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tv   Kendis Gibson and Lindsey Reiser Report  MSNBC  October 17, 2021 4:00am-5:01am PDT

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>> maybe because it was 80 degrees, because the overnight low was like 60. >> that's exactly. >> but he was funny, because he's known as a serious actor and took some fun at himself. we'll begin a new hour of msnbc right now. breaking this morning on msnbc, a group of 17 american missionaries including children have reportedly been kidnapped by gang members in haiti now the state department is under pressure to get them home safely. >> after several days in the use with an infection, former president bill clinton is expected to be released today. his spokesperson says he's in good spirits after a special hospital visit. it's the crowned jewel of president biden's plan to combat climate change. now his clean energy program is facing the chopping block. and once again, senator joe manchin is at the senator of all the drama.
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democrats left tying to piece together next steps. >> this is one of the problems that we have now, not just with senator manchin, but senator sinema. we need every democratic vote. we're not going to get one republican vote. our individual citizens will suffer a generation or two down the road and the economy will, as well. so, it's a shame that we would have to strike the policy initiative out of this package, but we have to get 50 votes. a massive strike that could have shut down much of hollywood's tv and film production avoided of crew workers reach a tentative deal with studio execs and their new contracts include some major perks. but will all union members actually still go for the deal. we'll ask that question in a live report, as we do say good morning, everybody. it is sunday, october 17th. i'm kendis gibson. where did this month and year go by? >> it's not over yet. >> feels like it. >> i know. i'm lindsey reiser. so good to be with you on this sunday. and we have a team of reporters
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and analysts right now following the very latest for you right now. but we are going to start with that breaking news in haiti, where reportedly up to 17 american missionaries and their families have been kidnapped by a gang. that's according to "the new york times" who spoke with haitian security officials. >> nbc news has not independently confirmed these details, but we have reached out to the state department and to other u.s.-based charity christian ministries in the overnight hours. we're waiting for a response from all of those. but nbc news foreign correspondent sanchez has the latest for us. >> reporter: u.s. officials are scrambling to find out what happened to these american missionaries and their families in haiti, but that is not an easy task in one of the most chaotic and violent countries in the western hemisphere. here's what we do know. the associated press is reporting a group of 17 people were kidnapped by an armed gang, coming back from an orphanage on saturday. but there is a lot we don't
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know. who did this kidnapping? what condition are the missionaries in? where are they being held? and will there be a formal demand for ransom. this coming happened in port-au-prince, the capital city of haiti. and this is a city that is largely run by armed gang who can outfight and outgun the beleaguered haitian security forces. kidnapping is an absolutely booming industry in port-au-prince. the u.n. says the number of kidnappings have surged in 2021 compared to 2020. men, women, children, all being taken at gunpoint. sometimes for as little as $100. now, most of the victims are haitian, but foreigners can make a tempting target, because they may fetch larger ransoms. all of this happening against a backdrop of political, economic, humanitarian chaos in haiti. you'll remember, back in july,
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the haitian president, jovenel moise was assassinated by gunmen in his home. 2 americans, 15 colombians held in that plot. the economy in haiti is cratering. there is very little electricity. and that is why we have been seeing thousands and thousands of haitian refugees and migrants showing up at the texas border over the last couple of months. now, the biden administration has said it is committed to trying to stabilize haiti, trying to make it a place where people can stay and live in safety, but the focus right now for the u.s. is trying to find these people of faith, these u.s. missionaries, and bringing them home safely. guys? >> all right. our thanks to raf sanchez for getting us started right there. we want to get some more on all of this breaking news story right now. gary pier is joining us along
