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tv   The Reid Out  MSNBC  July 30, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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thanks to steve and freddy. that does it for us here. thanks for sticking with us. "the reid out" is up with alicia in for joy reid. >> i was hoping to get a shoutout but no dice. evening, i'm in for joy reid. we have a lot to get to in the hour ahead. including stunning new details we're learning about the pressure donald trump exerted on his justice department to help him overturn the results last year's election. according to notes from a senior doj official, trump pressed for the department to declare the election he lost, quote, corrupt and leave the rest to him. the doj made news on another front today. issuing an opinion that the treasury department must turn over trump's tax returns to congressional committee that has been fighting to get them for the past two years. we're going to get to all of this in a moment. but we begin "the reid out" with an alarming and grim newport rat of the fight to contain the coronavirus.
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an internal cdc document urging officials to acknowledge the war has changed. warning that the new delta variant appears to cause more severe illness and could spread as easily as chicken pox. it is more transmissible than ebola and the common cold and the seasonal flu and smallpox. and fully vaccinated people might spread the delta variant at the same right as unvaccinated people. nse messaging which now includes measures to incentivize vaccination and a requirement for federal employees. in the last day the white house has made a shift from encouraging or pleasing with americans to get vaccinated, to applying restrictions and inconveniences to those who won't. shift marks a crucial part of the pandemic when cases are sweeping the country with a fully vaccinated rate for those 12 and older at 57.9%. and still, the republican led revolt against any sort of mandate is escalating.
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on thursday house republicans staged a maskless protest against protocols in congress by walking to the senate side where masks are not mandated. our republican governors with a sweep of a pen are taking aim at mask mandates in businesses and in schools. joining me now dr. irwin redliner from the national center for disaster preparedness at columbia university and dr. michael sag from the division of infectious disease at the university of alabama at birmingham. it is great to see you both. doctor, i want to start with you, walking me the finding because there is a lot to take in. what most concerns? >> what most concerns me is we start off thinking that vaccinated people would not carry the virus as much as unvaccinated people. it turns out that is not true. that 75% of the cases, the if youly determined cases of covid
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are actually among vaccinated people. so the bottom line here is that if you've been fully vaccinated, you will very likely be protected from serious clinical symptoms and hospitalizations and death from the virus. but it will not protect you from carrying the infection with few or little or no symptoms. this is important because that means that while you won't get very sick if you're vaccinated, you still may be a carrier that will make it a problem for people who are vulnerable. which includes people who are older, people with pre-existing conditions, people with immune suppression and so on. so this is an important new piece of data that is telling us that we must take extra precautions whether you're vaccinated or not in terms of staying, keeping your masks on indoors and keeping your distance and so on. so the fight is still ongoing and it is changing. and we're just going to have to accept the new data as
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stimulating changes or differences in guidelines over what we were dealing with just weeks ago. >> dr. sack, you are in alabama, the state with the lowest vaccination rate and you wrote a piece in "the washington post" about the misinformation that you're patients are encountering. what types of efforts are you seeing to break through? >> well, we're struggling. and i think a lot of the country is as well. that misinformation is everywhere. and to me with this new information that we just reviewed, i think we're facing a class 5 hurricane approaching us in a major way right now that we're not able to really comprehend just yet. our projections at least in alabama is that we, by labor day, will be two to three times our highest number of cases that we've ever seen. and the public isn't ready for that. you put that together with a virus that is ridiculously easy
