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tv   Kendis Gibson and Lindsey Reiser Report  MSNBC  October 9, 2021 3:00am-4:00am PDT

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i didn't ask them to do that. and, no, i will not. >> pamela smart is planning to file another petition for a parole hearing sometime this year. >> that's all for this edition of "dateline." i'm natalie morales. thank you for watching. first up on msnbc, we're on top of breaking news in texas where late last night a federal court temporarily reinstated a been on most abortions. as the legal battle takes another turn, we're digging into what comes next as democrats sound the alarm. >> they're playing with our lives. they're playing with our bodies. and i'm telling you, people are going to die. the biden white house in a new showdown with former president donald trump over documents about january 6th, and
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surprising news from that congressional committee. two trump allies are apparently engaging with them. is the gop apparently prepared to play chicken with the economy as the new deadline approaches and as his party juggles new big priorities, president biden tries to cut through the noise. >> right now things in washington as you know are noisy. turn on the news and everything is a confrontation. and breaking overnight, a dramatic ending to a hostage situation in downtown los angeles. a shooting suspect escapes to an apartment building and holds a woman hostage, holding a gun to her head and it's all caught on camera including dramatic scene right there. what a scene it was. it's saturday, october 9th, and i'm lindsey reiser. >> and i'm kendis gibson.
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i've been like riding the elevators looking for kim kardashian. >> you're why our badge doesn't work on every floor. >> it doesn't work on every hour. >> there are people at this hour excited about "snl." >> they're camped out already. >> all along the block. kim kardashian and also halsey is the music guest. meantime we have our correspondents joining us from capitol hill. they're not there for kim kardashian or halsey but for breaking news. a federal a appeals court temporarily reinstates the law that bans abortions after six weeks. texas requested to reinstate the law after a court temporarily blocked it earlier this week. >> the law allows anyone to pursue a lawsuit for anyone who
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goes through an abortion after six weeks. democrats are slamming the decision as extremely dangerous. >> so many women die during that period and now people are going to die again, find new ways to have abortions if, in fact, these laws are not taken off the books. this is a really dark moment, i think, for people in the country and for our constitutional rights. >> the justice department has until tuesday to respond to the motion. our next guest once filibustered for 11 hours to kill a bill on the most restrictive abortion laws in the country. joining us, wendy davis. good morning to you. thanks for being with us on such a busy morning. it feels like it goes back and forth and people in texas don't know what's up. we did mention that marathon speaking session in 2013 to help kill an abortion bill, and under texas's filibuster rules, you couldn't rely on food, drinks,
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or supports. you couldn't take breaks for the whole 11 hours. knowing what you've done in your career to fight this, how do you feel now that the law is being reinstated? >> it's a terrible moment in texas. it's a terrible moment in the history of our ability to recontrol our -- excuse me -- to control our reproductive destiny. it's going to have a ripple effect across our state and country when other states begin to copy cat this law if it's allowed to continue to be in place. >> you say you were just 10 years old when roe became law of the land, and now you're seeing the protections really stripped away. what consequences do you think we'll see from this particular law? >> we're already starting to see this, ken dis, with people showing up to abortion clinics across the state who are desperate to receive care, most of whom already have children at
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home, who already are struggling to financially provide for them, and who cannot take advantage of the kind of assistance that's been put together to help people cross state lines to get abortion care in oklahoma, louisiana, new mexico. already those clinics are starting to have weeks and weeks of waiting period as a consequence of trying to handle the demand. and ultimately this is going to have an impact in raising poverty, which we know happens when women are not able to access abortion, and unfortunately creating greater stresses on our systems overall. >> i mean some of those clinics have had to put women on a waiting list sometimes for weeks after their initial call because they just don't have any appointments. i mean this is interesting because the fifth circuit court of appeals is made up of a lot of trump, bush, and reagan employees. one person on the panel did not
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agree with this, called the abortion law a, quote, moral tragedy here. but what do you tell the people of texas, and what do you tell the clinics in texas with the back-and-forth, first they can, then a judge says they can't, and then back to can. many appointments are going to be turned away. >> that's right. created so much confusion for people. i wish i could say with all sincerity that they can rely on our court system to enforce the law, but already what we've seen from the fifth circuit and from the supreme court is an unwillingness to do so. the state continues to hide behind the fact that it put the power of enforcement over this law in the hands of individuals, claiming that they are hemless to do anything to stop individuals from filing these suits when, of course, this is a state created law. this is a state enforced law in
