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tv   The Rachel Maddow Show  MSNBC  September 22, 2021 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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all the networks of msnbc news, goodnight. ♪ we are following breaking news tonight out of the great state of alaska. where alaska can governor
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hospital started crisis standard of care before the whole state sees tonight. and groups news reporting a triage team. using a specific formula to prioritize patients most likely to recover. has been asked to help with patient care decision, one decision we there were four patients were required a special kind of dialysis which was a replacement therapy. for patients but only two of the four could get it of the two patients who did not receive the therapy, one of them died. the other one survived but remains hospitalized now in a politics care care we setting. another decision at the hospital involve deciding which patient got incubated because they were not enough beds in the icu. another patient died in a world alaska hospital because they needed cardiac catheterization. they were quote waiting for a
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bid to free up so we could transfer them said the hospital chief steph. and that patient died. providence alaska, the hospital that previously set of crisis tentative care they set up 3% of wellness scheme at the hospital, to help their own doctors and nurses who were struggling with these kinds of decisions. because imagine, if you are a doctor or a nurse strange to provide -- train to go to the most extreme and of a range possible to save the lives of your patients. and you are now in a situation where your triaging people. you're not likely to make, if you're not less likely to make it to a lot of other people so we're gonna treat them not you. i mean the psychological effect that that has on doctors and nurses in this circumstance cannot be overstated. and that has been the terrible situation this week already at alaska's in anchorage. but tonight the governor has announced that all hospitals in
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the state are moving to those places of care. and it may not just see idaho and alaska hospitals in montana and other states that reported that there are teetering on the brink of the same designation. but this announcement in alaska tonight is new and we have never as a country had multiple states rationing care like this simultaneously. we just never had it. and forgive me for just putting this in personal perspective, you know people say getting vaccinated or not is a personal decision. as if it only affects you. i only hear that a lot. i hear that from conservative media and conservative politicians. a personal decision that only affects you. well these dire circumstances we are now seeing in multiple states unprecedented crisis standard of care, statewide in true states in the countries and in additional hospitals in other states. rationing of care so that
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people who would live with normal hospital centers are dying instead. and in the circumstances in multiple states show that your personal decision whether or not to get vaccinated it has really tangible consequences for a whole lot of other people who aren't you. so put it in blunt terms, the personal decision by somebody in alaska to not get vaccinated right now, ultimately result in someone else dying in anchorage. because that person can get the dialysis treatment that would save their life that they would otherwise people to get. if it went for the hospital being overwhelmed by people who are sick, and specifically only because they chose not to get the shot, to protect them from covid. they keep hearing this mantra on the right. even from -- people to know better, from the conservative media. that it's a personal decision, that it doesn't affect people who aren't vaccinated. we'll tell that to the family of the person who just died. in anchorage because we
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couldn't get that form of dialysis. because they couldn't get the care that the otherwise would've been able to get. and the standards have allowed that death to happen are now in place statewide in every hospital in alaska, and every hospital in idaho. and they are going into effect in other individual hospitals in other states now to. that is because people are not getting vaccinated, your decision whether or not to get vaccinated can be a life or death to determining factor, for somebody who did get vaccinated, or gets in a car wreck, or needs dialysis, or needs a cardiac catheterization procedure. but they won't be able to get because of all the unvaccinated people filling up the hospital. this is not complicated. and it is not, it may be a personal decision, but it is a decision that has way more consequences. okay forgive me i'm sorry. but the situational in idaho is a story of national significance beaten lot more
