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tv   The Rachel Maddow Show  MSNBC  August 12, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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they just don't listen to them. i don't think it will solve the problem of disinformation and that's what we're facing here. so i think we cannot let this pandemic get out of hand. we just can't. >> we'll have to leave it there. a fascinating debate. thank you both for making the time tonight. that'sin' "all in." >> thank you at home for joining us. i cannot sing at all. you know how some people can sort of sing like match a note? i can't sing at all. people try when i try happy birthday. when i sing the national anthem it sounds like a crime. i'm absolutely terrible. the only saving grace in my relationship is that susan is equally terrible so we can sing together but nobody else can hear either of us sing. because i am so terrible at
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that, because it is astonishing how bad i am, i never make fun of anyone else's singing no matter what. ♪ god bless america ♪ ♪ my home sweet home ♪ >> that was the rendition of "god bless america" that greeted conferencegoers at the cyber symposium that has been underway all week in south dakota, hosted by the ceo of a pillow company named mike lindell. he's been in the week this week, you might have seen, because of a very conservative trump appointed judge in d.c. just allowed a massive multi-billion dollar lawsuit to go forward against him and rudy giuliani and trump lawyer sydney powell. that lawsuits was filed by
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dominion voting systems. the voting machine company that has been vilified by former president trump and his supporters with all sorts of wild conspiracies about how that company is somehow to blame for the conspiracy that led trump to appear to lose the election when secretly he won. dominion's massive lawsuit against giuliani and powell and mr. lindell, this week that was allowed to go forward in federal court. that's why his name has been in the court this week. but he's been in the news a lot since the election. he has spent every waking hour promoting these trump-related conspiracies about the election. and i will say, his take on it, on this matter is a little bit different than the other trump surrogates who have been carrying this water for all these months. his standard line is that everyone will agree with this conspiracy theory. that the nation will soon come together in unanimous consensus that in fact, trump is still
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president and he won the last election. he said the supreme court will not only rule on the issue which isn't going to happen but when they do, it will be 9-0. it will be unanimous because the evidence that trump secretly won the election is so incontrovertible. he said all the liberals in the media will document this same realization. the liberals of he says of tv cable news will lead the charge to see trump reinstated in his rightful office once they like all of us see and recognize the incontrovertible proof he has that trump won. he even says president biden and vice president harris will go along as well. they will not just recognize. they will graciously accept the incontrovertible proof that the pillow guy will review. that this has all been a big misunderstanding. the election absolutely went the other way. he said vice president harris and vice president biden will be very nice about it and they will leave office and welcome back in
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the real president and lord and emperor donald trump who will unite the country. because mike lindell has the obvious incontrovertible proof that trump won. mr. lindell is also specifically the personal source of the claim that former president trump reportedly repeats to others and himself believes, lindell is the source of the claim trump will be reinstated as president this month. in august 2021. that prediction that trump will be reinstated, that among other things led to this recent homeland security briefing that was sent to police organizations around the country this week warning them of a renewed potential for political violence in our country by trump supporters who are in fact expecting trump to be reinstated as president this august because the guy from the pillow company says it's true and trump believes it. therefore, why should not we all believe it? beyond him predicting that trump
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would be reinstating in august, the bull's-eye he has painted is actually getting smaller and more sharply defined. this week he convened this cyber symposium in south dakota in which he said he would finally reveal the incontrovertible data. the right wing watch dog patriot takes which had that amazing version of god bless america, they also posted video of mr. lindell on far right talk radio, promoting his cyber symposium in south dakota this week. him saying not only does he still believe trump will be reinstated this month but it is actually tomorrow. tomorrow morning he says is when the whole world, the whole country, but actually, the whole world will have a unanimous revelation that biden isn't really president and trump must be put back in the white house. em, quote, the morning of august
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13th, that's tomorrow morning, it will be the talk of the world, going, hurry up. let's get this election pulled down. not just that trump is coming back in august. it is tomorrow morning. it will be the talk of the world. do you think? what happens if that's not true? where do you go with a failed prediction that specific? that sort of thing doesn't end well of it's not like you can weasel out of saying, i meant august 13, 2022. what are you going to say, right? yesterday the far right washington times newspaper reported that at the mike lindell cyber symposium in south dakota, mr. lindell's own hand picked cyber expert, some cyber security guy he hired to review his uncould not troe vertible date from the election. this guy in question is cited in some of the crazy trump election