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our state courts, and it is really just unbelievable and shocking that the fifth circuit and the supreme court have refused to weigh in and enjoin this law because right now, roe v. wade is the law of the land. this law clearly violated roe v. wade, and it's deeply disappointing and devastated that our courts have abandoned the people of texas at a time like this. >> what does it say -- obviously texas is your heart. you know the state, despite the politics of it. it's been in the news over the last month. what do you make of what has become of your state when it comes to these sort of laws? >> you know, i think it says a lot to other people. when you look at this law, our voting rights law, the fact that anyone in texas can carry a gun now without a permit, the fact that we have a governor who is
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mandating that our schools can't keep our kids safe, requiring the wearing of masks, there are a lot of people, and we're hearing more and more these stories of individuals who are not wanting to come to texas, salesforce, of course, offering to pay the moving costs and relocate every one of their texas employees. this will ultimately have a ripple effect. maybe not with some companies like elon musk, but it definitely have s having a ripple effect already in our tech communities and with the work force that refuses to come. >> all right. wendy davis, we appreciate you joining us so early on a saturday morning to talk about these late breaking developments. thank you so much for your time. yeah. we're following in the meantime two major developments out of washington, d.c. first, new word from the house select committee investigating the january 6th insurrection. the committee announcing that it could soon hand out a criminal contempt referral for former
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trump adviser steve bannon. it's essentially means the house would ask the department of justice to prosecute him for refusing to comply with congressional subpoenas. if that happens and he's convicted, he could face up to a year in prison. the other big headline, former president donald trump formed a major legal blow after the white house tried to block keeping documents out of hands. >> let's start with this criminal referral. do you know when that could happen? >> reporter: we know they're considering the criminal referral. the co-chairs, liz cheney, bennie thompson, saying that it will happen swiftly if it does. we know steve bannon defied the thursday deadline to produce the documents requested by the committee ahead of the testimony days, which could happen next week. now, we also know from the committee that mark meadows
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interestingly enough and kash patel, the two other trump inner circle aides are complying with the committee, are engaging at least. we have a statement from steve bannon's lawyer. he wrote, we will comply with the requests of the court since they belong to pl trump, not will be bannon. until these issues are resolved, mr. bannon is not reliable for producing these documents. obviously if the department of justice becomes involved, this will drag out the committee's investigation, and, of course, this shouldn't come as a surprise because weeks ago the committee said they were transparent, that they would consider a criminal referral for any of the witnesses who are subpoenaed if they defied those subpoenas. >> and the other big news is the white house is shutting down trump's executive prish ledge claim. we know trump is going to fight
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this. what happens next? >> reporter: yeah, we know he's going to fight that. we heard from lawyers and sources close to the former president. but look. biden and the white house said they would not stand in the way of the committee's investigation of what happened on january 6th. we know now that biden has instructed the national archives to move forward with their documents request. it's really a massive trove of documents ranging from twitter messages to visitor logs at the white house to what former president trump knew and when leading up to january 6th. jen psaki, the white house press secretary spoke about this yesterday. here's what she had to say. listen. >> this will be an ongoing process, and this is just the first set of documents, and we will evaluate questions of privilege on a case-by-case basis, but the president has made it clear it's important for the congress and american people to v a complete understanding of the events of that day to prevent them from happening
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again. >> reporter: so president biden is throwing major roadblocks in the former president's way in terms of sealing the documents from the committee, but obviously it's not the last step and trump will fight this in courts. >> thank you. it's always a lot. we appreciate it. coming up, steve bannon may think he has a way out of his deposition, but could he comply? we'll break down the consequences for trump allies who don't cooperate. we'll also ask if the abortion rights could make its way to the supreme court and what we can expect from the conservative majority. the year is 1998. bruce willis is sent to space to blow up an asteroid that is hertling toward earth. now something similar is going to happen in real life except for the bruce willis part.
