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tv   Kendis Gibson and Lindsey Reiser Report  MSNBC  October 10, 2021 3:00am-4:00am PDT

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but you are still stuck. you're holding on to the hope. >> that's all for this edition of dateline, i'm natalie morales. thank you for watching. >> first up on msnbc. former president trump back in the state that will cast the first ballots for the republican presidential candidate in 2024. >> they all started right here and, we're going to keep it here. right? >> and as the former president drops hints about another possible run, the battle over january 6th rages on. what consequences a key trump advisor could potentially face. >> the security alert aboard a passenger plane. they played surrounded by
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emergency crews. passengers roughed off the plane onto the tarmac, as law enforcement move in, focused on one particular passenger. what we're learning this morning about this air scare. >> the clock is ticking in the fight for women's reproductive rights. now the justice department faces a tuesday deadline to respond after that texas abortion ban was put back on the books. >> and 55 years ago, william shatner took the helm of the uss enterprise. with that smoldering look. what is that look? >> that's astaire. >> that is a stare. and he boldly went where no man had gone before. now a fiction becomes reality. >> it has a cemetery symmetry to it. there's a whole circle of life involved here. >> we're going to go back to the big theme that kendis always return soon. and should we? care >> [laughs] >>. . >>. .
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,. ,. >>. . -- is that velvet? what is? that >> pepto-bismol? >> it's beautiful. >> it is absolutely beautiful. she said, i have the same questions, why my here? [laughs] but will get into that a little bit later. we have a lot to get to, but i do want to note, tell me pregnant without tell me your pregnant. [laughs] >> got the goldfish. >> sorry, guys. i truly did not know that was there. i'm supposed to tell you that ahead of time. didn't. our kickoff team of correspondents you see them there. joining us from d.c. to des moines and tampa, florida.
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we are going to begin however, in des moines, iowa, where donald trump held a rally last night, amid all the chatter for 2024. a possible presidential bid. last night he spent more than 90 minutes reviving his grievances. resurrecting election lies and slamming the democrat's agenda, including president biden spending plan. >> the monstrosity of a bill to end america as we know. it's so bad. and the republicans have to stay strong. you have to stay strong. [applause] you have to fight. bring our country back. >> well, trump's rally follows a major legal blow related to january six investigation with the white house rejecting his claim of executive privilege. >> this week, we could learn whether the committee investigating the riot will hand out a criminal contempt of referral to former trump advisor, steve bannon, for defying his subpoena. four former trump aides are scheduled for depositions this week.
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here's a look at that calendar. but there's a big question mark on whether they'll show up. especially after trump told them not to. nbc's gary grumbach and julie tsirkin covering this for us. good morning to both of. you will start there in des moines. this is trump's first visit to iowa since the 2020 campaign. what kind of hints did he drop that he's thinking of running again? at he's thinki>> good morning, . yes, he was staying seeing a lot of if but there was nothing really concrete there. he did have a number of fun with slogans. he said, should it be keep america great or should it be make america great again, again? i will ensure that both got standing ovations from the crowd, but he did actually talk about a lot of things of substance as well. he spoke of afghanistan withdrawal, he talked about the number of bills that were going through congress including infrastructure and the debt ceiling bill. he also talked about the 2020 election. he talked we talked a lot of voters yesterday in and around
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the raleigh. they seemed very upset with the current republican party and the gop. last night, it was a very clear signal the gop is not upset with donald trump. he brought longtime iowa senator, chuck grassley, on stage and gave him in his words, his complete and total endorsement for his senate run in 2022. grassley then took the mic and said, he would be not very smart to not accept the endorsement of someone who has 91's person of support from republicans in the state of iowa. so, you can see where their heads are here. we talked to a number of voters about donald trump not talking about january six. the voters had january 6th on their minds, but they remember very differently. here's what they had to say. >> they can investigate all they want. there was nothing that i saw that was wrong happening there. january >> sixth was a set up. and there's evidence that's been pouring out since then that it was set up. and the fbi was involved. was set up and the fbi >> so, that kind ofg
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gives you an idea of where their heads are there. they do not believe january 6th happened the way it happened. they believe it was a setup. they do not believe, many of them, joe biden won the 2020 presidential election. and all of the people we spoke to want trump to run again in 2020. for >> gary, real quick, we know that in president trump's statement this week regarding january 6th, he said the real insurrection took place on election day. he made no mention, other than that, of the investigation into the insurrection? >> not into the insurrection, but he had a lot to say about what he calls the corrupt and rigged election of 2020. he firmly did not believe that he lost the 2020 election. >> that's kind of interesting. it's one of the biggest applause points when he said hillary conceded. i never conceded. a lot of cheers to that. julie, to you right. they're any updates on whether the house committee will pursue charges against people who are not cooperating with him? >> good morning, guys.
