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tv   Kendis Gibson and Lindsey Reiser Report  MSNBC  October 17, 2021 3:00am-4:00am PDT

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of "dateline. " i'm natalie morales. thank you for watching. >> first up on msnbc, breaking news out of haiti, as 17 american missionaries including children reportedly kidnapped by gang members. what we know about what happened. >> senator joe manchin throwing a wrench into the negotiations of president biden's agenda. now democrats scrambling to find ways to address climate change, that the west virginia senator will actually vote for. >>.
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>> the countdown is on for chicago police to get vaccinated as the mayor refuses to back down from her mandate. >> keeping people safe. the safest way we can do that when it comes to the virus is through the vaccine. >> now nearly 3 million people are left wondering whether enough officers will stay on the job to keep them safe. >> and transportation secretary pete buttigieg standing up for himself and fellow dads taking paternity leave. as he faces conservative backlash for taking time off amid the shipping crisis. >> good morning everybody. it is sunday, october 17th. i'm lindsey reiser. and i'm kendis gibson. a beautiful view from our headquarters at 30 rockefeller plaza, looking downtown into new york city. we do have a wonderful team of correspondents and reporters who are joining us this morning from chicago and beyond, to the white house as well. but we are going to start with breaking news of course, and
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that is coming from haiti where we're getting those reports of up to 17 american missionaries and their families have then kidnapped by a gang. that's according to the new york times. we spoke with haitian security officials. nbc news has not independently confirmed the details about all of this, but we have reached out to the state department and the u.s. based charity, christian aid ministries and haven't heard back as yet. >> for the latest on this, we're going to bring in nbc news foreign correspondent raf sanchez. raf, what more do we know at this point? raf, what more>> lindsey, kendid morning. u.s. officials are scrambling to find out what happened to these missionaries and their families in haiti, that is not an easy task in a country that is among the most violent and chaotic in the western hemisphere. here's what we do know. the associated press is reporting 17 american missionaries and their families, including children, were kidnapped yesterday by an armed
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gang coming back from an orphanage in haiti. but there's a lot that we don't know. who exactly is this going? what condition are these missionaries in? where are they being held? and is there going to be a formal demand for ransom to get them back? now, this kidnapped thing happened in port-au-prince, that is the capital of haiti. and this is a city that is now largely run by these armed gangs, who can out fight and outgun he tees beleaguered police force. and kidnapping is a booming industry and haiti right now. according to the un, the numbers of kidnappings have absolutely surged in 2021, compared to 2020. and they were pretty high back then, also. all of this, men, women and children, being kidnapped at gunpoint. sometimes for as little as $100, but foreigners can make a very
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tempting target, because they can fetch a higher ransom. this is all coming against a backdrop of general political, economic, humanitarian chaos in 18. you remember, back in july, a country's president, jovenel moyes was assassinated by gunmen in his own home. two americans, 15 colombians, have been held in that murder plot. the economy is cratering. there's very little electricity. and that is why we have been seeing thousands and thousands of haitian refugees and migrants showing up at the texas border over the last couple of months. now, the biden administration has said it is committed to trying to stabilize haiti, make it a place that is safe for people to stay in. but the focus right now is finding where these people of faith, these american missionaries are. and bringing them home safely. guys? >> raf raf, we knew when that
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magnitude seven earthquake hit in august that many aid organizations were flagging this alarm saying it is hard for us to get help these people because those gags control so many of the streets there in port-au-prince and in haiti. raf sanchez, thanks forgiveness started. we want to bring in joel rubin for more on this. he served served in the state department under president obama. joel, thanks for being with us this morning. let's talk about how serious this is. we're talking about 17 people and their families. even american officials, according to the new york times, who are used to the lawlessness in haiti, are talking about how unusually breeze in this is. this is. >> yes, lindsey, thanks for having me this morning. this brazen, is accurate. and especially frightening because typically in a case like this, one would at the state department reach out to the local government. there would be a government in place to engage, and right now, it's not just a political crisis, but there's no
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governance in haiti. we don't have a resolved situation of the and saturday shin bet can july. their international inquiries are ongoing that are getting stymied. and the u.s. government, state department, defense department, all of our assets, are trying to find a way to keep some measure of normalcy. but it makes it very difficult. so, getting information out and then actually creating a plan on how to deal with this is very complicated. >> i'm curious about this, because i used to travel to mexico and parts of tijuana over the years when kidnappings were very, very popular. and those kidnappings were due to people trying to get ransom from people who were connected to us. back then, i was told that we were safe because i'm an american and they don't want that kind of trouble. do you get sense and a situation like this, there been so many kidnappings in haiti that these people realize that they have american missionaries and those are american citizens that they kidnapped? >> yes, candace, is hard to mention the tone.
