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tv   Kendis Gibson and Lindsey Reiser Report  MSNBC  October 23, 2021 3:00am-4:00am PDT

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from this island she loved is nower from a part of it. >> that's all for this edition of "dateline." i'm natalie morales. thank you for watching. first up on msnbc, newly released detailed concerns before a scene became a deadly tragedy. how others are responding. new overnight, a vaccine for young children. >> i'm waiting patiently,
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anxiously for the vaccine. >> how soon you can be able to get your child vaccinated. politics colliding. the president's push for the agenda could sway a governor's race that everyone is watching. and in just hours president obama heads to the state to stump for terry mcauliffe. >> the brian laundrie manhunt comes to an end. what's next. what this family knew. good morning, everybody. it's saturday, october 23rd. i'm lindsey reiser. >> and i'm kendis. you see that picture? that's rain. there could be possible dangerous rain because you had so many areas burnt out. >> scars. >> yeah. >> concerns of flash flooding.
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hopefully it can make a dent in the drought conditions. >> our team of reporters joining us from all over the place this morning from north port, florida, to richmond, virginia. but we're going to begin with the new details on the movie set shooting involving the actor alec baldwin. a search warrant issued for the set. it was the assistant director who allegedly handed baldwin the prop gun and indicated it didn't have any live rounds. >> it also said cinematographer halyna hutchins was shot in the chest and joel souza was standing behind her. >> shortly after the shooting, a distressed alec baldwin outside the sheriff's department in l.a. he fired a prop gun on his new mexico set on thursday, killing his cinematographer and seriously injuring the director.
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>> was it a real bullet? >> i cannot tell you that. we have two shootings. >> reporter: on the set of "rust," which alec baldwin is the producer, several walked off the set over safety concerns including previous ings incident with the prop gun. alec baldwin, there are no words to convey my shock and sadness regarding the tragic accident that took the life of helena hutchins, wife, mother, and deeply admired colleague of ours. >> one of the things that people don't realize is even if it's set up to fire blanks, federally it's still a real gun.
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>> larry said when strict safety guidelines are followed, an accident should never happen. it's spelled out, blanks can kill. live ammunition is never to be used. no one shall be issued a firearm until he or she is trained. it's still unclear if hutchins was killed by a blaerng, live round, or other projectile. >> the way we handle firearms and the blank ammunition on the set, it's difficult to imagine how a blank would do that. >> in 1993 afternoon brandon lee, the sun of bruce lee, was killed in a filming accident involving a proch gun, industry safety measures tightened. >> in my mind this happened because somebody missed some check that should have been done. >> hutchins was 42 who posted horse pictures from the set.
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there was this tribute. rest in paradise, dear hall halyna. >> lindsey and kendis, they're fully cooperating with investigators. guys, back to you. >> miguel, thank you. we wanted to bring in tom murray and prop designer marcus coolly. to both of you, thank you for being with us on such a sad tragic story. do you have any news and what kind of shock waves is this sending throughout the industry? >> yeah. i mean i think the latest is that we now have three investigations ongoing which is the police investigation, the new mexico health and safety bureau. they have launched their own
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investigation, and they have the power to impose civil penalties even if the authorities don't tress charges to determine how this could have hatched, and i think when you're talking about waves through the industry, so many directors and fellow cinematographers now are calling for an end to all live guns on the set because accidents have and can happen like this. >> and, marcus, about that affidavit, the assistant director allegedly handed baldwin the gun and indicated that it was safe? is it common for others to handle guns? >> no, it's not common. we have guidelines and protocol in place to make sure something like that never happening. first the a.d. would be involved
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in a safety check. when i personally work on a set, no one else touches the gun except myself and the actor. even in cases i've had where somebody has tried to help by taking a gun away once a round of blank ammunition has been fired, i've dismissed that individual from the set, they're not to return for the day, and have indicated to the production crew we're not going to use blank ammunition. >> 43 have died and more than 150 have seriously been injured. you've talked about it's sparked calls for change on the movie set, from what you understand from the movie set and the situation, is it a money thing? essentially bigger productions can have cgi bullets and things like that added later?
