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tv   Ayman  MSNBC  October 17, 2021 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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into last-minute negotiations over new political maps that would give republicans an overwhelming edge over democrats and critics say it will silence black and hispanic voters. i'll discuss gerrymandering voting rights and the the media for not selling their positive to the american people. that is not really our job there. i'm going to ask my sunday night panel about that, and the breakdown in messaging over that 3.5 trillion dollar spending bill over ten years. that is the key point in all of this. plus, transportation pete has some choice words for those criticize in his opportunity leave, turns out tents actually do more than babysit. who knew? i'm with ayman mohyeldin, let's get started. we but so a redistricting
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frenzy is on their way across the country, i am following the very latest development in texas where they're inching closer to approving new maps that could determine the partisan makeup of that state for the next decade. we're going to have more on that in just a moment. but first, to truly understand this capes up this moment. you are really going to have to go back to 2013. not too long ago. that's when the supreme court in a five court decision, gutted the voting rights act. striking down a key section of that 1965 law. known as the preclearance requirement, it required certain states with the history of voter suppression, to get federal approval before implementing changes in their electoral policy. including redistricting. now the point was to ensure that these changes did not discriminate against protected minorities, before they became laws in their states. chief justice, who authored that majority opinion, declare that the requirement was no longer needed because quote, our country has changed. now, i don't have to tell you
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how wrong chief justin roberts wasn't all of this. would follow that decisions speaks for itself. within 24 hours of that ruling, texas announced that it would implement a strict voter i.d. law. mississippi, alabama soon followed enforcing their own ideologues. had previously been banned under preclearance rules. across the country voter restriction laws have been suddenly increasing since that 2013 decision. but, they have gone into overdrive following former president trump's decision, to overthrow the election. 19 states have passed laws that make it harder for people to vote. which brings us back to texas. last month with governor greg abbott signed as we. one among other images it opposes new rules, for people assisting voters. which may make it harder for voters who face language barriers to cast their ballots. now texas is pushing ahead on a redistricting plan that could also have a disproportionate
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impact on voters of color. and for the very first time, in six decades, they do not need to submit that plan for preapprove. the people of color drove nearly all of texas's population game in the last decade, the proposed map from state republicans would give white voters control of both of the two new congressional districts added in the 2020 census. now earlier this morning, the state senate rejected last-minute changes made by house democrat. to try and change that map. instead, requesting a conference committee where members of both chambers could hush out their differences, but with the special session ended on tuesday, time is running out to reach a deal. now partisan redistricting is not exclusive to republicans. let's be clear about that. but there is a big difference. national democrats support measures to ban parties with -- that said on friday illinois democrats said the redistricting proposal that would eliminate the seat helped
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by republican adam. this morning when congressman was asked why he didn't support the john lewis wright act, -- would restore the preclearance provision. watch. >> you can call the build the voting rights act and left wing twitter goes nuts about this, by the, way and say that you voted against voting rights. without even looking at the details of this. and the quick details, the voting rights act in the mid sixties came up with a temporary provision called preclearance. that one opportunity was intended to be temporary. in 2013 the u.s. supreme court threw that provision out and said history changes. we can't keep pretending like it's 1965. >> i have to tell you something representative, we might just be a little closer to 1965 than you think. we have a lot to discuss tonight with my panels, what xoxhitl hinojosa democratic strategist and senior advisor, she's gonna walk us through the political fight ahead as the redistricting battle heats. up one mark joseph stern, a
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staff writer where he covers sports we're going to talk to him about the role of the supreme court in all of this and if there is a pathway out. also joining us, david daley, he is an expert in all things gerrymandering of the author of a rigged, how americans battled back to save democracy. it's great to have all of three of you with, us we xoxhitl hinojosa, i want to begin with you on what's happening in texas. these huge demographic shifts they aren't being reflected in the map. that's just the fact, plus that state is already dealing with a new restrictive voting law. how hard is it going to be for democrats there to overcome this and we is overcoming this even possible at this point? >> it will be tough, i've worked at the justice department during the last redistricting cycle, where we had preclearance and you might remember there but their maps were discriminatory. what's happening now is what we saw on the last census is that hispanics overwhelming growth in the state, but yet the
