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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  October 14, 2021 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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helping people who have havana syndrome and doing what they can to help. good day, this is andrea mitchell reports. there is a vote on booster shots coming up. this as the president prepares to speak this hour on the continuing struggle to persuade the large percentage of americans resisting getting any covid vaccine. with only 56% of americans fully vaccinated. today, trump loyalists, cash patel, and steve bannon are both no-shows for their scheduled examination on congress. that could prolong the work
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while it is all fought out in the courts. . and this hour i will be joined by terry mccauliffe and his razor thin race. plus, two leading senators who lead on congress's pressure to help victims of the so called havana syndrome. we start with the coronavirus, joining us is dr. john torres. dr. torres, first to you, moderna's presentation today about the booster dose, what can you tell us about their data so far?
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>> what they're shoing is following the israeli presentation is erg that they're focusing on because they have real world understanding of what the booster doses mean. they want to focus on the safety of the vaccines. that's what they're talking about. the other is the effectiveness of these booster shots and particularly the booster shots for the elderly, those above the age of 60 or 65. and one of the things they're showing is the further away you are from getting your full dosing of the vaccine, if you got them back in december or january time frame, you more than likely have breakthrough infections than if you got them recently. they're using that saying because of that they want to move forward with these vaccine booster shots. and they want to move forward with a half dose, not a full dose, but they're showing that half dose can provide effectiveness and at the same time keep the side effects under
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control. that is what they're looking for, and that is what they're focusing on as we speak. >> just to follow up with you for a moment, there is some concern by staff members before the advisory committee that moderna retained so much strength that there was no need for a booster except perhaps for those with immunological conditions. >> the focus is on what do we want the vaccine to do. they want to make sure we don't get seriously ill or die from covid, and they're saying that the vaccine is doing a very good job. and the next group is saying we don't want mild or moderate symptoms because it could lead to longer term symptoms and more spread. moderna is not doing as good of
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a job as it was after the first two dosings. so they're saying yes, we probably need some booster shots. they're saying it is still doing a great job and we don't need boosters yet. that is what the big discussion is coming down to. >> and there is some surprise back when the pfizer booster was not authorized for all vaccine resip wents. it seemed to be more recipients. >> yes, it is holding up very well. better than the pfizer vaccine. i would not be surprised if they authorized additional doses for a narrower group because it is holding up so well. >> i want to ask you something about just the flu shot, making the flu shot with a booster or any kind of covid vaccine, when i went for any flu shot today, just to be personal, between
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"the today show," "morning joe," and coming back, i was told you should not get another virus vaccine within two weeks because it takes two weeks for any of the viral vaccines to take hold and fully reach their strength and you should not over tax your immune system 37. >> so it is unfortunate that you were given that information. after we came up here you'll need to tell me what pharmacy told you that. you can definitely take the flu shot with a covid shot. one before the other, it doesn't really matter what order or the timing. i think the key message here is that it is safe to get them together. it is really port to get a flu shot this year as well. we anticipate this is going to be a worse flu season that we
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have had in awhile. >> the important thing is to get some protection from both. >> that's right. that's right. >> that's right, get vaccinated against both. i think sometimes people worry that you -- we know you can have mild side effects with any vaccine. but that is really not a reason not to get your vaccinations. >> let's talk about the mixing and matching. certainly for j&j, they say it is okay to get an mrna vaccine for a second shot. is that a possibility? >> that is one of the interesting thing that's will come out today and tomorrow. they're focusing on moderna, and
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there has been a lot of data out there with the mixes and matching. and by that we mean getting a different vaccine than you initially got when you got your full dosing. and some of the information is saying yeah, it might be something that helps out. others is saying we don't know if we need mixing and matching. it will be interesting to see what they come down with. i think they say if you get the vaccine, make sure you get a booster when it is time and it might not matter which booster at that point, but we'll have to wait and see what they decide on tomorrow. >> doctor, with the president coming out today, and the low vaccinate rate of our country compared to other european countries, what more can be done to get people who may be