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breaking overnight, we're going to show you some dramatic video from a pretty wild hostage situation in los angeles. >> it lasted for several hours. portions before caught on video and it's hard to watch at times. >> that was the end of the horrifying ordeal, s.w.a.t. moving in after shooting a suspect in downtown los angeles. all of this started mid afternoon yesterday. lapd says the suspect fired shots at several people, injuring a 14 people and carjacking someone, a woman's vehicle. he holed up in an apartment and taking a woman hostage as you can see.
3:18 am
at one point a camera captured the hostage being held at gunpoint. it was at that time the s.w.a.t. team moved in and rescued the woman. the woman is recovering at a los angeles hospital this morning. >> that's a scary moment. you can see the s.w.a.t. team coming in with guns drawn, but that moment you see the suspect holding the perj hostage in the window, my heart stops. >> absolutely. they were chasing him in the downtown streets and he decided he would escape to one of those apartment buildings. can you imagine an innocent person in her apartment when this guy comes in. luckily it ended safely for her. but, wow, what an ordeal. a major legal showdown is shaping up betweenformer president donald trump and the white house, the white house
3:19 am
blocking an attempt to allow trump to keep documents out of the hands of investigating committee. the documents could include activities within the white house itself like phone records as well as visitors logs. trump's legal team wants the biden white house to keep that secret, citing executive privilege, but the white house says no way. for more on all of this and political analysis, i'm jormed right now by federal prosecutor and msnbc legal analyst cynthia cox. let me start with you. does this sig if i phi the end or just the beginning of the end? >> the beginning of the end. trump is hoping if he stalls long enough it will work for him. that's what's happening here.
3:20 am
the committee is supposed to wrap up its report in the spring. if the democrats lose the house, much of this will no longer be a question and it will be moot and he'll have gotten away with it. that's my concern, he'll drag it out. let's be clear. he doesn't have executive privilege over this. what they're looking for is evidence of an attempt to overthrow the election, overturn the results of the election, and that's not within the scope and course of the president trump's proper duties, and it's misconduct. there is no executive prish ledge here, but the game is to stall. >> there seems to be success at stalling fit ar little while. how does this change the stakes for steve bannon and others who may be relying on trump's claim for executive privilege? >> well, the committee says they're going to swiftly move. i would have to challenge
3:21 am
swiftly. there's not much swiftly going on in washington, in my opinion, but he's supposed to -- bannon is supposed to appear at a deposition by the end of next week. if he doesn't, they say they're going to vote to hold him in criminal contempt and refer it to the justice department. again, the ball game is delay, right? my impression is they're never going to get steve bannon. he's a shiny object. the person they should go after is clark from the department of justice who was meeting with trump, who admits he was apparently meeting with trump, was trying to extort this letter that he wanted published that said the georgia election results were in doubt as well as other states, and the senate committee can't get him to talk to them, and according to senator durbin, they can't even
3:22 am
subpoena him because they have to have a rule to vote. to me, get it to the justice department. clark has critical information, he has a law license to protect, and let's move it to the law department where they know what they're doing. >> jonathan, i want to get you in on this. does it weaken the concept of executive privilege? >> no. i think what we saw on january 6th was something the country has never seen, and the president is responding in a responsible measured manner, which i'm not surprised to see him doing. he's leaving up it to the justice department, his legal advisers to tell him what's appropriate and what should be done. this is smt he needs to do. the american people need to know who was involved in it, how much, and i think the president handled it exactly how he should. it's a shame the former president seems to have a lot of hide and doesn't want to reveal