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re-districting map don't necessarily reflect that. so what is going to happen is that the justice department is going to have the option, given that they don't have preclearance anymore, filing a lawsuit under section two. and i think that you are going to see a number of groups challenge those maps. and they will be stuck in the courts, and unfortunately the supreme court is not in our favor. that is why you saw a number of the texas legislators in washington d.c. and walking out in august trying to demand the voting rights act. because there is only so much that they can do. democrats are in the minority there. they are looking to congress to pass something immediately because they understand that they can do so much. they might be able to help around the edges but at the end of the day, they will need democrats in congress to act. and they will need a justice department to file a lawsuit under section two to challenge that matt. so we will see what happens, but it is looking very difficult for democrats right now. >> yes and mark, is the big
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question about the supreme court, just said that federal courts can't stop partisan with -- but state courts still have some power here. without this preclearance provision, what facts stops are there for partisan gerrymandering on the state level? how can states prevent this from happening? >> well you know, in some state supreme courts they have taken strong action against the partisan gerrymandering. state high courts in north carolina, and pennsylvania. struck down partisan. -- what regroom apps to make the much fair we, but the thing is those courts were controlled by liberals in texas the high court is controlled entirely by republicans. there is not a single democrat on that court. and so in theory, texas supreme court could say, look, our state constitution has strong protections we for whistle and a miss, and freedom of speech, freedom of association, we're going to interpret them to
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prohibit this kind of gerrymandering. but we all know that is not going to happen. the republican on the texas supreme court are going to do exactly what the republicans on the u.s. supreme court did. and say, this is out of our hands, this falls entirely into the democratic process. and that means the only real backstop is the u.s. supreme court, and as was just noted that's basically no backstop at all. >> david there is some word among republicans that their maps could go too far. republican congressman from oklahoma have, told that the party learned lessons from situations in north carolina, where gop john matt watching validated -- when those new lines were drawn, they ended up letting democrats several house seats. they stretched where the rubber band too far. is they are concerned with being too greedy, and is that something that republicans are mindful of as they go about this process, or is that just a one-off? what >> no, i think congressman
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cole is playing possum a little bit. i think he is underestimating exactly the benefits that those gerrymanders gave them. when the pennsylvania and north carolina supreme court in validated those maps in 2018 and in 2019, those maps had stood for years giving republicans huge advantage in the states. in pennsylvania, it was a 13 five republican map in congress. in north carolina all those years, it was a ten three republican ten map. it was those maps that allowed to hold on to congress effectively after 2012. a year in which the reelection alex barack obama, democrats gain steeds in the u.s. -- with democratic's win 1.5 million more votes than republican candidates. and yet republicans hold the house, they held 234 seats that year. and they are able effectively, to put an end to barack obama's agenda was on the very night he
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was reelected. i think that those gerrymanders were extraordinarily effective, republicans know it, it's crucial to their strategy of governing the nation from the minority >> we as i mentioned, it's not just republicans that are playing this game, democrats in new york, and in illinois are redrawing district-ing to their advantage. i want to put this map up there to look at the map proposed by the democrats which creates an odd least shape district for republicans. should democrats be wary about going to far? is this just dumping by the same playbook that the republicans have been playing well for years? how do you ultimately get a system where both parties cut this out? we >> it's democrats who are fighting for the prioritizing se
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legislative seats. because what we have seen before, that is republicans have really owned the game. they have constantly invested in state legislative states. they attempted to flood them. and we weren't doing that for a very long time. we weren't investing in these local races. and -- what like the deal cc who's really putting a lot of money into legislative seats because we understand that it's importing for redistricting. and it has implications moving forward. so, while i do think that both parties tend to find opportunities to ensure that we are coming out on top in order to pass sergeant the, in order to help working people, it is republicans who continue to discriminate against black and brown and api, voters. you don't see democrats doing that in these states. it's all republicans.
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so the next election, one republicans make the case, we for black voters, latino voters, let me just remind them that they tried to silence them in every republican-led state. >> so you teaming up perfectly for this question, we david daley, about race in all of. this you have some republicans redrawing these lines, and i'm being serious here. they're saying that they are adopting a color blind redistricting strategy aimed at combatting -- i knew that you guys were all going to smile and smirk at that. but they're saying that they're doing a color blind way aimed at combatting these accusations, at the potential lawsuits from democrats who argue the democrats dilute with -- the power. democrats say that this gop strategy can't work because legislators still bring their knowledge about state demographics to the map mating process even if they data on race isn't used in the so-called redistricting saw for, that is used. is there really such a thing as a color blind map drawing? and if so is this it?
