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tv   The Last Word With Lawrence O Donnell  MSNBC  October 8, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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we'll keep you ready for what's next. all right that's going to do it comcast business powering possibilities. for us for tonight, now it's time for the last word with zerlina maxwell, he's in for lawrence o'donnell tonight. it's good to see you. >> it's good to see you too, rachel, this is such a important breaking news about abortion, reminds us how important it is to protect the federal bench. progressives should think about doing that. >> exactly, seriously sidney >> thank you. we are going to be talking to
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congressman barbara lee momentarily about, that breaking news. but i want to begin tonight about talking about where we're at. we're at an inflection points. because donald trump might be gone, but the stress test he's putting our democratic system through is still very much in progress. and what we do right now in this moment, will have a lasting impact on our democracy. and it will dictate whether our democracy survives. do you think i'm being melodramatic? trust me, i'm not melodramatic. ask yourself this question. when else in our history has one party been so concerned only about winning? and completely consumes with one, single mans and ego. so much so that they've been willing to lie, cheat, and steal just to stay in power.
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that's the republican party in 2021 zerlina. sure politicians imposed parties have been corrupt before. but never have we seen and tire political party bend to the corruption. so what we do now matters to our democracy in the long run. more specifically, what democrats do now matters. and that's why it's so refreshing to see them stand up and have the power to stand up. today, the democratic effort to protect the rule of law landed on president biden himself. the biden white house formally blocked an absurd attempt by former president donald trump to withhold documents from congress, about the january 6th attack. congress could soon have access to a trove of documents from the national archives, related to the capital insurrection. and that's only because there's a democrat in the white house. you better believe donald trump
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would've block those documents if he was still the president. and it's only because democrats have the majority in the senate, that we learn new details about trump's relentless and shameless for crusade to belated justice department into helping him overturn the 2020 election results. and it's only because democrats have a majority in the house, that we just learned that trump lied to hide his corruption involving his co-tell in washington d.c.. today, the democrats on the house oversight committee uncovered that while trump was in office, his hotel received three point $7 million in payments from foreign governments. which means, donald trump possibly violated the law, and illegally profited off the presidency. in this moment, the survival of our democracy depends on whether or not we hold officials to account for corrupt and anti-democratic behavior. no one is above the law.
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not even a former president. it would be awesome, if members of both parties wanted to do this. but aside from liz cheney, and adam kinzinger, democrats are out here all by their selves. the rest of the republican party is either looking for another way of actively blocking attempts to save our democracy, like how donald trump directed former officials to not comply with subpoenas from the january 6th select committee. i requested steve bannon complied. with where is the gop outrage that subpoenas are being ignored? where is the gop outrage that their president was actively working to use the levers of government, to overthrow the election that he lost. thewhere is the gop outrage tha president might have illegally profited from the presidency? where is the gop that was all about law and order, let's
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remember that if we survive this moments, and our democracy survives. it's because democrats did the hard and necessary work to save it. and the republicans? forget good government, even basic democratic government does not seem to be a priority priority after donald trump. leading off our discussion tonight is steve schmidt, a former republican strategist he's a cofounder of the lincoln project. the trump hotel story is really a canary in a coal mine. it's one of those stories that comes back around to the beginning. and you can't be a little be pregnant, and you can't be a little antisemitic. there is no country on earth wary strongman, or a dictator, oversees a fire and law-abiding society. so why don't republicans see how dangerous this is for all of us? >> well, i think that we crossed that bridge five years ago zerlina. we had a republican party who
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by order of magnitude is more radical and more extreme than it was on the day of the insurrection. it bears mentioning that in the hours afterwards, even kevin mccarthy expressed regret, condemned trump's actions, assign blame to him. he wavered momentarily, but very quickly got his start to see legs under him. and so, whether it's to hundreds of pieces of legislation that speak to restrict voting rights, even more worrying than that, to nullify the results of valid elections at the whim of republican legislatures. all of this is named at the next election, not the last one. donald trump is a republican front runner, he's the presumptive nominee of the party. we see the intimations of violence being mainstream's in the party, and so when we look at all of it, and we come up on the year anniversary of joe
