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tv   Hallie Jackson Reports  MSNBC  August 16, 2021 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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security council about to start an emergency meeting on the taliban takeover in afghanistan. that is what you're looking at on the left side of your screen. that is going to begin any minute. as scenes like this one you're about to see unfold at the airport in kabul. desperate afghans literally running after planes to try and get out. the evacuation operation suspended as the u.s. tries to clear the runways. a lot of them are stuck at the airport waiting for their ride home, along with afghan helpers like interpreters, looking to get out, in fear for their lives, after years of cooperating with america helping us as the taliban takes hold. we have our team inside kabul and take you there live. here at home silence so far but maybe not much longer from president biden. we have new reporting this morning on the conversations happening inside the white house, what sources are telling our team about a potential presidential address to the nation as the administration faces some criticism for this chaotic withdrawal.
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>> it is heartbreaking to see what's happening in kabul, but the president had to make the best possible choice he could and stands by that decision. >> more an that, plus after a horrific crisis in haiti, a potential second blow as the country now braces for a tropical storm that could seriously complicate recovery operations on the heels of that earthquake that killed more than a thousand people. our gabe gutierrez is on the ground there. we'll go to him later in the show. good morning. i'm hallie jackson on this busy monday morning in washington a loaning with our nbc news team overseas. chief foreign correspondent richardeningle is in kabul, court knee kube at the pentagon. mike memoli at the president with camp david and paul from veterans of america served as infancy officer in iraq and host of the independent americans podcast. before we get to the four of you here i want to lay out key developments watching for today.
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potential pivot points or milestones. will there be a taliban address to afghanistan after they seized control of the country? will the kabul airport operations start, if so when, how soon is that? the humanitarian situation in afghanistan, people looking to try to escape, waiting for the next moves by the taliban. will president bide andres the nation as we mentioned we're told that could be maybe a matter of when and not if. plus the political fallout as both he and former president donald trump facing criticism for their moves, their roles in this. richard, let me start with you. you're on the ground. you've been watching this since the "today" show this morning. tell us where things stand at 10:00 eastern time. much later where you are, obviously, as it relates to what's going on at the airport and now in the city. >> reporter: i can see just off camera here an apache helicopter, sometimes two apache helicopters circling over the tarmac, circling over the military side of the airport.
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we've been hearing a lot of gunfire. the taliban have been taking pot shots at the aircraft, also at the helicopters. what we are not seeing are these apache helicopters fire back. instead, they are doing a show of force, they are trying to secure the perimeter. they're trying to get all those thousands, tens of thousands of people who swarmed onto the runways, who swarmed into the airport out or at least far enough back that they can resume these evacuation pligts. flights. the last flight with a large american transport plane take off was a couple hours ago. since then, we see more apaches in the sky and hearing more gunfire. this is a situation where you have the americans from the u.s. embassy brought here, they're stationed at the airport, they are waiting to go, but thousands, tens of thousands of afghans swarmed in to try and get on american transport planes
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or commercial planes that were on the runways, and find any way they could to get out of this country, because they are frayed that as the u.s. troops leave, they will be left with the taliba >> we talked about the developments over the perhaps next 24 hours. what is the next pivot point you're looking for at this point? >> reporter: so we will see i assume a statement from the taliban declaring victory officially. they were supposed to be doing that today. there was some talk even last night they were going to do it. they've taken over the presidential palace, they have numerous videos of the taliban sitting there in the afghan equivalent of the oval office in the palace, eating a meal, having a good time, showing that they are in control. so that will come. they are now deployed more onto
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the streets, because there's been quite a bit of chaos, looting in kabul. when the state collapsed, the taliban initially came in, in relatively small numbers and the taliban is all about law and order, that's the one thing that they've been trying to tell the people they can bring, that they will bring strict islamic law and end the chaos, but today we saw quite a bit of chaos with false flag operations. groups of criminals, groups of looters carrying taliban flags stealing vehicles, going into homes so the taliban is trying to dial that back and put some law and order back on the streets. here at the airport, the situation remains quite tense because this is the clash point. this is where the americans still are. this is where large numbers of american troops still are, and the taliban i think are enjoying watching the americans squirm. they are enjoying watching the u.s. leave and leave total chaos in their wake. the images that are coming out
