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tv   Kendis Gibson and Lindsey Reiser Report  MSNBC  August 14, 2021 3:00am-4:00am PDT

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work and to help children in need. she and james have since adopted five more children. it is just what annie would have wanted them to do. >> that's all for this edition of "dateline." i'm natalie morales. thanks for watching. breaking this morning on msnbc, afghanistan's president speaking just moments ago, clinging to power amidst the taliban's furious and rapid takeever. kabul is now on the line with worries the city could fall within potentially hours youshocking new numbers out of florida. the state sees a 70% increase in covid cases since the last week. hospitals in the south are
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running out of beds, and some emergency services are stretched far too thin. today for 26 minutes we had not one ems unit available in the entire city. and breaking for fred. the tropical system barreling toward florida at this hour with the potential to unleash a nasty spell of rain and wind starting today. the latest on the storm's track. good saturday morning, everybody. i'm lindsey reiser live at msnbc headquarters in new york. we're following fast-moving developments in afghanistan. the u.s. military is frantically rushing to evacuate the u.s. embassy in kabul. an advanced team of marines already on the ground arriving overnight, some 3,000 american forces arriving by tomorrow. it's a dangerous mission, ferrying american civilians and american allies to the airport, trying to get them out of the country.
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the military says if the u.s. comes under attack, they'll respond with force. the taliban has quickly retaken control of nearly every major city with the capital now in its sights. >> the deteriorating conditions are a factor, a big factor in why the president has approved this mission. clearly from their actions, it appears as if they are trying to get kabul isolated. >> in this 20-year conflict, this weekend could be one of the most critical in the direction of how this situation unfolds. and just a short time ago, afghan president ghani addressed his nation for the first time in days. he did not resign as the taliban had demanded. instead, his focus is to stop the violence. we've got team coverage on this. nbc foreign correspondent kelly
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kelly. kelly, we're going to start with you on the ground. this is a story literally developing by the hour. president ghani addressing the nation within the last hour. he did not resign, but he talked about having consultations. what consultations are there left to have? >> reporter: well, we understand, according to a statement, that he is trying to consolidate, solidify the unity of the defense forces. look. you're looking at a situation now where the taliban has made just lightning fast gains across the country and is now sort of nipping at the heels of kabul in the south. there are two pro virchss in the south where fighting is ongoing right now. in logar province, there's some intense fighting. there has been for the past 24 hours. we understand one government force brigade is still in the
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capital city of logar, trying to fight off taliban forces there. that is 50 miles from kabul. in the neighboring province, we understand there's heavier fighting even closer to kabul about 20 miles away. so the situation just in the past 12 hours has shifted dramatically, ghani saying in that statement just about a half hour ago that -- expressing confidence in the forces, saying the priority was to keep the forces unified and also stop the violence. what he can do at this point, well, that's yet to be seen. we are expecting another statement from him shortly. >> and, kelly, we want to paint a picture of what's going on inside the embassy. the "washington post" reports they obtained a memo where they've destroyed documents and
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they called for the destruction of any embassy or agency logos, american flags, items that can be used for propaganda. kelly, how far is the airport from the embassy and how much danger could there be during this evacuation? >> reporter: well, the embassy is about two miles from the entrance to the civilian airport's entrance. it's a straight shot it's a busy road during this time of day. many times you get stuck in traffic where it takes 20, 30 minutes just to get down the road. when there isn't a lot of traffic, it's about a ten-minute drive, a straight shot from the beamcy to the airport. there are other entrances to the airport. so conceivably not a very difficult -- not a very difficult mission. however, when you add in the notion of, you know, regular afghans are hearing the same
