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tv   The Reid Out  MSNBC  October 12, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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good evening, everyone. we begin "the reidout" with a warning. this could be it. we may be in the waning years of america as a democracy. i know. i know. i know. that sounds like hyperbole. hear me out. one of the two major republican parties has surrendered completely to narcissistic autocrat donald trump and the cancer of the big lie spread throughout the party's ranks. we now have republican members of congress openly musing about
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civil war with marjorie three names of georgia polling her supporters as to whether they would support a national divorce. spoiler alert. they do. the republicans hope to turn this country into is so unthinkable. think texas except everywhere. with the despicable donald trump as maybe the permanent president completely unleashed with full control of the justice department, the military, the cia, the fbi, et cetera, et cetera, plus the nuclear codes. even as we speak, republicans when not banning books about race or putting abortion bounties on women or nuking the right to vote for anyone who isn't on their team are hurriedly installing hand picked trump loyalists into every realm of government packing local election with foot soldiers and purging opposition forces. when fascism arrives in america, as congressman adam schiff
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warned this morning, the fix is in. >> the greater danger to the country is what is going on around the nation. people pushing the former president's big lie about the election ushering in a new slate of laws to strip independent elections officials of duties and give them to partisan boards and partisan legislatures and that's how democracies come to an end and so we're at a real point of fragility now. >> anybody that doubts the risk we face, john eastman literally put in writing a blueprint for stealing a presidential election. once trump gains control of state election boards, don't kid yourself into thinking he won't try it again. now the conservative think tank that employs the claremont institute is no surprise trying to whitewash his role in the attempted coup and we'll get to that tonight. for better or worse, this country long had a two-party system that has managed to honor
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the will of the voters. the problem now is one party decided they don't have to do that column, former speech writer to george w. bush says what should be evident to every american that cares about their future, trump has the forces he unleashed on january 6th. he has embraced more absurd and malicious conspiracy theories and shown less stability, humanity, responsibility and restraint and his support among republicans has grown. he warns it is increasingly evident that the nightmare prospect of american politics unified republican control of the federal government in the hands of a reelected, empowered donald trump in 2025 is also the likely outcome. as the only party left to actually support democracy, it's incumbent democrats prevent the outcome because republican victories in 2022 and 2024 could
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literally mean the end of free elections. and yet, for democrats, the challenges of winning and retaining office is twofold. they have to overcome the built in disadvantage at the ballot box baked into the system to advantage rural voters and portion of electoral votes, jerry band er gerrymandered. republicans have spoken out in support of electing democrats. as max boot writes, i'm a single issue voting. her says simply put, i have no faith that we will remain a democracy for republicans to win power, thus, i'm continue to vote exclusively for democrats until the gop seizes to pose a threat to our freedom. max boot, washington post columnist and senior fellow for national security studies at the counsel and foreign relations joins me with maya wiley, legal analyst and mayoral candidate. max, you know, it is this weird thing where you and i started
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out on very opposite sides of the world in terms of our believes about things like the iraq war and we're on the same side. you know, walk us through how you got to the point where you're saying just vote exclusively for democrats because i know in virginia right now, there is a republican that tried to put himself forward. when i look at him, i see another guy to get pressured to go along and do whatever it is trump wants in 2024 and throw out votes. so are you where i am? >> absolutely, joy. i mean, this is a time when everybody who is a small d democrat has to unite in support of the big d democratic party and i mean, kind of the premise of my column was, you know, we're hearing so much about the debates in washington about the build back better bill. should it be $3.5 trillion? should it be $2 trillion? whatever. honestly, i'm not sure what the size ought to be but what i do know for sure is that we should not get so wrapped up in that
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that we lose sight of the loser stakes here and i'm hearing people say, oh, you know, if joe biden can't get this big bill through congress, then the democrats will be in big trouble next year and that may be true but it shouldn't be true because anybody out there who cares about the fate of our democracy has to realize that there is no way they can support republicans under the present circumstances because this is a party a lot of which already went along with the coup attempt in january of this year and since then, all the republicans who didn't go along with the coup, they're all being purged. you know, being part of the big lie is not becoming a litmus test for the republican party. even though we see new revelations almost every day about donald trump's attempt to over throw our democracy, more than 60% are republicans still supporting him and the only republican office holders that don't support him are in danger of losing reelection. liz cheney lost her leadership position in the house.
