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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  August 4, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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carey the winner in ohio's 15th congressional district. msnbc will continue to follow tonight's election results as they unfold. that's it for us tonight. see you again tomorrow. i will see you tomorrow afternoon at 4:00 p.m. eastern. "way too early" is up next. back in march, you said if the investigation confirmed the allegations against governor cuomo then he should resign. so, will you now call on him to resign given the investigators said the 11 women were credible. >> i stand by that statement. >> are you now calling on him to resign? >> yes. new york governor and drew cuomo is facing growing calls to resign after a report found he sexually harassed multi system women. cuomo is denying accusations, the question is, will we see him step down? plus, two potential elections in ohio serving as
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potential bellwethers, progressives took a loss while former president trump scored a win. the question is, what does it say about each party? and new york city becomes the first major city in the united states to mandate vaccination proof for restaurants, entertainment and gyms, the question is, will we see other cities follow suit? it's "way too early" for this. ♪♪ good morning. and welcome to "way too early." the show that can't believe it's only wednesday. i'm jonathan lemire on this august 4th. weapon begin with the bombshell finding released by letitia james concerning governor cuomo. a 165 page report alleges that governor cuomo harassed women in his state and federal office. and cuomo is denying allegations
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that quote he will not be distracted by his job. the calling for his resignation are adding up. rehema ellis has the latest. >> reporter: letitia james calling the blistering result dangerous. that andrew cuomo sexually harassed multiple women and broke the law. >> governor cuomo sexually harassed many women, many of whom were young women by kissing, hugging and making inappropriate comments. >> investigators describing in detail a sweeping pattern of behavior by cuomo, against 11 women, nine of them state employees. >> the governor hugged assistant number one and reached under her blouse to grab her breast. >> reporter: some of the
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allegations made public for the first time including a state trooper on the governor's detail saying the governor kissed her. another time, pushed the palm of his hand on my belly button and felt completely violated because to me, that's between my chest and my pirates. another faced allegation after speaking out. >> what was the culture? words that witnesses have used repeatedly to describe it include toxic, hostile, abusive. >> reporter: but in a prerecorded video statement, cuomo firing back. >> i want you to know directly from me, that i never touched anyone inappropriately or made inappropriate sexual advances. >> reporter: and suggesting the women were purposely targeting him with false allegations. >> for those using this moment to score political points or
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seek publicity or gain i say they actually discredit the legitimate sexual harassment victims that the law was designed to protect. >> reporter: but there are new calls for cuomo to resign or be impeached including from president biden. >> are you now calling him to resign? >> yes. >> our thanks to rehema ellis for that report. governor cuomo has called attorney general's report biased the new york state assembly is ramping up its impeachment probe. speaker carl heastie released a statement, it is clear that the governor has lost the confidence and can no longer remain in office. a person familiar with the process tells the "times" it could take just a month to compete the inquiry and draw up
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articles of impeachment. mike carrie former president trump's pick in ohio's 15th congressional district won his race last night according to my colleagues at the associated press. crediting it with the doubts of staying in the party, after trump endorsed him and lost in a special house election in texas last week. in his statement, carey wrote republicans sends a clear message to the nation that president donald j. trump is without a doubt the leader of our party. i'm proud to deliver this win to advance his america first agenda. and meanwhile, in another closely watched race, cuyahoga councilmember shontelle brown pulled out a victory defeating bernie sanders backed nina turner. brown joins "morning joe" in the
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next hour. house democrats are growing concerned about the party's chances in the 2022 midterms in a closed-door meeting last week and confirmed by nbc news, new york councilman warned that unless democrats change their message on the accounting they will likely lose. and pulling a voting that indicated that democrats are not doing enough. according to politico, a battleground of incumbents are privately alarmed that shows the party struggling on bellwether issues such as the economy despite the trillion efforts this year and biden's general approval rate. and they warned that maloney's stark warning could decrease funding. and six months out, donald trump
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is profiting in a big way, trump has raked in millions of dollars, but not a single penny going to the upcoming elections. trump writing in a monday statement, in part, quote, i am pleased to see the entire party benefit from trump. instead, a review of the former president's committee shows $4 million spent on legal fees. but one person not on the receiving end of those fees, trump's former personal rudy giuliani. according to maggie haberman, giuliani is, quote, close to broke and referred to him as a quote, just another example of loyalists being left to slaughter. joining us washington insider, tom lobianco, tom, great to see you on the set. we'll talk about president trump's fundraising, i know
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you've got a report in a minute but first the claims of andrew cuomo, joe biden had spoken in march if they were found to be confirmed he should resign, biden and his allies, not a full-throated call but certainly the president got there. walk us through this, does cuomo have to go? >> it was pretty clear when gwinnett report landed, that thing was a bombshell. you have the president of the united states saying it is time for the governor of new york to resign, in response to this. pretty clear. and as we know from having watched the trump administration versus the biden administration, you know, biden doesn't fly off the handle with his words. these things are very calculated, right? so the question is for the democrats what happens now, did cuomo resign, does he walk away?
