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tv   Kendis Gibson and Lindsey Reiser Report  MSNBC  October 16, 2021 3:00am-4:00am PDT

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better place than we are. >> what would you say to judy if she could hear you? >> i would just tell her i love her and i would give her the biggest hug. >> that's all for this edition of "dateline." i'm natalie morales. thank you for watching. ♪♪ first up on msnbc, stepping up the pressure on former president trump's former right-hand man. the january 6th committee is getting ready to turn up the heat threatening steve banning with criminal charges if he doesn't testify. committee member pete aguilar reminding us what's at stake. >> what we hope to get is the full picture of the pressure campaign that the former president utilized on his own department of justice and how they, in turn, used it on other states. we think it's very clear that
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that's exactly what happened. >> how important is it that the committee show its teeth? and if they do, what happens next? two senators on opposite sides of the democratic party in a showdown over president biden's agenda. the new shots fired in the war of words between bernie sanders and joe manchin. it's more than two months until christmas. kendis, if you haven't gotten my gift yet, you better get ready. we're live with a toy expert to find out how the holiday could affect us. >> we're like it will get there when it gets there. one of the biggest stars in the nba could give up $200 million for staying unvaccinated. what is going on can kyrie irving? >> this is not a political thing. it's about my life and what i'm choosing to do. good morning. it's saturday, october 16th.
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>> i'm lindsey reiser. >> i'm kendis gibson. we're at world headquarters in new york. space is cool. as we found out about an hour ago. >> we have big blue origin space news this week. this happened about 5:30 this morning eastern time. a lucy probe being beamed up into space near jupiter. >> okay. so what this is, it started its 4 billion mile journey that will take 12 years. while many networks are showing you this, the beginning, we have the exclusive on what exactly -- actual video on lucy and what it will do. here it is. >> don't sell what you can't deliver. >> it's going to visit some eight asteroids while previous probes just visited one. lucy will visit eight asteroids over the next 12 years. things that are considered prehistoric treasures. we'll see how the universe started. that's what happened within the last half hour. >> love it. >> cool to watch.
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from tel aviv to chicago, we're happy to have an all-star team of correspondents joining us this morning. we will begin on capitol hill. the congressional committee investigating the january 6th insurrection is moving forward with its promise to try to hold individuals defying its subpoena accountable. >> how will this play out? we'll find out tuesday night when the panel is scheduled to vote to hold former trump adviser steve bannon in contempt of congress. you remember last week bannon refused to turn over requested documents and just didn't show up for a scheduled deposition. here's committee member, congressman pete aguilar, saying not only is he confident the committee will refer those charges but that they'll pass the house floor, too. >> we're very aware of the tactics they could use, though. we want to be thoughtful in how we proceed. we have an investigative plan that will help do that. >> julie is joining us from capitol hill to kick us off. good morning to you. this panel on tuesday, it's
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going to have a vote. it's the first in a series of steps needed to try to move forward with criminal contempt. is it a forgone conclusion at this point that it will be approved? >> yeah, good morning. it's hard to imagine that the committee wouldn't approve the report given how outspoken every member on the panel has been saying they would swiftly move to hold anybody in contempt of congress who defied a subpoena and now, of course, that's steve bannon. former trump adviser who was also his campaign adviser and credited with organizing the stop the steal rally on january 6th. even liz cheney and adam kinzinger, the committee's two republicans, they have no reason to protect bannon and all indications point to on tuesday night the committee will approve this report which should hold bannon in contempt of congress. the committee will vote on this report first. once they approve that, it will
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head to the house floor for a full committee vote. then once that passes, if that passes the full house, speaker pelosi will refer that report to biden's justice department. it will head to the d.c. district attorney where he will then decide whether to prosecute and convict bannon. this is a lengthy process. so there are questions that remain on whether bannon will, in fact, face punishment, which is up to one year or hefty fines or whether the committee will get what they want, which is to hear from bannon and get some of hits testimony. adam schiff was asked about this last night on msnbc. he's a member of the panel. here's what he had to say. >> it's very hard to see how we can get timely information to protect the country if we can't enforce our own subpoenas. i view this as an early test on whether our democracy is recovering. >> adam schiff is also the chairman of the house intelligence committee. he was around during the russian investigation, during the first impeachment of president trump.