3:23 am
these records. i'm not sure why he thinks executive privilege over a guy he fired years aeld holds out. it's a ridiculous claim. he lost a matter with another. >> do subpoenas really mean anything more? congressional subpoenas? eric holder did not show up for his hearing do. they matter at all,jonathan? >> i think they do. it's eventually ends where people get tired of it. >> in the meantime, cynthia, i wanted to get you to weigh in about the texas abortion law. what does this mean for clinics who brought back the abortion services in the past few days. could they actually be sued
3:24 am
retroactively? >> yes, they absolutely could. the law is so mean and evil that it actually provided if ever there was a stay, a legal stay and the stay with us lifted, that it could be staid. there's no good news and will eventually be solved by the supreme court. probably the parameters of roe v. wade will be stricken or changed so much no one will recognize them by reducing women's rights in the mississippi case. that's the case that will be argued on december 1st where in mississippi they restricted rights at 15 weeks, and the supreme court has taken it up, and, by all accounts, it looks like they're going to strike down roe v. wade. there's no good news for women in texas or women in the other solve states, mostly southern, where they have trigger laws which means the minute roe v.
3:25 am
wade is stricken, abortions will be stricken in their states as well. >> there's well over a dozen states that have those trigger laws in place. cynthia alksne and jonathan kott, thank you so much. coming up -- >> vaccining children is child abuse. if you vax your child, you're a child abuser. plus, we're live in florida where covid cases are down and masks in schools are coming off. how the state department is going after other districts that don't follow suit. her districtst don't follow suit. ♪ i had a dream that someday ♪
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here are some of the other top stories we're following. there will not be any federal civil rights charges for the police officer who shot jacob blake last year in kenosha, wisconsin. they say there's not evidence to
3:30 am
say he used excessive force. blake was shot in the back in 2020. the shooting left him paralyzed from the waist down and spiked several protests. a new pipeline that caused a major oil spill may have started leaking long before. it might have been snagged by an anchor up to a year ago. the damage was there if sore long marine life started growing on it. they're now looking into every ship that passed through that area. all right. one of the most prominent figures in the nfl coach jon gruden is under fire for using a racist trope in an email in 2011 and soon could be facing disciplinary action. "the wall street journal" reports gruden who was an espn announcer at the time made the racist comment about smith. he was upset about the lockout of the players by the nfl duh didn't specifically remember using the trope. he apologized for using smith's
3:31 am
facial features in a racist way. >> if you vax your child, you you're a child abuser. >> this is rape. they're trying to rape our children with this poison. >> you heard some anti-vaccine protesters use some heavy language, comparing rape to masking on this walk your kids to school day in los angeles. as the mask debate rages on, florida, one of the hardest hit states has seen a drop in daily casings for the first time since july. hospitalizations and deaths are also down, but the bright spot is now prompting local school districts to loosen their mask rules. nbc correspondent stephanie
3:32 am
stanton is live in tampa with more. stephanie, this isn't necessarily about the case numbers. it's about the state threatening to cut funding for counties that don't fall in line. >> yeah, good morning to you, lindsey. and, in fact, that's exactly whey that are threatening. the state board of education held a meeting on thursday in which they held sagss against eight county school boards across the state of florida including miami-dade and orange county, which is in the orange area for failure to comply with the governor's strict anti-mask mandate. now, what's happening, what they're threatening is to, of course, face fines to abort members' salaries. they've been given 48 hours to comply or get those fines. this is his breaux county. hillsborough county is not on the list. that's because it ice among other counties who have decided to relax their mask mandates.