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there is no way i can look at the republican party and have any confidence if they win power in 2022, in 2024 that america democracy will survive. we have to vote for big d democrats. >> it kind of is like a political jonestown where you may have had some people that taught -- in my late mother's former country guyana where these americans came down there and had this cult leader and there were some people that questioned maybe this isn't right. maybe i shouldn't drink that kool-aid but they were bullied or injured or killed and in the end, most people just went along, even though they saw what was happening. there is this sort of aspect to the republican party now where it is a full on cult now and if you're not -- i look at brad in georgia peddling back so fast he and brian kemp can't pedal back fast enough from where they were
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last fall, which means if those two men are in power in any way, next time, they'll go along with it because they have been completely bullied and beaten down. are you -- do you think the democrats are afraid enough? because i see them out there arguing whether it will be a billion there and another billion there and will that matter if we don't have a democracy. >> yeah, i want to just say it's because of max boot. what saves a democracy is the protection of its institutions and that is what democrats are focussing on with the january 6th committee. let's be clear. it's not that democrats aren't doing work and hard work right now to do that but there is nothing clear for the past five years that our institutions have been under attack. when were you speaking, i was
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just reflecting, joy, on how it was officer harry dunn on the first day of january 6th committee that said why is it so hard to tell the truth? this is a black man that was also called the "n" word several times as someone trying to protect the republicans that were sitting in that building. and traumatized for it. and i think all those things come together, right? whether it's a president who was trying to get the department of justice politicize it on multiple occasions not the least of which was leaving office trying to get it to investigate things that had voter fraud didn't have any evidence for. but i also want to call another thing out and you already reflected there is nothing new here. because this started as early as 1980 when you had a conservative activist in the form say i don't
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want everyone to vote and by 2010 it was a strategy to make it harder for citizens to vote despite their legal rights. i think many people have been calling this out frankly for over a decade and that what we're seeing now is really that hard anti democratic work bearing real fruit and democrats are fighting on that front and we need more republicans to do the same. >> i mean, the society is back, max. i think what maya said is true. some of the forces we thought had been beaten back inside of conservatism that have been trying to take it over for a very long time are all back and it's from the people who are crapping in the capitol literally to try to bully members of congress into stealing an election. all the way up to the faux intellectual side. the claremont institute.
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a non-descript think tank. he wrote a memo how to steal an election. wrote it down. not afraid to put in writing. this is the same guy that tried birtherism, published a piece against camilkamala harris beca she's of immigrant heritage, black immigrant heritage isn't qualified to be president. there are creeping pieces of it before but it is trump crystallized it. what do you think it is about him that made him the perfect vehicle to take what deades long forces and crystallize them into this cult? >> you're right. joy and maya you're both right these forces have been there in the republican party for a long time but there are also countervailing forces in the establishment and republican party and joy, you mentioned the society. these folks were looney toons. they thought it was a communist
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conspiracy but remember, they rose in the '50s and '60s when you had eisenhower and nixon. what happened with trump is he's basically destroyed any elite resistance to the most extremist conspiratorial white supremacist plane nutty elements of the republican party. there is nobody like a mitt romney or john mccain who can lead the republican party in a saner direction now. anybody who has tried like liz cheney has been kneecaped and so all -- this is -- in my view, joy, this is really monumental failure of republican elites, truly shameful what happened. there are always conspiracy mongerers, racists, nuts at the grass roots of the party but you never had party leadership that is welcomed them with open arms and driven out the moderates. that's what donald trump has
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done and he's maintained his hold on the republican party after presiding over the worst pandemic and worst recession in multiple decades even after trying to over throw our government, in a of that seems to matter. >> yeah. >> we see revelations like the memo. republicans don't care about that. they don't care about that guy that they are following tried to over throw the government and right now there is pretty much general consensus in political circles if donald trump wins again, he'll win the republican nomination again and frankly, it's not impossible he could win the presidency because even though president biden won by a huge popular vote margin, this margin in the the electoral college was small and could be reversed. it comes down really bottom line to the complete moral application of the republican party leadership. >> i would add the weakness of the courts, maya. we had one of them sentenced, 14
4:14 pm
days in jail. these sentences have seemed very light. the resistance from the doj has seemed very weak. is part of the problem -- and donald trump is still walking around. he's got cases, you know, maybe pending in georgia. is part of the problem our legal system and the democratic party are reacting to it to -- too gently, too delicately? >> we have to remember two things, joy. one is our judiciary is made up by people appointed by people that win public office. when we start to talk about partisan gerrymandering and things that resulted in the trump administration that could design the courts, when we watched mitch mcconnell deny barack obama the constitutional right to slow walk judges, to use that power of office to actually really rebuild the courts and we saw it in 1980 also with ronald reagan.
