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tv   American Voices With Alicia Menendez  MSNBC  October 17, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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that does it for me. thanks for watching. i'll see you back here next weekend at 5:00 p.m. eastern. before we go, i want to send my congratulations to the chicago sky who moments ago won their first ever wnba championship. they beat the phoenix mercury by a score of 80-74 in game four of the wnba finals. congratulations. up next maria teresa kumar picks up our news coverage. >> something folks may not know, i played basketball for seven years, so i am a big fan of the wna. congratulations, ladies. thank you, reverend. 000 are you? >> i'm great. thank you. take us to the news. >> hello everyone. i'm maria teresa kumar in this sunday for alicia menendez.
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we begin with breaking news out of haiti where american mission nairs including children have been kidnapped outside the capital of the port-au-prince. the gang accused of taking them has a known history of abductions. according to a statement by the christian aid ministries, the group consists of 16 americans, one canadian citizen. five men, seven women and five children. in a statement the state department says they're aware of the situation. earlier on cnn ohio congressman adam kinzinger promising the american government will stop at nothing to bring these missionaries home safely. with me is jacqueline charles, a career correspond at "the miami herald." jacqueline, thank you for joining me. i want to ask you, what is the situation right now? >> well, the situation right now, i've been in contact with the haitian national police. they still don't have any confirmation of this, but we now
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know from the christian aid ministries that, yes, 17 individuals including 16 americans have been kidnapped in haiti and this happened on saturday. >> can i ask you something. what is right now the u.s. response? how is now going to complicate the issue of the u.s. government spending to basically address the gang violence haiti is encountering? >> this is going to be a test both for haitians and the u.s. while the u.s. has pledged money and it does support the haitian national police, the reality is haiti is seeing rampant insecurity, a wave of kidnappings. individuals i've talked to say it's not going to be solved by throwing money an it. there needs to be assistance for the haitian national police. the question for the biden administration is what does that assistance look like. as of now they're not interested
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in sending any american troops. individuals are lukewarm about having the u.n. peacekeepers return to the country. i have to tell you that between july and september the number of kidnapping cases has risen by 300% according to a local organization that monitors kidnapping. it's all too common. >> i'm assuming this is an organized circuit doing these kidnappings, correct? >> this particular gang that is believed to be behind this kidnapping, their modus operandi is to kidnap car loads and busloads of individuals and basically ask for an entire group as opposed to individuals in order to not draw scrutiny to themselves. prior to the assassination of the president, people assumed the kidnappings had diminished. but in fact, this group was still kidnapping.
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it wasn't generating the kind of headlines we're seeing today in terms of cars or buses that were going through that area. this is a very well-traveled road. it connects haiti to the dominican republic. >> jack line, thank you for your reporting, appreciate it. developing news in hollywood, a major strike averted after studios agreed to raise wages for movie and tv crews. in dozens of industries workers angry after companies cut benefits despite record profits during the pandemic. >> it's a resurgence of the labor movement and the cheap labor bubble has finally busted. this is the first time that the deck has been stacked in our favor. we know it, and if we have to sit out from work a little while, we will, to get the gains that we think are fair and equitable. >> who wins the battle of
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striketober yet to be seen? american workers are clearly fed up. more than 4 million people quit their jobs last month, most of them leaving the food service, retail and health care industries, all this playing out as it appears one of the president's biggest plans to create jobs faces the axe. abc news reports democrats are considering cutting biden's clean energy program in order to appease senator joe manchin. >> of course it's disappointing that we have one senator who refuses to support more robust climate resiliency and climate change policy, but we're going to pass -- let me just be clear -- the bipartisan infrastructure and jobs act and the build back a better act. >> co-founder of the domestic workers alliance, grace pinetta and washington post columnist and good friend jennifer rubin, also an msnbc political analyst.