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lawsuits. he's one of the people giuliani and company relied on for their affidavits that they waved around saying they had proof of the fraud. this cyber security fraud is definitely someone on team wing nut. he is mike lindell's hand-picked expert to reveal this data. his supposed proof. the conservative washington times newspaper is now reporting that that picked by mike lindell to look at the data. he looked at the data and -- the word you're looking for is sad trombone. wah-wah. exclusive. the cyber expert says his team can't prove mike lindell's claims that china hacked election. here's the lead in the washington times. the cyber expert on the red team hired by my pillow ceo mike lindell now says the key data
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that the theory is illegitimate. mr. lindell said he had 37ter bytes. the proof, he said, is visible in intercepted network data, or pack it, that it could be unencrypted to reveal a cyber attack occurred and votes were switched. but cyber expert josh merit, on the team hired by mr. lindell to interrogate date for the symposium, told the washington times that the captures are unrecoverable in the data provided by mr. lindell, and that the data cannot prove a cyber incushion. so our team said, we're not going to say this is legitimate if we don't have confidence in the information. mr. merritt told the washington time on wednesday, the second day of the symposium.
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if you are someone confidently predicting that some amazing but highly unprobable thing will happen in the future. think hard about when you say it will happen. about how you're promising, in terms of how specific your time frame is. enough people are on this train, right? where trump has led them to believe he is still rightful president. the election was stolen and the evidence exists and it can be revealed and it will be revealed. if you show your work and put out your supposed evidence to be checked, those trump folks are being led off a cliff in terms of their homes and dreams and expectations. and it is easy to look down at them form. easy but they're still real people who are invested in this and there will be fallout psychologically in terms of falling off this proverbial cliff. what will they do? i mean, this is the big reveal. this is the thing they've been
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banking on against everybody on earth one, telling them something different. this is the thing they've been clinging to and it is now being revealed and it is nothing? what do they could in response? soul searching is not probably the answer. self-reflection, humility, those are not usually the first things that happen. but as noted at the "washington post" today, there was one really handy bit of confirmation in this proclamation from mike lindell's cyber expert that he didn't actually have any data proving the election. when he made these comments saying lindell's data didn't prove the election was stolen, lindell confirmed to the washington times the source of this supposed data on which lindell has built this whole conspiracy theory. these months of rantings and ravings and fake documentaries and sim pose i can't and websites and exposes and all the
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rest including tremendous instatement and august fantasy. where does this date come from that he's used as the date for all these months? his cyber expert confirmed, the actual material that is the basis for these claims has been provided by a man named dennis montgomery. and i'm guessing you do not recognize that name but you might remember him from these headlines not long ago. the man who conned the pentagon. also, how a reno casino conman duped the cia and pull off one of the most dangerous hoaxes in american history. national security intelligence reporter wrote a book in 2014 about this guy. tau about other things, too, but a big part was that this guy conning people and conning the government out of huge sums of cash including him claiming that he could decode news stories broadcast by al jazeera and inside those news stories, he
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could access magic secret al qaeda messages because he could find them in the pixels. he couldn't find them in the pixels. that was all made up. and it had been suspected for a long while. you see the data from the daily beast. november 9, 2020. it had been suspected for a long while that this legendary conartist had sold a new version of his con to the trump secretly won the election people. but now they have confirmed that is where they've gotten their so-called data. that's where they got this data that they had been confidently complaining, while proving to everyone that trump won. we will all see that date and say it is so clear and say let's all get together and go to the new reinauguration. so maybe we're not all going to wake up all 330 million of us tomorrow, you know, joining in a unanimous consensus rev place