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yes, there were no updates as to when the house select committee investigating january 6th would pursue these criminal referrals, but we do know they're going to do it swiftly. they're not going to let the witnesses they subpoenaed run out the clock, they said. and obviously, we're ready to hear from four of those witnesses this week. you showed that calendar at the top. part of former french president trump's inner circle, right now we only know of steve bannon. of course, a longtime campaign adviser. was advisor in the first few months of the trump administration in the white house. he of course was one of the organizers of the stop the steal rally. that's why the committee says they want to hear from him. really showing the focus of their investigation. they see steve bannon as sort of the link between the former president and the insurrectionists on january 6th, that stormed into this capitol i'm standing in right now. so, steve bannon's lawyers meanwhile, telling the committee that he is relying on trump's executive privilege. that same executive privilege that president biden said he can't use this week. but of course, the former
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president, as you heard from gary, is going to go ahead and try that again and again. steve bannon meanwhile, he's one of those for that we're getting ready to hear from. if he does that show up, the committee made a clear they would hold him in criminal contempt. what happens then is that process goes on to the president, the current president biden, who can then decide what to do from there. and we don't know, again if, that is going to happen. also, the committee issuing for additional subpoenas this week. to stop the steal rally organizers, so we know what direction they're headed in. >> julie tsirkin and gary grumbach, thank you for starting us off on sunday. for more now let's bring in jeffrey jacobovitz. he represented three white house employees during the clinton scandals. an msnbc political analyst and democratic pollster fernand amandi. good morning to both with a view. thanks for being with us. fernand, according to the hill here, trump has told associates he is eager to announce another white house bid. but advisers have told him to keep a low profile, preferably
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until after the midterms. is this keeping a low profile? and also, why would advisers be telling him that? advisers b telling >> first, to your quest, lindsay, it's not keeping a low profile. look, if it was up to trump himself, he would have been out there day after the 2020 election that he was running for election. and there's no doubt, should he be indicted or should the grim reaper visit, vascular where donald trump is not going to run for president. and if he runs, he's going to be the republican nominee. now, the reason i think his advisers are saying let's wait and put the brakes on the timing, is because they know that while trump may be extraordinarily popular in the republican party, as polls indicate, he is extremely unpopular within independence still, and certainly with democrats. and the idea that trump running now, in essence, recalibrate's and makes it a referendum on trump in the 2022 midterms and elections that the republicans think that they could recapture the house --
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so, i think you're going to see them beg and plead and control donald trump to do everything in his power to wait until after 2022 to announce. but as you saw last night, trump cannot help himself and he is running for president in 2024. >> interesting. fernand, the latest polls out of iowa sure trump is more popular now in that state then after leaving office. here's what some trump supporters told gary grumbach last night. >> i'm worried for the grandchildren was to come for them. with all the changes that are being made. something has to be done. we're dying back here. we need something great to happen and i believe he's the answer. he did go for us before, and i support him 100%. >> i mean, 2024 is so far off and i think what's happening right now is so heartbreaking about our country. i don't know if we're truly going to have a country. i mean, it's not going to be a
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recognizable america where freedom is everything. here freedom is everything. >> some of these people have been saying that they feel as if we're heading for a civil war. they told gary grumbach that yesterday. by the way, when c-span treated tweeted that they were taken the rally life, viewers went off on them and cues-ing them of amplifying his propaganda. are the viewers right in all of this? do they have to cover him as he teases a 2020 foreign? >> fernand, go ahead. so, >> this is the conundrum of trump. the trump and the republican party today and the fact that he's indicating he's running, they are exploiting this soft underbelly. the idea that you can live without impunity. you can see whatever you think you need to see from a political perspective, and not be held accountable. keep in mind, this is a president that has been impeached, twice. that is the subject of a criminal investigation in the state of new york. that is the centerpiece, really
