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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  August 24, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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hochul already appointing two women to two top posts in her cabinet. as if this all wasn't dramatic enough, it will all become official at a minute past midnight tonight. a midnight swearing in. that does it for us tonight. i will see you again tomorrow. "way "way this morning, president biden is facing mounting pressure from congress and the international community to extend evacuation efforts in afghanistan. but with the taliban warning of consequences if the u.s. exit is delayed, the question is will the president keep troops in kabul past august? plus, pfizer's coronavirus vaccine gets full approval from the fda. a milestone that could help increase vaccination rates. the question is will this kick off new mandates from private companies and schools? and new, overnight. kathy hochul has been sworn in as new york's first female
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governor. the transfer of power took place at 12:01 a.m. the question is what's her first order of business? it's way too early for this. good morning, and welcome to "way too early." show that is proud to see another glass ceiling shattered. on this tuesday, august the 24th, we will start with the news. with an august the 31st deadline now just one week away, president biden is facing mounting pressure to extend the evacuation mission in afghanistan. # at a virtual meeting with g7 leaders later this morning, some of america's top allies will reportedly press the president to keep u.s. troops at the kabul airport past august. two u.s. officials tell nbc news that president biden is expected to make a decision later today on whether to extend that deadline. the u.s. military has informed
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the white house that it'll take three to four days to get the roughly-6,000 troops and remaining embassy staff out of kabul. that would mean the u.s. would need to start moving troops out by the end of this week in order to meet that august the 31st deadline. a spokesperson for the taliban told sky news yesterday that the united states would be crossing a redline if the biden administration kept troops in august past that date. here's what national security adviser, jake sullivan, told reporters yesterday when he was asked about the deadline. >> as i said, we are engaging with the taliban. consulting with the taliban on every aspect of what's happening in kabul right now. on what's happening at the airport. on how we need to ensure that there is facilitated passage to the airport for american citizens, sivs, third-country nationals, and so forth. we'll continue those conversations with them.
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ultimately, it will be the president's decision how this proceeds. no one else's. meanwhile, the u.s. is ramping up evacuations in kabul. nearly 11,000 people were airlifted out during a 12-hour period yesterday and that brings the total number of people evacuated to approximately 48,000 since august the 14th. following a classified briefing late-last night, house intelligence committee chairman, adam schiff, expressed doubt that evacuations in afghanistan could be completed by the end of this month. >> i think it's possible but i think it's very unlikely. um, given the number of americans who still need to be evacuated, the number of sivs, the number of others who are members of the -- the afghan press, civil-society leaders, women leaders. it's hard for me to imagine all of that can be accomplished between now and the end of the month. meanwhile, the white house press secretary jen psaki had a
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sharp response to a fox news reporter yesterday who criticized the americans in afghanistan saying they were, quote, stranded. >> first of all, i think it's irresponsible to say americans are stranded. they are not. we are committed to bringing americans who want to come home, home. we are in touch with them via phone, via text, via e-mail, via any way that we can possibly reach americans to get them home if they want to return home. >> there are no americans stranded is the white house's official position on what's happening in afghanistan right now? >> i'm just calling you out for saying that we are stranding americans in afghanistan when i said -- when we have been very clear that we are not leaving americans who want to return home. we are going to bring them home. and i think that's important for the american public to hear and understand. >> joining us now, contributor at new line's magazine and author. his most recent book has been published in germany titled "the longest war: 20 years of the war on terror." emron, when you look at the