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what >> there is not such a thing as color blind map drawing. republicans perhaps, might turn off the rachel field was in their computer software. but they know full well what the democratic star of the way -- and there's plenty of ways of obtaining that same information, or there's other feels that could be used as proxies. what they can do here is a little bit too cute. we there's effectively we two standards, and two sets of case law on gerrymandering. there's partisan gerrymandering, and racial gerrymandering. what republicans are trying to do, now that the u.s. supreme court has won, in the common cause versus richard case in 2019, called partisan gerrymandering, a non political issue. they are going to try to say that they are not using race data.
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they are simply trying to pack democrats into the seats. it is not that they're trying to destroy it against black brown and latino voters, they are just trying to pack democrats didn't. and if that's perfectly allowable. well it's a very cute move. but i think it will still -- >> market have task about the supreme court before i let you go, because it's another big story this week, president biden's decision on the supreme court, released their preliminary finding. you wrote about that report saying that it part the committees material so deeply shot through with its anxiety about floated their political sizing the court, that it opted to leave the court as is. better to save the institution that may someday be called on to save democracy, then to suggest it is in fact working to subvert democracy already. very powerful words. i honestly couldn't agree more with you. i think we're just so scared of touching the court but were actually blinded to the fact when we just talked about something like the voting right act. and it is in some way
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subverting the democracy in this country. was this report just a whole lot of nothing. what can you tell us about what came out of it after six months of work? >> very little came out of this report. it reflects a strong bias towards the status quo. and it starts from the assumption that the supreme court, the legitimacy must be shielded at all cost. the report claims that it doesn't draw any conclusions. and yet, it pretty openly argues against court expansion, and threats clutches it's pearls. the other justices might politicize the court for the first time in history as though that couldn't of possibly already happened. you know, look, when this commission was announced and we learned who would be on it, i think this report was a foregone conclusion. the individuals on this commission, as a vested interest in not speaking out against the courts, and not sticking their necks out to harshly criticize it, and keeping the court largely as it is. and when you are looking at it through a very abstract an
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academic lens, it's very easy to say look it's worked okay so far, we've decided to become -- white still standing and were still abide by its decisions, how bad could it be? the answer is really bad. and i think that the redistricting battles to come are going to illustrate that beautifully. you know just a few years ago the supreme court adopted this presumption of legislative good faith in redistricting lawsuits. i call it a presumption of white innocence. the conservative majority said that we are just going to assume that state legislators are races. even when they produce really racist maps. that is not a rule that comport with the constitutional guarantee of equal protection. that is a rule that partisans devise to ensure that republican legislators, can keep diluting and losing power over racial minorities, texas has exhibit a right now. and i would hope that before the commissioners released their final report, they take a look at this battle and think twice about what the supreme
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court's release so sterling and nonpartisan today. >> yes, i was going to say i couldn't agree with you more. and history is the greatest lesson in all of this. our supreme court throughout the history of this country has made some horrible decisions that to a speck for generations. there is no reason to think that the current composition of the court cannot make similar mistakes that also set us back for years to come. >> well xochitl hinojosa, mark joseph stern, david daley, think you so much for starting us. off fastening conversation. guys >> coming up some democrats are coming up and pointing some fingers at them for -- what biden's build back better plan and today the ongoing and i had said that the u.s. underestimated vaccine hesitancy, but it's an old story trust us. keeping here to watch our latest installment of that's what they said, but first richard louis is here with the headline. >> good sunday, some breaking news we're gonna start with from the state department tonight, the spokesperson come from 17 people, 16 of them u.s. citizens were kidnapped yesterday in the quarter press the state department is said to be in regular contact with
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senior haitians authorities, about the incident. former president bill clinton was released from the hospital today, after battling an infection, clinton was admitted earlier this week and a, and remain hospitalized as he received antibiotics intervening. the chicago sky made history saturday night winning the wnba championship for the first time in team history. the team came back from the 14th point deficit to beat the phoenix mercury, 87 74, that series was the second time the sky reached the final. more aim in with what ayman mohyeldin, right after the break. trelegy for copd. ♪ birds flyin' high you know how i feel ♪ ♪ breeze drifting on by you know how i feel ♪ [man: coughing]
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in the news a lot this week as congressional leaders try to gather the votes needed to pass the build back better act, and the bipartisan infrastructure bill. one stumbling block appears to be sticker shock, that is the total price tag that seems to be making people uncomfortable.
