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tv   MTP Daily  MSNBC  October 12, 2021 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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raider nation. i'm sorry. i never meant to hurt anyone. that came within two hours of the reporting coming out but switches back to the first invest, the emails the league combed through and may reveal more about what he said and more about what other players and coaches were saying and may lead to a further culture shift in the nfl. andrea? >> thank you so much. that does it for us. chuck todd starts on "mpt daily" right now. if it's tuesday democrats look at new ways to massive an agenda through a deeply divided congress. republicans continue the embrace of trump. which party is better positioned to navigate america's toxic politics? the justice department presses the courts to halt the texas ban own nearly all abortions. just days after the restrictions
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reenstated. we'll have the latest coming up. and a new definition of the phrase offensive lines. a star football coach is out amid revelations of miss only nisic and homophobic language that he casually and frequently put in writing. ♪♪ welcome to "meet the press daily." i'm chuck tot. the questions are simple. what kind of message is a winning winning message? how do you sway the folks not in your corner? because those are the voters that democrats need to hold on to congress and republicans need to take it back. it is the uncomfortable middle that's feeling left out of both parties right now. democrats are staking the political future on the success
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or failure of the agenda in congress. this morning nancy pelosi seemed to try to nod towards the more moderate wing of her party agreeing with them that the best way to get president biden's agenda unstuck in congress is to do less but do it well and do it longer as opposed to do what progressives wanted which is try a lot of things in a shorter period of time and see what sticks. it is all part of the democratic party strategy to remove some sticker shock on the agenda while still pursuing popular agenda items. >> the fact is that if there is fewer dollars to spend there are choices to be made and members have said let's get the results that we need but we will not diminish the transformative nature of what it is. >> but it's been a messy struggle for the party because they're try and lating the
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members. the majority they fear they'll lose. when one democrats look to restore the coalition that defeated donald trump is to invoke the threat of the former president why three weeks out from the virginia gubernatorial election mcall i have is making that play. >> this would be as i say the comeback of donald trump. this would lift him off the mat. he would use this as a launch pad to come pain in 2022 and set him up for 2024. if we don't win this thing this is donald trump's comeback and people need to wake up. >> for republicans the former president makes their message to the middle even more delicate because as in virginia will tell you it's hard to be halfway on trump and likely why he backs additional audits in virginia. the middle still matters despite the tribal politics but both
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parties in their own ways trying to figure out how much it matters to them. with us is charlie sykes and democratic strategist carnell bellcher. shannon, ultimately, the leader of the party whether the party is all in on him or not is going to decide how hard the head winds are. it's joe biden. this still feels like a deal that's being negotiated on capitol hill more than it is being wrestled to the ground by the white house. are those dynamics going to change any time soon? >> reporter: you know what? it seems like there's a pendulum back and forth between how involved the white house is and how much they kick it over to the hill. officials say this is a schumer problem, for schumer and pelosi
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to work out and then other times the white house is engaged and steps in to be the honest broker to bring sides together or ratchet up the heat on folks and goes back and forth. with congress out this week it is hard to tell where we are at at the moment but within the white house there's an acknowledgement that something has to get done. the messaging i increasingly hear from people close to the white house is this sort of compromise. you started to hear from speaker pelosi today to get a lot done with $1.75 trillion or whatever number people come down on trying to emphasize the positives of everything to get done. i hear people close to the white house continuing to talk about some of the things in the package that polled best with voters and can use as selling points like a prescription drug provision to allow medicare to directly negotiate and the child care tax credits and things to
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help people with child care which officials feel could help the economy to drive people back to work. but yeah, so much in a way is out of their control because unlike trump president biden won't threaten to veto this and go to a district and primary them so it's a balancing act that they have to find here. >> we heard from nancy pelosi last night and on one hand this was her nod to the moderates. i'm going to put up a piece of that letter. the guidance from members is to do fewer things well so that we can still have a transformative impact on familiars in the workforce and responsibly address the climate crisis. that screams to me pre-k and child care being a big part and yet this morning it's almost as if speaker pelosi wanted to make sure progressives knew her heart was still with them.
