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tv   The Last Word With Lawrence O Donnell  MSNBC  August 3, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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declared the trump backed republican party annoys 15th congressional district. msnbc will continue to follow tonight's election results as they unfold. that's it for us. we will see you again tomorrow. i will see you tomorrow afternoon on 4 pm eastern. now it's time for the last word with lawrence o'donnell. hi, lawrence. >> good evening nicole and thank you very much for that ohio report that is now everything i know about the ohio house races tonight. there is so much news pouring down on us that i have not been able to get to that one tonight. so, you have just taught me everything i know about it. >> the tea leaf reading is always too much leaf reading tea leaves to be read should you choose. >> we will have tea leaf time tomorrow on those election results tonight. >> have a great show. >> thank you, nicole.
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>> andrew cuomo is a man alone tonight. he is a politician very much alone tonight. every democrat who new yorkers have heard of, have called for new york governor andrew cuomo to resign. every democrat in the new york state congressional delegation, including senate majority leader chuck schumer, has asked new york's democratic governor to resign. the final political isolation of governor cuomo came just before 5 pm this evening when the president of the united states said the governor of new york should resign. >> back in march, you said of the investigation confirm the allegations against governor cuomo, then he should resign, will you no call on him to resign given the investigator said the 11 woman were credible? >> i stand by that statement. >> are you now calling on him to resign? >> yes. >> it was another terrible and
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difficult day for the woman who have accused governor cuomo of sexual harassment having to relive those accusations in the media today seeing them portrayed by us and the news media. it was also a politically difficult day for democrats like joe biden. joe biden has been a longtime friend of andrew cuomo began working with him in 1991 joe biden was in the senate and joe biden served under the clinton campaign and it was a difficult day for joe biden who was friends with andrew cuomo's father, three term governor of new york, marriott cuomo. he was widely admired in the democratic party for many years. it was a politically difficult day for the highest ranking woman win the government of the state of new york, lieutenant governor kathy hopeful of buffalo. she is the only democrat who decided not to call for the governor's resignation today,
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not out of loyalty but to avoid any appearance of a political motivation because lieutenant governor kathy hopeful, would immediately become the governor of new york if andrew cuomo followed joe biden's suggestion today and resigned. the resignation of andrew cuomo would immediately produce new york's first woman governor, democrat kathy hopeful. who would be serving the remaining term of governor cuomo if they begin the impeachment process against andrew cuomo, the governor must, by state law, be temporarily removed from office while the impeachment process proceeds. and during that time, lieutenant governor kathy hopeful would become the acting governor of new york. today, lieutenant governor issued a statement saying quote
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i believe these brave woman, and she called the governor's actions as described in an investigative report by the states attorney general released today quote, repulsive and unlawful. it was a stunning press conference today when democratic attorney general the t should james, the lawyer she hired to investigate sexual harassment charges against the governor revealed what they found, including accusations from a state trooper that have never been made public before. >> the governor also, several times, inappropriately touched a state trooper assigned to the unit to protect the governor. in an elevator, while standing behind the trooper, he ran his finger from her neck down her spine and said, hey you. another time, she was standing holding the door open for the governor. as he passed, he took his open hand and ran it across her stomach from her belly button
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to the hip where she keeps her gun. she told us she felt completely violated the governor touched her between her chest and privates, as she put it. that state trooper who was identified in the tierney general's report as trooper number one, describe the governor's behavior as quote, flirtatious and creepy. the attorney general's report says, the governor asked her why don't you wear a dress? trooper one replied, it was because she wears a gun. she would not have anywhere to put the gun if she wore address. according to the report the state trooper immediately told another state trooper in the governor's protective detail quote, oh my god, can you believe the governor asked me why i don't wear a dress? >> she was wearing a gun to protect the governor, but the attorney general's report says, no one in the governor's office was trying to protect the woman
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around the governor from sexual harassment. governor cuomo released a prerecorded fully scripted, video response to the attorney general's report today in which he said he never touched anyone inappropriately. er touchthe governor specificaly addressed some of the accusations from the 11 women when the attorney general says they were found to be telling the truth about the governor's conduct with them. the governor did not know, say a single word about the state troopers accusations against him. the attorney general's report has cooperating evidence for many of the allegations against the governor including text messages sent a immediately after the governor did something inappropriate. the report says
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and a video statement today, he said he was only going to be helpful, said cuomo. tonight, norah donna asked charlotte bennett about that on cbs. >> do you think he is gaslighting you? >> absolutely. he is trying to justify himself by making me out to be someone who can't tell the difference between sexual harassment and mentorship. . he sexually harassed me. i am not confused. it is not confusing. i am living in reality and it is said to see that he is not. >> i one point he said he was trying to help you work through a difficult time. did that sound like that was his intention. >> no. his intention was trying to sleep with me.