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waivering, what can persuade these people? >> i think it started out with focusing on carrots, not sticks. i think we are seeing a tougher line now with people who are opting out of testing mandates. osha the okay national safety organization is talking about workers, what kind of testing or vaccination efforts they will be required to have. and health care workers are mandated to get vaccinated. people working in nursing homes and other long-term care facilities. the staff of schools, not just teachers but other staffs as well. and nose mandates had a huge impact. we're seeing vaccination rates
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into the high the 90s across those other sectors. tyson foods, they have seen their vaccination rates shoot into the high 90s. as more and more employers implement the mandates you will see the fax nation rates go up. >> we're seeing some real fights from texas and other states where they have been fighting the mandates tooth and nail. thank you very much, doctors. great to have you both. thanks for the advice. a bellwether, terry mccauliffe joins us next on msnbc. on msnbc. but we lose control. ♪ ♪ ♪ should i stay or should i go? ♪
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the virginia governor's race is under way and democrats are getting increasingly nervous. terry mccauliffe's lead is growing smaller. donald trump called a rally for yunkin last night but he was a
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no-show as we walks the fine line between upsetting both sides. joining me now is terry mccauliffe. well, governor, great to have you back. the momentum seems to be in what was thought to be the challenger, self funded, what is making the difference? are you facing a lot of head winds because of the gridlock on capitol hill and frankly the problems that the biden white house is having? >> you know this is close a close race. for had for 44 years, the part that wins the white house will be the other party to win the
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governor. they started off by doing pledge of allegiance to a flag that was up here on january 6th for the insurrection. that alone is disqualifying and glenn has not come out to disqualify that. we lived through theinsanity of donald trump for four years. the only thing on his website has been election integrity. not jobs or education. he is doubling down on conspiracy theories about the 2020 election. he said the other day he wants virginia's machines to be audited. it's all of this craziness from trump and the conspiracy theories. i have 20 serious plans. i got 200,000 new jobs, personal income went up 14%.
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i protected win's rights. he is going to ban abortions. he is on tape saying that. that is a real issue for everyone today. trump's supreme court, if youngkin is elected, he will try to ban abortions. >> i'm very vocal, as you know, i'm very authentic. we passed -- >> why should they vote for you. >> i get things done. look at all of the republicans,
9:17 am
a leading conservative endorsed me. if i was running the show here, i would get everyone in a room. >> what do you want biden to do? >> get in a room, lock the door, and say what do you mean? $7 billion for roads in virginia in the infrastructure bill. all of these folks love to go out and do press conferences. go do your job. vote and get it done. we need it in virginia, america, and that's why people, as i say, republicans, democrats, they all support me. i got things done. i don't care what you -- >> you're coming out really hard against the president and the way he is handling the negotiations? >> yes, and thank you to president biden who just gave us $14.3 million.
9:18 am
i have president obama, i have jill biden, i have stacey abrams on sunday. i have the mayor of atlanta in on sunday. everyone is coming in. people need to understand. this is a critical election. it is a critical election because we have someone who is a total trump want-to-be. his whole campaign is about donald trump. he has been endorsed by trump five times. we don't that want divisive politics any more. it was just disgrateful. that they did the pledge of allegiance to a flag up there. i'm so proud, i'm the son of an army captain. i'm a proud father of marine captain jack mccauliffe. people fought and died for the right to democracy and these thugs go here on january 6th and destroy -- people died.
9:19 am
law enforcement died. and they use a flag that they want to destroy, the flag, the symbol of democracy, and they were pledging allegiance to a flag they wanted to use up to there to destroy our democracy. he is unfit. he needs to come out today and say it was wrong to do a pledge of allegiance to that flag and i want him to say that january 6th was wrong. >> what did you mean when you said parents have no role in coming into the schools. >> parents have a role in education, and my plan, the fox poll out the other day, a doubt digit lead for parents. i have a record investment. i have a $2 plan, i want to raise teacher pay. i want to get 40,000 at risk students, pre-k, i want every child to have broadband.