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significance, and it should affect all of our thinking about how we are taking care of ourselves and our loved ones, when it comes about keeping ourselves from getting covid. the government is in the middle of its of pro bowl process right now, on vaccine booster shots, the fda just an hour ago announced that they had approved the pfizer booster shot for people aged 65 enough. also for people with health factors that make them high risk for severe covid. and also for people or or occupational exposure to covid. again just within the last hour the fda approving booster shots for those groups that, we are going to the latest on that decision. we also gonna talk to a doctor who is both a covid expert and was also part of the u.s. military response. to try to rescue these one hospitals timely discussion with. we're also going to speaking with one of the congress members in a long series a meeting between president biden
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himself. and a lot of different democrats from both the house in the senate, democrats can be to figure out amongst themselves how they are going to pass this legislation. which they also possibly want to pass, that includes the book of president biden's agenda on infrastructure, on climate change, on support for childcare, and all sorts of things. all these democrats supported please support all of these items and all of these priorities, they have legislation before them that they can pass that would make these things a reality. and it looks like they can pass it even without any republican support. the question is, can the democrats get out of their own way and do it? president biden is now personally trying to broker the discussions and the decisions among these different groups of democrats to get them all to see is. progressive members of congress, the liberals are the ones who frankly are pushing hardest to get it all done, president biden met with them tonight at the white house, as well as taking meetings with the conservative democrats who voted in holding things on. so it has been an intense day
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of negotiations again, personally loved being the president bringing a lot of democrats and congress into the white house and say we're going to go live report in just a moment, from one of those senate who have just left those white house discussion. she is one of my all-time favorite people to talk to, she is going to be with us in just a moment. the first guest we are going to speak with tonight though, is a reporter a reporter from [inaudible] who has been working a b that may have altered been over by now. a weed that should have been a time-limited thing that expired under its own weight. but apparently no we are still living. this is the front page story in this morning new york times, you can see there in the upper left stand corner, the first there. trump campaign knew vote case was groundless, conspiracies debugged internal memo rebutted fraud claims against two companies. that anyone front page story today in the new york times was
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based on styling from this lawsuit in colorado, it's a defamation lawsuit brought against the campaign and. because the man can work at one of the voting companies that was singled out by trump world conspiracies and one of the supposed villains behind the attack in communist as a people by which the election was stolen by donald trump his company and he personally were singled out by the people who advance this conspiracy theory. that lawsuit is proving to be a bit of a treasure trove. that lawsuit is also the bases in the washington post, covering some territory of. that internal document obtained from the trump campaign by merged now shows that the campaign knew that this travel claim that the election supposedly being stolen all the sword ridiculous claim by the voting machine company looked into these things formerly.
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and knew they were fault. while the nevertheless propagated them to the american people in the media and the court. quote the documents that were included in the defamation of the colorado that memo prepared by trump campaign staff was just proving the stolen election mid. it's even been posted online now, and inside tired by the new york times. so you can see your time that trump's own campaign spelled out in detail, that all of the staff about the voting machine companies in venezuela, and hugo service, and the communist, and all this other nonsense that they've been fuming, they knew it was wrong. they put in prince that they knew was wrong. while trump and others were freely repeatedly and still to this day consistently flocking
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that nonsense to the press, and to the public. and we will see how that plays out legally in terms of that consequential defamation on the right in colorado. but i will tell you in addition to that that knew the news of that internal memo from the trump campaign knew it was false they will still publicly flogging. it we have also learned that for this same pace. there have been depositions taken under oath from a whole bunch of the other people directly involved in propagating the big story about the supposedly stolen election from the very beginning. deposition from people like -- and also loss of other figures who were involved in concocting this conspiracy in the first place. those are the depositions that were part of this in the first. plus the transcripts of those foreign depositions are part of the public record. why don't we know what's in the yet, kind of a logistical bug.
