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tv   The Beat With Ari Melber  MSNBC  July 30, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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thank you so much for letting us into your homes during these extraordinary times. "the beat" with ari melber starts right now. >> hi nicole. i am ari melber. we have this breaking news, donald trump overthrows the election and the government. all of this enabled by republican lawmakers. some of this may sound familiar. i am going to show you why it is new. the new york times has the goods. they have the evidence, they're reporting in late december, donald trump was secretly pressing top justice officials
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to join him in what would have been a soft coup to try to compare this election to those who have been validated for other reasons that there would be wide enough corrupt fraud to be nullified. this is proven. these are now public today, you can see the note here. this is damming evidence revealing, relief of the first time at this level of internal pressure that trump was ordering the justice department to say the election was corrupt and leave the rest to me and the republican congress. i am going to read that again, this is evidence that we do not have during the impeachment trial about this very issue. these are independent notes within the highest levels of the trump administration outing them president trump for ordering the doj to say quote, "the election was corrupt, leave the rest to me and the r, congressman, the
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gop." it is a level of fraud that had not been found in internal evidence written before. this is the kind of thing that would big and many people would like to sweep under the rug. many of the people in maga land don't want this to be the top story tonight because they said this didn't happen. the reason it did not happen because trump was forwarded and he was not good at the soft coup. doj resisted. justice department did not get into the business of overruling the election. the criminal intent is clear. i don't use that word lightly, trying to abuse your public office to fraudulently change the outcome of the election is a crime. whether donald trump faces accountability for this is a separate question. trump mentioned to congressmen you probably know about. jim jordan and as well as others, congressman perry and senator johnson. as lawmakers he saw as people that he believes would be on the
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soft coup. people who would use whatever power they had in congress to overthrow the rightful winner of the election. trump telling the doj that people were upset of the in action of some and said, quote, "you guys may not be following the internet the way i do." contemporaneous notes taken at the time. we have the evidence of the soft coup. we have other aspect that seems ridiculous. you have the idea that the justice department would have the power to do this. attorney general or acting attorney general or someone else that donald trump may have dragged into government thankfully as a matter of democracy and not partisanship, thankfully didn't do this. i want to get right to it with our experts, i am joined by
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david korn and barbara mcquade. >> david, you have written books about corruption and you are an analyst. you are at times other people have said david korn is overdoing it and being harsh and tough on donald trump. these are the kinds of notes that seems to suggest, not just you but people like you warned about this. we had "the new york times" reporters warned about this. you were right according to this note and evidence. this was what he meant to do but he could not pull it off. >> there were little constellation when our democracy is at risk. it continues to be at risk because he's the leader of two
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major party. richard nixon was trying to cover up the investigation that would go into what his campaign did. it was national security and they should not investigate. that's what we tried to do to stop the investigation. this is far worse than this. this is about overturning and subverting an election. it is quite clear what he's trying to get them to do when they don't have the power to do it. these notes are not audio or video, they're bigger in a smoking gun tape, it ended nixon's presidency. back then republicans and barry goldwater looked at what nixon did and we can't go along with this. this is a danger to the country, to our democratic foundation. now the republican party that says the hell with all that. the only thing that matters is
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power and trump and trump is power and trump is our power. therefore, where are the republicans say enough already. they went along with january 6th and this. that's the big difference between watergate and now. this is far worse of this evidence, the president trying to shut down the election like banana republic. one party is going to say it is fine. nixon didn't get away with it either. he tried to shut it down and he failed and he still -- you have to get away with it. you don't have to succeed before you're caught and considered guilty. >> david, you said guilty, there are other people who appeared guilty or facing criminating evidence as fairly as i can put it who want this to go away. and who say things like didn't we already know this and have we
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already debated this? i have to ask you, david, if just these notes and not everything else we know. if just these notes came out about barack obama, would that be a big deal in washington? >> barack obama calling his attorney general saying can you help me over turn an election? you can imagine the head would explode. this is impeachable. barack obama and any democratic would have done this, we would go along with the impeachment investigation. you have not a party unfortunate, you have a cult that decided its interests are at one at the interest of one man, donald trump. ideology and policy matters and decency and respect for the constitution, none of that matters. it is unamerica. it is trump's first.
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that's the bottom line. they can come up with any excuse they can to deflect and distract. everything that trump has done and said, since he came down that magic escalator in 2015. >> barbara, i want to talk about both trump's legal and procedural impotents as well as the rules. and by procedural impotents, he was trying to issue orders. he was trying to use the power he thought he had. he's under the constitution the lawful president until january 30th. it would appear that these orders and requests were heard clearly, they were written down at the time and they were not best as we can tell, the key ones here followed. does this look to you like an illegal order? >> yes, it absolutely does.