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biden being elected the 46th president of the united states. we have one of the two major political parties, the third oldest of the world, that has given itself over completely to this autocratic projects. and in doing so, have broken faith, broken the compact that we have americans have had with each other since the beginning about how we share power. >> one of the things i've been thinking a lot about is, you know, we've been talking a lot this year about the filibuster, and senate tradition. but what about the tradition of our democratic system? whatever republicans done to protect our democracy? there are standing in the way, saying they care about the filibuster, and senate tradition. but what about american tradition in our democracy? >> i think the question certainly is what i have the democrats done to harden the infrastructure of american democracy? it was self evidence that the
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filibuster was going to have to go, when joe biden took the oath of office at least as it pertains to all of these voting rights. bills that are being passed all over the country. and any one of a number of issues, would ethics laws have been harmed? what has been strengthened? what has been confronted? what has been dealt with? when you look at this honestly, republicans have had a very very good year. they have been able to whitewash the insurrection, they have convinced 80% of the members of their party that the election was stolen, and have turned a huge segment of the country against democracy. a huge segment of the country is fully invested in an autocratic movement. in a political extremism. and it has not been met. winston churchill, but for the
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second world war said this. he said the malice of the wicked was aided by the weakness of the virtuous. and at the end of the day life isn't fair, and it's not fair for the democratic party in this moment. they have to govern, they have a lot of responsibility, but there's no higher priority, or responsibility than protecting democracy. and the reality is, after someone tells you who they are for the 10, 000th time, and shows you that they're operating towards you with malice and bad intense, they get took seriously. and the simple fact is, the democratic party has been wrecked locked into exercise all of the tools in the kit, to exercise all of the power at its disposal, and the result that is that this autocratic movement has gotten worse, not better.
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over the course of the last year, when we would have hoped that in the shock of the aftermath of all that would have receded. >> we will see if democrats heed your message, and certainly will see of joe manchin is listening to the words, your words tonight. steve schmidt thank you so much for joining us. tonight >> and joining us now is democratic congressman eric swalwell, he served as house impeachment manager in the second and trial of donald trump, not to be confused with the first one. he's the head of the house intelligence and judiciary committees. congressman swalwell, do you agree with steve that democrats have to use all the legal rules of power to do anything they can to protect our democracy. essentially, i think this moment is an inflection point, and a stress test for the other branches of government. >> absolutely, zerlina, right now we are squarely in extremes. i'll use that they and
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analogies the giants are beating the dodgers right now. we thought the 2020 election would resolve this matchup between trumpism and democracy, instead we are an extra and it's. and everything matters. and making sure we protect accessing voter rights at the polls, that matters, making sure we understand what happens on january six, so that no candidate cadaver a mom violently at the capitol. and those have to be the priority. and i cannot stress enough, to our president, that getting the senate to break the filibuster, to pass voting rights, we have to do that in extremes. getting this january 6th commission to press subpoenas even if it means criminal contempt. we have to do that. because if we lose, we don't just lose an election we lose everything. when you think about all the different investigations that are out there. obviously we got new information from the house oversight committee, found the
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trump reported his -- brought in 150 million in income while he served in the white house. but the hotel actually incurred more than 70 million in losses. and this was an issue that came up during the campaign, in the beginning of his presidency, in terms of potentially profiting off of the presidency. he also received in a postponement of payments from deutsche bank, the permission to postpone 170 million dollar loan. what is wrong with this picture? this feels very much against what the founders had intended. >> that's right, zerlina, even though donald trump is no longer in office. corruption, sexism, racism, massage any, there are still at play. and yes there are manifested donald trump as president, there will be more calm couldn't, sexist, racist, massaging as president, they could take the oval office.