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i would like to bring you into the conversation first because of the things clearly resonating among american workers is during the pandemic companies received a lot of relief, but that relief did not seem to trickle down to a lot of the workers that you often represent. can you speak a little bit about that frustration? >> absolutely. i think before the pandemic, there was an epidemic of low-wage work in america, where you had millions of workers across sectors working incredibly hard and still not able to make ends meet, still not able to core basic expenses. a workforce like i represent, home care workers, 90% women, majority women of color. the average annual income is $18,000 per year, not enough to take care of yourself, let alone raise a family. we're talking about people who are primary income earners for their families, mother of young
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children. they don't have paid family and medical leave. they don't have access to affordable child care. they are working family caregivers often taking care of loved ones at home. what we saw at home was millions of women in particular being pubbed out of the workforce because of care giving challenges, lack of access to the support they need to take care of their families and, therefore, put into impossible situations and impossible choices between bringing home a poverty wage paycheck or providing the essential care that their own families need. and people are fed up. until we address these issues, we're going to continue to see people not being able to return to the workforce and/or leaving the workforce. that is why the president's build back better agenda is so essential. we've got to seize this moment of opportunity to invest in these programs that are essential to the participation of workers in our economy, especially women and women of
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color. >> i think something that ai-jen is pointing to, it's one of the fastest ways to decrease the income inequality we're see, jennifer. you resit len wrote, raise -- speak about that and why that is a myth. >> it's interesting. one of the three winners of this year's nobel prize for economics did his research on just this issue. if you raise wages, raise the minimum wage, does that really chase people out of the workforce. through an experiment that was afforded to him because workers in new jersey got that raise and workers right over the border in pennsylvania did not. his conclusion was, you know, it doesn't necessarily mean you're going to lose people, employ fewer people. this is kind of a revolution in the world of economics.
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the research is still divided. people are still arguing about this, at least there's room for debate. we all remember so many years of republicans saying we can't raise the minimum wage because it will increase unemployment. how nice of them to be worried about unemployment. in fact, these sort of tradeoffs i think are not accurate, and more to the point, the notion that it's some kind of entitlement, the way joe manchin described it, to give people child care, universal pre-k, paid sick leave, is nonsense. this is a pro work bill. it's about allowing people to go back to work and stay at work without having to worry about their kids, without having to do the math and figure out they're spending more in child care than they are making a relatively low wage knob. so if you're pro work, which republicans used to be for and
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you want people getting back to work, you want the unemployment rate to go down, you're going to have to give people, not only better wages and working conditions, but you're going to have to make their lives a little easier. that was the premise behind the build back better plan and the american families plan. we've gotten so distracted about arguing about $3.5 trillion, we've forgotten about what's in there. things that are in there are not only a matter of fairness and equity, but really speak to the economic problems we're having right now. >> i think that's absolutely right, jennifer. what we're talking about is leveling up. chris, i want to ask you, one of the things on the chopping block right now is the part of the climb infrastructure bill, the one that basically will create more jobs, again leveling up the economy. the big senator that's against this right now seems to be manchin. he's saying it's a no-go. in that kind of introspective,
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we recognize by not addressing climate change and not fueling money to the company for these type of green jobs, it puts the americans in a precarious position as we head i represented one of the biggest climate negotiations next month when it comes to climate. can you speak to that? >> you just hit on a lot of really important points here. the issues we're facing are not going away any time soon. i think we're seeing in this process with the reconciliation bill how one senator can have such an outsized roll over the process. manchin represents one of the few states where coal is a somewhat significant part of the energy source, even though it's far less significant than it used to be, but it's where the bulk of the coal production is. -- which climate provisions stay and which go. i think it does -- it could threaten to question the u.s.'s role as a leader in addressing the climate crisis.
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this is something biden will have to deal with on the international stage. it's so fascinating to see how one member of the legislature can end up having a role on global politics and international relations over this topic. >> one of the things we're talking about is how hard it is for a lot of people to find health care workers, how to find hospice care workers. we keep forgetting that we've had close to 720,000 deaths due to covid. i want to read you a tweet by dr. ebony hilton, quote, we're short staffed. we don't have teachers, bus drivers, restaurant workers, delivery persons, nursing aides, people want to work. what do employers need to do to address these issues?