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the wrong guy is in the oval office. maybe that won't happen. but the consequences who really believe that will happen may be significant and may cause bizarre behavior. it may cause people to need help. i think it is an unpredictable moment in terms of people going down the qanon trump election fraud rabbit hole. this next few days will be hard. the rest of the month will be hard but the next few months will be hard for them. watching it closely enough to recognize that, you know, it really is like a visit to earth two. pitiful and sad and ridiculous. it may drive consequences for people who have really been living this fantasy. but it is also driving real live events here on earth one. today citizens of mesa county, colorado, just found out they'll have to foot the bill for the elections equipment in their county. thousand and thousands of
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dollars. some of it is not that old that now has to be decertified and cannot be used again because there's an elected county clerk in mesa county, colorado, who wanted to herp her way into a day one appearance at mike lindell's cyber symposium. a secretary of state investigation in colorado has found passwords for this local voting equipment in mesa county, colorado, were photographed and posted online on right wing blogs and all sorts of conspiracy sites, supposedly to show that china, china, something, something, pack it captures bamboo unclear. but as in arizona where they had to decertify machines and buy all new ones, because arizona republicans forced player coma county to hand their election equipment to them trying to find the magic proof trump secretly won. as in pennsylvania where they did the same thing and they needed to buy all new election equipment there, too. now in mesa, colorado, they have
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spoiled and therefore rendered decertified. the county taxpayers will have to pay to buy all new stuff because of elected republicans' eagerness to feed this nonsenses today. the trumpy exjudge who wisconsin republicans have put in charge of their efforts to question and undermine the wisconsin election results after biden won the election. that exjudge has so far spent wisconsin taxpayers money to send him on a pilgrimage to arizona to go see what the cyber ninjas are doing out there with the mess they're making with that state's ballots and voting machines. not only did he have wisconsin taxpayers pay for him to go, it was revealed today in the associated press that he had the taxpayers foot the bill to send him to south dakota this week so
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he could attend mike lindell cyber symposium. as you can you know, so much to learn. meanwhile actual election workers all over the country are having to live and work amid this jet stream of sewage the trump folks are still spewing out about election fraud. the washington press reporting that player coma supervisors who have resisted the nonsense so-called audit out there. last week they were sent an orange guantanamo style jump suit to their offices with a voicemail in which the caller threatened to murder each individual member of the board of supervisors and every member of their families. the anti-democracy, anti-election nonsense at this point from trump world, right? it is collapsing in on itself which might be dangerous in
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terms of the squepss for individual people who have been living that fantasy. the arguments are collapsing. in a good faith world, when the evidence underlying their so call argument was revealed to be fake, the argument would then be lost. the farfetched claims that supported that argument are revealed now as false. the false idea of fraud in the election, the false idea at the heart of this con. it would also collapse. that is not happening. even while the circus built around this stuff becomes a laughing stock, that core idea that there was fraud in the election is still something the republican party is planning to ride all the way back into power all over the country. a texas state senator stood for 15 straight hours in the texas state senate to try to stop republicans in that state from passing the latest version of their anti-voting bill.
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for 15 straight hours. she did not sit down. she didn't eat. she did not drink water. she did not go to the bathroom. she was not allowed to lean on anything. about halfway through the whole thing, she did put on a back brace, put a back brace around her waist to help her stay on her feet shelf started shortly before 6:00 p.m. texas time shelf wrapped up shortly before 9:00 a.m. this morning. her democratic colleagues gave her a standing ovation for slowing down the republican effort. in the end, even 15 straight hours of standing on her feet, that wasn't enough. literally minutes after she left the floor, the republican senators passed their anti-voting bill to make it harder for all texans to vote in upcoming elections. on the other side, the members of the house have been moumting their own delay tactics for week. dozens left so they couldn't
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have a quorum so they couldn't pass it there you the house side like the senate did last night. some of those texas democrats have since returned home. the republican house speaker has as we reported last night, signed out warrants for their arrest for not showing up to work all this time. yesterday, one of those house democrats who is back in austin, he secured a court order shielding him from being arrested i am today, 44 of his house democratic colleagues got a court order to prevent their arrest as well. it seemed like that would succeed. but look at this. a texas supreme court justice has undone that initial order. which opens the texas democrats back up to being arrested at any time unless they return back to work so the republicans can have their quorum so they can pass through the house the bill to make it harder for people to vote. the same one that passed this morning in the senate after that 15-hour effort by that one texas senator to try to hold it up.
