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tv   The Rachel Maddow Show  MSNBC  October 8, 2021 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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off the air tonight. that's our broadcast for this friday evening. have a good weekend, unless you have other plans. on behalf of our colleagues at the thanks for joining us at this hour, happy friday, happy to have you here, so one of those friday night for the news guards are saying we don't believe in weekends. tonight, we have got eyes on the country's most conservative federal appeals court, the fifth circuit u.s. court of appeals. sits in louisiana, ideologically republican presidents have so stacked that particular court with their employees, that it's now the judicial equivalent of like a combination anti-vaccine rally and gun show. this circuit includes the state
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of texas, and tonight the state of texas has told the fifth circuit that they want their abortion ban back. texas, as you, know earlier this year, passed a law that effectively banned in texas. the conservative, republican appointed majority of the united states supreme court, amazingly, let the texas abortion ban go into effect. even though there's a ruling called roe v. wade that supposedly is standing president that block states from banning abortion. the united states supreme court, despite that, let the texas abortion ban go into effect last month. the biden administration, the justice department under u.s. journey general under merrick garland, sued texas in federal court. asking a judge to step in and block implementation of the texas abortion ban. well it's cases served in court. two nights ago a federal judge in texas just that. block the ban. which has meant that for the past two days or so, the texas
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abortion ban has been suspended. and texas and women could, once again, at least theoretically, get an abortion in that. state but as of tonight, friday night, we are watching that ultraconservative, ideologically uniform far-right federal peels court because, tonight, the state of texas has asked them to jump in and reinstitute texas abortion ban. i am not a lawyer, to not take those to the bank, or anywhere where it might be perceived as currency, but my expectation from what i know about appeals court, is that appeals court probably will find a way to reinstate texas abortion ban. and it's probably just a question of when. in the expectation that it might be as early as tonight, tonight we do have eyes on the fifth circuit, we'll keep you posted as we keep watching that matter. now, midnight last night was the deadline for these four former trump administration officials to comply with. the got in the bottom right, he made that face of his own
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accord, he pose like that for the picture, don't blame me. sorry. this is the deadline last night at midnight, for these four to comply with subpoenas, from the committee that's investigating the january 6th attack on the u.s. capital. now, of these four, the committee says that two of them are responding, thus far. the january 6th investigator said today that these two, former white house chief of staff mark meadows, and mr. hooley is kash patel. they are, quote, engaging with the january six committee, in response to the subpoenas they received. that said, this guy on the lower left hand corner, trump social media guidance convene. oh he, apparently, is not engaging with the committee. he is not responding to the subpoena, despite the deadline. because, apparently the committee can't find him. i don't know if it's fair to say he's on the lamb, but apparently no one can locate him to actually serve him the subpoena.
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and until they can physically find and give it to him, we don't know what's going to happen there. which of course, leaves this guy in the upper right corner who has been found. one of the only pictures, known to humankind where stephen is wearing only one shirt. steve bannon is not engaging with a committee, even though he has been found, and he has been served with a subpoena. steve bannon sent in january six investigators a letter saying he won't comply with their subpoena. and you know, mr. bannon is doing that, because one of the tried and true lessons that was learned in the trump era, that was learn by all of the many accused felons and witnesses in trump's orbit, the lesson they all learned is played dame. delay. don't respond, resist subpoenas, so you won't testify, nothing ever happened. through the mueller investigation into russia intervene in 2016 to get russia elected, to the impeachment
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investigation over ukraine. to the other impeachment. to all the other serious investigations and. between all the trump guys think they figured it out. as long as you just drag things out, refused to cooperate, they hints and, the threats that something bad might happen to you if you don't fire subpoena, that never really comes the much, no one ever really gets in trouble don't worry about it. better to risk that inchoate, sort of theoretical worry, better to risk that then potentially help anybody who's investigating trump's election client. so bannon is defying the subpoena, the only problem with bannon taking this tack with a generous investigators is that, those investigators also, all live through the trump investigations of the past five years. they're all wives to this as a trump tactic of delay, and distraction, during investigations. that's why the january six investigators have been saying so insistently that they're not