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it seems we've forgotten the individuals that we've lost were doing a lot of the work that you're advocating for? >> that's right. it is a matter of life and death. we're also a nation that is aging. every single day 10,000 people turn 65 in america. because of advances in technology and health care, people are living longer than ever before. the need for elder care, for care and supports in the home and community for the growing aging population so they have real choices to live and age in the community and not in congregate settings that we've are very dangerous, like nursing homes. it's also a more cost effective way to age. it costs about a third of the price to keep somebody at home than it does to put them in a nursing home. we need to invest in that infrastructure and the workforce that we need to support a dignified quality of life,
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safety, well-being and good health care outcomes for the growing aging population, and we need to do that now. if we don't make these jobs family sustaining jobs with real economic security, we won't be able to do that, and that is what build back better is all about. it is a jobs plan that is about job-enabling jobs and quality of life and essential supports for american families across the life span. literally a win, win, win, win, jobs and economy program that we have to do. we have to make it real. >> thank you for your continued advocacy and thank you for joining us this evening. grace and jennifer are sticking with us. still to come, this week's big test and getting answers about the january 6th attack on our capitol. steve bannon and enforcing subpoenas right ahead. senate store joe manchin agreed to support critical voting rights legislation. will he do what's necessary to pass it? and snap the vote.
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we'll pass it on committee on tuesday. i don't know the date we'll take it up on the floor. we have to take it up very soon. we're not messing around here. we're moving very expeditiously. to me this is an early sign of whether our democracy is recovering, whether it's true that no one is above the law, ha
3:19 pm
the rule of law must apply. we intend to go after anyone that doesn't provide information that they're lawfully compelled to to our committee. >> congressman adam schiff predicting the results o of this week's big test for the rule of law. tuesday the panel will vote on whether to recommend contempt charges for former trump senior adviser steve bannon after bannon ignored a congressional subpoena. if the panel votes yes, it heads to the house for a full vote which could come this week if approved by the house. a criminal referral on bannon heads to the doj. not only is the test for the rule of law, but a show of force by the commission setting an example for other targets. joining our panel, msnbc political analyst susan del percio. thank you for joining us. >> great to be with you. >> susan, it's curious to me
3:20 pm
that there seems to be all eyes right now on steve bannon. it seems of all the people that they're asking to serve subpoenas, he seems to be the less -- character. it can't imagine fewer figures less sympathetic to the american public than steve bannon. is this a strategy to go after him versus others? >> it could possibly be that. he's also the one that has absolutely no coverage based on executive privilege. he didn't work for the president at the time. it does not apply in any shape or manner. that's like saying executive privilege applies to someone the president said hello to on a rope line. it makes no sense. this is what's so important about steve bannon, is that it must be seen by the american public that congress has the teeth to enforce this subpoena -- i shouldn't say the subpoena, but to have doj enforce it and see that it matters. if bannon decides not to go
3:21 pm
along, then anything that can be imposed, any criminal charges, fines, jail time, which i believe is a 30-day minimum, it must be imposed. people need to see right now there is no one who is above the law. >> something that susan points out that is really curious, they're trying to do executive privilege even though at the time steve bannon was a private citizen. and if you recall, one of the things that he predicted the day before the insurrection, he literally said, quote, all hell is going to break loose tomorrow. jennifer, what do you say to that? did he have insider knowledge, do you believe, and that's one of the reasons we're asking for his paper trail? >> we really don't know what he knows. what we do know is of course there was no executive privilege. not only was he not employed at the time, but we have a different president, the president currently in the
3:22 pm
office has the right to waive executive privilege which he's done. trump is no longer president. he can't invoke it. so i think it's really just a stalling technique. i think bannon may have things to say, but i do agree it's also going to kind of set a precedent. if one guy gets away with not responding, then everyone will do it. remember, the reason why we're able now to support and enforce subpoenas is because we actually have a justice department doing its job. under the trump administration, they were not about to enforce contempt citations. now we have a justice department that independently evaluates this, that will, i believe, bring action and this is the way the system is supposed to work. if bannon is forced to come and testify, he does have an option, and that would be to invoke the fifth amendment. that would be quite a scene.