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so he knows just how well former aides of president trump defy congress including bannon. he think it's important those guys face consequences. real quick, they're also waiting to hear from three other trump aides, that includes mark meadows, kash patel and dan scavino. >> thank you for starting us off. we want to bring in glenn kerstner, and also with us is emily beverly. glenn, we'll start with you. good morning to you. let's say bannon is held in contempt of congress. how does that bring the committee closer to getting what it wants? information? >> the perfect question. good morning. let's look at some of the steve
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bannon contempt by the numbers justice questions. one of the numbers, 194, the federal code section that provides when congress votes somebody in contempt and refers it for prosecution, the u.s. attorney for the district of columbia shall bring it forward for action. not might, not may, shall. if steve bannon is voted in contempt, it will be brought before the grand jury. steve bannon clearly violated a lawfully issued congressional subpoena. the grand jury should indict him and then the matter moves to the court. here's the next important number. 70. the speedy trial act says from the time of an indictment to the time of trial, the prosecutors have 70 days. here's the good news.litigation allows for endless delay, particularly by nefarious
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litigants, don mcgahn ran out the clock for two years, in a civil case that involved the enforcement of a congressional subpoena. somewhat infamously, donald trump went up and down to the supreme court twice for years trying to keep his tax returns hidden from the state of new york, from congress and by extension from the american people. well, criminal cases, the prosecutors and the judges can control the amount of delay. so in a criminal case, steve bannon could be convicted of contempt much more quickly than we ever see resolution in the civil cases. that's going to be important when we see how long is this going to take and will steve bannon and his lawyers be able to weaponize the delay in the court system and run out the clock. the answer should be no. >> but i have to be quick on this. yes, thank you for explaining it so well. but to so many people this seems like an exercise in futility. he's not really going to jail.
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>> well, you know, here's what the law says, kendis. if he is convicted of criminal contempt of congress, there's a mandatory minimum. the judge must impose at least 30 days in jail or up to one year in prison. here's the other fringe benefit, let me call it, of criminal contempt. if steve bannon is indicted, that's basically the department of justice calling his contemptuous bluff. at that point he could say i want to negotiate a plea, that plea will involve me going before congress and testifying truthfully. in other words, you got me. even this could still produce testimony by steve bannon. >> we are going to start to see very soon how this is impacting voters, how real-world americans are viewing this. for example, republican candidate glenn youngkin in virginia tried distancing himself from a rally in richmond where attendees pledged allegiance to this flag,
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apparently used in the insurrection. trump telling his supporters just not to vote in 2022 or 2024 unless republicans back all of his election lies. do you think voters are watching this as closely as people on the hill are? >> i think voters are watching this closely. and i think that youngkin is doing what my grandmother would call speaking out of both sides of his mouth. he's saying that he -- he is his own surrogate, he's the only person who is representing his campaign. but he's not denouning donald trump and he applauded that rally before he realized that folks in that rally were pledging allegiance to a flag that was used in the insurrection. he realizes that biden won virginia by 54-44, and he needs to have both the urban areas and the suburbs of virginia like
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alexandria, richmond, roanoke, he needs to have inroads in those areas as well as what has traditionally voted republican in the south if he's going to be the first republican to win statewide since 2009. i think voters are paying attention. i think he knows voters are paying attention and he's trying to split the baby. this is what happens when you have donald trump as your main representative for your party. he can't bring donald trump in because glenn youngkin would be forced to alienate some of his voters. our democratic candidate actually has the full standing of his party and has -- mcauliffe has barack obama coming in, he has the first lady biden coming in. he's got the big guns. >> there's a bigger gun that's not mentioned on that list who so far hasn't said whether he
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will cross the potomac to go to virginia and visit. alaina, i do want to talk about the president's agenda. senator sanders has been promoting president biden's $3.5 trillion economic package. he seems to have ruffled some few feathers when he took that campaign to west virginia, publishing an op-ed, urging senator manchin to support it. manchin fired back saying no self-declared independent will change his mind about that bill. if you're at the white house right now, what would you advise the president to do to iron out this agreement that's holding back this agenda? these guys that are publicly fighting, they have lunch together every tuesday. they can hash it out there. what are you doing if you're at the white house? >> if you're at the white house, you are taking the show on the road, which is what joe biden is doing and talking about all the ways that the $3.5 trillion bill would actually serve the american people.