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the mastermind of the inciter of the january 6th insurrection, that was a lethal one for the first time we saw our congress attacked. yet nonetheless, it continues to happen. so, c-span and entities like them, what are they supposed to? do not cover the person who is likely to be the republican nominee? exploiting the scenario? it's a real tricky situation and no easy answer. >> jeff, we want to bring you in here. let's talk about the executive privilege showdown. trump now has less than a month to challenge that white house decision not to withhold documents from congress related to january 6th. how do you see this coming up? >> well, the way i see it playing out is the following. you have these four witnesses that the house and the doj have to hold accountable for what's going on. you have to bring them before the doj for criminal enforcement. we have a situation where bannon, his view has absolutely zero merit. he was not employed in the
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government at the time that trump is alleging executive privilege. the only discussions that were taking place lee in trump's term or about bannon's part. and they're certainly not privileged. is not pursuant to a deliberate of privilege. and we have to have a situation where there's either inherent content, civil contempt or criminal content. but the house has to move forward, because you also have to have a deterrent value. if you're going to be subpoenaing other witnesses, you have to show them your willing to enforce the law. >> so, jeff, how do you see this playing out in? it's been decades since anybody has been killed because of contempt of congress. how do you see this playing out? >> it will likely play out in the courts initially. and if you recall, u.s. versus nixon took only four months. but we need an expedited process in the courts. and it will be fought in the d.c. circuit, in the district court, and ultimately up before the supreme court. in addition, you may have other
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witnesses cooperating along the way, so there will be depositions, there will be testimony. but there could be a delay. and you know, trump likes delays. every delay helps him and he's helping to push pass and the elections in the future. the 2022 interim elections and the 2024 presidential election. >> so, you don't think it could all the way to supreme court? >> i think at, least on three of them, it's going to go to the supreme court. i don't think bannon's claim has any merit at all. >> okay, we're going to leave it there. with jeffrey jacobovitz and fernand amandi. thank you, guys appreciate. now to a developing story right here in new york. laguardia airport is running normally again, after an unruly passenger forced a plane to land after while american airlines is calling a potential security issue. the plane was coming from indianapolis. 80 passengers on board forced to safely the plane on the tarmac. >> so far, no word on what exactly the passenger was doing to cause all of this. but you can see in the video
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here, firefighters have a man face down on the tarmac, with his arms and his leg sprayed. as we've been reporting, unruly passengers have become a huge problem for airlines over the last several months. >> all right, coming up, president biden's doj has until tuesday to respond to a federal appeals court decision that reinstated and abortion ban in texas. so, what options do they have? we'll put that to our legal. gas >> and life imitating art. 15 years after the original star trek was canceled, captain kirk is blasting off into space for real? what we're learning about the 90 year old william shatner's upcoming trip to space. ♪girl, i don't know, i don't know,♪ ♪i don't know why i can't get enough of your love babe♪ ♪oh no, babe girl, if i could only make you see♪ ♪and make you understand♪ get a dozen double crunch shrimp for $1
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news from minnesota this morning. several people were shot overnight. >> this is all happening in st. paul, where the shooting took place around 2 am local time in an area that is surrounded by bars and restaurants. a few details right now. st. paul details police -- multiple people have been
3:20 am