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i mean, what we get is a much more ideological way we should acknowledge. i think it's something else, too. i mean, the truth is this is why the january 6th committee is so important. part of the job of congress is to identify where it has to strengthen legislation and find new laws that are important to protect democracy, to protect the rule of law but if congress itself is gridlocked, politicized and not functioning with democracy in mind, in the way that was talked about and impact hours of the unless failing the truth we also aren't -- >> we have too many with mcconnell and play along. democrats on the dish side, too.
4:16 pm
a couple of them are willing to let the democracy die to cut the size of an infrastructure bill. i don't know for who or whose benefit. scary is caring. thank you both very much. up next, the gop is suddenly the big government party. greg abbott and others are now telling small business owners they do not have the right or the freedom to protect their employees and customers from covid because they got to let covid in. plus. >> you have residents in town that could die from the lead in the water. >> for three years, the water in this majority black city in michigan is too poisoned to drink and we're not talking about flint. plus, what the jon gruden episode tells us about the supposedly newly woke but maybe not so woke nfl. what is faster than a speeding bullet? the right wing freakout overcome make books and who is worse than lex luthor? tonight's absolute worst. tonight's "reidout" after this. s o knows a moment this pure... ...demands a lotion this pure.
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so i've been talking about texas a lot lately because i want you to understand what's in store for the rest of america. here is what the elected officials of the state have done or failed to do for their citizens. they have passed the most restrictive voting laws and allowed any adult to carry a handgun with any license or permit and banned women from abortions after six weeks even the result of rape or insist. they banned attempts to expand medicaid and remember that horrific winter storm that killed nearly 200 people and left tens of thousands without power? abbott signed a bill into law that allows gas companies to opt out of weather requirements to keep that from happening again. wait until you hear what's next. yesterday, abbott under pressure from conservatives decided now is a good time to ban all covid vaccine mandates even for small businesses.
4:22 pm
this comes two months after he had free flak, he had press flak, sorry, issue a statement defending private companies rights to issue said mandates specifically a spokesperson said private businesses don't need government running their business. greg abbott is looking to lock up his third term as governor next year but before he can do that he needs to prove it. this is how he's glove governin for the people but the base. abortion, abbott having overturned row versus wade in the state plans on going further, take a look at what lauren windsor, creator of under current tv got abbott to acknowledge. acknowledge.