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to transmit and even among vaccinated people, we have got to go back to standards of public health prevention, mitigation, which includes mandating masks, when a governor or a public official takes that off the table, it is like sending us into war without our full armament of opportunities. so we have to do something to reach the public and over come the misinformation. >> a war, a hurricane, you have really laid it out there. dr. redletter, dr. wallen ski was on fox and shared more of what is the biden administration is taking a look at. >> are you for man dating a vaccine on a federal level? >> you know, that is something that i think the administration is looking into. it is something that i think we're looking to see approval from the vaccine. overall i think in general i am for more vaccination. but you know, i have nothing
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further to say on that except that we're looking into those policies and quite honestly as people are doing that locally, those are individual local decisions as well. >> doctor, is that what it is going to take? is it even possible? >> no, it is not possible. the federal government simply cannot mandate vaccinations for people. it can't be done. that would have been done on a state and local level and that is not going to happen in inm states. so forget about that. it is knock your head against the wall. but what we could hope for is a thousand points of vaccination where companies, universities, people who put on the fence and say you're not coming into the door unless your vaccinated and could prove it. and the other thing, i just want to say quickly, we're owl of the public health agenda now. we're into crazy land because people are afraid we're going to put microchips in them or become magnetic. it is out of control ands in not a question for the public health people. we're saying over and over
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again, everyone to get vaccinated. we need to get vaccinated. but that is not the field that we are playing on. we're playing on something very bizarre and unprecedented and in american society. it is going to take other kind of expertise as well meaning as we are, but we have to break through on another political or ideology level but in the meantime, i'm urging companies, schools, businesses, please, say no entry unless you've been vaccinated and can prove it. >> doctor, take a listen to what florida governor ron desantis has planned for florida schools. >> i'll be signing a order which directed the department of education and health to issue emergency rules protecting the rights of parents to make this decision about wearing masks for their children. we think that that is the most fair way to do it. you know, i -- look, i have young kids.
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my wife andry not going to do the mask with the kids. we never have. i want to see my kids smiling. i want them having fun. >> dr. sack, what happens if all of the kids go to school, no masks. you were on the forefront of this in the hospital. schools are about to reopen. parents like me are wondering what we are supposed to do with our kids. does this allow for more confusion? dr. sack? >> oh, sorry. so, yes, i think the problem is with what -- what governor desantis just said, what he did is basically he's putting out there children at risk. now what is different about this delta virus, is that it is having more illness in kids at our children's hospital for the first time. we're seeing children admitted with covid pneumonia. and some of them are going on to ventilators. so by taking away the
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opportunity to mandate masks he's basically throwing children and caution to the wind and putting them in harm's way. this should be questioned and all it is going to take is a few kids in florida to go into the hospital and die and we'll look back and say, okay your executive order is leading to the unnecessary deaths that would be other wise preventible in children in your state. is that the legacy that you really want to leave behind? >> nobody wants to see that. dr. red letter, it is more clear this is a virus that wants to mutate. we've seen reports on how unvaccinated cluster as lou more dangerous variant to warm. it would seem that the stakes for getting people vaccinated has risen and the challenge for how to message has gotten harder. tweeting today in all caps, vaccinated people do not transmit the virus at the same rates as unvaccinated people. and if you fail to include that context you're doing it wrong. which of course con raw detectives the leaked document from the cdc.