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you're rearticulating the message that was in the op-ed, which is that this bill is good for the american people. the child tax credit is good and valued and appreciated by the working class public. including those folks in virginia. that is a very -- in west virginia. that is a popular element of the bill. you're also talking about the way medicare expansion will help serve those folks in need. there are elements of this bill. but i think what you have, what you will see the white house do honestly is to scale back on the climate elements of the bill. and the green electric elements of the bill. that's the one thing that might be able to get manchin to move. >> all right. we'll have to leave it there with alaina beverly and glenn. glenn, justice is -- >> coming. it's coming. >> we'll see. we've been waiting a long time. all right. thank you guys. appreciate it. an fda panel recommends
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booster shots, but this time for people more than 18 years old. that is if you got the j&j shot on the first go. but what brand should you go for on the second round? we'll break it down with our doctor next. and coming up later in the hour, he once apologized for saying the earth is flat. now kyrie irving is saying good-bye to about half of his $35 million salary and a shot at a championship because he refuses to get vaccinated. the broader impact of his covid stance.
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former president bill clinton is spending his fourth night in a california icu. the 75-year-old went to the hospital tuesday for an infection and the spokesman said he is still getting antibiotics and iv treatment. the 42nd president was in california for a private event for the clinton foundation but went to the hospital when he felt extreme fatigue.
3:19 am
clinton had quadruple bypass surgery in 2004 and six months later had surgery to remove scar tissue and fluid from his chest cavity. he also had two stents put in in 2010. so, a source close to the president told nbc news this urological infection morphed into a broader one. he's spending the fourth night in the hospital as mentioned but all accounts suggest the prognosis is good. how serious was this or how serious could this have been? >> what we're hearing is that the president is somebody who had a urologic infection that then spread to his blood. any time that happens, anyone of any age, that's a serious condition when you have bacteria in your bloodstream, that means prompt action by iv fluids,
3:20 am
trying to get at the source of that infection. when you talk about somebody in their 70s that has coronary artery disease, the stakes are larger because there's less reserve to fight off that infection. this needed to be taken care of promptly and it was a serious hospitalization and a threat to the health for the former president. >> we are glad to hear that it sounds like he'll be okay. let's move on to covid here. that fda advisory panel voting unanimously to recommend that second johnson & johnson shot for anyone 18 and older two months after the first dose. the panel already recommended moderna's shot for some americans, and the fda is expected to sign off on that in the coming days, then the cdc will need to sign off. how soon are we talking about getting shots into arms? >> probably within a week or so is when this whole process will play out. the cdc already scheduled meeting for next week with their acip, their advisory committee, they'll go through that data and
3:21 am
that will fall to the cdc director to endorse that recommendation or not. so i suspect probably by late next week there will be boosters for moderna and johnson & johnson being implemented. >> let's talk about mixing and matching. a lot of people are probably hearing this johnson & johnson news saying wait, j&j is supposedly not as effective, do i need to get pfizer or moderna for my booster. the study that says mixing and matching is safe and effective hasn't been peer reviewed. where do you stand on this issue? >> it's an interesting concept. there's a lot of merit to thinking about vaccinating with a type of vaccine using a different technology. there is data to show this may be something that's more effective and something that may be become part of our strategies to deal with covid in the future. i don't think there's enough data to know how safe this is and how effective it is and we want to get it all right before this is implemented. this is something that will probably progress over time and there will likely be a different
3:22 am
type of evaluation process. it's something that is exciting in the field of vaccines and it's something that will probably make it to our arms. >> i have to be quick with you on this, the cdc announced new holiday guidance. originally we know that holiday guidance was keep things virtual regardless of vaccination status. there was a huge outcry about that. now they're telling americans to have a good, normal holiday. what do you make of the new guidance and of this misstep with that initial notification? >> it's another public health communication mistake by the cdc. we know that now in the post-vaccine era, this is something that we can do safely, especially for those who are vaccinated. especially people can do things outside and especially when peoples risk tolerance is adjusting to this virus that is not going anywhere. >> doctor, good to see you. thank you very much. >> thank you. an act of terrorism, british authorities releasing new details on the man who stabbed a