transported to area hospitals following this early morning shooting that took place just a few hours ago. more on this as we get it. >> the biden administration is preparing its response to a texas appeals court decision following a week of whiplash inducing back and forth on the state's restrictive abortion law. the ban outlaws the procedure after six weeks and allows private citizens to sue anyone believed to be aiding and abetting abortion. a three judge panel reinstated the ban, friday, after a federal judge blocked its enforcement earlier this week. in response to a lawsuit from the department of justice. once the doj's admits its response this week, the panel will consider and decide whether to grant the lawful state. joining us right now to discuss is law professor at the university of michigan law school, former attorney and msnbc legal analyst, barb mcquade. barbara, good morning to you. thanks for being with us. this back-and-forth has been tough to follow. walk us through exactly what will happen to stay, and what comes next after doj response? >> we know that robert portland,
3:21 am
who's a district court judge in texas, entered an order on wednesday that said this law is unconstitutional, blatantly so. , he prevented it from being enforce in. in those today some abortion providers began resuming their services. but then on friday, the intermediate appellate court, the fifth circuit court of appeals, granted a motion from the texas attorney general to reinstate the law. two temporary block of robert pittman's order. the court has granted the justice department until tuesday to file its response. so they enter the order without even hearing anything from the justice department on its position. it has until tuesday. so, the justice department can argue its case, and then if the court in the fifth circuit court of appeals wants to, it can continue this state while this appeal is pending, which could take some months. if you think we're confuse, or
3:22 am
were feeling a lot, imagine being a patient in texas who needs abortion services and seeing this back and forth. feeling like a political football. >> i'm sorry barbara. i majored in journalism and i don't speak lawyer. why is could appeal the state? what does that mean? >> right now, there is -- robert pittman said this law is unconstitutional and it isn't valid. i'm striking it down. the appeals court said, that order is on hold. so, we are restoring the status quo, meaning this law goes into effect. right? that is what will be debated. whether the law will be in effect while this whole case is being resolved. at the moment, the law is on the books. it is enforceable. there is a ban in texas for any abortion after six weeks. >> i'm sure will top be talking to you again after tuesday to help us translate all of that. but do you foresee this potentially making its way all the way up to the supreme court? >> i do. the fifth circuit court of
3:23 am
appeals has made it very clear what his position is, and that is it will enforce this law. it is blatantly unconstitutional, as judge pittman, the district court did. a flies in the fate face of roe versus wade. and the fifth circuit doesn't have the authority to overturn roe versus wade. it will go back to the supreme court. i think we could see a different outcome from the supreme court that we saw in september, when they said they were going to allow the law to stay in effect while the case works we through the courts in texas. one of the things the district court did is right 115-page order where he rui meticulous detail why he believed this case to be unconstitutional. so, unlike in september when the court threw up his hands and said, we don't know enough about this case, we have to let it proceed through the courts, they now have the factual workers from which they can decide that this law is in fact unconstitutional. >> i have to let you go soon, but we're talking about texas, we're also talking about kentucky were, talking about
3:24 am
mississippi -- what cases are you most watching? ases are you m>> coming up on t, there's going to be a case in the supreme court where kentucky is going to get a second buy at the apple to argue in favor of its law that bans most abortions after 15 weeks. so, that one, if allowed to proceed, would renew that challenge. and then of course, out of mississippi, there's another challenge to 15 weeks. i think that's going to be a real litmus test of what this court thinks about roe v. wade and the continuing presidential value that has been ensconced in the law for almost 50 years. >> all right barb mcquade, we'll keep turning to tell the story just all of. this thank you so. much >> a major turnaround in the state that's been the most persistent hotspots during the delta. search any guesses on which state that is? and he followed his neighbor's dog into the woods and disappeared without a trace. four days. or tell you about -- the story of in the same three year old from texas. and in our next hour, as young
3:25 am
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we're following this morning. this one is -- there's a manhunt underway right now in georgia for the suspect in the killing of a part-time rookie police officer during his very first shift. the 26-year-old, you see him there, dylan harrison, was gunned down right outside the police department in the small town of dudley, georgia. that's in central georgia. police have named this man, 43 year old damon ferguson as a suspect. it's still not clear what we have led up to the shooting. >> more cases of the so-called havana syndrome this morning. this time at the u.s. embassy in berlin.