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if we don't protect when donald trump did, in adam schiff's legislation, the protecting our democracy act, why should go a long way to preventing what donald trump was able to do financially. benefiting from the president while he was in the oval office. having foreign actors say it is to hotels. so there is an -- because a more corrupt, confident we president could come into the oval office. >> what do you think your house colleagues on the republican side would say if president hillary clinton profited off the presidency? in a hypothetical world. >> that's right, there would be endless hearings after hearings. we never stop hearing about. it so that's why i think it's actually in republicans interest to join us in making sure that we have more government legislation. if they had any concerns about joe biden, i certainly don't, i think is one of the most honest person's to be president.
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if they want to hold a macomb level, it's not aimed at donald trump, its aim that future presidents. join us and make it bipartisan, in our interest to make sure that we no longer have a corrupt president, benefiting from the oval office. not only personally, financially, and politically. but also, for what it means, in our ability to try to end the mob at the capitol, to hold on to power if they were to lose an election. >> into that point about the insurrection, the january six committee have sent out many subpoenas. steve bannon defying the subpoena. i mean, liz cheney and adam kissinger are the two republicans on that committee, so it's bipartisan. what do americans need to know about the rationale behind steve bannon define the subpoena, and donald trump's efforts to use executive privilege in a moment that a bipartisan committee is trying to prevent another attack on the capital?
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>> if he was innocent, he would cooperate. the reason he's not cooperating, is because he does not have an innocent explanation for this conduct that day. it's a consciousness of guilt. and americans need to know, the republicans have to own the two deadly lies they continue to spin. the lie that the reelection weight was stolen, that continues to lead to political violence in this country. and the lives about the vaccines. that make our children vulnerable to getting sick. where some hundred thousand americans have died. two deadly lives are what republicans must own. and that's their mistake, and it's on us to make sure americans know that when they go to the ballot box next november will continue to make us where we could lose our democracy -- and hospital beds where we can lose people. congressman eric phil swell, thank you so much for joining us on this friday night. enjoy the rest of the game. good luck. coming up, breaking news, texas, extreme anti abortion law, is
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circuit court of appeals has allowed texas to temporarily resume banning most abortions, just one day after clinics across the state began rushing to serve patients a day -- again for the first time since early september. on thursday, robert pittman issued an order suspending the texas law, calling it an offensive deprivation of constitutional rights of women to have abortions. but tonight, the appeals court granted texas's request to set aside a judge pittman's order for now while the cases reviewed. joining us now is democratic congressman barbara lee from california. i just want to get your reaction, you testified,
10:21 pm
recently, about your own experiences. what is your reaction out of the result of texas? >> i'm glad to be with you tonight. sorry about this horrible news that we have just learned. woman's lives are at stake. women, people all over the country, are sick and tired of our lives being in jeopardy and so many ways. it's almost like the courts and the state laws are just playing games with us. these are our bodies, our lives, and we have the right to make our own personal decisions about our own reproductive health care, including abortions. so for these courts to continue to put women in jeopardy and to really force them to scramble -- who knows what will take place next in terms of what they do.
10:22 pm
when in fact, they want to have made a decision to make an abortion. finally, will say, yes, i remember the days of back alley abortions, as i said last week. at age 16, i had to go to mexico. fortunately, it was a clinic, with a compassionate and attentive doctor. but so many people died because of this. and so many people -- so many more will be in danger. so this is a very dark moment for people in the country and for our constitutional rights. >> i think it is so important for people to understand what it was like before roe v. wade, and that is why your testimony about the pre-row reality is so important to this conversation. what do you want voters to do at this moment?