3:23 am
conservative lawmaker there. what we know about the murder of a man once knighted by the queen. and coming up in our next hour, an ongoing battle in a texas school district. it takes an interesting turn. after persistent pushback against a diversity and inclusion plan, one administrator said teachers should offer books of opposing views of the holocaust. what? that's coming up at 7:00 a.m.
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. we're back with breaking news that we're learning out of houston, texas. want to show you where this is taking place. it's north of the city of houston itself. police there are saying that -- just confirmed that three deputies have been shot. we're told one of them is dead. the other two are either in surgery right now or are about to go into surgery. law enforcement just updating the media saying this was an
3:28 am
ambush attack. >> they say this is obviously the hardest thing a department ever has to go through. a tragic time for them. it happened around 2:15 eastern time at a lounge in this area. so the deputies were called outside for some kind of disturbance, possibly a robbery, when they were ambushed. one person of interest is in custody. police say they're not 100% sure yet, it's still so early if this is the suspect they're looking for. they're asking for help from the public. we'll listen now to some of what police just said. >> this is a tough time for precinct 4. i'm asking for all our communities thoughts and prayers for our families. my main concern right now are the families of the three officers involved and getting them the immediate care and support they'll need. we mobilized our victims assistance and we'll be giving them the support over the next couple of days. >> so once again, there's been a shooting. at least three officers have
3:29 am
been hit. two of them are injured. a third, we're told right now, has passed away. they're describing this as some sort of ambush attack that took place outside of a lounge in the northern part of houston, just outside of that city. >> we'll bring you details as they come in. another investigation taking place overseas. police now saying the murder of a british lawmaker was terrorism. new video of boris johnson arriving unannounced to the scene of the attack to lay down some flowers of his colleague of the labour party. david amess was meeting with constituents inside a church. this comes five years after the murder of another british lawmaker, jo cox. this is leading to a number of calls, growing calls for increased security for
3:30 am
politicians in the uk. boris johnson so far is saying now is not the time. >> kendis, good morning. a real debate right now in the uk about how to keep members of parliament safe without cutting them off from the people they represent. as you said, london's metropolitan police overnight declaring the killing of sir david a terrorist incident, saying it was possibly motivated by an islamist extremist ideology. they have a 25-year-old british suspect in custody. they have not yet released his name nor has he formally been charged with a crime. as you saw, prime minister boris johnson attending this morning a memorial for his colleague from britain's ruling conservative party. last night the prime minister led a wave of tributes to sir david. let's listen to what he had to say. >> above all, he was one of the kindest, nicest, most gentle
3:31 am
people in politics. he also had an outstanding record of passing laws to help the most vulnerable, whether they're people suffering from endometriosis, passing laws to help animals, or to ease the suffering of people up and down the country. >> now, the killing of both sir david and jo cox, that labour mp killed back in 2016, took place during what the british call constituency surgeries. this is when an mp goes back to their district, they set up shop in a church or community center, it's usually very low key, and they sit there and members of the public can come in without an appointment and tell them what's on their minds. these constituency surgeries are seen as a crucial part of british democracy. now with two mps killed during
3:32 am
five years, there is a real debate about whether there needs to be more security or more screening at them. >> many are saying this particular politician was not a fan of the virtual meetings with his constituents. he really liked this face-to-face sort of thing. definitely a re-examination of how they're doing things there in the uk. raf, thank you. still to come, bottleneck at the ports. the shipping crisis is a pandemic byproduct that experts say we could be living with for years. so what does it mean for you? we'll speak to the president of the toy industry association about why christmas presents could cost a lot more this year if you can get your hands on them. introducing fidelity income planning. we look at what you've saved, what you'll need, and help you build a flexible plan for cash flow that lasts, even when you're not working, so you can go from saving... to living. ♪ let's go ♪ with relapsing forms of ms...