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what else can they do? these anti-small d democracy efforts we've seen all over the country. it is about manipulating the elections. gaining control over the count. there was an analysis of all the bill that republican legislatures have passed this year. i did not expect the number to be this high. using data from the nonpartisan group, abc identified nine different states, nine states that have stripped the power of overseeing elections away from techno democratic nonpartisan parts of state government and instead, handed the administration over to partisan actors, passing into law a partisan takeover. how the votes are tallied. who decides the counting. that shift in power has happened
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in nine states this year all passed by republican legislators. all signed by republican legislators. those are done. nine of them on the books. and you know, all of these things that we're talking about. bottom line standards, protecting the right to vote. keeping partisan influence out of election administration. even doing away with partisan gerrymandering where they choose electoral districts in a way that guarantees more republicans get elected and democratic legislatures do their districts in such a way that guarantees more democrats get elected. that kind of gerrymandering and the election administration stuff and the voting rights stuff. all of those are components of the for the people act which already passed the house of representatives. it's senate bill one. landmark voting rights bill proposed by democrats in congress this year. the for the people act was dead on arrival when it got to the
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senate. republicans guaranteed it would never get any votes from them to pass. the pressure to pass some kind of federal legislation to backstop voting, to codify protections around voting, that pressure remains and in some ways is contracting. just today outside the white house, family members of the late great congressman john lewis held a rally to try to pressure president biden to end the filibuster so democrats can pass the legislation even if. at the end of this month, there will be more than 100 nationwide marches organized by more than 100 organizations all over the country. the group that convened the protest outside the white house today with john lewis' family, they said there will be civil disobedience around family before the end of the month. senate democrats say when they returned from their recess after labor day, the very first thing on their legislative to do list
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is work on new voting rights legislation. we don't know what will be in it since the for the people act was stuck. this fight is joined. this fight is absolutely joined in the states. and republicans don't care that the basis for them fighting harder than they have in the past generation to restrict voting rights, to take over the administration of elections, is based on absolutely cuckoo for cocoa puffs conspiracy theories that is being laughed out of its own convenient ufl republicans don't care. they're happy to run it even if it takes terrorizing election officials. even if it takes buying into these conspiracy theories that they otherwise won't defend, that are at the heart of the claim that voting somehow needs to be changed. the fight is on in this from the republican side full tilt. on the democratic side, at lowest on the nonrepublican
6:24 pm
side, the fight is joined too. and i think part of what is underappreciated about the fight for voting rights is at the helm of that fight are some of the most important and influential figures, both in democratic politics and in the u.s. government. including the former u.s. attorney general eric holder who will be our guest right here next. stay with us. stay with us rwear that fits like this... but never for bladder leaks. always discreet boutique black. i feel protected all day, in a fit so discreet, you'd never know they're for bladder leaks. always discreet boutique.
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this is how the bill read back in march. it says, no favoring or disfavoring of political parties prohibition, all in caps. the replan enacted by a state shall not when considered on a statewide basis be drawn with the intent or the effect of unduly favoring or disfavoring any political party. that piece of proposed law was part of hr 1. the for the people act. it is a ban on partisan gerrymandering so no state could draw its districts for elections in a way that would benefit one
6:29 pm
particular party. that would be a big change. the for the people act as it was originally couldn't instructed would put a stop to that. and the house passed with it that language in it. every single republican in the house voted against it. when the bill got to the senate, senate republicans blocked it. the vote fell along party lines. 50/50. the republicans were short of the 60 votes needed for a republican filibuster so it failed. now a group of senators, all democrats, joe manchin, rafael warnock, amy klobuchar, they say they're working on another version of it that will be a slimmed down narrower version. joe manchin says he is convinced he will get republicans to vote for it even though republicans have shown no interest thus far. whatever the legislation is, it is teed up to be job but not for the united states senate when they come back into session. that said, they're not coming back into session until mid september, which feels like a
6:30 pm
long way away, given the republican led states like texas as we speak to roll back voting rights and to seize partisan control of election administration everywhere they can, and as fast as they can. and this fight, at least this hope for a fight, happens as today we got the first date from last year's u.s. census which will set off the traditional partisan scram bh to redraw districts. republicans have power. they will redraw districts to benefit republican elections. where democrats have power to a lesser degree, they will redraw districts to benefit democrats in elections. we know some of the top lines from today's census data. our country has become notably more diverse. the number of white people has decreased for the first time ever. and that information is super important. it matters. it is interesting. it drives some people crazy, i know. understanding how it will be used to alter the political land scape for the next decade,
6:31 pm
that's worth considering. that fight is live. joining us now, eric holder, the former u.s. attorney general under former u.s. president barack obama. the chairman of the redistricting committee. thank you for joining us. >> good to see you, too. thanks for having me. >> i am struck by the fact the democrats' big proposed reform on voting rights, which is how a lot of us have short-handed it. the for the people act which you've advocated, that not only would it undergird voting rights, making it not too hard for people to vote. it would have made a national prohibition on using census data, drawing districts in such a way that was designed to benefit one or the other. >> it is a comprehensive pro democracy bill. it deals with dark money.