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thank goodness we have people of integrity refusing to comply with these orders. imagine if we had people there willing to execute these orders. it is illegal for a couple of reasons. he was asking them to subvert the results of the election. he was asking them to declare there was fraud when there was not. he was asking them to issue public lie. he's asking them to abuse their positions as high level officials at the justice department. it is a violation of the hatch act which people should not use their jobs to engage in political activity. i would also submit it is a violation of conspiracy theory, an effort to loefr throw the transfer of power in the united states. it is all of those things. >> all fair points. it goes to why these stories actually have to have accountability and have b.b. understood and reported. and then there has to be a process here. for society to understand what's going on.
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that this was not an attempted coup. people did resist the order. if donald trump is reelected, he's someone who saw how this works once. he try a different way next time. mr. barr who left before some of these stuff. maybe mr. barr knew what was coming. nothing in the constitution prevents donald trump from naming steve bannon attorney general or the my pillow guy. he can name all kinds of people. i got to get in one more thing of news here. we got a reversal and a doj's 2019 opinions. this is separate when the new york inquiry, the doj finding that the house has sufficient reasons to get them. in fact, you may recall this goes all the way back until the
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midterms when democrats did take power. we broke the news and the people in charge were going to demand the tax returns. this was election night 2018. >> i have spoken to a senior democratic source in the ways and means committee, they do intend to request president trump's tax turns. >> that was election news, barbara, what did it mean legally that doj cleared the way and do you think the house does have a strong argument that they should see these under the law. >> yes, i think they would get them. i would not be surprised if they were not delivered tonight. the law is very clear. when the ways and means committee request the tax returns and any taxpayers, the secretary of treasury shall comply. the fact it was not turnedover
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was a blatant disregard. what happens when you have people of integrity simply applying the law and making the decision on that basis and trying to protect and shield president trump for accountability and oversay. the production of the record is long overdue. this is not something that president trump can dread his hills on again. it is the treasury department that has these physical indictments. he cannot file a layout to disclose the documentary itself. it is the temperature has had them and there is no longer any block in their way to prevent that. >> really clear now, allison and barbara, you given us the
3:13 pm
precise road map because some people says gosh, i heard about it before. you reminded everyone why there are systems in place and when the law applies. this goes directly from the executive branch to the legislative. barbara and david kicking us off. thank you both. we are looking at officials trying to block safe measures to deal with a covid. dr. dean is here. >> also, tonight we have a special conversation planned. we have steve cornacki live from tokyo. a big friday, the noble pry winner, paul krugman is here, we'll get into the incentives and a whole lot more. stay with us. and a whole lot more stay with us ♪ don't rock the boat, baby rock the boat ♪ see disney's jungle cruise.
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there is a covid resurgence across the united states. now, you may be tired of hearing all this. tired of the covid zigzag and tired of these endless and depressing and frustrating stories. let me tell you something right off the bat tonight. covid don't care if we are exhausted or over it or frustrated and following many rules have not stemmed this reoccurring pandemic in america.
