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tv   The Beat With Ari Melber  MSNBC  September 8, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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states. >> clint watts, thank you so much for spending some time with us today. thank you to you so much for letting us into your homes during these truly extraordinary times. "the beat" with ari melber starts right now. >> hi nicole, i am ari melber. we begin with breaking news on the january 6th investigation. the fbi now released this new video of the suspect that they believe mae may have left these pipe bombs near capitol hill, this is the night now the infamous january 6th insurrection. the suspect sitting on a bench near the dnc headquarters wearing one of these bombs was placed. you can see the movement there. the fbi also releasing a map that shows the route that this suspect took while placing ultimately those two bombs. a reminder of how much worse all of this could have been.
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the other was left in the alley behind the rnc. there is also a moment where you can see a car and even a dog walker passing right by the suspect. this is the real stuff that the authorities go through. some of it is harrowing when again we think about the efforts that were made to cause even more destruction and possibility death. meanwhile today in the same sphere of the authorities trying to do accountability is the largest accounts in these probes. the oath keepers facing conspiracy charges and some of the rioters calling their part of the federal jail, quote, "patriot unit," it matters because this relates not only to a few indicted criminals or defendants are doing, some pled guilty, some have not. it matters because we see this believe system in the republican party and on the right.
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these individuals who are defendants in a criminal process involving violence on tape. now we are being told by republicans, some of them are automatically legally and since they are political prisoners, this is all a sham. that's the premise for this justice january 6th rally that we have been reporting on. it's planned for washington next week. it's justice for january 6th. that's the politicize rhetoric there they with using that had the nation on high alert. all available staff will be working. it's the kind of statement that makes you think they want everyone to know including everyone who shows up in washington, they'll not allow any rerun of the january 6th crimes. speaker pelosi also expected to get a security briefing on the potential threat on monday. we turn now in our coverage from our senior editor with joy vance
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and eric rudolph. welcome to you both. david, we mentioned both the facts and the surveillance footage and the real process stacked against the dangerous fantasy process of political prisoners and violent rhetoric, what are your analysis of the way these are interacting within the republican party right now? >> be aware these two processes, the legal and the political as you say they interact. it's not that one is more real than the other. i invite your viewers to think what will all of this be like in a few months if the speaker of the house is a republican which can very well happen. if the leader of the house or maybe the senate or certainly the house is involved in trying to suppress and minimize, there could be a real limit to what
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the process or the prosecutorial process. over confidence and too much trust in what court/prosecutors can do for you. it does not come from a fringe. the people execuing these horrible crimes. you can't criminalize or stigmatize a large part of your society believes. you can only meet it in the field of politics. that's the place where people have to go. when you look at the decline of intensity this summer among people opposed on what happened on january 6th and we can sharpen the decline and intensity. the people who care about this or did care about it are not doing right now.
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>> david, i think you make an important larger point that dates all the way back to what the american left believes during the war and court if you want to go back that fall which is hoping for a certain institutions whether in that case justice warrant or a bob mueller figure to do that which is not being done in the civic democratic and political arena. joyce, your thoughts on the above as well as the legal process. >> so i think david raises an important point here. the criminal justice system is meant to achieve specific and limited goals. it's a vehicle for prosecuting individuals for crimes, not just because we don't like their conduct as you and i have discussed before, ari, it has to be for specific crimes that are on the books and you have to prove this specific elements. for instance, we have a plea agreement entered into the alabama man, lonnie kaufman and
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he'll plead guilty. there are specific violations involving the possession of firearms where he was not supposed to have them. asking the criminal justice system to address these larger societal issues that we face is problem that we have where a significant part of the country is unable to understand what is true and what is not true. that's something that we'll have to address in the political context of one would like to live in a world of where to be addressed by both political party. >> they have been unwilling to go across the political divide and take responsibility alone. we are at a point where it may become incumbent pond them to reenforce some sense of what is and is not true and hoping republican leader like liz cheney that goes along with them that they can reach part of the
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republican days. >> that go to the main lining of these issues. it's something that i want to discuss both with you. our guests stay. we are also seeing a blueprint for the future, top republicans rallying on the trump's play book attacking our democracy. this is going into the next election. take a look for example at trump now predicting problems of next tuesday's recall election of the california's governor race. >> well, it's probably rigged. they're sending out all ballots, the ballots are mail-out, or mail-in ballots, i guess you have a case where you can make your own ballot. when that happens, nobody is going to win except these democrats. look, they're very good. one thing they good at is rigging elections. i predict it's a rigged election of how it will turn out. >> nobody is going to win but the democrats.