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with joe ruben who served in the state department under president obama. gary, i want to start with you on all of this. it was quite striking, i should point out, just two days ago, you wrote a fascinating op-ed on the home page of the haitian times. you wrote about gangs running rampant in the country of haiti. you mentioned this, and this is line that stood out for me. you said, there has been a rash of kidnappings that continues unabated, churches, homes, sidewalks. nothing is off-limits. so does this come surprising at all to you? >> well, thanks for having me, kendis. in some ways, no. because the situation has been pretty dire. but what is surprising is that up until now, americans were really off-limits. because gangs were afraid of the ire of the american government and what could happen. and so this is somewhat surprising, and it also tells me that this is taking it to
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another level. whereas, you know, american citizens are not given free passes anymore, as they've had, from my understanding, if i'm not mistaken, this is the largest group of americans in haiti that have been kidnapped. perhaps in the past you've had some haitian americans, but american, white americans, that's not usual, usually the case. that's something that gang members have stayed away from. and so they have escalated this to another level, perhaps provoking the u.s. government. >> joel, what's happening behind the scenes right now? people in the state department, are they scrambling to find out who's behind this and how to get these people home safely? >> yeah, lindsey. to gary's point, this is definitely at a new level and the state department, individuals, from the ambassador and her team in haiti to here in washington, trying to piece
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together, who are the people in ohio, from ohio, that is -- and who are they connected to and making sure that the families in the united states understand what's happening on the ground, while at the same time, developing an action plan with the homeland security department may be involved, trying to get as much information up the chain to the president. it's this dual track of handling the actual human beings and humanitarian part of this and the action plan and how the united states can respond. >> and gary, you know this country very well. and you know the capital as well, port-au-prince, extremely well, i should point out. how dangerous is it right now? how dangerous is it right now and should americans or any foreigners be operating in a country like this? >> to answer your question, it's very dangerous. no one is safe port-au-prince is
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basically cut off from the rest of the country. there are two main arteries out of port-au-prince from the south and then to the north. and the gangs control all of the arteries, so no one can get in and out without fearing for your life. i haven't been to port-au-prince since january, and normally i go once a month to check out things, do reporting, and do some business work, but it's been very dangerous and frankly, that's one of the reasons why you're seeing the surge of migrants coming up, trying to get out of haiti. not only getting to the border, but the seas have been very busy with the coast guard intercepting migrants trying to get out of port-au-prince, out of haiti, period. since july, as your report said earlier, the country has been reeling from political to national crisis to natural disasters, and on and on, and security. there's very few people who are able to live in haiti right now. a lot of my friends are in the
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united states, just waiting this out. because it has become extremely dangerous. >> and joe, i know you come from a diplomatic standpoint, but obviously, we've been down this road so many times with this particular country. no in this sort of kidnapping situation, but decades of plight with this country. is there still a diplomatic solution to, or is it more of a military solution to the situation there? and i've got to be quick here? >> diplomatic solution has to be the primary. american military engagement is a very, very last resort. but our aid programs have been stalled. they've been back and forth. we need to make sure that we are engaging as much as haiti as we can. but it's really in the political crisis right now. after that assassination, the lack of clarity about who did it and what goes forward makes it very hard for our diplomats to navigate as well. i hate to say, this is as complicated as it get, but this is the poorest country in the
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hemisphere and this is about as complicated as it gets from a diplomatic perspective. >> thank you both so much for joining us on such a sad story. appreciate it. former president bill clinton is waking up for the a fourth day in a hospital but he may get to go home today after spending five nights in intensive care for a urological infection. >> a spokesman says that he is making good progress and in good spirits but had to stay one more night to get iv antibiotics. he was first admitted on tuesday when he felt extreme fatigue. >> former first lady hillary clinton and chelsea stopped by on sunday. the subpoena battle kicks up a notch this week, but will the january 6th committee decide to unleash that legal arsenal of theirs on steve bannon? plus, it's the heart of president biden's plan to combat climate change. now it could be on the chopping block, leaving lawmakers