3:33 am
you may recall that hillsborough when school i initially started was one of a handful of schools a turned state who decided to defy the governor's ordered and mandate the masks. they say they had no choice because the cases at that time were exploding. the good news is cases are now down since then. in nearby pasco county, there was a board meeting there locally a few days ago and they have had masks optional this entire time, but nonetheless, the debate still heating up, and parents on both sides of the issue spoke out. take a look. >> hudson high has 141 positive cases. that is 10% of the school testing positive for covid in only 18 school dates. >> thankfully they're allowing choices, choose to wear a mask or don't wear a mask.
3:34 am
>> those choosing not to wear a mask affects others. but it's not my job or my wife's job to worry about what everybody else is. >> we're now seeing roughly about 4,000 cases per day, and that is well below what we were seeing back in july. in fact, lindsey and kendis, last week we saw over 25,000 cases for weekly numbers across the state. that's down from what we were seeing a couple of months ago, more than 150,000 cases per week. a significant drop, and everything is hoping that perhaps the worst is behind us. >> let's hope it stays that way, stephanie. mitch mcconnell may have dealt the democrats a win this week, but could he have something else up his sleeve to try to sow chaos within the party?
3:35 am
some are treating the economy like a game. we're going put that to congresswoman debbie dingell. we're going to be going over that next. and how their heritage forms their roles in administration. that's "american voices" 7:00 p.m. eastern time. voices" 7:00 p.m. eastern time. how much you'll need, and build a straightforward plan to generate income, even when you're not working. a plan that gives you the chance to grow your savings and create cash flow that lasts. along the way, we'll give you ways to be tax efficient. and you can start, stop or adjust your plan at any time without the unnecessary fees. talk to us today, so we can help you go from living. people with moderate to severe psoriasis, or psoriatic arthritis, are rethinking the choices they make like the splash they create the way they exaggerate
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so right about now president biden is looking for a win. his approval polls are slipping. he's also trying to lead his party through what is really a hectic time right now. right now democrats have a lot on their plate, and so far all they've managed to do is delay the deadlines. >> government funding and the debt limit will both run out in december, and they're still negotiating president's build back better bill, which they've attached to the bipartisan infrastructure bill. and then there's a rift between the progressives and the moderates in the white house. lauren, good morning to you. the president is saying while it may look messy, there's actually progress being made. how so? >> that's right, ken dis. the president's build back better agenda is his signature legislative proposal.
3:40 am
i can't underscore how important it is for the democrats to get this done. this's concern if they don't get it pass bfrd the end of the year, they're going to have very little to run on going into the 2022 midterm elections. there was hope earlier on that the president's work on the coronavirus pandemic might serve as a foundation for the party in their midterm campaign strategy, but as it's become abundantly clear, there's not going to be an off and on switch to the coronavirus pandemic, so there's a real desire to have this bill to go out and campaign on as we look ahead to 2022. now, the president has the knowledge that this bill is going to have to be much smaller than was initially discussed. he said more in the $2 trillion range. how do you get there? you can either cut out policy items altogether from the plan or allocate less money to specific policy areas, have them expire in a few years, an hope that whoever's in power a few years down the line when these
3:41 am
policy items might expire, that they'll be forced to extend them. this has been a real holdup among democrats. there's a lot of disagreement between moderates and progressives, and it's been a real head yat for the white house. take a listen to what some senators have had to say about this. >> my number has been 1.5. i've been very clear. i don't believe we should turn our society into an entitlement society. >> senator manchin really believes that seniors are not entitled to digest their food and they're not entitled to see and hear properly. is that really too much to ask in the richest country on earth? the president has been frustrated with the amount of focus and attention that has been given to the price tag of this bill rather than the policy elements in it. he's been trying to refocus the public's attention to the specific items he's proposing, and we expect to hear more of that messages in the coming