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going to get played, the way other investigators have been. the chair of the congressman ronny thompson of mississippi, has been threatening from the very beginning, that the january six investigation, is not just going to let people define subpoenas. well, steve bannon, it is apparently having to test. that that's why you got dramatic headlines like this one in new york times, january six panelist threatens to pursue charges against bannon. we shall see. tonight, we are also going to speak with suzanne craig, pulitzer prize-winning reporter for the new york times. we're going to speak with her about new documents and materials just released by the oversight committee, today. which are, honestly, sort of shocking. not very much shocked me in this type of investigation anymore, but this is amazing. the documents they produced today show that while he was president, donald trump apparently received tens of millions of dollars from the foreign-owned bank deutsche bank, just a massive financial
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windfall he got from deutsche bank without publicly to disclosing it, while he was president. the oversight committee turned up evidence of that previously secret arrangements been trump -- it's never been publicly disclosed before. they also turned up evidence that they've say shows that the former president lied, materially, about his financial status when he applied to the federal government to lease the building that he then turned into the trump hotel in d.c.. materially misrepresenting your financial standing in order to get a thing of value from an entity like a bank, an insurance company, tax authorities, the federal government. that can be a serious matter. we honestly, shocking stuff released today by the oversight committee, suzanne craig people remember, she's a reporter who drop the anchor down through the opaque morass of trump's
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finances. which led to, among other things, the criminal charges that trump's businesses are now facing new york. craig will join us live to talk to us about these revelations as well. all of that tonight. plus, we'll have an update for you on how it is that we still have a postmaster general. i do running the u.s. post office nationwide, while he was personally under fbi investigation. and while he's now putting in place new post office rules specifically to mess with your christmas this year. and, well he's continuing, his quest to make the post office provide fewer services, more slowly, and a higher cost. why are we still beset with this man, now that there is a new administration? i do not know. but the effort to stop him, pick up steam in an interesting way today, we'll have more on that tonight as well. i told you, this is a friday that the news gods will not let go. but i also want to show you this tonight, this is a sitting member of congress, a
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republican member of congress, making his case this week, at an official congressional hearing. as you know, republicans in congress have almost universally, at this point, and one leveller, another gotten behind this crusade by former president trump to say that the election was stolen from him, that he should rightfully still be president, that there is something wrong with the last presidential election. there exhibit a, the prize case study for something having been wrong in the last election, has been arizona. we well, here is a congressman from arizona, his name is paul -- explaining, officially, anna official professional hearing this week, in his own words, exactly what he knows went wrong in the arizona election. spelling it out for all the stupid, stupid other members of congress who don't get it, even though it's so clear to him what clap and. he wants you to know it's so obvious, that this here in this week, he decided he was just going to lay out all the evidence.
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so we can all follow along with him. because he says it's all very, very simple. >> from the standpoint that we see this, there is problems, how about me? where did it come for me. the day after the election, i was contacted by two individuals, one we had security in front jobs with the banking world. the other one from fraud, from the department of defense. they were monitoring the election through, edison, the amalgamate are, who is providing information to the media. but they saw on arizona, they're watching the secretary of state at the same time. what they saw from arizona drew their attention quickly, first, they saw in numbers of native thousand, 62, 000, 41 of thousands bullets dropped into trump's category. and quickly comes out verbatim. there might be a reason for that, we don't know. but then, they started washing,
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and looking through the dumps. we >> then they started looking to the dumbs, whom. the dumps. will there maybe a reason for that, we don't know. the 90,000 50,000 and 16, 000, trump in trump's category and came out verbatim. the edison amalgamate are, how about me. let's do you think that i think congressman -- out of context, where he seems a little lost in his own haze. trust me it's all like this from him. >> the results we see here supposedly don't change the outcome. but there is more to the story. it's how those votes can be manipulated by the machine. and then the calibration, or the certification of those ballots, is covered up by the