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a major scramble in washington, d.c. after senator joe manchin rejected the cornerstone of president biden's climate change plans in his build back better spending package. >> the white house reportedly trying to come up with alternatives to replace the clean energy program which president biden was hoping to get passed as part of his reconciliation plan. >> nbc's mike memoli is at the white house for us this morning. mike, good morning. >> good morning. >> the white house says this back and forth is democracy at work, it's how stuff gets done. but are you hearing frustration behind the scenes? >> i think that's fair to say, lindsey. this has been an incredibly difficult process for the white house, when you have any one single senator or any pair, at
4:16 am
least, of members of the house can really torpedo everything by drawing a red line as we're seeing senator manchin doing as it relates to the clean climate provisions. i think the presumption is that both senator manchin and sinema are both moderates, they really want the same thing. well, senator manchin has made clear some of these climate provisions have gone too far, but senator sinema has said that she wants to see these climate provisions. that's the part that she wants in the package. the real difficult question as we head into this week is, is this the ability to have the white house to find some package of climate provisions to still be included in this. is that going to be enough to keep senator sinema's vote as well as all the other progressives who have said, that's a clear priority. and the frustration is evident as you listen to members of congress, like we heard from debbie wasserman schultz last night. let's take a listen to that. >> of course, it's disappointing that we have one senator who refuses to support more robust
4:17 am
climate resiliency and climate change policy. but we're going to pass, let me just clear, the bipartisan infrastructure and jobs act and the build back better act. and we're going to do that over the next couple of months. >> you hear wasserman schultz saying within the next couple of months, but democrats have also said that they think that the end of october is a hard deadline. consider this, president biden, two weeks from tomorrow will be arriving in scotland for a major international climate summit. he has said that he wants to be able to go there, saying, this is what the united states has already committed to doing, not what we're still proposing or what might pass, he wants concrete commitments. >> it's kind of funny, just this past week, a couple of days ago the queen was talking about that summit that's coming up in scotland. and she doesn't know who's coming, but she knows the people who are coming, they talk a lot, but just don't do anything. quite striking to hear the queen criticizing there on climate control. mike, thank you so much. also on capitol hill, the clock is ticking down to a vote
4:18 am
to hold steve bannon in criminal contempt for defying a subpoena from the select committee that's tasked with looking into the january 6th insurrection. >> that vote scheduled for tuesday night kicks off a process that could lead to prosecution. >> nbc's julie sirken is on capitol hill for us this morning. the committee is moving quickly against steve bannon. what are the expectations come tuesday. >> reporter: good morning. the committee is moving quite fast here. on tuesday night, they'll hold a vote whether to hold steve bannon in contempt of congress. if that passes, which they believe it will, it will go on to the full house for a vote, and if that passes, speaker pelosi will then refer it to biden's department of justice, where bannon could drag this out if they decide to prosecute him, but let's take a step back and look at why the committee is so focused on bannon and why they want to hold him in contempt of congress. there's two reasons. first, they want to make example
4:19 am
out of bannon. to basically say, if you do what he's doing, there'll be consequences in the end. but maybe the larger reason for this, i'm told, by members of the committee and sources and aides i've been speaking to over the past 24 hours is the fact of who bannon is. who he was on january 6th. he was one of the rally organizers of that stop the steal rally that led to violence in this capital i'm standing in. he's also been doing a lot of stuff in the months since that's questionable to the committee, like having congressional candidates, potential candidates on his podcast show, who are railing against election, calling in stolen election, making false election claims. he himself called it a litmus test as to whether a potential right-wing candidate considers the 2020 election stolen or not. the committee has had it with him and they want to hear from him. but some house democrats are worried that bannon could drag this out. here's congressman ted lieu on msnbc yesterday. take a listen. >> my fear is he's going to run
4:20 am
