what this race could mean for democrats in the midterms. these are the actual members of the january 6th committee, and a name that you don't see on here, indiana republican congressman jim banks. why he was falsely claiming to be on that committee.
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today democrats are hoping former president barack obama can help persuade more virginia voters to get out next month and vote for terry mcauliffe for governor, it's a highly watched race that could signal what's to come in next year's midterms and shift the balance of power in this country. >> the former president will be campaigning for the democratic candidate at an event in just about seven hours from right now. the big election is just ten days away, and new polls showing the race is a dead heat. >> nbc news reporter gary grumbach is in richmond, virginia. does president obama's appearance show how important this race is to democrats? >> reporter: hey, lindsey, i think it does. we were talking to sources close to president obama, and he knows just how close this race is. 46 to 46. you're seeing not just president
4:15 am
obama here on the ground in virginia this week, we're seeing stacey abrams and jimmy harrison, the former dnc chair and you're also seeing vice president kamala harris was here earlier this week and president joe biden will be on the ground in northern virginia later this week on tuesday. so you're seeing all the democrats come out in support of their friend terry mcauliffe but you're not seeing that on the republican side. glenn youngkin, the republican candidate, tied with terry mcauliffe right now. you're not seeing the national candidates coming into the state like you are on the democratic side but it's important to remember all politics are local. what's happening at the white house, what josh lederman was talking about last hour, what's in the bill, what's not in the bill. where the bill and the status of the bill is, that matters to voters here in virginia. it's their everyday life that's affected by that. when they go to the polling booth they see those names on the ticket and whether or not they want to support those candidates. barack obama is not just coming here to virginia, but he also has had a number of ads running as well.
4:16 am
one of them talking about the idea that it's not just about the governor's race, this is about the direction the country is heading. it's about a lot more than the governorship and also in that ad he talked about the idea of i know terry, and that really personal relationship that's really important to him and important to voters here in virginia, and he not also worked in the general election in 2020 when he was talking about i know joe, and joe knows you. he's hoping that sort of effect can continue for this race. election day is november 2nd. >> you know it's personal when they go for the terry. he didn't go for t-dawg or anything like that. >> gary, thanks. let's bring in our political panel. quentin kid, and david ramadan. welcome to both of you. what's behind this new swing, that we're seeing in the polling towards youngkin and the latest
4:17 am
poll having it dead heat. there was a fox poll a week ago that had mcauliffe up by five points but still very close. >> much closer than we've seen in the last, what, four or 4 1/2, 5 years, the era of donald trump. that's part of what's going on. virginia was much more competitive prior to donald trump becoming the republican nominee for president in 2016 and i think part of what's happening is virginia's going back to where it was, a more competitive state, virginia was a plus 9, plus 10 democratic state because of donald trump. republicans are trying to recapture some of that momentum they had pre-donald trump while also retaining trump's hold on the base of the party. democrats are struggling to keep their base mobilized in this era where donald trump isn't as much of a mobilizing force for democrats. and so that's why you see terry mcauliffe using trump as much as he can. that really helped democrats in virginia over the last 4 1/2 years, 5 years.
4:18 am
>> many of those northern counties, those bluer counties in northern virginia, terry mcauliffe is out with signs that say trump equals youngkin. david, you're intimately familiar with virginia politics, especially on the republican side. you could actually use those signs in southern virginia in the other way for youngkin as well. what do you make of youngkin's strategy to put distance between him and former president trump? >> thank you for having me on. i'm very familiar with that strategy. but i am a republican, and a lifelong conservative who came out for terry this election season because terry is the better candidate for the job. youngkin is not putting distance between him and donald trump. he has been, now, endorsed by donald trump six times. not one, not two, not three, not four, not five, but six times. if you heard donald trump last week, donald trump said glenn youngkin will do what he wants
4:19 am
him to do. this is truly an election with a difference between a candidate who has the vision, the fortitude, the experience. terry mcauliffe, to come in and lift virginia forward versus an office who came into the scene playing nothing but election integrity, which is a racist dog whistle against -- with election -- with the big lie from washington. >> okay, so if you lay it out like that -- >> and making it about trump. >> if you're laying it out like that why is it seemingly not working for terry? >> it is working. who said it's not working? >> let's pop up the poll. in a state that's gone blue over the last few gubernatorial elections. >> the polls have governor northam by 1% down last time, and we saw what happens. we're not concentrated on poll. we're concentrated on the ground is to make sure that we take