4:23 pm
>> birth control or not abortion pills. the justice department asked the fifth court of appeals to place a pause on the abortion ban three days after the court reinstated the law. with me now is matthew dowd lieutenant candidate for governor of texas and country over party. thank you both for being here. let's start, matthew, with the governor because i feel like a lot of what he is doing is purely performative. starting with this vaccine mandate ban, he knows that joe biden, that the federal government has already put in place a vaccine mandate and he used to be attorney general. he knows that federal lawsuit
4:24 pm
precedes state law. american and southwest airlines, the former based in the state of texas with 170,000 workers combined say what i just said. federal rules supersede state rules. they're going to compile with the feds. so it feels to me like what abbott is doing is purely performative. he gets the benefit to the far right fever swamp of saying what they want to hear but knows the businesses won't do it so there won't be an additional outbreak of covid. do you see it that way or is there something else going on? >> i think part of it is performative but as our fellow guests will testify to, the real world application is past performative, all of the things he's done. i listened to the previous segment that was awesome. we have to go from -- we need to protect the democracy to what is actually the real world application of all of these anti democratic things we've done and why we've arrived here. greg abbott launched all these things endangering texans' lives
4:25 pm
and taking away the rights of both people of color and women in this state. all those things. they have practical applications where people die from them. right? as you led into the failure of the grid, not 200 people died. 700 people died and they didn't do anything to fix it. we had 68,000 people in texas die from covid. they've made it worse and probably thousands died that didn't need to die because what they did, what they did until the course of this so the practical day to day application of this, yes, it might be performative to a degree but harms texans. the other thing i want to say is we're watching -- i'm glad you're focused on texas because i think what happens here ripples for the bad and if we're able to push back and hold them accountable, it will ripple for the good. i think texas is a central part of this fight that we're having. the republican party is no longer what they used to climb -- claim the pro-life party because in the course of one year, they have taken away freedoms of women in society and
4:26 pm
the freedom to vote and freedom for people to be not suffer gun violence and they've taken away local control from every city and every county in this state to do what's best and just of their citizens and they're definitely not the pro-life party because thousands and thousands of people are dying needlessly under their watch and will die needlessly under their watch. >> yeah, i mean, this is a very good point ms. klinefeld, texas is the model for what texas are calling themselves conservatives. every time texas burps and does something destructive, south dakota runs behind them, florida runs behind them, every republican governor follows them and tries to replicate it. they want the country to be like texas. so let's talk about these rulings because i do worry that these federal courts have been so trumpfied that they can't necessarily be counted on to save us from this.
4:27 pm
are you concerned that they will not and that once the supreme court gets ahold of it eventually, if they do, this will be implemented, what texas is doing, this bounty hunter system will go any state that wants it. >> absolutely. we're very concerned about the composition of the court now. we know we can't really count on them and it's a great concern for everyone at this point in time. we've seen this happen with a certain states will attempt and be the test pilot of these extreme measures and then other states will follow. there are many states watching the state of texas right now to see what happens with this ban and see if they can also institute something very similar. so this is a very dangerous time for abortion rights. we have never been at such a critical point as we are today. >> let me let you listen matthew to jen psaki, the white house spokesperson refuting the claims
4:28 pm
about mandates. listen. >> what's the white house response to saying vaccine mandates have reduced the work force and contributed to this problem? >> i know world's renowned business travel and health expert senator ted cruz made that point but i wouldn't say that that is widely acre until -- acknowledged or echoed by business leaders that implemented these mandates, by health experts who have conveyed the way to get out of the pandemic is to ensure that we're doing exactly the steps the president has announced and we're working to implement. >> matthew, the thing i worry about with democrats and that was clever and i think mockery, you know, ted cruz, he sort of compels mockery in every way. everything about him. but i worry that the calm demeanor, not that you should get up there and freak out but i worry a little bit the response to what texas is doing has been
4:29 pm
muted because there is a sense among democrats normal will counter act it and stop it and i'm not sure normality, the way the democrats are will do that. >> i completely agree with you and you and i have had this conversation before. the democrats have to get some passion and get some greater fight. we could be ethical and we can do all what is legal but we have to actually do everything we possibly can to stop what's happening here because people are dying and suffering as we debate this. i think too often the democrats go into sort of the though red -- fundamental values question. who are we? who are we as texans and america s? if we allow this to happen, it tells us who we are. we don't care. we're indecent. we don't care about the common
4:30 pm
good and don't care what every single person that was beaten up and died before us to preserve and expand the rights in the constitution. if we don't fight like they fought and walk across a bridge in alabama and get beaten. rise up. have passion about this and make this not a fight whether it's $2.3 trillion or $4.3 trillion. it's a fundamental fight about the average person. can they live a life they want and grow into that life and can their children and grandchildren survive in this country? >> yeah. >> that's what this is about. >> you and i are on the same page. last question to you, how should we be talking to, let's say, young women who see this fight in texas as something distant from them because they don't plan on getting pregnant. they're not pregnant. they don't live in texas. how do we communicate what matthew talked about in a way that's passionate, not with he is -- hysterics but how do you
4:31 pm
communicate this to the average woman? >> it may not affect them right now but there is a level of activism we can say that the sleeping giant is starting to wake up. i have seen a lot of -- we've had a lot of requests for how can we volunteer? how can we get involved? these are coming from young women and they are very angry. we saw in the marches. we saw all across the country and these are people from other parts of the country that are not dealing with what we have here in texas but they know that this is a very vulnerable right. >> yeah. >> and this is not who we want to be and this is not how we want to be defined. we do not need government glove earing all these aspects of our life. >> and bullying americans. >> and bullying. >> absolutely. >> this is not who we are. >> there is a word for it.