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things that i'm telling you, sometimes they're hearing them before we hear them, there is a sense of imminent danger here in spite of what the pentagon spokesperson john kirby said yesterday about kabul not being in imminent danger. people are thinking about it in a different way here. they're starting to make plans to leave. the biggest risk is there is a rush to the airport on the part of locals and people in this country trying desperately, any way to get out. but, you know, conceivably, you know, this is something u.s. fors have thought through and have plans to get around. >> kelly, you've been speaking with afghans there on the ground. where are they going? if there's a mass exodus to the airport, are there nearby countries letting them in? >> reporter: well, it's really difficult right now. borders have been opened and closed and opened to the north. the same thing to the west with iran and to the south with
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pakistan, sort of south and southeast. so it's a really challenging situation for people who don't have the means, don't already have visas, and don't have a lot of money. you're talking tens of thousands of dollars in order to get visas or go the smuggler route to get out of the country. it's really, really difficult right now. even just a day or two ago, flights stwarting to get booked up. it was getting very difficult to get a plane ticket to get out of kabul. so there really aren't a lot of options. what we've seen over the past few days is thousands of people coming to kabul in the hopes that the capital city will be held, that it will be a safe space, and that's creating its own problems, a humanitarian crisis unfolding before our eyes with thousands of people with no money, no shelter, no food, heavily reliant on aid agency. >> shannon, let's go to you now. president biden seems to be
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taking the hit, accepting how this is playing out and trusting that the majority of americans will agree with him. but, shannon, what do you think is going on with biden's thinking, and do you think there will be any shift? >> reporter: well, this is certainly not the outcome that the administration had hoped for or expected just as recently as july. the president said it was not a possibility that afghan would fall under taliban control, certainly not this quickly. the white house, though, says that the president has no regrets, no second thoughts about his decision to pull out troops. the president, the administration officials have maintained for months now that they believe there is no military solution in afghanistan, that the role of the u.s. military is to protect u.s. interests and keeping u.s. forces in afghanistan is not going to help advance u.s. national security interests at this point and after nearly 20 years now, it is no longer a
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military mission in afghanistan. but the u.s. has tried to emphasize that they do hope for a diplomatic solution in afghanistan. that is the route they have been going, they have been pushing, they have said they will continue offering aid to the afghan people. they will continue to try and get people visa applications processed and get out people who assisted the military forces, that they want to continue to work with afghanistans to help address this humanitarian crisis, but not through a military path, not as a military strategy. that has been the thinking that the white house and senior administration officials have laid out. it has clearly been the president's belief long before he was even president that the u.s. did not have a military role any longer in afghanistan. it was time to pull out troops. so as of now, the president, the white house, his top administration officials staying this course to pull troops out despite what we are seeing unfolding on the ground there.
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>> it feels more urgent by the minute. so, shannon, the president is spending a few days at camp david. we didn't hear from him on the way out. any indication we could hear from him today or sometime this weekend? >> reporter: that is not the plan, but as you heard from kelly on the ground, things are changing quickly there. we have no expectations. we shouted remarks. we questioned the president thursday before he left his home for wilmington. he had an opportunity to address this. he talked about prescription drugs. the only statement with a statement from press secretary jen psaki saying that the president continues to give briefs and his focus is on the americans in the country and they get out in a safe and orderly fashion, making sure that those thousands of troops have gone into the country remain safe and they can get the americans out. >> sharon pettypiece and kelly
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cobiella, thank you for your reporting. colonel, you served in vietnam. you're a medal of honor recipient. there are a few people who can speak with more authority about that war. we keep hearing about the comparison, you know, continues -- helicopters on the roof of the embassy. we're not seeing that now, but are those things fair? >> it is fair. one of the things that happened here is the speed with which the taliban accelerated its attacks in the regions outlining kabul, the same thing happened in 1975. after the majority of us left vietnam, the large majority, the principle focus of vietnam was in saigon, same as with kabul. the result of that was the north vietnamese army swept through vietnam all the way down to saigon, caught us by surprise, and the rest is history as they say.