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doesn't look like it. do they lose new york, it's been a couple of decades since they had a republican governor in new york. could it happen again? all of these things are floating in the air. you can see biden doing his best to clean it up for his own party, but does that stick? >> people i talked to are skeptical that cuomo will step down. switching to ohio, the trump candidate winning easily, while there's a more battle between the progressive democrat and established moderate. >> yeah. >> in this case it was the moderate who won. what do you take, that washington is looking at the risks? >> you know, we go through this every year, is there an off-year in politics? we joke about the odd-numbered year. we're looking for bellwethers, right? it used to be we wait for new jersey and virginia, all right. you can't really rely on new jersey as a bellwether anymore.
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and increasingly you can't rely on virginia as a bellwether anymore because they're pretty solidly democratic at this point. where does that put us? now, we're looking for a special election in ohio. certainly for the democrats you need to figure out where the party is right now. the trump calculus is different because you're trying to figure out, okay, what happens with the republican party? do you need to fight? do you know to go down to mar-a-lago and kiss the ring? that's the question for republicans, do you need to go to bedminster and kiss the ring? after last night, the answer is yes. >> speak of trump, he's got new fundraising. what did you learn about how he's using it? what are his plans? >> sure. $110 million raked in, not going out to the other republicans in the shadow, super fascinating look at people like potential
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contenders like mike pompeo and ron desantis working the fundraising circuit. traditionally, we say traditional around trump and that's -- right -- does he have to give that money? no. should he? maybe. does he need to? why do you give money in the first place if you're in politics, right? why do you fly to new jersey, iowa and live out there? it's putting chips in the bank. this is not a guy who needs that. his endorsement if had not worked last night, we'd be having a different discussion. but maybe for now he gets to sit on it. still ahead, the biden administration issues a more limited moratorium after it expires. the latest from tokyo including a runner from team usa
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♪♪ there's the olympic flame in tokyo. hard to believe that we're coming into the homestretch of these games. let's get an update and let's begin on the track where american sydney mclaughlin edged dal leila muhammad. and athing mu and raevyn rogers took the bronze. and gabby thomas is a halve grad
2:16 am
and epidemiology, now she can add an olympic bronze to her resume. meanwhile in the field, chris nelson won silver for team usa in the men's pole vault final, clinching a final spot clearing a height of 19.5 feet. history made on the wrestle as tamera mensah-stock the first woman ever to win gold in the sport. the u.s. is now a step closer to gold medals in a slew of team sports. competing in the win or go home baseball section of the bracket after monday's loss to japan, team usa defeated 3-1 the u.s. women's basketball team defeating australia 75 to 49.