4:32 pm
there is a word for it. >> yes, there is. >> fascism. it's there. matthew dowd, thank you both very much. keep up the fight. michigan is dealing with another flint. residents of benton harbor are being told to use bottled water three years after testing found unacceptable levels of lead. residents are saying the city didn't do enough to warn them. we'll be right back. dn't do eno. we'll be right back. ♪♪ three times the electorlytes and half the sugar. ♪♪ pedialyte powder packs. feel better fast. with clean, fresh ingredients, ♪♪ panera's new chicken sausage and pepperoni flatbread is a mouthwatering explosion of yes. craft? yes! heartiness? yes! living life to the flavor-fullest? heck yes. panera. live your yes. now $1 delivery.
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last week the state of michigan told the residents of benton harbor a majority black city not to drink the tap water. all most three years after lead was detected in the city's pipes with numbers far higher than the federal action level and higher even than flint at the height of its water crisis. nbc's megan fitzgerald has the latest from benton harbor. >> reporter: just three hours from flint, another michigan city facing an urgent water crisis. >> smell like fish or something. >> reporter: the contamination coming from old lead pipes. have you been drinking and cooking with the water? >> i had. i had no idea. >> reporter: the state has known about the elevated lead levels for three years and residents had access to the information but many residents say neither the city nor the state did enough to warn them of the dangers. when did you learn there was led in the water? >> last week. i've been drinking the water, cooking with the water.
4:37 pm
bushing my teeth. >> reporter: two weeks ago they started distributing bottled water. >> the state of michigan would not have responded to this crisis if it hadn't been for the petition from epa. >> reporter: how do you know that? >> years had gone by where nothing happened. >> reporter: hundreds of people have been waiting hours. lines stretched for some this is their only hope at fresh drinking water. >> this community cannot afford to buy water. i'm horrified. i can't believe for one second that a city, a state or the federal government will allow children to continue to drink this water. >> reporter: but the state agency responsible for oversight of the water supply says they've been addressing the lead levels all along. >> steps were taken as soon as the elevated levels were recorded to work on that corrosion control and get that in place. corrosion control takes time. we're seeing elevated numbers but we're also seeing in general an improvement overall. >> reporter: a community fearful and worried about their health. >> nbc's megan fitzgerald joins
4:38 pm
me now. that black gentleman said he can't believe a city would allow this to happen. benton harbor is 85% black and 45% live in poverty. i can believe it. i wonder how it's possible and how city officials explain or michigan officials explain how they could have a second flint, worse than flint happening for three years. >> reporter: joy, it's a great question and one that we pose to the state agency that oversees the water here. we asked them how is it possible for three years people in this community didn't realize that they should not be drinking the water with elevated levels of lead and they said that, you know, they have been listening to the community and it's only within the last week they decided to step in because they have been listening to the community and realized they don't -- they didn't know they should not be drinking this water but to give you context here. the federal government requires action to be taken to clean up lead in water if it tests at 15
4:39 pm
parts per billion. we have seen test results close to 900 tests per billion. so again, for the last three years here, you've got mothers with children. babies, elderly people, consuming this water with elevated lead levels not realizing that it was not safe for them to do so. joy? >> we know what that does to the developmental health to children and educational health and benton harbor has been attacked. we know why that's happening. it ain't happening in ann arbor. we'll follow up on the story. thank you. coming up, jon gruden's offensive lines, the raiders' head coach is out after a history of making ugly comments about members of the league and his own team. is this just a one guy problem or nfl problem? we'll discuss. stay with us. nfl problem we'll discuss. stay with us ♪darling, i, i can't get enough of your love babe♪ ♪girl, i don't know, i don't know,♪
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one of the highest profile
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football coaches is out of a job and in losing it, he has pulled back the curtain on the nfl's good old boys' club. jon gruden resigned last night as head coach of the los angeles raiders. the emails he sent between 2011 and 2018 working as an analyst for espn. emails to the then president of the washington football team bruce allen, gruden said the rams should not have been pressured to draft openly gay player michael sam in 2014 and threw in a homophobic slur and said eric reed and protested racial injustice with colin kaepernick should be fired and used racial slurs to refer to roger goodell. the league's first out active player gruden coached. the emails are a sliver of 650,000 emails reviewed as part of a sexual harassment investigation into the washington football team that
4:45 pm
used to be known by a name offensive to native americans. the "wall street journal" reported gruden used a racist trope to describe nfl players' union smith saying dumborisi smith has lips the size of michelin tires apologizing for the racist comment he made to the team but the situation comes as a league overwhelmingly dominated by black players but with few black team owners or coaches tries to shake off the track record. paid kaepernick and reed less than $10 million to settle a collusion lawsuit after kaepernick was blackballed by league ownership for the race justice protest. the nfl announced it would end the use of so-called race norming in evaluating dementia claims made by former players in the league's concussion settlement and in the latest performative gesture as jay-z