out the clock. even if the department of justice engages and prosecutes him, he's just going to litigate this and appeal it to the appellate court and appeal it to the supreme court. >> reporter: congressman ted lieu was on the house judiciary committee, he's familiar with trying to get former trump allies to testify so unfortunately, if the doj decides to prosecute this against bannon, bannon could drag it out for months, if not years. >> all right, julie, thank you for setting us up here. let's bring in steve cohen of tennessee, never one to mince words. he sits on the house judiciary committee. congressman, good morning you and thank you for being with us. and we have a lot that we want to get to you, but first, we want to ask your reaction to that developing situation out of haiti. have lawmakers been briefed? do you know what's going on right now to get those people back safely? >> well, we're all in our home districts and homes and i don't
4:21 am
think many people have been briefed, maybe some people on intel committees or foreign affairs, but haiti is the most outrageously poor run and violent and lawless spot in the western hemisphere and possibly in the globe. i've been to goma in the congo and it reminds me of goma. it's a terrible situation and we have to be careful not to get troops there, or we'll see another situation maybe like mogadishu, where we'll lose american troops trying to rescue americans. of course, we were trying to help somalis there, but we put our troops in great jeopardy. the united nations needs to get involved and see what they can do. >> goma, referring to the situation in the drc several years. congressman, senator manchin once again throwing a wrench into the president's agenda. how big of a loss is this in the climate change provision? west virginia represents -- the population of west virginia is 1.79 million people and you have
4:22 am
one senator that is basically controlling climate change for the entire country. >> that's what's happened and it's very difficult when you have a 50-vote margin. senator manchin is personally involved in the coal and gas industry in west virginia, and he has that power. the only person who can deal with him in any effective manner will be president biden, because west virginia needs the help of the united states government and the president and senator manchin needs some good relationship with president biden. so president biden is going to have sit down with he and senator sinema, who i believe he has been dealing with, i'm not sure what he can do with her. maybe something to do with -- i don't want to get into it. she's an unknown factor. but this is for president biden to deal with, not for speaker pelosi, not for senator schumer, and certainly not for any other
4:23 am
group of house members. >> congressman, how disappointed are you that this could go by the wayside here? and also, to kendis' question in a previous segment here, how can president joe biden go before this u.n. climate summit and hold his head up high and encourage other countries to do something when we're not able to get it done? >> it will be quite difficult and that's one of the things why the house wanted to get it passed by the end of this month. you know, we've got to show that we're doing things in our country to go and ask other countries to be doing things about climate change. climate change is a threat to the planet. and so it's one of the first things we all need to be concentrating on and acting on. and the state of west virginia should not hold back the world. this is a spot to where west virginia is truly holding back the world, because as the united states goes, so goes the climate change agreements. we had accords in paris, of course, trump got us out of it. but we need to be strong on
4:24 am
climate change and it's effect ive we've seen the wildfires in california, drought around the globe and horrific conditions and they will continue to get worse. and we need to pass the earth on to the next generation in better shape than we received it. and we have to do a very good job of that. >> west virginia, holding back the world. >> congressman, you've sat on the house judiciary committee which dealt with subpoenas involving trump investigations. you famously ate kfc on the committee bench there while bill barr decided not to show up. what's your take on the january 6th committee subpoena back? >> i support chairman thompson and the committee going after steve bannon. and the house needs to reinforce that with a vote, which we will. but it's going take a long time and bannon will hold out and do what he can to avoid having to testify. and he can do that. steve bannon should be in jail
4:25 am
right now. he's a criminal. he was pardoned by president trump and the pardon power was abused by president trump in many instances and one of them was taking steve bannon, who stole money from trump supporters and gave money, thinking that they were giving it to trump, who i think bannon took 25 or 30% of it for himself, and was out on some yacht with the chinese gentlemen he was arrested. and the case was a very clear-cut case and trump pardoned him. trump pardoned quite a few criminals, there's mike flynn in a picture. he pardoned him, too. he's a criminal. we went through stuff with trump that politically is like the analysis to the chaos in haiti. telling people that the election was stolen or wasn't stolen, trump tried to make people think that democracy doesn't work, because the election process doesn't work. trump lost the election. we had a coup launched on our
4:26 am