3:18 pm
covid don't care. now, i am quoting someone to make this point. it is not a singer or a rapper. let me be clear of this problem. the facts, this new covid is far more contagious than the old one. covid evolves quickly, the science keep on playing catch up. it is not a problem with the science, it is a problem with covid. cdc research shows this new covid, they call it the delta variant. it has ten times the virus load of original covid-19. even in rare cases where vaccinated can get infected, the vaccines still work because the vaccinated don't get very sick or die easily. >> it gives covid time to infect others even if the vccin
3:19 pm
protects. this delta reaching your lungs where more harm can be done. this is more transmissible than the common cold the cdc is learning. we know how cold moves around and more trans missive and scary disease like ebola. the government as concluded this scarier worse form of covid, this delta variant means the world has changed. obtained by "the washington post." this is not a drill, this is still a national crisis. >> covid don't care if you are exhausted. if covid don't care in you want top move on or waiting onto get a vaccine this will later. covid don't call. >> i happen to be quoting one of
3:20 pm
the most viral ever. >> look, a snake in the tree. honey badger does not care. he's getting stung like a thousand time. honey badger don't care. they have no regards for other annals whatsoever. >> honey badger don't care. it don't care. it has no regard for any animal what so every. we have a honey badger america in america. a people who thought they had a handle on this are finding their confident crushed. if they are unlucky enough to
3:21 pm
get this new covid and face a savage threat, why i am appealing you to think about this in any which way, we are very serious. >> daryl rushed todd the er and icu struggling to prooet and struggling to live. he was put on avent later. >> doctors told him at that point given how bad covid in this new world and varnt, crushing him that he had a 20 percent of survivaling. >> the doctor told me i could come into say good-bye. >> he had to saw good-bye to his
3:22 pm
wife and phospholipids. that was based on the fact that the odds were ready, 80 percent he was going to die of covid in that room. >> while he thought it is conservative valley, meant that he should avoid it. we are play thg and if you can hear him right tli. >> people are getting vaccinated to their children. like he did. >> i am strongly against betting the vaccine. that little boy is a reason to have the vaccine. wi are glad that this family is trying to pull through and they have peeking out. we have no judgment of their history. we have a doctor who's also a
3:23 pm
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experience amazing. i am joined by a medical doctor. the governor of vermont, former dnc chair, dr. dean, thank you for being here. >> you got it. >> let's start with what that man says. so much of what happens in public dialogue or politics is a cycle of criticism. i want to wish the family well. i want to thank him for speaking out as he put it his conservative values, he said let them to think he's skeptical of vaccines and now he's speaking out. >> this has nothing to do with being liberal and conservative. s science is science and the
3:25 pm
facts are the facts. i am grateful and very emotional day. i am grateful he allowed it to be used. maybe some of thinks civic center park brothers won't realized that, it is just the facts. >> yeah. >> we have this picture that is also out there. this stuff usz comprehensive cult. they participated, i want to emphasize the family spoke to to ap for a reason. they want him out there because he's trying to talk to other parents. >> if you are thinking of your children, you are thinking mess on what the heck is own breitbart or fox news. >> that's the thing. real human beings think about their families and children and tant think about trump or poll sucks or whatever. >> when it comes right down, what else do you have but your kids and family. >> i am grateful that this guy
3:26 pm
allowed his video to go viral and allowing you to put it on msnbc. this is not about politics or red and blue. we are trying to get them better and preventing them from making things worse. the delta variation is so bad in the united states because so many people refused to be vaccinated. the person who said that was kay ivy. the conservativer member in iowa. >> if covid was getting resz contagious, i would love to report it auto. >> i love when we have some type of good news. the fact that we are learn frg the cdc from the nature of this is getting more contagious and not less. if it would require someone even as they reach a conclusion for
3:27 pm
their own life, they thought they can weather it. they have to take a second look because they're facing something that's much more contagious. dr. fauci was very clear about this. we had him on the "beat." >> you are dealing with a for midable virus. it has a great capability of spreading from person to person. rather than dealing with a less, which most of the fronts consider putting you at the front because you are at ritz k. >> the president out there as well to try to make sure that people rm getting the right public he'll messaging. this is not the covid of a year and a half ago.
3:28 pm
this is a scientific covid. when you are the governor, the people or the boss, not you. do what's in their best interest. the reason new england have done so well. is that those republican governors and the democratic party, they did the right thing. they follow the science and they did what had to be done and it was unpopular. >> we had a republican governor, the guy would not let anybody in his store if they had a mask on. he lost his contract with ups. we owe it to protect the people who elected us and pays your salary. a lot of these conservative states like the disease trump is giving us all is that he's
3:29 pm
interested in power and himself. >> he's not interested in the people that supported him. >> i like that supported governors. he's done a great job in ohio, getting the members of the jury sat out there. that's your job not to get yourself elected by saying whatever that comes to your head even though it is crazy. >> you are job is to serve people who are paying your salary. too many people are not doing that today. a lot are below the north carolina order. which is why there is so much trouble in the south. >> very clear. i hope people are listening. howard dean, thank you, sir. han. absolutely. we have a lot more. we'll round out the week including steve cornacki, he's live from the olympics for us
