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tv   Ayman  MSNBC  October 16, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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watching it now. >> thanks for putting a spotlight on that. tonight economic anxiety is sweeping the country everything from supply chains, worker strikes and income equality. a bill on the build back better deal could be timely, but are democrats any closer to reaching a deal? i'm going to ask congresswoman debbie wassermann schultz about that and more. anyone receives a subpoena to testify, show up or go to jail. some of their new laws are about to be put to the test. we're going to tell you about that. i'm eamon mohyeldin. let's get started. all right, so driven by worker dissatisfaction in some key economic indicators a sense of economic anxiety is taking hold in this country and perhaps
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you're even feeling this yourself at home. it is playing out in a variety of ways, and i want to walk you through what we're seeing. now all across the country workers are making it clear that they are tired of the old way of doing things and they want a better deal. on thursday of this week more than 10,000 union workers took to the picket line said outside of 14 different john deere factories located mostly in the midwest. that is of course the farm equipment company, and it has had an incredible year. in fact, it's expected to report record profits of almost $6 billion and the workers who kept the company running during the pandemic they now want a bigger piece of that by. they overwhelmingly voted to reject one contract offer from the company and they're holding out for a better deal. it's important to note they're not uh-uh loan. last week 1,400 workers at kaling cereal plants went on strike. over 2,000 nurses and hospital
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workers are on strike in buffalo. and in massachusetts a strike by some 700 nurses have been going on for some seven months now. in california and oregon more than 24,000 nurses and other health care workers have voted to authorize a strike of kaiser permanente. that is one of the nation's largest health care providers. and just 24 hours from now we could also see a strike called by the iatse, the international alliance of theatrical stage employees. those are the people behind the scenes basically keeping hollywood up and running. a strike would begin once the clock strikes tomorrow. workers and unions that represent them are feeling emboldened about this new data about our health and the economy and they're using this leverage to make work work for them. strikes are just one way workers are expressing their dissatisfaction. others are just straight up
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quitting and not in inquig numbers, either. a record 1.4 million americans walked off their jobs. that is almost 3% of the entire work force in this country. almost 900,000 of the people who quit in august worked at restaurants, bars and hotels. the huge number of people quitting their jobs highlights the mixed bag of economic indicators that we've recently gotten. on one hand unemployment claims were down last week to the lowest point we've seen since the pandemic started, but inflation continues to tick higher and higher as we deal with a global supply chain crisis, and federal reserve data shows not everyone is recovering from the pandemic equally. when it comes to wealth and household assets people with college degrees with worth $22.5 trillion more than when the pandemic began. people without a high school diploma, well they're less $10 billion. stick with us here for a moment because we're going to dive into the issues of income inequality
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in just a bit, but the question is what is washington doing about all of this? president biden's ambitious social spending plan took a big hit this week after weeks and weeks of tough negotiations. senator joe manchin, finally -- finally let the white house know he'll not support the clean electricity portion of the bill. while dropping that from the plan might secure his vote, it could cause other democrats to break off. and to make things even worse democrats still can't agree on a top line number for all of these programs. the build back better plan as it is known would fund paid family leave, universal pre-k, child care programs. these are exactly the kind of things all the workers that are protesting and part of strike-toeber are fighting for. all of this would help people either get back to work or start new careers where they could be happy and fulfilled. the bipartisan infrastructure plan is also in danger of dying
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on the vine as long as progressives and conservative democrats can't come to an agreement on the spending plan. biden for his part, he hasn't given up on passing either of these bills. while drumming up support for the bills yesterday he described the need to pass both in stark terms. watch. >> we cannot be competitive in the 21st century and this global economy if we fail to invest. that's why i propose two critical pieces of legislation being debated in washington right now. they're both bills. they're not about left versus right. they're not about moderate versus progressive or anything else that pits one american against another. these bills are about competitiveness versus complacency. >> all right, joining me now for a reality check on the status of the president's agenda is florida congresswoman debbie wassermann schultz. she knows washington better than anyone, certainly also is head of the dnc for a brief moment there. i want to get your reaction to
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the news that the clean energy performance program which is a key climate measure in the president's spending bill is likely to be dropped from opposition from one senator, joe manchin. if this program does end up getting zraped from the build back better program, will the bill be able to garner enough votes from progressives like a senator bernie sanders? or is this potentially a poison pill for the bill? >> eamon, first of all, thank you so much for having me and covering this important discussion we've been having. i think what's important to make clear is that the ongoing negotiations that we're having over trying to make sure that we can bring quality, affordable child care to millions of americans so they don't have to choose between going to work and taking care of their kids, expanding medicaid so that we can cover millions more people that republicans in 13 states have refused to cover, making sure we invest in our nation's infrastructure. that's all happening only because democrats are working to