10:23 pm
the woman's health protection act, passed the house of representatives, but as we know, it's held up the same way, the same way other bills are held up in the senate. going forward, in the state of texas, women are not able to get abortions. but as soon as the supreme court decides there are trigger laws that will affect about a dozen other states. so what is the recourse in this moment for voters who support abortion rights? >> first, we have to make sure the senators understand that they need to support the woman's health protection act. this involves political action. this is grassroots action. this involves making sure that we hold members of congress, both house and senate, accountable to people who deserve to exercise their constitutional rights. what they are trying to do is turn the clocks back to the days that i know so well, that
10:24 pm
so many people know so well, where women died. we have to move forward and make sure that we hold the officials accountable. and these states, we need to elect members of state houses who are going to support reproductive freedom and we need to make sure that those who don't are not reelected. this boils down to a political struggle. we are in a war, this is a fight for our lives, for our freedom! they are playing with our lives and our bodies. i'm telling you, people will die if these states continue to do what they are doing. and if these courts continue making these decisions against peoples reproductive freedoms. finally, it's a personal decision. as i said in my testimony. it's nobody's business would i do with my body. the only reason i came for it was because i want people to understand what it was like before roe v. wade. and to know that i should have
10:25 pm
to talk there, no one should have to do that. but i was compelled to do it because i am sounding the alarm on what could happen. so many women people died. that was the primary reason why african american women died. this is a sad and dangerous moment where they better compel us to engage in political action like we've never done before. >> before this breaking news, we had scheduled you to talk about the build back better agenda. and one of the things i think is related is one fact and one question. which, is a majority of women who have abortions in this country are already mothers. childcare is central to the biden agenda. why is it's so important for families to have affordable childcare, where texas -- economic consideration?
10:26 pm
>> sure, and then they try to deny us access to contraception, and family planning, and comprehensive sexual -- we this doesn't make any sense. so we have to make sure that moving forward, we insist that when the people respect it. and that our rights are respected. and elected officials are not going to destroy our lives. that is but they are trying to do. and when you look at our build back better bill, yes, childcare, women want to work! black and brown women especially. they are despair portion utley low wage workers. the childcare is expensive. so where in the world are these people who are trying to suffer reproductive freedom and our rights to have an abortion, why are they denying us access to good quality childcare and tried to stop the build back better bill if they don't want
10:27 pm
to have childcare either, they don't want women to get back into the workforce. i mean, come on, this is got to go. this is an inflection moment. this is the time where we have to fight on all fronts for our rights in so many efforts. >> congresswoman barbara lee, it is been a pleasure to have you on tonight. thanks for joining us, and please stay safe. >> thank. you >> coming, up one democrat has an idea of how to beat back the trump insurrectionists. this ad is still a candidate for the best political ad for the 2020 campaign. we will show it to, you next. l show it to, you next sorry? limu, you're an animal! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ ♪darling, i, i can't get enough of your love babe♪ ♪girl, i don't know, i don't know,♪ ♪i don't know why i can't get enough of your love babe♪
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carolina congressional candidates campaign act has been viewed by more than 5 million people. in the, add north carolina state representative charles graham, a democrat, describes what happened when his hometown came together to stand up against hate and what good
10:32 pm
citizens can do today in the wake of the attack on capitol hill. >> when i was a young boy, the kkk announced a night rally in my home county. they cross burning with hundreds of klansmen. they terrorize the blacks and lumbee. we were poor farming community, black, white, and indian. by a grandparents and -- my parents and grandparents were sharecroppers like many. the police warns the grand -- halfbreeds, and told him the klan would show him how to handle people like us. that night, they rolled in with their cars, their crosses, and the single allied bulb hooked to a car battery. 50 clansmen. problem, is they were surrounded by 400 lumbee's. we simulate -- she was four months pregnant.