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situation on the ground, you know the white house is meeting to make a decision on this deadline of august the 31st today. what's your sense of what president biden is gonna do about that deadline? >> well, i think we should be clear about what happened during the last weeks and month. the u.s. brought itself to this mess. and now, it's difficult to solve it. i mean, i think it's rather unrealistic that evacuation would be finished within a week. if the announcement is final and this will really be the final deadline, it will just cause much more panic and much more crowds of afghans who will run towards the kabul airport. there is still a huge chaos over there. and to be honest, i don't know how to solve it now. the u.s. did many mistakes during the last months and actually years. and brought itself to this mess. >> the taliban have said publicly that this august the 31st deadline is what they're calling a redline. what do you think their calculations are, though, behind closed doors? i mean, in some ways, if the
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u.s. extends the deadline, does the taliban then have an excuse to say, look, the u.s. has broken the deal. we have a right now to retaliate against afghans who are trying to leave or against u.s. forces. they could use it as an excuse for violence, in effect. >> yes, they could use it. i don't think that they will attack the u.s. forces because it would be not benefit for them because, you know, the taliban won. they got the deal with the u.s. they got the withdrawal. it would be kind of stupid for them to find a new fight with the americans. but the -- the people who are now the targets are the afghans because the taliban are controlling all the areas outside of the airport. several taliban checkpoints. and for these afghans, it will be much more difficult to pass these checkpoints. it's already a huge chaos over there and probably the taliban think that they will get much
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more political legitimation from the u.s. and other countries. but i think that the other side, including the americans, should also use this to put some pressure on them. because otherwise, it will be just more appeasement which the americans did a lot during the last months. >> emron, i have been hearing from afghans who are stuck. i'm sure you have been hearing from afghans who are stuck, particularly those who are not even yet in kabul. what -- what do you think the situation is going to be for them if the americans sit -- stick to this 31st of august deadline and they can't get all of those afghans who have helped or worked with u.s. or nato allies out before the u.s. forces leave? >> there's already huge panic in this very moment. i'm in touch with people who worked with nato forces. i'm in touch with former-afghan soldiers. all of them are hiding themselves. they fear that the taliban will
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find them soon. and i and other colleagues, friends of mine, relatives of mine. we all busy to try to find ways to get them out. but i think, you know, i also already told some of them let's be realistic. i don't think that all of this will work within a week. and it's very pessimistic because, of course, we don't know what will happen to them. they don't have any place to go afterwards. i mean, a lot of afghans who can't go, who can't leave in these days, the total majority of them will stay in the country. but a lot of them are already thinking of going to iran or to pakistan and living there as refugees because they don't know much about the country's future and how the violence and everything will take shape. but especially, the people who will not be evacuated, i think, i don't -- i don't have any optimistic analysis for what will happen to them. and it -- it's really depressing for me and for many other people
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who are involved in this. >> okay. we hear you. thank you very much um for joining us and do spare a thought, this morning, all of you for those people who are managing to get out and leaving everything else behind. and of course, for those people who are still stuck and feeling terrified about what the future may bring. still ahead. the patriots will be without starting quarterback, cam newton, for the next few days after a misunderstanding about a covid test. and with three weeks to go until school starts in new york city, will mayor bill de blasio lay out a new vaccine mandate for teachers and school staffers? and also, ahead. congressman brendan boil will be my guest later this hour, a as dement kratic lawmakers spar over president biden's multitrillion dollar blueprint. those and a check on the weather all coming up. all coming up.