3:30 am
german police say they're looking into claims of a syndrome that's already affected more than 200 u.s. diplomats around the globe. at first became public back in 2016, after dozens of diplomats in cuba complain. the symptoms include nausea, dizziness, memory limpness lapses. berlin police interesting call it alone alleged sonic weapon attack on employees of the u.s. embassy. they say they're investigating since august. >> california is now the first state to require a gender neutral section in large department stores. it isn't necessarily outlaw the pink and blue products aimed at boys and girls were all used to seeing. they just have to have a reasonably sized section that doesn't target a specific gender. it doesn't apply, we should mention to, close. just toys and other childcare items. a delta hot spot now seeing a cool down. florida, one of the nation's hardest hit states, now seeing daily covid cases below 4000 for the first time since july.
3:31 am
the state now has one of the lowest number of cases per capita, in the entire country, after breaking records in the summer. nbc correspondent stephanie stanton is joining us right now from tampa, florida. 70, good morning. in a state where the leadership is actively campaigning against mask mandates and vaccine mandates, why are we seeing such a decline right now in cases? line right now>> good morning t, candace. first of, all i want to say that i am actually happy to bring a little bit of good news, because this state, as you know, has been hammered by covid. i'm actually standing outside raymond james stadium. and in just a few hours from now, kickoff at 1:00 this afternoon. nearly 66,000 fans are going to pack the stadium to see the tampa bay bucs face off against the miami dolphins. this scheme is coming as a you said, we see cases drop dramatically here within the state of florida. but it is coming after that very deadly delta variant wave here in florida, which saw the
3:32 am
state hit the most deaths of any of the 50 states. back in july and august, we were seeing cases here in florida on a weekly basis hit above 150,000. last week, according to the florida department of public health, the case counts were just above 25,000. so, again, good news. and everyone here is hoping that that good news holds. throughout this pandemic, as you said though, governor ron desantis has been very staunch against any kind of mask mandates or vaccine mandates. and that trend is continuing. this of course again is a very strong contrast to what we're seeing in places like california and also what the biden administration is doing in terms of vaccine mandates. earlier this week, we saw the covid-19 white house adviser hold a briefing outlining some of those mandates. take a listen. of those mandates. ta>> the president has taken may steps on vaccination requirements. health care workers through the center for medicare and
3:33 am
medicaid, and requiring vaccination for 17 million health care workers. the federal workforce, requiring vaccinations. the military, international air travel will require vaccinated people coming from other countries. full vaccinations. so, there's been a lot of work that the vaccination requirements cover. about 100 million americans. >> and back out here life, we have the big game coming up. in terms of covid protocols, i have to say that there are not really any strict protocols for the fans here. however, we do understand that employees themselves are required to wear masks and there are also some plexiglass walls up at some of the checkouts. but for the most part, it is business as usual here at the tampa bay buccaneers stadium. >> the bucks coming off that big win against the patriots last week. i think they're all happy, all smiles throughout that area in tampa. stephanie stanton our thanks
3:34 am
to. really appreciated. >> sure. >> and some happy news coming out of texas near plantar ville in the search for a missing boy there. three year old christopher ramirez, went missing in the woods wednesday, has now been found. in his reunion with his family with nothing short of emotional. and this nbc's jasmine has the story. >> it's the good news everyone was praying for. >> amazing, to see him and hear the loud cries here. it was just unbelievable. >> three year old christopher ramirez reunited with his mother, safe and sound after missing for four days. >> he was smiling. he's alive and laughing. hugged up, crying. his mom is crying. he's in good shape. >> a tip from a citizen helping police locate the toddler, discovered near a texas state highway saturday morning. just five miles from his home. >> we were running on prayers, to be honest with you. because we had nothing else.
3:35 am
>> christopher went missing wednesday, chasing his dog into the woods as his mother was unloading groceries. his mother, desperately praying for me merkel. >> help me, please. please, everyone, help me. i need my son. >> for four days, crews searched around the clock. more than 40 agencies combed the wooded area. >> i'm in my 53 years of law enforcement, i've never seen one this detail. >> that christopher's mother never lost hope. and her prayers answered. swered >> all right, still to come, donald trump is heading to michigan this week where he says he'll demand and audit of that states 2020 presidential vote. it's congressman and 11 swung state. he's going to weigh in on the day and the state of president biden's agenda in congress. >> and congresswoman maxine waters is never at a loss for words. even when you try to cut her off, she'll be like, reclaiming her time. so just imagine what she'll have to say about the debt
3:36 am
ceiling debate, infrastructure delay and those defying the january six committee subpoenas. she sits down with tiffany. at maxine and our cousin teeth, 10 am for the cross connection on sunday. st drug free relief vicks sinex. instantly clear everyday congestion. and try vicks sinex children's saline. safe and gentle relief for children's noses.