3:42 am
weeks as we hear of the october 21st deadline that speaker nancy pelosi has said she wants to focus on these items. >> he said 2:27 on thanksgiving. he was obviously being cheeky there. there is an october 21st deadline, but it could go well beyond that. michigan's debbie dingell is going to be joining us. what is the chance that they'll be able to solve some of these issues instead of kicking the can down the road, congresswoman? >> first of all, failure is not an option. i keep saying that. if we do not get these bills passed, democrats are in real trouble. these are promises the president made when he ran for president. when he's talking to people, he said, these are the programs i propose. there have been a lot of talks. we've taken the focus off number and put the focus on what are the focus that constituents
3:43 am
need, want, and have to get done? the house will be together tuesday of next week to vote on the debt ceiling. we'll be able to talk to each other in person, see where people's hearts and souls are. it's been good to have a week at home in districts with people. and then when we come back, i know i spent with the president twice this week just talking about this. speaker pelosi, i've spoken to several times. people are working hard. we're going to work to get this done by october. >> all of that said, the republicans say that mitch mcconnell blinked this week by helping to save the debt krooel ceiling, but he says he reportedly won't do that come december. what's happening there? >> first of all, we shouldn't be saying he blinked. we're all americans. we should not be endangering our economy, our credit rating, what people are going to think of us
3:44 am
and other neighs around the world, whether people's social security checks are going to get paid. this is not a democratic or republican issue. i think it's irresponsible to say, yeah, we're going to raise it, but we're not going to help you. we need to work together. we have to get things figured out. i hope he doesn't play the game. all of us are in this together. >> democrats helped republicans raised the debt ceiling especially when the deficit increased under president trump. you know, congresswoman, you said there's good progress being made. the focus is on the numbers. this week we saw senator schumer take a victory lap after that senate vote. you can see here, though, senator manchin behind him. he was shaking his head. he kind of put his head in his hands. he later, you know -- nbc news reported later he said schumer's speech was effing stupid.
3:45 am
we talk to a lot of lawmakers on this show and they say there's no discord, but we're seeing it in front of our eyes right now. >> you know, i'm someone who is a member of the problem solvers and a member of the progressive caucus. i spend a lot of time on the other side of the aisle. i work with everybody. i think all of us should try to -- we can disagree but do it in a more agreeable way. i wish we could take some of the -- i got in trouble when i said this last week. not insulting any of my colleagues, but we should not give sound bites for cable. we need to come together. i keep saying the same thing. this sjt how congress used to be. we have to find a way to come together, respect each other, come to compromise. compromise is not a dirty word. >> you say no sound bites for
3:46 am
cable, but kyrsten sinema didn't give a sound bite and it was -- >> joe manchin was a dear and wonderful friend to john dingell. we can disagree, but i wish we could get in rooms and talk to each other the way i used to see it happen, and i think that's what's got to happen and it's going happen this month if we're going to get this bill done. >> all right. congresswoman. we appreciate your time. oh, by the way, really quickly, what's going to happen first? an infrastructure bill or the detroit lions will finally win? >> you know, the infrastructure bill might come first. but i love my detroit lions. >> no mercy for people from michigan on this show. >> but go blue. we have not been beaten. so we are having a -- we have a very good go blue. >> there you go. way to save it. way to get those constituents.
3:47 am
>> a 101 interview moment. >> i hear you. >> i'm in my blue from ann arbor. >> thank you, congresswoman, i appreciate it. i don't know if infrastructure is going to happen first. the lions are 0-4. we'll see how they do. >> ruthless. coming up, if you're planning a trip for the holidays, you're running up against a deadline. booking it while it's affordable. why you could be facing skyrocketing vacation costs as soon as halloween is over. that's next. >> i just booked my ticket. i didn't find it affordable. coming up, she has been dead for 70 years, so why is there a lawsuit over the death of henrietta lacks' cells? that's coming up at 10:00 a.m.
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. from the roads to the skies holiday travel is likely going to hurt your wallet.