4:20 am
virginia forward by electing terry mcauliffe. virginians no terry is the only candidate on the ballot with the experience to tackle the present issues. the economy, the education, versus mr. youngkin who is talking about divisiveness and election integrity and putting counts and recounting and auditing the machines. we're looking towards the future. >> let me move on to another topic. quentin, i want to get your thoughts on another big story and more drama for the democrats as joe manchin offered to leave the party and serve as an independent. still caucus with the democrats, albie. and kyrsten sinema lost five aids because they say he was balking progress. how should the democrats be handling the situation? >> this is a really difficult one for democrats because they're dealing with what republicans have dealt with for a while which was the base energized or wanting action in
4:21 am
their direction, and attempting to keep everything under control. ultimately the way they'll resolve this is through some form of compromise. it's messy, going to take place behind closed doors and both sides are going to have to give some. that's the way the legislative process works. that's ultimately how this is going to resolve itself, or somebody's going to leave the party and that would be really destructive for the 2022 elections for democrats. >> and david, i've got to get your really quick reaction to all of this on this story. apparently there's a republican congressman from indiana who is falsely kind of claiming that he was the ranking member of the january 6th committee. take a look. we'll show you the graphic and you can see what we're talking about so he could get a look at some of the documents that were involved in all of this. what do you make of this happening? >> look, we saw what trumpism has done. i saw what trump ism has done to the republican party and i saw
4:22 am
what it's done to the country. that's what we're making sure that's not going to happen in virginia. these are examples of how far the party has gone and that's why people like myself have crossed the aisle to support terry mcauliffe in virginia. we are laser focused on how to get our state to go forward and not follow what's happening in d.c. and what's happening on the national scene. virginia can prove to the rest of the nation, under terry mcauliffe's leadership that we can work together as a country in a bipartisan way and be able to deliver to citizens of the commonwealth who are electing representatives not to play politics, but to make their lives better. >> it's been really tough to figure out who exactly you're supporting in the virginia governor's race there. >> clearly i'm sorting terry mcauliffe, no question about it. >> thank you both.
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the u.s. military says it's carried out an air strike that killed a senior al qaeda leader. it took him out with a drone in a sown near the turkish border, suluk. this will disrupt the terrorist organization's ability to carry out global attacks threatening u.s. citizens, partners and in any event innocent civilians. it's not clear whether the u.s. acted in retaliation. the state department says it's tirelessly working to free the 17 american and canadian missionaries held hostage in haiti. the gang holding the group release add video message threatening to kill them if demands aren't met. nbc's gabe gutierrez reports
4:28 am
from port-au-prince. >> reporter: this video shows the leader of 400 mewozo, the gang that abducted 17 mostly american missionaries and is asking for a million dollar per person ransom. he says his demands aren't met he'll shoot the hostages. in the u.s. the ohio-based christian aid ministries says they're praying for their captive members as well as the kidnappers, reading a letter from the families of the hostages, among them five children as young as 8 months old. >> we thank him that he is god and ask him to hear our prayers and bring our families home. >> the kidnapped families are from amish, mennonite and other conservative christian communities across multiple states and canada. >> they continue to band together and support each other with prayers and encouragement. >> now in haiti, growing unrest. demonstrators furious over fuel shortages, lawlessness and an
4:29 am
economic collapse across the caribbean nation. the capital city port-au-prince, pockets of smoke signal the escalating tension. this has become daily life here in haiti, tires burning on city streets. protesters furious at the government's inability to confront kidnappers. this is happening over and over again, making many roads here in port-au-prince impassable. this gunfire from haitian police breaking up a roadblock near the airport. minutes earlier a crowd gathered furious with the government's inaction. we'll occupy the streets until further notice this man says. the demonstrations making delivering aid even more dangerous for humanitarian organizations like food for the poor. we spoke with its director virtually because the road leading to his compound was closed off. >> this is the worst crisis we have been going through. for the first half of october almost 120 people have been
4:30 am
kidnapped. it's the worst we have seen so far. >> our thanks to gabe gutierrez there in haiti. coming up brian laundrie's remains may have been found but it's adding more questions to the mystery of the gabby petito case. now the suspicion is with the parents and how his belongings being found could offer clues to what happened. we'll break it down with a former fbi agent. family is just very important. she's my sister and we depend on each other a lot.