9:20 am
he wants 40,000 teachers to be cut. read "the washington post." >> if you want broadband they should have sign thad bipartisan infrastructure bill. >> right off of the bat i would get $100 until virginia the next day. >> my message to everyone, let's get in a room and get figured out. it's not about me or the election. this is about who we are as americans. that's why i'm so offended by what they did last night. it just offends me. it is a racist dog whistle. i bring everyone together. from the start of his campaign he has run down our state, our education system, our economy nap is not what people want. they want someone who will lift
9:21 am
everybody up. >> we're going to have to boost on, but we will come back soon. >> i'm ready since the day i was born. >> please come back. >> thank you. >> and let me just point out that we have reached out repeatedly, of course, to the youngkin campaign. there is almost three weeks to go to ask him to join us and we have yet to have a response but when he does, he has a seat at the table. and coming up, nbc news investigates. . two senators leading a fight to help those victims. susan collins on andrea mitchell reports. andrea mitchell reports.
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five years after now an exclusive report show that's three of the original diplomats affected in havana are speaking out on television with permission for the state department. >> in the winter of 2016, diplomats kate hudson and douglas ferguson were working, their nights at home interrupted
9:25 am
by a piercing noise from their backyard. >> it was a lot worse earlier. >> it was persistent, kind of at the same level all of the time. very, very loud. it's nothing you could sit with. >> did anyone else in your neighborhood have this experience at their homes? >> yeah, on our right was another embassy family, and the people on our left and across the street were both canadian embassy employees. in the end all four households were diagnosed. >> in a nearby neighborhood, tina who worked with them was washing dishes. >> i was standing at the kitchen window and all of a sudden i felt like i was being struck with something. >> what was it like? >> it was gripping, it was like i had been seized by an invisible hand and i could not move.
9:26 am
>> they were among the first victims of a still unexplained phenomenon come to be explained as havana syndrome. mostly u.s. diplomats and spies reporting neurological and other symptoms. >> the primary injury that i'm having is called an acquired brain injury. >> related to a directional phenomenon exposure. >> he said it's like you aged 20 or 25 years all at once. >> how is your health today? >> it is not easy to talk about our health because it is an invisible injury. it's 4.5 years of excruciating headaches. it's four-and-a-half years of stumbling and losing my balance. of vision degradationdegradatio. people don't understand what it can do to you.
9:27 am
>> despite the rising number of rising cases there is still skepticism. some suggest it's mass hysteria. but those that have examined them at the state department and a panel that studied their illnesses have reached a different conclusion. >> i don't know why this happened to these individuals, but i think it was deliberate. >> stanford professor david wellman, who was on the panel, think it's may have been districted pulsed radio frequency. >> there are many bad actors that could deploy a technology like this. >> how do you feel when you hear all of the doubters that say it is psychogenic, that it's mass hysteria. >> i mean i have verified physical injuries. >> i spent about nine months trying to do my old job. a few pieces every day. they call it work hardenning,
9:28 am
and i felt sick all of the time. >> while doug has recovered, kate's diplomatic service is over. and tina's rising career was cut short. >> i work a few hours per day if i'm lucky. as much skepticism as surrounds this, it's very real. >> the diplomats are speaking out. >> they're normal folks, out serving our country, and this happened. i want the viewers to happen that this is real, it happened, and it is happening. >> it's easy for people to be dismissive. people say i look fine, but i'm not. i don't think very many of us are. and we just want to have our lives back. >> on friday president biden signed the havana act to help american victims inflicted by
9:29 am
these neurological attacks. two of the senators supporting this is joining me now. we have senator shaheen joining us. i know it means a lot to me and for the victims for whom you have been working tirelessly, both of you. senator collins, their stories are heartbreaking. causing brain damage and cutting short careers. how serious do you believe this is? >> i'm completely convinced that these victims have suffered traumatic brain injuries. devastating illnesses that may be with them for a very long time, perhaps even a lifetime. it has been so frustrating that they have had to fight to get
9:30 am
the medical care and compensation that they need and deserve. that is why i authored with jeanne shaheen, the havana act, so they get the medical care they so desperately need and that they are valued and shown that we believe them. >> senator shaheen, you have written a letter that was sent to secretary of state blinken. there is a number of senators on it from both sides saying the victims need help now and you want them to do more. first you want someone to replace the ambassador who had previously ben in charge, what more do you want to see from the
9:31 am
state department? >> it is no longer there and in charge of reponding to shoes personnel. i don't see how they could have talked to victims or the doctors that treated them and not believe it is real, and those that suggest it was made up, it would affect not just those affected, but to the national security of our country. we need to figure out how to respond to it. part of what our letter is trying to do, and it went out only to members of the foreign relations committee, that have the state department as part of our portfolio, to try to encourage secretary blinken and high level students to do more than they have done in the past.