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the speed with which the taliban's attacks have taken place are pretty much the same thing in terms of its speed. what is the real question is what is the taliban going to do once kabul is encircled. well, it's -- it's always tempting to see kabul being overrun and attacking the americans. the mission now is evacuating americans. we're vitally concerned about that. among those things, they don't want to see a a reprice of wha happened in 1979 when there were hostages in iran and so on. this operation's plan to evacuate the embassy, evacuate
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americans from afghanistan is one that has been written and recertified year after year. this operation has been tested and practiced. the number of troops that are there sufficient in order to protect americans going from the embassy to the airport -- >> okay. >> -- to be evacuated. but the problem here is that this is all liable to happen much more quickly than we thought, although, we're in conversations with the taliban to make sure that that doesn't happen. >> well, colonel, we want to hear again from admiral john kirby, the pentagon spokesman. he had a correspondent exchange with courtney kube. let's listen to that. >> i think the question is not the concern about the speed but surprise. so, again, i have to ask, is the
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military, pentagon, administration, whatever you want to call it, surprised by how fast the taliban was able to move across the country? >> courtney, we saw the taliban making advances before biden came into office. >> this is a different ball game. >> we have noted. and we have noted with great concern the speed at which they have been moving and the lack of resistance that they have faced. >> colonel, you just talked about that, the surprise was the speed at which the taliban was overtaking the country. i hate to play armchair analysis right now, but where was there a failure. was it in intelligence, not equipping the afghan army enough? >> well, there were failures across the board. our first mission to go in there 20 years ago was to get rid of the taliban and ostensibly leave, but that morphed into a
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mission to train the afghan army to defend itself. to that end, we have lots of equipment. we spent a lot of money, a lot of time, and a lot of lives doing that. what we didn't do is that we -- well, we overestimated the capability of the afghan army to get rid of corrupt for them to become a 21st century force, and so we were complaisant about that. there may have been intelligence failures, too, but that consists ott not only gathering the information but processing i. if there is another fault, it may be that one. >> jamil, we know the pentagon says over 2,220 troops have died. here we are today. there are thousands of american families watching this unfold who have lost a son, lost a
3:16 am
daughter. thinking of them today, did the u.s. accomplish the post 9/11 mission? >> for the last 11 years, we've kept them safe, so i absolutely think we did accomplish the mission. the president's withdrawal in september 202021 comes almost 2 years to the day we lost americans in the plane attacks. the results were not predictable. it's not intelligence failure. everyone saw this coming. everyone predicted it. unfortunately we're seeing the results of it, and the likely result is the return of al qaeda and isis to this terrorist haven in afghanistan, unfortunately under taliban control. i worry we're going to see within days, not weeks, not
3:17 am
month. we're going to have to be back in. they'll be back in in order to effectuate this evacuation operation. that's concerning in itself. >> thank you both for getting us started this morning on these rapid developments. we appreciate your time. health care workers are burned out, hospital beds are to capacity, and kids are getting covid. how the southern states are dealing with the devastating effects of it. and social media is tapped to encourage people to get the shot. to encourage people to get the shot as someone who resembles someone else... i appreciate that liberty mutual knows everyone's unique. that's why they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. oh, yeah. that's the spot. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪
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new covid numbers reflect a grim picture this morning. covid cases spiked for a third week in a row. it's not just florida. a similar story all across the