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missionaries have been working in haiti for decades upon decades, from the united states. it's now a new effort. as we know, historically also, the united states and haiti, we've had a very close connection on the cultural level and engagement going back to the 19th century. so, it is very unlikely that there are not aware of who these people are. what the motivation is, why they would take them, if this is accurate that's all being determined clearly. but certainly what we know is that american missionaries are american missionaries. n missionaries are joel, the associated press wood from the u.s. government spokesperson and that quote, the welfare and safety of your citizens abroad is one of the highest priorities of the department of state. what is happening behind the scenes right now at the state department? >> thanks, lindsey. this is really the bread and butter of why we have a state department and why we have a foreign service to go and protect american citizens aboard and be there for them. right now, the embassy in
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port-au-prince and its assets are being deployed to get as much information as possible. identify the individuals to establish communications with the group, if there is one to establish communications with. in washington, the department is serving as a nerve center for all of that communication as well. potentially engaging with the organization. engaging with families potentially and getting the information together to a defendant who is actually at risk. and then developing a plan from that. so, this is really at the core of why we have a state department. to help american citizens overseas, either in distress or for travel, or for business as well. but certainly, right now it's all hands on deck. >> so how does this play out? i know spin different over the years the u.s. policy is to not pay for ransom. correct? but organizations may and could pay ransom? >> well, we have an office
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and's as well as white house coordination for americans were thinking that, americans were hostages, americans imprisoned overseas. they have been americans in korea, north korea, china. there are americans in iran right now. so, the principles of what you just described about not paid for ransom, then there's also the realities which is there's a need to get people out. so, there's not one specific hard and steadfast rule for protecting american life. and certainly, political prisoners differ from religious or missionary prisoners of this nature. so, there's going to have to be a lot of engagement with the group, if this is accurate. with the group from ohio to find out ways to help move them out. that this is something that is ongoing and an emergency. and that in many ways by the white house. >> how dangerous is the situation right now, joel? >> it's very dangerous. we've seen what was described by raf in the previous report. things are dangerous in haiti
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across the board. the president was assassinated in his own bed by foreign mercenaries back in july. there's a lawlessness that frankly me he has not seen in decades, and it's a very troubling moment right now in haiti. >> all right, joel rubin thank you so much for joining us on short notice on this breaking news. we appreciate it. >> going to give you an update right now on something else that we've been following, former president bill clinton is waking up for a fifth day in a southern california hospital. but the good news, at least that we're learning overnight, he may be allowed to go home today. he spent five nights under intensive care for your logical infection. a >> sports person says president clinton has continue to make excellent progress and is in good spirits. but did have to stay one more night to get those iv antibiotics. the 75-year-old was first submitted tuesday. he fell extreme fatigue. >> and former first lady, hillary clinton, and their daughter chelsea, stopped by. the u.s. tuesday morning to try
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and pay visit. the former president has had a few health problems over the years. mainly related to his heart. but we're told once again, he is expected to go home sometime today. >> coming up, it is one of the crown jewels of president biden's climate change policy, but it may soon get scrapped two apiece one democratic senator. plus, this week steve bannon will be one step closer to consequences for failing to comply with congressional subpoena. we're gonna break down what the junior six committee is planning. >> and later in the hour, transportation secretary pete buttigieg hits back after tucker carlson leads into him for taking time off after the birth of his twins. ♪ ♪ ♪ hey google. ♪ ♪ ♪
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to go from the budget reconciliation package and it looks like it will be a hallmark of president biden's climate agenda. >> the white house is now likely to drop the clean electricity program from the
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massive bill. the one that democrats are going alone on, to implement the president's build back better plan. the reason, joe manchin. >> nbc's mike memoli is at the white house for us this morning. mike, good morning to you. is it really just joe manchin? does he have this much pull? what's happening? >> well, kendis, when you have the margins are slim as they are, 50/50 in the senate and just a handful of seats in the house, one senator, one congressman has an awful lot of leverage. so, when you hear that the white house, democrats on the hill are getting ready to drop this piece from the larger reconciliation measure, sure that might bring joy mention along. but is this then torpedo the bill with progressives who made it clear this is one of the top priorities among the range of priorities that are included in this reconciliation measure. it was interesting to hear the yesterday from john yarmouth, a top democrat on the budget committee in the house. a key voice in this debate. at least is indications were that democrats are resigned to the fact that you have to go with what you have here. let's take a listen to what he told us yesterday.