6:32 pm
it deals with voter protection and it deals with ending partisan gerrymandering. if you deal with those three problems, you make our political system more responsive. we have a better democracy. we have a better nation. that's why i'm sporting it. it is my conversations with senator schumer and other people in the senate, a top priority for them. senator schumer thinks there's a process that he needs to go through to try to maximize the chances of actually passing the bill. so we'll see what happens. at the end of the day, at the end of the day, it will come down to a binary choice between passing this pro democracy bill and defending an arrest cage senate procedure that in the past has been used to frustrate civil rights legislation. that's the choice that i think the senators, the democratic senators will have to make. >> do you think that ultimately, it gets passed because of a reform or a carveout from the official filibuster?
6:33 pm
or do you think it is because republicans see the light? it seems like throws only two options and the latter to me seems impossible. >> i don't think you'll get ten republicans to vote for the bill in whatever form it is posed to them. do i feel cautious optimism that we can have a carveout of the filibuster to allow the passage of this very important bill. the numbers we saw show the country is younger, more urban, less rural. those numbers should be used in a way that comes up with representative democracy in both our state legislatures as well as the united states house of representatives. the way to do that is to ban partisan and racial gerrymandering. this bill would ban partisan gerrymandering. i really fear what you'll see happen in states like texas, north carolina and georgia, and florida in particular, where you have republican control of both the governorship as well as the state legislature, and i think they'll try to gerrymander their
6:34 pm
little hearts out to the extent they can. so passage the bill is important and passing relatively soon is equally important. >> let me ask you a strategic question. if the protections like we're talking about in the for the people act don't pass, and so legislatures like the ones you're talking about there. texas, north, georgia, they take this date and they gerrymander, they do it to lock democrats out of the possibility of holding any congressional seats. that may be enough. it has been argued that may be enough for republicans to take control of the house in the mid-term elections if they aggressively gerrymandering that much. if there is a ban on doing that, shouldn't democrats do the same thing? shouldn't they press their advantage in places they have control of the legislature to maximize the number of democratic states? >> you know, that's the beauty of the position that democrats
6:35 pm
have. if we fight for fairness, if we make sure that we get the number of seats that we are entitled to, both in the state legislature as well as the house of representatives on the basis of fair criteria, democrats and progressives will do just fine. republicans have to cheat to win. so yeah. they'll try to do what they can in texas and georgia, florida, north carolina. we'll bring laws if we have to do that. we won lawsuits already in north carolina that reduce the margin to 8-5 when it was before. it was a two-seat greater differential for republicans. the constitutional amendment in florida that we will use in litigation as well. but there is no need for democrats to do anything other than to fight for that which is fair. if you fight for that which is fair, if we are successful in that fight. democrats will do as i said, just fine west don't have to cheat. republicans have to cheat in order to win and that's why they are in favor of partisan and
6:36 pm
racial jerry imaginedering. they know that substantial numbers of people vote in this increasingly younger, increasingly more diverse, increasingly less rural america, they get that. they understand it. >> let me ask you what you make as a former senior administration official, as someone very close to former president obama, also close to president biden and vice president harris, what do you make of the direct action strategy that is being brought by voting rights advocates? obviously vice president harris and president biden are very much in support of the reforms like the for the people act and they've advocated for it. we know that, we've heard all the speeches. we know their position. yet you're seeing increasingly focused on more leaders getting arrested at the senate office building, at the supreme court, at the white house. we're expecting this summer of
6:37 pm
direct action on voting rights to accelerate to where there will be considerable civil disobedience. people trying to set off a moral alarm here. what do you make of that strategically, as someone who has been a target of that in the past and someone who knows the people being targeted by these activists? >> power nothing without demand. by marching, by protesting, by raising our voices. that's a really important part of the thing that i'm leading, the redistricting committee. we have a big advocacy campaign to get americans involved in this fight. if we make our voices known. if we demand the kind of change, the fair change we're seeking, i think it will help in the process. it's not going to probably move republicans. i'm being realistic about that. on the other hand, democrats will have to think to themselves, do i want to be seen
6:38 pm
as the personal who, like james eastland, those people before who stood against the passage of civil rights bill? do i want to have that as my legacy? in raising the consciousness of people by demonstrating, by getting arrested, by ending segregation. if we asked people in the 1950s, do you think marching will bring down apartheid? you probably would have said, that won't happen. and we shouldn't lose faith right now. citizens can make a change. citizens need to be in the streets. citizens need to be demonstrating, calling representatives to demand the time of change that will make our democracy more fair. >> eric holder, former attorney general of the united states, now chairman of the recommittee. it is always an honor to have you here. whenever you can be here, we'll have you. thank you for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> much more ahead.