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this is a cold call from matty ice. i convinced the nfl teams to turn to cold with tide. the nfl? you guys are filthy. tide can handle it, even in cold. kid is good. this was a cold call -- general really darren, retired
3:38 am
four star army general, lost his battle with cancer according to family. the general served in the military for 37 years with deployments to europe and three tours in iraq. he commanded the fourth industry division at the start of the iraq war. he also served as army chief of staff for former president obama. obama released a statement yesterday saying he relied on the general's knowledge, leadership and judgment, and trusted he'd helped come up with a plan to withdraw troops from iraq and keep our forces in iraq safe. >> for you, thinking about december probably brings visions of wrapping presents, playing in the snow and seeing your loved ones. for congress, it could mean more partisan brawling and in party fighting. all while trying to prevent both a government shutdown and an economic catastrophe. on top of the government funding and debt limit, democrats are also still negotiating a way to try to pass the presidents ambitious agenda. you see it all there. next up, the house returns to session on tuesday and they're set to sign off on that new
3:39 am
december deadline for raising the debt limit. they still haven't done that yet. joining us right now is michigan congressman and deputy whip of the congressional progressive caucus, andy levin. congressman, thank you so much for being. here >> a, great to see you kendis. >> good to see you. so, what's your message to voters who might be losing confidence at this point? especially democratic voters, that anything will actually get done? >> that we're going to do it and that i realize the media just has to focus on drama and who's liking whom and who's fighting with whom. but i'm telling you, the overwhelming majority of the democratic caucus is for both the presidents bipartisan infrastructure plan and actually his full build back better plan. and the only democrats matter here because this is going -- the build back better act has to pass through reconciliation, which is not a single republican will vote for. so, we're going to get this done is my message.
3:40 am
going to get tyou >> say you'ret this done. of course, many people have been asking the nike slogan, just do it, for some nine months and months. the democrats have done very little that the set out to do. so, how exactly are you going to be able to get it done? >> kendis, i beg to differ. the american rescue plan is one of the biggest things that any congress has ever passed. we gave every mom and dad $250 or $300 a month for their kids. $300 for under six-year-olds. $250 for kids 6 to 17. in a monthly check. dude, i used to have three kids under five in the house many years ago. that would've been $900 a month. it's transformative. and we have to keep programs like that going. so, we are going to get this done.
3:41 am
the senate is done with the bipartisan package, so we'll pass that in the house as soon as we all can agree on getting as much of the presidents build back better agenda done as possible. that's childcare for every family. pre-k, free community college and other really important. thanks >> so, let's be honest. the president is taking a hit. his approval number has been sliding in several polls. a new quinnipiac poll shows his agenda is more popular than he is. 62% of voters support the infrastructure bill. 57% support the social spending bill. the president visited your state to try to sell voters on his plan. but he was met by many protesters as he arrived there. how is he doing in the city? e doing in the>> that was geniue did two things at want once, kendis. you came to that an area that's a tough area for him and there were actually all that many protesters. this is a very difficult tone
3:42 am
he was in. but also, he came to the training center of the operating engineers. and as you know, the building trades unions are really supportive of the bipartisan infrastructure program. so, he came right to them and said hey, let's do both. because the build back better agenda has so much for you, to. 82 billion dollars of school construction spending and making the rules at the pro act right into the build back better act, so that employers who violate workers rights get penalize. so, that was good. and he's going to do fine in the state. but only if we pass this agenda. we've got to pass it. >> which it is really tough and has proven tough so far. former president trump is set to britain visit your state this week and he's reportedly going to demand another so-called audit of the 2020 election in michigan itself. where he narrowly lost. what do you make of that? >> kendis, he's working on