9:23 pm
now i have said it before, and i continue to believe that the lawmakers that are trying to sell this bill, to the american public, have been making a big mistake. rather than referring to it as a 3.5 trillion dollar package, they should describe it in the same way they described the military budget. as an annual, 3.5 billion dollars supplemental. but on the day that it was introduced to the public, back in july. this is the first thing we actually heard. >> the budget committee has come to an agreement but. the budget resolution with instructions will be 3.5 trillion dollars. >> so did you hear that. did you catch that. that was the first message, the senate leadership community leader said about the deal. it was a total price tack. they referred to it as 3.5 trillion dollar. speaker pelosi's communications have also been doing the same thing. they regularly contain reference to the 3.5 trillion dollar price as well. but as the bill languishes,
9:24 pm
some lawmakers are somehow looking to point fingers. on friday, bernie sanders released the statement blaming an easy target, the media. the statement read in part, the mainstream media has done an exceptionally poor job in covering what's actually is in the legislation. that induced this response from the new york times maggie haim urban. who tweeted out. it's always the presses fault and never the fault of the people communicating something. that's just one one. >> now i don't want to be too defensive, but senator sanders said that we've done an exceptionally poor job in covering what is in the bill. >> i refer you to this msnbc interview that you did the day after the deal was announced. notice the scroll prominently rolling across the screen. that is the list of the bills provisions. here on this show alone we have done multiple segments highlighting many of those provisions with polls actually showing the popularity that they enjoy. now in fairness, we in the media can certainly be guilty
9:25 pm
at times focusing too much on process, at the expense of policy. but with all due respect to the democratic senator, it is not our job to sell your agenda. you and your colleagues have to do a better job at selling the bill, to the american public. for more on this we are joined by broad would house, a senior adviser to the dnc. we, we an author of the book black mat jake what black leaders learn from trauma and trump. it's good to have all of you with us. and first of all give me a gotcha here, these two bills in the biden agenda were broadly have public support. what is blocking them from passing? in my opinion, it's politics. it's not really public opinion. the public actually does support this, by nearly 60%. should the democrats have reframe the way that they announced the price tag from the very beginning. might that have changed the politics and all of this? what >> i think the price tag is certainly something that they could've addressed. i like the idea of talking about this, as 350 billion
9:26 pm
dollars a year, but everybody can do that. we know that that equals 3.5 trillion dollars. but the real issues here that there is a couple of hold backs, a couple of holdouts. and this is about their politics. this is about what they think their personal politics are. what they think they're doing directly -- when those two holdouts in the senate, and maybe four holdouts in the house. the rest of it is not an issue any longer in selling this to the public. this is an issue of selling it to the two holdout senators, the four holdout house members, and then getting an agreement that they can live with for the rest of the two caucuses can live with. and then passing it. and then needing to sell it to the american people. but every poll shows that the policies are extremely popular. >> and i totally agree with you on, that that's why was a bit surprised by senator statement that are accusing the media of not doing a good job of explaining the package. but the bill has the public support.
9:27 pm
we know that this is coming back overwhelmingly. and this is coming down to two senators that are blocking this. it's not that the public doesn't want it, so my question to you, is is it to up to the media, to sell the bill to the democrats. or do we focus too much on the process in policy. is there fair criticism that we are doing a good job in explaining this to the american public? well >> i guess that i would just say that we could do more than one thing. we can talk about what's in the bill like we have. we talked about education, climate, drug prices. but we can also write it and talk about how much it costs and who's forward and who is against it and what that process looks like. so it's not either or, it's all of those things including of course how it is paid for. so we can do a little bit of all of this and, i would tell you that one thing that is happening right now is that -- it has changed a lot from six trillion to 3.5, and now maybe 1.5 trillion.
