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tv   American Voices With Alicia Menendez  MSNBC  July 31, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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that does it for me. thanks for watching. i'll see you back here tomorrow at 5:00 p.m. eastern for another live hour of "politicsnation." my colleague alicia menendez picks up our news coverage now. >> thank you sharpton. it is a busy saturday. a lot developing. let's get into it. begin on capitol hill. the senate was in a rare session today, lawmakers working to hammer out fine print of a roughly $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure plan. despite taking longer than hoped, senate majority leader schumer thinks an agreement is near. >> given the bipartisan nature of the bill, the senate should be able to process this legislation rather quickly. we may need the weekend. we may vote on several amendments, but with the cooperation of our republican colleagues i believe we can finish the bipartisan infrastructure bill in a matter of days. >> while we may soon see that progress in the senate, there is
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still, of course, the house, where progressive democrats say they won't support it unless the paired with the multi-trillion dollar reconciliation bill. we'll talk to house progressive caucus chair about that in a few minutes. and in a few hours, limbo awaits millions protected by the evicks moratorium that ends at midnight. despite efforts by congresswoman cori bush, slept on the capitol steps prying to protect evictions before the august recess. >> you chose to take care of people. you chose to be a servant leader, and if you choose not to do the work we need you to move out the way, because there are people's lives at stake. >> and then there's covid, and the new raging delta variant. florida just reported its highest number of daily infections since the pandemic began. how many, any moment. first, disturbing new data as vaccines as the cdc announces
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people with breakthrough infections can spread the variant. "new york times" reminding us vaccinations still matter and still determine outcomes a lot. look at their graphic with a side-by-side of where death rates stand these days. on the left, see it there, deaths in counties with high vaccination rates. on the right, deaths in counties with low vaccination rates. as of today, cdc data shows nearly 35 million new cases reported in the last 30 days nationwide. 610,000 cases reported in the last 30 days. but in just one day, a whopping record for the state of florida reporting today well over 21,000 cases. a single day record since the pandemic began. so the covid situation crystal clear. delta is dealing deadly blows just about everywhere, raising the question once again on how to address it. the private sector stepping up, saying all employees at walmart,
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managers traveling within the u.s. must be vaccinated by early october. walt disney company requiring all salaried and non-union employees to be vaccinated in the next 60 days. corporate mandates do not impact all communities where mask debates are raging. so is fearmongering about the federal government working to mandate every american be vaccinated. the cdc director says americans should not expect a widespread federal vaccine mandate. only private institutions and portions of the federal government. joining me now, dr. vin gupta, affiliate professor at institute of health metrics and evaluation, critical care pulmonologist, and always good to see you doctor. my takeaway from the leaked cdc documents, is that the stakes are higher and complexity of messaging this to the public even more complicated. what is your takeaway? i think i might have lost you, dr. goop ta.
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we will work on getting you back to have this important conversation about vaccines, and about mandates for masks. going to capitol hill. the senate in session to make progress on passing the president's roughly $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill. the group working ton led by senators portman and sinema hope the bill will remain intact over the the next several days of debates and amendment. making sure his chamber is in it to win it. >> i said for weeks the senate will going to move forward on both tracks of infrastructure before the beginning of the august recess. the longer it takes to finish, the longer we'll be here. but we're going to get the job done. >> if this bill gets through the senate it's to the house, progressives await with their own demands. joining me, chair of the house caucus. thank you for your time. senator schumer seems to think it will get done in days. you've been demanding the bill
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be sent to the house along with the $3.5 trillion reconciliation bill before a vote is taken. what do you see as the stakes here? >> the stakes are enormously high, because obviously the need is so high. people across the country want to see not just roads and bridges. they want to get childcare, paid leave. they want to make sure their health care needs are taken care of, be able to send their kids to free community college and get free fre pre-k and take on climate change. those are part of the package and why we've said as progressives we won't be able to move a bipartisan bill along. the votes won't there for it in the house unless we have -- unless -- the bill in the house.
