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tv   Yasmin Vossoughian Reports  MSNBC  October 3, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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good afternoon. i'm yasmin vossoughian. we have a lot to cover. the central focus is on capitol hill. democrats using the sunday morning talk show circuit telling americans not to panic coming to the new social spending plan and infrastructure deal but there is still no agreement yet and fears remain after arizona senator sinema took aim at the priorities of
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democratic leadership. can moderates trust her? this hour i'll ask congresswoman clarke that very question. meantime you got fears of an ecological disaster off the coast in california as an oil spill continues to grow. we are on the ground with the very latest from there. plus covid aiming the wrath on rural america. what is behind that frightening statistic? can it be reversed? also the return. it's one of the most anticipated matchups in nfl history. quarterback tom brady going up against bill belichick. after winning six super bowls together. we are live at gillette stadium for that. but first political wrangling amongst democrats on capitol hill this weekend as progressives and moderates but heads over the bipartisan and infrastructure bills.
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progressives say they're open to lowering the $3.5 trillion price tag but are not giving specifics. >> what we have said from the beginning is it is never about the price tag but what we want to deliver. i don't feel the need to give a number because i gave my number. it was 3.5. it will be somewhere between 1.5 and 3.5 and i think the white house is working on that right now. >> meanwhile moderates slam leadership over delays the voting on bipartisan infrastructure. senator sinema yesterday calling it inexcusable and erosion of trust as she said. julie, what else are we hearing from progressives today on the path forward for the crucial pieces of legislation for the biden administration? >> reporter: yasmin, progressives are keeping their cards close. they were pressed all day on
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sunday shows. they were asked what number are they willing to come down to. it is not 3.5 trillion. president biden made that clear to them on friday. they were asked what areas, what policies in the bill are they willing to trim for moderate, the outstanding votes, to come closer and pass this bill. bernie sanders was on "meet the press" today. a progressive in the senate leading the charge on this budget reconciliation. here's what he had to say. >> well, senator manchin has been public about talking. i think his number was 1.5 trillion. that's fine. that's a good start. this is a long and complicated process which is dealing with a most consequential piece of legislation since the new deal. it is not happening overnight. >> reporter: we have been in an endless cycle of infrastructure season moving forward on the two
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bill just the bipartisan infrastructure bill, roads, bridges and highways and then the programs that americans will experience and feel and the goal that democrats are trying to put forward talking about the bills but of course democratic leadership moving away from hard deadlines after passing a few key ones last week in passing the bipartisan infrastructure bill and saying targets dead loons and dates. october 31 is a new one they look at to have both the bipartisan infrastructure bill and the reconciliation package passed both chambers. >> real quick here. could sinema's statement from yesterday affect negotiations at all saying there's an erosion of trust inside the democratic party from her perspective? >> reporter: i have to tell you it's not looking good. the democratic aide texted me right after releasing that statement yesterday and flabbergasted that somebody in the party talking about democratic leadership in this way say it's a stunt and an
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erosion of trust and of course they still need her vote and to support this bill and that's part of this messaging mackover going across the country and progressives led by president biden touting this bill. biden supposed to be in michigan tuesday to explain how the programs help them and they hope that this will help bring the two outstanding votes in the senate manchin and sinema on board and build consensus around the two packages. >> all right. thank you. want to move from the capitol now over to the white house. of course, the president's efforts to quell fighting inside of his own party really. a path forward on these major pieces of legislation. the president trying to find that. this could be a make or break moment for his agenda. nbc's heidi prezbala is standing
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by. what's the president planning here in the days and weeking ahead to try to lock this thing in? >> reporter: he understands after yesterday everything that we saw that maybe moderates like sinema needed time to be angry and at the end of the day they know that the votes just were not there. he made that clear on friday with the democratic lawmakers in the house. so moderates wanted the infrastructure alone package. they wanted to do a much more scaled down social safety net program and the president said this cannot be a zero sum game. they have to give and gave them a range if you will that they can negotiate within and a potential framework and white house officials are saying publicly that they do believe that given this breathing space that ultimately these moderates will understand that it is in the interest of every democrat to get this agenda passed. here's cedrick richmond today. >> i won't say that senator sinema is wrong but this
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administration, we know what we need to do. we need to deliver for the american people. 17 economists said that if we passed both plans we would reduce inflation and so what we have work to do is make that senator manchin understands how this affects the future in terms of making sure that we invest in american families so that they determine their own destiny. we think we have unity of purpose with senator manchin. >> reporter: what is the president doing? the other new thing that he is doing is when you don't have the votes you take it on the road so that is what he's doing over the next couple weeks under the assumption that the constituents of these lawmakers and house democrats don't understand what's in the bill and told by the republican representatives that this is just a hard pivot to socialism and don't understand is they're social programs to benefit working
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class people like single moms in as arizona or old coal miners in west virginia. so he's hoping that by fleshing this out and speaking directly to the american people to apply pressure back here in washington so he can get the votes. >> yeah. we're actually going do get into the nitty-gritty of this bill coming up. the nonnegotiables for some democrats on the show so thank you. as i mentioned in just a couple minutes i'll be joined by new york democratic congresswoman yvette clarke to talk about the latest negotiations on capitol hill. we are also following breaking news off the southern california coast where a major oil spill caused dead birds, fish and pollution to wash up on huntington beach.