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>> i'm very disappointed that we are not going with the original $3.5 trillion which was very transformative but in the -- whatever we do we'll make decisions to continue to be transformative. >> our lead today in first read is making the point you got to be careful what you cherry pick. you may like the child care tax credit but then you need universal pre-k and it almost is as if they have to go with kids or seniors. >> reporter: speaker pelosi gave clues in the press conference today. she said a couple things that stood out to me. she reiterated again that there's going to have to be some difficult choices to be made and she also said that there's some things that are linked together and cannot be separated and those were the child tax credit, that was child care subsidies
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and that was universal preschool. she said the things have to stick together so that was somen sight into where her head is and the care provisions are likely to remain. i will disagree with you a little bit on the elder care component. i think those are also lumped into care provisions and something that democrats are really fighting for. i'm told internal polling shows that's one of the most popular components of this plan. of course -- >> very expensive -- >> reporter: would benefit from it and the number has come down from $400 billion to about $200 billion for that elder care component. there's some who fight for 250 billion. there's the really detailed negotiations and back and forth that are going on the. the climate change provisions, speaker pelosi and the president made clear that those have to stay in the bill, as well. and so we're starts to get an outline into what could make it
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in this legislation. but the difficult thing is there's still members including the progressives who want everything to be included. they're having a prez call in about 30 minutes to talk about this and sounds like they'll still draw a very hard line on that issue saying that this should be a bill that includes everything and we just fund it for less amount of time. speaker pelosi alluded to that in the press conference saying some provisions will have to be time limited and will have to be renewed down the road but the big picture some mod rats are still wounded by the fact there's not a vote on the bipartisan bill and she is threading a difficult needle here. >> this comes at a time when the politics looks pretty grim for the democrats. there's an interesting little debate going on i think inside the larger democratic coalition
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with bernie sanders and you, charlie sykes, if you will. the center right folks who are petrified of donald trump and trumpism and i would like to get into this. call it the shore effect if you will. who is dan shore, a data analyst that's been telling progressives be careful here. democrats are on the edge of an abyss. they need to win states that lean republican. to do that they need to interimize they don't understand them. they're not liberals, are not woke. charlie, you're one of i would argue these voters that democrats have to keep in the larger coalition. now, you are easy to target because you see the threat of trump but not everybody that maybe shares the concern of
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trump is as motivated that way. what would be your advice to the democrats right now? >> this would be a bad time to implode given the threat that's looming out there. look. i don't have to support the biden agenda to root for the democrats not to screw up at this particular point but look. the democrats have i think rented many of the votes in some swing states and the swing districts and if they continue to ignore the middle i think they run the risk of losing. number one, that because without donald trump on the ballot voters may see the vote as limiting overreach. it is not the aocs to determine whether or not the democrats keep the majority but people like lisa slotkin, people in the swing districts where the voters can go either way so your set-up
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is on point that neither political party is talking to the center. the republicans playing totally base politics on vax, abortion, election laws, the big lie. and so, right now i think a lot of centrists are saying we thought that we could hold the balance of power why when is either political power going to take the role seriously? >> cornell, really this is the first time i would argue that democratic power where the progressives do hold a majority within the democratic coalition but they're not the majority. right? they don't make up the majority. what gave democrats powe is a shrinking slice of moderate voters but they wouldn't have power without them and this to me is where we're seeing this for the first time where progressives are the majority in the coalition and yet they can't win without the moderates.
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this seems to be harder for them to meld and i guess because there's more progressives than ever. >> so here's the thing. i want to step back and give context of this. one is i reject the ideal of either/or to be for the moderates or the progressives and the moderates are how you win this because it is not an either/or proposition. "the washington post" did a good article yesterday talking about the frustration of the voters, did young voters in georgia who quite frankly were the keys to flipping georgia and turning georgia blue and those young voters were not marching for bridges and potholes but inequality. i reject this either/or. i want to talk about the dynamics of this. someone ringside at 2010 and the