3:23 pm
i'm beginning to wonder if that's the next step that many of these people with perhaps good reason think they might be prosecuted for something or another, and they might show up and invoke the fifth. we do know donald trump doesn't like that. we're not supposed to draw an inference of guilt from that, but i think just about everybody does, so that will be the next train. this is a case where they're not going to get any sympathy. even the supreme court, if you remember during trump's term, he lost to the supreme court when the issue was turning over his documents, and in very strong language from the chief justice saying nobody is above the law. presidents, and i would assume ex-presidents, have to respond to subpoenas. there's no getting around this. so i think the notion that they're just going to be able to run out the clock or be able to avoid that is just wrong. it sure will be interesting to
3:24 pm
see whether steve bannon is willing to go to jail for donald trump. >> jennifer, i love how the idea of steve bannon invoking the fifth just tickles you. grace, i want to bring you into the conversation because something that is quite striking from this administration and this justice department compared to the trump justice department where it seemed to be a dotted line from the white house to the doj, when president biden said those individuals, if they defied the subpoena, then the doj should investigate. merrick garland immediately put the brakes on that and said, no, the department would actually work independently and review evidence. what does that say to you between what the biden administration may want to happen versus what we're seeing with an independent department of justice? >> it will be really, really fascinating to see how the doj handles this contempt referral which we think will happen. the white house has positions on things.
3:25 pm
they did make a very, very strong point both in nominating attorney general garland, a very solid, non-partisan reputation. and after the trump administration making a point they'll be independent. at the same time he also talked about how it's getting to the bottom of january 6th is critical for our democracy. it is going to be an interesting tension in terms of how these issues are handled. >> susan, last question here on this, do you believe that the commission will subpoena trump? and what are the fault lines if they do or don't? >> i don't believe they'll subpoena donald trump. i think that would just be too much of a circus. and if they can't get to the information that they need based on their subpoenas and their investigation, donald trump is not going to give it to him. what i do think is that what the findings of the commission may lead to is an investigation of
3:26 pm
donald trump where there could be indictments coming down the road. maybe there won't be. it will be an action against donald trump. i just don't see them wanting to turn the commission into a complete circus. >> that's a fine line to walk. susan, thank you. grace and jennifer, stick around. next, what senate majority leader chuck schumer plans to do this week to prevent states from suppressing an american right. and later the potential cost -- we'll be right back. new gold bond pure moisture champion your skin. this is the sound of an asthma attack... that doesn't happen. this is the sound of better breathing. fasenra is a different kind of asthma medication.
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now to texas where it appears, if you can't win it, you rig the game so that you can next time. state lawmakers approving a gerrymandered map of congressional districts to help republicans hold on to power in districts where they are losing. as mother jones senior report are ari berman points out, the new vote gives white texans
3:31 pm
nearly 60% of the district despite the fact that white texans only make up 40% of the population. hispanic residents 20% of the districts. look no further than harris county, home to houston, where voters of color have helped turn it more purple. 95% of the population boom in the last decade is attributed to people of color. but as one state representative puts it, you would not know by looking at the new map. >> the fact that we did get those two congressional seats and somehow they ended up being white majority seats. i don't know where they do their math, but clearly we need to work on education in the state of texas because we know, yes, we had two additional seats we were supposed to get, but they absolutely should have been going, at least one of them, to
3:32 pm
minorities. we know in the north texas region in the dfw area, we should have picked up probably a hispanic opportunity seat, but we didn't do that. >> let's be clear. it's not just texas. last year all 50 states certified a fair and free election, yet there are 30 new voting laws in place across the 50 states leading senate democrats to introduce the freedom to vote act in an attempt to stave off voter suppression efforts at the local level. senate majority leader chuck schumer pushing his chamber to vote on it by wednesday. sarah rigs am meek co-founder of our america dreams pact, also chairman of cooper investments. one of the pushbacks we're hearing from many progressives in washington is that the biden administration has not prioritized voting and the voting rights act and there reason there's so much concern is because state after state is
3:33 pm