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>> i think it might actually be the other way around. i think what most productions want from their sets is realism, and blanks offer the realism. with blanks you're still going to get flash, recoil from the weapon. other effects will look a bit more clunky. it will be less expensive to add realistic effects than to cost the life. >> abc's "the rookie" is banning all weapons. a tweet here, with technology there's no reason to have guns on set with blanks anymore. why is it production is using real weapons. do you agree with tom it's a
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sense of realism filmmakers are trying to achieve? >> absolutely. i think a lot of it has to do with the realism and the aspect you get from using these. i think more what it boils down to, you had mentioned budgets before. where we get down to the bottom line, it doesn't matter if we use blanks. yes use lots of other dangerous props as well. there are scenes where people get stabbed and poked with needles. what it boils down to is producers cutting corners and hiring inexperienced crew. i've worked on projects where you won't be able to armor or handle weapons or any types of dangerous props without several years of experience and extensive training. i think it boils down to budgetaryishes and cutting corners and putting people in inexperienced positions they don't belong in. >> tom, what more are we learned
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about the armor? there's a person on the job whose job it is to take care of the armor. it was indicated this might have been her second movie shoot. what more are we learning? >> well, note an awful lot at the moment. we know the armorer has been interviewed by the police and they're cooperating and they were released without chancht yeah, that's kind of where we're after the moment. what we also know is that from sources on set is that standard safety protocols are being followed properly on the rough set. so things like gun inspections, making sure the gun had been fired toward the floor or a safe place before it was being used on the scene. >> tom murray and marcus cooly.
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thank you so much for joining us. you have both helped out in that perspective. we appreciate it. okay. now to the other story we've been following this morning. we could soon learn how brian laundrie died after remains found in a florida preserve near his parents' home have positively been identified as him. the fbi naming him as the poerch interest in the murder of fiancee gabby petito. >> investigators are expected to be on the scene in florida for several days. we have not heard from the family of brian laundrie, but the family has been making the rounds and tv interviews. stephanie stanton is in north port, florida, for us this morning. stephanie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, lindsey and kendis. we understand that this investigation is expected to continue for at least the next several days as authorities work to determine exactly how brian laundrie died. we understand that that is a tall order because the remains
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were pretty badly decomposed. now, the family lawyer has told several news outlets that those remains have been sent to a forensic anthropologist. the hope is they'll be able to do some testing and get more answers for the family. meanwhile outside the family home, it is very quiet, of course, the family holed up inside their house in north port. they have not spoken to the media at all throughout the entire ordeal, the family lawyer saying they are grieving. now, yesterday there was a little activity outside the house. this happened around 11:30 yesterday morning. that's when a florist pulled up to the house, got out of the vehicle, and dropped off four sympathy bouquets. the gentleman spoke to several members of the media who surrounded him. he said he's a local florist. he was asked what he thought of the whole thing happening. he said he found the whole thing
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very sad. as for the place, the creek, myakkahatchee creek where brian laundrie's remains were found, that's part of the reserve. we understand that's going to reopen today. that's where the parents set out on wednesday morning on their own. they called police for an escort. they said they wanted to join in the search and try to find their son's remains on their own. when they got there, they found some of his belongings, and that, of course, is when the police who were basically alongside the family found that portion of a decomposed human skull, which later,ing of, turned out to be brian laundrie's. a lot going on here. we're still waiting for answers. the big question is will we ever find out how brian laundrie died? of course, we also know gabby petito, will we ever find out if, in fact, he's responsible
3:14 am
for her death. that's where the investigation stands. we'll send it back to you guys. >> of course, he's considering a person of interest in her murder. stephanie stanton joining us from florida. thank you, stephanie. as we wait to hear how brian laundrie died, questioning swirling around the laundrie family, what they may have known. we're going to put those questions to a retired detective. first, too close for comfort, the race in virginia. and barack obama lends a hand in virginia, but is it a little too little too late? little too late? ♪ limu emu & doug ♪ got a couple of bogeys on your six, limu. they need customized car insurance
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we're back now with the highly anticipated race in virginia. it could be a bellwether ahead of the 2022 midterms. >> democratic candidate terry mcauliffe has been pushing the
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party to get the president's agenda finished, figuring it could give him a much needed boost. look at this on your screen. there are less than two weeks from election day, and this new monmouth university poll shows the race between mcauliffe and glenn youngkin in a dead heat at 46% each. former president barack obama will make a rare appearance on the campaign trail, stumping for mcauliffe, but as lindsey hinted, it may be less dependent on barack but on the bill. the president's agenda could be the boost he needs. let's hecht to josh campbell. we're going to begin with you. is he still feeling good about how things are going? >> reporter: yarks i lindsey.