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>> today, the interesting generals investigator said this about the possibility of criminal charges against the governor. >> i will state it is our understanding that for the gentleman whose -- was to the albany police department already has a report about that. as the terror attorney general stated, all the information is fully documented in the report and any prosecutors or police departments can look at the evidence and determine whether they want to take further action. >> leading off our discussion tonight, rebecca roiphe former prosecutor for the manhattan district attorney's office and deanna paul, it is covering new york state and also former new york city prosecutor and josefa velã¡squez senior reporter for the city. and josefa, let me begin with. you lieutenant governor, whole cole said today, she doesn't want to comment on this process
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that means impeachment or no impeachment. we know but the status of impeachment of the governor tonight in albany? >> so, following the attorney general's press conference assembly democrats took control of the chamber and held an emergency closed-door meeting. the closed-door resumed and it was determined that any support that the governor had prior to this report has vanished. no comfort -- the conference itself said they have no more faiths that andrew -- cuomo can keep serving as governor. the question now is whether or not he resigns or they impeach him. right now, these simply has the judiciary committee run an investigation into the sexual harassment allegations into the
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governor along with several other things like his administration handling of unearthing home deaths and 5 million dollar book deal and once that concludes, we will try to figure out whether or not there are grounds for impeachment. unfortunately, the state constitution does not spell out what is an impeachable offense. so, the assembly is trying to make sure to process this cross the t's dot the eyes before the draft out the articles in impeachment. once that happens, all you need is a simple majority vote in the hundred seat chamber which sources say, the number is there for that. >> diana paul what do you see in this story legally both on the civil side and on the criminal side? >> so, there is a lot of liability that could be in the future for the governor and some senior officials. this is the beginning of a long road, it seems.
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they're calling for his resignation in an impeachment proceeding. in the report today, there is possible civil liability for both him and senior officials. there is also the albany district attorney was said there is an ongoing investigation and there is the federal investigation against his handling of nursing homes during covid-19. >> let's listen to what the albany district attorney said to lester holt tonight. >> based on what you have seen in this report, is any of the behavior described and attributed to the governor would any of that be considered criminal? >> the allegations early on certainly lead myself another prosecutors with concurrence diction to believe that criminal activity had taken place. we will conduct our own independent investigation. it will be done expeditiously and we will arrive at those conclusions. >> professor roiphe your
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reaction to that. >> i think the vast majority of the conduct described in that report, really is civil in nature. it is absolutely right that it's a piece that has been carved off that the albany district attorney is looking into and it could be a crime under new york law for simple touching, is a crime if it's done in order to exert power or agree she ate yourself sexually. entirely possible that the charges come out of that i think this is really a pattern and practice that fits best into sexual harassment it's a really strong case. especially because even the people who didn't witnesses sexual harassment they described a workplace that was essentially somebody the governor who was exerting his power and enforcing loyalty through bullying, and intimidation. that is entirely consistent with the sexual harassment that is describe i the woman and the
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allegations. the vast majority of this we will see on the civil side that's not to say that there might be more criminal charges coming out of it. >> and josefa velã¡squez kathy hochul the lieutenant governor has never been close to the governor, they have frozen her out of the administration they tried to knock her off the ticket when they were running for reelection last time for various reasons. she is standing apart from everyone else in the democratic party at this point in not calling for the resignation of -- because there would be an ineffective benefit to her. she would immediately be elevated to governor. does the image of kathy hochul taking over as governor in albany, is that something that democrats see as actually a political outcome that they want a way of cleaning this slate if they can get to that? >> lieutenant governor hochul,
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has really had more of control in this administration. she traveled around the state quite often, doing things that quite frankly the governor does not want to do. opening, talking to advocacy groups and supporters. really, lieutenant governor hochul hasn't had those relationships with state lawmakers. right now it seems that if she were to take over for the governor, it is really more of any holdover until 2020 to win and she would be out for reelection. right now, the domino there quite frankly if they do fall, the lieutenant governor will become the governor. it's unclear if she will run for governor to begin with and whether she has the support. new york city alone has 1 million people. she hasn't really had a base here as opposed to some other contenders that might throw their hats into the race.