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and the absence of two injured starters to defeat the dominican republic and advance to the semifinals. time for the weather. let's go to meteorologist janessa webb for the for raft, how, janessa, how is it looking? >> hi, jonathan, i wish i had better news, sloppy day on the east coast. yesterday, we were talking about that fall feel. things will start to change. we're in august and this is the hottest month. a few more days of cooler temperatures but the rain is still going to be impact across the east coast and we're talking potentially blooding rain across the carolina coast into southern new england. the forecast is calling for a foot of rain in the outer banks and florida panhandle with the
2:18 am
possibility of 6 to 10 inches. the entire storm will bring warmer air, due to a warm front into the boston area into sections of southern maine. still another two to three inches in that area. so very wet conditions for your wednesday afternoon. look at these daytime highs, this is nice and breathable air. humidity is low across atlanta, 82 degrees. most of these spots that you're seeing are 10 to 15 degrees below average. even for thursday, we're still on the mild side, philadelphia, a high of 85 degrees, then that noticeable change as we go into the weekend. humidity starts to rise across the raleigh durham area into boston where the daytime highs are going to be returning to the mid-80s. by next week, jonathan, reality check, we're back into the lower 90s. >> janessa webb i can't say i'm happy to hear that but thank you so much for the forecast. still ahead, a weekly press
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yeah-h-h. (laugh) keep your downstairs dry with gold bond body powder. the white house issued a reversal on evictions after a member of congress camped out for days on the steps of the capitol. on tuesday, the white house authorized the cdc to issue a new eviction moratorium that would prevent millions of renters from being kicked out of their homes. the new ban covers 90% of where the country lives and high levels and transmission of coronavirus transmissions. cori bush who has dealt with homelessness herself slept for days on the steps of the capitol to urge the white house to act. >> hopeful that it is what will help 11 million people stay in their homes. million families to be secure in housing.
2:23 am
and let me say, activists are in congress. so, let's be clear, activists are in congress. so expect, expect for things to be different than what maybe people are used to. >> the moratorium was a rare moment of disagreement between house and senate democrats and the biden white house as they each pointed fingers to the other as to who let this expire, while they're pointing to the supreme court whether they had jurisdiction over the legislation. the white house wants legislation back. the congress thought it could be done by executive action. this shall hold until october 3rd. the previous expired ban had expired this past saturday. and senate awarded congressional gold medals to d.c. and capitol police.
2:24 am
the new legislation comes the same week as they announce two officers who were involved in the insurrection died by suicide. senator amy klobuchar spearheaded the bill. in february, senate intended to respond. and applies to all members of the capitol police and d.c. police involved in the january 6th response. and check out this moment by mitch mcconnell and chuck schumer outside the white house yesterday. >> thank you. >> the prerogatives of the majority. >> schumer sneaks in just as mcconnell approaches the podium
2:25 am
but the minority leader taking it in stride, smiling as you can see, later joking the most dangerous place in washington is between chuck schumer and a camera. straight ahead, new york city requiring proof of vaccination to eat indoors and go to shows. before we go to break, we want to know, why are you awake? email at or tweet me at jon la mere. we'll read our answers later on in the show. your clothes can repel pet hair. one bounce mega sheet has 3x the hair fighting ingredients of the leading dryer sheet. simply toss into the dryer to bounce out hair & lint. look how the shirt on the left attracts pet hair like a magnet! pet hair is no match for bounce. it's available in fresh scent & unscented. with bounce, you can love your pets, and lint roll less.
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welcome back to "way too early." it's just before 5:30 on the east coast. 2:30 out west. i'm jonathan lemire. with a new surge of covid-19 infections ripping through much of the united states, "the new york times" reports that the fda is accelerating its timetable to fully approve the vaccine by next month. the fda's unofficial deadline is labor day or sooner. the agency recognizes that it might inspire more confidences with an all-hands on deck approach to the work. new york city meanwhile became the first city to require proof of vaccination for many indoor activities, workers at restaurants, entertainment and gyms required to show at least one dose to enter any of those facilities on august 15th, and
2:30 am
enforcement to begin august 13th. mayor de blasio said this. >> this is a miraculous place, result full of wonders and if you're vaccinated all of that is open to you. if you have the key you can open the door if you're vaccinated. unfortunately if you're unvaccinated, it's time to get vaccinated. it's time to see vaccination as literally necessary to live a full and healthy life. >> president biden support new york city's move saying companies should have the authority to secure their businesses. joining us, city hall, bridget bergen. hi, great to see you, walk us through, if you could, by your reporting what led new york city to take the step? what brought de blasio to be first in the nation? and do you think other cities could follow his lead? >> sure. good morning. you know, what we are seeing is the risk of a third wave of covid here in new york city.