3:20 am
democrats from the white house to capitol hill projecting confidence they're on the verge of closing what would be a historic deal, but you heard nancy pelosi who had breakfast with president biden yesterday, they're 90% of the way toward resolving those issues. kamala harris is confident they'll get a deal. nothing's over until it's over. right now it's definitely not over, with democrats still having to focus a lot of their time on what can be pulled out of this bill to get it down to a size that is amenable to folks like joe manchin and kyrsten sinema.
3:21 am
paid family leave, 12 weeks will likely be pared down to four weeks. also tax hikes on the wealthier versions. free community college likely out as well as expanded medicare coverage, which is a high priority for senator sanders of vermont. the primary a big question mark with the clean energy program the democrats wanted not likely to make it in the bill because of objections from joe manchin. for democrats, a lot of this has been frustrating because so much focus has been on what's not in the bill when they want to be talking about what's in the bill. then the midterm's right around the corner next year. what will still be in this bill according to our information, free universal pre-k as well as
3:22 am
extending child tax credits, paid family leave, and climate funds. they're going to instead use it for tax incentives, tax rebates for people who buy clean energy or bialek trick vehicles. that is a real critical component for the president given that in one week he's set to go to scotland for that big u.n. climate summit. he doesn't want to go there empty-handed. lindsey? >> not at all. you saw the new poll we saw on the screen. we'll pop it up again. it's virtually tied, a neck and neck race. how is the mcauliffe camp feeling heading into today's meeting with president barack obama? >> reporter: sources close to the former president obama say he's trying to do everything he can to help out his friend.
3:23 am
le this is ahead of the big november 2nd election. we're seeing stacy agram. jaime harrison was here. of course, mcauliffe is the former dnc chair. we're seeing tomorrow barack obama, and on tuesday president joe biden will be making a stop in northern virginia. you're seeing that on the democratic side but not the republican side. glenn youngkin is really keeping it at arm's length to some of these national figures, especially campaigning alongside of them. as the old saying goes, kendis, all politics is local. what is and is not working is at capitol hill. it matters to democrats up and down the ticket across the country. and that's what voters really care about, so that's going to really impact them. it's important to see what forter president barack obama is going to be doing for terry mcauliffe here. he released an ad for himmer
3:24 am
earlier this week. he said yerkes, it's about the governor, but also what's ahead in the country. he knows it's a lot more than the governorship. he says, i know terry. that's a personal relationship. that worked when he said i know joe in the election and he hopes that works today. >> the race is way too close for many democrats right now. let's bring in our political panel for more on this, the other big stories in washington. miya king is a national politics reporter for politico, and kyle con dig is with the uv center for politics. good morning to both of you. miya, i want to start with you. roy's behind that swing? >> i think it's a couple of
3:25 am
things. primarily and the case that democrats are making is national politics is really starting to overshadow this race, and you know that virginia was a state that joe biden won by ten points, so the facts of this race is so close that among key constituenies that you have this level of uncertainty among the voters on who ultimately they're going to support. that's why you hear mcauliffe say to his colleagues in washington and democrat, you need to get your act together. i think that's a big part of this. again, national politics are literally overshadowing the race and also the messaging coming from democrats that could help control the swing. >> kyle, how much of the race is going to affect us going into the midterms? >> sometimes virginia isn't the
3:26 am
greatest indicator of what's going to happen. the greatest thing was 2013 when terry's opponent won. they often go with the party who doesn't hold the white house. that year mcauliffe won by 2.5 points. of course, the republicans had a great year. in 2017 racket northam won, but in 2009 bob mcdonald won where the virginia governor's race was a predeterminer of the election. whether youngkin wins by one or mcauliffe wins by one or could be that close, i don't know that it changes or analysis of the election all that much. if indeed it's close, that it's a big swing from 2020.