9:32 am
they appeared to get more serious about hning to state department personnel that have been affected and tried to be responsive. and the havana bill that we worked on is an effort to ensure that people get the medical care and the benefits they deserve. >> and in fact doctors are now treating some of these patients, the same doctors that treat our returning should jers. you have oversight of the intelligence committee. and in 2000 cases reported around the world, so how are we zeroing in. trying to find the cause. first they said it was crickets in havana. it is pretty clear it is a
9:33 am
mechanical cause. it is some sort of pulse directed technology. >> it is pretty clear that this is a device or a weapon that uses pulsed radio frequencies or directed microwave number. and it is very real, but unfortunately we still do not know who the adversary who is wheelding this device or weapon is part of the havana fact that calls for a whole government approach in order to identify not only the weapon, but also the adversary. and that is really important. i give a lot of credit to the new director of the krrgs ia for taking seriously the illnesses
9:34 am
and complains and devastating brain injury who's are representing our country around the world and who are often very dangerous situations but have not encountered something like this. prior to director burns taking over, i felt like the cia was not giing these victims the help and the attention they deserve. and they have really lagged. secretary blinken was very slow. >> and director burns had a personal experience with it welcome a close aide, when they were traling in india very recently. >> that's right.
9:35 am
i remember a ranking member of his staff was afflicted. and as he told me this is a very tough individual who is kwused to be in dangerous situations, but it was absolutely devastating attack. he has always been a believer since day one, but seeing this happen to a member of his own staff only strengthened his determination to get to the bottom of these instances. >> now that it appeared all over the world, superintendent clear that this had to be, whether or not it is a device or a weapon, from a global power. there are not that many that have this technology or could have this technology? >> i think there is no question about that. again, the national academy of
9:36 am
sciences report from over a year ago suggested that was the cause of the attacks. and you know one of the things that we need to do, and that's why it is so important for the leadership, bill burns or secretary of defense, they need to take a serious look at this. we need to make personnel aware of this before they go overseats. and we need to get to the bottom of who is responsible. we know there are several states that have this kind of technology and each of us, i would guess, have our own suspicions about who is responsible. but we need to find this out and address it because the longer it goes on the more people that will be affected.
9:37 am
>> presumably you're talking about russia? >> russia is certainly one of the countries that was suggested by the national economy of sciences report and others. we know they had the technology probably longer than anybody, maybe even longer than the united states. seen figuring out who else has it and whether or not they have global reach to be able to do these kinds of attacks is's -- is another piece of what we need to look into. >> thank you so much, i know how much this means to you. it means a lot to me as well. thank you. >> thank you. >> and the subpoena show down, steve bannon saying he will not obey a subpoena. will he be forced to comply? fo?