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south. many hospitals are filled to capacity, facing critical staffing shortages, and the trend isn't slowing down as kids head back to school. let's get to nbc correspondent stephanie tam. she joins us from florida. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, lindsey. >> stephanie, what are we seeing in florida? we've seen governor desantis, how anti-mandate he's been. he's introducing measures to combat covid in the state. >> reporter: yes, indeed. in fact, earlier this week governor desantis was in jacksonville, florida, where he announced a rapid response unit. he said the state has started to dispatch these mono clonal antibodies to those who are sick. again, when you talk about those hospitalizations, we're seeing a
3:22 am
spike there. the florida department of health releasing its latest data as of yesterday for the previous week. florida saw more than 151,000 cases of covid-19 with about 286 deaths, so that's a positivity rate of about 19%. even though we've had this anti-mask mandate from governor desantis, he's stepping up. and he did talk a little more about it, so let's listen to that sound bite. >> what we're going to be doing today is deploying a rapid response unit. starting today we'll be able to deliver regeneron, monoclonal antibody treatments to those folks. >> reporter: all of this is coming as we're seeing a spike in covid cases of children,
3:23 am
those 12 and under ineligible to get vaccinated. i'm at roosevelt school in hillsboro, county. 13 have tested positive and they'll have to evacuate. it's disrupting things across palm beach county on the east side. they serve 160,000 students. on day two, some 140 students had to survive there. many parents want to see the mask mandates enforced. we did see governor desantis talking about some of the steps its taking. >> we're going to talk to some of the parents at the end of this hour. hundreds of kids quarantining. stephanie stanton, thank you so
3:24 am
much. the eight screens make up more than half of all covid cases in the country. tons out these states have some of the lowest vaccination rates. each one has less than half of their population fully vaccinated. joining us right now is a doctor who's recovering from covid herself. she's seen it firsthand. dr. cass, it's so good to see you. it's good to see you doing well. i know you're in new york city. there's a higher rate nationally. what do you see in your e.r., and do you think it could impactover states? >> yes, i think it was happening in all the states. what we know is there's an
3:25 am
indirect correlation between your vaccination rate and infection rate. most people will get covid and the vaccine. it just matters what order you get it in. we're also seeing people from florida come to new york. 're having a u.n. event. so we know it's not limited to those eight states, and what's happening there affects us all. >> in broward county weeks before school begins, three teachers died from covid complications. a at the same time. er no children reached a record-high nationwide. you previously said the school can be safe if that follow the right protocol. would you send your child in a mask to school if there was a
3:26 am
mask mandate ban? >> they're not contact tracing. they're not distancing during lunch. they're not even informing parents when there's a positive case in their class. we need to remember that our kids need to stay safe in school and they can. last year we had a high success rate in schools with good policies. honestly, if my children lived in texas or florida or tennessee where there were anti-mask main dates, my children would not be in school. >> before i let you go, i have to ask you. dr. scott got lib said after this surge, lit still be a part of our daily lives.
3:27 am
listen to what he said. >> it's still going to be a pan dem nicholats of parts of the world. it's not a bane remoment in time. you use persistent infection through the winter. not at the levels we're extension right now. and it doesn't matter on the booster. >> do you agree, and at some point this is going to have to be something we live with? >> i believe there's a point that we'll live with covid. what i know is if we don't get people vaccinated through the first shot, we'll never get to that point. our people never stay in school, our communities will never stay safe, we'll never travel again and join the thart, 6 we need to
3:28 am
get there and get this infection, pan dem is to the rear view. >> thank you so much for joining us this morning. the taliban moving quickly as it captures more parts of afghanistan. hour it could end up krurk america's build on the united states. later today, the director of m toe talks about governor cuomo's resignation and where the m too statue stands right now. for immune support. boost® high protein.