3:43 am
fumes. i mean, look at his arizona audit. what did he get out of that? donald trump is a shiny object that everybody was obsessed with. whatever he said, wherever he went. i'm sick of him. what we need to do to make sure he doesn't come back is to our work and that's what i'm focused on. and then will be. five >> congressman, do you represent the greater detroit area. >> oh boy, here it comes. >> the detroit lions are zero and four. what's going to happen first? [laughs] are you guys going to pass infrastructure bills are are the lion's going to win? >> why do week keep booking michigan congresspeople? [laughs] >> what's it going to be, congressman? >> the greatest suffering of my life is supporting the detroit lions. i'm 61 years old. i'm not shy to see. and they have never -- they've had calvin johnson, they had mary sanders, they had amazing stars. and they've never were good. so, i'll keep on the loyal and
3:44 am
will do a lot of wonderful legislating before the lions are good. and sorry. >> wow. this harsh. i'm rooting for the line. all right, congressman, thank you. >> thanks for rooting for, assessor. [laughs] >> we're making our way through all the michigan representatives. >> i should've known that was coming. [laughs] >> coming up next, the latest pr move in the billionaire space race. jeff basis is literally sending captain kirk into orbit. we'll start power help us get regular people on the side of the mega richmond plane with rockets? that's next. italian b.m.t.®, with new artisan italian bread, new black forest ham, and new mv- you gotta refresh to be fresh! hold up, false start on the spokesperson. save big. order through the app. ♪ people with moderate to severe psoriasis, or psoriatic arthritis, are rethinking the choices they make like the splash they create the way they exaggerate
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3:48 am
origin rocket in west texas, becoming the oldest person to fly to space. nbc's carrie sanders has more. >> start a ten, zero for, two zero to one. >> two, one. >> a real life mission to space that is about to bring forward at warp speed what began 1966. >> space, the final frontier. >> blue origin announced that captain of the start trip started -- >> the actor who played captain kirk, william shatner, in a tweet shatner writing, yes, it's true. i'm going to be a rocket man. the actor-turned-civilian astronaut will be making history as the oldest person to fly to space. a record that was recently set by 82 year old wally funk. she joined jeff bezos during the's debut civilians in
3:49 am
spaceflight earlier this summer. they source who made a cameo in star trek's latest movie, and a self proclaimed tricky, this time inviting the actor on board. 13 years ago, i beamed off the star ship enterprise. it was to honor the 40th anniversary of the show. >> thanks to cable, still boldly going where no man has gone before. >> you are now going to disappear. all of you who have been and still are and will be fans of star trek, thank you for all these wonderful years. >> shatner will join three others on the mission. among them audrey powers, blue origin vice president, and to paying customers. come next week -- >> the boldly go where no man has gone before. >> shatner will boldly go where no one his age has gone before. life now imitating art. >> our thanks to carrie sanders
3:50 am
there. we have much more on this new space race and we're joined right now by john herrman, a reporter for the new york times magazine. good morning, john. good to see you. >> so, john. in your latest article you say that the space race is happening right now. whether we choose to pay attention or not. we are at that point were billionaires are launching captain kirk himself into space. you posed the question though, do we care? i kind of feel like maybe we might be at -- using that to me tv term, i jumped the shark moment? or are we not? >> i think it's an early season, so hopefully we're not quite there yet. what's hard about this is we've got three of the most famous entrepreneurs of generations working on this huge problem. talking about big things that the world has been talking about for decades now. the problem is, you don't know which pitch you're getting at which time.