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are often compared to saigon. i spoke to a well-placed u.s. official who said it's worse than saigon, 100 times worse than saigon, on a much bigger scale. the taliban, by sitting back, by firing occasionally at troops, by slowing down this withdrawal, it only plays into their narrative that they were victorious, they took the country, they took it easily and that the americans are now leaving and leaving in they would say a humiliating way with some afghans desperately trying to follow them. for the taliban they say the people who are leaving are the ones who joined the american project. they're not the true afghans, that the true afghans would be staying to be under the taliban's rule, that these are the people who are collaborators, spies, bought off by the american project. of course that is not the case. there were some people who worked for the americans certainly trying to leave but also many, many average afghans who are just terrified and
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repulsed by the taliban's system of government, which denies education to women, stoned women, brought this country back to the stone age, and we're already starting to see a little bit of that reappear in kabul. >> richard, stand by for a second. mike, i want to go to you. i have to imagine that inside the white house, they are cringing and they have cringing to hear any invocation of the memory of saigon here, right, because what we have seen so far this morning with jake sullivan out doing some tv, right, with we saw secretary blinken yesterday. we're looking ahead to the state department, to the pentagon briefings this afternoon defending president biden's decision-making process and the way that this has unfolded with more and more pressure and i talked to democrats, mike, who say yeah, the president should come out and address the nation. the idea that there is pressure building on him now to come out and speak publicly to americans. you and our team have new reporting from your sources? >> reporter: yes, that's right,
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hallie. the question as you laid out earlier is not a matter of if the president will speak to the nation at this moment, it's a matter of when, and i'll add another question to that list, which is what is he going to say? that's part of what will determine the timing of when the president ultimately delivers an address to the nation. at this very moment, at least according to the schedule that we were given by the white house, the. the will be receiving his daily intelligence briefing here just near where i'm standing right now at camp david and that will be an important moment for the president to get the most facts up to the moment at this period in time, because that's i think what he will want to convey to the country, not just speak to the country for the sake of speaking to the country. this is an administration and a president in particular who is not one for optics. they want him to be able to speak with authority and be able to deliver a clear message. the message we've been hearing so far has been two-fold. one is to acknowledge that the deterioration of the afghan security forces of the country itself frankly happened much faster than administration
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officials even had expected, even in the worst case scenarios that were outlined when we announced this in april earlier this year. but secondly, it's to reexplain what the philosophy here was on the part of the president, what drove this situation. it speaks back to the agreement that was made under the previous president, the trump administration, making that agreement with the taliban to stage withdrawal under certain conditions, and that is what jake sullivan as you mentioned one of those officials who is speaking on the morning shows today was laying out. let's hear his explanation of what the worst case scenarios were. >> reporter: what we learned over the course of the past two weeks, if we stayed one or or two more or five or ten more years, no amount of training, equipping or money or lives lost by the united states was going to put the afghan army in a position to be able to sustain that country on its own. >> reporter: hallie, that's part of what this president is going to have to explain to the
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american people, when he does speak with them. it was just a little over a month ago that the president was specifically asked about whether it was inevitable that the taliban would overrun the country, whether we could trust the taliban, he said very clearly not but he said it wasn't inevitable and in part because as he said, this afghan nation was given the best training, the best equipment but as jake sullivan also said in that interview this morning, you can't give them the will to fight for their country and that's clearly what was lacking. hallie? >> courtney, pull back the curtain where you are at the pentagon, what you're hearing from military official there is this morning. >> the focus right now is on the airport in kabul. >> that's right. >> frankly, about 3,000, a little bit more than that u.s. troops are there, working on securing both the perimeter, their main goal is getting these americans and afghans and others who worked at the embassy and then any afghans who are eligible for the special immigrant visa process, a u.s. diplomatic process to get them