9:28 pm
what's in the bill? we don't actually know what's in the bill because we actually haven't heard. so one of those problems right now, is that we don't know with some of those policies are that are going to be in the final bill. >> so chad i wanted to play referee for us, i know that you are not affiliated with either one of the two parties. but what do you make of these arguments out there in terms of the messaging and whether it is actually reaching voters in a way that they can understand what's in the actual bill. should that be made even more clear for voters? >> yes and i'm not a political commentator but i will say that there is a breakage in the information channel. i think to point the finger at the mainstream media is to miss the point that we're all sort of the mainstream media now if you aren't reaching people through the news to find news, to be -- news clips, information, or information shared their, whatsapp instagram, facebook,
9:29 pm
tiktok, whatever the case may be. and if people aren't taking the domestic responsibility to go seek out the information on their own. then that bridging the channel is going to remain. so i think that it's want to miss the larger problem. >> honestly couldn't agree with you more, and i said that earlier at the top of the show that a lot of this up depends on the citizenry, and the citizens have to be engaged enough to know what's on this bill. even if you don't want to rely on the media, there are primary source, go to the white house page, go to congress, and look at what they actually print on their white house -- and i guess that raises the next question about the democratic messaging in terms to turn to chad's point. are they communicating it in the places where they need to put the pressure on these two senators that are the holdup? is a part of the argument? if we create the public pressure on the two senators, you can create the momentum to get them to change their mind. because right now they feel that they are holding out, and we saw that in the response
9:30 pm
from joe manchin, saying that bernie sanders is up on a state. or he's telling west virginia what to do, and in reality, 48 senators who represent 176 constituents are being blocked from passing a bill that has 60% public support. and is being held up from two senators who represent 9 million constituencies. the president really seem democratic to me. >> what i think now is when you are reacting to one senators what they are doing in the state, there must be some kind of impact. one of the issues here is that we just don't know exactly what's senator manchin, and what senator sinema want. they have completely communicated that when they haven't communicated that to the white house or the democratic leadership. but that is a process that is ongoing. but i think one thing that is missing here, and one thing that the partial focus on, while the democrats are making the saucy. one that normally it happens with --
9:31 pm
we got it done. let's talk about the republicans. how about look at the political gamble that they are taking by being 100% to vote unanimously opposed to example, by reducing the price for student drugs by getting medicare. that is a policy that gets 94% support. so why don't we spend a minute talking about republicans and the political liability that they may be taking on by opposing this 100% voting it unanimously. and by the way, correcting the filibuster, which is forcing the democrats to do this reconciliation, which is harder, there's more kind consuming, and it's more procedurally difficult. so the republicans deserve some blame so what is happening in washington right now. and they're not getting any of. it -- but the president focused on >> it yes and the democrats in the worse enemies right there are
9:32 pm
focusing on the media, or holding out on the two senators, but not actually laying enough heat on to the republicans who have been -- in all of. this >> i think we see the media has covered with the republicans are doing but the reality is at this point that this is going through a process that is supposed to be just for the democrats. we have written about why we got to this point. but the reality is that we are at this point. and we've seen democrats in a different wing of the party. progressives and moderates criticize each other publicly. and we are covering. that we saw that two days ago with senator sanders wrote when you referred to what was offered in the west virginia newspaper, and senator manchin criticize right back. so we are covering all of those different aspects. but at this point the path is just to get the democratic party, and the democrats involved and on board. >> let me play for you, chat, this clip from john stewart former host of the daily show on cnn this morning. watch this.
9:33 pm
>> i think the media does a terrible job at de-escalation. and de-escalation is the antidote to all this nonsense. and i don't mean stability. and i don't mean non partisanship. i mean focusing on things that are more urgent and elemental in people's lives. and really hammering away at those things. rat and purely the emotional thought lines that occurred's aside. >> chat is that a fair point? what is your take on john stewards criticism from your vantage point in the media on whether or not, first of all there is whether think of mainstream, and whether it is contributing to the polarization of this? >> it is contributing to the polarization in this country much by intention. i remember in 2013, about eight years ago, when the local newspaper where i'm from was bought by amazon.