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you reach for the really good stuff. and if you're pregnant or planning to be. new zzzquil ultra helps you sleep better and longer when you need it most. it's non habit forming and powered by the makers of nyquil. new zzzquil ultra. when you really really need to sleep. >> what's your message to the union workers striking across the country right now? >> my message is that they have a right to strike. they have a right to demand higher wages. the companies they're striking on are doing very well. >> president biden showing his support for the thousands of workers striking across the country. what are they fighting for? better working conditions, benefits and pay. >> workers across several big-name companies and organizations are preparing to go on strike. it's happening as the nation struggles with a labor shortage and a shipping crisis. morgan chesky has more. >> reporter: american union
3:36 am
workers helping keep your favorite foods in stock and tv shows on air flexing new leverage. picket lines popping up nationwide. amid some industry labor shortages and severe supply chain issues. >> the cheap labor bubble has finally busted. >> reporter: more than 10,000 members of the united auto workers union clocking out and speaking up. the group keeping 14 john deere plants running across five states demanding more. >> if we have to set out of work for a while we will. >> reporter: the halts coming during a record breaking year for the agricultural giant. $4.7 billion in profits so far. john deere says they'll keep operations running why trying to resolve the rift. the uaw demands, part of a resurgent fight for workers rights picking up steam from coast to coast. >> we're fighting for everyone. if you clock in for a living, we're fighting for you. >> reporter: tavita is an airline union member who works for american airlines. he is now visiting picket lines
3:37 am
nationwide to show support for other unions. paying out of his own pocket to visit nebraska for a kellogg's labor fight and a nabisco strike in portland. >> what shifted to bring us here to this moment now? >> a lot of upset workers. that's it. we're just tired of being in the background and watching these ceos make all this money. >> reporter: out in hollywood, a potential strike by 60,000 film and tv workers is just days away. in a series of tweets thursday, their union writing if the studios want a fight, they poked the wrong bear. their calls for higher pay, better benefits and meal breaks growing louder ahead of the strike set for monday. as more and more american workers look to the future. >> i think they're not willing to take it anymore. that's showing up in the strike activity. it's showing up in high quit rates. it's showing up in jobs being vacant for longer. and, in fact, it's forcing
3:38 am
employers to do better. >> our thanks to morgan chesky for teeing us off. we want to talk about how this economic news will affect you at home and how it could effect the holidays. joining us now is toy association president and ceo, steve pasierb. thank you for being here. as you saw there, morgan chesky was reporting we're seeing a supply chain crisis as you're well aware of because of the shipping problems and labor shortages. we know demand is still there. talk about how your industry is planning to deal with this. >> we saw this coming storm, but there was few ways out. this is an end to end crisis from the factory in asia to the loading dock of the retailer in america. every step along the way from ocean shipping to our own trucking is broken. so they're literally trying every way they can to get product to the company. booking their own ship in the case of major retailers, switching to airlines in the case of higher-priced products, doing whatever it takes to get
3:39 am
product in. our largest companies, our major year-around shippers, they are shipping all over the world. the smaller and mid-sized companies are suffering. those are a lot of great american jobs in those small and medium sized toy companies. >> you said toys could cost up to 10% more this year because of the backlog. as someone in the business of bringing kids joy, what can parents do at this point? just set them up for failure come december 25th? >> you know, it sounds self-serving, but the time to shop for toys is now. we all know the fact that most of the christmas stuff is in place late august, early september. stores have their best variety right now. there's still a lot of product out in the system. shop early for toys. don't put it off hoping for that after-thanksgiving sale. those are not going to be that big this year. we're seeing somewhere between 5% and 10% price increases already. so if your kid has their heart set on something, get that toy now. hide it in the attic, put it in