3:52 am
nbc's anne thompson explains why you should start booking now. >> reporter: americans are eager to make up for lost time, ready to take to the skies this thanksgiving and christmas now that covid is waning. increasing demand accompanied by increasing prices. >> the best time would have been to book a few months ago but the second best time to book is now. >> reporter: travel website hopper says don't wait until after halloween to make your plans because you might get more fright than delight. >> what we see is that prices will drift up 40% from halloween until the week before thanksgiving and then they'll pop another 25% in that week of thanksgiving. >> hopper says the average airfare bought after halloween will carry a $400 price tag and jump to $500 thanksgiving week. as for a place to say -- the average now $599 a night almost double the price two years ago.
3:53 am
united airlines says it's seeing a 16% increase in holiday travel searches so it plans to add more planes in december, heading to sun and ski destinations like orlando and colorado, especially from the midwest. the travel bargains today exist abroad. >> we're seeing prices right now in the low 600s round trip to europe which is unheard of pricing. so those are starting to get higher so higher for christmas time. >> reporter: experts say don't dally for the best price and selection. be flexible about your destinations and dates and book that rental car now. >> our thanks to anne thompson there. >> it's costing me, i think, $600 to get home to phoenix for thanksgiving. >> that's insane. >> $600 a pop. coming up next, nasa's new mission to defend our planet, taking a look at their plans which will remind you a lot of a movie that was on tv this week.
3:54 am
>> oh, interesting. and in our next hour, pandemic to endemic? why experts are saying that we may be making that transition sooner than you think and how we might learn to live with covid indefinitely. and right now, a plug for our twitter page, follow us at msnbc weekends, we'd love to hear from you. find show highlights online and follow us individually, particularly kendis. >> no, particularly tiffany cross, who's awake and happy that you're awake and watching at this hour. >> tune in to cross connection 10:00 a.m. eastern. what even is this? it looks like cheese but it smells like barf. with tide pods, you don't need to worry. the pre-treaters are built in. so you just toss them in before the clothes. tide pods dissolve even when the water is freezing. nice! if it's got to be clean, it's got to be tide.
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how much their accident cget the best result possible. we've seen the movie an asteroid comes careening toward earth, threatening all living beings, including ben affleck. well now nasa is preparing for the possibility of it becoming a reality. >> they're preparing to test a spaceship that will intentionally crash into an asteroid. nbc news correspondent tom costello has the story. >> what is this thing? >> it's an asteroid, sir. >> it plays just like a scene out of a disaster movie, nasa's latest mission plans to send a small suas craft on a collision course with an asteroid. >> asteroids have been hitting the earth for billions of years. that's not new. what's exciting and new here is that we're actually taking the first steps to be able to prevent that potentially in the future. and that's where dart comes in. >> reporter: nasa's double
3:59 am
asteroid redirection test or dart for short is the first of its kind test a planetary defense, the mission is scheduled to launch in november, putting the spacecraft on a collision course with an asteroid in september or october of next year. >> it will come speeding in 15,000 miles per hour to hit this smaller asteroid. >> this is just a test. the asteroid in question is not on a collision course with earth. just close enough that when the spacecraft actually hits it a small change in its orbit could actually be observed from earth. >> it's just a small nudge, the key behind this is deflection, not disruption. we're absolutely not trying to disrupt this asteroid. we're just giving it a small nudge to change its future path. >> reporter: a small nudge like this could be enough to redirect a similar sized asteroid from a collision course with earth. but this mission is really just a first step. >> so dart is one part of nasa's larger planetary defense strategy. and it's not just all about
4:00 am
deflecting asteroids. a really important part is finding all of the asteroids and tracking where they are. >> i was just picturing the meeting. i got it, dart, double asteroid redirection test. >> instead of it crashing into us, let's crash into it. >> we crash into it. >> payday. >> nasa, if you're hiring -- >> uh-huh. >> we begin a new hour of msnbc right now. first up on msnbc, texas is near total abortion ban back in place, days after a federal judge hit the pause button on the nation's strict es law. congresswoman -- slammed the appeals court ruling last hour. >> this law clearly violates roe v. wade and it's deeply disappointing and devastating that our courts have aband


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