trying to see a new redistricting that dispro norgs natalie impacts a new community that helped elect him, a multicultural america. what do you say to that? >> we're certainly seeing here in georgia a continued and new energy to restore the voting act. this is the state that gave 16 electoral votes and argably the white house to president joe biden and vice president kamala harris. we understand how important it is. our voting rights in the state continue to be under assault by the georgia gop as they have been for years. we're very fortunate in georgia to have tireless advocates, whether that's stacey abrams, of course, the new georgia project or many of the organizations on the ground. this fight is real. disenfranchisement particularly in communities of color and in the deep south like georgia, continue to thwart our efforts
3:34 pm
to have a vibrant, healthy and inclusive democracy. >> jennifer, one of the challenges we're facing, as folks are trying to figure out what to do with the freedom to vote act, we see lots of legislatures -- the naacp president said, quote, the lack of priority around voting rights will be the undoing of the legacy for this presidency. why might this be the case? >> well, i think there's grave concern that not only the suppression of voting that we see going out in the states and not only the gerrymandering, but the voter subversion that is being baked into the system where, for example, you already see in georgia the republicans are trying to oust fulton county election officials so they can run the election next time. with see these phony audits around the country, and i think there was grave concern that if
3:35 pm
we don't get it right now that the next election and certainly 2024 are really going to be a mess. i think people are correct that, at least for now the white house is entirely focused on their economic plan. the big question is when and if they get it, are they going to pivot then and demand something really substantial from joe manchin. i've made the suggestion that we should include some voter infrastructure since joe manchin is knocking out parts of the bill. why don't we put some stuff in there that he, frankly, is supposed to support, part of a compromise that he endorsed. but this is very, very serious stuff. i think people do not appreciate how few tools the justice department now has. they don't have section five which is the pre clearance provision for these sorts of changes. section two has been eviscerated.
3:36 pm
that would allow the federal government or individual to come forward and sue a state proving discrimination. the supreme court has made that more difficult. unless we get some new laws, um, we can be moan the fact that the justice department is going to be more aggressive oochs. they really need some new tools in their arsenal, otherwise they have no basis to go to court. >> jennifer, you're absolutely right. the current map that texas just passed would not have passed muster with pre clearance before the gutting of the voting rights act. they don't have the tools because it's been completely gutted. we know the freedom to vote act has been done in conjunction with manchin and manchin's office. grace, can i ask you, why bring up this vote right now, and will manchin use this opportunity to perhaps talk about the filibuster and suspending it? >> yeah. i mean manchin, his guiding star
3:37 pm
is he really wants everything to be bipartisan. he's made that very, very clear through out the process. the problem is right now we're at a point where there's very, very little that democrats and republicans agree on on a national level when it comes to voting policy. i've been reporting on this exact issue from the halls of the senate for the summer and fall. it doesn't seem anyone's position has changed on this. when it comes to the filibuster, manchin made it clear many, many times, not only does he not support eliminating the filibuster, but he specifically doesn't support lowering the threshold it would take to pass and have debate on this voting rights legislation. he specifically pointed to how under former majority leader harry reid, there were executive nominations that were lowered. i believe he said to cnn that was a carve-up, too. he and senator sinema have raised this concern that they're worried about lowering the filibuster threshold will bite
3:38 pm
democrats when they're back in the minority. it's hard to see how this gets resolved given these philosophical oppositions to performing the filibuster. >> i think which have to recognize that the filibuster has absolutely its roots in jim crow. and if we are to talk about an enfranchised america, we want to make sure we have access to the voting booth equally regardless of zip code, so every single american can play by the same rules. sarah, why is it so important to pass the freedom to vote act? >> exactly what you said. not only does this roll out a uniform standard to assure equitable access to the voting box for every american voter, but particularly those in marginalized and disenfranchised communities. it also sets the stan for what this democracy will be. we have seen extraordinary,
3:39 pm
historic efforts to undermine the faith in elections. it's never been more critical than now for us to have this kind of legislation. let's not forget, it's not jut about the federal level. we've got to keep pressure on our state legislatures to stop it with these undemocratic anti-right to vote laws like sb 202 that they're passing in states like georgia and georgia, giving elected officials, particularly in gerrymandered legislatures like that here in georgia, the right to overturn a fair election, the will of a majority of georgians. it's an absolutely unacceptable trend. we've got to take action now. we need to keep the pressure on the states. again, we do need that federal legislation to ensure a free and fair, level playing field. >> i'm there with you. the freedom to vote act makes sure everybody has access to the voting booth. if you believe in democracy and full enfranchisement, i say, ay.