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and what makes this team remarkable is they don't just win games, they change lives. encouraging people to get vaccinated so we can beat this pandemic. speaking out and standing up for racial justice and voting rights. that's what winners do. they shine the light. they lift people up. they're a force for change. that's the seattle storm. that's the wnba. that's what they do. >> even in sports, it's still about the vaccines. president biden honoring the four-time wnba champions, seattle storm, celebrating the team's success on the court, as well as players' activism in the first visit to the white house by a pro-basketball team since the nba's cleveland cavaliers were hosted by president obama. that was back in 2016. in a possible prelude to a run for u.s. senate, college football hall of of famer, her shell walker, has registered to vote in georgia. records show that walker
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registered last tuesday at an atlanta house owned by his wife. the 59-year-old won the heisman trophy as a running back at the university of georgia in 1982 before going pro. and has been urged by former-president donald trump to run for senate as a republican against democrat raphael warnock next year. walker has acknowledged he is considering a run, but has declined to discuss his plans. turning now to the nfl, where patriots' rookie may get the opportunity to start under center for new england after quarterback cam newton was placed on the covid list because of what the team called a misunderstanding about coronavirus tests conducted away from nfl facilities. it comes after newton went to a team-approved doctor's appointment over the weekend that required him to travel outside new england. and while he tested negative each day, the unknown misunderstanding caused him to violate league protocols. possibly, surrounding test sites
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or methods. newton is now subject to so-called reentry testing. that is a requirement for only unvakts nighted players during which he will not be allowed in the team facility until returning five-straight days of negative tests. now, it's complicated these days. meanwhile, in texas, the dallas cowboys added another three plays to the covid list making it a total of five players and coaches now sidelined by coronavirus as the team moves meetings to a virtual format as a precaution. and while the cowboys announced 93% of their players are fully vaccinated, the minnesota vikings have called in an expert to address what is reportedly the lowest-vaccination rate in the league. the team hosted renowned epidemiologist, dr. michael osterholm, yesterday to speak to players who are hesitant about receiving a shot. turning now to major league baseball and the boston red sox hosting the texas rangers. we'll pick it up at the bottom of the 11th inning. the game tied and boston with the bases loaded.
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>> announcer: three two coming. this game is over. deep to right field and it is gone! travis shaw's grand slam walks red sox off with an 8-4 victory. the win coupled with oakland's 5-3 loss to the mariners put boston one ahead -- one game ahead of the athletics for the second american league wildcard spot. the yankees, meanwhile, maintained their position in the postseason race. halting the braves' win streak. nine games with a 5-1 victory last night. while extending their own to ten in a row. but at least one of atlanta's regulars caught a break last night. the braves, between innings, entertainer known as the speeds, given a head start. looked poised to lose last night's race in the outfield until the fan lost his balance and there you go. face planted just feet before the finish line and, yes, the
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freeze wins, again. phew. second morning in a row and i got through it. time now for the weather. much safer ground for me. let's go to meteorologist bill karins for the forecast. bill, how is it looking? >> better than it had been in new england as henri leaves and i think that race was fixed at the end there. that look like dive to me. all right. so henri yesterday did still bring some very heavy rain to areas that were hit for the second time. just look at the path of henri. came on shore. took a trip through connecticut. went to the cat skills. and then, decided to drive i-84 back through connecticut and is now exiting cape cod. what a path for this storm and we are done with it. so this is still the peak of the tropical season. the first week of september is the actual peak. so this is the time of year we always have systems to track out there. we have three what we'll call areas of interest right now. thankfully for us in the lower 48, none of these is heading directly for us. so i think we are going to have at least a week of pretty quiet conditions out there with no concerns for any landfalls or
2:18 am
interactions with some heavy rain from any of those systems. but for today, it is hot in the middle of the country. it's gonna stay that way. temperatures, today, easily in the 90s from pretty much the plains, all the way through the south to the east coast. with heat indices feeling very hot. and it's just that time of year, it's kind of the dog days of summer here when you get to the end of august. you are waiting for that first cool shot from canada. it's not coming anytime soon. it's going to remain very warm. >> yeah. every day, out in washington here. not much exercise being done in my house, i tell you. bill, thank you very much. and still ahead. new york is waking up with a new governor this morning. a look at kathy hochul's swearing-in ceremony, as well as andrew cuomo's farewell speech. it was a bit odd. we'll be back with that, in just a moment. a moment before treating your chronic migraine, 15 or more headache days a month each lasting 4 hours or more, you're not the only one with questions about botox®. botox® prevents headaches in adults with chronic migraine before they even start, with about 10 minutes of treatment