2:31 am
and the mayor has made decisions this week to try to take action to stem that tide. schools are going to be open in the fall. you know, the city's in the midst of a recovery, and this particular announcement was very much framed as a way for people to take full advantage of the city, something they haven't been able to do for more than a year. and so, this new policy which will require people to get at least one shot before doing a whole host of indoor activities, dining indoors, going to gyms, going to broadway. it's a step towards really trying to require people moving beyond the step of incentives, but to require people to get that vaccine so that, you know, the spread of this delta variant doesn't stem the progress here in new york and other places, as we try to lead back the covid pandemic. it's interesting because it also comes a day after the mayor
2:32 am
stopped short of requiring a mask mandate indoors. it's stronger required, but not something that's mandated. they're really trying to lean into the idea that vaccines are the way out of this pandemic. and by requiring them in these indoor settings, they hope to further incentivize people to step up and get those shots. >> so brigid, what legal channels is the city anticipating to face while they try to enforce this? >> well, the mayor said they did seek input from the fda and they believe that they have a full legal mandate it do this. as you just played before, president biden even saying businesses have a right to protect themselves. and so, i think the city is prepared to back fully this decision. there have been some questions raised by some security
2:33 am
advocates how these apps that the individuals use to show that they've had this shot will actually work. in particular, the city's app, a colleague of mine tested it with another security official who found you that could upload just a photo of micky mouse to verify that was who he was. so, i think some questions about whether or not these apps are as secure as they need to be. but as you also said, this is a policy that is being rolled out. it begins on the 16th, but real enforcement doesn't begin until mid-september. assuming the city gathers information between now and then, some of those kinks can be worked out. >> one more thing, mayor de blasio leaves november 1.
2:34 am
and eric williams is the democrat and has he weighed in on this? >> eric adams is wanting the city to take strong action. he shared the mayor's position that we didn't need to require a mask mandate at this point. but at this point, you know, he, too, is looking towards wanting to begin his term with the city on a strong footing as possible. and i think people are very aware that we're in a moment that could be another inflexion point in this crisis. and that it's time to take action to prevent the delta variant from, you know, potentially morphing into something even more risky. and putting the vaccines themselves at risk. >> and we should note that mayor de blasio will be on "morning joe" later today to weigh in on both this, and surely the fate of his political rival, governor andrew cuomo. brigid bergin, thank you so much. still ahead, the totally
2:35 am
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♪♪ time now for something totally different. the internet has become obsessed with an olympian from great britain, olympic gold medalest tom daley has gone viral for his knitting skills. he sits knitting awaiting getting in the pool. he even sells dog sweaters for charity. dailey has said his knitting is a way of finding calmness. and adding it's saying throughout the process is love for knitting and crocheting. meanwhile, jessica springsteen, the daughter of icon bruce
2:39 am
springsteen has made her debut in individual jumping. but failed to qualify. four penalty points for knocking down a rail put her on the bubble for one of the 30 spots in the final. and she was eliminated about an hour later. she'll ride again friday night on the jumping team. it's unclear if her horse was affected by what emerged as a startling site. riders tell the ap a life size sumo wrestler positioned at the tenth obstacle may have distracted the horses at the barrier and accumulating enough penalty points to prevent entry into the wednesday's finals. and the "titanic" museum is opening after an iceberg that brought down the ship injuring
2:40 am
three visitors who could have seen this coming? owners extended their thoughts and prayers promising safety measures. those were taken to the hospital. the ship shape museum was immediately closed but back reopened. and the "friends" casting is releasing a commemorating clothing show. proceeds from the exclusive line will go say variety of charities hand-picked by the staff members. jennifer aniston opting for we were so not on a break hat. the courteney cox nailing the we'll be there for you shirt. and david schwimmer displaying his character of ross along with rachel. still ahead, we'll dig into new york governor's andrew cuomo response. "way too early" coming right
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welcome back. more now on the political firestorm in new york state where governor andrew cuomo is sticking to his guns remaining defiant and refusing to resign. in a taped response to the attorney general report cuomo apologized to two women but insists that he was not guilty and blamed the political climate for the wave of accusations. >> i want you to know directly from me that i never touched anyone inappropriately or made inappropriate sexual advances. that is just not who i am. and that's not who i have ever been. also, remember where we are. today, we are living in a super heated, if not toxic, political environment. that shouldn't be lost on anyone. politics and bias are interwoven
2:45 am