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how do you square those two things? >> yeah, how do you square it is right. alicia, but we know for a fact that vaccinated people and unvaccinated people can carry a heavy load of this virus. there is no question about it. are there going to be nuances and differences? we'll see. but in the meantime, like doctor was just saying, we are actually seeing a reckless abandonment of common sense guidelines. it is -- it is unspeakable that a governor of a state like florida is forbidding the mandating of vaccine or wearing masks. i just don't know what he's thinking. but it is profoundly ignorant and dangerous and hopefully the people of his state will realize before that outcome of losing children to this -- to this virus actually becomes visible in florida or any elsewhere. but we're at a turning point
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here and people have to begin to take this seriously and if the government wouldn't, it is up to businesses and organizations and universities to say you can't come in unless your vaccinated. >> dr. sack, i have about 30 seconds left but your sense of the incentives that would work to get people vaccinated? >> yeah, it is sort of blows my mind a little bit that preserving your health and protecting yourself isn't incentive enough. but i think we need to take off the gloves, no hold bar that we go out and find people where they live and find out why they are hesitant to be vaccinated and do what we have to do to get them into vaccine centers. but in the meantime, we really need to mask up right now. if you're vaccinated or not, this is a new ball game. this is a new virus. we have to apply the old rules to this situation. >> doctor, thank you both so much for your time. up next on "the reid out," stunning new evidence of trump's attempt to over turn the election with congress obtaining handwritten notes from a call where trump pressured the doj to
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declare the election corrupt. plause we'll talk to cori bush and alexandria ocasio-cortez and ileana presley and what it means for the millions of americans making ends meet right now. and republicans continue with their theatrics with no regard for the deadly consequences. >> apparently, according to the cdc, vaccines don't work any more. that science thing, inoperative. >> we shouldn't have to say this. that is an outright lie. the cdc has never said that the vaccines don't work. "the reid out" continues after this. ontinues after this ♪ ♪ life can be a lot to handle. ♪this magic moment,♪ but there's plenty of magic in all that chaos. ♪so different and so new.♪ ♪was like any other...♪ age before beauty? why not both? visibly diminish wrinkled skin in...
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in a major breaking story today, we're learning new details of donald trump's unprecedented efforts to nullify the results of a free and fair election. just two weeks before the vote was certified by congress, trump pressured the department of
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justice to lie to the american public. pushing top officials at doj to declare that the 2020 election was, quote, corrupt. that is according to records from a december phone call between trump, the former acting attorney general jeffrey rosen and rich donahue to document the conversation. according to those notes, he told the president to, quote, understand that the doj can't and won't snap its fingers and change the outcome of the election. it doesn't work that way. trump reportedly responded, quote, i don't expect you to do that. just say that the election was corrupt and leave the rest to me and the republican congressmen. other words, trump was asking the top law enforcement agency to sacrifice its own credibility to legitimize his election lies and continue to push his baseless claims despite being told the major allegations are not supported by evidence. in fact, the officials put it quite bluntly saying, much of
4:18 pm
the information you're getting is false. for instance, trump claimed on that call that the error rate in the ballot count in mifrpg was 68% but in reality it was less than one hundredth of one%. and yet trump insisted that we have an obligation to tell people that this is an illegal corrupt election. this wasn't some idle request. he made clear their jobs were on the line if they refused to do his bidding. telling them that, quote, people want me to replace doj leadership. joining now biely mistal and dplen kirshner, a former federal prosecutor. thank you for being with me. eli, what do you make of the notes and the conversation. >> the scariest thing is he's saying, leave it to me, leave it to me and the republican congressmen. what does that mean? that is saying that leave the
4:19 pm
gasoline outside i'll handle the rest. the level of illegality this man was going to go to. personally i feel like i knew that trump was willing to destroy the entire government in order to stay in power. but this really kind of proves it in stark detail and you have to wonder why are republicans continuing to defend this man to trumpet his cause and bend the lie and do his bidding. who are the republican congressmen that trump was talking about that were going to help him steal this election and conduct a coup against this nation. who are they? they should be named and we should understand who they are. so just the level of deceit and corruption this man was willing to go to. again, it is not new information or breaking information. but it is now provable information. >> i want to underscore some of the language there. leave the rest to me. what does that suggest to you? >> it suggests for the first
4:20 pm