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first female governor. the 62-year-old former lieutenant general was sworn in at the stroke of midnight in the state capitol. she tweeted she was honored to be the state's 57th governor. a more formal ceremony that's going to take place later this morning. she will also deliver her first address as governor, this afternoon. laying out her priorities. something she's refrained from doing while andrew cuomo was still governor. for the first time, a majority of the most powerful figures in new york state' government will be women, including the state senate majority leader, attorney general, and the chief judge. hochul, also, announced her two top aides will be women. and governor hochul will be a guest tomorrow on "morning joe." it will be her first tv interview as governor. for the first time in a decade, the state of new york won't be governed by andrew cuomo. he submitted his resignation at midnight two weeks after announcing he would resign following a scathing report by the state attorney general's office, which found he sexually
2:23 am
harassed 11 women and that his office was a hostile work environment. cuomo, who has denied the harassment allegations, did so, again, in a prerecorded farewell speech. >> there will be another time to talk about the truth and ethics of the recent situation involving me. but let me say now that when government politicizes allegations, and the headlines condemn without facts, you undermine the justice system. and that doesn't serve women, and it doesn't serve men or society. the attorney general's report was designed to be a political firecracker on an explosive topic and it worked. there was a political and media stampede. but the truth will out in time. >> the former governor, clearly, not happy about the way this has all panned out. ahead of his resignation, a
2:24 am
close aide to the 63-year-old said, however, he has no interest in running for office, again. the house select committee investigating the january the 6th capitol riot is requesting the phone records of hundreds of people related to the attack, including members of congress. committee chair, bennie thompson, refused to confirm which lawmakers would be targeted. both house minority leader kevin mccarthy and ohio congressman jim jordan have said they spoke with the former president on the phone on january the 6th. # jordan has said he doesn't recall what they discussed or what time he spoke to then-president donald trump. congresswoman jamie herrera beutler said mccarthy told her he was trying to get the former president to call off the mob. some democrats objected to mccarthy's decision to originally choose congressman jordan for the select committee because they felt he may be a witness. a leader of the far-right militant group, meanwhile, proud boys was sentenced yesterday to
2:25 am
more than five months in jail after pleading guilty to burning a black lives matter banner taken from an historic black church in washington during a pro-trump rally in december. enrique tarrio also pleaded guilty to attempting to possess a high capacity gun magazine, which investigators say he had with him when he returned to the city for the january the 6th protests of the electoral vote count in congress. both charges were misdemeanors. tarrio apologized to the court and said he made, quote, a grave mistake despite social media posts, at the time, of him bragging about that flag burning. but according to nbc news, prosecutors said that video taken during the december demonstration showed that he was on and around the church property as other members of the proud -- proud boys stole the banner. and he knew it came from a church. in sentencing tarrio to 155 days, the judge said he quote did not credibly express remorse. still ahead. a new pandemic milestone.
2:26 am
the fda grants full approval to pfizer's covid shot. and that clears the path for more vaccine mandates. but before we go to break, we want to know why are you awake? e-mail your reasons to way too early at or you can tweet me at kathy k underscore using the hashtag way too early and we will read our favorite answers late on in the show. on. you love your pet...but hate wearing their hair. did you know that your clothes can actually attract pet hair?
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2:30 out west. i'm catty kay. the pfizer vaccine has become the first to get full approval from the fda. the lapd mark move could result in more vaccine mandates across the country. nbc news national correspondent, miguel almaguer, has more. >> reporter: expected but still historic. full approval of pfizer's vaccine for people 16 and older marks another major milestone in the pandemic. coming 97 days after the fda began its official review. the first covid vaccine to move beyond emergency-use authorization. the new announcement expected to move the needle on future vaccinations. >> those who have been waiting for full approval should go get your shot now. the vaccination is free. it's easy. it's safe and it's effective. >> just going to feel a little pinch. okay? >> reporter: immediately following fda approval, a wave of public, private, and government employers announced they will now require staff to be vaccinated.