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machine. >> it's covered up by the machines, the machines are covering up the crayola markers. calibration certification, what what. this is the best case they can be made for the election was stolen. this is all the investigation is done in arizona. this is testimony in congress. by the end of it, congressman caroline maloney, chair the oversight committee, who's presiding we'll heat mr. gosar gets to explain itself here. by the end of it she is like what are we gonna do with this? what a look on her face here, as she wraps up. >> we they didn't provide differ mechanisms, they didn't allow a full canvas, and access to the rallies. they didn't have full accessing for voter signature and documentation, and accuracy. there's certainly problems here, and hopefully i'll be able to get some time with you to
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explain even more. >> hopefully you'll get much more time so you can explain even more. it's going great, we're all right there with you. just following right along. tell us more about the amalgamated crayola certification, with the one about me. that's the state of the argument. that's also a sitting congressman. arizona republican congressman paul gosar, leading the charge for the election was stolen from trump cause, at the house oversight committee's hearing this week on arizona's so-called audit. they have an oversight committee on -- with this partisan weird, qanon we've been into trump audit. and congressman gosar, yes, this is the same guy who claimed last week that somebody from the cia fraud department reached out to tell him how hundreds of thousands of votes were stolen from trump in arizona. the cia front department, what's their far number? who runs the cia fraud
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department. tell me that. this is the state of the argument. for the central tenet of the republican party, now. meanwhile, at this same hearing. again, oversight committee looking into it what exactly they did in arizona, based on these claims that congressman gosar is explaining so clearly. two other republicans testified, and these were elections officials, county officials from maricopa county arizona. they testified to as what they're been experiencing as public officials, ever since this auto mission from going. their >> senators carry dion, they threat to jail me and my colleagues on the board of supervisors. the senate then hired the cyber ninjas, they chased conspiracy theories. they threw out false claims, and worst of all they accused our good elections workers of committing crimes. they said that they deleted files, but these were files that the cyber ninjas just
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couldn't find. now, this was either an out and out lie or a level of incompetence by the cyber ninjas that was staggering. >> a level of eight of incompetence that was staggering. that was local arizona official bill gates, not the same bill gates, he's a republican. telling the congressional hearing, how republicans in arizona, republicans in the state senate in arizona, trying to put him in his colleagues in jail for not handing over more materials to the cyber ninjas, who they hired to do this ridiculous review of the presidential election results in that state. i should note, now, the guy who's this head cyber ninjas, the qanon promoter who is the ceo of the cyber ninjas company, that carried out this? audit he was also asked to testify at the hearing this week. he refused to testify, instead
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of testify and congress, he spent that time he was supposed to be in congress, instead doing a conspiracy theory podcast hosted by the guy who started the conspiracy theory that dominion voting machines were a secret antifa plot. that's where he spent his time doing instead of finding congress, because it was very, very busy with the antifa plot dominion voting guy. but this ridiculous audit thing, i laughable and as increasingly incoherent as it is to the rest of us. it is still picking up steam in the republican party, it is becoming more and more central to how they're moving for it as a party, and what they're working on. and it's in multiple states now. you'll recall are reporting recently, that the my pillow guy mike, lindell. ceo of the my pillow company, who's been a key figure in the nonsense election fraud. he told idaho, a state trump
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won by more than 30 points, he told idaho that he had proof that there is massive fraud, and that computers were hacked in every single county in idaho to move votes from trump to biden. and he demanded a state investigation, even in counties where there aren't any computers involved in the voting process at all. still, computers were hacked in every county. the republicans in the idaho secretary of state office, decided for whatever reason that they would take this seriously, they followed up, and they recanvas two counties in idaho. the re-canvas of those two counties in idaho, actually gave joe biden gave him eight more votes than they thought they had in the previous certification. idaho, interesting lay, though, they're not happy that that went ahead and do this. now they asked lindell to pay for the re-canvassing that they did because of his allegations. the chief deputy secretary of state, said we will be sending him of bill.