3:40 pm
next, inside the vaccine mandate battle between the city of chicago and the city's police department. first, a preview of what's ahead later tonight on msnbc. coming up tonight actor and activist kumail nanjiani, he joins me to talk his his marvel block fwus center "eternals." we'll talk racism, immigration and diversity in hollywood. join us from 8:00 p.m. eastern. i don't just play someone brainy on tv - i'm an actual neuroscientist.
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[coughs] dayquil severe for you... and daily vicks super c for me. vicks super c is a daily supplement to help energize and replenish your body with vitamin c and b vitamins. dayquil severe is a max strength medicine for cold and flu relief. it's the daytime, coughing, aching, stuffy head, fever, power through your day, medicine. someone is feeling better. get your shoes. alright! try the new vicks convenience pack. the city of chicago, a dangerous standoff ensues between city leaders and police. at the epicenter, anger and defiance over vaccine mandates which have left some officers threatening to walk off the job, which means less protection on the streets of a city already battling violent crime. here is nbc's kathy pouk. one of the largest police
3:44 pm
departments in the country is caught in a bitter battle over vaccine mandates. chicago police union and the mayor squaring offer and not backing down. >> we believe the fop leadership is trying to foment an illegal work stoppage, a strike. >> i will not totally be silenced. >> city workers including roughly 13,000 police officers had until friday to report their vaccine status orrisinging being put on unpaid leave. earlier this week, the president of the local fraternal order of police urged members to ignore the mandate and warned half the force may stay home this weekend. a cook county judge granted a temporary restraining order against the union president, prohibiting him from making public comments encouraging officers to defy the city's vaccine policy. on saturday, catanzara uploaded a clip to facebook titled "hold the line." >> to the great officers, detectives and everybody else that is literally bombarding me
3:45 pm
with information, thank you. hold the line. keep fighting. >> reporter: the fight over vaccine madates stretches from coast to coast at a time when crime is speaking in major cities. seattle police activated backup plans ahead of monday's deadline to show proof of vaccination. >> our first concern is priority one, crime in progress calls and having the staffing levels available to respond. >> in leesburg, virginia, some officers say they're prepared to quit rather than follow the vaccine mandate. >> our town could lose a lot of amazing police officers who care about this community and place their lives on the line to protect the citizens of leesburg on a daily basis. >> the city of chicago, a dangerous standoff ensues between city leaders and city police. and that was with kathy park
3:46 pm
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3:50 pm
political divide remains. especially across red states like texas where an executive order is in place banning vaccine mandates statewide. governor greg abbott's order triggering this response from dr. anthony fauci on news. >> from a public health standpoint, that is really unfortunate because we know how effective vaccines are in preventing not only illness for the individual, but for diminishing the dynamics of the infection in society. the data are very, very clear. it doesn't matter what i think or not think of governor abbott. the fact is look at the data and look at the difference between people who get vaccinated versus people who are unvaccinated. >> in neighboring arkansas, governor asa hutchison okayed a bill allowing workers to opt out of mandates. here's the governor today explaining his decision on "meet the press." >> my heart goes out to these
3:51 pm
workers that many of them say we're not anti-vax, we're just anti-mandate, and they're making a principled stand and it sort of makes the point that the mandates are not being beneficial. so i push back here in arkansas we don't need to counter a federal mandate on our employers with a state mandate on employers. >> with me now former congresswoman donna sh-laila and served as secretary of human health during the clinton administration and now professor at the university of miami. thank you so much for joining me, secretary. i have a question for you. that interview with the governor was so contradictory because at the same time when we saw businesses mandate these vaccines in arkansas, we saw covid plummet. so what is this contradiction? he seems to want it both ways. what do you have to say when clearly the science and evidence shows that when you get vaccinated, you basically are able to save yourself and
3:52 pm
possibly someone else's life? >> well, it's someone else's life that he ought to be concerned about. it's very sad to see that particular governor, who i've worked with over the years, come to that conclusion. there are so many people in this country who don't want people to tell them what their behavior should be, and that's essentially what he's saying, that we don't want anyone to tell us what to do. the problem is that people are dyeing, that people are getting sick and there are people we can't protect, and that's why we need mandates. the children in this country are not protected as long as the police in chicago or the governor of arkansas says, we're not going to mandate, we're not going to accept mandates. they're putting the children at risk. and that's the thing i think no american should tolerate.