time perhaps prosecutors will have direct evidence of donald trump's corrupt intent, his criminal state of mind, his guilty mens rea. this is the holy grail for prosecutors. when you get direct evidence and direct evidence is simply words out of the mouth of a defendant, that he was told by his own department of justice officials that the election was not fraudulent, it was not corrupt and he communicated back to them, doesn't matter. i don't care. just say it was, leave the rest to me and to my allies in congress. this really does provide a new level of incriminating information and it goes right to the heart of what is sometimes the most difficult element to prove, corrupt intent. the prosecutor and the department of justice now has the corrupt intent to go together with the guilty act and one question that i would ask is why did people like jeffrey rosen and richard donahue cover
4:21 pm
this up. why didn't they come forward with it? because their cover-up of this allowed january 6th to happen. these are some of the questions that i think we'll have to get answers to moving forward. >> glenn, in another part of the exchange, trump falsely claims that the elections in georgia, nevada, arizona and michigan were all corrupted. he accused the doj of failing to respond to legitimate complaints and reports of crimes and truly unbelievably to back all of that up, he tells them that, quote, you guys may not be following the internet the way i do. the internet. glenn, what would happen if the doj made decisions based on international rumors rather than evidence? >> well, they wouldn't win a lot of cases. because what we see on the internet rarely translates to admissible evidence in a court of law. and this shows, this is the deflection by donald trump. because when he's confronted with the evidence, out of the mouths of his own department of
4:22 pm
justice officials, people who he put in place, he chooses to disregard and say well the internet or maybe the tabloids or i heard somebody say somewhere, this is a very thinly, you know, very thin veneer of plausibility that donald trump is reaching for. but i'll tell you, i really can't overestimate the importance of the ability of prosecutors to now prove donald trump's corrupt intent. so when he stood up on january 6 and said stop the steal, we could prove with the testimony of jeff rosen that he knew it wasn't a steal. >> eli, what is interesting is here you have doj officials saying no. but if trump were to get a do over, what would shop him from installing lackeys who would allow this type of behavior? >> well it goes back to glenn's point. what would stap him right now would be merrick garland and the current justice department have
4:23 pm
will to prosecute him for his bad actions, right. we now have the proof. glenn laid it out. we now have the proof and the case in writing to make against donald trump. but what we don't know that we have is the will of the current doj to do that work. if they don't have the will, if they shrink from their responsibilities, if they run away from justice, then what is going to happen is that trump or desantis or caulley, or whatever, some trump-ish person will get back in charge and install other people in the department of justice who they know for sure will do their bidding should this issue come around and should have to declare a election corrupt in the future. they know what they are hiring for. they could go on and say i need corrupt people to run the justice department. that is what going to happen next time in garland doesn't do the right thing this time. >> glenn, you listen to the language and it all has echoes
4:24 pm
of what happened with ukraine. >> exactly. i thought the same thing. what did he say to president zelensky. i don't care whether biden and his son did anything wrong, what i need you to do is step to the microphone and announce an investigation. so i could then take political advantage of the fact that you announced a bogus investigation. this is more of the same. and like eli said, when will the department of justice step up and do what the american people deserve, hold a former president who committed crimes accountable. >> eli, i want too bring in another major story. justice department concluded that treasure department must turn over donald trump tax returns to a congressional committee seeking them for the past two years. that said the government agreed to give trump's lawyers 72 hours notice before turning over any returns to give him time to try to prevent the disclosure. is this going to mark the end of the trump's long fought battle
4:25 pm
to keep the returns secret? >> maybe. but i'm -- >> the sigh said it all, eli. >> it is been two years and he's never had a legal case. he has never had a good colorful legal reason to prevent the house ways and means committee from seeing his tax returns. that has never been on the table. the entire tactic has been delay, delay, delay and obfuscate. so now two years later when he's out of power, now we're finally going to get the tax returns to the house ways and means, maybe. after he does some other legal shenanigans which he will try to get it kicked up to the supreme court which will take another year and it is just overwhelming and it shows the power of trump's actual legal strategy which was to ignore the law and dare somebody to call him out on it. and so when i come back to the current doj, if you do not prosecute him for what you have him for, if you do not fulfill
4:26 pm
your responsibility now, then that is not just that he will get away with it. every person who holds that office knows the playbook to avoid the law and it is just a delay until people forget about it. >> glenn, do you agree with that assessment? >> i do agree. he never had a legal leg to stand on but the reason it was delayed for so long, when the law said if the committee makes a request for someone's tax returns they shall be turned over. what he had going for him, donald trump, was bill barr, was steve mnuchin and others in his executive branch who were willing to ignore or violate the law. but i'm with eli, he's now come to the end of the road and congress will get his tax returns. >> so, glenn, tell me then what would you be looking for in those returns? >> i want to look for foreign influence. i want to look for criminal tax evasion. listen, the new york district
4:27 pm