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i want to make as quick point before i bring the panel back. let's be very clear. this is a weak stance. the republican party bracing for defeat and the already made argument to explain another republican loss. it's deeper than who's up or down in a given recall election. this is what i want to say to you, worse for our civics because other democracies have declined or worse. when have become common place to insist every election is a fraud, while we also will naively expect people to honor a peaceful transfer of power which does not work well if two large -- our panel is back with us. i want to make that point clearly tonight to the viewer s and in listening as we head into the election next week. it overlaps of what you are warning of.
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is there an antidote that does not require republican leaders going in the other direction. >> if the recall does not work, if virginia, if the virginia suburbs show themselves. it's going to be micro examined. what happens in northern virginia? biden is president in part because he overperformed. is that continued? the story for desantis is a fascinaing one. he's doing a bunch of things in florida that's unpopularment unpopularment -- he's risking his 2022 reelection.
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he'll have a tougher reelect in order to align himself with the people he believes will decide in the primary 2024. what happens in the virginia suburbs is going to give a big shot of reality whether it's right or unwise. >> yeah, i think you lay that out which is why it could look easily in the fall and even up close inside florida like a totally bonker strategy even on the politics to say nothing -- whether you are knowingly risking the lives of political agenda. but as you say it's entirely eyeing a group of individuals in a primary electorate well beyond his own state. joyce, one of the problems with even well meaning journalism to
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spend more time on the things that go really wrong that the near misses and i think a lot of story telling like this. take a look, i believe we have this 800 interviews here. i am looking at the stats on the pipe bombs investigation. 23,000 video files and 300 tips. tell us about that probe. fbi is really good at handling these sorts of situations. that's not to say they are fast. these investigations don't move quickly but because the fbi and the atf have a history of working together collaboratively to resolve situations where individuals replace the public at risk. what we are seeing today is a firm example of progress. this is the bombs that were placed outside of the dnc and the rnc on either january 6th that fbi does not know who
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appears to be the gentleman in the video is. there is an essence of crowd sourcing putting this out because they determined that this person is likely not someone who's local. they are putting out as much information as possible and calling on the country to help them identify this person. they'll be interested in talking with them to learn if this was an isolated incident if this person is acting on -- or if this was some sort of operation designed to draw law enforcement away from the capitol on january 6th because as bad as it was, if one or more bombs had gone off and if personnel had been deployed to respond to those situations, when the crowd and the angry mob approach the capitol. there would have been fewer resources to deploy against them. the ultimate question that the fbi is trying to answer, what's
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the objective of that conspiracy and who was involved. this is an important question. >> important as you say, we know what we know so we are inherently biassed by that. it's a large data that they did overcome the protection there. on the eve of that. i don't know if the people involved could have done that alone. as you explain, this was a highly coordinated measure. you have two bombs going off in washington, d.c. you can imagine a lot of resources going there and whether that was coordinated. we'll put the video backup on the screen. the other thing i want to ask you, joyce, a basic policing level is. you worked with law enforcement and a lot of probes and one of them in your introduction. in what other eras would you have videos like this with the suspect but they would be
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masked. if the guy did not have a mask on, he would be further along on identification. >> this is something that we talk about and a lot of academics teaching criminal law, how much difficult it is to identify people in an environment that everyone is wearing a mask. the fbi will have the capacity to enhance this video. i am sure it's done at the quantico lab and they'll be able to pick up other identity that they'll be able to use. so it's really important that the people of the public look at this video to see if they recognize this individual or anything about them and if so they call the fbi tip line but the video is a great tool to identify people involving in criminal conduct. >> yeah, there it's. the shot of the unknown unexpected dog walker also masked in the moment that had so
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much law enforcement. joyce and david, thank you. we have a major development, a repute to a maga governor and some great news of how well the vaccines are working. dr. dean is here. news on republican leaders using texas extremism from voting to abortion and later biden's full core press reshape the net. we have top officials from the biden administration from the white house tonight. stay with us. tion from the white house tonight. stay with us i was drowning in student loan debt. then i discovered sofi. lower interest rate. my principal is going down. sofi is a place where you can start to tackle those money goals today. ♪♪
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learn more at your local xfinity store today. turning to major developments on covid tonight including some good news in a moment. we begin with this risk facing america which now averages over 152,000 cases a day. does that sound worse than usual? well, that's because it's. it is. >> we are four times the covid case load compares to this time last year before vaccines even came out. more kids testing positive than ever before in america. about 1,500 adults are dying o f covid everyday. >> we are faced with a crisis, there are diverging responses right now.