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democrats looking at this -- older ones with the gray hair are looking at this and going there's a lot of similarities here to 2010. and when you look at generic horse racing, some of the things happening, how do we avoid 2010 again? it is one thing -- first step is legislation. right? points on the board and build back better and infrastructure are absolutely sort of key to putting points on the board for democrats but it is not the end all and be all. if you look at the cbs poll from a couple days ago yes the things that voters were talking about that you just reported on, prescription drugs, child tax credits, all those very popular and voters hear about $3.5 trillion in spending. republicans are winning that battle and not enough just to put points on the board because legislative points on the board because obama in 2008 and nancy
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pelosi and then leader reid passed legislation that pulled this country back from ka castro fee and got the tails whipped in the midterm. you have to message about -- do a better job messaging what it is that you work on and i reject the ideal that it is just about progressives because build back better has things that are targeted to and will help middle class and working class whites. but you got to make it about the pivot. can't be simply about joe biden democrats. this is the mistake of 2010 which they knew in california because it's a referendum on republicans. on a party that quite frankly majority of americans don't approve of. >> shannon, it does seem like the white house is not thinking about the midterms yet. one could say good for them. they have to worry about governing and the agenda but
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they're not going to be gomp very well if they're clobbered in the midterms. >> reporter: getting this massive whatever trillion spending bill through they do see as crucial for the midterms. i was talking to someone recently close to the white house and they said there's an acknowledgement in the administration they need to get something big through to sell in 2022. they think the elements in there that we have all been talking about like elder care, child care, prescription drug prices are popular and if they can have that to sell this voters in 2022 they have a good shot and counter to the republicans. that's the thinking inside the white house. >> well, the question i have and we don't have time to solve this now, what is going to be the environment in the fall of '22. is it going to be a fear and threat of the future of republic or having kitchen table
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conversations about inflation? that will tell us where things are headed. anyway, appreciate a great quartet to get us started. up next, governments and businesses are still waiting on the actual rule behind the president's new vaccine mandates for private companies. technically it is not enforced yet amid the escalating pushback by republicans. the legal back and forth continues on the toughest in the nation abortion law out of the state of texas. how the justice department is more involved an enwhat they think they can do to try to put an immediate halt to this law. '. i've been telling everyone... the secret to great teeth is having healthy gums.
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from the ground up, helping to make san francisco the greenest big city in america. let's keep making a differene together. welcome back. it is 33 days since the president announced a new vaccine mandate for private companies with at least 100 employees. we have yet to see the official rule from the government to come down for the agency responsible for enforcing such a mandate.
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that would be osha and not stopped the governor of texas from defying the biden mrks by fighting back against a rule that doesn't technically exist yet and signed an executive order banning all entities including private businesses are requiring their customers and workers to be fully vaccinated epa prove it. in a statement he seed the vaccine is safe, effective and the best defense against the virus and should be voluntary and never forced. president biden said there would be a regular testing requirement for workers that choose not to be vaccinated and the white house released a report on businessman dates. vaccination rates at united airlines jumped from 59% to 99% compliance in less than 2 months. without an official rule from osha itself and no gud lines on enforcement businesses are wondering how to prepare and what to expect.
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heidi prezbyla is doing some research on this an joining is professor david michaels. heidi, i know you're learning how businesses are preparing to comply with this rule that we expect from osha any day now. what preparations have you noticed businesses take and some haven't taken any. maybe they're prepared to defy. what have you learned? >> reporter: it really is industry and region specific. i talked with a ceo of columbia sportswear. there's a store front here and the ceo said this is not a problem. look. the plan to basically put in -- have whistle-blowers blow the whistle on people not complying, naming and shaming, that's pretty effective where the mandate is popular and different in the deep south. i want you to listen to the two different opinions from the
10:23 am
columbia ceo and a ceo from a machine parts company in mississippi. >> this is a known hazard. so we really can't afford to have people among our employee base who are hazardous and so we want to have a works place and we believe that the best way to provide that in addition to other hazards that are known is to have people vaccinated against covid. >> you just got to tell them if that's a problem and they won't get vaccinated terminate them? oh my goodness. that's -- that's just impossible. you're terminating 60% of the workforce. logic dictates that's irresponsible. that's crazy. >> reporter: and chuck, lex taylor says it is not like he's not tried to do incentives.