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>> chris cuomo, the governor's brother appears in the attorney general's report several times. he actually had to testify in the attorney general's investigation because chris cuomo is someone who has no advice and state government and is advising the governor throughout the situation and more and more accusations are emerging against him. the attorney general's report finds fault with that process and it says we also find it revealing and consistent with the executive chambers overall approach, that when faced with allegations of sexual harassment brought against the governor, the inner circle of confidants brought into control and direct response included a number of individuals with no official roles in the executive chamber. the report goes on to say, as a result of this dynamic, the state employees who are not part of this inner circle of
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loyalists, would rightfully believe, and did, that any complained or allegation about the governor, would be handled by people whose overriding interest is in protecting the governor. >> and deanna paul that comes at the end of the attorney general's report where it is saying so conclusively, not only what the accusations were against the governor, but how the governor's office acted who repeatedly and trying to cover them up and make them disappear. and then, how this illicit group as it were, who was brought in cold political consultants and others who were brought in and shared confidential information about these state workers. it was shared with these people illegally in an effort to come up with strategy to protect the governor. >> >> one of the things the report does a very detailed
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layout us is his workplace that was wrapped with bullying and intimidation. in addition to state and federal laws that weren't being followed there was policy that wasn't being followed when a complaint was made to a manager of complaints should have been filed and it just wasn't done. and that's something we see in the report and instead there was this unspoken's policy of not leaving the governor alone in a room with some people. things that stood out to me is that there were even witnesses who said that the workplace environment was so abusive and hostile, and the special treatment by the governor was preferable. >> and professor roy fee when i first heard about chris cuomo's involvement with his brother, it right to me as a brother advising a brother was a problem about how to handle it, there was an innocence to it, when i see it in my initial
10:18 pm
reaction to it, when i see it in the attorney general's report it becomes something very different, especially when it involves the sharing of confidential information about the state employees with chris cuomo and others outside of the government, and that feeling that it correctly gave to people in the administration that if you bring any complaints is not going to be dealt with in any legal process, it's going to be dealt with by the friends of the governor who do not work here. >> right, and again just as she said, there is a consistency between the side story and the allegations themselves which is here is a person who -- sort of extra legal measures that are not the way things are done and he does that in order
10:19 pm
to intimidate people in doing what he wants them to do, this story which i agree with you at first it doesn't seem that bad a brother helping another brother once it's described in full detail you understand it's part of a pattern and a practice. it's all of these little stories parts of what makes the report altogether seem so damaging, because they do all these pieces fit together to paint a portrait of a troubling situations, a really troubling way that a governor uses his position and a way that's troubling. >> rebecca roiphe, josefa velasquez and deanna paul, thank you very much for starting off our conversation, we really appreciate it. >> thank you. >> thank you. coming up, psychologist mary trump's first book was about diagnosing her uncle who was then president of the united states, her new book is about diagnosing the country that produced him and the 74 million people who still support him. mary trump joins us next. ry trump joins us next
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psychologist mary trump diagnosed her uncle donald trump and the pathologies that he brought to the presidency in her new book entitled the reckoning. mary trump widens the focus around patient donald trump to include this 74 million americans who support his pathologies. mary trump writes, i have heard people say this is not who we are, but right now this is precisely who we are. thanks to an outdated and inherently biased political structure, exemplified by the undemocratic electoral college which has repeatedly put the losing republican candidate in office and a divided senate in which one half of the membership represents 41 million fewer citizens than the other, we are a nation in which of virulent minority has an outsized voice and the majority,
10:25 pm
underrepresented and forced into a bystander rule, suffers mightily in silence. we are going to be dealing with the consequences of the trump administration, the pandemic, and particularly the insurrection of january six for a very, very long time, just as we are going to be confronting the fact that 74 million people wanted four more years of whatever they thought they got in the last four. joining us now, mary trump, author of the new book the reckoning. our nation's trauma and finding a way to heal, which comes out on august 17th. thank you very much for joining us tonight, we really appreciate it. >> it's great to be here, lawrence. >> it seems diagnostic lee you've widen the focused on the patient you are examining in your last book, and in that book your focus was wide enough to include your family members.