3:20 pm
kentucky is stressing this danger of surging covid, the contrast to florida led by an arch conservative, he's telling constituents it does not matter to him or anyone else if they get vaccinated. >> we have tents set up to triage people, we have more people in the hospital because of covid than ever before. >> the vaccines have -- it's your health whether you want that protection or not. it does not impact me or anyone else. >> republican governor desantis says vaccination does not impact anyone else. false. it's way more contagious among the unvaccinated. you can decide your own health decisions. you can't get the facts from people don't have them.
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as drake explains on his new album that week how could anybody tell you the truth when they are misinformed. american covid challenge is caught between the vaccinated who want to celebrate and the unvaccinated facing a large covid surge than ever before. if you speak like drake you may say it's bigger now than before covid. this is the part where all my partners know what we in it for. this is the part we are going to throw us a party after the war. vaccinated america is ready to party. new studies show vaccines worked even better than originally thought against covid and delta.
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so numerically, scientifically, the issue is the unvaccinated. these are the people most likely get hospitalized or face deaths. this is at a time when we are learning vaccines work even better, even against delta than we thought. where do we go from here with two americas diverging. we have a doctor in the house. howard dean is here. we are back in 60 seconds. here. we are back in 60 seconds. why hand tune an audio system? why include the most advanced active safety system in its class standard? because when you want to create an entirely new feeling, the difference between excellence and mastery is all the difference in the world. the lexus es. every curve, every innovation, every feeling, a product of mastery. experience amazing at your lexus dealer.
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experience amazing hey neal, with 3% cash back at drugstores from chase freedom unlimited, you're always earning! i got this great shampoo you should try. yeah, you look good! of course i do, neal. i'm kevin hart. earn 3% at drugstores, and so much more. chase. make more of what's yours. president biden is planning to reveal a plan of covid. where do we go from here in what he describes as a crisis for the unvaccinated of the pandemic for only that community 25% of the country still avoiding a single shot. i am joined by howard dean. thank you for being here.
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i don't know in lightness and seriousness whether you checked out the new drake album, it's the number one album in the country right now. have you not? >> i have not. i bring the wisdom to you. >> i get so mad at eric clapton that i have not listened to any rock -- for a while. sthoo that's your choice. >> i mentioned the wisdom from him because i am curious of your thoughts on it. yes, people make their own decisions. what drake says is you can't get the truth with people who are misinformed. that does seem to apply. >> yes, this seems to be a horrible situation from the beginning and it started with trump who capitalized on people's fears and ignorance and continues by people like
3:25 pm
desantis and greg abbott. >> i spent the morning talking to republican georgia and this we have to worry about authoritarian on the republican party. with desantis and abbott are doing is leading people a stray and harming them to ak accentuate their own political careers. it's wrong, they don't deserve to be in office because they are not leaders, they are sycophants. >> when desantis says, well, whether you get the vaccine or not does not affect anyone else. >> it's a lie. >> there is no nice way to say it. it's a lie. it affects an enormous number of people. there are children dying in the icu. desantis is an incompetent governor. >> yeah, i think that's
3:26 pm
important because again there is a cartoonist, bullying version of the public health messaging on vaccines that it may not work very well and offend people. there are reasons to try to avoid that. but, there is also of course a necessary fact based dialogue. if somebody wants to discuss the fact that this does affect other people and the community and schools, they have their reasons they don't want to get vaccinated then based in the factual foundation, you talk about that joy. it seems like far bigger problems for florida to have a governor who puts out the misinformation which is trying to give people a kind of license sort of -- permission structure to do the responsible thing and also pretend that it's not going to affect anyone else, doctor. >> that's a good way of putting it, permission structure. that's really what it is.