9:34 pm
and i was the washington post. -- as many news outlets have been over the years that particular newspaper and many others have been absorbed by capitalism complex demand journalism, and now everything feeds into the bottom line. even when i come into talk here. as my own little executive mini corporation, which is my own instagram, social media feed, whatever, i'm negotiating with myself. am i going to be honest? i'm gonna keep it real? or am i gonna say something that will be good to be clipped, and named, and sent around so that people can feed back to my own pages? i think that's really what we're dealing with right now. and de-escalation is what drives clicks. so they want to keep pressing on the fault lines of different opinions to keep driving people back to their own pages. keep pumping up billions of dollars over. here >> yes and that's really something that the facebook whistle blower left with. that chad stick around, and i
9:35 pm
definitely want you to always keep reveal here. this is a keeper real space. that's the only way we do it around. here >> we brad woodhouse, anita kumar, chad sanders, chad i want to talk to you about your book coming up. i want to talk to about the challenging experiences that you had coming up. and how you discovered black magic. we're going to talk about that and the empowerment that comes from being first, stay with us. ♪ there are beautiful ideas that remain in the dark. but with our new multi-cloud experience, you have the flexibility you need to unveil them to the world. ♪ with clean, fresh ingredients, panera's new chicken to sausage and pepperonild. flatbread is a mouthwatering explosion of yes.
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9:44 pm
as a young google employee he thought that he had to emulate whiteness to be successful. he changed his wardrobe and showed up alone to parties, to invite intimidating white peers with the presence of his black friends. but sanders says that this stunted his growth, professionally and personally. he found that when he embraced was, doors actually began to open up for. him joining us once more's chance honors, offers a black magic, with black leaders learn from trauma and trial. let's start out it's great to have you, back i've been waiting to have this interview with you for a long, time so i'm finally glad we managed to make it happen. talk me a little bit that title, what do you mean by black magic? >> he man my brother, i appreciate you having me here. i mean everything that we learned, through the course that is surviving black miss, everything from code switching, to resourcefulness, to navigating sticky situations. just survival tactics frankly. that are necessary in this
9:45 pm
country. those things can be used as tools and resources to thrive in business. many of them. and that's why i wrote the, book i was curious about how i personally could thrive in business, and what i could use what i already had, so i did this exhaustive research on this particular way of thinking, way of moving, way of blending, and that's black magic. >> i know you talk about this in your experience there, that you drew upon in business, this thing called code, switching it's a term used to describe alternating vernacular, depending on the social context or setting. how did you even learn how to code switch? and how is it impacted your career? >> you learn by necessity, you learn by osmosis, you learn being in my case, a six-year-old kid who tests into the gifted and talented program, which in most places in this country, just means the class with the white kids. the class with the parents who
9:46 pm
have the resources and the books at home, and are aggressive enough to make sure their kids are in the class is with the best curriculum. that's where i found myself. and to have a voice in those classes, and have a voice and that schoolbus, and to have a voice in the cafeteria, and with the teachers, and with the principles, you have to be able to speak a language that is the white americans sort of educated vernacular. even as a six-year, -old all the way up through college into where i am, now which is my early thirties, you learn that, through the media, you learned through the places that you spend time, you learned at your job. you learn it for me in silicon valley. and i saw very quickly, that when you don't learn that vernacular, in when you can't speak the language in that regard, you're silenced. and people look the other way when you. talk they don't listen to. you they push in the other classroom. and you start not being exposed to those same resources that you need. what >> did you go through that
9:47 pm
personal transformation of, yours where you kind of shed that person that you are trying to be or wanted to be, to being your authentic and true self. and how did that switch come about for you. what kind of doors did it open when you wanted to be who you want to. been you actually fulfilled that? . >> i want to morehouse college, for undergrad, down in atlanta, georgia which is an hbcu, and i was exposed to myself there. i was exposed to every different type of the great diversity within black, nice and i really learned who i was when i was down there, when i went out to silicon valley, i was jarred, i was thrust into an incredibly white world, and i try to adapt, so i could get promotions at google. in every day it was another piece of myself that i would leave it home, when i would walk out the door and get on that shuttle to go down to mountain view, in her, i found myself talking different, i found myself pretending to like things that i didn't like. i found myself deflecting in deferring to people who were
9:48 pm