3:40 am
the trunk of your car, then maybe wait for those additional things. best selection now, best pricing now. don't wait for that big sale. >> yeah. take your kid to cvs or 7-eleven and make them fall in love with everything they see there. >> this is why you don't have children. >> this is why i don't have kids. president biden was talking about this, saying that he's asked big retailers to step up. >> walmart is committing as much as 50% increase in the use of off-peak hours over the next several weeks. fedex and u.p.s., two of our nation's biggest freight movers are committing today to significantly increase the amount of goods they're moving at night. >> could a different politician have done a better job with all of this? i saw jim jordan, the congressman from ohio tweeting christmas presents were never late when president trump was in charge.
3:41 am
to which the daily show said you will have ask eric. is it a political thing? what's happening? could the president do more with this? >> you know, this is a global crisis that's been building throughout the pandemic. so when ports are closed in china and factories are closed in china, no politician here can control that. when ships are stuck out at sea for a couple extra weeks, no politician can solve that. we need to give our federal maritime commission more clout. we reached out to every member of congress and asked them to step up, to talk about the global shipping conglomerates and the role they played in hiking prices 500% to 800%. it's not just about the chain and the capacity, there's been a lot of profit taking here upstream. those are the things where politics around the world -- really the global community has to come together. our companies are leaders in the world. they may make products in asia but they sell them all over the world, they bring the profits
3:42 am
back to america. that's the real issue. we turn this into a political football, nothing will happen. we have to get the private sector and the government sector together to find solutions. >> your quick thought on this. the ceo of best buy tells nbc news this week that black friday deals are coming early, as early as next week. amazon, target and sam's club following suit. how will that help? >> you know, anything we do in the retail sector to get things prepared is great. in best buy's case, an average price of a toy sold in america is $10. we're not talking about flat screen tvs, computers, things like that. the retail community has been moving on this for over a year. everyone is in place. it's great news that we'll use the ports overnight. the port of l.a. has been doing an amazing job. the announcement that came out this week was about moving 3,500 more containers per week. that's great but your average ship has between 100,000 and 200,000 containers on it.
3:43 am
it's progress. all these things help. we have a much larger issue. it will take us a long time to unwind. >> by doing black friday early, it moves that inventory out and helps to clear up some of the logjam. we'll leave it there. steve, thank you very much. appreciate it. >> have a great morning. >> now i have to plan and i'm not going to get any deals. >> you can go early. you can go to 7-eleven and cvs. >> maybe write me a card this year. you don't have to get me anything. >> that's more than you've gotten the last two years. >> i think you got me booze last year. that was good. >> see how that ended up. all right. vaccine defiance. half of chicago's police force is at risk of being put on unpaid leave. what that could mean for a city that has seen a big spike in violent crime. ♪ ♪ ♪
3:44 am
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with the right balance of risk and reward. so you can enjoy more of...this. this is the planning effect. why is cvs pharmacy® america's choice for vaccinations? because we all got the covid-19 vaccine and flu shot. and i could make the appointments right here. save time, schedule online. no wonder cvs pharmacy® is america's choice for vaccinations. it's safe to say the city of chicago will have a police force at 50% or less for this weekend coming up. >> our membership spoke loudly, and i can tell you they're absolutely -- even the ones that were vaccinated -- against a mandated vaccination program. >> that is the chicago police union president. this morning it's unclear exactly how many of his colleagues will show up to work.