attorney has been out front on this issue. cy vance went to get his financial records from his accounting firm mazars and he's got them now. doj play is playing catch-up on the criminal tax fraud front and i have a feeling in the new york indictment which charged weisselberg with grand larceny for stealing taxpayer money and it charges the trump organization for stealing taxpayer money. i'm betting donald trump is got some really interesting information in his tax returns. >> eli what are you betting is in there. >> i'm looking for pump and dump. it is the michael cohen scheme, when he inflates when it is time to get a loan and deflating them. and that is what i want out of these tax returns. because that is the most serious and the most prosecutable crime,
4:28 pm
tax crime. among the other crimes. >> looking at both of these stories that we've talked about coming out of doj, i think the real appetite here, of course, is for some accountability. where do you see the greatest promise of a path to accountability for this administration? >> so, most importantly donald trump is a federal problem. he violated federal laws in a very real sense the american people are the victims of donald trump's crimes and a federal problem cries out for a federal solution. that looks like a federal indictment. that being said, will new york potentially be the first one to indict him as they move through the trump organization prosecution? might the state of georgia be the first one to indict him because they've got the goods on a recorded phone call where he said i need somebody to find me 11,780 votes that fell off the back of a truck somewhere so i could be declared, wrongfully,
4:29 pm
the winner of the georgia election. the state investigations are important. and they must conducted. but we need him to be held accountable for violating the laws of the united states as president of the united states. >> eli, so many moving pieces, where are you keeping your eye? >> same as glenn. we need federal prosecutors, stepping up to the plate. but i completely agree. the funny thing about the conversations that we're talking about with the doj, he's already on record of doing it in georgia. and the georgia case for attempted election fraud is to me the most straightforward like do not pass go, go directly to jail offense that we have on the table right now. >> all right. thank you both so much. up next, the house's adjourned without finding a way to extend the moratorium on evictions which expires tomorrow. cori bush and alexandria ocasio-cortez and eye anna presley joining me next. y jo
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tonight more than 7 million american households are on the the brink of losing their homes. as the federal eviction moratorium put in place at the beginning of pandemic expires tomorrow. the house has adjourned for the august recess without passing the extension speaker pelosi called a moral imperative. as president biden's urging, democrat lawmakers spent the day working on 11th hour attempt to avert the crisis. any new extensions need to come from congress. the more than $46 billion provided by congress, only $3 billion has been distributed through june and in a statement tonight president biden called on state and local governments to immediately disperse funds giving the immeant end of the more torum and adding there is no legal barrier at the state and local level.
4:35 pm
meanwhile notices have started going out. appearing on front doors across the country as courts prepare to allow evictions. families across the country bracing for disaster. >> it will put me in a panic mode. because at this point i'm stuck in between not knowing what is going to go on with my living situation as well as still trying to be a mother to my children and the best way i can. >> i have no idea where i'll go, what i'll do. we haven't been really saving money because we've been putting what we have towards the rent. >> my savings is depleted. it is totally depleted. and the moratorium is -- is necessary, it is extremely necessary. >> absolutely devastating. joining me now on the phone, new york congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez of new york and cori bush and massachusetts congresswoman anna presley. congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez, could you walk us
4:36 pm
through what happened tonight, the moratorium and the effort to pass it was blocked by republicans and now the house is going home? >> yes. so you know what, we saw today was frankly a lot of lack of clarity in what was happening on the floor. and eventually what this cop colluded and after negotiations all day and trying to secure the votes to extend the eviction moratorium, the house decided to try to pass the eviction moratorium extension by unanimous consent. although republicans objected, the fact of the matter is that this is not just republicans that objected to this. there were not the votes present and we cannot hide when we have a democratic majority that is capable of passing legislation, we cannot hide behind a republican party in the lack of ability to extend the eviction moratorium. and so what we want and what we were trying to do, congressman
4:37 pm
bush and i ran into the house floor in order to attempt for a roll call vote on the motion to adjourn to make sureple on the i want to leave town or i don't want to leave town. and unfortunately there was a rush to adjourn the house before congressman bush and i were capable of to doing so. >> representative bush you could give us a sense of what was holding up the negotiations that you and your colleagues were engaged in all day? >> you know, what i want to say about this is, look, at the end of the day, the work that we did, we thought that we were doing everything that we could. but when there are people and when there is power that said we have a particular thing that we want to do, for us we been trying to figure out every single way that we could. how could we get this to stop and we're still here, we're still at the capitol trying to figure out what we could do.