3:27 pm
these people are unvaccinated and there are a handful that are crazy. who knows what their problem is. most of them are not crazy. they signed off their own agency and giv giving it to people who not responsible, like desantis and abbott. it's wrong and bad for the country. it's bad for humanity and it kills people. that's what is happening in florida, texas and south dakota and other places as well. >> you do have to admire people like hutchinson of the republican of governor where he made a mistake and signed an anti-masking bill and he undid it and said i wish i had not sign it. if you admit you made a mistake,
3:28 pm
we don't see anything like that from the professional right-wing autocrats. there are many others as well. the republican party has been ripped in half. you get honest conservatives and you get people who are willing to do whatever it takes including to sell their own people down the river to death. >> yeah, i appreciate you put it that way. we hear these words and we hear about leadership. we hear about courage, you know, people are dying as you say as we report it. what kind of quote, political courage do you need to have to stand up to deal with the facts as they are. if the facts changed, so be it. earlier waves of covid were fading and it could have gone a different way. fine, whatever. we are here today and we have the data today and we have it over 300% from this time last year with a solution on the
3:29 pm
table and we have something that i am curious about what you think is a policymaker. people who remember you running for president, you talked about the way you guys patrol a firear in a small state of vermont may be different. this is not that kind of issue. we see it ravaged in places large and small. we have fauci on the program. the main driver and other policies, the big driver is vaccination. i am going to put the report of "the new york times," if the entire country received shots at the same rate as the northeast or california, this delta wave would not be a problem. rarely do you see it put so clearly that when we say delta's bad right now, we are talking
3:30 pm
about the results of vaccine hesitance. >> it's not just vaccine hesitance. that's going away. people who are dying because they are not vaccinated, oftentimes their message to their loved ones is please get vaccinated. that problem is being overcome. the other thing that's incredibly effective at stopping this is masking. i still can't believe that people go through airports and scream and yell people because they have masks on. if you think it's your right not to wear a mask and certainly somebody else's right to wear one. people are angry because their station in life is tough and their rural america is falling apart and all these kinds of things. things are change and they run comfortable with the change. when that happens, people like
3:31 pm
trump and abbott come along and take advantage of people's anger. you can't let the feedback that you are angry causing your life. your children are more than likely to get covid if they go to school without a mask on. period. >> there is a teacher that did not wear a mask that was in california, half of the kids in the first week came down with covid. now, nobody would put up with that if you had children in that class and there is no reason airline passengers put up with people who are so selfish that they can't put a piece of cloth on their face for the duration of the flight. the numbers are so clear that people who do get the virus, the number drops tremendously if you just wear a mask. >> yes. all fair. >> before i let you go, doctor on doctor, fauci was on msnbc with joy last night. take a look.
3:32 pm
>> as long as the virus keeps circulating like that, you give it the opportunity to mutate, when it mutates, you can form another variant which may actually escape the protection of the vaccines. we have been fortunate that the vaccines we have now are doing well against all the variants including the delta variant. that could change and that could change if you get more variants. >> i am curious what you think as a public health messenger, is he talking facts because there is variant mutations or is he trying to secondary people? >> it's a little optimistic for me. there is a variant that escaped some of the vaccines' power. you would have breakthrough and now it's an epidemic which is 100% delta.
3:33 pm
the breakthroughs are small. we are sort of a little bit there. it's possible. i think it's likely to get a variant because so many people are vaccinated. this you have to get the whole world vaccinated because this stuff spreads all over the world. that eventually will be a variant. this will be like the flu. i think you will come to a spot in a few years right now we'll have a shot every winter or summer to make sure our immunity is held up. >> we don't know these things. i think fauci is on the optimistic side. you think we are very lucky. we should be vaccinated. you are much likely to die or go to the hospital or get very sick. we already seen some effect of the kind that fauci is talking about because delta has had time to grow and avoid the virus. that's going to happen again and
3:34 pm
again until we get rid of this. the only way to do that is vaccines. >> yeah, all very important points. a little unexpected of where you went on fauci. that's interesting to me. we always like to get unexpected and new answers. before i let you go. we'll end on the higher note of music. your preferred eye shot of eric clapton or maury? >> it has to be maury now. clapton is a great guitarist. it's nuts to do that kind of stuff. i got to go with bob marley any way. >> always safe to go with bob marley, as you say clapton have been a little bit out of his lane. thank you so much. including the extremism of
3:35 pm