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he also said his office is considering legal action against lindell for having made these false allegations. okay, he made false allegations, but did you have to follow up and go check them? did you? the craziness is not letting up, though, the mr. pillow guy is now saying that he's discovered, that one of the people whose vote was recorded was 850 years old, and doesn't that seem suspicious? and he won't say in which state this 850 year old superhuman voted, but he is sounding the alarm that that was definitely not kosher. someone from the year 11 70 state alive for nearly nine centuries just to cast a ballot, for trump, in the 2020 election. he really is alleging that. that's next. remember, he also said trump will be back in the white house by thanksgiving. the republican audit circus, as ridiculous as it is, continues to spread around the country, though, wisconsin, the
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republican leader of the state assembly in wisconsin, hired a former wisconsin judge, a former judge who spoke at a stop the steal rally in november, alleging that donald trump had secretly won the election. they hired him to oversee, a very very objective audit in the state of wisconsin, as the wisconsin legislature's official special counsel to investigate these matters. this is an audit is that the cost was constant hikes barriers nearly $700,000. the man who's in charge of this audit, has made sure to keep conspiracy theories directly in the orbit of what he's doing. he attended a symposium put on by the my pillow guy. we an 850 old person voted in the election. he's also apparently been consulting with a former political candidate, who is also part of the arizona audit. this is a guy who said the election was stolen from trump. and he could tell you that by reading between the lines of the hitchhikers got to the galaxy. that's where he got the numerical algorithms that prove
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wet votes were stolen, and when. it's against that backdrop that that the guy who's running the wisconsin audit decided to randomly show up at a green bay city council meeting, today, and answer questions in public about what he's doing in wisconsin. when he was asked to explain his costliest that he had indications there had been a reelection irregularities in wisconsin. this was him sort of, struggling to explain himself. >> you said that there was information to indicates that there had been an appropriate's action taken by the districts, is not public information or is that private information? >> oh yes, i mean, please look at controversies, if you have, i see you have a laptop there. the internet, i suppose you have, if you look at issues concerning the wisconsin election. a plethora, a plethora of issues will come up. >> so in a plethora of
9:21 pm
information you believe there is some in there that is valid? you have. >> i'll find out. we'll find out and i will share that with you. >> so as of right now, you don't know there is. i >> think there are indications that there may be which is why the legislature has authorized this investigation. >> but that's what i'm trying to get at, what indications? because from what i can see all there is is a plethora of accusations, but i see no evidence supporting those, so. >> no no, i'm happy to answer your question. you've got a few hours? >> we you've got access to the inter webs? you will find a plethora of information. give me a few hours and, who boil just bore you with it. i don't have it at hands, but i've got hours of it ready to go some other time. with my plethora which, hazara moura, which is heartbreaking.
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this is the headline from the milwaukee journal sentinel this week, on that former judge who's running the audit. former supreme court justice -- for spring court justice gableman, head of republican review of wisconsin election, says he does not understand how elections work. this is not the onion, this is not a hyperbolic headline. the paper quotes this judge, telling them, in an interview. that he quote, like most people, that does not have a comprehensive understanding, or even any understanding of how elections work. he says he has no understanding of how elections. work he is running the election audit for response from republicans, at taxpayer expense. and that is just the tip of the iceberg, when it comes to the comedy of errors that is surrounding this election audit that he's trying to do. last week, the same guy issued subpoenas, this is the first time most council lawmakers have issued subpoenas from the legislature in over 50 years.
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he sent out subpoenas to election officials and county officials, subpoenas that were written with mistakes. in one subpoenaed to green bay, the green bay city clerk's name was misspelled's. in the subject line of the email issuing that subpoena, also misspelled illegal phrase related to producing the dog commence. in it in a subpoena sent to the city clerk of milwaukee, who is not responsible for elections, this guy also asked for documents related to the elections in green bay. why would the milwaukee clerk have election information about green bay? especially when he doesn't work on elections at all. these subpoenas directed officials to compete with this guy i did rented office suite in a co-working space, there's also listed as the address for liposuction clinic. sure, seems legit. we will give you a johnny, it opens up in the back. this all follows a special counsel asking them to preserve election materials. he reached out to them from a gmail address the populated
9:24 pm
everybody's email as john delta. nobody knows who john delta. is this request also included in attached pdf, that included a super blurry clip our logo, that appears to be a copy and paste mcgovern right site. the metadata from that document telling -- that document wasn't even authored by this guy michael gableman, who supposedly overseeing the election audit. it wasn't audited by john delta. it was apparently offered by andrew cluster, we chased down trying to figure out who that andrew cluster. was there is an andrew cluster who worked as a lawyer in the trump administration, in the trump white house. we didn't know for sure if it is him, we asked him for comment, we never heard back from him. the milwaukee journal sentinel confirms, that yes, that trump lie lawyer was hired by this guy to work on the wisconsin audit of the election results. oh yeah, that seems totally fine.
9:25 pm
you are auditing the election results. you put in charge of the audit the guy who said it was stolen from trump, who can't tell you anything is actually investigating, who tells you he has no idea how elections work, and he's hired a trump white house lawyer to help him with it. that john del touch email address, email, was sketching off and concerning enough to wisconsin's clerks, that prompted some of them to reach out to the u.s. department of homeland security for guidance on if or how they should comply with these demands. we the demands, in terms of the breadth of what this guy is demanding from the city courts is bewildering. here is what those subpoenas asked for from all the county clerks in the state. all documents contained in your files, and or, your custody, possession, or control, pertaining to the election. all? that's asking for every single thing in any way related to the election, that is ever passed
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through any county clerks office in any capacity. really? you want all of that? should we send it to john delta's email address? or should we just drop it off the liposuction clinic. we the guy running the audit said this week that he's also going to subpoena the mayors of five of the largest cities in wisconsin. again, planning to ask anything related to the election, that's ever passed through any of their offices, for any reason, and anytime. and he said this week that the subpoenas were going out to the mayors of the five largest cities in wisconsin. but, then last night the milwaukee journal sentinel reported that this guy, the council who's overseeing the audit, he changed his mind. and even though he announced that he was going to subpoena, and demand testimony from all these mayors, he changed his mind, he's backing off those requests, he's canceling all those -- that he shares with the liposuction clinic.