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169,000 gallons leaked about 5 miles offshore. officials say they can't confirm it is contained until divers assess the pipeline. nbc has more. >> reporter: yasmin, we have seen oil spills in the past. they have at times resulted in the deaths of thousands of birds so the toll when it comes to these can be quite steep but in this case before authorities can begin e value waiting the seriousness of the situation they have to stop the oil from leaking from a pipeline several miles off the coast of southern california. huntington beach and new port beach closed. officials report oil on shore with dead birds and fish. a serious situation. a county supervisor from the area saying the ramifications will extend further than the visible oil and color that residents deal with.
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the impact is irreversible. more than 120,000 gallons of oil pouring into the ocean and inching toward treasured areas of wet lands and nature areas. they discourage people from going to the beach. there have been reports of strong odor in the area and sent hazmat crews to respond to the situation. yasmin? >> all right. thank you. so in the next hour i'll talk with the mayor of huntington beach kim carr. that's coming up 4:00 p.m. eastern. want to get to the big sunday show. football fans are anxiously awaiting the big game. it is historic. you got tom brady, bill belichick on opposite sides from the first time ever. of course, during brady's days with the patriots he and the former coach built a dynasty with six super bowls and now
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playing each other kind of why brady on the field and belichick from behind the lines. nonetheless kathy park is covering this for us in mass. i know patriots fans quite well. i love a lot of them. gone to school with them in the northeast. if you are a patriots fan it is through and through. if you are a brady fan it is through and through. they will have quite a pickle today to say the least. what do you see there on the ground? what's the energy like right now? >> reporter: hey, yasmin. afternoon to you. i can say that the rain is starting to fall here but certainly not dampening the spirit. there's excitement but this game in particular is big why there's been a lot of hype surrounding this game since the schedule came out because brady is coming back as a visitor. obviously a lot of history here so as you mentioned fans are torn right now because obviously
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their loyalty once with brady and they love the guy because he did so much for the team why brought home six super bowl titles. right now i'm standing in the middle of the fan experience so the fans are starting to trickle in. kickoff at 8:20 tonight and momentum is building. i want the show you though the fans are divided. paintings here, one obviously the new uniform with the buccaneers and his old uniform with the patriots. but when you look around we are seeing a lot of number 12 jerseys and one fan in particular that stood out. this is david mills and flew from canada. he is a die hard patriots fan. look at his shirt. it is decked out in all things tom brady. there's even i guess the young tom brady and then the tom brady when he married giselle and mr.
12:13 pm
fashionista here. why was it so important for you to be at this ga imin person today? >> it is tom brady. he is the g.o.a.t. there's only one time he comes back to jill let against bill belichick. that's like better than the super bowl. couldn't miss it. >> reporter: who are you rooting for? fans we spoke with have mixed feelings about this because he's on a new team now. but he's done so much for the new england patriots. >> yeah. it's an easy call. it's tom brady. you know? 12 in the playbook. always number one in your heart but on the other team. patriots all the way. tonight he is the enemy and hope for the patriots and then once it's all said and done he's tom brady and still love him but patriots number one. >> reporter: we were looking at ticket prices. they didn't come cheap. the cheapest tickets if you buy it last minute $350. upwards of $4,000. i'm assume you paid a nice premium for your ticket?