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that is the situation awaiting bills from the senate and working hard with senators to make sure that our five progressive caucus priorities are included in any bill that comes to the houses. >> given that, how optimistic are you both of these billess get over the line and through the house in a way acceptable to you and your progressive colleagues? >> i feel very good about the fact we've already seen that the draft framework for the reconciliation bill does include our five price and forgot to mention immigration as a key piece of that, citizenship, dreamers, farm workers a topic you cover often on your show. all of those five priorities are included in the reconciliation primer. now we need to make sure details are there. some areas we would like to see more funding allocated. we're working on that right now with chairman sanders and other senators, and i feel good that we are going to move that forward. understand that this is something that is urgent for people across this country. i just saw a statistic that said
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that one in three people in america have less in savings than before the pandemic, and, of course, you know that even before the pandemic hit 40% of americans didn't even have $400 in their bank account. this is urgent. we need to help working families and poor people across the country feel like they have an opportunity again. you know? that they can wake up in the morning and know that their life is going to be dignified and fulfilling for them and for their kids. >> congresswoman what is admittedly potentially an unanswerable question. do you believe mcconnell will continue to support this bill, despite the fact trump and others are encouraging him to blow it up? >> you're talking about the bipartisan bill. i have no idea. i mean, he said three months ago that 100% of his focus was on stopping any part of the biden administration. now, he voted for the bill to move forward. we'll see. i really have no idea.
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i mean, mitch mcconnell has been for us democrats in the house the place where we would send the graveyard, the senate -- all good things go to die, from voting rights to lgbtq equality that donald trump is urging republicans not to vote for it is -- is also going to be another factor in this. we'll just have to see. >> this week you and several clee colleagues along with the national workers alliance re-introduced the domestic workers bill of right supported by the president and vice president and extends commonplace, workplace rights and protections to over 2 million domestic workers. talk to me about this bill and why you felt it needed to be re-introduced right now. >> yes. well, this is so exciting. it's one of the bills that i introduced to the last session along with then senator kamala harris, and it really is about 2.5 million domestic workers who
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do all the work that makes all other work possible, and yet are amongst the lowest paid with no protections. and the thing i think a lot of americans don't know is that domestic workers and farm workers, actually, were both categories of workers left out of all of the new deal labor protections. labor laws. so there are no real standards governing the work and the conditions for domestic workers, and that is simply unacceptable. certainly we knew they were important before the pandemic. now it's even more important that we make sure that these 2.5 million domestic workworkers, largely women, women of color, including immigrant women, are taken care of. that's what this national domestic bill of rights does and exciting to see over 100 of my colleagues as co-sponsor of the bill at introduction and of course the vice president and president saying that they support the bill. >> congresswoman, thank you so
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much. back now to covid. the delta variant and rapid rise in cases and deaths across the country. back with us, msnbc medical contributor dr. gupta. hopefully you didn't cut out because you didn't like my question. i'll ask it again. my take, stakes are higher given what we understand, and the complexity of messaging all of that to the public becomes even more complicated. what did you take away from those documents. >> good afternoon, alicia. sorry about that, by the way. my worry here is that we're potentially risking our credibility for using, or over-using hyperbole to scribe situations that don't merit it. what do i mean by in a? we were seeing at the time, seeing in the intensive care unit and my colleagues seeing otherwise healthy fully vaccinated individuals ending up in the hospitals in droves. then the war change. communication changed. yet i don't think anybody, i'll
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say what i mean in a second. i don't think anything is getting the message, the vaccines, i appreciate your setups. the vaccines still work. most sources of information are not leading with that. i'll say why this is so problematic. i've been traveling the country on invitation to speak to factory workers, frontline workers across different industries. these are the questions i get. people already in the system, have trusted relationships with medical providers. it's not that accessible with -- to younger people, to people who do not see medical providers, and this nuance we need to wrestle with and build trust. we need to rebuild trust both for the short and long term. >> i'm confused and hoping you can clarify for me. which is, if people who have the vaccine have taken the vaccine, can spread the virus with the same viral load as those who are unvaccinated, tell me if i'm getting that right, is this no