3:27 am
so it would show virginia had gotten a lot more purple after it got much more blue during the trump years which would be a bad development for democrats regardless of what the actual outcome is, again, assuming it's close. >> kyle when we look at the negotiations here, they often leave the democratic party and go independent. they say kiersten sinema is blocking congress. how do you think all of this seeing how the sausage is mace might affect the race? >> it's true in virginia and true across the country. joe biden has had a rocky few months. maybe disapproval is around 50% or so. you know, they asked several months ago. to your point, you know, all of
3:28 am
the conversations, he would be like, well, should it be 3 1/2 trillion or 2 trillion. the specifics in it they want to try to run on, i don't think, are filtering out to people. it's pretty difficult for them to be able to defend the legislation. so even if this thing passes, it's not going to necessarily be a magic bullet. >> miya, we want to talk about the january 6th investigation. only nine were convicted following the s&p. is this a strategy to downplay the insurrection to fair better in the midterms? >> well, democrats have really come to the republicans and their handling of things around january 6 and january 7.
3:29 am
we've seen it's an attempt to downplay the events of that day because the lead over the party, donald trump, it's unclear what he was doing that day. however, his talking points have kind of set the pace in downplaying the events of that day. i think largely, you know, what the take away from this, especially from those who are critical. republicans, moderates, democrats, there was a lot of disappointment, i think, in those members of the parties who did not vote to hold them in contempt of court, and i think really what folks were saying and the takeaway from that day was that republicans are really more interested right now in the politics of the moment and making sure that their message heading into the midterms is largely concentrated on the future, not the past. but because of the events and how pronounced it was and the implications for democracy, it's been, you know, again, i think
3:30 am
disappointing is probably putting it lightly. a number of folks are really disappointed to see that take place. >> you can play video from that day, play comments, for example, by lindy graham on the floor after it happened, i'm done, and the messaging has changed. thank you both so much for your time. good-sized dose. children could be eligible for the vaccine in the next few ways. paving the way for the decision next week. and ahead, could joe man chain leash the party? he admits making that threat. what's at play behind the scenes. >> that volcano in spain still going. in fact, there were four fissures noticed overnight. we keep an eye on it. overnight we keep an eye on it still fresh
3:31 am
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we're back with breaking news. at least eight people were shot at an off-campus party in atlanta. we're told one of those victims has passed away. here's where this is all playing out. the campus of fort valley state university in fort valley, georgia, that campus, a historically black university where this is taking place. again, a shooting at an off-campus party. state investigators on the scene right now. for the first time, federal regulators say the benefits of the pfizer vaccine outweigh the risks for children 5 to 11 years old. data shows 91% effectiveness.
3:36 am
tom costello has more. >> reporter: it's a critical development for the 28 million 5 to 11-year-olds for the pfizer vaccine. pfizer says it's nearly 91% effective for that age group. they will meet next week to consider getting its approval. >> plenty of children get seriously ill if you go to pediatric hospitals throughout the country. so though the incidence of severe disease is less, we still want to protect the children. >> reporter: meanwhile the cdc has cleared all vaccine booster shots. here's what you need to know. if you received your pfizer or moderna vaccine at least six months ago you're eligible if you're 65 years old, live in a long-term care facility, are at high risk, or work in a high-risk location. if you're one of the americans
3:37 am
who received one johnson & johnson vaccine, you can get a booster regardless of your age. >> there may be some people who might prefer another vaccine over the one that they received and the currentc dc recommendations make that possible. >> in d.c. this 76-year-old works at a clinic, putting him at risk for a breakthrough covid. he wants another moderna dose. >> i want to protect my family, co-workers, and myself from this deadly virus. >> as the vaccine starts to wain, we want to make sure there's another another spike.