12:14 pm
>> it was a pretty penny but you can't put a price on an experience like this. it wouldn't be boston without weather. maybe we'll get snow and make a good home game. you never know. >> reporter: how do you think he'll react seeing the former coach on the field tonight? >> i don't know. there won't be a reaction. i think stone cold ice in his veins. i hope he cries but i don't think that's going to happen. >> reporter: wow. you think the competitiveness will come out? >> that's what makes him the g.o.a.t. i think the emotion is going to be something down the road but tonight not a lot of that. >> reporter: thank you. thank you for the analysis why nice to meet you. we are getting reactions like that. people have micked emotions about tonight but regardless there's still a lot of excitement. they can't wait for kickoff at 8:20. yasmin? >> from canada no less, kathy
12:15 pm
park. i can't believe you found a canadian who loves tom brady and the patriots. but you got to love him for saying team first and tom brady is the enemy today. that's pretty funny but i'm sure you hear that today. >> reporter: fighting words. >> thank you. hopefully you can watch the game. are you watching? >> reporter: yeah. i'm staying for it all tonight. >> good. enjoy it. have fun. thank you. all right. so the holidays may be months away but have you purchased the presents already? if not you may want do get on it. everything is being impacted by shipping delays. live from a port with what this means for you and your wallet. up next representative clarke, here to talk about the latest infrastructure negotiations. and legislative shutdown being caused by senators sinema and manchin. be right back. k.
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welcome back. after weeks of infighting between moderates and progressives democrats they are bracing for more political bumps and bruises as negotiations continue on two massive economic and social packages. so let's get into it. joining us now democrating congresswoman from new york, yvette clarke. thank you for taking the time out on this sunday afternoon. really appreciate it. >> good to be with you. >> yeah. you, as well. bring us up to date on where negotiations stand. >> well, we are continuing to have conversations with the colleagues who are a bit concerned about how we move forward. we see the senate taking up the build back better act, acting on then and then moving both the infrastructure and the build back better act as a
12:21 pm
comprehensive package to the floor of the house for a vote. >> all right. so i spoke with congressman torres yesterday asking about his nonnegotiables when it came to the reconciliation bill. also asking about the clarity in which he feels he needs from moderates moving forward. let's take a listen to what he had to say. >> do i have nonnegotiables? yes child tax credit. if it is left to expire it affects 69 million children and plunge 10 million children into poverty or deep poverty so plunging children into poverty is unacceptable for me. we all have the nonnegotiables. we need greater clarities from senators manchin and sinema and spell out the position. without a position we are not in
12:22 pm
position to negotiate with them. we need clarity. >> the congressman talking about the child tax credit. we could go on and on about what is in the body of this infrastructure bill to make up the $3.5 trillion. for you what are your nonnegotiables? what are you things you feel you cannot take out? >> there are so many crucial elements to the build back better act. for the ninth district of new york, the child tax credit. housing which is at a crisis stage in our country. as well as immigration reform. for those who have labored in the shadows and not so much in the shadows, to navigate us through the pandemic. the -- it is time. it is time that we move our people out of the shadows and
12:23 pm
give them a pathway to citizenship but i can tell you that climate change remains a huge issue. we have the remnants of ida hit new york and saw how devastating that was. the build back better act enables us to face the future with the creation of jobs and opportunities while at the same time building in resilience for our communities. so this is really in keeping with what president biden has asked of us, to go strictly down the road of just infrastructure. it is only a fraction of what is needed in this moment for transformative change not only for this generation but for future generations to come. >> have you been speaking to the folks in your district, congresswoman, about the reconciliation bill and the things that you find important?