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pass it. we're doing this without any republican support at all, and i think that's important to underscore. so a lot of the blame here of our struggle lays at the feet of republicans. so, yeah, of course it's disappointing that we have one senator who refuses to support more robust resiliency and climate change policy, but we're going to pass let me just be clear the bipartisan infrastructure and jobs act and the build back better act. and we're going to do that over the next couple of months working through these issues so that we can pass transformative change to improve the lives of millions of americans and make sure that ceos who make 350 times more than the average employee at their company does, that they pay their fair share as do their companies. >> i guess just to talk about the senator for a moment, do you think it's right that one democratic senator, who we should note by the way has family ties to a coal company in west virginia, is able to upend
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the entire climate change of president biden and the democratic party and impact a state like yours which suffers severely from what we see as a result of climate change with stronger hurricanes and even, you know, out west more wildfires that are attributed to that? >> eamon, what i know about my state is we're living climate change impacts right now. it's not a someday thing. it's a right now thing. when we have king tides that floods neighborhoods in my district, we absolutely need to make sure we make those investments. and in addition to that we absolutely need to make sure we pass the bipartisan infrastructure bill. we have a tourism driven economy in florida and making sure our roads and bridges are repaired and we can get people efficiently around our state means more money generated for our economy. but the reality is that we have tight margins in both the house and senate. and so we have to make sure that we work towards what we are going to be able to agree to include in these extremely
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important bills, and i'm just not going to, you know, wring my hands over what one senator or three house members are or aren't going to support. we're going to sit at the table and work just like we did in 2010 when we passed the affordable care act where we had also very significant negotiations that we were forced to engage in by ourselves because we had zero republican support. >> so give us a little bit of light at the end of the tunnel. how do you see this playing out? i know you're seeing both this bipartisan infrastructure bill and reconciliation bill will get passed. i appreciate you having that sense of optimism and confidence. but tell me what does that solution look like? how do you see it playing out? >> well, i see it playing out the way sausage gets made in the legislative process. you started this segment about my experience and knowing how we get this stuff done. we're sitting at the table and
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working through the issues we know we can get consensus on. democrats know just yesterday we had the monthly payment for child tax credits put about $300 in the bank accounts of millions of families. 4 million kids will see an improvement in their lives and cut child poverty in half if we make that permanent. we know we want to ensure we can invest in climate change and resiliency. we want to pass that bipartisan infrastructure bill so we can create jobs and deal with the economy. and we've got to work together and we are working together. but the drama that is generated and churned by the press, you know, i understand it's sexy and interesting, but the legislative process is one that requires nose to the grind stone work we're all putting together without any republican help. >> let me ask you finally as i laid out a moment ago we're witnessing a surge of labor activity across the country so much it's being referred to as strike-tober online. what is it about this moment
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demanding workers stand up for themselves, demanding better from their employers and making sure these people and their demands are actually met? >> eamon, strike-tober is the manifestation of millions of workers just saying, you know what, i'm mad as hell and i'm not going to take it anymore. and they got sick of being put in a situation they were being paid dirt wages that they are struggling with difficult working conditions, whether it's unsafe labor practices or benefits that should be a lot more robust than they are. and so they are taking advantage as they should of using labor and their industry as leverage so that they can make sure that they get better working conditions. and frankly, there are a lot of people who are leaving the industries like the retail businesses, the restaurants because for far too long they haven't been paid or treated like their worth. and so those industries are
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going to have to see they have to step up and they have to pay people what they're worth and make sure they create a working environment that attracts labor. and they're going to do it one way or the other otherwise they're going to have trouble staying in business. and i think that's what -- so i support the workers. and what we're doing as democrats is in the infrastructure bill we have significant pro-labor policy. president biden has supported that, and we're going to go ahead and pass pro labor legislation so we can make sure we legislate in the law better working opportunities in this country. >> thank you for your time and insights. greatly appreciate it. yvlgts told you a moment ago how not every group is recovering from the pandemic equally. people who are better educated are doing better than those who are not. and similar trends exist among racial linesch the wealth of white americans is up a whopping $25 trillion since the pandemic.