3:53 pm
these young people, these babies who cannot get vaccinated are at risk if the adults in our society stop acting like adults and don't take responsibility for not carrying this disease. >> i think what you're sharing is what i think a lot of americans are feeling right now, that there's a lack of leadership wanting to tell people right from wrong and helping navigate these difficult waters. you mentioned the children, close to 500 children have died of covid and while the numbers may seem slim, if it is your child impacted or that of a loved one, it changes your world. can you speak right now of what we're seeing in florida specifically with the friction of people mandating masks in classes and at the same time parents saying they don't want to? >> well, and the problem is we have a governor that opposes school boards' ability to demand that every child wear a mask, and, therefore, we have unnecessary sickness,
3:54 pm
unnecessary death as a result of the governor's position. and there's some parents that think they have the right to make the decision about their own children. they may have that right, but they don't have right to infect other children and that's what they're doing when they're not going along with these mask mandates. mask mandates work, and they particularly have been working in our schools. >> one of the things that we're seeing is it seems that the vaccines for children 5 to 11 is just around the corner. we heard the president say that possibly as early as halloween. one of the things we know, secretary, is that if children get vaccinated, they can also help prevent the spread of covid. can you speak to that? >> yes, i know so many families in which their schools had to close down because children got infected and we will be able to stop that with a combination of masks and vaccinations. i don't know exactly when we'll
3:55 pm
approve enough vaccine to vaccinate our children, but, boy, i hope parents take that seriously because these children have already gotten vaccines against polio, against diptheria, against measles. we immunize children in this country. i ran the big immunization campaign in the clinton administration to get every child their vaccine, so this ought to be no big deal, and we need to protect our children. this is what's driving me crazy about public servants. we have one responsibility, and that is to protect the future. the future is our children, and we must see mask mandates and vaccinations as protecting our future as a country and in particular protecting every child. >> i think that no one can say it better than it is our responsibility, and the only way we do that is to ensure that
3:56 pm
they get vaccinated, that even if a parent is hesitant, they should look at the facts and science. former congresswoman donna sh-laila, thank you for joining us this evening. at the top of the hour the former president will be exposed this week in a case dating back to, get this, 2015 involving claims of assault by his security guards. was it our first sign of trumpism? later, how snap khat is changing the political game for the youngest among us. we'll be right back. s. we'll be right back. at fidelity, your dedicated advisor will help you create a comprehensive wealth plan for your full financial picture. with the right balance of risk and reward. so you can enjoy more of...this. this is the planning effect. ♪ well the sun is shining and the grass is green ♪
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thanks for joining us. i'm in tonight for alicia menendez. this hour trump heads to court set to give a deposition this week in legal cases dating back to his prepresidency days. the case he's fighting may reveal the first signs of trumpism. also tonight, big old mess in texas. the gop is changing the rules to stay in power. how long will voters allow them toe do that? new details ahead about the plan to keep immigrants in policy. and we will hear from two organizers who are fighting for rights on snapchat, one senate snap at a time. let's begin withholding donald trump to task for hi


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