12:24 pm
anecdotally, have you heard from anybody in your district, a story that you want to share that you feel like this reconciliation bill would benefit? >> ironically enough just got home from church and the pastor was speaking. his sermon was so timely. it spoke about addressing the needs of the least of these. and he used the text of matthew 13-21 where jesus christ in our faith felt the multitude with five loaves and two fish and this build back better act is the equivalent of looking out for those who are most vulnerable in our society. and so i know that my district gets it. my district gets comprehensive
12:25 pm
immigration reform and what climate change means for the future. they struggle to find affordable housing so everything that i am advocating for is totally in sync with the people of my district. let me also add that most of -- large segment of the population are essential workers in the ninth district of new york on the front lines fighting this pandemic and have been consistent in doing so from the initial outbreak. in new york city. and so we owe it to them and their children to create a caring economy that lifts up their work and the value of that in our society. >> representative clarke, thank you. we appreciate it. >> thank you for having me. next hour the senate side of the negotiations from hawaii
12:26 pm
democratic senator mazie hirono. and then tonight don't miss at 8:00 iron speaking with new york congresswoman ocasio-cortez and then 9:00 p.m. with minnesota senator tina smith. can they reach a deal? tune in tonight. we'll be right back. n your wind. trust safelite. ♪ upbeat, catchy music ♪ >> tech vo: this couple counts on their suv... as they travel for their small business. so when they got a chip in their windshield... they brought it to safelite... for a same-day in-shop repair. we repaired the chip right away. and with their insurance, it was no cost to them. >> woman: really? >> tech vo: plus, to protect their glass, we installed new wipers too. that's service the way you need it. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ life's kinda unpredictable. like when your groceries arrive the moment you remember everything you forgot. [dog barks]
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welcome back. as covid infections are declining the tale of two americas continues. health experts warning that covid is killing rurals americans at twice the rate of those in urban areas. where vaccinations are widespread and medical care is accessible. a new treatment could transform the fight or make the battle to vaccinate the nation that much more difficult. with me now to talk about this
12:31 pm
dr. blackstock. i first want to start with the merck pill. right? this is a major development when it comes to treatment and we have talked about that they needed to have more treatment available, more accessible treatment for folks that are hospitalized and reducing the hospitalization and death by 50%. what do we know about this and how much of a game changer could it be? >> right. thank you so much for having me. this pill a game changer because it can be swallowed, oral pill. very accessible to many people where monoclonal antibodies are not as accessible because they're given by iv and we think about people in underserved communities, vulnerable and rural populations that will have
12:32 pm
access to this medication and it is a true anti-viral. it impairs reply kags of the virus and seen so far the pill is incredibly effective against hospitalizations even in the drug group there were no deaths where is in the placebo group there were eight deaths and seeing a significant impact of the medication and remains to be seen how effective it will be once it's approved. >> so this is great. right? this is an amazing development. is there a worry now that this possibility of a pill could kind of feed into this vaccine hesitancy that exists here in this country and folks could say if i get sick i'll just take the pill? >> yeah. i think that is a very valid concern. we have seen shortages of monoclonal antibodies because people unvaccinated and infected receive the monoclonal
12:33 pm
antibodies and the thought is now even easier you have this pill. the physician can write a prescription for it. pick it up from the pharmacy and get it if you have a positive test within the first five days of covid symptoms and seems to be effective. that's why the message is incredibly important that vaccinations are the goal and we need toen crease vaccinations because vaccines work at a population level. we need as many people as possible vaccinated to see an end to this pandemic and so this pill is not going to end a pandemic. it is a tool in the tool kit and great to have it but we need to also increase the vaccinations. >> that's a great way to put it. i talked leading up to you about the surge in rural areas because folks are vaccinated in urban areas. more access to hospitals if you are ineffected with covid.