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back with the latest on the gabby petito investigation. we could soon learn how brian laundrie died after his remains were found near his parent's home. >> the fbi has named him as a person of interest in her murder. correspondent stephanie stanton is live in north port, florida outside the laundrie home. what can you tell us? >> reporter: yeah, good morning to you, lindsey and kendis, well, the investigation will continue for at least the next several days as you said, investigators work to determine the cause of death of brian laundrie. his attorney, the family attorney, says that the remains have been sent to a forensic anthropologist and this attorney has been telling that to several news outlets, we are outside the family home. it is daybreak, the sun is starting to come up. it is quiet. there are media outlets camped
4:35 am
outside the home. we haven't seen any activity this morning. yesterday morning around 11:30 we did see a florist who actually pulled up. he stopped by to deliver some sympathy bouquets, four sympathy bouquets to the laundrie family, we asked who they were from. the gentleman could not tell us, he told us he was from a local florist shop and a lot of folks descended upon him, several media members asking him questions. he's a local guy. they asked him how do you feel about everything going on? he said he was very sad by what had happened. as for the investigation, as i said, continuing for several days, and the creek, it's actually a creek park, it's an environmental park, it's about five miles from the laundrie family home and that is where the remains were found. as we know the laundrie family, the parents themselves set out on wednesday morning to look for brian himself. they had a police escort with them. and that is where they found
4:36 am
some items and then a short distance away were those remains and they were pretty badly decomposed. we understand that there were also portions of a human skull. that is what they sent to testing and to ultimately identify that it was, in fact, brian laundrie. that's what's happening here in florida as we await more information on the cause of death of brian laundrie. >> all right, our stephanie stanton joining us there from north port, florida, thank you. let's bring in clint watts, former fbi special agent. thanks for being with us here. there's a lot of suspicion around laundrie's parents finding belongings so quickly. we should mention the area had previously been under water. his parents are implicated in anything right now but typically when loved ones of someone involved in an investigation want to help what does law enforcement do to make sure they don't jeopardize the investigation? >> yeah, i think the first thing they do is they try and get some
4:37 am
sort of cooperation. from all accounts, i was checking this, this morning, it seems like law enforcement knew the family was going out there and were in and around the vicinity of the family. so i think some of the conspiracies out there are unwarranted. but usually they establish some sort of formal connection. they try and identify places, you know, where -- that brian laundrie might have gone to and then extend the search out from there. also, i would just like to caution, you know, in some of the discussions i've heard, that we often don't know what the discussions are like between the family and law enforcement. and i can tell you from just my experience over the last couple decades, you know, oftentimes the public sort of jumps to conclusions about things and doesn't match up with what's actually going on in terms of private discussions with law enforcement. >> clint, we know that law enforcement will be combing through those belongings, especially that particular notebook. where do you expect the investigation will go next? >> yeah, there's three key
4:38 am
components that are still not really flushed out. one, what was the cause of death? you know, for brian laundrie. i think two, is, is he actually culpable and can it be shown in terms of motive for the death of gabby petito that they have never established that. that's why you see the change in status for brian laundrie you mentioned in the leadup to the show. they've got to get to the bottom of what actually happened. was this a murder. was this an accident and they have to get to that point. the third one which is important, it's anything involving associates or accomplices. why you don't see an aggressive shutting down of the investigation they need to make sure it's over, just two individuals and only two individuals, they want to close down the leads before they make any aggressive moves or statements about the end of the case. >> let's turn, clint, to the tragedy now on the film set of the movie "rust" that deadly shooting on that new mexico set. i mean, at this point, no foul play is expected. we know the investigation is just beginning. but walk us through what law enforcement is looking for to
4:39 am
figure out exactly what happened here. >> yeah, so there's some interesting reporting out at the "new york times" this morning that apparently it was announced it was a cold weapon, essentially not live, that there was not supposed to be any munitions in it. i'm sure they're trying to figure out what the type of projectile that was in the weapon when alec baldwin picked it up. and all of the stage protocols to include distance, even when you use a weapon with blanks in it they try and make sure there's a safe distance. one of the differences you see on movie sets and what you might do in the military. we used blank adapters, to suppress the flash and any remains that might come out. they don't do that in movies. it would look completely unrealistic. i'm sure they're going through where all the protocols followed and where the breakdown occurred that this awful tragedy could come out. >> another topic i want to get you to weigh in on because of
4:40 am
the fbi investigation. you have two more prosecutors reportedly added to the justice department's investigation into florida congressman matt gaetz and the sentencing of his former associate has actually been delayed because of how much information that he's been sharing with the feds. now, the fbi is involved, as i mentioned, in this investigation. if you're an agent on this case hearing all of this right now, do you think this kind of increases the chances that the congressman is in a whole heap of trouble? >> i think it definitely speaks to the scale of the investigation. so imagine you're prosecuting attorney, you're trying to go through a very large case. once that case scales up and you have multiple and different kinds of violations that you're investigating, that's when they tend to bring in specialists to look at individual parts of it. it's very difficult for one prosecuting group to maybe have all the skills they need to look at every type of case that might arise. so i think this sign -- this is a strong sign that the case is unfolding in ways that were