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a fight to get former trump officials to testify is heating up. steve bannon is a no show today for his scheduled deposition. bannon, former chief of staff mark meadows, and other trump allies are using the claim of executive privilege to say they don't have to comply. >> we are deadly serious about getting to the bottom of several that happened. if witnesses don't appear when they are supposed to, we intend to move very quickly to have a vote in the house to hold them in general content. >> joining me now is
9:43 am
sahil kapur. pap non, of course, refuting to show up, so now what? do you think mark meadow social security going to show up tomorrow? >> he is refusing to comply with this subpoena and engage with this committee. he argues that his hands are tied. that is not a claim that the biden white house accepts. they say he needs to receive or they have threatened a criminal contempt citation. they would have to send it for a full vote. whether or not to seek jail time. we know that bannon is one of them. the committee said another individual has been engages. they said similar about mark
9:44 am
meadows. there is no word on whether or not he is going to show up. he put out a statement last night lavishing praise. it seems like he would be unlikely to do that. >> there was a central role being played en though he left the white house quite a while ago. he was drumming up the so-called big lie. that is part of the book "i alone can fix it." . you have to call pence off of the f-ing ski slopes. this is a crisis. we're going to bury biden on january 6th. how does bannon say that executive privilege should cover
9:45 am
him when he has been long out of the white house. >> that is a very important point. he was a ke key architect of th broader coups attempts. he can answer the academy's questions, about his specific roles with but he might be able to paint a fuller picture of who was involved and who in the government is helping assist these efforts. bannon has a lot of information about this and it is clear why they would want him to testify. it is talking about if it will actually hold up. it seems to be a delay tactic. to put off this committee and to
9:46 am
force a legal challenge. >> and so just to follow up, the pinnishment for anyone that goes in the other direction, taking a look at what is happening with liz chainy. a major hedge fund guy, he is now pouring money into the campaign against liz cheney. >> that's right, we should point out that liz cheney has a fund herself. but the entrance into this entrance just cig fies the importance of trump in the. >> thank you, we're waiting president biden at any moment. he is supposed to speak at the white house about the covid-19 response and the vaccination
9:47 am
program. we will bring him the comments live. and crisis mode, that is all coming up, this is andrea mitchell reports on msnbc. repo. ♪ ♪ should i stay or should i go? ♪ and we need insights across our data silos, but how? ♪ if i go there will be trouble ♪ ♪ ♪ wait, we can stay and go. hpe greenlake is the platform that brings the cloud to us. ♪ should i stay or should i go now? ♪ ♪ ♪
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what do you want joe biden to do? >> lock the door. what do you need? get this thing done. $7 billion for roads in virginia in the infrastructure bill. all these folks love to do their press conferences. do your job. vote and get this done. we need it in america. >> that was former and possibly future governor of virginia mcauliffe. who wins? that's a key test. joining me now, robert gibbs and doug hyde. robert, how important is this win in virginia for the democrats? how tough was mcauliffe on the president he wants to campaign
9:52 am
for? >> i think the race in the commonwealth of virginia is enormously important for a lot of reasons. it's going to signal a lot as we head into the midterms on a narrative basis. it's important as a state going forward. i also think psychologically, it's a big deal for the biden agenda. there's no doubt this is an important state. it's a state that biden won by ten points. i think many people can understand former governor mcauliffe's frustration how long this has gone on, this desire. my guess is that joe biden agrees in locking the room and coming out with an agreement. i don't know that that's going to happen by the end of october. >> doug, what about the fact that he seems to be running more against donald trump. you heard him talking about trump and january 6 more than anything else, and abortion. >> donald trump is a great unifier for democrats. what we don't know is if the
9:53 am
donald trump in theory, meaning former president trump as opposed to current president trump is going to have that same impact. i agree with a lot of what robert said, especially on the word psychological. winning in new jersey, winning in virginia in 2009, told us we could win in 2010, we could take back the house. we were left for dead. i think it's part of why combined with the low poll numbers for joe biden, you see frustration from mcauliffe. you saw watching your interview, where he listed reasons why people who elected him statewide should do it again. i can tell you from personal experience, that's not where you want to be right now. >> what about that, robert? you have run so many successful campaigns. are the democrats too complacent? this infighting in washington between progressives and
9:54 am
moderates when they could have had that bipartisan bill signed weeks ago. >> yeah, look, i think there's definite frustration throughout the country in wanting to move this process forward. i think there's a big messaging operation that has to take place as well after this bill gets done in making sure people understand how their going to be better off because of it. we have spent a lot of time in washington arguing about a top line money. need to spend time talking about what's in the legislation. that's going to be important. i think it's going to be an important race. it's a big psychological race. "the washington post" talked about a defeat for mcauliffe being psychologically horrible for the democrats.