2:31 am
among them, the pentagon, affecting 1.4 million active-duty troops with many more expected to follow suit. new york city's department of education says all 148,000 educators and staff will need to be at least partially vaccinated by the end of next month. >> now, we're already seeing a slew of organizations starting to require it. i think this is going to be a trend and it's going to be a good trend. >> reporter: with the university of virginia disenrolling hundreds of students who failed to get vaccinated, the fda's full approval will strengthen legal standing. and perhaps, bolster inoculation rates. >> i hope and pray it goes down in american history as a real turning point in the covid pandemic. >> reporter: still, despite what doctors say, many are not convinced. >> i'm hesitant because i feel like it's still new. and, you know, it just was approved and still a little iffy on it. >> reporter: hoping to build confidence, the fda followed some 20,000 pfizer vaccine
2:32 am
recipients. reviewing data for at least six months. there were some common side effects. the vaccine proving to be 91% effective. the fda-review process taking less than half the normal amount of time. >> i think, if you go through all of the information that was posted, summarizing what fda did, you'll see that there were no corners cut. >> reporter: full approval for those who may not be fully confident. >> joining us now, national reporter focusing on health policy for "the washington post," yasmin. yasmin, the approval of the pfizer vaccine. of course, that opens the way for more institutions around the country to call for vaccine mandates do you think we are now going to see a wave that it's been received that it has received this full approval. is that going to mean we are going to see lots more institutions asking people to be vaccinated? >> i think we will. you -- when the -- all the medical groups signed the better
2:33 am
letter a couple weeks ago calling for healthcare workers to be mandated to get vaccines, you saw -- and then, the department of veterans affairs and, of course, president biden calling on federal workers to get vaccinated. you saw a number of businesses follow suit. and we know from our reporting that many of them were waiting for the full approval of either the pfizer or moderna vaccine because that makes it legally easier for them to withstand challenges and be able to require these vaccines. you saw the pentagon immediately after the fda approval yesterday, say it was going to move forward with mandating that members of the military get vaccinated. so i think all of these set a precedent and -- and provide some cover for businesses that have been wanting to do this, to go ahead and do it. >> do you think the cdc's been a little behind the curve on not just mandates potentially but on boosters, as well? i think you've got reporting, yasmin, that pfizer officials had a meeting with government representatives back in early july. and they said, listen, we're going to need a booster. we are seeing the studies come
2:34 am
out of israel. the data is showing that vaccines decline in the efficacy. and the cdc kind of dragged its feet. >> yeah. i think that the booster debate was -- was a little bit of a challenge for the administration in that there was some annoyance that pfizer officials got ahead of the u.s. government in july. saying they were going to move forward and file an application for -- um -- an emergency use for a booster shot. and at that point, the delta wave hadn't quite taken hold in the u.s., in the same way it had abroad. so, you saw the cdc and the fda come out and say, no, they're not needed at this time. of course, only to reverse course a few weeks later. and i think that actually caused a lot of confusion because there was little public discussion about the potential breakthrough cases, at the time. um, and then, of course, this dramatic reversal just about a month later. and -- and we have reported that the cdc has sort of been behind the curve on the delta wave because of the way they handle and publish data. um -- and in many ways, it puts the u.s. behind the -- the delta response because the data was coming in late.
2:35 am
so by the time it was clear breakthrough infections were happening, that there might be need to be booster shots for some people. the delta wave was already responsible for more than 90% of cases in the country. >> yeah. i mean, look -- from your reporting, yasmin, it looks like inside the white house, there were similar delays when it came over delta. because they didn't initially have the data that showed them that people who had had vaccines could get -- could, also, transmit the delta variant. i mean, how -- how much were they missing earlier? >> i think they were missing a lot in july because the data wasn't there, and there were some assumptions based on earlier variants of the virus which have behaved completely differently from delta. delta is much more contagious. it's able to evade some of the protection afforded by the vaccines. of course, like you said, now that there's clear evidence that vaccinated people are also able to transmit the virus, you know, of course, not to the same degree as unvaccinated people. they're still responsible for the bulk of infections in the country. but it is happening and that's
2:36 am
important to take note of and for vaccinated people to know so that they can take appropriate precautions. and i think what you saw was we completely loosened restrictions in may. people thought we were going to have this sort of summer of freedom like we detail in -- in a couple of the articles. and then, of course, it's -- it's all dramatically changed in a matter of weeks. and vaccinated people who thought they could, you know, sort of live their lives as normal before with full protection have had to reckon with the fact that the vaccines don't provide this impenetrable shield that we thought that they might. >> yeah. let's see what the winter brings, as well. "the washington post's" yasmin, thank you so much. still ahead. the grizzly surveillance video catching a totally different package thief in the act. oh, he's so cute, though. "way too early," back in a moment. moment
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not surprisingly, the categories are pretty awkward. take a look. >> here are the categories in the jeopardy round. dream jobs i'll have forever. high school reunions where i'll be the friggin' king. why i'll never be cancelled. ways i'm totally different from anthony scaramucci. and finally, nonrefundable jet skis. okay. i'm having ptsd from the time i was on "jeopardy." i did not win. time now for something totally different. mayim bialik will step in as guest host. richards stepped down from the hosting role late last week when discrimination lawsuits and past offensive remarks resurfaced. bialik will take 15 episodes of "jeopardy" when production resumes this week. additional guest hosts are expected to be announced following the show's previous format after the death of longtime host alex trebek.