4:38 pm
but i'm thinking about every person that is about to be on the street. i'm thinking about every person is on the street and we complain that we have to do something about homelessness. we complain that we need to do something about covid and the transmission. we have governors like my own who won't accept federal funds for unemployment benefits but then now we're here so we have so many people who are in desperate need right now. i know because i'm one of those people. i've been there. i know what it is like to be tossed out and not know where to go and still take care of your children. so this is disturbing. this is appalling. and as law enforcements that is a failure. it is a moral failure. it is a policy failure and as leaders we do not deserve to serve if we won't take care of those people that have needs right now and we won't help them. >> representative presley, just a short time ago speaker pelosi addressed it. listen. >> really we only learned of this yesterday. and not enough time to socialize it within our caucus as well as
4:39 pm
to vote the consensus necessary. >> so should the white house has given congress more notice to get this done and now given the state that this is in, is there more they can do? >> absolutely. we should have had more notice. and where we are at right now, i think the point is, and i agree with speaker pelosi's earlier point, there was a imperative to extend the eviction moratorium. we are standing on the precipice of a national tent city. an eviction tsunami. and in the midst of spikes of the delta variant. evictions already, but to do that in the midst of a pandemic when we're seeing spikes of the delta variant is unconscionable. i've been talking with mayors, and municipal leaders in my district all day. they have talked about the fact that the utility shut off
4:40 pm
emporium ended and people are being met with balloon payments for their utilities. they cannot pay the rent. they are asking for more time. this is the -- the states have the funds. they have the infrastructure to get it out. the needs, the urgent need is there but they need more time now. house has adjourn. but we still have other levers that we should pull and we should be exhaustive in our efforts in this house to ensure that people stay in their houses. and so our options are, the house could reconvene, that is one option. the second would be that the senate which is still in session right now, they could extend this moratorium. and then the third option finally would be for the cdc to act. >> representative alexandria ocasio-cortez, your message to the families now facing eviction. how do your colleagues explain this at home during recess? >> i frankly don't know how colleagues especially those who decided to get on a plane
4:41 pm
instead of staying here in washington and try to figure this out, explain it to their constituents. but one thing i could say for our constituents back in -- at home is that we will fight for you. and we are not stopping right now. we are going -- the immediate lever right now and the immediate thing to do is to start seeking moratoriums on local and state levels but we have to go further than that. we need a guarantee. i believe that the house should reconvene in order to get this done and force a vote on this. but we will keep going until we exhaust all levers on this. and i think that every day people need to call their members of congress right now and let them know that they need to go back to work. this is not a time to go on vacation. this is a time to save people's right to housing and be able to remain housed. >> the financial services committee and chairwoman waters who led the fight for this emergency bill, agreed that we
4:42 pm
should have fought harder, absolutely. >> congress woman, bush, this is personal for you and the moratorium puts the spotlight on this issue and marks it as a crisis moment. beyond the crisis moment, beyond the moratorium, you have said we need to just fundamentally reimagine how we approach the unhouses crisis by 2025. what is that going to look like? >> what we're saying is we've just introduced our legislation, the unhouse bill of rights that said this country can eradicate homelessness, by 2025, we could do it now actually, but we could eradicate it by 2025, we need time to build homes but we could eradicate it by 2025. but right now, we're saying by adding 6, 7 million people, we're saying we're not trying to bring up the people or help the people that are already homeless and that is not okay.