10:33 pm
neil rally, was the local. barber hundreds of normal folks deciding to stand up against ignorance and hate. lowry shot out the light. the clansmen scattered. by the time the sheriff around, the press was running with the story. the battle of haze pond where one town beat the plan. a piece of forgotten history worth remembering. especially today. in washington, lives turn of violence and the biggest ally is that america is at war with itself. that you cannot trust your neighbor, that they want something that is yours. that you must live in fear of them. but the people who stood up at hays pond refused to be afraid. i grew up with their story and the lesson is human dignity as a human right. >> joining us now is de-representative charles graham, a democrat from north carolina, he is running for congress for carolina's ninth
10:34 pm
district. your ad clearly hit home with people who watched it. it's super cool to see that part of american history, especially for those who have not heard. would you want voters to take away from that ad? what's does a haze pond response look like in today's very divided political climate? >> thank you, zerlina, for having me on your program tonight. first of all, i will say that i am a proud lumbini and -- i will be the first elected as congressman in north carolina. let me tell you about the story of haze pawn. this story is about my community, a community that came together and 1958 to fight hatred and bigotry. and what we are seeing today is the same fights like on january
10:35 pm
the 6th. the only difference is the insurrectionists were not wearing sheets. my representation will be about unifying our country against bigotry and hatred in and out of my congressional district. my campaign will be about working and promoting working families and supporting businesses. >> in terms of the divided nation and the way hayes pond can be a lesson, one of the licenses evolution and evolving on certain issues. you are running against dan bishop that has sponsored the bathroom bill back, that's a bill that prevented trans people from using washrooms. you voted for that bill, you
10:36 pm
apologize for that. do you think that's an example of growing out of that and evolution? >> i voted to repeal that bill. the hp to bill after the fact, after i had cast that vote i realized that it was hurtful to the transgender community. and that is exactly why i work hard to repeal hb2. i am an indigenous person. i'm an american indian. i was growing up in my developable years, i confronted discrimination. as a young man who enjoyed playing sports, baseball in particular, as i played, most of my teammates during that summer, i can remember very
10:37 pm
vividly, they were caucasian and what those young men did during that time, and i was the only person of color on that team, they shielded me from discrimination. they protected me from discrimination coming out of the stands. and i will never forget that. it was as if it was just recently. that those folks were screaming racist remarks to me, against me. and that is why i am running for congress. as a -- as someone who will unite and not divide. of course, i'm proud of where i am at on hb2 today. >> in terms of your particular race, your district is a district that donald trump won, how do you think you can turn that around? what message are you going to bring to the campaign trail in
10:38 pm
2022 that will attract that voter that came out in 2020 and supported donald trump? >> thank, you that's a good question, zerlina. one thing that i am successful with -- this is my sixth term, i've been able to get out and work and primarily in a minority house district. this past election, i was only democrat, from all the candidates, state, national that was reelected in my county. my message has always been that i will stand strong and listen to my constituents. and that has been my mojo throughout my ten year work. and i want everyone to know that i will be a representative of the people, and that is what our campaign is going to produce. i am going to put ideas out there that i think are uniting our communities.
10:39 pm
for example, my opponent, if it's congressional district nine, did not support the are legislation. and one of the things that is important to my community's broadband. he voted against that. so my message is going to be, throughout the campaign, i want to compare and contrast my staff to what we can't have as a state -- as a congressional member, to what we are getting right now, and that is not very much. and that will be my message throughout campaigning. i am very proud of that. >> i can't overstate the need for broadband expansion in rural areas. north carolina state representative, charles graham, thank you so much for being here tonight, and please stay safe. coming up, senator chuck grassley is going to rally with donald trump tomorrow in iowa after putting his name on a
10:40 pm
republican report yesterday that made the claim donald trump did not exert improper influence over the justice department after the november election. what can democrats do to win it back, that is next? >>s next >>s next >>during the holidays. as a barista during rush hour. and a nanny to a couple of rambunctious kids. now, all that experience has led her to a job that feels like home. with home instead, you too can become a caregiver to older adults, with a career that makes a difference. ♪♪ apply today. ♪♪ helen knew exercise could help her diabetes... but she didn't know what was right for her. no. nope. no way. but then helen went from no to know with freestyle libre 14 day,
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elton: nas? yeah? spare a pound? what? you know, bones, shillings, lolly? lolly? bangers and mash? i'm... i'm sorry? i don't have any money. you don't look broke. elton: my rocket is skint! donald trump will hold a rally in des moines, iowa, tomorrow fueling speculation about whether or not he will run for president in 2024. iowa, of course, is the traditional launchpad for the presidential primaries of both political parties. joining trump at his rally is chuck grassley, ranking member of the senate judiciary committee who just yesterday signed a report excusing donald trump for his attempts to overturn the election and subvert the will of american voters. trump's a visit to iowa comes on the heels of positive polling in the state. the latest des moines register
10:45 pm
poll shows 53% of iowans, including 91% of republicans, have a favorable view of donald trump. 45% have an unfavorable view. democratic party leaders in iowa are critical of trump's visit with ross will birx saying at a news conference, for now, we are just focusing on reminding islands why donald trump is not just bad for iowa, but he's toxic for our democracy. and it's been well established that he did nothing to stop his supporters from violently attacking our capital, even while his own vice president was inside. what will it take for democrats to reclaim the state that launched the presidency of barack obama? that voted overwhelmingly for donald trump in the last two election cycles. joining us now is former democratic congresswoman, abby fibula.