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out of the country but the situation there is, i mean, we're looking at the video and these photos and the situation is chaotic is really an understatement at this point. there are afghans storming it. it has made it unsafe for the military to land or take off, have any planes take off out of that airport. so right now, they're trying to get control over the situation so they can continue the evacuation. that is really where all eyes are. >> what is the time line on that, court? what is the estimation of it being back in operation. >> the intent is to get the civilian side up and running. the civilian side has not had any flights coming and going for about 24 hours now, that is an issue with a radar there. that's not because, just because of the chaos. that's why they shut down yesterday. but they can't seem to get that figured out either. so right now, they're working on it. i don't have any sense on when it's going to happen but it just
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underscores the chaotic situation that they're all facing right there, and how desperate they are to try to get these people out. the fact they're now being delayed, they can't get the flights with the additional military troops in and they can't get these civilians out. i mean, the military officials here are just, they are tearing their hair out frankly, the people i'm talking to. >> richard, very quickly, i want to give you the final thought here before i move on to paul. what do afghans, what do our allies near to hear from president biden if he is to do a presidential address and your reflections on this moment in time? >> reporter: i don't think the afghans are going to be listening very closely. there is a great deal of anger here among afghans. they've been watching the evacuation. they've been watching the u.s. take certain afghans out of the country, take guard dogs out of the country, and they're watching the people being left behind, being left to fend for
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themselves for the taliban. today is an historic day and i think it is rightly being compared to saigon. this is an inglorious toned a 20-year military involvement in this country and i think it will resonate around the world and that is i think why the taliban is drawing it out. they're happy that the americans can't get their last people out, they're taking pot shots at the planes. they like to see the u.s. squirming right now because it just reinforces the message that they were able to defeat another superpower, and that is the message that the taliban has been saying, that the afghan fighters pushed out the british empire, pushed out the soviet union and now are pushing out the americans and making them suffer at least with a propaganda victory in the process. >> richard engel, we're glad to have you on the ground in kabul. please stay safe. courtney and mike, thanks to the both of you.
7:15 am
paul reikopf, what are you hearing from families who lost loved ones in afghanistan, people like you who served in this country this morning, what is the sense that you're getting from them? >> they're angry and they feel betrayed, and they feel like they were pushing a bill of goods for two decades in afghanistan that our government couldn't close the deal on. you know, i'm hearing from people in the white house that they're heartbroken. i'm kind of tired of hearing from people who are heartbroken. we want to see action, we want to see a plan and resources and answers and i think right now, i hope the white house is listening and watching, because we need to hear from the commander in chief. the nation's veterans and military, the afghan people, the world needs to hear from our commander in chief, right now, because failing to plan is planning to fail, and this has failed. the question now is what are we going to do next? and the president has to articulate that clearly and also has to show he's listening and he understands the reality on the ground. most of all, there's a key issue
7:16 am
here. he's committing more american lives right now. so he needs to explain to the american people why he is sending more american men and women into combat right now into what is obviously a total catastrophe. there are mothers and fathers and kids watching, watching you right now, knowing that their fathers and mothers are going into this and the president needs to explain why and how he's going to protect them. >> is there anything else you need the president to articulate beyond what you described, laying out the plan, what he's going to do. do you need to hear him talk how we got to this point? what will help, not that there could be satisfaction for people who served and people looking at this unfold but i wonder what your thoughts on that would be. >> for the last two weeks we felt this was preventable and predictable. we heard too much defending and explaining. what we need to hear now is what is going to happen next and maybe how we can help as an american people and specifically, i spoke to a cabinet secretary yesterday who wanted to send his support to me
7:17 am
and others in the veteran community. i told him we need to hear from the president what do we tell our friends who are there now? what do we tell our allies being slaughtered and families being hunted? where do we send them right now? because we don't have a resource and the president needs to provide answers because our friends are dying now. we need to save our allies, we've talked about getting into guam and other places but it's clear they didn't have a plan and right now they're playing mother may i to send allies in places and we needances and a plan and strength from our commander in chief right now and need to see him. >> paul reikopf, your passion is understandable. thank you for being with us and your perspective. i know we'll see you and talk to you again soon. >> thanks. talking after the break, afghanistan's fall to the taliban, joined by congressman john garamendi who will be with us live. later in the show, inside dem leaderships push to pass joe biden's priorities with another division popping up in the