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longer about herd immunity but rather about individual protection? >> i would absolutely say it is. thank you for bringing that up. we are not getting to a place anymore where looking at day over day cases really matters. why i think the cdc's framework is a little confusing. what matters is, are you fully protected or not? are you fully vaccinated? ideally with two doses of the vaccine. we're headed towards delta being a endemic. we're not testing level of case rates in individual communities. what matters, vaccine coverage and what are hospitals looking like? l.a. county, seattle, new york city, covid-related infections, 5% or less matters. philadelphia, the president said he went unmasked, barely anybody's going to the hospital with covid. the high vaccine rates. we need to get comfortable that's where we're headed so people across the political spectrum understand what success
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looks like, because president biden, at least darn clear, it's low hospitalizations, high vaccine coverage. makes sense to people. intuitive. >> i want to throw another example into the mix, because i think it's one where it can be read two ways. i want you to help us understand how we can talk about it, which is that there's an outbreak in massachusetts over the fourth of july. 469 people contracted the virus. three quarters of which were fully vaccinated and some, of course, used that as an excuse arguing vaccines don't work, but of those 469 people, dr. gupta, only five hospitalized. nobody died. in anything that shows the vaccines are working. right? >> your argument was beautifully made right there. i don't even need to elaborate on it. that's the point. the kaiser family foundation looking at 25 states, heroic work, who is having vaccine breakthrough disease. we're noticing anywhere from .01% in some states to as
3:15 pm
little at .9% of breakthrough cases, voersz connecticut extremely show to oklahom .9%. this is a consistent story. this is why it's really important for us not to use hyperbole, stay consistent to reach the individuals who are not in the public health system, who are not regularly interfacing with medical providers to understand what's happening and they do not get the wrong impression that the vaccines don't work and, in fact, can lastly say, alicia, it's one thing for corporate employees to be told to get the vaccine or stay home. once that risk for them is returning to the office. otherwise, they can stay virtual. google, apple, giving corporate employees a chance to say virtual. entirely different thing. fresno have no choice subjected to a mandate get the shot or get fired.
3:16 pm
a different nuance debate for those front line who have no other choice who do not have to report to work. >> i saw you tweet this and wanted to talk to you one on one. idea of a covid booster shot? right? people getting in some cases a third dose. people like me with the j&j vaccine what would be a second dose. to your point. so many american whose don't have regular access to a medical provider, who are we supposed to have that conversation with about whether or not a booster is necessary? >> these are such layered and complicated conversations, because that gets to the point i'm sure representative -- i know -- this past question about -- greater health care access for many people. the question of the one shot j&j gotten a lot of questions about this. it's true. fda, cdc have not updated guidance to allow you, alicia,
3:17 pm
to get a second shot which i believe should be provided to you transparently. hopefully they update this. johnson & johnson is going to come with a data in the next few weeks about whether a second dose is actually necessary. i do believe it is. hopefully the formal processes will be put in place so you can get that easily. it's a larger question and we need to co-opt pharmacists, respiratory therapists in the field, other authentic messages directly at the site of these on-site clinics. at employers, at workplaces to have education right there, reassurance right at point of inoculation. proximity, on-site vaccine clinics, paid time off and that education piece is vital. seen it with my own two eyes. lastly i'll say i don't think it's about money anymore. i recognize there's good intentions about $100 if you get the shot, but i think those people that were going to respond that have already gotten
3:18 pm
inoculated. for those it's about information that have yet to be reached that are reachable. >> i appreciate your conversations. thank you so much. throughout the night we'll keep an eye out for movement on the infrastructure bill in the senate and bring them to you. also ahead, hours to uncertainty wr millions. federal eviction protections end at midnight. to protest congresswoman cori bush slept outside the capitol last night. this is a reason this is so personal and she joins me live in the next hour. and in four-days reaching austin. marchers demanding federal action on voting rights. what happens now. later, meet the woman who wants to unseat seven-term senator chuck grassley, what she says she can do better. we are just getting started here on "american voices."