10:24 am
yet only 30% of the workforce is vaccinated. that's why he says he can't mandate the vaccine so he needs a testing regime that will be burdensome in terms of the administration and potentially costly. the question then is how is this approach going to work where the vaccine mandate just isn't very popular, chuck. >> heidi, i hope to find an idea of how this will work. let's bring in professor david michael. >> hey, chuck. >> one place being compliant and one not so compliant. how would osha handle the company in mississippi? >> the law is straightforward. employers have to provide a safe workplace and workers who might be infectious will be against the law soon and what osha is going to do is tell them to set
10:25 am
up a vaccination and testing program. if people can't get vaccinated or tested they can't come to the workforce and i think they'll have to issue fines where workers are coming in potentially sick. most out country as far as i can tell with large employers want to make sure that the workforces are safe and making plan just there are exceptions but where i see real vaccine uptake because of this. >> we have seen some uptick due to the coming mandate and then some local government mandates have contributed to that. why don't we have the official rule yet? is there a normal bureaucratic delay? >> this is not really delay. it takes a long time to write a rule that stands up in court and every osha rule with a few
10:26 am
exceptions is every rule is taken to court. every single standard stood up well in federal court and want to get it right and i'm sure they're consulting with cdc and fda to make sure the science is right. employers know it's coming and should be making the -- doing what is necessary now to make sure that when it comes out they have the recordkeeping system in place. they start a program to make sure people are tested. >> what about the problem that the -- the ceo in mississippi said he would have to terminate more than half of his workforce? in certain industries this is going to be a real issue, especially at a time when it's not easy to hire. >> that's the case but in example after example i have seen many employees who express hesitation when asked will you get the vaccination, when push
10:27 am
comes to shove they do get vaccinated and recognize it is important not just for the job but their families and may lose some people but united airlines lost 600 people but that's less than 1% of the workforce. that employer will probably lose some people but the country will be bette every off. everybody has to make sacrifices. not getting vaccinated it is a personal choice. we tell people you can't drive drunk because we care about you and don't want you to hurt somebody else and that's happening here. >> the texas decision yesterday by the governor how will that be ruled unenforceable with an exception. you don't have to do -- you can do weekly testing. you are not being told if you take the vaccine or else.
10:28 am
there's an alternative there. and we have the supremacy clause with the federal government. so what's your sense in your experience there of what texas is trying to do and the likelihood that it sticks? >> the osha rule's a slam dunk. it is not a vaccine requirement but the feds have other vaccine requirements. if you run a hospital and get money from the medicare or medicaid the workers have to be vaccinated. if you are a federal contractor the employees have to be vaccinated and the supremacy clause will allow essentially to trump the texas law because the constitution says very clearly if the federal government has a regulation or a law it supercedes any state law. >> right. you were -- you thought the decision by the president didn't go far enough coming to other
10:29 am
workplace safely with covid particularly masks. what would you like to see added to the osha rule? >> a requirement where there's significant exposure that workers should be better proteched given the right masks and required to wear them. better ventilation in buildings. that's the key thing. i think this stretch, the emergency temporary standard for vaccinations is an important first step. we could always see more and i think we will around federal contractors and how they have to protect workers at the work sites but look. we take it one step at a time and control the pandemic and i think we are getting there. >> how quickly should we expect this rule at this point? we talking weeks? days? months? >> i think weeks and will see it by halloween. by the end of the month. employers will be given sometime to meet it but we'll see it soon. >> david michaels, been at osha
10:30 am
before he was a gw, thank you. before we go to break we have 2022 news. kentucky democratic congressman and the chair of the budget committee yarmouth said he won't seek re-election next year. he is the first chairman right now on the house side to announce that he will hang it up after this term. the louisville, kentucky, based district is not a target to flip and should be a primary. pretty interesting with progressives but the big every news is that the first retirement of a committee chair going into a midterm that already democrats are a bit nervous about. next, the justice department again calling far pause on the texas near total abortion ban. do i need to pretreat my laundry? nope! with tide pods, you don't need to worry.
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10:35 am
it's not clear if the court will respond or if the supreme court does decide to weigh in. pete williams covers the justice department for nbc and joins us now. pete, i remember the last time we had a conversation about this when it was like, boy, they'll reinstate this. sure enough they did but that being a three judge panel so you know that makeup of the appeals court. you put everybody on there. does the justice department have a better shot? >> somewhat better. of course what the court did over the weekend is issue an administrative stay which is not on the merits but saying let's hold everything where it was until we decide what to do here but what the justice department is saying that the judge got it right. texas is acting unconstitutionally and talking about the supremacy clause on osha. the justice department says texas cannot do what the federal government doesn't allow. states can't ban abortion and
10:36 am
that's what the justice department says texas has done taken away the constitutional right of access without challenging it in court and what the government says texas can't do and aterts to peel to the conservatives and potentially the supreme court saying if texas does this on abortion what about doing something on guns or free speech or religion, areas that you also care about. another point here. the justice department makes a legal argument why to get an injunction you have to say you're likely to succeed on the merits and would be harmed meantime if the law doesn't go into effect and the justice department says how is texas harmed? texas' legal position is nothing to do with this law. so the state is going to have to respond by thursday and then we'll see a ruling in the next day or so after that on this
10:37 am
injunction issue. >> try to explain the judicial philosophy that says we have no idea how this law will work so let's just wait and seen what happens. that's the head scratcher to me. the supreme court's argument why they let it happen. they're like, we have no idea whether this is constitutional but let's see and it feels as if that's what the appeals court did. >> i think what the supreme court did agree or not, not whether they're sure if it's constitutional but not sure we have the jurs doix to hear the case since it's a challenge to state law and not sure how the federal government is involved. the justice department tried to clarify that saying look no matter what it does to people in texas it hurts the federal government. we have a right to sue because it would affect programs in which people can seek abortion
10:38 am
and federal services that provide it and why they say they have a right to be involved and a reason the court dodged it in the first place. >> pete williams, the saga of the texas law continues. next, now that we know that president biden is meeting at least virtually with chinese president xi jinping what will be on that agenda? there's yet another significant point of tension in the region.