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he no longer wants to do the interviews, and he's backing off all the new subpoenas, the ones that he just announced, he doesn't know what he's gonna do. they're gableman root reversed course and said the officials for now do not need to come in for interviews, and could simply provide him with copies records they've already made available to others through the states open records law. again, not the onion. that was last night, this guy doing an about face, walking back his interview requests, walking back the interviews that he requested in public, apparently before sending them out. today, he reversed course again. today, he said actually never mind, about one 80 i did yesterday, i did another one which, resulting between a three-sixty which means i'm still going. >> so, you haven't scandalous casual interviews with mayors when you thing like that? >> absolutely. not >> so this is a 100% fake story. we >> 100% fake story but, that same interview today with a
9:28 pm
conservative radio house. this guy decided to attack the milwaukee journal sentinel. broke the news yesterday they came in was reportedly walking back to demands. this was the chose to attack the newspaper. >> you will never hear me call the milwaukee journal sentinel a straight news organization without a political jet. >> this is the last time i'm going to respond to their propaganda. you keep in mind joseph gerbils, who is adolf hitler's head of propaganda in nazi germany. gerbils said you give me control of the country's media, i will turn any people into a herd of pigs. that, they are, you know what, what they are doing over at the journal would make joseph gerbils blush. >> that is a, that's a pretty strong comparison. >> do you disagree with it? >> i mean, i don't think it's entirely appropriate to compare the milwaukee journal sentinel.
9:29 pm
because i generally shy away from comparisons to, to hitler in the nazis. i understand the point, please don't misunderstand. i would say they're more of a profited from the russian government. >> okay, will settle improv data. okay i reject my statement about joseph go herbals, and you and i agree on providence. >> why do you disagree with might not see it? you're watching out? it would make goebbels blush. this is the guy who is leading wisconsin's nonpartisan, objective wisconsin audit. to just make sure there is our sincere, and unbiased look at those very troubling election results in wisconsin. we it really seems as if the wisconsin audit might be even more ridiculous than the one they did in arizona. arizona got lots of national attention from the ridiculous that cyber ninjas thing and
9:30 pm
what happened, but the wisconsin one is also, again taxpayer funded, organized and put in motion by wisconsin republicans in the state legislature. not getting any national attention thus far, but they're trying to use it in just the same way. that guy leading it, to put some sort of spotlight on the wisconsin presidential election results, to make it seem like biden didn't really win. today a wisconsin judge, in response to a lawsuit followed by -- the washington group of american oversight, ordered the -- to hand over records and documents related to this election investigation. maybe we will finally find out what exactly led to this, and what exactly republicans in wisconsin are up to with this. but, as much attention as arizona got for what they did. they're doing the same thing in pennsylvania, they're doing the same thing in wisconsin, and it's worse. they just try to do it in places like idaho, they're trying to do it in texas. this is what the republican party stands for, right now. paul both stars the camped of the team right now.