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let's make something very clear, rape is a crime. texas will work tirelessly to make sure we eliminate all rapists. goal number one of texas is to eliminate rape so no person will be a victim of rape. >> that was governor abbott. banning abortion after six weeks, that's a time most women would not be aware they are pregnant. legislatures and half a dozen other republican red-led states are exploring passing similar bills. florida's governor desantis, well, he's talking about also an approach, this is the controversial sort of pseudo-vigilantism trying to use state's power and enforce the
3:40 pm
state's abortion rule. >> i am pro-life. what they did in texas was interesting. they basically done this through private right actions. it's a little different than how a lot of these debates are gone. i am going to look at it significantly. >> texas is also apparently a blueprint or red print as we are saying tonight on other ways, republicans want to flex or test the limits of their power. take voting restrictions. texas had been leading the way in other states following suits. it goes to some of the themes that's been in the news tonight, the antidemocratic tendencies here. take the associated press. texas republicans boundary-pushing conservatives. in a country that gets more
3:41 pm
diverse and rarely selects republicans for the white house, the texas play book is definitely about restricting women's rights. it's that. it's more than that. it is also catering to its own base. the only way it hopes to hold onto power. i am joined by analyst juanita tolover. good evening. >> hey, ari, how are you holding up? >> i am fine. we got more than one story here, it overlaps of where we kicked off the program tonight which is the january 6th related attack democracy and republican party shading its own effort next week to try to recall a democratic governor if it's through the normal voting process. they have every right to do that, lawfully. now they're saying the very thing they jump started is not fair and rigged and all of this is cobined with these attacks
3:42 pm
and other rights in texas. what do you see as the play book in the democratic response. >> the play book has always been about power and control and it is dictating who has access to their constitutional rights. it will harm black and brown people and young people, people living within rural communities or people living with disabilities. these marginalized community are going to fill with the brunt and harmful. what we are going to see is they're going to pop up across the country as this is going to be a major priority in state houses that are republican-led and later this year into next year. the democratic response needs to be using every tool at their
3:43 pm
reach and show voters we are fighting for your constitutional rights and we are fighting to make sure you can access basic healthcare like abortion and access to polls. i am sure these republican state legislatures are looking at the fact there has been no strong congressional response here. there has been no federal law passed, that's going to embolden them to keep ruining people's lives. hey, the democrats are not going to expand the supreme court. we should go ahead and keep doing these harmful things because they work for our benefits to inflict this type of harm on people because we are demonstrating that power and control. >> yeah, you mentioned control that goes to a very real legal issue with the fact that under this law which is enforced by private citizens, a woman in texas would be compelled to carry potentially what might have been caused by sexual
3:44 pm
assault or rape and she may not have any informed way to make the decision. jen psaki speaking on this white house on this big issue, take a look. >> if governor abbott has a means of eliminating all rapists or all rapes from the united states, there would be bipartisan report. given there is never history in the country of the world been any leader who's been able to eliminate rape and rapists from our streets. it's more imperative. it's one of the many reasons i should say why women in texas should have access to healthcare. >> she seems to be calling out the fact that while everyone can agree that fighting violent crimes or sexually assault is or should be the goal against the law in every state that it seems like a dodge from him because he's not addressing the fact that this is a draconian version
3:45 pm
of abortion restrictionrestrict. >> that's exactly right. going so far as ending sexual violence as texas' number one priority. we know that's not their number one priority, their number one priority is inflicting harm in their constituents. even the sound byte you played shows that he's really grasping to justify inhumane law. sexual assault survivor would have to carry and live with this child which is inhumane. it's now the law in texas. >> yeah, juanita, who has worked on a lot of these issues and politics around it and politics is how these stuff get passed or
3:46 pm
not. good to see you, thank you for your analysis tonight. >> thank you, ari. absolutely. >> we all been living through natural disasters and extreme weather. new urgency and the white house says good things that could come out of the bat. we'll get into what they mean and why this president wants to spend on climate change reform, cedric richmond is on "the beat" next. n "the beat" next ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ as your business changes, the united states postal service is changing with it. with e-commerce that runs at the speed of now. next day and two-day shipping nationwide, and returns right from the doorstep. it's a whole new world out there. let's not keep it waiting. that delicious scramble was microwaved? get outta here. everybody's a skeptic. wright brothers? more like, yeah right, brothers! get outta here!