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the wealth of black americans only up $1.5 trillion. and for hispanic families it is up just $600 billion. conversations around inequality usually center on the top 1% or even the ultrarich, 0.1%. but my next guest says it's actually the upper middle class, those in the next 9.9% that are really drivers of equality in this country. joining me now is matthew stewart, the author of a new book. matthew, it is great to jow. this is a book that caught my attention this week. it's been making a lot of headlines, and i wanted to talk to you about it because we're seeing it in realtime play out. according to data from the world inequality database at the end of 2019 in the u.s. the bottom 50% held just 1.5% of all wealth in this country while the top 1% held 39.1%. the 9% after them held even more
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at 35.8%. what is all of this wealth being shifted away from our middle class do to the overall health of our economy? >> yeah, eamon, thank you so much for inviting me. and thank you especially for bringing up this really critical topic. it doesn't get enough attention. economic inequalities i think as you know has been on a dramatic increase over the last 50 years and it's at the root of so many of our problems. right now in congress we're watching a sausage get made, but i hope people will understand this sausage is really important. it's not going to solve the problem, but we need to do this kind of thing to address this fundamental issue that we have. and if i may let's take a look at those wealth distribution numbers you have because they tell us something pretty striking. i can actually go into that top 1% and tell you that in fact it's the top 0.1% that's getting the lions share of that 34%. in fact, they come from most of
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that, and they're the ones who have been the real gainers over the last 50 years. $2 billion in the 1970s would have gotten you at the top of the forbes 100 list. now it doesn't get you on the list. so it's crazy. but the people down below, the bottom 90%, you have them there at 27.8% that sounds right to me. those numbers have been going down dramatically. >> why? >> so people have lost a tremendous amount of ground, and if we don't make it up ware going to continue to face the major political crisis we're facing now. >> so let's talk about some of those strikers from, you know, john deere and others. they recently pointed to the big pay increase that the ceo of the company reportedly received last year for a big reason why they're on strike now, and that's in addition to the record profits the company is looking at this year. are we beginning to see workers take a stand against this inequality, and how do you see
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some of these strikes impacting inequality if at all? >> yeah, look, the labor movement has been on a massive decline over the last 50 years. new membership is way down and the ability of labor to secure right for workers has just gone down, so this is an important first step. honestly i think if there's a sunny side to the pandemic, it did shape people up. it was a psychological event for many people, and i think that's part of what's going on here as well as of course the supply chain issues and the other economic pressures that are happening. but i think that we should look at these kinds of strikes as essentially a beginning, an awakening and hopefully our first step. but a lot more has to be done to get workers essentially they earn the money they're entitled to earn, which is now not going to them. >> let's talk a little bit about your book and one of the central theses of it, if you will. you write a quote.
5:17 pm
today we tend to blame inequality on the mare talkeracy, but the reality is that we should blame the problems where m mare talkeracy. >> i hope i'm not ruining anybody's saturday night here, butwreck look, as economic inequality rose we had to come up with an explanation for it. and the most obvious explanation people can come up with is that hey, some people are just so smart, so incredible. but that's kind of denying a fundamental reality, right? people are not a million times taller than other people. they're smarter than other people but they're not, you know, a thousand times smarter. so what has happened we've seen this economic inequality arise. it's basically a result of excessive economic power on the part of a lot of old monopolies.