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bipartisan. senators spent the day in special sessions working to advance the president's bipartisan plan. this time seems real and is a really big deal. if this comes to fruition prd president biden would have done what many tried to do. reaching across the aisle to help future generations. allocating money to fix crumbling roads, bridges and public transit. funding to ensure americans have clean drinking water and money for electric vehicles and modernizing the power grid. joining me, without reporter and claudia tubman news editor. and tell uses latest play in these senate negotiations? >> reporter: yes. things are looking good. the bill has momentum at this point. what we're probably going to see is this is going to, as always, take a little longer than everyone would like to. the bill is currently at about
3:24 pm
2,700 pages. people really just started reading it today, but the most difficult part, which was that you needed over 60 republicans to vote to advance this. you have them, about 67 republican senators do that. they have a very wide margin here. really, the momentum is for this bill to pass. what's really going on is behind the scenes now you're already starting to see jockeying on both the left and right about what bill is coming after this. that big reconciliation bill, just $3.5 trillion. republicans basically will be like, hey we compromised, showed we're reasonable. all of these moderate republican senators up for re-election, would be like, we got a big win and also going to attack this next bill as a huge tax and spend bill at a time of inflation. sort of what you're starting to see. >> when you say it's taking longer than everybody wishes, alex, like an evergreen statement about things that happen on capitol hill. katie, if it passes the senate, how steep of a hurdle does this bill face in the house?
3:25 pm
>> well, alicia, a lot of hurdles within biden's only party. democrat leaders looking to satisfy their progressive and centrist factions right now nap is going to be within the reconciliation process. right now that $3.5 trillion ticket is looking pretty steep, but they're pushing, as we heard this week from nancy pelosi. they really want to focus on the human infrastructure as we see the hard costs of the physical infrastructure and so the pushback is going to be there within the house. so we can expect, as alex just said, a little more time if not a lot more time, as the negotiations go around and see where the votes land. >> how infrastructure week became infrastructure summer. alex, take a listen to what mitch mcconnell said about this bill. take a listen. >> yesterday i joined a number of my republican and democratic
3:26 pm
colleagues and voted to begin no consideration of bipartisan compromise legislation for our nation's infrastructure. guaranteed to be the kind of legislation that no member on either side. aisle will think is perfect, but it's an important basic duty of government. i'm glad to see these discussions making progress. i was happy to vote to begin moving the senate towards what ought to be a robust bipartisan floor process for legislation of this magnitude. >> okay. so alex, you touched upon this. i want to go a little deeper. talk about the complicated dynamics of this bill among republicans? you have trump calling out anyone who supports it. how likely, then, are last-minute defections? >> reporter: everything we're hearing is basically, you don't want to get in a situation where you voted for it before you voted against it. right? the fact that so many republicans have already voted for it makes it much less likely that they're going to back away
3:27 pm
now. now, everything's possible that you saw shenanigans friday where a lot of republicans felt schumer was trying to pull a fast one and democrats didn't think that. regardless what happened, there was some chance of defections. it's not over until it's over. that being said, things are looking good. at this point i would be surprised if you had many defections at all. mitch mcconnell already has sort of gone out on a limb here. now if there are some things where republicans are, like, you're sneaking something in here, you know, it's possible. but i would be very surprised at this point. mitch mcconnell sort of said where he stands, and he's going a lot of cover to his fellow republicans that want to get this done, because, honestly, all of these lawmakers, because infrastructure is popular, a lot of these lawmakers can go back to their districts, cut ribbons at bridges and roads, and just -- it's a big political win. if they can get past this, like,
3:28 pm
final 10 yard line. >> katie, your first time on the program. thank you for joining us. hope you'll come back. alex is a regular. great to have you both. next a big week for texas democrats. where does their fight for voting rights go from here? we're going to ask texas representative nicole collier next. and new developments with federal eviction protections ending at midnight tonight. eight progressive democrats led by congresswoman i anna pressley and cori bush calling on the president to bo of those women e in the next hour. stay with us. live in the next hour stay with us. start your day with crest 3d white and from mochaccinos to merlot, your smile will always be brilliant. crest 3d white brilliance. 100% stain removal, 24 hour stain resistance to lock in your whitest smile.