3:51 am
are we watching them fulfill their boyhood dreams? are we watching them build the far future where we have hotels in space and industry in space? and travel between planets and all these science fictional things that we think about? are we watching them build and businesses on satellites to sell internet service? to contract with our military, and militaries around the world. you kind of never know. so, all we can really do now, it feels, they sit back and watch them enjoy themselves in space. [laughs] >> yeah, john, none of those options seem to have that much real world effect on you and i. you write that branson and bezos have been using dreamier language and all of this, to try and make the space race more personal. do you think sending captain kirk to space is an example of that, to? or is it kind other shtick that
3:52 am
were falling for? >> it's interesting to send someone who was on tv, traveling the galaxies to space, before we actually went to the moon. it's really an interesting spectacle. one of the most recognizable characters in history. there certainly some value there. is hard not to enjoy this a little bit. to watch the amazon guy sent captain kirk into space. it's fun and it's a savvy pr move. it's also a versatile dream i imagine for jeff bezos, who's been an avid star trek fan for many, many decades. he's talked about it. this has got to be just personally, really gratifying. so, yes, it can feel both moving and understandable and incomprehensible to regular people. it could also feel like we're again, watching someone just
3:53 am
fulfill a very personal boyhood dream. it doesn't necessarily make us feel much closer to go into space, although it is evidence that we are, if you're able to send a commercial spaceflight on with a 90 year old into space. and i can perhaps imagine maybe my daughter one day going to space, if she has enough money. [laughs] >> well there's been all this push about different people going to space. i believe the russians have an actor that is up there shooting a movie. there's been talk about some journalists, i'm not raising my hand first. i get the feeling at the end of the day, shatner is a price commercial spokesperson. this is all just one glorified price like commercial. [laughs] >> younger people are a little less enthusiastic about the space race than older people. if you're in your twenties for example, you didn't grow up
3:54 am
with space at the center of the national agenda in the united states. and you also probably remember william shatner, if for any reason, from commercials. so, there is a little bit of a pitchman aspect of this that's heart ice cape. >> absolutely. and even in the nineties though, some of the interviews we've seen. he's just with. that he sends. amazing >> john herman, thank you so. much >> appreciated. >> up next, snl is back with kim kardashian making her debut. was it a hit or was it a miss? and coming up in our next hour, an alleged sonic weapon attack on the u.s. embassy in berlin. why the cia thinks russia may be behind the havana syndrome which has now made its way overseas. we're learning some new details about this. or bring it to you in our next hour. your new pharmacy is here. and here. and here, too. it's here to help you save time and money
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and i d d so my y quesonons coueouout hicacase.y y son, ♪ call one eight hundred, cacalledhehe bars s filion and i d d soit was the best call coueouout hii could've made. call the barnes firm >>, all right so quite a night aand find out what your case all ccould be worth.uld've made. ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ it was. tons of black cars that were outside our studios last night because snl was back with kim kardashian making her debut. really actually poking fun at herself and her family. here's a clip. >> i'm excited to be here tonight to show you guys that i'm so much more than just a pretty face. i'm just so much more than that reference photo my sisters show their plastic surgeons. [laughs] but the one thing i'm really proud of is that no one can ever called me a gold digger. honestly, i'm not even sure how you become one. so, i asked my mom's boyfriend
3:59 am
cory. [laughs] [applause] i think i'm following my father's footsteps. now, my father was and still is such an influence and inspiration to me and i credit him with really opening up my eyes to racial injustice. it's because of him that i met my first black person. want to take a stab in the dark at who it was? i know, is sort of we are to remember the first black person you ever met, that o.j. does leave a mark. or several, cornell, i still don't know. [laughs] [applause] >> she went there. >> she talked about kanye. she called kanye last night the greatest rapper ever. and kanye west reportedly gave her some tips. he might know a thing or two given that he's actually been on the show seven times as a musical guess. >> wow. >> but her opening monologue, which was about three minutes log, was actually really, really funny. >> yeah, that was really part of it.
4:00 am
i mean, it's a little late for us we're gonna have to go back and watch the whole thing, but i'll see, musical guest. 27 years old. this with her fifth appearance on the show. there was a parade of counties in the show last night, including in her seven second performance, lindsay buckingham of buckingham and fleetwood mac. she tweeted a photo -- she was pumping backstage because she had a baby in july. super woman. all right. we'll begin a new hour of msnbc reports right now. first up on msnbc, teasing another run? former president donald trump back to the key battleground state of iowa for the first time since losing the 2020 election. is he laying the groundwork for a third run? the warning is out. now here comes the wait. four ex-trump aides days away from


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