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the color of the court system does not make documents like that easy to get. even when they are technically available to the public as part of a publicly filed a lawsuit, i will tell you right now we are going to get those depositions, we are going to get those documents eventually as other news organizations. and you will see when that happens the benefit of that to the country and when that happens. is that thanks to this lawsuit, we are going to get way more visibility than we have ever had before. into who created this mitt in the first place, and how. the creation of this which should've collapsed in itself which is actually still growing, which actually has more sway over republican voters or republican than it did just months ago. we are about to get, thinks it is also, the inside story of who did it. and how they made up this conspiracy theory about the election being stolen. the scam conspiracy theory that
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increasingly has republican voters and republican politicians in its grip. and that visibility into the origin of the mid-, the creation of the conspiracy, it's coming just in time. because the so-called audit of the presidential election results from arizona or, organized by >> including remarks to be made by the cyber ninjas guys, the florida guy that got plucked by arizona republicans out of sooner obscurity among the but it is ranks of qanon promoters one republican online, he got plucked out of obscurity to be put in charge to do whatever they did to millions of actual ballots that were cast in the 2020 election in arizona and all the voting machines used to tally the votes, he is going to be there explaining his findings, as the other speakers
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announcing the audit result is a guy who claims he invented evil? okay. what's he doing there? i don't know, he's one of the speakers. but as ridiculous as it is, the whole thing about the election being stolen and grounds to be suspicious about the results, we need to change the rules around voting to make sure that this can never happen again, because it was stolen and trump should be president. this whole thing as stupid as it is is going to go nuclear, the day after tomorrow. it's gonna go nuclear for these folks when they say in arizona, whatever it is they're going to say about bamboo fibers and uv lights and anomalies and alien fingerprints and secret covid cures they discovered they can make out of flaming cheetos, whatever they can say, it's going to set this stuff on fire on the trumpist right --
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>> to that and, importantly reuters today has an investigative reporting into how this fantasy, as ridiculous as it is is going to shape to actually get to run the next election in our swing states, who gets to administer the election, who gets the count the vote, who gets to decide if there's a meaningful dispute about the vote that ought to be adjudicated, by who? maybe themselves. here's the report today, reuters special report, backers of trump false fraud claims he to control the next election, quote reuters interview nine of the 15 declared republican candidates for secretary of
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state, and five battleground states, arizona, wisconsin michigan and nevada, and we reviewed statements by all of those candidates. ten of the 15 candidates have either declared outright that the 2020 election was stolen from donald trump or they have called for the safe result to be invalidated or further investigated. ten of the 15. only two of the candidates interviewed by reuters, said outright that joe biden won the election. the team of reuters goes on to show how huge amounts of money or pouring into the secretary of state races in battleground states, secretary of state races do not get this kind of attention, but this year, for some reason, the secretary of state races, which again these are the people who run elections at the state level, they have somehow become the top priority election for the republican party and specifically for donald trump's political operations. so, how does that play out in a
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state like arizona, where republicans there are two days away from proclaiming that the presidential election was all wrong and definitely stolen and really it looks to them like trump should've won? here's reuters today, quote in arizona democrat executives state is running for governor, leaving her seat open. she won by a single percentage point in 2018, both parties expect another extremely close race for secretary of state next here. trump last week endorsed mark for arizona secretary of state, praising his quote powerful stance on the massive voter fraud. the state lawmaker is now seen as a favorite in the republican primary for the secretary of state race. quote in addition to promoting voter fraud claims and calling for arizona to decertify biden's win he has also expressed views a link to the qanon conspiracy theory, which cast trump as a savior figure and elite democrats as a cabal of satan-ing pedophiles and
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cannibals. he was a featured speaker at the january 5th pre rally in washington before the capitol attack, a warm-up before -- excuse me, a warm-up for the bigger gathering at which trump himself spoke. he said quote, when you steal something, that's not really a win, that's a fraud. one of his competitors for the republican augmentation for secretary of state is a state representative name shauna bullock, she has proposed a law that would empower the republican legislature to overrule the secretary of state certification of popular vote result in the state of arizona. the republican controlled legislature could overrule the certification of who won the election and just declare who they themselves thought won the election. reuters calls this a drastic change in how america chooses president. yeah, you think? a state votes for the
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republican candidates for president but democrats control the state legislature, so they are like no, we're not counting, that we're seeing the state picks the democrats, or vice versa. republicans can control the state legislature but the state voters actually pick the democratic candidates for president that here, well the republicans can say we don't like for the voters pick, we prefer that the electoral vote goes to our guy, from our party. to put it mildly would be a change in the way we do presidential candidate races. the whole conspiracy theories about the election being stolen is just made up. we're getting more and more detailed information about that all the time, with more to come, but it is growing and growing and in growing in importance on the right. on friday on this week it's about to go nuclear, and they
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are using it to try to take over the actual administration of real elections by putting in charge of election republicans that not only buy into the big fly, at least some of them are pledged basically decline currently do the work to undo election results in the future if those election results don't go republicans way. it's really happening, it is underway. joining us now is one of the reporters on that remarkable investigation piece tim reed, he's a correspondent, thank you so much for being with us. now, i can see that you are talking to me, but i cannot hear you, can we do anything to fix that in the control room? mr. reed, mr. reed it is not your fault we're gonna take a quick break, we will be with you right after this. right after this kesimpta is a once-monthly at-home injection... that may help you put these rms challenges in their place.