3:47 am
they had until yesterday to get a city-mandated covid shot or risk being placed on unpaid leave. >> joining us from chicago is wendy wilfork. both sides are accusing each other of the same thing, risking public safety over this mandate. >> that's right. good morning to you. this mandate for sure highlights the delicate balance for police officers when it comes to public safety, public health and personal freedoms. i've lived here in the chicagoland area for the last 11 years until recently. i can attest that there is not a weekend morning that goes by that there are not shootings and homicides in the headlines in the news here. this mandate also comes at a time when violent crime such as expressway shootings and carjackings are on the rise. many chicago residents were holding their breath as mayor lightfoot's deadline to report
3:48 am
vaccination status passed. especially after union leaders as we just talked about threatened that nearly half of the police force would not be patrolling these streets this weekend if mayor lightfoot made good on the promise to put all officers who refuse to report their status on unpaid leave. but chicago is not the only police department struggling with the issue of vaccine mandates. seattle is preparing emergency plans and the l.a. county sheriff recently said he will refuse similar mandates. especially with the backdrop of defunding the police making it difficult to find people who will serve. >> i don't want to be in a position to lose 5%, 10% of my work force overniht over a vaccine mandate while at the same time our bare bones with the defunding effort. this is like the worst of two worlds right here. we have to pick and choose. >> please look yourself in the mirror and ask are you doing the
3:49 am
right thing by removing people who are willing to continue to serve this community? >> so right now while this temporary restraining order is in effect, the city is saying they will not put anyone on unpaid leave until they can collect the data and see how many people have actually decided to go ahead and report their vaccination status. at this point we can say both sides in this showdown blinked. >> we'll leave it there. wendy, thank you. still to come, the brooklyn nets are supposed to have a real shot at a title this year, but now a high-profile player is sitting out over his stance on vaccines. [swords clashing] - had enough? - no... arthritis. here. new aspercreme arthritis. full prescription-strength? reduces inflammation? thank the gods. don't thank them too soon. kick pain in the aspercreme.
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3:53 am
. the new nba season tips off tuesday night with a matchup between the nba champs, the milwaukee bucks and the brooklyn nets but the nets will be without one of our theirself players. >> the superstar kyrie irving will not be playing until he's vaccinate. he hopped on instagram live to explain his decision. >> i those to be unvaccinated, and that was my choice. and i would ask you all just to respect that choice. this is not a political thing here, not about the nba or any organization. it's about my life and what i'm choosing to do. >> as you can imagine there has been plenty of backlash. in a "washington post" op-ed
3:54 am
columnist robinson wrote i don't respect his choice at all. we're all battling together to beat a highly infectious virus that's killed more than 127,000 americans. it threatens not just his own health but should he be infected. it affects players, referees and the fans who come to see the nets play. >> irving could lose out on $200 million with this decision, when you add up his salary and his contract extension. he's one of only about 20 or 25 unvaccinated players in the league so far. >> let's go ahead and welcome in alex schiffer, the beat writer for the athletic and damon young, satirist and author of -- what has been the reaction of both teammates and fans since this decision and since him speaking out on instagram? >> yeah. his teammates have said all the right things. they've been very respectful of his decision, but they've also been up front that they want him here. you know, kevin durant said when
3:55 am
he was clear to practice back last friday that that's great, but we want him here for the whole thing. james harden's been adamant that he's a huge part of what they do but again it's a personal decision and they can only go so far with him there. fans on the other hand, you know, they -- the nets haven't won a championship since julius irving played for them in the '70s. outside the arena thursday, i had a fan tell me he's crossing a dynasty. echoes are similar there. the team has said all the right things but they've had frustrations privately, i'm sure, and fans are pretty upset on it. >> and many of the coaching staff for the nets saying this was a really tough decision but they believe it was the right one. damon, i understand that kyrie's actually your favorite player. he says he wants to be a voice to the voiceless, of course he's a flat earther, he has been. not sure what voice he's voicing there. how well is he doing that right