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last night the department of justice sued the state of texas over a new executive order signed by the state's republican governor greg abbott restricting the transportation of undocumented immigrants across the state. the order would allow troopers to pull over cars suspected of transporting migrants. it would also only let law enforcement officials transport
3:33 pm
those who cross the border illegally. the biden administration argues the order would "severely disrupt federal immigration operations." and notes the federal government depends on both contractors and other nongovernment organizations to help move migrants around the state for things like court hearings. justice department asked a federal judge to immediately block abbott's order until the case can be argued. advocates on the ground in texas are ramping up pressure to pass sweeping voter protections. activists ended their four-day, 27-mile long march to the capitol this morning. they want senators to act now, ending the filibuster to protect ballot access, i think this is slow, hard work. >> yes it srnlgts and feels emergent right now. this needs to happen right now, but if it doesn't happen right now, we are not stopping. we are going to continue this work and this conversation until everyone has equal access to this incredible democracy that
3:34 pm
we all share. so that we can have abundant life for everyone. >> today's activism unfolds as a group of texas democrats remain in washington blocking restrictive voting bills from making its way through special session in austin. thursday, three texas lawmakers testified before a house subcommittee on the threat these restrictive voting bill pose for all americans. >> why did we ring the alarm? why are we raising the concern about what's going on in texas? well, it's not just happening in texas. it's happening across our country. we have seen in a concertedest in various states to pass legislation that would limit access to the ballot. >> joining me now, texas state representativecall collier. great to see you. do you believe you've helped move the needle? >> the sheer fact 57 democrats
3:35 pm
from texas have come out united to stand for our freedom to vote has moved the needle. yes, the testimony was helpful, but sharing our stories over these last few week has really opened up the dialogue and pushed this message to the forefront, because just a few weeks ago, we weren't hearing congress talk about voting rights legislation. so now we have that message to the forefront, and even movement. so we're very hopeful and grateful. >> it's really hard to understate, or to overstate, rather, how hard it is to keep an issue like this at the forefront in the national discourse, especially given how much there is happening. to that point, democrats in congress working on a smaller voting rights bill based on a slimmed-down version of a proposition from west virginia, a framework for legislation. includes voter i.d., fights gerrymandering requires 15 days
3:36 pm
early voting in all states. have you had a chance to look at it and if so would you support this version of the legislation? >> i have not seen it, but what i do know is that we do need some form of pre-clearance. whether that's pre-clarence base and historical disenfranchisement of people of color, or practical implications of bills that have a disparate impact on people of color. and that's for those states that have more majority of people of color in their states. you know, as time goes by. but i haven't seen it, but i'd like to make sure, and like to be, like to hope they have some type of pre-clearance and a five-year look-back included. and "texas monthly" highlighting an overlooked obstacle hidden in the bill. the magazine quotes, requiring voters to submit either their driver's license number or a partial social security number when applying to vote by mail.
3:37 pm
mow applicants would be fine, because almost 90% of all registered texas voters have both their social security number and driver's license number in the database, however, 1.9 million voters have only one of the two numbers on file with the state. so if these voters can't remember which number is on file, they're mail-in ballot could be rejected. how damaging could this one aspect, one tiny aspect of the bill to limiting ballot access and which other provisions are in there that like this might not get as much air time, but you're concerned about? >> well, absolutely. you know, thousands of votes could be rejected based on this particular provision, because there's no cure. there's not even a notice provision in there to tell the voter that you have not provided the number that we have on file. so that is one aspect. the other aspect of the bill that hasn't gotten much attention, or it's been getting attention but hasn't been addressed, is the criminal aspects of this.