10:39 am
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welcome back. there's still many questions about president biden's planned meeting with chinese president xi jinping. they'll meet virtually but it is not clear when that meeting will take place or the to with us but one issue is the tensions between mainland china and taiwan. the president of taiwan vowed not to bow to pressure after she called for a peaceful
10:42 am
reunification with china and xi said it will be peaceful but the promise after china sent war planes into taiwan's so-called air defense identification zone. with me is ian bremer and always focused on what china and the united states are doing between each other because it basically impacting everybody else's economy. let's start with the meeting itself. there's the fact that xi has not left mainland china in going on two years now. so what is going on with xi and why is he keeping himself locked down? >> because they have a zero tolerance policy on covid. and because their own vaccines don't work very well, particularly against delta variant. they haven't left. he hasn't left since january of 2020.
10:43 am
and this is going to be a virtual meeting as opposed to in the person and that's a problem. we had the huge strategic and economic dialogue whether talking about commerce or treasury -- >> every supersonics months. >> they're all engaged all the time in person. wasn't a lot of trust but you had the information. none of that is happening right now. >> the last time they met in person was in alaska, not xi and biden, but delegations and that was a theater of the absurd from the chinese side, wasn't it? >> that was the worst bilateral meeting to date of the biden administration where the jake sullivan national security secretary with his counter part in zurich a week ago was called constructive by both sides why that was a necessary climb down because neither government are looking for a conflict or a confrontation right now.
10:44 am
>> you say that but china certainly seems to want to saber rattle on taiwan more now than they have arguably any opponent this century. been quite a while since they've been this rhetorically aggressive and even counting the war planes moving around. more so than ever. we know what the end game is perhaps for xi but what's the short term? what are they trying to smoke out of the united states with this? >> two things, chuck. one is that because taiwan is a critical national security interest, pers the critical national security interest of the chinese government outside of mainland china they're always poking the americans to ensure that we're really committed. and especially after afghanistan with an american president that's not quite as popular. you will do that. having said that, the chinese also see the americans as
10:45 am
escalating acy mettically. we created this new defense pact with australia and the uk. we're the ones that created the quad with india, australia and japan. and are having summits that look like a containment or a rebalancing away from china. and of course, you heard about the couple dozen american special forces and marines secretly on the ground training taiwanese troops so if you're beijing, yes, you absolutely have been flexing your muscles and you could make the argument they see it as a reaction to the united states. >> right. >> in an area that's much more important to them than it is to us. >> if you were in chinese intelligence official assessing the american political appetite for whether america's willing to go to war over taiwan, what would you say?
10:46 am
>> i would be looking carefully at the intelligence briefs that they get certainly including those from high level sources inside the american government. i think the reality, chuck, if there were a sudden military invasion of china into taiwan, we ourselves do not yet know how we would respond, much as the russians going into georgia under the bush administration. they sat down with cheney and others, hadley and rice and had to decide on the fly. i think it's probably useful for our deterrence we don't have the mind made up because that uncertainty helps to maintain the balance, the strategic balance between our two countries. >> it ain't zero and maybe
10:47 am
that's an important point. >> it ain't zero. >> on each side of the equation. right. it is our favorite expression to borrow. biggest leap is from zero to one. ian, appreciate it. thank you. still ahead, a nfl highest profile coach is now out. but not for something that happened on the field. the fallout over the jon gruden emails, next. 2) definitely higher. (man 1) we're like yodeling high. [yodeling] yo-de-le-he... (man 2) hey, no. uh-uh, don't do that. (man 1) we should go even higher! (man 2) yeah, let's do it. (both) woah! (man 2) i'm good. (man 1) me, too. (man 2) mm-hm. (vo) adventure has a new look. (man 1) let's go lower. (man 2) lower, that sounds good. (vo) discover more in the all-new subaru outback wilderness. love. it's what makes subaru, subaru. to make my vision a reality. i have to take every perspective, and see clearly from every point of view.