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so we are expecting an update from the state department in a few hours on what has developed in afghanistan. as we talked about, president biden, discussions inside the white house about when, how, whether he might make this presidential address to the nation. he's coming under some criticism from members of his own party for how quickly this happened, the way that this evacuation, this withdrawal went down. but remember, the u.s. pulled back from afghanistan more broadly was set into motion by somebody else, former president donald trump. >> we've been there 20 years and protecting the country but we can't be there for the next, eventually they have to protect themselves. we have to bring our folks back home. we're negotiating and we're really making tremendous
7:23 am
progress. >> i'm joined by congressman john garamendi, democrat from california and member of the armed services committee. thank you for being on the show, on a morning of a lot of developments for you and so many others. >> well, certainly is and for our troops that are on the ground and for those that served over the last 20 years, this has been a very, very difficult two or three days, as they've watched it collapse, or the disappearance of the government that they worked so hard to put in place. so my heart and our prayers go out to those that are in harm's way right now. >> one of those people is somebody who i think you know, paul reikopf, joined us a moment ago on the broadcast. he wasn't sad. he was angry. he was angry and he wanted to hear from president biden about answers. he demanded, he said he thinks that the president needs to address the nation and he needs to do it now. is he wrong? >> the president will address the nation and the president will do it -- >> do you know that? have you been told that, sir?
7:24 am
>> i expect it very, very soon. i know president biden. anybody that knows him, he will stand before the american public and he will explain what transpired at least in his view, what the american government attempted to do, and he'll explain where we are going forward. and he will end his presentation with what he always does "may god protect our troops" and that's exactly what we are all hoping and praying for that, our troops will be safe. it's a chaotic situation. nobody expected the afghan government to simply disappear. it's not that it collapsed. it disappeared. it disappeared in those provincial capitals. they simply didn't show up to carry forth and protect their own cities and ultimately, when ghani left kabul, the afghan government disappeared, not collapsed. where are the where are the army? they're not there, and taliban i
7:25 am
think was surprised being able to march n as reported with very, very few people and right now the taliban is trying to establish some sort of control within that city. the american troops are in harm's way and have a dave task but they will succeed. >> i have to say, congressman, i hear what you're saying. also when you say something like nobody expected this, our reporters who have covered afghanistan for years who take exception to that, who say wait a second. we've been on the ground and we feared something like this could happen. president biden himself as recently as a month ago seemed to suggest that this was not in the realm of possibility. i want to play a little bit of that for you and want to talk about it in a second. >> the likelihood there's going to be the taliban overrunning everything and owning the whole country is highly unlikely. we have trained and equipped a standing force of over 300,000
7:26 am
afghan personnel today. there will be no circumstance where you'll see people being lifted off the roof of an embassy of the united states from afghanistan. >> don't you bear some responsibility of the outcome if the taliban ends up in control and women lose rights? >> no, i don't. >> i wonder how you react to that, congressman? how did the president get it wrong to that degree, and more importantly, because right now, this is not a political story, right? this is an urgent life and health and safety story. where do we go from here in the immediate short term? >> well, you actually have two things. i'm quite certain the president is extraordinarily disappointed and i would suspect he and his leadership are shocked by the total disappearance of the afghan government, not only in kabul, but in the various provinces and capital
7:27 am
capitals around the country. should we expect this after 20 years, after $2 trillion, after 2,444 americans died and another couple ten thousands injured, should we have expected this? no, we should not have but all along, we knew there was extraordinary corruption within that country. we knew the support for the government was weak, but a total disappearance of the government and ghani fleeing and the government disappearing? no, the president should not have expected that, but that is what happened and he's going to explain himself in due course and probably very, very shortly, but the reality is, what do we face now the second part of your question? we face some chaotic, very serious and very, very dangerous situation for americans and american troops. the taliban such as they may be organized and one of the problems is undoubtedly the taliban is not organized.