government, something you see in a banana republic. >> we hear you. >> and yet, he's still -- bannon's not in jail where he should be. >> congressman steve cohen, thank you for being here. sorry about that tennessee loss yesterday. >> well, certainly, it was bad -- even worse, i think, was the demonstration of the fans. they were acting more like they were in port-au-prince. >> yikes. >> yeah. >> not a pretty scene at all. thank you, congressman. updates on that apparent ambush outside a houston nightclub that killed a deputy and injured two others. who they are and what we know about the suspect, next. are an about the suspt,ec next. ♪ ♪ ♪ hey google. ♪ ♪ ♪
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this video absolutely wild that we're going to show you. we should tell you the situation. four people are recovering from injuries this morning after a collision between an amtrak train and a semi-truck stopped
4:30 am
on the tracks. >> the train had more than 100 passengers on it and it crashed into a semi-truck you see there and that semi-truck was loaded with empty cars. according to the local sheriff here, the truck tried to cross the tracks, but because of its weight, it got stuck, so somebody who was watching this unfold called 911. unfortunately, the sheriffs were not able to stop that train in time. thankfully, the truck driver and his dog were able to escape before that crash, but again, four people on that train are recovering. we are learning some tragic new details right now about the deputy killed in an apparent ambush attack in houston. that deputy just returned from paternity leave and now his widow and their 2-month-old are mourning. >> two more deputies were also injured in the attack. nbc's raf sanchez with the details. >> reporter: a manhunt sweeping
4:31 am
across houston. the target, an unknown gunmen said to have ambushed police, killing one deputy, wounding two others. >> maybe three officers down at location. >> you've got two officers shot in the leg and one in the back. they need the freeway shut down. >> reporter: the freeway happening here, a north houston sports bar, around 2:00 a.m. the deputies, constables from harris county, were working a security shift. they were called outside to a disturbance when they were attacked. >> we believe they were ambushed, shot from behind with a suspect with a rifle. >> reporter: the slain deputy, 30-year-old kareem atkins, father of a newborn baby. his comrades lining the streets to say good-bye and determined to catch his killer. >> what happened tonight was evil. and now the good is going to sweep in and i hope for swift justice. >> reporter: the shooter still at large said to be a hispanic male in his early 20s. >> your loss is also america's
4:32 am
loss. america's loss. and your pain is america's pain. >> reporter: by grim coincidence, president biden speaking at the capitol in honor of fallen police. >> in houston the deputy killed -- one deputy killed and two wounded. >> reporter: still in the hospital, deputies darrell garrett and jawaim bartham. a city praying for their recovery and a killer still on the loose. >> thanks to raf sanchez there. a big week ahead for booster shots. the fda and cdc could decide on emergency use authorization for johnson & johnson's second shot within the coming days. we're going to break down the timeline with our doctor, next. timeline with our doctor, next at t-mobile for business, unconventional thinking means we see things differently, so you can focus on what matters most. whether it's ensuring food arrives as fresh as when it departs... being first on the scene when every second counts... or teaching biology without a lab. we are the leader in 5g and a partner who delivers exceptional customer support and 5g included in every plan.
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all right we want to show you some other headlines we are following this morning. police in mobile, alabama, made an arrest tied to that shooting at a high school football game. we showed you the video yesterday. 19-year-old jie scott has been charged with five counts of attempted murder. the shooting left five people hurt. this is the video that we showed you. you can see it sent people running towards exits. some people dropped to the ground. this was just as the game was coming to an end and police say there may be several other people involved. this was quite the landing at dca in northern virginia, just after landing a plane at reagan national airport in d.c., the tires blew out. the pilots had to use the
4:37 am
emergency brakes to stop the plane. two runways had to close as a result of all of this. they're back open again this morning. none of the 71 passengers on that american eagle flight or crew members on the flight were injured. this is a story after kendis' heart. russia's soyuz space capsule made its return to earth. this wasn't just any ordinary spice flight, it was a star-studded spacecraft, carrying a russian astronaut, actor, and director and landed in kazakhstan today before leaving the iss. before they made their dissent, they spent their 12-day mission filming for an upcoming movie. the story is called about "challenge ", about a surgeon rushing to space to save crew members in orbit. >> the only thing that's great, but after they landed, do you know what the director said? i forgot to hit record. >> ha-ha ha-ha! >> got to go back.