10:46 pm
that doesn't mean that he he should actually run for president. this is from the wall street journal, my preference is that donald trump has a role in the direction of our country and party and some influence over candidates, but i think it would be best for someone else to become the standard bearer. that was mark lundberg, a financial adviser and former republican chairman and northwest iowa soucie, one of the most conservative areas in the state. he was twice impeached. is he really a popular figure for president in iowa now? >> look, i watched him and i know that chuck grassley tomorrow is going to go stand on a stage with the former president. this guy, who told his supporters, on january 6th, to march to the capital while they were wearing trump hats, trump t-shirts, and they beat our capitol police officers with trump flags and american flags,
10:47 pm
and chuck grassley saw that. he saw that happen, our governor saw that happen. and now, tomorrow, they are gonna go stand on a stage with him and essentially endorse that behavior. it is despicable, it's not who we are. that's why this race is so dang important. i know iowa, i grew up, here i know what we did in 2018 when donald trump wasn't on the ballot the last time. we flip two congressional seats, we had three in the four congressional seats went to democrats. the republicans in iowa know that they can't win without donald trump, love it or hate it, he's not on the ballot in 2022 and we are going to make sure that we win this thing. we need folks with us. please go to abby finkenauer .com. let's make it -- hold these folks accountable. they are selling democracy down
10:48 pm
the line because of the fact that they cannot stand up to donald trump, the lies that led to that day, and our now going to stand on the stage and indoors that. >> what do you think it's about the iowa voter that leads them into donald trump's camp twice? you grew up there, what happened between 2008 and 2016, and 2020? >>and 20 16 and >> 2020 was tough but it ws tough everywhere. 2022, donald trump is not on the ballot, in 2018, we flipped the seats, we were able to win iowa as democrats. we can do it. again these votes are my friends and family, and iowa. i know who we are. i am someone who grew up a daughter of a union pipe fitter welder. my mom was a public school employee. and i know what it's like to have people in washington d.c. looked down there -- nose at you and think that they
10:49 pm
are better than you, and go and think that they know the policy that is gonna help move your life forward. i'm inviting for those people in iowa, it is why, am it's who i vote, for and it's how we are going to win in 2022. because chuck recipe has gone to washington d.c. for merely -- nearly five decades. and has become the washington politician that donald trump has told all his supporters to hate over the years. he's in the pocket of big special interests like the pharmaceutical companies, and as i was in washington d.c. -- chuck rally was over in the u.s. senate stepping it. this is the kind of stuff where we can hold him accountable, we will win here, but we know -- we need votes here. >> abby finkenauer, candidate for the united states senate in 2022 in the state of iowa, thank you so much for being here tonight. please stay safe. coming, up the vaccine move for kids 5 to 12 could be available by halloween.