7:28 am
i suspect they did not expect to be able to simply walk into kabul and to sit in the presidential palace within 24 hours. so they are undoubtedly and hopefully in the process of organizing themselves and bringing some sort of stability to the city, and they may very well want to further shame america. we'll see what happens. but right now, the issue is how do we extract the americans and ultimately the american troops. going forward, i would expect that the american military is attempting to engage with the taliban military to try to develop some sort of a coordinated effort at the airport, and ultimately the evacuation. >> i'm out of time, congressman but i have to ask, given your position and where you sit as a key member of congress on this, do you have any sense of when airport operations may resume?
7:29 am
have you been told, is there anything you can share publicly about indications of when that might be secure enough to begin operations on this evacuation again? >> no, i do not. i do not have any up-to-date information on that. >> congressman john garamendi of california, i so appreciate your time and being with us this morning. i know we'll be talking with you in the days to come. >> thank you. coming up, latest on the search for survivors after a major earthquake in haiti. an effort that is now being complicated being threatened by a tropical storm that has the country in its path. we're on the ground. get ready. it's time for the savings event of the year. the homeandautobundle xtravafestasaveathon! at this homeandautobundle xtravafestasaveathon, there's no telling what we might bundle! homeandautobundle xtravafestasaveathon!
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nearly 1,300 people are dead after that massive 7.2 earthquake in haiti, nearly 6,000 more people hurt and only what we know so far. you have more search and rescue teams coming into place. check out this new video, this is just a little bit of a look at the extent of just how bad the damage was, with new concerns about a humanitarian crisis and oh, by the way, a tropical storm potentially on the way, set to pass over the country soon. nbc's gabe gutierrez is on the ground for us in port-au-prince. >> reporter: good morning, hallie. the u.s. coast guard is expected
7:34 am
to bring supplies and medical personnel so some of the hardest-hit regions and being asked to evacuate dozens of critically wounded patients here to port-au-prince and we should warn you, some of the images in this story are hard to watch, but haiti's prime minister declared a state of emergency here after one of the most powerful earthquakes this country has ever seen. this morning, a country in crisis. people tearing through rubble to find any signs of life, after a monstrous 7.2 magnitude earthquake on saturday devastated southwest haiti. the death toll now soaring to nearly 1,300, with more than 5,000 people hurt, many seriously. >> people just started screaming everywhere, on the streets and just out of, you know, panic and fear. >> reporter: the massive quake flattening buildings across
7:35 am
haiti's southern peninsula, triggering landslides that cut off access to lost their homes are now sleeping on nearby soccer fields. hospitals already pushed to the brink by the covid pandemic forced triage centers outside, people in need of aid evacuated by air to port-au-prince, an international effort to help is now under way. the u.s. sending a 65-person search and rescue team from virginia at the request of the haitian government. the u.s. coast guard is also helping airlift the injured. overall, how significant is the devastation in that part of the island? from pretty significant scope of damage, substantial amount of work to be done. >> reporter: this is the latest devastation for a country that has never fully recovered from an earthquake in 2010 that killed as many as 300,000 people. haiti is also already dealing with political chaos sparked by the brazen assassination of its
7:36 am
president last month and now tropical storm grace is forecast to hit haiti by tomorrow, bringing punishing rain that could lead to flash flooding and new mudslides. yet another blow to a country in crisis. this earthquake was actually more powerful than the one in 2010, which killed an estimated quarter million people. the difference was that its epiis it are was in the southwestern part of the country, much more rural area than port-au-prince. new concerns tropical depression grace could bring more torrential rain and the potential for mudslides further complicating these rescue efforts. hallie? >> thanks to gabe gutierrez on the ground there for us in haiti. coming up on the show, the new vaccine mandate rolling out today in new york city, what it means for business owners and the rest of the city, coming up next.