10:26 pm
donald trump's father and what's shaped him in the family. now, you're taking a look at the country that shaped him, the country he grew up in, the lies this country has told to itself, which is all part of donald trump's own conditioning in lying about himself throughout his life. >> yeah, when i started to formulate the idea for this book, we were back in the worsening era of covid, the second wave, i believe it was in september, october, before the election. fingers were looking quite desperate, politically and from a health standpoint, and i wanted to figure out how we got to this place where we were so vulnerable, as a country, on almost every level. our democracy was on the brink, the american experiment was on
10:27 pm
the edge of failure, and hundreds of thousands of americans were dying, needlessly, because of the malfeasance and ineptitude of donald administration. it seemed -- it felt like we needed to go back farther to understand how so much unraveled over a short period of time. i found two interesting and disturbing coincidences, similarities, between what i found in my family and what i found in american history. one, donald's never been held accountable, and historically, practically no powerful white men have been held accountable in america. and, also, that we never looked clearly at where we came from. from slavery to the end of the civil war and the failures of
10:28 pm
reconstruction, on through the present day. >> you write in the book, he is incapable of making the right choices doing so might conflict with his self interest because covid hit blue states first and was found to affect communities of colors disproportionately, it was even easier for him to make that choice, it also ensured that his base would embrace the china virus is a hoax narrative because it reinforce their belief in white supremacy in their own need for divisiveness. that is the first explanation i've read about the disbelieving side of the country about covid-19. >> yeah, another thing that
10:29 pm
became incredible clear, not that we should've been aware of it and many where americans have been aware of it forever was the extent to which white supremacy has played a role and continues to play a role. one thing donald did is expose the extent to which being an open racist is a winning proposition in the republican party, and all of these things are connected we need to start seeing them that way or i'm afraid we're never going to get beyond it. >> the republican party has been trying to appeal in varying degrees of languages since the 1968, to the races side of our voting they were trying to get the southern democrats who have been voting for racist southern democrats, and donald trump came along and
10:30 pm
just took all the shading away from it and just made it extremely clear, he's one of them. >> yeah, and it's remarkable, maybe it shouldn't be remarkable it's disheartening shall we say just how effective it is that it is to so many people that have been given that permission. it's no accident and it's no accident that the republican leadership had embraced donald, has embraced what the rest of us might view us the worst things about him which are the worst things in america. they know they have a very narrow path to stay in power, and it is by appealing to the
10:31 pm
worst instincts in the american people. >> donald is a fascist limited by's ability to see beyond himself or his vision never went further than a mere. should we extend that label to the republican party? >> without question. it is a waste of time, and quite honestly, it is a waste of our opportunity to turn things around. the next year and a half will be incredibly crucial to see if
10:32 pm
we can put a stop to this trend and the democrats in particular and the media in general have to face this in a way that demonstrates that they understand the serious-ness of the threat. democrats cannot keep playing by old rules because republicans are burned the rulebook. there are no rules anymore. pulling punches and using language that is polite isn't going to get us where we need to be. >> i have a lot more notes here about your book. if you could stay with us across a couple minutes of commercials, we can get in a few more questions. >> i would love to. >> okay great. back with mary trump. back with mary trump i got you. ♪ all by yourself. ♪ go with us and get millions of flexible booking options. expedia. it matters who you travel with. ♪
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mary trump is back with us. the passage there where you just talk about this recurring urged to move on, the impatience with doing the hard work of atonement -- we are seeing a version of that in the republican's reaction to a january 6th commission -- committee in the house now, to investigate exactly what happened on january 6th and leading up to it. >> we are. and it shouldn't surprise us. we have been seeing the
10:38 pm
republican party make the conscious decision to put up with donald from the election onward, despite his egregious behaviors. despite his on constitutional behaviors, despite the fact that he's cruel, incompetent, and has done so much damage to this country because, they believe that is what they need to do in order to stay in power no matter how illegitimately. what is equally, if not more troubling, however, is the inaction by the doj as far as i can tell, to delve into what was really going on in this administration in terms of trying to steal the last election and trying to determine who in the administration was involved in organizing the insurrection. we have acted exhibitionist and our government right now.