4:43 pm
because then we turn around and let's be clear we'll turn around and show up at the homeless shelter at thanksgiving and take photo ops handing out turkeys. you know, but you put them there. let's be clear. you put them there and you didn't help bring up and put the people that were already unhoused in homes. and so that is a shame. and so that is why we're still here. and for me, when i think about the things -- this is the thing, the mindset, what goes through your mind when you are sleeping outside, and you have no -- no safety. there -- it gets cold and you can't control it. it gets hot when it wants to get hot and you can't control that either. let me tell you, there are no amount of blankets that you could put on to keep warm enough when it is cold outside at night and so i hope that all of my colleagues, all of our colleagues are paying attention to this and realizing that there is a mistake that -- that we could correct it. there is still time. you could come back here to this capitol and show up and get this thing done or put pressure where pressure is needed. we are freaking congress. let's get this thing done.
4:44 pm
>> representatives bush and presley and alexandria ocasio-cortez, thank you so much. up next, republicans are spreading disinformation about the virus. attacking the country's health institutions and engaging in anti-science political theater that could have deadly consequences. be right back. what makes new salonpas arthritis gel so good for arthritis pain? salonpas contains the most prescribed topical pain relief ingredient. it's clinically proven, reduces inflammation and comes in original prescription strength.
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an update for you. earlier we played a clip of rochelle walensky discussing mandates and she's referring to privacy institutions and portions of the federal government. she clarified there would be no federal mandates, it is an exhausting 19 months since the outbreak of the covid pandemic and in that time about 180 million americans over the age of 18 have received at least one shot of the vaccine. that is roughly 69% of american adults doing their part to beat back this virus. in the wake of a fourth more
4:49 pm
powerful strain, republicans are sharing dangerous and dubious information favored by covid skeptics that represents a minority of the population. here are just a few examples. >> democrats love to instill fear in the hearts of americans and i think americans are really sick of this. they're over it. they're not going to comply and they shouldn't comply with any more lockdowns or mandates. none of this. >> it is absolutely fact you'll, the delta variant is more transmissible but far less deadly than the virus from last year. >> the cdc issues a new proclamation according to them, vaccines don't work any more. that science thing, inoperative. >> to be clear, the cdc never said vaccines don't work. cruz's comments were to dangerous that chris murphy took to the senate floor to rebuke his colleague by name. >> yesterday, i listened to a speech by senator cruz of texas. and it was one of the most
4:50 pm
dangerous speeches that i've ever heard given on the senate floor and it deserves a response. don't come to the senate floor and make things up. don't destroy people's reputations and careers with wild unsubstantiated allegations about political motivations. the cdc doesn't get it right do 100% of the time. they don't have some secret political agenda. >> yet, through their theatrics, these republicans are misrepresenting the truth. which is dangerous and has deadly consequences. i am joined by donna es words and columnist for "the washington post". a d triple c adviser, senator cruz and others playing a very dangerous game. all this performative outreach creating a health risk. right. this all has consequences? >> it does. i think we should be reminded again over 600,000 americans have lost their lives to the
4:51 pm
covid virus and so, not only are the claims dangerous for performtive reasons, but they are dangerous in causing people to lose their lives and to get very rand paul in the clip you just ran. he said something that was wildly inaccurate. that, in fact, the delta variant is actually very dangerous for people who have been unvaccinated and for vaccinated folks who have a small number of them a break-through vaccine, they can get sick or they can pass the virus on as well even though they may not get as sick. so, i mean, it's really important here to know that what republicans are doing and they're doing this to their own people, they're causing them to suffer, to die and to get very, very im. and those of us who are unvaccinate reasonable doubt then put in more jeopardy and facing more restriction because of their irresponsibility. and you know, look, i think
4:52 pm
there is great anger around the country from vaccinated people to unvaccinated. but aim fought angry so much as them. but i am really angry at the legislators who continue to throw out this garbage. >> yeah, i mean, as donna just said, the health risk is very clear. i want to talk about the political risks. i want to be clear that in talking about the political risks, because i think that calculus is what is motivating so many of these decisions. so is there a risk in giving a small minority of americans, who are covid skeptics essentially veto power over the health of a majority of americans? >> well, it is. again, it's really something to watch the party that walks around and claims to be pro-life openly advocating for policies and rhetoric that is going to lead to the destruction of life. the republican party right now is presiding over a death cult. and what they're doing is kind of a self-fulfilling prophecy.