4:38 am
the fda will soon be making its decision on the emergency use of the johnson & johnson and moderna booster shots. this, of course, after an advisory panel unanimously voted to approve. the cdc will meet and discuss the specifics, who should get these shots. with me now, we're happy to have dr. peter hotez, a co-director of the center for vaccine development at texas children's hospital. good morning, doctor. good to see you. >> good morning. >> so i think a lot of this is going to be caught and lost in the weeds for a lot of people. but exactly what does this mean right now, as far as what did the advisory panel approve? >> so, actually, the -- there's actually a difference between the two. so for the moderna vaccine, actually, the decline in effectiveness is not as dramatic right now as it is for the pfizer vaccine. but they decided to move forward on the assumption that that will likely be the case, so that i
4:39 am
would expect the fda would move forward on this and then bring it to the centers for disease control, the advisory committee and immunization practices and the cdc director will sign off on it. so i would imagine within a week, m maybe two weeks. with the j&j vaccine, it's a little bit different. it's not so much that immunity is waning or declining, it's that the level of effectiveness is not as high as the two mrna vaccines. it's in the 60 to 70% range, instead of when it was originally released. the 90% range for the mrna vaccines. but it's holding up. it's not really going down. it's just that it probably should have been released as a two-dose vaccine if the very beginning. and so this is really an auto correction in many ways, even though technically they're calling ate booster. >> let me have you pick up on that. was it a mistake not to have johnson and johnson as a two-shot vaccine? >> you know, we've been talking since january, kendis, and from my read, it was always two-dose
4:40 am
vaccine based on the improvement in virus-neutralizing antibodies that we've seen. i think there was a good intention to release it as a single-dose vaccine because of ease and the fact that this this would also be used be used for global health purposes. and it's very difficult to bring back populations and resource settings sometimes for two doses. that's why the decision was made, but it was clearly better as a two-dose vaccine. >> and i don't mean to harp on this, but do you think it negatively impacted those who -- some people only got the single-dose johnson & johnson vaccine? >> well, you know, i think to put it in perspective, it was still a good vaccine. let's say, for example, there was never mrna vaccines available, if you told us we had a vaccine with 60 to 70% protective efficacy at the very beginning, we would have all
4:41 am
been celebrating and very excited about that. so it's important to keep that in perspective. it was a good vaccine to begin with. it's a much better vaccine now with two doses. >> so i'm curious about this in the meantime. you say there's a different type of vaccine that's out there for kids in india using the same technology as hepatitis "b" vaccines that parents have already given to their kids. what more do you know about this? >> so our group at texas children's hospital or texas children's center for vaccine development has developed a recombinant covid-19 vaccination, the same one used through yeast fermentation to make the hepatitis "b" vaccination, and hopefully will be released for use in india in the coming weeks, but is also being tested as a pediatric vaccine as well. and one of the great things about it, it's easy to scale up,
4:42 am
it's simple refrigeration, and a technology that's been used this kids for decades. a similar type of technology. so i think the -- it's now being tested in pediatric trials by our collaborators, biological "e" in india, where the vaccine is known as corbi skprax this will be great for kids, and parents have already been given that type of vaccine to their infants and kids for four decades so i think it will be widely accepted. >> dr. peter hotez, appreciate your time and your insight into all of this. >> thank you. >> thank you. trump is tangling himself in the 2022 midterms. how his endorsements are helping to give his big lie a stage. but there's one place trump is staying away from. virginia. i'll explain why. from virginia i'll explain why ♪ (vo) subaru presents... the underdogs. they may have lost an eye, or their hearing, or their youthful good looks. but there's a lot of things
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4:46 am
how much or former president trump's inaccurate voter fraud claims influencing americans as
4:47 am
they think about who to cast their ballots for? we may soon find out. support for the big lie is the biggest predictor of which candidates trump will endorse in state and federal elections. the topic has made races for local secretary of state much more high-profile than usual. let's bring in our political panel on this, republican strategist, rick tyler and democratic strategist, jesse moore. good morning to both of you, gentlemen. rick, we'll start with you. what was the calculus like for republicans running for office, deciding whether to go with these lies or trying to seek trump's endorsement, which essentially go hand in hand. >> unfortunately, republicans believe that they're tied to donald trump in way that really sort of defies logic. it shows you a lack of leadership. but it's not true in every case. it will be true in gerrymandered districts where a trump republican can win a gerrymandered district.