10:39 pm
if we don't deal with this, if we don't face this and hold people accountable which is something this country has never been able to do sense robert easily on down, then i really don't know what is too much. the message will be if you get into power, you can get away with anything. >> you make the point in the book that, if donald trump had been convicted in the senate trial, which by the way only would've required a minority of republican senators to join with democratic senators to get to that two thirds threshold to meet that requirement, you say if he had been convicted he would not have been able to run for office again. if nothing else, taking that step would've made it impossible for donald to pretend he would run for the presidency again in 2024, and
10:40 pm
then russia down his ability to -- off that pretense my guess about that is that he is not going to run again and this is all about raising money. is that what you are saying? >> you know lawrence, i thought that for a long time he wouldn't run again because he lost so badly to joe biden. biden, that i didn't think he would never want to put himself in a position to lose again. i think that would've been the case if not for two things. one, he seems still to be getting away with everything, right? and to, the republican party is trying to engineer a system in which the minority can come into power because of all of these, i think we are up to hundreds, a voter suppression bills that are being passed in every single state. if they are successful in doing this and rigging the system even more in their favor, then -- and donald gets the message that if he
10:41 pm
runs he can't lose because it will completely break his way, that i'm not so sure. that is pretty depressing. well, i am not so sure he isn't going to be a convicted criminal defendant by that time, either in georgia or manhattan. the other weird thing about this is having said that, even if he is convicted of state crimes in georgia, i am not sure that prevents him from running for president again. >> it is an ever growing problem. i think in some horrifying ways, it increases his credibility with his party. so, we are in a pretty bad situation right now and, i hope you are right. i hope that especially the new
10:42 pm
york eeg nda, they are able to hold him accountable for crimes that he allegedly committed decades ago, and has been committing over decades financial crimes etc. again, it would be as if he is still getting away with the big stuff. for the people around him still getting away with the big stuff when is it going to stop? >> is there a passage that i missed in my dappling with social psychology in college that explains the 74 million trump voters? >> yeah there is actually a large part of one chapter entirely devoted to trying to understand those 74 million people. when i will say about that, is one of the worst things about having him convicted, a allowing him to run in the future again was that he was
10:43 pm
allowed to run in 2020. he was treated as a totally normal candidate, and it allowed 74 million people to give their support to him and representation matters and sometimes that is an incredibly good thing and it doesn't happen enough but sometimes it is a really bad thing. 74 million people were allowed to express their support and fill the power, and so was he. the wrong message was sent and again, it has put us in a really dangerous situation. >> mary trump, your professionally trained insights into your uncle are invaluable to this audience and the country. we really appreciate you joining us tonight. thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you so much. it's been a pleasure, lawrence. >> mary trump's new book is the reckoning, our nations trauma and finding a way to heal. coming up, the delta variant of
10:44 pm
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it's time to treat td. td is not ok. visit i want to be crystal clear about what's happening in the country today. we have a pandemic of the unvaccinated. this is a tragedy people are dying and will die who don't have to die. >> today, new york city mary bill de blasio announced that new york will become the first u.s. city to require proof of at least one dose of the coronavirus vaccine to enter indoor dining facilities fitness centers, and an indoor entertainment venues. in new york city, 6.2% of people 18 years or older are fully vaccinated. and louisiana, 47.1% of people 18 years or older are fully vaccinated.