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it's diminishing worker power. but we've come up with another explanation which we like better. and that's just we just so smart, we're so special. and that's what this 9.9% class has been very good at, convincing everybody it's about their special brain power. >> all right, matthew, so we have to leave it at that. fascinating book. i encourage everyone to get it. very interesting and very timely given the inequality we're seeing play out and as you mentioned watching what's happening in washington with a stalemate not getting many of those things passed that could help millions of americans. thank you so much for joining us tonight, matthew. next, donald trump's former right-hand man, steve bannon, is facing criminal contempt charges for ignoring a congressional subpoena. he says he doesn't have to testify citing trump's executive privilege. congress says he does, so who's right? and senator schumer has scheduled a bill next week on
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for residents and businesses. but it all starts with you. let's keep making a differene together. comply or go to jail? that is the threat facing former trump advisor steve bannon after he refused a subpoena to appear on a thursday before the house committee investigating the
5:23 pm
january 6th insurrection. what information could bannon provide? he could explain what he knew the day before the capitol attack when he said this. >> all hell is going to break loose tomorrow. just understand this. all hell is going to break loose tomorrow. it's going to be moving. it's going to be quick. >> in a statement committee chairman benny thompson said, quote, the select committee will not tolerate defiance of our subpoenas so we must move forward with the proceedings to refer mr. bannon for criminal contempt. that vote is scheduled for tuesday. one of the two republicans on committee, adam kinzinger, offered this warning. >> we're serious about this, and anybody that is either being subpoenaed now or will be in the future, think twice before you reject a lawful order from congress. >> my next guest is the perfect person to talk to about all of this. she's an msnbc opinion columnist in which she argues that though bannon may have a weak legal
5:24 pm
argument, he could still come out triumphant in all of this. professor, it's great to have you with us. so, first of all, you argue that bannon's claim is weak but it may not actually matter because in part you write, quote, this situation is like the toddler who throws a tantime because he doesn't want to go to the doctor and cries and screams so long that the appointment is passed. >> so bannon essentially is trying to piggyback off of former president trump's claim of executive privilege. there's a couple of problems here, of course. one, let's just think of bannon himself trying to assert this privilege. he hasn't been in the white house since 2017, which as we may remember, of course, is four years before 2021 when the events of january 6th took place. so it's hard to see why he would be covered under executive
5:25 pm
privilege. now, again, he's trying to kind of throw himself under the protection of former president trump's claim of executive privilege. so let's look at that. the biden white house has looked at this. there was a very specific letter that came out, and the white house council said no way and no how when it comes to these documents and when it comes to this information because and i think this was really the money line which also would apply to steve bannon's testimony. when you're trying to subvert the constitution you don't get to use the constitution as protection. and of course i'm paraphrasing here, but that fundamentally is why i think these are two weak claims of executive privilege. >> i want to talk to you a bit on the pressure being applied here. trump's former white house chief of staff mark meadows and other aides, they're actually cooperating with the committee and as i mentioned bannon is
5:26 pm
not. benny thompson this to say. >> we hope that the attorney general sees the importance of moving ahead with this indictment, moving ahead with locking steve bannon up. you can't conduct an insurrection on the government of the united states of america and nothing happen. >> and president biden has said anyone refuses the january 6th committee subpoena should be prosecuted. last night doj spokesman anthony coaly released a statement that read in part, the department of justice will make its own independent decisions on all prosecutions based solely on the facts and the law, period, full stop. is it possible in your eyes tht the justice department would not act on this? >> so, look, it's always possible and i do think it's important the justice department says we need to be independent. we don't want to get out of the last administration and just because we want the doj to take
5:27 pm
a certain position, for instance, we want them to go after bannon because frankly we do need to show in our country that the subpoena is more than an invitation for brunch. it is a binding legal document. it's not would you like to come, it's you need to come in, that we still do need to make sure the department of justice performs an independent inquiry. having said that, i think congress was well within its rights to issue the subpoena. steve bannon has defied it and said i'm not coming, i'm not going to play. he isn't even cooperating. and if that has to mean anything at all, if there were repercussions to that, i think the department of justice needs to take action. to your first point here about how could bannon win even if he has a weak legal argument because representative thompson has said i want to wrap this up by early spring. it's going to take the department of justice a while to mike that determination. and if there's anything seen from trump and trump allies like
5:28 pm