2:41 am
richards will still serve, though, as the executive producer of the show. but he won't be involved in the host selection process. the pickies are cancelling their 2021 tour due to rising covid cases. the legendary alt-rock group announced the cancellation of its 11-show tour on social media writing in part, quote, we have determined that with the current surge in covid cases made worse by the delta variant, that this is the right decision for our fans and crew members' safety, as well as our own. tickets will be refunded at the original point of purchase. the pixies join other artist, such as garth brooks and bts in announcing show cancellations as the pandemic, yep, it continues. we are going to hear more of those. walt disney world and the service trades council union have reached an agreement to require covid-19 vaccinations for the majority of its unionized employees. the stcu is the largest union associated with disney and it
2:42 am
represents more than 30,000 cast members. all employees represented by the union must show proof of vaccination by october the 22nd. but the formal announcement says employees with medical conditions or, quote, sincerely-held religious beliefs, will be eligible to apply for an accommodation. the walt disney company has already required all salaried and nonunion employees to get vaccinated before returning to work. now, a connecticut woman caught an unusual porch pirate stealing her amazon package in broad daylight. happens to all of us, right? christine levine was alerted to movement at her front door from her security camera, and was surprised to see this unassuming bear making away with a package filled with toilet paper. but didn't make it very far. levine found the package abandoned in her neighbor's yard later that day. i mean, there are porch poachers and porch poachers, right? if you are going to get one, get
2:43 am
one as cute as that. still ahead, democratic congressman brendan boyle joins a conversation amid a capitol hill fight over the budget. we'll be right back. pitol hill fight over the budget we'll be right back. for weeks? now they can! this towel has already been used and it still smells fresh. pour a cap of downy unstopables into your washing machine before each load and enjoy fresher smelling laundry for up to 12-weeks. (vo) unconventional thinking means we see things differently, so you can focus on what matters most. that's how we've become the leader in 5g. #1 in customer satisfaction. and a partner who includes 5g in every plan, so you get it all. wondering what actually goes into your multivitamin? at new chapter, its' innovation, organic ingredients, and fermentation. fermentation? yes. formulated to help you body really
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house speaker nancy pelosi left the capitol overnight without a finished vote to move forward with the $3.5 trillion reconciliation package. centrist democrats, who have for weeks said they want the bipartisan infrastructure bill voted on first made good on their promise not to support a vote on the spending bill. pelosi said the house will try, again, today at noon after a 9:00 a.m. caucus meeting. this as the chamber is feeling the pressure from senators who want the bipartisan bill done. in a statement, moderate democrat joe manchin said the house should vote in the same order the senate did, on the bipartisan bill first. saying quote, it would send a terrible message to the american people if this bipartisan bill is held hostage. i urge my colleagues in the house to move swiftly to get
2:47 am
this once-in-a-generation legislation to the president's desk for his signature. and the fate of the $3.5 trillion package is still uncertain. senator kyrsten sinema of arizona is reiterating her position that she doesn't support the spending bill. democrats will need the entire caucus in the senate to vote in favor for it to pass. well, joining us now is member of the house budget and ways and means committees, democratic congressman brendan boyle of pennsylvania. congressman, thank you for coming because i know you had like five minutes sleep because you were in the chamber until late last night. tell us what was happening there overnight because this is the first person we have had straight from the floor. >> thanks for having me on. great to be with you, even on a few hours' sleep. very much, hurry up and wait. so we as house democrats went into a caucus meeting at 5:30. i think it's fair to say the overwhelming majority of my caucus feels the same way i do. that we agree with the speaker's approach. that this is the way to move forward to vote. to begin the reconciliation
2:48 am