whiter than me, so that i could be a part of the club, it just hurt bad to look in the mirror every, day and know that i was also not valuing when i was, in no that i was celebrating something, that continued to devalue what i naturally brought to the table, in so i just gave up. and i started being myself. that's really what happened, what >> from your vantage, point from what you've seen in research, one of the main causes of silicon valley's lack of diversity, or diversity problem as you see it? >> i think corporations are, they operate much like clubs in fraternities. the person who owns the, thing the person who is at the, top generally they are going to hire people to surround, them that appreciate and look like in support who they are. and because, only 0.8% of fortune 500 companies, have
9:49 pm
ceos who are black, there is not a lot of support, appreciation in celebration of black miss inside of corporations. and it's quite the opposite. most corporations are headed up by middle aged to sort of early 60s wealthy white men. in the culture filters down. they hire who looks like them in talks like them in acts like them. i think that's what happens in silicon valley. >> i have to ask you real, quick what device do you have for people about being europe and excel fit in the business world? >> to know that it comes at a cost. the value is tremendously, high the risk is that someone won't like where you are. in the value is that you'll find a place that celebrates you, in many cases that place is going to be in your own enterprise, in your own entrepreneurialism, in many ways this country supports entrepreneurialism, so it can be a good thing. >> chad sanders, man i'm glad we had this conversation. thanks so much for coming on the, program i look forward to many more conversations with
9:50 pm
you going, forward joys of his standing invite to join us keeper real here my friend. >> thank you. >> you would think that parental leave would be a goal for everyone, but transportation secretary pete buttigieg's recent paternity leave got a different reaction entirely, it's his turn to talk, after this. after this ♪♪ things you start when you're 45. coaching. new workouts. and screening for colon cancer. yep. the american cancer society recommends screening starting at age 45, instead of 50, since colon cancer is increasing in younger adults. i'm cologuard®. i'm convenient and find 92% of colon cancers... ...even in early stages. i'm for people 45 plus at average risk for colon cancer, not high risk. false positive and negative results may occur. ask your provider if cologuard is right for you. as a dj, i know all about customization. that's why i love liberty mutual. they customize my car insurance, so i only pay for what i need. how about a throwback? ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ only pay for what you need.
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9:54 pm
administration is going to bat for some of what's included in that, plan one of the key provisions of the build back better bill is paid family leave. which would guarantee 12 weeks of paid parental family and personal illness, leave the administration has actually been forced to defend the program from attacks, by let me check my notes real quick to make sure we got this, right it's from the right, the party of family values, in their conservative media, that can be right, wait hold on, no. fox news tucker carlson recently attacked transportation secretary pete buttigieg for taking paternity leave during the current shipping crisis, wow, today secretary buttigieg let tucker know how he really feels. watch. >> as you might imagine, we're doing it at all hours of the day and night, i'm not going to apologize to tucker carlson, or anyone else, for taking care of my premature newborn infant twins.
9:55 pm
frankly i view this is something that i wish it leads this were something that republicans could join democrats in calling for. paid family leave is important, it's important as a matter of family, values it's important to our economy, and one more thing that i think is maybe underappreciated, when somebody welcomes a new child into their family, and goes on leave to take care that child, that's not a vacation. it's work. in its joyful, wonderful, fulfilling work, but it is work, in its time that our nation join pretty much every other country in the, world and recognize that. >> well said secretary couldn't agree with you more on that. from one dad to another, congratulations. and good on you for taking this opportunity, to create such a special bond with your children, this is an issue i'm very passionate about. research has shown that a families physical, a motion alert mental health is much better, then dads are able to take extended time, off and share in the responsibility of raising a child early on, my wave and i have been blessed
9:56 pm
with two amazing, children i took almost 16 weeks of fraternity, leave when my son was born, and look deep to work for a company that actually gives me the option to do just that, it's important, remember not every american has that privilege, and it shouldn't just be a privilege. that's despite paid maternity and for eternity leave being overwhelmingly popular among americans, polling from back in the spring, found this 67% of this country, thinks that companies should offer paid leave, to both new mothers and new fathers. president biden every elected leader in congress, i urge you for the good of the children of america, figure out a way to get this plan passed. for this single issue. thank you for making time for us this evening, you can catch me every friday on peacock eight seven, eastern and back here on msnbc saturdays at eight, sundays at nine. be sure to follow us on twitter and tiktok, at a minimalist and bc, we will post highlights from this show in a whole lot
9:57 pm
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but it all starts with you. let's keep making a differene together. i'm craig melvin, and i'm natalie morales in this is dateline. >> they were so happy at first, sharing a lovers perched high atop a cliff. but romance turned to danger.


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