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estamos orgullosos de haber creado el sistema de reciclaje. convirtiendo a san francisco, en la ciudad mas verde de america... >> today, right on time reuters sigamos haciendo la diferencia juntos. publish this remarkable new
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investigative piece in the form of a special report, backers of trump's false fraud claims seemed to control the next elections. they declare that the candidates in many states, they reviewed public statements by all the candidates, of the 15 candidates ten of them have either declared that the 2020 election stolen, or called for the states result to be invalidated or further investigated. joining us now is one of the reporters on the remarkable piece, tim reid national political correspondent at borders, mr. reed, i believe we have sorted out our technical difficulties, i hope that now you can hear me. >> i can hear you great, thank you for having me. >> great, i'm sorry about the earlier hiccup there. thank you for being here, thank you for this reporting by you and your colleagues. talk to us about what kinds of power the secretary of state candidate would have if they were successful in their
9:28 pm
election efforts, and how close those powers get to sow doubt they are expressing about election results that have already happened in their states? >> so, generally speaking the secretary of state in an individual state is the top election official in that state. they are in charge of running elections, they are in charge of how [inaudible] its important also to remember in a presidential election, it's basically the totals from each county and each state that are then tallied up and sent to the secretary of state. so if the secretary of state can past doubts on the very total in the individual counties, or the entire state, they have an enormous amount of power to delay the certification of an election
9:29 pm
result or even potentially overturn that result. >> given those powers, it seems like it would be, not just disqualifying, it would be a scandal in normal terms, for somebody to be competing for one of those drops to say that they do not believe in the integrity of their states electoral process, they believe that previous elections were falsely decided. that they should be investigated or overthrown it seems like the sort of thing that would be, either you want to keep quiet or you expect to cause a huge furor if you opened up about them. but it seems like in this case, the 15 candidates that you and your colleagues looked at, and talk to in many of these states, this is the grounds that they are running for these jobs, this is essentially the platform they are taking to the voters. that is correct. if you look at the campaign website for example, pretty much every single candidate
9:30 pm
that issued their number one issue is, voter integrity or election integrity. and actually it is not just these candidates the secretary of state's, really the entire republican party are now running or talking about voters fraud or voter integrity. so this is really sort of form on the party. candidates honestly believe that without talking about voter fraud or election integrity, they probably won't [inaudible] out of primary. and already former president trump -- which is an extremely rare thing for former president to be endorsing candidates for secretary of state >> you and your colleagues also discovered that people tied to the former president are providing conserve rubble funding to some of these candidates who are again, pledging that previous election result should be
9:31 pm
overthrown. and implicitly there by promising that they would overthrow future election results if they thought they were compromised. there is a money story there as well. not just an endorsement story. >> very much so. there are several conservative groups that are involved in either the funding of the secretary of state candidate, for the funding of republicans genuinely are sounding the highs that the last elections were stolen. and the already record announced the money being raised in some of the secretary, in georgia for example where rust and boca, where the curtails taped it up to refers to overturn the election results there. he's facing an extremely strong challenge from the congressman heights have already been
9:32 pm
raised $180,000. it's secretary of state made an extra amount of money, and already candidates already in georgia have raised over 1 million dollars. which can be again unprecedented money for a secretary of state race. >> and former president trump heading back to georgia this weekend to raise more money for that candidate, and others alike with the statement said. tim reid national correspondent, thank you for this reporting, it's really powerful, i appreciate you making time. >> thanks for having me. >>
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rare, life-threatening side effects include a build-up of lactic acid and liver problems. do not take biktarvy if you take dofetilide or rifampin. tell your doctor about all the medicines and supplements you take, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding . . . . . . or if you have kidney or liver problems, including hepatitis. if you have hepatitis b, do not stop taking biktarvy without talking to your doctor. common side effects were diarrhea, nausea, and headache. if you're living with hiv . . . . . . keep loving who you are. and ask your doctor if biktarvy is right for you. democrats and congress, are dealing with to sort of crises on capitol hill. both of which have a realtime crunch to them, the first one is that republicans are apparently unanimously that said en forcing the country into a pointless entirely avoidable, and tylee self inflicted financial crisis.