4:48 am
but it's not going to be true in statewide races, which is what's going on here in virginia, where glenn youngkin has kept his difference from trump. in primaries, aof course, he welcomed trump endorsement. but since then, he's been appealing to the center. and so both candidates are actually distancing themselves from their respected party meters. terry mcauliffe from joe biden, which he proactively announced that. and youngkin republican from donald trump, because the message is going directly to -- essentially to to districts, northern districts where i am. and richmond. terry mcauliffe's problem is, he's essentially in the same position, because biden has been losing supporters. he's down 21% nationally, with democrats. he's lost 18% support -- >> but rick, isn't jill biden going -- isn't she going to stump for him?
4:49 am
>> jill biden is, absolutely. and that will do -- play well in those districts that i mentioned. because that's where the key vote is. however, he's having a real problem, because joe biden just underwater on issue after issue. he's underwater on every issue except for covid, where he's barely above water by one percentage point. people elected joe biden for two reasons. one is to get rid of donald trump. he did that. second is to solve the covid problem, which initially seemed to be going well, but is not going well and hasn't been since. and the third is tied to the economy, which is you will not solve the economic problem until you solve the covid problem. and that's what people are looking at. >> jesse, would you say that the president has been botching the covid response? >> i wouldn't. i think it's an unbelievably complex problem that we knew was going to be difficult from the jump. democrats didn't paint a picture
4:50 am
of a world where we would sweep into office and be able to handle this in a way where it would just go away. but i think the president's team and the president himself are laser focused on the issue and we're actually actually startin great progress and lower numbers across the board. >> jessie, i want to go back to the big lie topic here. democrats have been pretty aggressive in calling out their republican opponents pushing out the big lie. polls show at least half of republican voters still believe donald trump won the 2020 election. so who do democrats need to be reaching out to? is it independents they need to try to communicate with? >> well, honestly if i was a soulless political app i would say this is fantastic for democrats. that the big lie and january 6th are top of mind for everyone that the big lie is leading the news. but that's not us. i don't think anyone on this
4:51 am
show this morning. so i don't like to think of these short-term political gifts as a good thing. i'm starting to worry more, honestly, about who in their right mind would want to run for office in this climate, especially republicans. it's a climate you have to be a mile and a half away from public service to be able to survive. we have heard of brain dreams. this is an integrity dream that is happening at an unbelievable pace. and it just makes me worry about where we're headed long-term. >> rick tyler talked about with that virginia race. we'll all be watching closely here. thank you both so much. >> thank you. >> thank you. to hollywood ending that we all hoped for. our favorite movies and tv shows will be back in production come tomorrow. how hollywood's biggest studios and unit leaders were able to avoid a crippling strike for now. ♪♪
4:52 am
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it's another day. with humira, and anything could happen. it could be the day you welcome 1,200 guests and all their devices. or it could be the day there's a cyberthreat. only comcast business' secure network solutions give you the power of sd-wan and advanced security integrated on our activecore platform so you can control your network from anywhere, anytime. it's network management redefined. every day in business is a big day. we'll keep you ready for what's next. comcast business powering possibilities. lights, camera, back to action. the union representing behind the scenes workers in hollywood came to a tentative deal with major production companies. >> it would have been the industry's biggest walkout since world war ii and the deal has drawn support from big names like ryan reynold and kerry washington, of course. nbc's emily is joining us from