process or put more accurately to vote on the build back better act which is all of the noninfrastructure aspects of the biden agenda. which is enormously popular. um, we do have some holdouts which is why we couldn't have the -- the vote last night. but i am confident, one way or the other, we will get this done as early as today. >> okay. you are in the progressive caucus. there's nine moderate democrats that are holding out. what -- from -- from the conversations you are having with your colleagues in the moderate group last night, what did they want? what can you give them to get them to come onboard? >> yeah. so i mean, just to be -- to -- to be clear, the overwhelming majority of moderates within our caucus, a couple of whom spoke and -- and i won't, you know, reveal what they said that's been publicly reported. they were quite eloquent, including a couple frontline members who are in really tough seats who talked about, yes, this might be a tough vote for them. but it goes to some of the core reasons why we are democrats. we are talking about universal pre-k, childcare, paid-family
2:49 am
leave for the first time in american history. free community college. um so, you know, the good news is we have the -- the agreement of about 97% of house democrats. the challenge is giving our small majority, we need 99%. yeah. >> you need those nine. so how do you get them? what do you give them? no, you don't need -- you need some of them. so what do you give them? >> yeah. so look, we are going to continue to have -- have those conversations. um, i do think that to the best that we can rest assured everyone's minds that we're going to be voting on these measures together. um, that no one's going to be left at the altar. that it's not just going to be one or the other. it's going to be both or it's going to be neither. and so, as long as we have trust along the way and people know there will be a date certain, there will be a vote on the infrastructure bill. i do think we'll get this done. >> are you worried that when you are talking about process as we have been doing for the last few minutes. and as basically democrats have been doing for the last week or two. you are kind of losing the country. i mean, if i am sitting out there and i'm in pennsylvania, your state.
2:50 am
and i am listening to what's happening in washington, my eyes -- my eyes are glazing over, and i follow this every day. but my eyes are really glazing over if i am a voter thinking this process is complicated. it's confusing. can you just get it done? i want my childcare. i want my bridges. i want my broadband. i wantdone. can they get their act together rather than fight amongst themselves? >> that's a good point. when i'm back home and when i used to have had town halls in person or during covid, over the phone or zoom, i tend to not get the process questions. people don't want to necessarily know how the sauce is made, they care about the bottom line issues. the focus is different. when i'm having the town halls here's what's on the bill, here's what i believe we're going to deliver. the revolutionary change in this country under way just with the child tax credit alone, that's a major tax cut for families with
2:51 am
children, more than 50% of children under the poverty line have now been lifted out of poverty because of what we've done on than. i focus on that when i'm back home. >> i'm sure they appreciate that because the process is tricky to explain. talk about sleep earlier we asked why are you awake. mary writes first day of my new job, excited. i'm up because we had a loud thunderstorm here in north dakota and it woke my cat up, the king, who wanted to be fed. i think you're spoiling your cat. up too week early because my lab wanted to play, of course. and bryan tweeted i'm up way too early for the katty kay must see sports wrap up, you're doing great. next, more on the potential timing for an infrastructure
2:52 am
vote in the house. you'll hear from house majority whip, congressman jim clyburn. and a check in with dr. anthony fauci. as we mentioned new york city mayor, bill de blasio will join the conversation to discuss new requirements for vaccines for the city department employees. "morning joe" just moments away. employees. "morning joe" just moments away. r digestive system isn't working at it's best taking metamucil everyday can help. metamucil psyllium fiber, gels to trap and remove the waste that weighs you down. it also helps lower cholesterol and slows sugar absorption to promote healthy blood sugar levels. so you can feel lighter and more energetic metamucil. support your daily digestive health. and try metamucil fiber thins. a great tasting and easy way to start your day.