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hi, everybody. breaking news. i'm kendis gibson. some troops are on the ground as the embassy in kabul has evacuated. other countries are making similar moves. they have all closed their embassies or at least are operating on a skeleton crew. for the u.s., the withdrawal strategy comes at a cost and a high one. some say the retreat serves as another blow to the united states credibility of the world stage. nbc correspondent meagan fitzgerald is joining us right now with all of of the latest developments. and following all of this, meagan, some have established u.s. as a global leader. is this casting doubt at least from your purview over there? >> reporter: you know, kendis, i can tell you there's growing concern and criticism in the way president biden has handled the situation. if you take a look at the last
3:35 am
week and how quickly the taliban has been able to move, as we've been reporting all throughout the morning here, in just the last week, seizing control of half of the provincial provinces in afghanistan, taking control of some two-thirds of the country as they inch closer to taking over kabul. that's why we're seeing this all out global scramble, if you will. of course, the u.s. sending in some 3,000 u.s. troops to secure the u.s. embassy. norway, denmark, canada, germany, britain, all doing the same. in fact, germany, an official there come ought and saying that they will not continue the 430 million euros to the country if the taliban takes control of kabul and the country and institutes shari'a law. so you see a lot of concern here that just continues to grow as all eyes are on afghanistan. and then, of course, you take a
3:36 am
look at what the u.s. has done in the last 20 years, how the troops executed the mission that was given to them, building up the afghan government and offering protection. we're seeing all of those years in just a matter of a week here, that situation on the ground there? afghanistan quickly deteriorating, kendis. >> it's been so long people understandably forgot we went in there, so coming out with the u.s. first is going to be a tricky situation. meagan fitzgerald joining us from london. thank you. good to see you. back at home t lawmakers say they'll begin their impeachment of andrew quo maine when he steps down on august 25th. the speaker says the investigation is no longer needed. the state's constitution does not allow the legislature to impeach an elected official who's no longer in office. the fallout from the state attorney general's report that cuomo sexually harassed at least 11 women. he said he'll resign in 11 days
3:37 am
but still dispute ms. of the allegations against him and denies any wrongdoing. well, developing this morning on capitol hill in the meantime or as we like to call it, deal or no deal, an escalating battle over infrastructure has democrats digging in against each other. nine house democrats are firing off a fierce warning to nancy pelosi threatening to sink the $3.5 trillion deal in social spending unless they discuss the bill advanced earlier the this week. speaker pelosi will have none of it, showing no signs of backing down. this is getting pretty tense especially within the democrats. where do things stand this morning? >> reporter: good morning, kendis. things stand at a standoff between moderates and progressives and speaker pelosi is caught in the middle. the nine democrats who sent the
3:38 am
letter, they're nine votes nancy pelosi needs to pass the $3.5 trillion bill. those nine moderates see this as an election issue because they come from swing districts, the majority of them across the country. they see this as an issue in 2022. speaker pelosi has to draw a fine line. the progressives make up a bigger progression than the moderates do. speaker pelosi can't afford to lose any votes or seats in 2022. and the moderates feel comfortable draws this line in the stand because of the bipartisan vote they have. no small feat, of course. we have to see how this continues on when they return the week of august 23rd. kendis? >> you mentioned that right there. what kind of timeline are we
3:39 am
talking about for all of this to play out? >> reporter: yes. so the timeline is this. they come back the week of august 23rd. their intention is to take up the budget resolution, only the $3.5 trillion framework, and that is really the first step in getting this reconciliation package really drawn up here. it's going to ping-pong between the senate. it could be weeks if not months before we see a signed infrastructure bill. like i said, it's because of that long drawn out process. the progressives don't trust the moderates. they need the votes to pass for all. it's going to be a long and bumpy road ahead and i have to come up with new infrastructure puns. >> we have a few decades before
3:40 am
it all gets time. i want to get back to our breaking news story from the top, especially the congressional reaction to the developments in afghanistan. i know leader mitch mcconnell came out with a very harsh statement. what are we hearing? >> he called for more air strikes in the region. lindsey graham push backed on biden. he said he's going to come up with ideas how to de-escalate tangs in the region. we're seeing a lot of pushback from the republicans. silenced from democrats, president biden is also silent on this issue publicly, but we'll see what happens in the next couple of weeks. we know the senate held a briefing on monday before things got really bad in the area. and we know august 23rd speaker
3:41 am
pelosi has called for an all-member briefing which shows the issue. though they're silent only this now, they see this as a big high-stakes problem. if this capitol wasn't empty, we could chase lawmakers down and get their answer on the record. >> they have supported the idea of withdrawing the troops. they've been silent so far, but by august 23rd, with the way things are moving, there could be a lot of developments by then. we could kabul by then. thank you. trouble is brewing right off florida's coast. tropical depression fred is expected to hit in less than a couple of hours and it could strengthen before it gets there, and the new storm that just formed the morning, our meteorologist is tracking it all. ist is tracking it all. ok everyone, our mission is to provide complete,
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we're back now with the clash over mask mandates in the classroom. texas and florida have some ban on face coverings and now faiths, schools, even parents are trying to fight it. covid is spiking across the country. surpassing our winter surge, our next guest doesn't want her son to become one of those numbers. she and her husband have filed a lawsuit in florida challenging the governor. robin, thank you. so good to see you. >> thank you. good morning. >> so your 6-year-old son is heading into first grade and has asthma. obviously you want him in a mask. if his classmates aren't wearing one, are you still going to be able to send your son to school? >> no, due to his underlying health conditions, his pediatrician and doctors recommend if he goes into the school where he's masked and the other kids are unmasked, the risk is too high.