3:38 pm
now, we're giving one free pass to a partisan poll watcher untrained who violates the law. the presiding judge, who is allegedly to violate the law don't get a warning. they get immediate criminal sanctions. we're not seeing parity in the way that this bill is being, or the provisions of the bill are being carried out. so we'd like to see that. i mean if you're going to start giving free passes, then the presiding judge and the election workers, they deserve free passes. >> all right. texas representative nicole collier, thank you so much for your time. next, millions are hours from facing eviction, but eight progressive democrat, hoping a strongly worded letter will convince the president to take action before it is too late. two of them, congresswoman ayanna pressley and cori bush join us live. >> you chose to take care of people. you chose to be a servant
3:39 pm
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go with us and get millions of felixble booking options. expedia. it matters who you travel with. the house adjourned last night for a weeks' long recess after failing in the 11th hour to extend the federal eviction moratorium. this means as members of congress head home to their families, millions of other families risk eviction as soon as sunday. the moratorium expires at midnight leaving many desperate and scared for what's to come. >> essentially you could be evicted at any moment? >> yes. >> where would you go? >> i don't know. just to be honest. i mean, only option is a hotel, because it's going to be hard trying to get into a new apartment due to all of the qualifications you have to have, and, have in the eviction, having an eviction open. they will judge you for that and you won't qualify to get into a
3:43 pm
new apartment. >> so much at stake. nbc's reporter isn't las vegas. guad, what help is available at the state level? >> alicia, the happy been going out for months, right? at a federal level more than $46 billion were sent out to all the states across the country to make sure that money got to the renters that needed the money because of the covid, because of the pandemic hardships. right? the problem is that that money hasn't got ton all the renters. a lot of the money is tied up at the state level because of the application process, because they have to review these applications, and for whatever reason, a lot of the renters are waiting for that money which means the landlords have not received that money. meanwhile, congress needed to take action to extend this moratorium. they did not take action and began their recess. that's where we sit now. beginning tomorrow, the federal moratorium will end. what we know now is that congresswoman cori bush has actually camped out outside of
3:44 pm
congress trying to find support to try to extend this moratorium any way possible, and the just moments ago she actually tweeted a photo with the rules committee chair jim mcgovern and in this photo has said she has his full support. this is the photo, and writes, the rules committee is willing to reconvene immediately to get this done. now, we have to be clear and say this would be a very small step of many that would have to take place in order for the representatives necessary to come in to talk about this plan, to bring it to the house, and many other steps would need to happen for them to actually approve legislation that would extend the moratorium. something they weren't able to do before the recess. it's very difficult, but one positive step representative cori bush is trying to get more support. we should also mention that at least ten states have enacted their own moratorium. california, new jersey included in these states also cities and
3:45 pm
counties can have moratoriums to help residents in this way. any way to buy more time in order for the money to go from the states to the renters and also then to the landlords that need this money, alicia? >> we'll keep our eye on that what those states continue to do. thank you. at the top of the hour, congresswoman cori bush and ayanna pressley will join me live. next a conversation with former iowa congresswoman abby finkenauer. she wants senate chuck grassley's seat and is here to tell us why. and later, weighing in on this week's emotional testimony from officers who defended the capitol, and he thinks using subpoena power against members of congress is fair game.
3:46 pm
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grim numbers out of iowa. the state health department showing hospitalizations more than doubling this month averaging more than 300 cases
3:50 pm
per day up from just 63 about three weeks ago. roughly, 46% of iowans are vaccinated. despite the data, iowa republicans decided to block local governments and school distributes from mandating masks. and in a head-turning twist, iowa governor kim reynolds has gone public with a bogus game of blame saying blame, saying the nation is only seeing an uptick in covid because of immigrants coming through, what she calls, an open southern border. not only is there no evidence of that, but the controversial trump era title 42 using covid as a rationale for expelling migrants at the border remains in play. and governor reynolds doesn't stop there. also condemning new cdc guidelines on masking the vaccinated, saying, quote, telling fully vaccinated iowans to now wear masks is not only counterproductive to our vaccination efforts, but also not grounded in reality or common sense. i'm concerned that this guidance will be used as a vehicle to mandate masks in states and schools across the country,
3:51 pm