3:56 am
now with this vaccine thing? >> yeah, i mean, the thing with kyrie is like he -- he's a star basketball player, a star professional athlete whose personality seems to be incompatible with the demands that we expect of professional athletes and, you know, you would think, you would presume that if you want him to be a voice for the quote/unquote voiceless then he would take the vaccine and then be available for these press conferences after the game. then he could -- you know, he wouldn't have to talk about the game, he could talk about the vaccine mandates and people losing their jobs but now he's on ig live in a dark room somewhere speaking and, again, i don't -- i just don't know if he's really thought this through. because it's like if someone invites you to a party, right now, the most important question isn't who's -- isn't when or where, it's who's going to be there. and he's taken this
3:57 am
controversial stance. and he will get some of the people who are his supporters, like ted cruz, jason whitlock -- >> part of what is infuriating to me is you have conservatives who have been saying, the league let magic johnson play with hiv, so why won't they allow kyrie to play? it has been infuriating up and down the debate. >> if you have these people on your side, then you're probably on the wrong side. >> alex, last question to you. want to know what you think about the brooklyn nets, how they're looking without kyrie irving at this point. >> yeah, i mean, they're still considered the favorites, even without him going into the season. kevin durant and james harden are still two of the world's best players but their margin for error is slimmer. kevin durant and james harden missed half the season last year and hamstring strains, when healthy they can still take out many teams in a seven-game
3:58 am
series. but, you know, the joy of having kyrie irving on the roster is that you can stagger all three stars, you can have a situation where not -- where each one of them is on the court for an extended period of time while the other two rest, and their supporting cast is about as good as you can have. so you're really looking at, if anything happens to kevin durant and/or james harden, you know, kyrie irving is kind of just going to be out there unvaccinated, unable to play for the team, and, you know, this supporting cast have to figure something out without them. so -- >> okay. >> that's really the problem. if either one of them gets hurt, they get into some trouble. >> all right, gentlemen, alex schiffer and damon young, we'll have to leave it there. >> the washington football team are like, yeah, keep talking about irving, forget about gruden and everything else, kyrie and vaccination. >> can we go one weekend without you alien ating some sports team. >> that's true.
3:59 am
we're starting a new hour of msnbc right now. ♪♪ first up on msnbc, former trump adviser steve bannon on a collision course with congress as the january 6th panel makes its first move in pursuit of criminal charges. on next week's vote sets off a process that could land bannon in serious hot water. >> we're very aware of the tactics that they could use, though, and we want to be thoughtful in how we proceed and we have an investigative plan that will help do that. >> overnight former president bill clinton still recovering from a non-covid related infection at a california hospital, the latest on his health condition and when exactly he's expected to go home. plus, a shocking moment caught on tape. >> we are in the middle of a political mess. >> secretly recorded audio from a texas school administrator sparking outrage, what she said
4:00 am
about books about the holocaust and why the district is now backtracking. high stakes standoff chicago's vaccine mandate for city employees goes into effect this morning. we're waiting to see the impact it will have after the head of the police union warned 50% of the officers could stay home this weekend alone. as we do say good morning, everybody, it is saturday, october 16th. i'm kendis gibson. >> i'm lindsey reiser. take you live to washington, d.c. and the capitol, the sunrise rising above there. we do know that president biden is in d.c. today for an event honoring police officers. >> what is that considered? is that fuchsia? what color is that? >> oh, you're putting me on the spot. >> i don't know my colors. >> lavender. >> okay. >> a little magenta. >> it's beautiful. >> back to some key things happening today, biden is also going to be on the phone with lawmakers because we know he is still negotiating that infrastructure package. we've got a team of reporters and analysts following the latest for us right now. we a


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