7:37 am
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increasing number of hospitalizations across the country. starting today, you've got new york becoming the first city in the country to require vaccinations for all workers and visitors to places inside like gyms and restaurants. it's still not super clear how much information businesses will need to collect from customers. then down in texas, you have some confusion there as the state's supreme court blocks two big counties from requiring masks in schools. officials say despite that ruling, even with it, they're still going to enforce some of the mask mandates. across the country, we have the highly contagious delta variant spreading fast and the national institutes of health director francis collins warning the sudden increase in cases shows "no signs of having peaked." joining me ron allen on the ground in new york city. ron, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, hallie. the mandate goes into effect here in new york and all about the numbers that you are citing, the spread of the delta variant
7:42 am
and because the city is trying to increase the number of vaccinations here. it's already relatively high for the rest of the country, about 66% of the adult population is fully vaccinated. but they want it to be higher so essentially this is something of a carrot and stick approach. if you want to go into a restaurant, a concert, if you want to go to a gym, any other indoor facility, you need to show proof of vaccination starting tomorrow here in the city. we talked to a number of people here outside of the restaurants and cafes in the upper east side of new york, most seemed accepting of this. the vaccination rates are high in this part of town. here is what some people had to say their thoughts about this new vaccine mandate or passport. take a listen. >> the proof of vaccination will definitely make people get more enthusiastic about vaccines, and in the winter months, that will be so necessary, so probably the situation will improve.
7:43 am
>> reporter: the restaurant industry for the most part is seeing this as inevitable and supports it but they're concerned about how they're going to enforce it. for example, are they going to need to hire extra staff at the door or handling reservations to deal with trying to determine whether somebody has the proof of vaccination that's required. it's three simple things, there's a statewide app, a city app and the cdc card that has vaccination dates on it. so there's an effort to try to make this process more uniform. a lot of kinks to be worked out but the bottom line is that the city is going to require you to have some proof of vaccination before you can go to a restaurant, gym or other indoor facilities, also in new orleans, san francisco, so this could be the start of something happening across the country. again, the idea is to try to increase vaccination rates and try to make indoor environments more safe. hallie? >> ron allen live up in new york, thank you. still ahead here on the show, we're going to capitol hill. speaker nancy pelosi faces her latest political test.
7:44 am
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♪♪ washed your hands a lot today? probably like 40 times. hands feel dry? like sandpaper. introducing new dove handwash, with 5 x moisturizer blend. removes germs in seconds, moisturizes for hours. soft, smooth. new dove handwash. house speaker nancy pelosi is trying, operative word trying to get all democrats on board for two big pieces of
7:48 am
legislation, the senate passed bipartisan infrastructure bill and the upcoming reconciliation budget bill. overnight the nine moderate democrats rejecting a new offer from the speaker, the one she suggested both bills considered at the same time in the rules committee. no relief for pelosi on the other side of her party, the democrats progressive wing. calling voting on the budget package before anything else. i want to bring in sahil kapur on capitol hill. both ends saying thanks but no thanks. >> reporter: speaker pelosi is facing a squeeze from progressives who will not support the bill unless the house links it to the separate multi-trillion-dollar about thal holds the keys to the rest of president biden's agenda. a group of moderates nine house democrats say they will not vote to begin the process of the multi-trillion-dollar bill until the house passes the senate infrastructure bill and sends it to president biden's desk. you see their names up here on
7:49 am
the screen. pelosi has tried to navigate this by suggesting that rules committee process where both bills advance at the same time, her office says her position has not changed that she still wants the senate to pass that reconciliation bill before the house considers either bill. this is a big problem for her, because the votes aren't there in the house of representatives to pass the senate bill without that budget bill. progressives are going to bolt en masse because they like the physical infrastructure part but more interested in the other aspect of it, the $3.5 trillion bill that holds the keys for president biden's policies on health care, climate change, education, paid leave, tax hikes on the wealthy, turning out to be a jam for speaker pelosi, known as a master tactician of the house. this has to be a rabbit out of the hat for her to make this work and the consequences are enormous because that separate bill is essential to president biden's economic agenda. if that fails, it will be a devastating blow to his
7:50 am