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this meets zero of the physical qualities for a martini. but it was, in fact, sold as one for $15 to a reporter, who ordered a martini from the trump grill in new york city, the restaurant inside trump tower in 2016. ordering a drink at donald trump's restaurant, was one reported sideways attempted trying to get to the closer look into the inner workings of trump's business empire right after he was elected president. and anyway that sorry excuse for a martini, for what -- turnout be trying to learn more about what the president's business really was. when it was he was selling. and what it was people were buying. the lesson being that, but you start the can under the hood, a lot of what trump said made his businesses so successful appeared to, potentially, be the product of fraud. during trump's presidency, reporters at the new york times published a series of
9:36 pm
investigations into his business and private finances. much of their reporting was access to these privatized documents. during his time as -- he experienced tax evasion schemes. and instances of what appeared to be outright tax fraud. and in order to boost his bottom line. prosecutors are currently investigating the trump business, and his close associates, for his similar allegations of fraud. the trump business and potentially hit the truth about his finances, in order to con financial institutions into giving him money, he otherwise would have been able to get. this of course, in addition to the felony charges currently pending against his company for tax fraud. but there's also the unique example of the presidents hotel in washington d.c.. trump's d.c. hotel is actually an old u.s. post office building. trump's company pays the government to release the company, to make money off of it. that arrangement, importantly, gives congress oversight over this particular site of his business, because the buildings
9:37 pm
federal property. house oversight committee has been investigating whether his lease of the government building, causative a conflict of interest, given the while he was president he was leasing it from the government, that he was in self is in charge of. today the committee released new findings based on hundreds of pages of documents, the talent it credible story, but it turns out -- from a hard one investigative reporting, about a potential fraud and obfuscation, and financial sleight of hand. the things that have become synonymous with donald trump's businesses. according to the oversight committee, today, trump concealed certain deaths from the federal government when he put applied to lease the post office. the committee said he eliminated hundreds of millions of dollars in debt. apparently to make him look like more of a qualified african to take over that lease. once the hotel was up and running. trump posted that it was a huge financial boon for his business, he said he made more than 100
9:38 pm
$50 million from that hotel during his presidency. but according to financial reports obtained by the committee, they say the d.c. hotel lost more than $70 million during the course of his presidency. we also learned from the committee, today, about the existence of a sort of inexplicable, and until now secret multi million dollar favor paid to the presidents from a foreign owned bank called deutsche bank. in order to actually turn an old post office into a luxury hotel, trust business bureau to hundred $70 million from deutsche bank, under the terms of that loan he was supposed to repay the principle on it in 2018. but look at the committee found out. quote the, terms of the loan were changed to allow the trump hotel to defer any principal payments on the loan by six years. under these revised terms deutsche bank allow the trump hotel to make just interest payments for an additional six years, and delayed any principal payments to 2024.
9:39 pm
that's a multi million dollar hand out, to the trump hotel, and two presidential personally, who personally guaranteed those loans. and that was never previously known before. why is a foreign owned bank doing a multi million dollar personal fravor to a sitting president while he's president. these revelations, today, are the latest in a string of revelations. everybody sum it takes a slice of the trump business world, and places it under the microscope, it's not good gin and vermouth, it's water known janet and i don't know what's in a wineglass and i wouldn't eat that. -- is that with this is? is that legal? does the d.c. hotel in its revelations display a different portrait than what we've seen from previous investigative reporting, where is this more of the same? joining us now suzanne craig, she's an investigative reporter for the new york times, she's one of the leading reporters on the new york times, pulitzer
9:40 pm
prize -- she obtained trump's tax information, from the d.c. hotel is part of that reporting. suzanne, it's nice susan, night thanks for making time. >> good to see you. >> is the trump hotel a meaningfully different thing than the rest of the trump empire? it seems like some of these revelations laid out by the committee, today, or troubling in terms of potential legalities here, and in potential consequences for the president both in business terms any criminal terms. no, i don't think it's any different at all, when i kind of think about it today it sounds like a money pit. it kind of reminds me a little bit about, that movie from the 19 eighties. this is just causing a huge amount of money to keep it going. not only is he losing money, he's plowing his own capital in. we're seeing this in other properties, you sort of wonder about the color names inside the trump organization, are money pit number one in money pit number two. he has not only lost huge,
9:41 pm
millions and millions of dollars, he's had to put in hundreds of millions of dollars of his own capital to keep on going, just as one example. these businesses are under a lot of pressure, and we've had visibility in his taxes up until 2018, so we saw in 20 years of personal corporate tax returns. we haven't seen the last two, but i can imagine what's there, he's gone through covid, he runs a very hospitality-centric business. today, with these numbers, we got a sense it's not getting better, the old post office is a flagship property of his and it's not getting better. >> now, presumably it's not the crime to lie to the public about your financial status. or to brag about money that you say is coming in, that's not really coming in. but if you lie about your financial status in order to get a least from the federal government. if you lie about the income that you say you're getting
9:42 pm