throughout every aspect of this situation. s one would be naive to think otherwise. and new yorkers are not naive. >> one of cuomo's accusers charlotte bennett slammed his response and called for his impeachment. >> we have a report. we have the facts. the governor broke federal and state law when he sexually harassed me and current and former staffers. and if he's not willing to step down, then we have a responsibility to act and impeach him. >> the albany county district attorney said yesterday the governor is under criminal investigation. cuomo has not been charged with any crime. governor cuomo's lawyer rita glavine vitt crisised cuomo's report, she writes the report ignored key facts and pieces of evidence that undermine many of these allegations and the press conference confirmed that the
2:46 am
investigationing had a predetermined outcome. joining us now, paul balla, he's an nbc analyst. we're happy to have him this morning. paul, talk to us about the act, what kind of criminal aspect this may all have? >> so, jonathan, the new york attorney general issued this very incriminating 165-page report where they interviewed 179 witnesses and collected thousands of documents. that's a road map for prosecutors. if a man on a subway would touch a person inappropriately and there was this kind of evidence, prosecutors would frame the case. the criminal doesn't exactly line up with the law against sexual harassment, but there are misdemeanors that the albany district attorney considered for example, new york has forceable touching which applies to the
2:47 am
allegations, a two-year statute of limitations, but some. cases from the new york state trooper can still be heard. >> so, what do you think, paul? what are the next steps? walk us through both the political and real output here? >> so, we have the criminal investigation from the attorney general. the attorney general says she's done with the case but impeachment is looming. and jonathan, the problem for cuomo is his defense which is questioning his credibility and judgment of his 11 victims is the kind of thing that makes a prosecutor made because it discourages people who have been hurt from coming forward. and also sends a message that the suspect didn't do anything wrong. but cuomo's presumed innocent. and at least for the moment, he remains the governor. as is often the case when
2:48 am
there's a politician who's under criminal investigation, there's a tension between what makes sense politically, and what a criminal defense attorney would advise. >> one thing, paul, that attracted a lot of attention yesterday that video response the governor put out is sort of a slide show, a photo montage of him, hugging and kissing and putting his hands on other people. and he was suggesting, hey, this is how i act around folks, men or women, there is no malintent to this. i'm a touchy-feely guy. do you think that's a defense that could work? >> no, it just makes him look worse, in part because of the evidence that was compiled by the new york attorney general, including the fact that he was guarded by men, state troopers, shoo he did not touch inappropriately, in the way that the woman state trooper said.
2:49 am
so it's just not sexually correct according to this report to say he did this to everybody. we have a pattern here. 11 women came forth with these charges. the attorney general found all 11 of these women were credible. she interviewed cuomo for over ten hours. and the result of that interview, she said, he was not credible. >> paul butler, thank you very much. we'll surely come back for your expertise again soon. earlier in the show, we asked all of you out there this question, why are you awake? karen writes i'm awake because this little darling got sprayed by a skunk. sorry about that. and ralphie always seems to know when jon lemire is hosting "way too early." and good morning. and the red sox last night, i'm well aware. and heather emails i'm up
2:50 am
working out before my sixth and last chemo treatment. well on the way to a cancer-free life. that is great news, heather. we're rooting for you. up next, a look at the axios "one big thing." and coming up on "morning joe," mayor bill de blasio will join the show on the heels of the first mandateindoor venues. plus, as the u.s. military mission in afghanistan comes to a close, we'll hear from a member of the foreign relations committee, senator chris murphy, about the future of the president's power to wage war without congressional authorization. "morning joe" just minutes away.
2:51 am
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because your strength is supported by ours. depend. the only thing stronger than us, is you. joining us now with a look at axios a.m., the cofounder, mike allen. great to see you this morning. what is axon's one big thing today. >> great to be in on set with you for the first time. mental health rising as a global issue, so we've had three
2:54 am
massive transcendent events, we have exclusive data from news web, what's drawing engagement online, and we're finding that simone biles and her olympics trials have gotten more attention for mental health than either the harry and meghan interview with oprah or than tennis star naomi osaka's struggles. but all three of those have converged and what do they have in common, they're all stars from whom a lot is expected. they talk about the tyranny of those expectations, and it's three women of color who drew backlash for being honest about their feelings. >> is there an expectation in the polling that things could change? >> we're seeing people are increasingly willing to talk about it. it was a topic that, like, rarely talked about or off to the side, now it's central issue. there's nothing bigger in the world than the olympics, and this has been a running theme.