4:53 pm
they believe they have calculated the only chance they have to win any election going forward is in the country is the disarray, the country is in kye os, the country is in bad shape. so they are literally making it happen going out every day espousing conspiracy theories. the end results will be they will get their own people killed. people vaccinated hopefully will not be dying at the same rate as people unvaccinated. it tell us us the people that are dying will end up dying. many are actually vaccinated are leading their own people to slaughter. there will be a lot of people lying on hospital bed, ventilators, death bed, thinking to themself i can't believe i fell for that it's clear for the
4:54 pm
600,000 americans dead. they cone care about yourself to try to acquire power. it's going to as a result if unfathomable death and disaster. i can't believe that anybody is willing to let them get away with this at this point, it's just destroying the rest of the country for all of zblus at some point you have to wonder if there will be a slingback. we saw trump's preferred candidate in texas lost. 17 republicans bucked his call to block an infrastructure deal. it isn't going to take losses like that to have republicans start to break themselves from the chains of donald trump? >> perhaps. it's essentially hard to know what causes republicans to really cut that cord. but what i will say is i think as long as democrats like stay the course, president biden even yesterday in his remarks announcing these new restrictions is saying, you know, i'm going to stay the course. i'm going to follow the science. i think that that is going to
4:55 pm
pay off for democrats at the polls and you know republicans pay realize, it's too late, that they've put their eggs in donald trump's basket and all they're going to have is, you know, a bunch of broken eggs. >> i have about 60 seconds left. i think about this in the yesterday house freedom caucus, members demanding that representatives can be removed from the republican conference. i mean, at some point, does the chaos that they are sewing with an eye towards 2022, actually come back to bite them? >> yes, it will. they are spending more time playing care for cops within their on conference than putting together oop agenda that will beer lives. at the end of the day, if november, 2022, a long time from now, what the people will be caring about is what's going on in their life. they will remember who was there telling them the truth and who was lying to them about their own healthcare and family and
4:56 pm
security, they're setting themself us up for a massive loss if 2022. . >> you took my 30-second warning seriously. i appreciate that thank you both so much. we'll be right back.
4:57 pm
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. >> and that is tonight's readout. i will see you again tomorrow and sunday night 6:00 p.m. eve i will be joined by former gymnast
5:00 pm
brigg et sloan, to talk about simone biles' withdrawal from the competition. "all in" with chris hayes starts now. >> tonight on "all in" -- >> we fight like hell. if you don't fight like hell, you will not have a country army. >> donald trump said just say the corruption was corrupt and leave the rest to me. >> this was an attempted coup, an attempt to steal an election. >> tonight, shocking new details of trump's push to overturn his election laws and what we know about the people helping him. >> i spoke with him that day after, i don't know if i spoke to him in the morning or no i just don't know. >> why the department is saying donald trump's tax returns must be turned over to congress. the alarming cdc data driving the mask guidance and


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