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my friends, voter suppression anywhere is a threat to democracy everywhere. as we draw on this discussion to an end, it is my sincere hope that civil acts by everyday texans from the senate floor to the ballot box can help to shed the light on all important issues. instead of making it easier to vote, this bill makes it easier to intimidate. instead of making it harder to cheat, it makes it harder to vote. >> 15 hours. that is how long texas state democratic senator carol alvarado managed to stand up and there by to that texas
6:44 pm
republicans passing an ann voting bill last night. she stood and filibustered for 15 hours. for context you might remember in 2013, the nationwide sensation when then state senator -- then texas state senator wendy davis made national headlines filibustering an anti-abortion bill. that lasted 13 hours. last night, what senator carol alvarado did lasted 15 hours. the filibuster in texas is not like a filibuster in the u.s. senate these days which you can send in by email. in texas you have to stand up, held to floor and talk the entire time. state senator carol alvarado managed to do it last night for 15 hours. the human body can only hold up for so long. minutes after her 15 hours ended, texas government did pass it anyway. texas democrats have made it their mission to slow it down by any means necessary.
6:45 pm
even if they can't stop republicans from passing it, they are at least trying to slow it down. that's why texas democrats from the house fled the state earlier this year. as i mentioned, earlier in the show, texas republicans are doing everything they can on arrest the house democrats so they can ram this anti-voting bill through. the only thing that it seems could stop texas republicans from this draconian bill to make it much harder to vote in the state where it is the hardest to vote in the country would be for congress to pass some sort of federal voting rights protections that wouldn't let texas or any other state fall below them. texas democrats like alvarado are doing everything they can on bias much time as possible for that to happen. obviously they're doing so at great and visible personal sacrifice. joining us now, texas state senator carol alvarado. i really appreciate you being here. especially because i know what you've been through over the last 24 hours. thank you so much.
6:46 pm
>> thanks for having me. >> have you slept? >> i've taken about an hour rest. a lot of messages and calls to return. and when you finish this, you're running off pure adrenaline. so it takes a while to come down. >> well, it was a remarkable feat and i have to ask if you, i mean, our office talked with you before you settled into this and we know you are a pragmatist about this. you told our producer that this was intended to be something that would slow things down. you knew it wouldn't stop it. does it feel like it was worth it, especially now you're feeling the physical pain? >> absolutely. i was demonstrating that i'm literally standing for democracy for 15 hours. what is important to note here is that texas democrats aren't taking this lying down. there is a line that we live by.