trump and steve bannon, they'll fight this in court. all of this takes time. >> basically run out the clock, so to speak. steve bannon may not be the largest target in all the committee interests. you had congressman adam schiff say this. take a listen. >> we are very uniform about that we will go to the whoever has the information we need. no one is off the table. >> including donald trump himself? >> no one is off the table. >> that's a pretty bold statement. would it be constitutional for a house select committee subpoena a former president? is there any precedent for something like that? is the law settled on that. >> so like so many moments in the trump administration now the aftermath of the trump administration you'll hear people say things like we've never encountered this before or it's not settled, but i think the weight of authority, the way our constitution is structured and the fact we do have a system of checks and balances, of coequal branches, we have congress investigating what i
5:29 pm
believe was an attempted coup, then, yes, you do need to allow congress national to talk to the former president. will he assert executive privilege? absolutely. but do we need to say if the constitution means anything don't use it as a shield when you try to subvert it? so i think they would be within their rights to call him in. it will absolutely be a huge fight if they do. >> all right, jessica levinson, thank you so much for your insights. i greatly appreciate it. and republicans continue to make laws that make it more difficult for people to vote. georgia will be one of the first states to test out these new restrictions. we're going to tell you about that next. don't go anywhere. e going to te that next. don't go anywhere. (sfx: video game vehicle noises, horns beeping,) (engines revving, cars hitting one another.) (sfx: continued vehicle calamity.) just think, he'll be driving for real soon. every new chevy equinox comes standard
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so time is running out for senator joe manchin to hold true to his bipartisan promise on voting rights legislatio. that's what he promised. majority leader chuck schumer is asking manchin to put his cards on the table scheduling a vote
5:34 pm
on the freedom to vote act next wednesday. and surprise, surprise, according to senate minority leader mitch mcconnell, democrats shouldn't hold their breath for any republican support on this. mcconnell said that the bill had, quote, the same rotten core as speaker pelosi's hr1 with slightly amended window dressing. now as the debate drags on in december, gop state legislation, though, they're continuing to stack the deck against our democracy. just this year alone 19 states for enacted laws that make it harder for people to vote in this country and that includes georgia where next month many voters will see the impact of that law for the first time as they cast their ballots in local races. joining me now is georgia state representative vi nyguen. thank you for joining us. as someone involved in the fight at a state level you've got to be frustrated with washington's
5:35 pm
inability to get something on this done. >> thank you for having me on. look, serving in a legislature that passed one of the most restrictive voting bills and as a georgian who organized for senator ossoff and warnock so we could take the majority in the senate, i cannot impress upon the urgency of congress hearing our voices here in this state. and it's not just georgia. we're looking at states across the country. like you have said we've seen these greater suppression bills passed into law, and we have very limited time to get this right, and we have to be able to pass these federal voting rights bills. i do have to say if manchin does not deliver on the promise of bipartisan bill, got to get onboard with ending that filibuster or at least having a carve out so we can pass federal voting rights protection. >> let's talk about what's happening in the state of georgia specifically for a moment when it comes to
5:36 pm
gerrymandering. because on one hand you have the federal government still unable to actually get anything done. the freedom to vote act in its current form it does include a ban on partisan gerrymandering, but that's still far from becoming law. georgia lawmakers are set to return to the state capitol for a special session november 3rd and they're going to redraw state and congressional maps. a draft of that proposed map is expected to give democrats in your state an advantage. is it frankly too late for the federal government to jump in and do anything here? are we beyond the point of no return? >> no, it's not too late. we're not beyond the point of no return. we need to be able to pass these federal voting rights protections. here in georgia we know republicans will draw the maps to their advantage. they will split up communities of interest. we've already seen one proposal on the federal congressional level that has attempted to be
5:37 pm
able to get lucy mcbath out of the sixth congressional district. and we know that traditionally partisan gerrymandering has harmed both sides of the aisle. so with the preclearance revision from the 1965 civil rights act we don't have a lot of opportunities to even litigate in court after these maps are passed. so we're relying on congress to respond to these needs. because if we allow republicans to move forward with partisan and racialized gerrymandering, it's going to change the outlook of our state. >> i know you're running to be georgia's next secretary of state. and man currently in that job brad raffensperger, gained national attention after he continually spoke out against former president trump's big lie. he was applauded for that. but the interesting twist as he's running for politics and trump is casting a large shadow, she's he's got a new op-ed ed
5:38 pm
and he's taking aim at stacey abrams. you sit in that seat formally held by stacey abrams. what is your reaction to that comparison? >> you know, it's not a surprise. i have legislated in the general assembly with the current secretary of state and have gone toe to toe with him with voting rights issues. and he's not been on the side of democracy. he had the opportunity to do the right thing and uphold the law last year, but the reality is he's never been a friend to voting rights. he currently support bill 202. it's a bill that not only strips him of his own power but also allows the state legislature to turn our election boards into a partisan arm. he's also a person who while he, you know, stood up to trump, he in the same breath voted for trump. and so what we're seeing is somebody who talks out of both sides of his mouth, and it's not
5:39 pm