from a property like this, when in fact you are dumping tens of millions of dollars into the property, not getting any of it out. if you lie about those things on an ethics closure as a public official, presumably there could be potential problems for the president here. >> there could be and there, is a lot of public documents out there now that we've seen. he's had to release them as part of his obligation when he ran four players didn't in what he. call it, what we call income he was putting in a very high figure that didn't account for any expenses for example, that he might incur. so, we've seen that were able to matchup his we trick that he does just to make it look better than it is. >> suzanne, one of the more baffling revelations out of these house oversight disclosures today, was i think this information about how deutsche bank appears to done trump a multi million dollar
9:43 pm
favor while he was president. let him repay the -- those payments he was supposed to start making them in 2018. they apparently gave him a deferment on those famous for six years, which had the effect of letting him keep tens of millions of dollars in his pocket which he otherwise would have had to lay out. what do you make of? that how do you see? that >> will i think on its face it looks like potentially the terms of the loan could've been change. there is a lot of pushback today from deutsche bank on that. another theory could have been simply, that the trump organization filed something potentially incorrect before, and then corrected it. and alone actually didn't change. the problem with these things, and is so frustrating, you can imagine. we don't know, because there's so much little disclosure about this. it's maddening, because deutsche bank is saying well there's a lot of things wrong but won't tell us wrought, same
9:44 pm
with the trump organization. if this loan is changed, i think we should know about it. it's a foreign bank, involved in a huge loan to the president. and these loans he's going to have hundreds of millions of dollars, 400 plus million dollars a loan coming due in the next several years. that he was personally guaranteed $300 million of that is over to deutsche bank. this is a fellow who is now, his organization has been indicted. once that happens there is collateral consequences. but, deutsche bank has indicated that they don't want to do business with him anymore. he may not be able to get any bank to do business with him after this indictment. this is serious stuff we, and disclosure, i'm frustrated by it, because we don't know what's wrong, and all these things have been said. it gets frustrating to watch. it's frustrating, but it's also of public public consequences,
9:45 pm
particularly fees going to run for president again, and if he's gonna be running for president following hundreds of millions of dollars to mostly foreign entities with no evidence way to pay it back and it's all coming in due. that's not somebody who you would want in charge of parking meters and your little town. let alone someone -- >> there is one way you can pay it off. it starts with selling assets, and -- the post offices are for sale. he is running for president wants, again he's gonna have to get his finances to most of the world are not clear. you have things like today where something pretty serious was alleged about deutsche bank that they had secretly changed the terms of alone, to a sitting president with, that was a great deal to him. so they're all saying it's not right, but they won't tell us what is not right about it. >> yeah, it can't stand. this is -- it has to be unsustainable.
9:46 pm
suzanne craig, investigative reporter for the new york times -- >> where we actually have a window. where the government is the landlord. multiply that by 40 or 50, no matter how many things he owns -- not that many. but go after -- one after the other, and you incur the same problem, the same losses, and the same opaqueness for so most. people unfortunately, i have continued work on it. but i think people deserve better than this. they deserve disclosed on his finances so we can understand the pressures the sitting president is under. >> the pressures that he is under, and the bloc now that he's open. do we suzanne craig, investigative reporter for the new york times. thank you for being here. good to see. you since we have been on the air, we have some breaking news to get to. just moments ago, as i mentioned at the top of the, show might, happen the fifth
9:47 pm
circuit court of appeals has reinstated texas's abortion ban. as i mentioned at the top of the show, we knew that there was a fairly decent chance that this would happen. now it has, we have more on what that means, stay with us. t means, stay with us. tonight, i'll be eating a buffalo chicken panini with extra hot sauce. tonight, i'll be eating salmon sushi with a japanese jiggly cheesecake. (doorbell rings) jolly good. fire. (horse neighing) elton: nas? yeah? spare a pound? what?
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so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. it's hard for people to k how much their accident case is worth.h barnes. we do have breaking news t ouour juryry aorneneys hehelpou tonight, i mentioned at the top of the show that we were watching for this and this might be happening. it has in fact now happened. the way the united states federal court system works, you have the supreme court on top, you have the circuit court, appeals courts behind -- below, that industry courts below. that the fifth circuit court is what is considered to be the most conservative appeals court. the most conservative circuit court in the country. the fifth circuit includes texas. the state of texas today appealed to that fifth u.s. circuit court of appeals asking them, basically, to reinstate texas's abortion ban. the fifth circuit has now said
9:52 pm
yes. this means that texas is draconian abortion ban is, as of right, now back into effect. this is a law that was passed by texas earlier this year, outlaws abortion essentially after six weeks. a point at which most women do not even know they are pregnant. the u.s. justice department had sued texas to block this after the supreme law allowed to go into effect. the justice of -- federal judge in texas to block the law while the justice department could be heard in court. that texas judge, this week, agreed to block the law. and 113-page a blistering ruling, put it on ice. but tonight, the appeals court, the fifth u.s. circuit court of appeals, hasn't done it and has put the lob back into effect. new order tonight gives the justice department to reply by tuesday, theoretically, that means that texas abortion ban is now in effect, at least until tuesday. there are options for the u.s.