9:37 pm
bayous freezing tough on the government, and refusing to raise the debt ceiling. under president trump, the government added like a trillion dollars to the debt, republicans voted for all of that. but now they won't vote to raise the debt ceiling to account for it. if we are going to hit the debt ceiling, that's a really crisis ahead there. financially. and possibly a government shutdown alongside the. and all of that totally avoidable republicans want that. the other major issue the democrats have right, now is the question of whether if they alone, without republicans, are going to bend to gather and possible moving parts of president biden's domestic agenda. that issue is the subject of back to back meetings that president biden took all today at the white house. the first democrat leader of the house and the senate, with nancy schumer and the second was a meeting with conservatives and moderates. and then the final meeting was with democratic liberals, all with the aim of president biden's persuading all of them.
9:38 pm
persuading everybody to move together to get everyone to guess. as they say. political reports that after the second meeting with the moderates, conservative west virginia senator joe manchin said that president biden told him quote, >> congresswoman pamela's house of the progressive, she was here on the show last night, she released a statement after the third and final meeting with the president today that said in quote, >> desperate to know how all these meetings went.
9:39 pm
we have just the person to ask, joining us now is the member of the progressive caucus who attended the loss of those meetings with president biden, california congresswoman barbara lee congresswoman lee it's always a pleasure to have you here thank you for making time. >> thank you rachel i'm really happy to be here with you again. >> there is a reflexive thing in the media, when you have nothing else to, right just write democrats in disarray, and hope that the facts follow. and you can present some whatever is going on in that frame. i usually do not accept that frame. but i am desperate to know how these meetings went at the white house, and how you feel things are going. in terms of the goals that everybody seems to share about getting these bills passed. >> sure racial, i don't think the democrats are in disarray. first of all this is a very constructive conversation with the president about the urgent need to deliver for the american people. we have always said, we need a deal, we made an agreement, that both of these bills will
9:40 pm
move forward. even though if the smaller bill for the infrastructure bill, there is about everything that i would support or. wang but i agree that i would support that. we have to have investment in child care, the child tax credit, climate, we have to address the housing climate. and you know this is so important because so many women, for example, are out of work and they can get back to work, they can't afford childcare. so i believe that the president is showing extraordinary leadership by meeting with all of us, and trying to figure out how to get to total unity within our caucus. and i believe we've looked at and talked about where we could reach common ground right now, and there are some areas. and we looked at the path forward. and finally i just have to say, i do think we need a little bit more time. because i believe that we can be unified and democrats and come out with two bills which we agreed upon, that would
9:41 pm
really speak to the aspirations and the needs of the american people. >> when you say, you need more time, do you believe that the deadlines, or at least a target dates that have been agreed to thus far, should be pushed back, and might be pushback? >> i think they should be pushed back, because i believe the longer we have to talk and negotiate -- because this is a negotiation, and we have to bring people together, and try to find the path forward. and the president is a very fine negotiation. a speaker has said very clearly that we have to have both, i we just need time to be unified as a caucus to make sure that both of these bills move forward based on the agreement that we need. this is a transformational moment. this is an inflection point. we have so many needs which have been neglected for decades. and so we cannot let this go down in any way shape or form. this is a transformation moment,
9:42 pm
as i said, and we have no option to put -- to make sure that both of these bills pass. >> so famously when president biden was vice president, to president obama, according to both of them the arrangement that they made when they decided to become a pair, when they decided to become running mates, was that vice president biden would always be the last man in the room on any important decision. whatever meetings were taken, whatever discussions they were have, and he would be the last person to meet with the president before decision was made. i know that vice president biden today she chose to meet with the progressives. just to meet with the liberals last at the end of all of those other meetings with leadership and with the moderates and the conservatives. i wonder if that does give you more insight, any sort of advantage in terms of understanding what sticking points might have risen earlier in the day, or where the president thought the most difficult points were that needed to be smooth over. >> sure well i think that i'd have to say that the president is listening to a variety of