12:34 pm
we saw a surge across the south especially in the summer months. florida devastated by the delta variant. are you worried about that same surge happening in the northeast as we approach the colder months? >> definitely think we should be concerned, should be concerned because even though vags rates are higher in the northeast they still could be hired and we know that the colder weather will move more people indoors and that is a high risk environment for transmission and the virus thrives in cold, dry weather so all of those factors are doing to be even more concerning in addition to schools in the northeast starting later in the year. so again, we can prevent that surge by masks and encouraging vaccinations. dr. fauci mentioned earlier today. i think that's important to be sure to put out the message to
12:35 pm
the public. >> dr. blackstock, thank you as always. >> thank you. all right. global supply chain disruptions are causing serious shipping delays in the country and nowhere is it more evident than the ports of los angeles and long beach where ships are waiting because there's no more room. scott cohn is north of there at the port of oakland. talk us through what's going on there. >> reporter: it's a big problem, yasmin, and they're trying the make progress. for example here in oakland which is the eighth biggest container port in the country, adding workers and a crane. they feel like they are bringing in record amounts of cargo but not enough to ease the log jam. 400 miles south is the port of los angeles and long beach and
12:36 pm
overwhelmed. some 60 vessels offshore and if that doesn't sound like much, each one roughly equivalent to an empire state building floating offshore with thousands of shipping containers with the holiday gifts, pats of cars, electric components. blame it on the pandemic causing the disruptions. pent-up demand released and just like many of you planning ahead for holiday shopping the importers are also planning ahead. >> what we have witnessed here and part of the process has been the import community is quite savvy knowing that all parts of the supply chain including factory production are stretched. many american importers pulled forward inventory and seeing year end goods in june when it
12:37 pm
starts in august and september normally. >> reporter: that runs headlong into all of the worker shortages you have heard talked about over time and can't get the cargo offloaded in time and time is money so it's higher prices and experts say it could go on well into next year. >> scott, not a great too many for that to happen. thank you. how an idlic city in texas became the poster child for a strategy involves race relations and how it is taught in school. the host of the nbc news podcast "south lake" join me next. ♪ they're dressed for pastry baking ♪ ♪ the progressive family ♪ ♪ they're helpful but annoying ♪ ♪ they always leave us snoring ♪ ♪ accidents are boring with the progressive family ♪ so, when do you all go home?
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12:41 pm
became the poster child for the crusade against it. a video of students chanting the n-word. the school district got behind confronting the issues. at first before being met with backlash from white parents who wanted to maintain the status quo. caught in the middle of the battle the superintendent lane ledbetter who sat down for an interview and struggled to answer possibly the most straightforward of questions following a devastating election defeat for parents hoping to root out racial prejudice. >> so i mean as part of the tro i certainly as we are not at this point because of what's in place looking at any type of diversity equity inclusion plan right now. >> as for the problem that the
12:42 pm
diversity plan was developed to counter in the first place. is there racism in southlake? >> i'll stop there to think about that question. i didn't know that was going to be asked. >> it's kind of at the center of what the students have been saying. he paused to consult with the district's communications director. do you want to think about -- >> after the viral n-word video two years ago it seemed like earn in town would acknowledge that racism exists but now with all that's happened since then the man who had been hired with the mission to bring the community back together wasn't willing to say whether he believed that. >> i don't know that i have to have a yes or no to that question. for me i am focused on as i mentioned my priority is the
12:43 pm
students. >> okay. joining me now are cohosts of the southlake podcast. that was a moment, antonia. i can't help but think. i don't know how he was caught off guard with that. not anticipating something like that being asked considering the subject of your podcast and all that had been going on for so long. what was your reaction beyond what we heard? when the superintendent responded the way he did. >> my reaction was similar to yours. this was a story as you spelled out at the top there beginning with in 2018 a video going viral of well phone students in the district chanting the n-word. but that is not the video of racial slurs over the course that the district and the community got to work on this oirnl diversity and inclusion
12:44 pm
plan and so when we sat down for that interview both for nbc news and then also for our podcast we figured that racism and how to address students using that language would be at the center of the conversation and took away that it speaks to how toxic this is, dangerous in some cases for community leaders in positions like dr. lane ledbetter with parents screaming at school board meetings. often putting teachers and educators at the center of the political conflicts and the jobs are on the line and you see how difficult to respond, to calculate to bring both sides of the charged conversation together and my takeaway is not that he didn't know the answer but knowing how to answer the question is the challenging part. >> it is so interesting, mike.
12:45 pm
considering the fact he was brought in to impose diversity to root out racism and to be resistant to answer that question like that there is really also kind of a sense of fear amongst people like ledbetter. >> i think the important context to keep in mind is at that point this was a few months after conservative school board, city council mayor candidates won local with 70% of the vote and ran on a platform of opposing the school district's cultural competence action plan and what you hear is the reaction to the political forces in his community. one of the reasons to focus on southlake is along this whole time southlake is about six
12:46 pm
mofts ahead of the rest of the country in terms of this critical race theory battle. and six months before you heard that in school boards across the country they talked about it in southlake. before the school board races in the fall are all about critical race theory. that was the case in southlake and sitting down to talk with the superintendent it is like a preview of where this is all going and what you hear there is a paralysis of not being sure what you can say when the people in your community have spoken so loudly that they don't want to be talking about the issues. if you look back two years ago when the video came out everybody in southlake was willing to say racism exists. but now educators are in this position not just in southlake but the condition of what can i
12:47 pm
say? what can't i say in what's against the law now for me to talk about when it comes to racism? >> and the last episode that i just listened to today is incredible and gets to the heart of this. election night. emotional to hear people out there, the rally goers who want more diversity and the teachings of critical race theory and the system to be so incredibly upset of course by the election results. the coverage was amazing. the podcast incredible. congratulations. thank you both. go listen to the nbc six-part series. after the break, live from new york, it is the democrats. "saturday night live" made the return last night and went after the party's stalled infrastructure negotiations.