3:17 am
>> these are mostly and assurance that are designed to orient as to the future. whether it's investment in early childhood education, community college or the climate policy investments. and we really need to think of that. it's a shame that we would have to strike the climate policy initiatives out of this package. but, we have to get 50 votes. >> kendis and lindsey, something very unusual is happening at the white house this weekend. and that is president biden is actually here this weekend. you know, typically on a saturday, sunday morning, you're talking to one of us in wilmington, delaware. he tends to get away from washington during the weekend. it's rare that he's at the white house and in my experience so far in this young administration, that is a sign of some urgency. that there are some meetings he is here to have with his staff. usually over a working weekend. so, we heard from the president on friday acknowledging the fact that democrats are not
3:18 am
going to get everything they want. but as he put it, will get what we can and fight over the rest later in the the day. when he arrived back at the white house from connecticut, he pointed to the white house is that he was going to be spending the weekend working the phones to try to get the deal here. obviously a critical week ahead for the president. >> even in times of crisis in this young administration, he spent those weekends at camp david. perhaps he's actually doing some one-on-one conversations right there from the white house. mike memoli, joining us from d.c.. thank you, mike. >> we are also looking ahead to some major developments involving steve bannon and the january six committee. >> the panel is getting ready to kick off a criminal contempt crosses against the former trump aid for defying a subpoena, and it starts with a vote on tuesday night. >> nbc's julie is tsirkin on capitol hill. julie, good morning to. what are the expectations here for tuesday's referral? and you know how long this will process is going to take? g this wil >> good morning lindsey and kendis. that's the million dollar
3:19 am
question. the house select committee is voting on tuesday night on essentially report. a list of recommendations as to why steve bannon should be held in criminal contempt of congress. and that could be punishable, if the house passes it and it's referred to the department of justice, and they decide to take it up, it could be punishable up to a year of jail time for bannon and some pretty expensive finds. but look, at the committee is determined to do this. in part, because they want to make an example of bannon. he's this iconic figure of the trump administration who also defied congressional authority before. congressional oversight authority, that is. and democrats are please the committee is doing this and they are doing it also because the hope this entice is the other subpoenaed -- mark meadows, capital, to engage with the committee. they want to use bannon as an example of what happens if you defy congress. val demings is one of the democrats was quite pleased the committee is taping this step. despite how long it might take. she told our tiffany cross yesterday why she's happy the committee is taking this step
3:20 am
and voting on criminal contempt. take a listen. ten. >> i am pleased that they are pursuing the criminal avenue. to just ignore the lawful authority of congress, the oversight authority of congress, and to ignore a subpoena, is just totally unacceptable. so, i know that this commission will use every tool within its authority to get to the bottom of what happened on general sixth. >> demings there, she was an impeachment manager during the first senate trial of former president trump. that was nearly a year and a half ago. but she's quite familiar also, because she sat on the house intelligence committee and the house judiciary committee, where she tried to get former trump officials back then, allies of the president, to talk to congress. so, she knows what it is like to have them defy your authority. but look at, this process is going to take a long time. months, if not years. and that is because if the
3:21 am
house passes this and is referred to the justice department, they decide to prosecute bannon, he could tie it up in court for very long time. guys? >> that some of this has been done fairly quickly. that's why all of the democrats are hopeful of. julie tsirkin joining us from capitol hill. thank. you we want to bring in our panel, danny cevallos and democratic strategist and have your political playlist podcasts, emily tisch sussman. welcome to both of you. emily, i want to start with. you it's mention versus everyone. these days, apparently. progressives have shift jested that climate change measures are a red line for them. so, is his opposition going to blow this whole thing up? i >> certainly hope not. it feels like a lot of people are in deal making mode, which they absolutely need to be. you're reporting pointed out that biden has been at the white house all weekend making calls, which is good. progressives in the senate, in the house, have indicated they are in deal making mode.