9:43 pm
caucus to make sure that he understands everybody's points of use. but we did learn that there are many areas that we care about, altogether, unified. for example, we want to make sure that we deliver immediately to the american people, that they can feel and know that we are impact in their lives. and that they have money in their pockets, good paying jobs that we are addressing the climate crisis. and the urgency that president biden communicated, that was dealt by the other members that he met for today, and we have the sense of urgency that we have to act right now for the american people. so we have no option, and i think that if we have just a little bit more time, the democrats will be unified and come out with two bills that we can pass. >> california democrat congresswoman barbara lee, congresswoman lee thank you always a pleasure to have you here. come back if you have anything else, thank you for mentioning
9:44 pm
everything that happened at the white house. >> thank you for letting me be here. >> lots of more that's gonna come tonight, stay with us. >> seek a commitment to clean. look for the ecolab science certified seal.
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idaho activated what is called a crisis standard of care, it allows any hospitals in the state to ration care basically amid the huge influx of covid patients. as i mentioned at the top of the show, we have just learned about another state that is activating this, this time it is alaska. across that state, they have been reporting that they have been coming over we'll now for some time, the new case raises the highs in the country per capita. it's not just idaho and alaska, montana's largest hospitals also announcing now that it may soon move into crisis standards of care as well, it k rationing. montana's governor announced he's dispatching national guard troops to help in different
9:49 pm
regions across the state. tennessee has requested more national guard troops to bolster hospital all over the state. now the governor of washington state, which has a high vaccination rate, governor jay inslee washington is asking for additional federal personnel to bolster washington hospitals, in part because of wash over in the eastern part of the state, from the overwhelmed hospitals in idaho. people can't get into idaho hospitals where they're seeking care in eastern washington. these states, and others, are drowning in covid cases, and they are looking for all the help they can get. doctor vin gupta is a critical care of pulmonologist, who you have seen before on the show, and other shows on msnbc, he's based in washington state. tonight he is going to join us from ohio, where he is on duty with the u.s. air forces, in his capacity as an icu doctor for the critical care air transport team for covid response. these critical care air
9:50 pm
transport team, create and operate a portable icu for use on airplanes so they can deliver care at 35,000 feet while transporting ill patients from point a to point b. these transport teams are an amazing thing that the u.s. military does, and they were created, but they were meant for was to transport critically wounded soldiers from places like bagram in afghanistan to germany, the u.s. military hospitals elsewhere, and then on to walter reed, and the united states. covid has changed that focus and now those skills and that equipment and teams are being used to move critically ill covid patients around the country. earlier today, dr. gupta posted this picture of himself and his colleagues in front of one of the military planes that is being used to transport patients under these circumstances he said quote, best job in the world. working with some of the most talented icu respiratory therapist and nurses, in
9:51 pm
service to our beautiful country. joining us now is major vin cooped up, critical care pulmonologist, affiliate, assistant professor at the institute for health metrics and evaluation part of the university of washington. doctor gupta thank you for taking time to be with us tonight, especially in the middle of all you are involved with. >> rachel, thank you for the privilege of being here. let me ask if i adequately explained what this deployment is like for you, but the activation is like for you in terms of your air force resource service? >> you know, rachel, let me say, thank you for highlighting this. there are a lot of our members, critical care transport teams that are active duty, deployed across the world right now, and some of us have been deployed in arizona for covid response, we're training in southern -- all your viewers out there concede that the icu is static, on the ground, complex care. but now it's no longer