12:48 pm
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accomplished. >> that was i'm sure as you know "snl" poking fun at senator sinema part of the season premier last night that marks its 47th season. what you just saw there is a taste of the political humor. president biden with his fair share, as well. >> feign. let's focus on the two things that poll best with all americans. lowering the price of prescription drugs. >> no. >> raising taxes on billionaires. all right then. just tell us. what do you like? >> yellow starbusts, the film "the polar express" and when someone eats fish on an airplane. >> just a behind the scenes look at what's happening in washington or "snl." coming up next hour following the news in california. more than 120,000 gallons of oil
12:53 pm
leaking. i'll be joined by the mayor of north huntington beach. what it moons for the city that canceled a major event set for today. we'll be right back. ight back. oh! are you using liberty mutual's coverage customizer tool? sorry? well, since you asked. it finds discounts and policy recommendations, so you only pay for what you need. limu, you're an animal! who's got the bird legs now? only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ >> tech: when you get a chip in your windshield... trust safelite. this couple was headed to the farmers market... when they got a chip. they drove to safelite for a same-day repair. and with their insurance, it was no cost to them. >> woman: really? >> tech: that's service the way you need it. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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12:57 pm
in upstate new york is impacted by this. >> reporter: according to the hospital ceo here at mohawk health valley systems said that the vaccination rate from 60% to 70% to 90%. but here's the downside. they have a real staffing shortage crunch preexisting and this is only adding to it. they have had a lot of problems with retirements, individuals who are just burned out looking for higher paying jobs and with this mandate they have 5% in unpaid leave and having a real impact. here's what she said. >> going in to the vaccine mandate now we had a vacancy of 12% to 13% over the last year so the loss of additional employees is felt very acutely. we have had to cut back some hours. we have consolidated some
12:58 pm
services together. we have cut back support systems. >> reporter: this truly is a test case here in new york with this mandate coming out ahead of a national mandate for what might happen nationwide and it's not pretty. nearby which has about 54 hospitals said they have unprecedented staffing shortages but again these are shortages that preexisted before the mandate an enso this is just making things harder. in the end many hospital ceos say we support getting the workers vaccinated but the time line is significant. here's the advice for ceos. >> start now. start now. do it one employee at a time. personal approach matters. make the vaccine as convenient as you can. we actually walked around with the vaccines and people's
12:59 pm
pockets and made it available to employees while they were working. and speak to people's fears. whether you agree with their fears or hesitations or not, you have to speak to them in the voice that they will hear. >> reporter: if you look at the data nationwide in hospital systems that are mandating the vaccine, the story is overall most of them, the majority ultimately are getting the vaccine but given the strains they can't afford to lose any of these workers at this time. back to you. >> all right. thank you to heidi for that. approaching the top of the hour. you are watching msnbc reports with yasmin vossoughian. ♪♪ top of the hour. i'm yasmin vossoughian. thank you for sticking around. if you are joining welcome. no time frame and not concerned
1:00 pm
about the process so far. that is how one white house senior adviser describes negotiations over a new social spending plan and hard infrastructure. how much and when remains a mystery. >> this is not a wish list why this is what the working families of this country want and the economy needs. the question is whether the democrats can come together and i think that we can to do what working families in this country want us to do. >> senator sanders making it clear how he sees the reconciliation bill. i'll ask senator hirono of hawaii. what she is willing to give up and what's not negotiable. with an economy on the ropes and a global pandemic to deal with, when he took office, we'll look at president biden's political pivot from candidate to president and what is motivating him to get the big packages passed.


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