4:46 pm
produced super bowl halftime show this season, it will feature an all star hip-hop lineup. joining me is host of jury trial jamil hill is unbothered" podcast and sid, co-founder of out jamel, let me play for you what ja morris smith, the subject of some of the -- i'll read you what he said. the email from jason gruden and reaction to it confirms the fight against racism and racist tropes and intolerance is not over and this isn't about an email but people that look like me can be treated as less. you know, i know jamel, the nfl, the national football league started in 1920. it was segregated. you know, and it's always been an old white guy's network and what do you make of this? is this exposing kind of that good old boys network still
4:47 pm
exists? >> i mean it's beginning to be a mentality that permeates the nfl. i'm not saying that every person that is in an executive position or associated with the nfl should be fitted for a white hood but what i'm saying is indeed and in action, the nfl has shown over and over again it's a racist league. you mentioned the segregation that were part of the roots but also just in current day to have three black head coaches, to have never had a majority black team owner. i mean, it's been 102 or 101 nfl seasons and they just got their first black team president a couple years ago who ironically is with the washington football team. in message, they sent it strongly. black people are laborers. they are not leaders. and this is the scary scenario for any person of color, especially for black people and certainly for those in lgbt community is the constantly running into the people with this mentality who have authority over our lives. jon gruden is able to decide the future of men.
4:48 pm
he is leading them quote unquote and he's in a position where he's interacting with them in a very intimate level and to now know that this is what he really thought about him. here is what they think about you, it's really a slap in the face on a lot of levels and think about it this way. you were talking about colin kaepernick. the nfl has basically made it known that there is always going to be a place for jon gruden but not for colin kaepernick. that's the message. >> absolutely. let me play one more. this is keyshawn johnson that played under gruden on the tampa bay buccaneers. >> he's always been a fraud to me. never from day one he's been a used car salesman and people bought it. >> one more. let's play randy moss and he's making his comments. take a look. >> we talk about leadership. we give guys these big contracts because they want to be able to
4:49 pm
lead 70 men, coaches, equipment staff and manager for us to be moving back and not forward in the 21st century, like i said, man, national football league, this hurts me. >> you know, sid, there is this wokeness debate on the right that says that, you know, sort of an old fashioned style white maleness is being attacked, right? that they don't like the idea that wokeness is sort of taking over the military, taking over sports and taking over everything and now you have the irony that the first out player because this is part of it, right? we're celebrating that the nfl is opening its doors and allowing people to be out because there have been other players that are gay but this is the first out player and he plays for this guy. you know? that was the reaction behind the scenes so that the front facing part of the nfl saying yes, you're welcome, this is great but behind the scenes, your thoughts? >> yeah, you talk about this
4:50 pm
reaction to wokeness in the nfl and one of the things that i remarked about recently this afternoon is i haven't seen a lot of people come after this decision. i've not seen a lot of people defending jon gruden saying why do you have to be fired? you know, i'm not a big fan of firing people for mistakes and for maybe slipping up on language. issue here was this was a lengthy pattern that enveloped racism, homophobia, and do i think that jon gruden disliked the fact that he had gay man trying to help him win the super bowl? no. but what i have remarked about today is that no one that i have seen, no twitter users with three followers, i haven't seen anybody come to the defense of this man. and that tells me that the people even people who are
4:51 pm
against the woke culture, they don't like what they saw. because what they saw was really ugly. >> you know, i think that's a really good point. it shows us moving forward. but i wonder inside the nfl, you pointed thought is a very black league when it come to the people doing the work and like taking the concussions and getting heads, you know, busted and risking injure as they get older. the answer is more diversity. of as we have more diverse people in management and positions of power that that is the change you need. you always are going to have one or two of the gruden guys. >> that is part of the change. it's not like it's open to the public and everyone gets to pick an nfl team. they hand select the people that are involved. they're going to always be guys
4:52 pm
that look like them. then you also have legacy families. the mara family, you know, the roonies that own the steelers. they're going to keep teams in their families for generations and they're not giving them up. the change in the nfl is slow. it's not as progressive as some levels. and i guess what is hard for me, what can be insulting is the politeness and the performance in which the nfl wants to treat racism. i don't care how many times you stencil in racism or takes all of us into your end zone if this is really what is behind the door. of i don't care about jay-z's super bowl halftime show. at the end of the day, no matter time you get snoop dog to perform or mary j. blige singing, you have a significant problem. that is not to denigrate what that means to culture. the but it is to say that is how the nfl has chosen to address these very substantive issues. that is insulting to me. >> can i add something?