4:41 am
probably unexpected at the beginning and they need to bring in one who understands the evidence so they can bring a prosecution if they need to. >> all right, happy to have you with us, clint watts, lots to cover today, thank you. >> thank you. a new phase in the covid fight, kids right now could get the green light for vaccines as early as next week. how new findings on pfizer's pediatric doses are adding momentum for the fda's approval. and today on velshi representatives madeline dean and richchy torres will break down the latest developments in the build back better plan. could we see some movement. watch velshi at 8:00 a.m. eastern. cleans our old free detergent. tide hygienic clean free. hypoallergenic and safe for sensitive skin. mm. [ clicks tongue ]
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♪ cadillac is going electric. if you want to be bold, you have to go off-script. experience the all-electric cadillac lyriq. we learned news overnight that congressman glenn thompson has tested positive for covid-19 in what's considered a breakthrough case. the pennsylvania republican is among dozens of lawmakers in d.c. infected with the virus
4:46 am
during the pandemic including eight house members since early august. according to a statement posted to twitter thompson again experiencing cold-like symptoms and was tested for covid immediately. he's vaccinated and is being treated at walter reed hospital. we're told that's out of an overabundance of caution. promising developments on the covid front. regulators are saying the benefits of the pfizer vaccine outweigh the risks it poses for kids age 5 to 11. data shows it was # 1% effective for children in a clinical trial. the advisory committee will meet tuesday to review the data followed by the cdc november 2nd and 3rd. if authorized, kids could be getting shots ahead of the holiday rush and that would be in line with the white house's vaccine plan. joining we more is fda vaccine advisory panel member and dean of chicago medical school dr.
4:47 am
chatergy. it's so good to have you this morning. do you agree the benefits outweigh the risks and how do you reach parents who maybe don't hear that message? >> i do. over the summer we've noticed that there has been an uptick in cases of hospitalizations with children with covid even though most children do not get very sick and don't end up in the hospital. so there is definitely a need for this vaccine. with regard to reaching parents i think the best way to do that is through their children's health care providers. they are the most trusted individuals as far as parents go. and so having pediatricians, family doctors that take care of these children, reach out to the parents, and help explain to them the importance of this vaccination, i think, will go a long way towards parents accepting them. >> and once this is approved for young kids, i mean, nearly all of the american population will be eligible for the vaccine. obviously not kids younger than 5, but what does this mean for us in terms of where we are in the pandemic, and where we hope
4:48 am
to be? >> well, we'll certainly help reduce the risk to these children and also the risk of spread from these children. a very large swath of the american public has been vaccinated but there are still somewhere in the range of around 60 million americans who are eligible who have not been vaccinated, and so it's very important to reach those individuals, and vaccinating these children will help towards reaching that goal. >> and just yesterday the cdc gave the green light for moderna and johnson & johnson's booster shots and it endorsed mixing and matching shots and you're on the fda panel that cleared this. so what was behind that decision and is it more about convenience, that oh if your doctor only has this but you got this, it's okay, or is it, if you got j&j, you should get pfizer or moderna for that booster. >> it's not only about convenience, although that is a factor. but we were presented data from a small study conducted by the national institutes of health that showed that boosting with
4:49 am
what we call a heterologous, or a different vaccine that you're receiving, is effective. and it raises titers to a level that is close to what you had after initial vaccination. boosting with a different vaccine actually works and there were no significant adverse effects related to that. so i think that's the important piece of scientific data that we need to support boosting with a different vaccine. >> okay, a recent yale study found that unvaccinated people can expect to get covid every 16 to 17 months. i mean, what do you make here of that research? and does that kind of fly in the face of a lot of people who haven't gotten the vaccine saying i don't need it because i've had covid so i have antibodies. >> this is a fallacy. people have been reinfected, and actually had more serious infections than they had the
4:50 am
first time around. so it's important for people to get vaccinated, even if they have had covid before. >> all right, doctor, we so appreciate your time, thank you so much for breaking down the latest covid headlines, good to talk to you. >> thank you. more on that breaking news that we brought to you just about an hour ago. at least one person has been the killed in a shooting at the off-campus party. we are told that person was not a student. this is according to police who gave us an update moments ago. eight people in all were shot. this happened in central georgia near the campus of ft. valley state university. historically black university. the state bureau of investigation is on the scene. once again, at least eight people shot. one person was killed in the off-campus party that took place overnight in central georgia near the ft. valley state
4:51 am
university in ft. valley, georgia. the problems that have haunted airports over the summer and as recent as weeks ago could return right in the middle of the holiday travel rush. and the quiet scenes you see here at l.a.x., right there, could look different. what you need to know before you book. fore you book at heinz, every ketchup starts with our same tomatoes. but not every tomato ends in the same kind of heinz ketchup. because a bit of magic unfolds when there's a ketchup for everyone. see blood when you brush or floss can be a sign of early gum damage. because a bit of magic unfolds parodontax active gum repair kills plaque bacteria at the gum line to help keep the gum sealed tight. parodontax active gum repair toothpaste everyone remembers the moment they heard...