3:22 am
which is great. pelosi, the last couple of months, has been i think the most aggressive in trying to actually get to a deal here. the ones who have not been so much on board in making deals are in the senate, which is really holding this process up. i feel like as we're going through each piece of this reporting, this pieces out, this pieces in. i feel like i just what -- the next thing i want to hear is they have a deal. could someone just get this over with? the back in the fourth, they need to just agree that they are working towards a deal. otherwise the entire thing will blow up. that will be devastating not just for the entire biden agenda, but let's not forget that we have the virginia's governor's race in 15 days. if democrats the show that they can actually get something done when empower, i'm not sure that recently. what >> do you think that's something that they are keeping a mind right now that they have to try to get something done within the next two and a half weeks, ahead of virginia? or else, it will be a precursor for the midterms, what's to come for democrats?
3:23 am
>> no, i do not think they have in mind. and i think quite frankly -- >> where you put? >> but the flood none of them ever lived through 2009, 2000. there was so much arguing done out loud. -- and then the off cycle governor's race in virginia and new jersey ended up just dampening democrats attitude and they feel like they could pass something bid. it's like none of them in the through. that they're thinking about the governor's race for being a bellwether for whether the bitterness will go well for democrats. they should look at the opposite we, they have to pass it something to get momentum in virginia. >> danny, let's talk about the potential criminal contempt charges against steve bannon. the doj will have the final say on the matter and the kind of sent out a stern warning in essence to the white house and
3:24 am
others, saying we're at an independent unit here. you get a sense that they may end up prosecuting? >> i'll be lead at you too, kendis. congress has an expensive authority to subpoena this information. but what we've learned of the last few years is that their power is much more circumscribed. as much smaller than the power to actually get this information. so, when you have someone like steve bannon, typically in the past, when congress has subpoenaed members of the executive branch, including the attorney general -- congress has held the attorney general in contempt at least twice in our nation's history. now, was supposed to happen is the attorney general, the one who is held in contempt, is supposed to initiate that criminal prosecution. what do you think both attorney generals did when they were held in contempt? well, they declined to prosecute themselves. but steve bannon lives in a very different place. he is now i was not and member of the executive branch. so, for that reason, a private
3:25 am
citizen has a much lesser power to oppose subpoenas in a situation like this. however, procedurally, he can still gum up at the system while he imposes any criminal prosecution. and time is on the side of the witness with any congressional subpoena. if they hang out long enough, guess what? there may be a new congress and one that doesn't care as much about subpoenaing this individual. >> in the meantime, trump has been ordered to give a videotape deposition tomorrow in the lawsuit that dates back to 2015, i believe. when six protesters allege they were assaulted by his security guard. nasa isn't far from where we are right now in trump tower. the big question is whether trump will actually show up. the attorney representing the protesters thinks he will. take a listen. >> we have every reason to believe that mr. trump will be there on monday morning and submit to a trial examination by video deposition, as per the courts order. his counsel has been quarter
3:26 am
cooperatives this week in terms of setting up logistics for that. obviously involve things like secret service clearance, getting videographers, security. >> so, you're advising trump. let's say you are -- and mind you, he has ten other civil suits currently pending against him. do advice him to show up? >> yes, absolutely. he's been order to and the reality is, if i were devising trump, i'd have a client who i think kind of like's going to depositions. you know, for years i said, if they ever to post trump it's curtains. but i've seen some of his videotaped depositions, and he a as slippery there as he always was. because he speaks in the language of non commitment. which makes him a perfect offense to a deposition. but if i were advising him i, would be watching very closely this particular deposition is about a very specific matter. you can you today. it's an alleged assault that happened outside of a trump tower. and if i am's attorney, i am going to instruct him, i will
3:27 am