presidency, hallie. >> sahil kapur live on the hill, thank you. after the break, a look at what the taliban takeover in afghanistan means for one of afghanistan's most vulnerable populations, women. and in our next hour, the federal government expected to declare its first ever tier one water shortage, after it means for women. some of the country's most critical water sources have hit record low levels. live from lake meade. levels. live from lake meade (crowd cheering) stand up if you're a mother. if you are actively deployed, a veteran, or you're in a military family, please stand. the world in which we live equally distributes talent, but it doesn't equally distribute opportunity, and paths are not always the same. - i'm so proud of you dad. - [man] i will tell you this, southern new hampshire university can change the whole trajectory of your life. (uplifting music)
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we have pretty significant breaking news. three u.s. defense officials telling us that flights out of the airport are ready to restart. they're about to start on the military side. all show long at the top of this broadcast we have been talking to you about how the operations have been suspended because of scenes similar to the one you're looking at right now. the runway flooded with afghans
7:54 am
looking to get out of the country. the military suspended the operations at the kabul airport because of the chaos and because of those people. but again we're told from three u.s. officials, this is coming from courtney kube and those teams that they're about to restart. there are c-17s in the air about to stop landing. partly because of run ways, partly because of a radar issue. the intent is to reopen on the civilian side, too. this is pretty important news coming in at 10:54 time this morning. u.s. officials are extremely invested and it is a top priority for them to get some of the personnel out of the airport and back home. i believe those flights are set to resume according to our reporting. we're going to get courtney kube up near a few minutes to fill us
7:55 am
in on what she is hering. hearing. the taliban is moving in and taking over the country and new dangers now for women, specifically women there. you have one women's right activist causing them problems. previous rules were enforced with flogging and death. these pictures were taken about 24 hours outside of beauty salons showing workers rushing to rip off and paint over images of women. former ambassador at large writing in a washington post op-ed about one that heard she was on a taliban hit list of women activists. the executive director for the institute of women, peace, and
7:56 am
security. thank you for being here ambassador. >> good morning. it is indeed a very dire time for afghan women, human rights defenders, and civil society leaders. >> and the situation is deteriorating incredibly quickly for women like the one you wrote about this morning taking shelter in kabul. can you tell us what you're hearing about for the reality of them on the ground right now? >> most important is the airport being secured. the most important thing for the women right now, particularly those who are most vulnerable, is to be evacuated. either on chartered flights or u.s. military flights. and it has to be a high priority. these are women who stood by the united states, advanced values and interests and they're among
7:57 am
the most vulnerable. as you mentioned the taliban have always set their sites on women. when they were in power nearly 20 years ago now, it was the women who bore the heaviest price. and we're seeing that. what i'm hearing from the women and i'm hearing from them hour by hour almost minute by minute in some instances, is that their homes are being invaded. their organizations are being looted. they are fearing for their lives and for their families and already across afghanistan we're seeing girls being told they're not to go to school any more, women being told that they can't leave their homes, but only with a guardian. flogging, sex slavery, just a whole host of horrific prospects for women that already suffered a great deal. >> you laid out four things you think the u.s. needs to do
7:58 am
immediately to help women activists, can you give us a readers digest version of that. >> first and foremost, we have to get these top threatened women evacuated. it is so easy and so often the case that women are left behind or marginalized. the last to be thought of. and then they're going to need the resources, pray god they get out, resources on the ground to support them and their families until their situation can be regularized and this has to be a top effort on the part of our government, of the administration, to ensure this is well coordinated. >> is the assumption moving forward that the taliban will return to the regime --
7:59 am
>> there is a fiction being perpetrated with the taliban saying we're different now, but we're not seeing that. so how is this different going to playout overnight, it seems like something that they want to perpetrate. they want an islamic ememerates and they're intent on ensuring that women abide by their view of what is required. >> we're so thank for for you joining us, and for your information and perspective this morning. thank you for watching this hour of msnbc reports. we're going to have reporting and highlights on twitter.
8:00 am
it's a fast moving day. we'll have more of those coming up right now with chris jansing that picks up our coverage. >> good monday morning, i'm chris jansing in for craig melvin. as we come on the air, afghanistan is in chaos. less than a month from the 20th anniversary of 9/11, the taliban once again takes over the country. scores of afghans that are desperate to escape run alongside the u.s. mill mare planes. they're trying to do whatever they can do to get inside one of those planes. in one situation so many people pushed their way on


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