4:56 am
los angeles. good morning, speaking of big names as it would be. this came down to the 11th hour, some would say. what does this deal consist of? >> good morning, guys. strike averted. a hollywood ending. a deal was struck late yesterday between producers and the union representing thousands of behind the scenes film and tv workers. if is that strike came to fruuation it would have been lights out for most tv and film production nationwide. we're talking about camera operators, hair and makeup stul stylists, the workhorses. they went toe to toe with the richest and powerful companies in the world and now reached an agreement with television producers that meets their needs. i should point out this preliminary deal covers the majority of the workers but not all. negotiations still continue for local unions and major production hubs such as new york
4:57 am
and georgia. >> emily, talk to us about the specifics here of this deal. better pay. better benefits. what are we talking about? >> okay. so from a broad look at this deal, the tentative agreement includes wage increases for people on the bottom of the pay scale along with those involved in streaming. plus, it addresses meal breaks and longer rest periods between work days and on the weekend. they'll be given a fuller breakdown early this week and vote on whether to ratify the agreement which will be interesting. right now on social media there's mixed reaction. some members saying the deal doesn't go far enough. guys? >> yeah. but there are many actors who had been supporting the possibility of a strike who are saying, yes. thank god, iatse. >> this not only affects, emily, specifically behind the scene workers, potentially employees at other unions prepared to go on strike in solidarity.
4:58 am
there are many more employees who work with people represented by these unions and their work would have been halted as well. they can't get anything done without their counterparts, right? >> yeah. i think so. i think this speaks to the broader movement and energy from labor workers just well beyond the confines of hollywood. just about what they're willing to tolerate. >> certainly. >> pre-pandemic now after that reflection period. >> thank you. >> flr manager joe looking at that deal, ten hours off, doesn't have to deal with this diva. he's like -- >> where is my fan. >> he's got a charger. many demands. >> we are happy that it came to -- hopefully will be inked. >> yeah. approved by everybody. >> thank you guys for watching "msnbc reports". >> we'll be back next weekend at 6:00 a.m. eastern only if there's some yellow m & ms in
4:59 am
the green room. velshi starts now. today on "velshi" what progressives are now poised to give up in order to get joe manchin to support some version of the biden agenda. plus, the big lie is on the ballot in 2022. how the insurrectionists ex-president's campaign to undermine democracy is creeping into the midterms. overnight, 17 americans including some children have reportedly been kidnapped in haiti. black children in a county in tennessee were jailed for a crime that doesn't exist. and he's about to retire from his post as the longest-serving director of the national institutes of health, he led the effort to map the human genome and fought tirelessly against covid even under an administration that was actively pretending it would go away on its own. francis collins is here to talk
5:00 am
all about that and more. "velshi" starts now. ♪♪ well, good morning. it is sunday, october 17th. i'm ally velshi. will it stay or will it go? that's the question ringing throughout capitol hill this week as democrats negotiate which programs will remain in president biden's ambitious social spending plan and which ones will be sacrificed. it appears that a key climate measure that would help reduce greenhouse gas pollution is on the chopping block. and west virginia senator and so-called moderate democrat joe manchin is the one who put it there. it's a roughly $150 billion policy, known as the clean electricity performance program, which would reward energy companies that transition away from fossil fuels like coal and natural gas to clean energy like solar and wind. it would also fine companies that refuse to make that transition. the program could help cut


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