are on the side of caution and instructed not to answer if they get far afield of that specific circumstances. normally in new york, i know the rules, i can get in a lot of trouble if i obstruct him not to answer and is a proper question. because the rules of the state are very expensive. but i think you have to err on the side of caution and say look, let's go to the judge, let the judge decided whether he should answer this question. >> okay, we'll be there with danny cevallos and, emily tisch sussman. >> emily, you can yell at me and 6:00 on sunday morning any. day [laughs] >> me too? >> absolutely. >> by, guys. >> it's because it's every day. >> all right, still to come. big news here, i'll read in crisis averted. workers wage a technique a tentative deal. but it's not set in. so what it means for their jobs and your favorite shows. >> and in our next hour, the high stakes virginia governor's race entering its final weeks of campaigning. democrats are sending in that heavy hitters. you see some of them there.
3:28 am
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hollywood cliff-hanger. thousands of hollywood tv and film crews set to strike and shut down production, of our favorite shows. unlike any good movie, they resolved in a happy ending with a little time to spare. a unit union representing more than 60,000 behind the scenes employees reached a new three year deal, averting a big walk out and the biggest labor strike in hollywood history since world war ii. the union says the contract addresses living wages for those on the bottom of the peace kill an improved working conditions. ten hours of daily rest periods. 54 hours of weekend rests. union members still need to get the deal ethan's up. i'm sure our floor manager is looking at it very closely out
3:33 am
of the corner of his eyes. he's like, what's? ten hour arrest? don't get any ideas. nbc news correspondent emilie ikeda will join us live from los angeles next hour with more details. including the high-profile actors who support the deal. >> chicago pd's telling their officers who have reported their vaccine status that paid days off will be limited in the next couple of weeks. as we await to see the true impact of the showdown between the city and the union. chicago stop attorney says people till tuesday to figure out what exactly punishment officers could face for not complying with the city's covid vaccine mandate. now the city could be facing a potential police shortage. by the way, this is amid a rise in violent crimes there. joining us right now in chicago with the latest is nbc news correspondent wendy woolfolk baker. wendy, good morning to you. okay type of consequences are these officers potentially looking at? looking at >> good morning to you, lindsey. mayor laurie lightfoot who says
3:34 am
officers refused to update their vaccination status on that city portal will be put on unpaid leave. but the temporary restraining order against the union president gives essentially the city a little bit of extra time to figure out exactly how many chicago police officer made the october 15th deadline on friday, to update their vaccine status. this weekend, all officers who showed up to work will be paid, regardless of their vaccination status. that the department is bracing for what could be a sizable number of people who refused to comply. until further notice, the use of elective tied off, meaning comp days and personal days will be restricted. but chicago police usually reserve that action for fourth of july and other times when they anticipate the possibility of a surge in violence. residents and business owners, breathing a collective sigh of relief in, the city where
3:35 am
violent crime, as you mentioned, is already experiencing a surge in this area. we're talking about carjackings and expressway shootings. only adding insult to injury when they're talking about the murder rate that has spiked in the last couple of years. lindsey, back to. wendy, you spoke to some officers. what are they telling you? >> i do think it's important to know what the rank and file are saying. they really want to point out that most officers are not anti vaccine, they are simply anti government mandate. many of the people we spoke to have taken the shots themselves. they just want to be told what to do. and in a world where there are so many fewer people willing to put on that edge, this iterations highlights the difficulties in this delicate balance between public safety, public health and personal freedom. >> indeed, all right wendy woolfolk baker thank you so much for reporting. still to come, behind the
3:36 am
high-level decision-making on booster shots. we're going to talk to one of the fda panel experts who was in the room where it happened. i recommended the second j&j shot. so, what are the next steps? and would you be eligible? d you ebeligible? at t-mobile for business, unconventional thinking means we see things differently, so you can focus on what matters most. whether it's ensuring food arrives as fresh as when it departs... being first on the scene when every second counts... or teaching biology without a lab. we are the leader in 5g and a partner who delivers exceptional customer support and 5g included in every plan. so, you get it all, without trade-offs. unconventional thinking, it's better for business.