something i do not support. with me now, former iowa congresswoman, abby finken hour, who is now running for u.s. senate. she's running town seat chuck grassley. first, your reaction to your state's governor blaming immigrants for the rise in covid cases across the country. >> same thing, different day, from our governor. stoking fear instead of doing her job. and that's what we've seen from some of our republicans in the state of iowa, not just our governor, but also our u.s. senator, who i am running to replace, senator chuck grassley. these are folks who again, in particular, senator chuck grassley, he's somebody who i remember growing up watching. who worked with tom harkin. you had a democrat, you had a republican, they could work together, they could get things done for our state. and unfortunately, the conspiracies, the division, the
3:52 pm
fear, that's what they feed off right now. and that's not who we are as iowans, that's not who we are as a country, and folks deserve someone who actually represents them and shows up for them ifr up for them. again, i know iowa. these are my friends and my family who deserve people who will step up and have their backs every single day. >> let me ask you about that, as it relates to this pandemic. because iowa is a state that blocked local governments from imposing vaccine or mask requirements. the iowa state fair is set to go on next month, which is expecting to draw about a million people from around the state, including low vaccinated regions. what do you want to see happen to protect iowans and encourage more vaccinations? >> well, i would like our governor to have more leadership when it comes to encouraging iowans to get vaccinated. you see republican governors
3:53 pm
across the country stepping up, some of them have created new incentives, have really tried to get folks vaccinated. and there's not a whole lot of that coming of our state. it's why we need new leadership. we have got to be honest with iowans that vaccines are safe and effective. we have to make sure that we're doing everything we can to incentivize it. and again, i'm trying to stay hopeful that this can happen in our state, that our governor will start -- well, i guess i'm not that hopeful, that she's ever going to show leadership when it comes to stepping up for iowans and working families in the state, because we haven't seen that from her, or again, the republican leaders in this state, who just keep putting more fear, more conspiracy theories forward, instead to have actually standing up for iowans and my friends, family, and neighbors here. >> following your announcement, republicans in your state said you were, quote, out of touch and too extreme for iowans. i wonder how you respond to that and which policies you plan to
3:54 pm
make central to your campaign? >> again, more stuff, just a different day. they like to lie, they like to push conspiracy theories, and they don't actually want to talk about the policies that move us forward. heck, when that bipartisan infrastructure bill was coming together at the white house, you had all of these senators showing, republicans, democrats, you know who wasn't there? senator grassley. he's somebody that i would have put money on, 10, 20 years ago would have been at that negotiating table. we've got the most structurally deficient bridges in the entire country and in our state. where was he? and the same thing when it comes to actually getting things done. when it comes to prescription drugs, he talks about it a lot, but when we passed the most comprehensive prescription drug reform bill out of the house about a year and a half ago. you know who didn't touch it or bring it up? the u.s. senate. it's why we have to get this done. it's why we have got to compete in states like iowa to make sure
3:55 pm
that we expand the majority and actually get things done for working families. they've been ignored for far too long, and i'm tired of people who go to washington, who are these politicians, and forget about being public servanted. >> abby, thank you so much. we should note that senator grassley declined or request to appear on "american voices." next, mask madness. gop lawmakers reject public health guidelines as the debate over masking up makes a come back. the danger of placing politics over science and lives as koed cases surge in red states. and two members of congress join me live as they lead efforts to convince the president to intervene for millions facing eviction. that is moments away here on american voices. that is moments away here on american voices. was that your great-grandmother, keeping the family together? was that your grandfather, paving the way for change. did they brave mother nature... and walk away stronger?
3:56 pm
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as we begin a new hour, an 11th hour stand, the eviction moratorium set to expire at midnight. you'll hear live from two congresswomen, cory busch and iyanna pressley, who are taking their case to the white house. plus, a new look at the pandemic that's raging thanks to the delta variant. florida reporting its highest number of daily cases ever, as republicans drag masks and vaccines even further into its culture war. we thought we knew, but new documents from congress show trump going farther than we thought to stay in power. pressuring his own doj to jump
4:00 pm
onboard the big lie. and the most decorated gymnast on earth steps away from two more events in tokyo to take care of her mental health. you'll hear from a world champion gymnast who knows what that is like. this is "american voices." breaking news, as a new surge of coronavirus cases threaten the country's effort in crushing the virus. the nation's most dangerous hot spot, florida. new data from the cdc shows an alarming statistic. that state reports nearly 22,000 new coronavirus cases today. that is a single day record for the state since the pandemic began. "the miami herald" reports, quote, the last half of july looks like the start of florida's third covid-19 peak. well, the spread of the delta variant and rise of infections led the cdc to revise its mask mandate, florida's governor doesn't seem to want


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