10:49 pm
louisiana is the six lowest vaccinated rate in the country and the highest number of covid cases per 100,000 people in the last seven days. doctor mark kline as the physician in chief at the hospital in new york airlines. >> i'm a pediatric infectious disease specialist by training. i have practiced it for more than 35. years i worked all over the world. i have studied pandemics and worked with epidemic and pandemic diseases for my entire career. i have to tell you, i am as worried about our children today, as i have ever been. this virus, the delta variant of covid is every infectious disease specialist and epidemiologists worst nightmare. joining us now is doctor mark cline physician in chief at children's hospital new
10:50 pm
orleans. doctor, thank you for joining us tonight. we really appreciate it. what is this situation at your hospital tonight? it's fully occupied? how many of the children are there with covid? >> >> lawrence, i think just about every pediatric facility in louisiana useful tonight and we have a modest number of children admitted with covid. it's a very high intensity care that these children demand. we currently have 11 in the hospital, two in our intensive care unit. we've had totals as high efforts 20 over the past week, which far exceeds the number of children that we had had on any given day throughout the entire course of the pandemic up until just the past week. >> one of the ages of the children you are seeing suffering with covid? >> we are seeing the full age range from several weeks of age, too late adolescence and everything in between.
10:51 pm
about half of the children are under 12 years of age and under four are an eligible for vaccination just yet. the other half are adolescents between 12 and 17 years of age and 50 candidates for vaccination -- could be candidates. >> you spoke of a myth that children are immune and that was a belief going around for a long time and possibly still is. are you encountering that among any of the parents who are bringing their children in with covid? >> they are, lawrence. for the first year of the pandemic, it was said by some that children maybe couldn't contract covid it all, and then if they did they want to get sick. about 6% of the cases of covid that were identified in the united and in 2020 were among children, but today, around 20% of new cases in louisiana and really across the united states are being caused and occurring
10:52 pm
and children 5 to 7 years of age. the new delta variant of covid is a game-changer and seems to have a propensity for causing severe disease in children and adolescents. that is what we are dealing with currently. >> doctor, who i know every parent of children watching this right now wants to ask you doctor, what should i be doing? what should i do for my children. >> it is a good question. certainly if the children we are talking about is 12 years of age or older, the children should be a vaccinate just as every adult should be vaccinated. children under 12, a little more difficult because there is only one group in the united states today that has a 0% rate of vaccination in that is children under the age of 12. they are not eligible for vaccines. so, as a society and as adults, we need to protect them by being vaccinated ourselves so that we won't transmit the
10:53 pm
virus to young children. i think if there were ever a time and a compelling reason to get vaccinated that time and reason was right now. >> beyond not, in days the tried and true approaches, good handwashing, shows she'll distancing and masking up. governor edwards here in louisiana announced a new statewide mask mandate just yesterday that pertains to indoor settings and applies to schools and children as long as five years of age. that should be modeled along the united states. as kids go back to school, that's one of the best things we can do in the short term to help ensure that children will not become infected. >> dr. mark kline thank you very much for the work you do and thank you for sharing this information with us tonight. >> thank, you lawrence. happy to be here. >> thank you. tonight's last word is next.
10:54 pm
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10:58 pm
states taken advantage of a funded program that pays people $100 for getting vaccinated, president biden announce today when the united states is doing for the countries where most people don't earn $100 in a month. >> as of today, we have shipped
10:59 pm
over 110 million doses to 65 nations. according to the united nations this is more than any other country that have donated vaccines to any other country, including china and russia. all those nations combined. vaccinated america and help vaccinate the world, that's how we're about to beat this thing. we're always going to have enough doses for every american who wants one, our work in donating vaccines is about america promising and delivering what we say we will deliver. there is a need for servile billion doses around the world, we have committed to over half a billion doses. >> the highly contagious delta variant of covid-19 was first discovered in india, variants can develop anywhere in the world especially in countries with the lowest vaccination
11:00 pm
rates, providing vaccines to the world is not an act of pure generosity, it's an act of self-defense that is necessary to help protect americans from the spread of future variants. that is tonight's last word, the 11th hour with brian williams starts now. r with brian williams starts now. >> good evening once again i'm chris dancing in for brian williams, day 196 of the biden administration. tonight the president's joining a chorus of voices from both parties calling on longtime political ally and new york governor andrew cuomo to step down, after today's explosive report from the states attorney general. it alleges that he sexually harassed 11 women including a state trooper. >> are you now calling on him to resign? >> yes. >> do you think he should be prosecuted? >> what i


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