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welcome back. one of football's most high profile coaches is now out of a jock out of offensive emails he sent years ago. jon gruden resigned from the raiders after the "new york times" report. he apologized in a statement announcing his resignation. he had already apologized over the weekend for using a racist term in a 2011 email. but as for what that means for one of the most prominent franchises, more on that when we come back. but all of this came from an investigation into the washington football team that the nfl has never made public. should they now. alberto and i don't fit into those other family plans.
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welcome back. for more on jon gruden's resignation, i'm joined by peter king. and peter, after seeing the "new york times" story, i think the question was are the raiders going to fire him or will he resign and we got the answer pretty quickly. but i'm curious, what do you make of the way that this got dripped out? first the "wall street journal," then he stewed over the weekend and it was sort of like, oh, that didn't cause anything, here is more. i don't mean to be a cynic here, but that is how it looked like from watching this from my end with the political cynic's hat on top. what say you? >> well, chuck, i think that there is a couple things that
10:56 am
really are just like almost begging to be answered. one is that the raiders had all these e-mails for 48 hours before the divorce -- sorry, 72 hours before the divorce. 48 hours before jon gruden was to coach his last game. and they did nothing for that time until obviously the "new york times" printed what it printed. the other issue i think is a major issue and that is that, you know, jon gruden's collateral damage in this case, his career is ruruined, and he wasn't even the reason why this investigation took place. this investigation took place because daniel schneider in washington ran a frat boys club of mostly men who abused and harassed -- i should say not
10:57 am
abused, but harassed women. and that is what we're learning nothing about. we're learning someone who was maybe 1-500th of the messages and theemails. and all the information gleaned from the washington football team report. and yet that 1-500th has made all the headlines. >> the nfl is not the government. they don't owe us anything. they don't -- it is not -- well, some would argue that they certainly benefit from some taxpayer funds when you look at how some stadiums are built in many shu cities. but basically they can hide this and they owe us nothing. there is no sunshine law that forces this. but this seems to scream, well, what else is in this report? and more importantly, is the nfl just going to dole it out whenever they feel -- oh, we'll take out gruden. here you go. but the rest of us don't get to take a look at this investigation and oh, by the way
10:58 am
dan schneider you get no punishment and don't tell me what he got is much of a punishment. >> that is the whole issue here. he was fined $10 million. which, you know, i'm not saying that that is change in the couch cushions. and he disappears for six or eight months. and his wife ends up quasi running the team. but gets no significant penalty. a few months from now, it will be dan schneider business as usual, nothing to see here, life will go on. and look, he is one of the 32 people who essentially votes on whether to employ roger goodell. so goodell in this particular case did dan schneider a solid and jon gruden just happened to be collateral damage. >> jerry richardson was forced to sell the carolina panthers and you tell me, was it anymore
10:59 am
or less of a toxic workplace environment than the washington football team? >> no, but you know, i don't know that. because i don't know everything that happened inside the washington football team because a lot of what happened in the washington football team has not been released. but, no, i think that it is very, very similar. and i think that that is one of the issues. as you said at the top, chuck, the nfl can do what it wants. they don't owe anybody an explanation. and as is the case in recent history with the nfl, we see it more and more, this is what we're seeing out of the league office. >> peter king, boy, a lot -- we know there is a lot more to this story. more drips and drabs will come out. it is the exact opposite my guess of what the nfl intended when they tried to sweep it all under the rug. peter king, our man on the nfl for nbc sports, thank you, sir. and thank you all for being
11:00 am
with us. we'll be back tomorrow with more "meet the press daily." and our coverage continues with geoff bennett right now. it is good to be with you. i'm geoff bennett. and it is a critical day on multiple fronts in the battle over abortion rights. the justice department is against stepping in, urging courts to rein-state the suspension of that texas law that bans nearly all abortions across the state. the appeal is to a lower court, but the message to the supreme court is unmistakable, quote, if texas' scheme is permissible, no constitutional right is safe from state sanctioned sabotage of this kind before in effect, the doj saying to those conservative justices, the way texas found to get around abortion rulings could be used for instance by progressive states to enact bans on gun rights for instance. and as we await that


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