9:53 pm
justice department, potentially appealing to the u.s. supreme court, although nobody thinks that they are going to be a particularly hospitable venue for anything related to abortion rights with this constitution of the court right now. joining us now on the phone to react to this news is molly dwayne, she is senior staff attorney at the center of reproductive rights, they filed their own lawsuit in court to block the texas. ben thank you so much for joining, us i appreciate it. >> thanks for having me, rachel. >> so, i am explaining this, ad libbing, explaining this as a layman as understand is. i want to ask you if there's anything i explained wrong or if this is what has happened? >> you explained it correctly, unfortunately. >> does this mean that texas's abortion ban is in effect as of now, at this hour? >> that's exactly what it means. so what we saw was judge pittman issue a fairly resent 113-page order laying out clearly why this law was unconstitutional and needed to
9:54 pm
be a joint immediately. and what we saw was providers across the state resume services. and now, what we know, and while it is expected, it is still disappointing. but what we know now is that the law is back in effect. >> for women in the state of sexes who may have gotten an abortion while the law was temporarily on ice, while law providers were a day and a half, to two, days were able to provide services, again are they arrested for being retroactively being pursued for having provided abortions or helped women get abortions during that brief interaction them while the ban was adjoined? >> we yes, the providers and people who assisted those providers in providing pregnant women and pregnant patients with critical abortion care during those two days were fully aware of the risks that they were taking. but they took oaths to their
9:55 pm
patients, to the field of medicine, to provide that care. so they provided that care consistent with the courts order. so what happens next is as good -- is up to what happens in the state of texas. but what we know now is that our attorneys will be standing behind our providers as we have for decades, and behind the pregnant people of texas who are harmed every day this law is in effect. >> molly, in terms of the justice department's options here, this was the u.s. justice department's case against texas which resulted in judge pittman's ruling, that put the ban on ice for couple of days, now it is back in effect. does the justice department have any other option rather than waiting until the end of the day on tuesday to file its own papers with the fifth circuit, and seeing things through? could they leapfrog this straight to the u.s. supreme court and try to resolve this there instead? court and >> based on the ordere
9:56 pm
just received from the fifth circuit, yes, the department of justice could go straight to the u.s. supreme court. that is what we did a couple of weeks ago when the exact same thing happened. so that is an option. >> would you advise them to do it? do you think they ought to? >> well, what i would absolutely -- advise them to do is but they are already doing, which is everything they can to protect the constitutional rights of pregnant people in texas. so i have communicated with them, obviously, and i urge them to continue on that, in that fight. it is far from over. >> molly dwayne, senior staff attorney at the center for reproductive rights of which has been at the forefront of these legal battles. thank you so much for joining us on such short notice, this was breaking news, i know it will be a lot of work for you tonight in the days ahead. thank you for helping us understand. >> thanks, rachel. >> again, covering breaking news tonight, the texas abortion ban having put in advance for a couple of days
9:57 pm
with a federal court ruling, a couple of days ago in texas, the texas abortion ban is now back in effect with a ruling tonight from a very conservative circuit court. as you heard there from the senior staff attorney for the center of reproductive rights. so the ban is back in effect. roe v. wade is in effect, dead in this country. stay with us. ay with us so i only pay for what i need. how about a throwback? you got it. ♪ liberty, liberty - liberty, liberty ♪ uh, i'll settle for something i can dance to. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ ♪ ♪ only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪
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every day in business is a big day. we'll keep you ready for what's next. all right that's going to do it comcast business powering possibilities. for us for tonight, now it's time for the last word with zerlina maxwell, he's in for lawrence o'donnell tonight. it's good to see you. >> it's good to see you too, rachel, this is such a important breaking news about abortion, reminds us how important it is to protect the federal bench. progressives should think about doing that. >> exactly, seriously sidney >> thank you. we are


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