3:38 am
>> reporter: covid faces its third covid winter. experts believe a pfizer or moderna booster shot should dramatically giving them even more antibody protection, robust protection chlg if, however, they decide to stick with johnson & johnson, that should raise their protection level to about 94%. as dr. fauci said, they should have gone along with two shots on johnson & johnson instead of just one. coming up, soon we could learn how brian laundrie died as investigators combed through his belongings found near his remains. questions swirl around his parents who made the discovery near their florida home. we're going to dive into all of this next. home. we're going to dive into all of this next. with pronamel repair toothpaste, we can help actively repair enamel in its weakened state. it's innovative. my go to toothpaste is going to be pronamel repair.
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welcome back, everybody. here's what else we are following. a vacation in a popular mexican tourist tony turns deadly. a california travel blogger got caught in the cross hairs of a car tell shooting. she and her german friend were killed when two drug gangs began shooting at each other. gang fights have recently ramped up in this area. the ridesharing app lyft says it recorded more than 4,000 reports of sexual assault from 2017 to 2019 with accusations
3:43 am
ranging from non-consensual kissing and touching to even worse. they face lawsuits from passengers who say they were assaulted during rides. they say this incident is one ibs accident too many but points out the results are 0.002 of all rides. a former jury has found lev parnas guilty of campaign finance crimes. he was found guilty of funneling money for his marijuana business. parnas remains free on bail while awaiting sentencing. bonanza creek road. be advised. >> that, of course, was the chilling 911 call made after alec baldwin fired a prop gun on the set of "rust," hitting the director as well as the
3:44 am
cinematographer. a search warrant application filed by the santa fe sheriff's office says baldwin was told the prop gun was cold and safe to use. the assistant who gave the gun didn't know it contained actual live rounds number foul play is suspected and no charges have been fired so far. if no foul play is expect r suspected, what are investigators looking into at this point? >> at that point i would interview all the movie staff and find out who had access to this weapon and how was it stored? if it's not a live gun, if it's cold, where did he get access to the blank or bullets that he used for the gun? >> i know a lot of this is going to be speculative. i'm trying to wrap my head around all of this right now. what we know of the gun or as we
3:45 am
learn what style of gun was used. how quickly are you able to fire off two shots? after you shoot one person and you realize this is a live round, do you have enough time to not shoot another round? >> yeah. that's what i was thinking too. why is he pointing at them. >> 100%. >> yeah. why was he pointing it at them. was it horseplay? that's how sticky it is. how quickly do you realize that. when you're working with live guns, we're taught as detectives, never point it in the direction of someone in case you might hurt them. >> all of that was speculative. it could have been one shot.
3:46 am
who knows. this is why they're conducting this investigation. nearly three decades ago you had the actor, the season of bruce lee, brandon lee, who was killed by a prop gun that had a real bullet in it. after that case t district attorney said the incident was due to negligence. but there was #evidence of criminal wrongdoing. in the case of baldwin, who's liable? >> i think the production crew. you should have armorers on standby to make sure the props are not live and there's no live bullets. somebody definitely dropped the ball in this case. i don't know who's responsible, but i would definitely look into it. who had access to all the weapons and who had access to that particular gun. >> i'm really glad we have you because i want to get your take on the brian laundrie situation.
3:47 am
still tall remains were found. the lawyer is kind of pushing back on how easily his dad found his belongings which we should say is one day after it was reopened to the public. if you were on this case. would you go about the case at this particular angle? >> the fbi and police were there for over one month and in one day the laundry family was able to locate the backpack and notebook. your can't blame the people for being suspicious. it may be where they always camped, but it's definitely suspicious. their demeanor throughout has been highly suspect. you saw the father mowing the lawn when they're trying to finding the son.