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3:51 pm
with the nation's infrastructure and climate change overall. america reeling from these deadly natural disasters. we are all living through it. the storms in the east, the fires out west, the obvious sense backed up by science that things are getting worse, that this is not normal. as for policy, biden is working with democrats in congress to pass this $1 trillion infrastructure bill and this ambitious $3.5 billion budget which would tackle climate change and expand the safety net in new ways. we have a very special guest on this amidst all this news, i am joined by cedric richmond, senior adviser to the president. thanks for being here. >> thanks for having me. >> walk us through what your administration is trying to do both deal with the front line emergency assistance needs, while making the argue we heard this from the president on wider solutions to a climate crisis. >> well, look, ari, i'll just start with the last part first, which is we want to invest in
3:52 pm
change in addressing climate change, because we know these storms are getting stronger and more frequent and the devastation is getting worse. sow look at wildfires and all, drought. then you get to hurricane ida that caused havoc from the mississippi river gulf coast aall the way up to new jersey, pennsylvania. so the administration. we have all hands on deck. we have fema, that has boots on the ground. we are doing everything we can toy assist the local governments to help get power restored, to help put money in people's hands, try to provide temporary shelter, make sure we keep gas at the gas stations and cell phones working. so we're doing our part then we just sent a $10 billion request to congress and we want them to do their part so that we can look at how permanent housing solutions and all of those long road to recovery. then we want the private sector to stand up and do their part. so you see insurance companies and the president talked about it, you see insurance companies
3:53 pm
hiding behind a technicality that it was a voluntary evac weighing as opposed to a mandatory evacuation no not pay additional living expansions. >> there was a time when this was referred to climate change as a kind of an optional or long-term issue. maybe not something that was going to help people today. at least that's how it was perceived. let's look at rural america, though, where you see climate shocks punishing small world communities reporting here that places are hit by hurricanes, floods, wildfires, residents and employers leave the tax-base shrinks and it becomes harder to fund basic services. what is the argument that you are making to rural macroe america here, while some republicans in congress say this is too big a price tag? they say it's costly to do what you want to do. >> well, i would say we spent probably over $100 billion last area on extreme weather events. this year, speel e we'll spend more. so we cannot afford to not
3:54 pm
address climate change. one of the things about these extreme storms an big weather events. it doesn't care whether you are a republican or rural american an live in rural america or urban america. it does not discriminate so we have to address it and take it on and be serious about it. we have to prepare for the future. the president articulated this on the campaign trail. he's invested in it in both the hard infrastructure, hard enough, our electrical grid, transmission lines so that we can survive these extreme weather events and become more resilient. at least our infrastructure. then we want to invest in tackling climate change as it affects us. so whether that's electric vehicles, electric buses, electric charging stations, climate core all of those things designed to reverse the affect effects of climate change, because we can't wait any
3:55 pm
longer. >> mr. richmond, mitch mcconnell says he is praying for senator manchin or senator cinema to scuttle the final package. i want to give you the benefit of any response to that. >> he was also praying we couldn't pass the american rescue plan. we passed the $1.9 billion so we can get shots in people's arms, checks in people's bank accounts to deal with covid. we will keep focus on american people, not politicians. we will deliver for the american people. so don't pay attention to the sausage-making process. pay attention to the end result. at the end of the day, president biden will deliver for the american people, it's too important for us not to. >> senator richmond, a busy day at the white house, thank you for making time for us on "the beat," sir. >> thanks for having me. beat," sir >> thanks for having me. ♪♪ we'd be closer to the twins. change in plans.
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experience amazing at your lexus dealer. psst! psst! allergies don't have to be scary. spraying flonase daily stops your body from overreacting to allergens all season long. psst! psst! flonase all good. saturday marks 20 years since 9/11. in a new film victims families and survivors share their own stories. >> my first thought was, is that the building that my son works in. >> it was bleeding. the building was bleeding into the sky. >> just in an instant life is gone and you go from a mom of just this extraordinary beauty to this extraordinary horror and terror and ugliness. >> i cried out to jesus and i asked him to jesus to just help
4:00 pm
me, help me get out of this. >> i was scared. >> important real stories from the real people who lived it as we mark this anniversary we can learn and listen to them. the film is memory box, echoes of 9/11. it premiers tonight at 10:00 p.m. eastern on msnbc and peacock. that does it for us. the readout with joy reed starts right now. hello, joy. >> hello, ari, we will definitely be watching. all right, everyone, good evening. we begin with the readout with the right wing fringe just desperate to go main stream, between the qanon, proud boys, oath keepers. on and on and on. there is no question that extremism is on the rise if this country and it pose as raem real threat.


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