9:52 pm
stationary, we have mobile icu care for the reasons that you mentioned, covid has stretch hospitals thin, or transiting patients from alaska down to seattle, from boise down to toe can, and that's part of the fact that yes we have a decentralized health care system, but at the end of the day, most therapies are some of the biggest [inaudible] and you have to be able to move people. >> it is remarkable to think, i mean, there's a lot of precedent for things developed from military use being repurposed for civilian use at times of crisis. that's a lot of the way the national security infrastructure gets built, we imagine someday they'll be a civilian use for some of these things. i can't imagine doing your training for this sort of thing, and service active duty members, doing this type of thing, for wounded soldiers to be brought to u.s. military medical
9:53 pm
facilities, i can't imagine that anybody involved in this program ever thought that it would have to be employed domestically in any considerable size. >> that's why i think it's great that we're talking about this. tens of millions of tax dollars are used to sustain this agile capability from the air force. where the team consists of, an icu doctor like me, a therapist, and a nurse, we can mention a ten bed i see in the field over, can transport critically ill patients from covid, there is a lot that we can do. with this specialized equipment. we can be safe at 30,000 feet. so expect to hear more about this type of team and capability moving forward, rachel, because things have changed. >> let me ask you, doctor gupta, in other news that we've been following in covid which is right before he came in the air, the fda did authorize the use of booster shots for people's 55 and older, people at risk of developing severe covid, because of other health
9:54 pm
concerns that they have, and for people who have frequent institutional or occupational exposure to covid. the fda is going to recommend booster shots for people in all those circumstances. let me ask you what is your reaction to this decision by the fda, we will hear from the cdc on the same manner, presumably, people will be getting further guidance on the other vaccines besides pfizer. what is your reaction to this change in policy? >> well, it's broadened who can access a booster shot in the weeks ahead, rachel. what i'll say right now, for anybody out there wants to get a booster shot, they've already gone two doses of vaccine, you have to either be on chemotherapy or on a high dose of steroids to be considered high risk for covid, or for complications. this has changed, the fda's announcement has changed the definition of high-risk, we don't know what that is. could it be the tens of millions of people with
9:55 pm
diabetes, copd, long disease, or heart disease, the leading cause of disability across the country? all of these are high-risk conditions at predispose you, rachel, to severe outcomes if you are exposed to covid. depending on how they define that, we could be talking about a broad population of the country being offered a booster. >> with all the consequences that we're seeing of that everywhere, major vin group to, critical care pulmonologist, affiliates professor at the university of washington, thank you for your service, thank you for being with us tonight doctor ghouta. >> thank you for having me. >> we will be right back, stay with us. stay with us. 72,807! 72,808... dollars. yep... everything hurts.
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before we go today. you know how we we were in a really big fight with france? france has really mad at us. that is apparently all better now. well maybe not all better. but the fight is over. french president emmanuel macomb, agreed today after speaking with president biden,
10:00 pm
that friends will on recalled their ambassador to the u.s., and semi invest in the back to washington. the fight was over a new submarine deal that the u.s. government made with australia. in which france made with australia and had thought that it still in that deal from. then after getting very mad and recalling their message today there was a phone call between president biden and president macron, after that the two president have seemed to have pet things up. ambassadors coming back they also announced at the two presidents will meet together in president next month. it's weird right? we president gets on the phone with another world leader and things get better? temperature drops? things don't get worse? things don't get it done saying? it's weird right, i almost forgot how that feels. it's nice. that's gonna do it for us tonight, we will do it. not to have the last word with lawrence o'donnell. >> rachel just want to make sure i i was never in a fight with friends. i don't want anyone over there


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