3:47 am
>> the lawsuit you filed is perhaps just the first step. if a judge ruled in your favor, it would give schools the option to have mask mandates. but how do you ensure your son's school will actually require them, or can you? >> you know, i feel like our hands are tied. i think at least with the injunctions granted, it would give the school board or superintendent to do what he thinks is best. so i feel like the superintendent will do the right thing, and if the injunction allows him to, he can do what he needs to, but the executive order kind of ties his hands, and that's the issue. >> i have to think so many school districts are walking on eggshells, but in leontallahassy plan to sidestep the governor entirely and require students t.
3:48 am
do you think they should? >> they have an earlier start date and we have the opportunity to see what's going on around the country. the opt-outs are not working, so the kids are all being quarantined, and they're going to end up being virtual, which is what we don't want. we want in-person learning. i hope they stand up for the governor and do the right thing which is not easy. it puts children's life in danger. >> i'm sure you saw this. on the opposite end of the spectrum, you might say. some parents were up in arms when their school announced a mask requirement in the parking
3:49 am
lot. take a listen. >> we know who you are. we know who you are. >> you'll never be allowed in public again. >> what do you make of images like that and this sort of pushback that's taking place all across the country, especially in the south? >> you know, i feel like it should not be a parent and parent attacking each other. i feel for them. i feel like each parent has their own unique circumstance, but we're talking about a mask, a piece of paper or whatevernr= is that goes over your face and keeps the child safe. this is what the science shows and what people who have studied it their entire lives with infectious disease show. the problem is when their choice puts my child's life at risk, then it should not be their choice anymore. it's like the peanut butter
3:50 am
analogy. you can't eat peanut butter around a child who's an a fully lactic. we need to kick this to the curb and end it so we can go back to normalcy. i don't want to get into a fight of masked what's best for all children, and keep everybody safe and follow the science. >> well, that said, what do you do if you happen to lose this lawsuit? >> you know, we don't have a backup plan. they gave us two weeks notice. normally we have a chance to apply to a private school, get a scholarship, or, you know, get home schooling in place or do something but, you know, what's best for our child is to be in person learning. we tried the virtual last year, and he's 6, it's hard to sit still. for us, we don't have a backup plan. we're stressed out, we can't sleep and we don't know what we're going to do. we're hoping to do the right thing, do what's best for our child and i don't have an answer for you. >> i understand. best wishes to you, robin, thank you so much, really appreciate
3:51 am
it. >> thank you so much. >> all right, trouble brewing off florida's coast, the breaking news, not one, but two storms, with florida in its sight, that one right there, well that's fred, a tropical depression expected to impact within the next 24 to 48 hours. but there's another new storm that was just formed that we'll tell you about coming up. with downy infusions, let the scent set the mood. feel the difference with downy. >> tech: every customer has their own safelite story. this couple was on a camping trip... ...when their windshield got a chip. they drove to safelite for a same-day repair. and with their insurance, it was no cost to them. >> woman: really? >> tech: that's service you can trust. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ shingles? camera man: yeah, 1 out of 3 people get shingles in their lifetime. well that leaves 2 out of 3 people who don't. i don't know anybody who's had it. your uncle had shingles. you mean that nasty red rash?