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you may pay as little as $10 per prescription. ask your healthcare provider about rybelsus® today. >> we're expecting a decision from the fda any day now on the emergency use of the johnson & johnson booster, after an advisory panel voted to recommend the second shot. the same panel, by the way,
3:40 am
also endorsed moderna's half dose booster. >> and the cdc will also meet later this week to discuss more specifics like who should be getting their shots. if they follow the fda panels recommendation, 100 million americans could be eligible for boosters soon. >> nbc news correspondent steven romo is in new york city with the very latest on all of. this steven, good morning. >> good morning, kendis. yes, sites like this here at the american museum of natural history are already seeing more people show up for boosters and to get their first doses of the vaccine. and even more people, as you mentioned, could be eligible for those boosters pretty soon. once the fda signs off on what the advisory panel has already agreed to, which is the additional dose of the johnson & johnson vaccine. right now, the fda advisory panel is suggesting that booster for anyone who got the shot at least two months ago, as long as they are over the age of 18. and the white house is telling us that they are ready to start administering those doses. >> as we await the fda, the
3:41 am
cdc's decision of potential moderna and j.j. boosters in the coming days, we are working with our partners to prepare. we have the vaccine supply and will be ready to hit the ground running as soon as any additional boosters are authorized. we are on the right track in our fight against the virus. two out of three eligible individuals, 188 million americans, are now fully vaccinated. with more americans getting vaccinated each day. >> 15 million americans got the johnson & johnson vaccine. they could soon be eligible for that additional dose. that would bring their level of protection against infection from 74% to 94% protection against catching the virus. meanwhile, the fda advisory panel now looking at other topics like trying to approve a vaccine for children ages 5 to 11. they're also looking at the
3:42 am
possibility of mixing and matching those doses of the booster vaccines. something we're expecting to hear more about in the coming days. >> steven, welcome, by the way. >> brand-new correspondent. thank you, appreciate. that >> the to heavy on the team. >> happy to have you, stephen. all right, we're going to have much more on booster shots. right now with me is doctor eric reuben. a voting member on the fda panel. and editor and chief of the new england journal of medicine. doctor, is that on a tap you on our show here. you contributed to the unanimous votes for both boosters. but the timing and eligibility differ here according to the panels recommendation. johnson & johnson second shot will be for those 18 and older have gotten the first shot at least two months after the initial one. and then for moderna, like pfizer, is for older americans 65 an older, for those who are vulnerable. that goes six months after the second dose. but i've seen a lot of doctors on cable television lately seeing j&j should've been two doses from the beginning.