unusual for us to see that here in georgia. >> i want to ask you about something election returning mark elias wrote. he has a new piece out about the state's plan to subvert elections. republicans know the state certification of election results, a certificate of election signed by the secretary of state, a position that you want to hold and the governor is the golden ticket to a seat in the house or senate. and so in 2020 brad raffensperger certified the election results in georgia, but what does it say if the next person doesn't? what's at stake for the people of georgia if you don't win in this next election? >> the reality is republicans are putting up secretary of state candidates across our country and in georgia that have already stated they do not believe the legitimacy of the 2020 election. trump's endorsed guy is one of those candidates here in
5:40 pm
georgia. they're running a coordinated sophisticated campaign and they're targeting states like georgia, arizona, michigan, wisconsin, all of those swing states that would decide the 2024 presidential election. so what we're facing here is not the effort to overturn the 2020 election. what we're facing here is they are setting us up for 2024. georgia could very well be the deciding state for the presidential election, and we've got a nominee on the republican side who is very likely to beat raffensperger if he's exactly somebody who would overturn the will of the people. it's no longer jaubt georgia put our entire country as a whole. >> it's going to be important to keep an eye on that, my home state of georgia. thank you so hutch. greatly appreciate it. next, solid advice for when you're asked to show proof of vaccination. and later on in the show we have a packed saturday night panel for you including whatever trying to make sense of the bizarre strategy trump is
5:41 pm
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5:49 pm
biden promised to undo many of the trump era policies, but just how well is that going? this week it will put an end to mass workplace arrests which resulted in brutal family separations. instead they'll crack down on employers who quote-unquote exploit undocumented employees. another of biden's policies was to put an end of the remain in mexico program, but biden put an end to the policy which required immigrants to stay south of the border while their cases were assessed. however, the trump era program which biden did call inhumane is unfortunately set to restart next month after the biden administration lost a legal battle to suspend the policy. and while the white house is putting up a fight in some areas, in others, though, it is not. remember trump's enactment of title 42 that's the public health law that allows the government to turn people away at the border in order to protect the country from
5:50 pm
disease. all while announcing the border will be open to vaccinated tourists come december 8th. are trump and biden's immigration policies closer than we might have wished for? joining me now to discuss this is nicole morgan, associate attorney >> unfortunately, i hate to say he's getting an f on all accounts. the inhuman practices of protection and title 42 is putting lives in danger and getting them killed.
5:51 pm
there is a war in court. he can easily write a memo and tell dhs he will no longer enforce and he hasn't. unfortunately, he's adopted the steven miller. he's refusing to do so, the federal court was very clear all he had to do was write a new memo. instead, he wrote a new plan starting mpp. why would you spend your time rewriting a program versus rewriting a memo that can do away with a program and put it behind us in our american history. >> how much of an impact will it have on those forced to stay in mexico.
5:52 pm
>> it will affect thousands upon thousands that will force them to stay in mexico in horrendous conditions. we've had advisories put out to say it is not safe for us to travel there. but for these people there. people being kidnapped and women raped, people being trafficked. enough is enough. enough is enough. >> do you see it as hypocrite call seeing this policy using title 42. a policy mike pence had to install in the first place. is it hypocritical you are using title 42 to keep people out regardless of their vaccination policy meanwhile tourists are about to be let in come
5:53 pm
november? >> absolutely. the fact that they have a policy that says upon site i can call black and brown people diseased but certain people from countries i know don't have that same demographic are allowed into america. it has to stop. if those polls you showed get even deeper. it is inhuman to treat people seeking refuge from us to be treated like this. it is not a crime to seek asylum and come to our borders and say please help me. the fact that he's trying to keep it criminalized is another sad day in america. i don't understand how he can do something like this to such vul ner blt people who need our
5:54 pm
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the mysterious and inkplikable artist banksy strikes again for his work "love is in the bin." that's 16 million pounds. we are selling the banksy painting that shreded itself sold. >> sold to you, 16 million pounds. >> the painting of a young girl holding a heart balloon selling for $25.4 million. three years ago, you may remember this, the painting originally up for sale in london. after the gavel went down, an
5:59 pm
alarm sounded. the then titled girl with a balloon sucked itself into a shredder hidden in a frame. on lookers gasping. the buyer going through with the sale. the work authenticated as a completely new painting and renamed love is in the bin it was an incredible piece of art and carried out in the censor. >> that wasn't ready for round two. >> i can't tell you how terrified i am to bring down this hammer.
6:00 pm
the painting saling for 18 times the original price to a collector out of asia. representing a shift of who is shelling out for art. >> what is significant about this sale is that it is really an entire paradigm shift. a new generation of collectors who want to buy artists of their generation. >> love him or ate him, he is a genius. thanks to tom lamas for that reporting. we have a lot more to get to. it is trump's world and republicans are still living in it. how much of an effect will his latest stunts have in on an going virginia race. new comedy special is the streaming company experiencing a few bad weeks.
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