10:50 pm
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we'll keep you ready for what's next. we are running on some good comcast business powering possibilities. news tonight, pfizer is officially asking the biden administration to authorize the use of their covid vaccine for children's ages 5 to 11, and i know parents out there, it's like music to their ears. and while some of those parents are more than ready to set up vaccination appointments, surveys suggest that larger numbers still need a little bit more convincing. kaiser family foundation poll last month found that 34% of parents of children between the ages of five and 11 years old are ready to vaccinate their children as soon as the vaccine is authorized. 32% want to wait and see. 24% are firmly opposed. last week in the washington post, doctor richard pearson, a
10:55 pm
mother and pediatrician hospital list, we rode what's he thinks about this. and part, my feelings are unhelpful and beside the. point the point is that kind, consistent, factual communication from physicians might help lift us from this nightmare. so instead of unloading my feelings are telling the stories of worst-case scenarios, i try to offer something useful. a conversation focused on this parents child this specific child. who will probably be fine either way, but who will enjoy and year 100% certainty of not being hospitalized with or dying of covid if she gets the vaccine. the child flourishing is our shared goal, always. and joining us now our doctor richard pearson, a pediatrician in the long island law school of medicine. and doctor ebony jade hilton.
10:56 pm
doctor pierson, i will start with. you tell us what you see in the hospital when children get covid 19. >> thank you, zerlina. i see a mix. i see little kids under the age of one who often come in because they're having trouble breathing and they need oxygen. the other big group we see is teenagers. some of whom also have difficulty breathing and some of whom have had severe complications from covid. >> you said under the age of one. that is baby. >> that's babies, yes. it's gotten as young as a few weeks old. >> oh wow. so doctor pierce, and just a follow-up to that. are parents asking you already for the vaccine, for those young children, or any of the younger children that are coming in? >> not yet. a lot of parents have questions about the vaccine and general, though. most parents know that kids 12
10:57 pm
and up can get vaccinated now. and, like you talked about it the kaiser report, a lot of questions -- a lot of parents have questions and worries. they want to talk to a pediatrician about. it they want to know what the side effects are like. they really want to know more than anything else, is this right for my kid? and that is the question that we are here to help you figure out. >> doctor hilton, we have had conversations often on my peacock show about how these conversations need to happen in communities of color. what is the nuance here? how are these conversations happening in communities of color because, you're not gonna have to only convince the parents to get vaccinated, who are hesitant, but also the children of those hesitant parents. >> right. i think we have to, for, one counteract the narrative that we've pushed early in this
10:58 pm
pandemic, that children were immune in some way from covid-19. what we know that in the last four weeks a loan, more -- nearly 1 million children were affected by covid-19. children's deaths are tragedies that we should avoid. because children do not die in childhood. so how we approach this in a way that we are making parents aware that at this, point to 6 million children have been diagnosed with covid-19. that we know that there are long-standing impact of infection, alone not just stuff. >> and just yes or no, folks are saying that delta wave is, overdue kids still need to get this vaccine, dr. hilton? >> the answer is yes. and the reason why, to get what we know is delta will not be
10:59 pm
the last variant that we see. but we also know is if we are thinking of other countries, we have not done a good job at vaccinating globally. and at this point, for only 2.4% of the people in this country have received one dose of the country. we have ways to go. so one thing that you can do is prepare your child -- if they want to be able to fight. >> absolutely, doctor richard -- rachel pierson, doctor hilton, thank you so much for taking the time to join us on this friday. night this is tonight's last word, you can catch me every night at 6 pm eastern exclusively on peacock. the 11th hour with brian williams starts now. well, good evening once again, they 262 of the biden administration, and there is more breaking news tonight out of the state of texas, on that
11:00 pm
state's restrictive abortion law. the u.s. fifth circuit court of appeals has temporarily reinstated the texas six-week abortion ban, after a federal judge, with some ceremonially blocked a ban on wednesday. as the fifth circuit is known as one of the most conservative appeals courts in the country, the ruling needs a ban on abortions after six weeks is now back and force. part of this case that appears destined for a rendezvous with the supreme court. we'll have much more on the story just ahead. but first, here, tonight's, the fight between donald trump and the congressional committee looking into the inner insurrection that he led, is now heating up. and today, the current president played a role in this fight. nbc news, first a report, earlier today that the biden white house has decided, in fact, not to block the release of documents related to trump, his presidency, and the


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