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4:55 am
the houston astros are heading to the world series for the third time in five seasons. >> a lot of people are happy about that. the astros beat the red sox 5-0 in game six of the league championship series. there was that thing that happened two years ago when after major league baseball confirmed the team used an illegal camera system to steal signs during the championship series. game one of the world series is set for tuesday. >> who will they take on? it depends on the series with the braves and dodgers. the braves could win tonight. >> you knew it would be a problem because they had sister mary katharine to throw out the first pitch. >> it's over. >> it was a sister act sequel that she is part of the rally
4:56 am
nuns. they did not stand a chance. they may have neil diamond, but they have the rally nuns. thanksgiving is a month away now? >> oh, my gosh. >> as more americans get vaccinated, it seems more are trying to get on a plane this holiday season. >> with ticket prices expected to be higher, you may want to make the plans now. tom costello tells us why. >> reporter: the nightmare scenario this holiday season? a repeat of the southwest airlines meltdown earier this month. >> it has been delay. >> reporter: when more than 2,000 flights were canceled. hundreds of thousands of passengers missing their flights. now with the calendar ticking down to the holiday travel season. >> i think everyone is more willing to travel now because we're over being locked down and over being stuck. >> reporter: airline executives say it is going to be busy. >> airplanes will be full. demand for the holidays is
4:57 am
robust and strong. >> reporter: to avoid paying more, hopper says buying thanksgiving and christmas and hanukkah before halloween. prices are down 17% from 2019 levels. chicago to atlanta for thanksgiving, $160. for december holiday, dallas to denver, $197 if you buy now. as the u.s. reopens to europeans and if jet fuel gets more expe expensive, ticket prices are expected to get more expensive. climbing 18% to $390 for average christmas week round trip fare. international tickets expected to remain cheaper than two years ago. $915 on average. >> this will be my travel because it will be crazy during november. this is my pre-holiday travel. this is it for me.
4:58 am
>> reporter: airline planners are worried that denver could be a choke point with the main airport terminal in a state of construction. meanwhile, the airlines are facing a looming federal deadline for employees to be vaccinated by december 8th unless exemption. united says 99.76% are vaccinated. southwest and american have lower rates with some pilots refusing to get the vaccine. both ceos say they will not fire employees who refuse the vaccine and apply for exemption. >> we don't want anyone to leave american because of this. we will have our team fully vaccinated. >> reporter: tsa officers must be vaccinated by november 22nd. three days before thanksgiving, but so far, the tsa says the vaccination rate is just 60%. >> i was just looking because hawaii just reopened to
4:59 am
visitors. >> no family. let's go to a luau. >> tickets round trip from here to hawaii. you can get to hawaii. you might need a mortgage. it's about $1,000. >> that is a lot. >> you might need a mortgage loan. >> thank you for joining us. i'm lindsey reiser. >> i'm kendis gibson. see you tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m. "velshi" starts now. new developments on who is talking to the january 6th committee and where steve bannon referral is headed. this while democrats are hinting they might be ready to vote by next week on the two big spending bills that are at the center of joe biden's agenda. the way history is taught in american schools is not about right or wrong or truth nd lies. it is about ongoing harm.
5:00 am
a sneak peek about the documentary you don't want to miss. and the january 6th insurrection and the issues with facebook surrounding it. good morning to you. today is saturday, october 23rd. i'm ali velshi. we begin with developments in the ongoing investigation into the deadly january 6th attack on the nation's capitol. the select committee investigating the attack may gain insight from the former officials who tried to help the ex-president overturn the 2020 election. cnn was the first to report last night that former doj official jeffrey clark may be one of the first people to actually comply with the subpoenas and testify in front of the panel next week. you remember clark, who nobody knew about before this whole thing happened, emerged as a key figure to craft a plan to get the justice department to
5:01 am
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