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one month into the fight and northern california's dixie fire, only 31% contained this morning, the destructive fire scorching more than half a million acres, including leveling an entire historic town. it's the largest single fire in california history. now today the flames have destroyed more than 1,100 structures and three first responders have been virred. to the breaking news from the tropics right now. not one, but two storms are forming that we're keeping an eye on right now, heavy rain is already coming down in cuba and the florida keys this morning as tropical depression fred moves closer. governor ron desantis issuing a state of emergency for parts of the state in anticipation of the storm, some areas facing up to ten inches of rain, that's why people are actually stocking up on sandbags in miami and as far north as braedentown which is just south of tampa. meteorologist jenessa webb is joining us to track the storm.
3:56 am
>> we have two storms now, one just forms at 5:00 a.m. and that's now tropical storm grace. that's just some really coming together in a warm body of water, continues to really get stronger. now, for a tropical depression fred it's very disorganized, you're not really seeing the center of circulation, it's currently on shore, but these outer bands are already starting to impact the keys all the way into the miami area. as we know, this area is very low lying area, so flood issues going to be a big time problem across the area for at least the next 24 hours. what i'm expecting now is fred to take a sharp right turn, and then go back into the gulf. what's happening is you're only seeing a depression, but as it goes back into the gulf this afternoon, it will reenergize and then really gain some more strength. so right now you're seeing sustained winds of 35 miles per hour. there is that fast movement out of the west/northwest at 13
3:57 am
miles per hour. it will slow down and that will allow it to gain strength in the next 24 hours. so with this latest update that happened at 5:00 a.m., you can see it starts to slow down later on this afternoon, and the overnight hours, into sunday, monday, really going to be critical with this storm. with the sharpness of this turn now, you can see alabama, all the way into mississippi, and i won't rule out louisiana. should start getting prepared by this afternoon, i am expecting tropical alerts to really start to spread out. so we'll see this area of low pressure go into even atlanta as we go into wednesday. so right now the national weather service and the hurricane center issuing tropical storm warnings for the keys. southwest florida still really needs to be prepared. this will be a big-time flood threat across this area, and then even watching severe weather potential as these outer bands make their way across this area for today.
3:58 am
so definitely a lot going on, and then all eyes are focusing on tropical storm grace. this storm system has a lot of time to really gain strength and reenergize into possibility of a hurricane. i will not rule out that possibility going into monday/tuesday. so puerto rico into the cuba area really need to be on guard, even the bahamas, and right now it's kind of in between, if it will make its way into the gulf, or the right side so jacksonville, even into the carolinas, going into mid-week next week, we're definitely going to be watching. so two storms definitely not good, and right now people are kind of letting their guard down with tropical depression fred. you know, even though the category is very low, the impacts, they are still the same. as i said, i'm really expecting this storm system to really gain strength and just in the next few hours, kendis. >> that turn to the left is a
3:59 am
little troubling, especially because even though it's not in the cone right now, new orleans doesn't seem to be too far off from where this storm is expected to head. >> exactly right. you know, i trust nothing going into the gulf. so right now cuba is seeing that flooding, but we're expecting just half of this storm to really start to come together as it goes back into that warm body of water. >> all right, janessa webb, joining us with the very latest. it's a busy day in the weather department. we're nearing the top of the hour right here on msnbc. well first up, here on msnbc, we're following breaking news in afghanistan as the taliban nips at the heels of kabul, stoking fears, the capital could fall to the taliban within days. democrats back here in the u.s. come to a stand still now that
4:00 am
the senate has passed the infrastructure bill. the threat by moderate democrats that could actually throw a wrench in the progress. and the delta variant is ripping through the u.s. specifically the south as hospitals run out of room, and states see a record number of cases and it's causing a dire situation in texas, even for kids. >> if your child has a congenital heart defect or something, he's in an icu bed, or more likely if they have covid in an icu bed, we don't have one. your child will wait for another child to die. >> we're going to speak with an e.r. doctor at the front line of the crisis in texas. your favorite social media accounts may be soon shifting, the focus of their content. talking with two of the influencers helping their communities get the shot as we do say good morning, everybody on this saturday morning. it is turning out to be a very busy one. live at msnbc headquarters in new york. lindsay will be along shortly. this morning the u.s. military operation is now well under


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