6:47 pm
don't mess with texas. i say don't mess with texas democrats. just because we don't have the numbers doesn't mean we have to roll over and let them do whatever they want. this filibuster was meant to put the brakes on this and to shine a national spotlight. and it worked. because we are getting calls from all over the country. while i was filibustering, we were getting stories from people on how this bill would suppress them. mainly from the disabled community and seniors. >> in terms of how this is going to go from here, the other really dramatic news that happened in the wake of the filibuster today was this ruling by the texas supreme court judge that effectively clears the way for your colleagues in the house to get arrested. it was thought that a lower court might have been able to block those arrest warrants for them. the supreme court seems to have cleared the way for them to be arrested. how does that affect you and
6:48 pm
your colleagues thinking about it? what the options are and what the stakes are personally? >> sometimes we think it is like the wild west here. you see actions like that, you wonder, it is unfortunate that these issues have become so divisive, so partisan. and we know that they're founded on no merit. it all stems from the big lie from the big liar himself and they have allowed themselves to be manipulated by him. and now it has spilled over not just to the texas legislature but to so many. what texas democrats won't tell others legislative bodies. you don't just have to stand and take it if you the numbers. that's why we are doing everything we can to slow town and give the opportunity to take a close eye to see what republicans are doing to us. >> let me ask you about something that we're seeing happening at the, we're seeing
6:49 pm
it in texas. we're seeing it increasingly in states around the country. we're seeing it at the national level in washington, d.c. and that is, people turning to direct action. people taking to the streets. people, including members of congress engaging in civil disobedience and doing the montgomery style marches. putting themselves at risk of arrest. putting themselves in a nonviolent way out in the public eye in a way that puts their bodies on the line and put themselves at risk. i want to know how that plays in texas. whether you think that does pluck at people's heart strings. or whether that might harden some people's hearts because they don't want to be swoeshld a cause that seems radical. how do you think those direct strategies play at home in texas? >> i think it has demonstrated how serious we are about stopping this, or slowing it down. i think people realize if we're making sacrifices, whether it is
6:50 pm
myself or making a sacrifice of standing for 15 hours, and putting your body through that, or members in the house, sacrificing their lively hoods, being away from their family. we want people to know this is serious and taken this debate to a whole new level. >> texas state senator carol alvarado, i am tractor beaming through the camera you a big tub of tiger balm or your liniment of your choice. i hope you can get some rest and take good care of yourself after this extreme circumstance you put yourself in. thank you for helping us understand it tonight. >> thanks, rachel. >> hope you get some rest. thank you so much. all right. more ahead tonight. stay with us. ♪ ♪ ♪ born to be wild ♪ see disney's jungle cruise. applebee's and a movie, now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood.
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6:55 pm
seized control of 12 of them just in the past week. the a.p. reported the grim news late this afternoon that the taliban took control of afghanistan's second largest city, kandahar, and its third largest, herat. the pace of the taliban's advance is putting a renewed focus on the speed at which the u.s. has to get out of afghanistan. our afghan allies, afghans who worked with media organizations. today the pentagon announced that the u.s. will temporarily deploy 3,000 u.s. troops back to afghanistan to aid in evacuation efforts. but with the second and third largest cities in the country now reportedly falling, there is of course increased anxiety surrounding the fate of afghanistan's largest city by far, the capital city of kabul, and with that the fate of the large u.s. embassy there. this is the security alert the u.s. embassy put out today. quote, the u.s. embassy urges u.s. citizens to leave
6:56 pm
afghanistan immediately using available commercial flight options. if you cannot afford to purchase an airline ticket at this time, contact the u.s. embassy for information regarding a repatriation loan. give the stewart conditions and reduced staffing, the embassy's ability to assist u.s. citizens in afghanistan is extremely limited, even within kabul. the state department also announced today that an unspecified number of the 1,400 americans who work at that embassy are being sent home in addition to just citizens who may be in country for some other reason. at least some of those 14 will be staying. the embassy will continue to operate. "the new york times" reports that american negotiators are trying to extract assurances from the taliban that they won't attack the u.s. embassy even if they do take kabul. at the same time, "the times" report american officials in washington and kabul are holding regular meetings to assess whether and how soon they may need to evacuate and abandon the embassy itself. again, it does not matter that this is not a total surprise.
6:57 pm
that does nothing to undercut how much of a shock it is and how much of a moral shock it will be for our country if these evacuations don't succeed. watch this space. however you get back out there—go green. 'cause everybody's green when you ride with uber green. yep, even you guys.
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thanks for being with us tonight. very happy to have you here. i'll see you again tomorrow night. now it's time for "the last word" where the great ali eventual xi is in for lawrence. >> good evening, rachel. i just want to say you've been back for a few days. i just want to tell you, you are our north star. you are revered and respected and i am not alone in saying that i speak for my colleagues when i say i appreciate you. it's as simple as that. >> you're going to make me cry


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