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2:55 am
what is your message to moderate house democrats who want to vote on the bipartisan infrastructure deal before they'll vote on the $3.5 trillion budget blueprint? and why not just do the bipartisan deal first? >> i would first say that the president has every intention of signing each of these pieces of legislation into law. what i want to be clear about is he supports speaker pelosi's pro posed path forward to get this done. >> press secretary jen psaki yesterday reiterating the support of speaker pelosi's plan
2:56 am
to move forward with a vote on the $3.5 trillion budget resolution. many democrats want to vote on the bipartisan infrastructure bill first. pelosi has said the house will try again for a vote today. joining us now jake sherman, an msnbc political contributor. jake, we just had brandon boyle who had been on the floor last night until late, had a couple hours of sleep, coming in here talking about the things they might need to give moderates to get them on board. what do you think the moderates need to break ranks and stay with the group. >> i'm also running on a few hour's sleep, excuse my tiredness. we anticipate nancy pelosi will give the moderates a date certain for an infrastructure vote sometime in september or october. which is a step back from the original demand which is that they vote on infrastructure
2:57 am
before the budget. so i imagine that's what's going to happen today. i would say that the left's patience is running out and nancy pelosi's patience is running out with the moderates who i think congressman boyle was right only represent a small number of house democrats. that's not the name of the game. the name of the game is getting 218 people to vote for a piece of legislation. it's not about what proportion of the caucus is against the plan. it's about getting that 218 votes, that majority of the house of representatives to vote for a piece of legislation. >> it's all about the numbers and no one counts numbers like nancy pelosi. as the congressman also said, you don't actually need all nine of those moderates. could we see a situation in which some of them come over to the pelosi position and others don't, perhaps? >> i think pelosi gives in before that happens, she only
2:58 am
has a three-vote cushion. this democratic majority in the house and senate is tenuous, the most tenuous we have seen in decades. so i imagine they all take that jump together rather than split apart. >> presumably they all need now to start focussing on the plan itself and the benefits to the american people. i imagine they want to, at least, move away from the process of this. what they want to be out there doing is selling to their public why the components of this $3.5 trillion plan are so popular with americans rather than speaking of the internal divisions and the long hitches they keep having and getting to a vote. >> that's right. to be fair, they have been talking about the substance, but we are, i would say, just to make it abundantly clear to everybody watching, we are miles and miles away from the endgame here. this budget vote only sets up the larger process for a
2:59 am
$3.5 trillion infrastructure package. this is not the end. this is really we're at the -- i hate to use sports metaphors because they're awful but the 30 or 40 yard line here, we're very far from the end of the game. >> thanks so much for the sporting reference, that helps me. jake sherman, punch bowl news, thank you. and thank you for getting up way too early. "morning joe" starts now. the name of the pfizer vaccine is comernaty, which sounds like a drunk person trying to say community. you can't arrest me i'm a valued member of the community. the fda recently had to tell people not to treat covid with a drug that's given to animals with worms. meanwhile the people taking it
3:00 am
are like laugh all you want i don't have covid and the worms are almost gone. >> willie, you missed yesterday's discussion of the horse and cow deworming medication. >> i did. it's a bad day when the fda puts out a tweet that says, quote, you are not a horse. you are not a cow. seriously y'all, stop it. it is mystifying on many levels when you think there are many people in the country that will not take a now fda approved vaccine but they'll take a medication for horses and cows to be dewormed in the fight against covid. >> and it's great material for comedians, but at the same time, my god. a lot happened yesterday, though, in the fight against covid. the big development that i think a lot of people were waiting for yesterday, the fda granting full approval to pfizer biontech's two-dose vaccine yesterday for people ages


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