3:43 am
that is accurate to your thinking at all? i think >> that's right. the j&j is a little less effective than the mrna vaccines and the moderna or pfizer vaccines. so, it probably helps to have a second dose and the data we saw this week suggested that's likely to be true. >> during the panels meeting, there was discussion about mixing and matching vaccines and this has been a huge talking point this weekend. i know it is too early to tell exactly where this is going to go on this. there's some criticism of the current study that is out there that hasn't been peer reviewed. the sample size is pretty small. but where do you stand on somebody who for example, got j&j and wants to get pfizer or moderna for that second shot? >> i think the answer is to stay tuned, because though data, as you said are very early. and they are not completely analyst, even at this point. but it does look as if it is possible that boosting with me
3:44 am
different vaccine, in the case of if you got j&j, boosting with either murder or pfizer, maybe better. so, i think stay tuned. >> let's talk about these vaccine mandates because there's a lot of fear that it would drive labor shortages here. but there is evidence that a lot of hospitals and factory saying they're actually working, they're not seem dramatic percentages of their employee population who are noncompliant. how important are these mandates to flattening these hospitalization and case numbers that we're seeing, particularly as we go into the winter months? >> i'd say that anything that increases vaccination is good, or helpful. in the case of many of the mandates, we're talking about making sure that we have the labor force to take care of patients. so, for the hospital mandates in particular, the importance is that we don't have lots of absenteeism and we don't lose people from the workforce who become very ill or die of this. eat so, i think those mandates
3:45 am
are aren't just a public health measure, they're really to ensure that we can continue to care for patients who are. >> gotcha. all right, let's talk about that big news on the treatment front. here fda advisers are going to be next month, to review quote marks covid-19 treatment tell. and this is the first time advisers are going to convene before ruling on a treatment. the two that usually before these vaccines. why is that? >> if the officers often need to look at treatments for new antibiotics, for example. then it would come in front of the same committee that will review this new drug. i think that has been standard operating procedure. what we have seen so far in the outbreak is that some of the treatments like monoclonal antibodies have been approved or authorized with relatively non-standard ways. i think we're seeing a return to normal. >> dr., after legal, but real quick. what's your prognosis here for where we are right now in the pandemic and we're going?
3:46 am
>> oh, it's very difficult to make any predictions. i'm glad to see that cases are dropping and i still am concerned that there could be problems in the future, as more people go inside and perhaps more variants come out. >> yes, we've heard people already claiming victory from the virus, but a lot of people we have on our show say it is too early, including yourself. doctor eric ribbon, thank you so much for joining. us appreciate. new details out of houston. that then that was used in what's been called an ambitious attack on those three deputies. we brought this year's breaking news yesterday, was an ar-15 style rifle, according to a harris county constable. >> 30 year old deputy kareem atkins was killed. he had just returned from maternity paternity leave. he leaves behind a wife and two mental baby. deputy daryl garrett was shot in the back. deputy joaquin was shot in the foot. we're still working waiting for our day. >> line for smith saluting for
3:47 am
the suspect this morning after saying they don't believe that person they had in custody was a shooter. we've learned that the deputies were working extra security jobs at night club when they were attacked. >> men taking paternity leave. it's a tough concept for some to grasp. more specifically, tucker carlson. he progesterone. ♪ i'm way ahead of schedule with my trusty team ♪ ♪ there's heather on the hedges ♪ ♪ and kenny on the koi ♪ ♪ and your truck's been demolished by the peterson boy ♪ ♪ yes -- ♪ wait, what was that? timber... [ sighs heavily ] when owning a small business gets real, progressive helps protect what you've built with affordable coverage. progressive helps protect what you've built ♪ ♪ ♪
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"snl" was back last night and we always enjoy their hot takes on politics. they took another crack at joe mannix. take a look. >> the biden administration's climate plan is likely to be dropped from the budget bill after senator joe manchin refused to support it. but you know what, i'm not going to let some bad climate news ruin this beautiful 80-degree october day. manchin, who's from west virginia, said he would only agree to biden's bill if it cuts clean energy and officially makes coal one of the five food groups. >> that's one of the sticking points for manchin, of course, because his state is such a big -- >> yeah. i'll tell you something. we've had kacey musgraves, owen wilson, and the biggest crowd we've seen has been for rami malek and young thud yesterday for "snl." >> maybe because it was 80
4:00 am
degrees, because the overnight low was like 60. >> that's exactly. >> but he was funny, because he's known as a serious actor and took some fun at himself. we'll begin a new hour of msnbc right now. breaking this morning on msnbc, a group of 17 american missionaries including children have reportedly been kidnapped by gang members in haiti now the state department is under pressure to get them home safely. >> after several days in the use with an infection, former president bill clinton is expected to be released today. his spokesperson says he's in good spirits after a special hospital visit. it's the crowned jewel of president biden's plan to combat climate change. now his clean energy program is facing the chopping block. and once again, senator joe manchin is at the senator of all the drama. democrats left tying to p


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