9:55 am
>> the president is about to speak. i have to interrupt. he is going to talk about covid vaccinations and maybe boosters. to the white house. >> we are making progress. nationally, daily cases are down 47%. hospitalizations are down 38% over the past six weeks. over the past two weeks, most of the country has improved as well. case rates are declining in 39 states. hospital rates are declining in 38 states. we are down to 66 million, still a high number, of unvaccinated people from almost 100 million in july. that's important. it's important progress. it's not -- now is not the time to let up. we have more to do. we are in a critical period as we work to turn the corner on covid-19. first, we have to do more to
9:56 am
vaccinate the 66 million unvaccinated people in america. it's essential. the vaccine requirements that we started rolling out in the summer are working. they are working. the labor department is going to soon be issuing an emergency rule for companies with 100 or more employees to implement vaccination requirements among their workforce. every day we see more businesses implementing vaccination requirements. the mounting data shows that they work. businesses and organizations are implementing requirements and seeing their vaccination rates rise by an average of 20% or more to well over 90%. the number of employees vaccinated. let's be clear, vaccination requirements should not be another issue that divides us. that's why we continue to battle the misinformation that's out
9:57 am
there. companies and communities are setting up their -- stepping up as well to combat the misinformation. southwest airlines at the head of the pilots union and the ceo dismissed critics who claim vaccination mandates contributed to flight disruptions. school board members, religious educating people about the importance of vaccines. all of these efforts are going to help us continue moving the dial to eliminate this disease. second, we're going to continue protecting the vaccinated. this work -- this week, the food and drug administration and the fda is reviewing data on moderna and johnson & johnson boosters. we expect a final decision from the fda and the centers for disease control and prevention, the cdc, in the next couple of weeks. if they authorize the boosters,
9:58 am
which will be strictly made based on the science, that decision will be based on science, this will mean all three vaccines will be available for boosters. already, more than one out of three eligible seniors have gotten their third shot, the booster. we are going to continue to provide that additional protection to seniors and others as we head into the holidays. these boosters are free. i will say it again, they are free, available and convenient to get. third point i would like to make. we need to continue to keep our schools and our students safe. 96% of school districts are fully open with children back in the classroom and in-person learning. we have been able to do this because we provided our schools the resources they need to protect children and the educators as well as the staff that work in the schools.
9:59 am
we have been encouraging schools to implement important health measures like masking, testing and getting everyone vaccinated who is eligible to be vaccinated. i know parents out there are anxiously waiting for a vaccine for children ages 5 to 11. the good news is the fda and outside experts from the cdc are set to make its determination as to whether the vaccine will be authorized for that age range in the next few weeks. if authorized, we are ready. we have purchased enough vaccines for all children between the ages of 5 and 11 in the united states. we will be -- it will be convenient for parents to get their children vaccinated at trusted locations. families will be able to sleepier at night knowing their kids are protected as well. let me close with this, the plan i laid out in september is working. we are headed in the right
10:00 am
direction. we have critical work to do. but we can't let up now. my team and i are doing everything we can. i'm calling on more businesses to step up. i'm calling on more parents to get their children vaccinated when they are eligible. i'm asking everyone, everyone who hasn't gotten vaccinated, please get vaccinated. that's how we put this pandemic behind us. accelerate our economic recovery. we can do this. i've said many times, god bless you all and may god protect our troops. thank you very much. >> you just watched president biden do an update on the vaccination program, selling the mandates. obviously, he wants to encourage more mandates. the federal government is going to write a rule soon. he wanted to reassure there were plenty of


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