4:53 pm
it's a great point. she brought up the maras. i said for years that homophobia is going to end in the united states before racism. and the maras are a great example. john mara owns the giants. he has a gay son. he went to his gay son's wedding a week ago. i think that homophobia is ending in sports before racism. and i know that sounds crazy. >> it doesn't. not in america it doesn't. because unfortunately this is our legacy in terms of race. it's still here. it is still here. thank you both. you are great. thank you both you are eagrt. as someone who resembles someone else... i appreciate that liberty mutual knows everyone's unique. that's why they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. oh, yeah. that's the spot. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪
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the right has long given up on the idea of being conservative when it comes to fis cat matters or democracy. the one thing that absolutely obsessed with conserving is anything historically is culturally male, christian, hetero and white. it's the culture that they're most angry about losing. whenever anything threatens the norms, they freak out. even when the thing they're freaking out about isn't even real. remember adoral hallie bailly cost as the little mermaid and prompted a racial problem. they're mythical creatures with finns and fish tails. and the meltdown over black santa who really is black. and then the tweet genderless tell he tubby was taken to task for daring to tote a purse as an accessory. a red bag for tele tubby.
4:58 pm
not a bird, a plane, it's super man. bischool super man. the son of a perfectly wholesome human couple. he tackles crime and will soon begin a romantic relationship with a male friend. freak out! with people on the right claiming a bisexual super man the threaten america. >> why do they sexualizing super heroes? i was a batman and super man, spiderman kid. i loved those heroes. we just wanted this em to get the bad guys. not vinereal disease. >> fox contributor man, that's not how stds work. he's been reinventing himself for 100 years. storty take lord to the political and cultural land stap
4:59 pm
landscape. he stood to represent america's strength as a superpower using justice and truth to defeat enemies. to the point where the nazis joseph gables attacked hum as probably jewish. here's the kicker. he had one weakness, kryptonite. because of an alien from outer space. so while heroism may represent the ideal american way, it's his alter ego clark kent with all the weaknesses and insecurities that represents the human race. many americans want to believe that we're still beacon of democracy like we represented our siflz after world war ii when we're barely holding on to the democracy. instead of holding on to that problem, they obsess over superman's love life. with so much going wrong in america today, it comes back to the obsession. the they believe that whiteness that is physical number, anti-wokeness is coming after whutness, numbers, political power and they are being
5:00 pm
systematically replaced. this time bisexual super man. because there are fears of paranoia jump off cartoon page making them america's kryptonite. that is tonight's absolute worst. and that is tonight's reidout. tonight on "all in." governor abbott knows the federal rule supersedes state rules. so why do you think did he this? >> politics. >> the latest public health stunt from our republican governor and the pressure for other states to follow. >> i think you just want a lot of support. certainly from me. >> plus, parents now suing schools that refuse to enforce mask mandates for students then the right-wing effort to whitewash john eastman's coup memo. and the end of an era for a fossil fuel boondoggle that was clean coal. >> clean coal is nothing more than a


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