3:48 am
and he's dechltd it's almost sociopath eck the way they're behaving. i would like to speak with them a little more. >> they're calling him a person of interest in the death of his fiancee gabby petito, but obviously he's not speaking nemg. so does that become just a cold case at this point? >> no. i don't think it will be a cold case. it becomes an exceptional clearance. that's what we call. when we can no longer investigate it because the suspect is no longer with us and there's no more information that can be provided, we are looking forward to looking aet that notebook. perhaps hopefully there's some kind of information to explain why brian did this, if he did this. that would be important.
3:49 am
>> we preyat having the retired nypd detective with us. thank you for your insights on all of this. coming up, the fate of the restrictive new abortion law is on the line a lot sooner than expected. it's hitting the supreme court in just over a week. we'll tell you what to expect next. and today pramila jayapal joins tiffany cross to talk about the latest on the president's agenda and the caucus strategy to find a compromise. that's on ""cross connection"" coming up on msnbc. coming up on msnbc all these other things too. it can all add up. kesimpta is a once-monthly at-home injection... that may help you put these rms challenges in their place. kesimpta was proven superior at reducing the rate of relapses, active lesions, and slowing disability progression vs aubagio. don't take kesimpta if you have hepatitis b, and tell your doctor if you have had it, as it could come back.
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. the supreme court will take up that controversial texas abortion law sooner than expected. and the court has agreed to hear the case one week from monday but it is leaving the law in place for now. nbc's pete williams joins us now with more details. pete? >> reporter: by saying that it will take up the texas abortion law on november 1st, the court is moving at hyperspeed, agreeing to hear the cases
3:54 am
before they finish working their way through the lower courts and it almost never moves this quickly but a decision on the fate of the texas law is very likely months away. so the court agreed to take up two challenges to the law known as sb-8 which has shut down abortions in the state but the court delayed acting on the biden administration's request to put the law on hold as the case plays out. they say the state cannot -- but then hand off enforcement to private lawsuits. the second case is the biden administration's challenge to the law. the court will decide whether the justice department has the legal authority to file its lawsuit in the first place. texas says the federal government has no right to sue it this way. justice sonia sotomayor said the court should have blocked the law for now. she said women seeking abortion are entitled to immediate relief. as a practical matter this means the texas law is likely to remain in effect for at least
3:55 am
several more months. back to you. up next, the team that is no stranger to scandal keeps making its way to the world series. at 7:00 a.m. eastern time who could be held responsible for the movie set tragedy involving alec baldwin? we're getting into the legal possibilities. and a plug for our twitter page, tweet at us, let us know how you're watching. you can also find show highlights online. that link is on your screen. ♪ ♪ before you go there, or fist bump there, or... oh! i can't wait to go there! or reunite there,
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the houston astros are heading to the world series for the third time in five seasons. >> the astros beat the boston red sox 5-0 last night in game six of the league championship series. it comes less than two years after major league baseball confirmed the team used an illegal camera system to steal signs during their championship season two years ago. game one of this year's world series is set for tuesday. >> so who are the astros going to take on? that all depends on who wins the series between the atlanta braves and the dodgers. the braves could punch their way tonight. >> the sox should have known they were in trouble last night before the game even started. you had sister mary katherine who threw out the first pitch and not only did she -- she had the rally nun's jersey on, a tribute to carlos, tapping her fingers saying it's my time.
4:00 am
the sox didn't stand a shot against the nun. >> there's a lot of faith behind that team. >> there is a lot of faith. >> let's hope all that is. it's faith and nothing else. we're entering the top of a new hour right here on msnbc. ♪♪ and first up on msnbc, a new police warrant is giving us a glimpse into what went down in the shooting involving actor alec baldwin. plus, the safety concerns raised just weeks before the incident. dead heat. the polls tightening in virginia's race for governor as democrats bring out the heavy hitters. former president barack obama is heading there today to campaign for democrat terry mcauliffe that could signal what's to come in next year's midterms. brian laundrie's family is under scrutiny this morning after they helped behind his


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