2:55 am
what these athletes have lived through, and what we're now expecting of them. >> you have also been following the americans perception of the pandemic, with the surge of the delta variant, are people growing more pessimistic about where we are and where we're going. >> leading the witness. glass is always half full, but pessimism is back in america and we're seeing this new polling from harris that we have exclusively, and just a month ago 75% of people were saying, we're past it, we can feel good. we've got the vaccines, starting to unmask, talking about going back to work. now, a majority of americans thinks the worst of the pandemic is ahead of us. >> so mike, let's shift gears a little bit. we had two bellwether results in ohio. what lessons do you think na that both parties are going to draw. >> in ohio, there's a real upset, a real surprise.
2:56 am
we had a more moderate traditionalist democrat winning over a progressive, who had just had campaigned by aoc, campaigned for her, senator bernie sanders had competed for her, and help me here, the winner was. >> chantelle brown. >> yes. chantelle brown stuck to president biden in her campaign commercials. she took the more moderate approach. interesting, like, king maker and there was a conversation about this on msnbc last night. congressman james clyburn came out for her early, somebody who was helpful to biden, and the endorsement by the congressional black caucus. you can be way down in polls and money, but you can win by being positive, and moderate democrats are hoping that this is a sign that the twitter verse is wrong, the left part of the party gets the attention and seems to have the momentum, a big part of america still more moderate in
2:57 am
the biden mold and that's why it matters. >> brown, i should know, coming up in "morning joe" shortly. there's a trend here of some of the more moderate democrats winning the races. first of all, james clyburn, this is an endorsement to have. we saw eric adams in new york city, terry mccullough in the democratic primary field in virginia. there are several others. that's who's winning votes, and it's interesting that primaries tend to draw the most passionate voters, which are usually identified in the more liberal side. that's not who's winning here. >> that's why they feel good about. they have a lot to worry about this week. as you look at trying to hold on to a super narrow majority in the house, narrow majority in the senate. this is making the west wing feel good. >> and certainly, though, the progressives got a message with the eviction moratorium. the white house got the heat knowing they have to keep everyone in line for the
2:58 am
reconciliation bill that's coming. one thing the white house is not thrilled about is having to wade into the situation in new york state with governor cuomo. we heard biden yesterday, cuomo, biden, long-term allies, i would not call it a full throated call for cuomo to resign. he says the pressure is going to be immense on cuomo. how do you see this playing out. >> first, the president said one word, then three or four years. i'm asking about the crazy hug defense, the fact that he put out a montage of himself hugging people, and what we're going to say in axios, this isn't his investigators, this isn't his accusers, this was cuomo putting this out saying, i hug everyone. i kiss everyone. that was a complete flop in washington and albany, i can tell you nobody is buying it. >> certainly one of those photos, joe biden involved, that's not going to win you friends when you're trying to get the president, put him in the pictures too. thank you, mike allen for that. we will be reading that in axios
2:59 am
later today. >> thank you, john. thank you for getting up early with us, a day we are not scheduled to see the president in person, the stories of today, andrew cuomo and the delta variant. and the political fire storm in albany about stressing again, this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated, urging americans to get those shots, touting the efforts of the federal government is doing to try to increase that reach and showing these deaths right now could be preventable, and they're worried about where the cases could go in the next few weeks. sobering remarks from the president. thank you again for watching. "morning joe" starts right now. the independent investigation has concluded that governor andrew cuomo sexually harassed multiple women. >> i never touched anyone inappropriately or made inappropriate sexual advances.
3:00 am
i am 63 years old. >> engaging in unwelcome and nonconsensual touching and making numerous offensive comments of a suggestive and sexual nature. >> from a woman in my office who said that i groped her in my home office, let me be clear. that never happened. >> he ran his finger from her neck down her spine and said, hey, you. >> on occasion, i do slip and say sweetheart or darling or honey. i do banter with people. >> governor cuomo's administration fostered a toxic workplace that enabled harassment and created a hostile work environment. >> my office is a demanding place to work, and it is not for everyone. we work really really hard. >> governor andrew cuomo denies the allegation, the dammi


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