3:30 pm
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we turn now to a special expert as we look at policy, economics and if pandemic. nobel prize winner, paul
3:34 pm
crudman. while the piece notes this is not isolating only on the right. when you look at mississippi and iowa, you have covid skyrocketing. >> thank you for being here. >> good to be on. >> what do you mean by red states crisis? >> if you look, i mean we have a rise infection, hospitalizations and everywhere. it is extremely lopsided looking across parts of the country. new york have fewer than a thousand of people hospitalized right now. florida has well over 70,000. i am not an epidemiologist, one
3:35 pm
of the things we were worried is not getting people infected but you would overwhelm healthcare services. we are right at the point having it happen but only in red states. new york is not -- things are not okay. you probably need to be more careful. the immediate crisis that we are really back to where we were in the early stages of this being a run away. it is a partisan political thing. state in that position should be taking emergency measures and mask mandates and vaccination mandates, those are the places where politicians will refuse to do any of that. >> yeah. >> then you have what has become more of an emphasis on public health messaging and resources in the united states. a year ago everyone was looking
3:36 pm
for a cure. now we have a cure and i am speaking loosely. yesterday the president talked about paying people to take it. what's your view of those kinds of pilot programs? >> whatever works. if you refuse to get vaccinated, you are putting yourself at risk and other people at risk. it is like drunk driving. it is bad thing to be a drunk thriver and you are putting a lot of people in danger of being killed. if we can do stuff to give people incentives, it does not have to be much. just something to remind people to get through this. people think they heard something on facebook or they caught a few minutes of tucker carlson and they're putting their own life on the line and
3:37 pm
other lives' on the line. whatever it takes, we had a scientific miracle and now whatever the opposite miracle is where this cure is not taken up. a catastrophe for no reason. >> you said whatever the opposite of america was. >> i think according to science, we have that as you pointed out. >> go ahead >> yeah, this is the most -- keep on talking about freedom. this was the most liberating thing. we have a vaccine. it makes possible if everybody gets vaccinated then we can go back to living our normal lives. then we have this insanity people refusing to take and
3:38 pm
there are others and people who have a hard time getting off of work. there are all kinds of reasons we should be addressing. >> right now the states with trump's audience states. >> i like what you just said, everybody knows you are a smart guy and although you don't brag about it. you just said something that's in sidesive. people of the way of death is a lol sidway of thinking about it. >> from feeling crappy at the end of the week, you have a beer or a headache. the aspirin is a freedom from the headache. you can play some of that game or if you want to call it that way. i have another thing i want to ask you about. does government spending and government policy work? does it affect people's life or
3:39 pm
not? it does not help anyway. why do it or why help the so called lucky duck he's on welfare. >> here its the chart. poverty, falling crashing with federal spending and the new biden program. triple, any recent yeerd, the bar on the right. you are familiar with this. what us it mean that it is dropping right now? america? >> it shows that the porng thing is we had decades now being told that if you just try to help poor people, terrible things will happen. >> we'll have a decked crisis in the federal government. under the stream of the tandem i can, we abruptly did all these
3:40 pm
things and it worked. a lot of people's lives were made better and there is no reason why we could not continue to do a lot. we have right now. the child tax credits that unfortunately is no >> that's not a hard thing. it is only politics and methodology of the worthless, and lazy, and pool. we are just seeing that we can do it. >> i would like to think that a lot of people learn their les sons and some of them will.
3:41 pm
a lot of our system will not pretend what has happened. >> all fair point from a noble-winning economists. that same graph i mentioned there the data there shows the largest travel among children. most five years old are not lazy and people we should buy adjudicate their world to the economy so they'll have a fighting chance to start. why not try that. >> professor tucker, thank you as always. >> why, thank you. >> appreciate it. we'll fit in a break, we have a lot more coming up including tonight's brand new conclusion to the mag ga election auto -- i am sticking in for steve cornacki, he's here
3:42 pm
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turning to an update on a story they may not want you to know about. republicans clammer trying to do all kind of tricks. arizona took their ballots and did something they called an audit although it was not one, it ended with a whimper and not a bang. after all the noise and the drama, and an audit that could not change any outcome at this point, they did not find any evidence of the kind of fraud that trump was complaining about. 97 days spent on this. 400 machines. all of it costs $300 million to replace it. this was a moot audit. the process so bad that republicans working on it quit. one said the whole thing was botched and the republicans left
3:47 pm
claim they'll release an audit next month. the justice department is warning states that if they do these so-called audits the wrong way, they may break the law and have criminal exposure because you can't hand out voting machine is to just anybody. i always tell you new stuff happen and we'll bring it to you. president biden asked about what's going on now on his way to marine one. this is brand new images and of him discussing possible restrictions. >> more restrictions of covid? >> all probability. we had a good day yesterday. almost 1 million people got
3:48 pm
vaccinated. about half a million of those having a first shot. i am hopeful people are beginning to realize how essential it is. >> no matter who's president, it is always hard to hear over the marine one chopper. the headline there, the president is hopeful and does expect potential covid guidelines. he's on the case because he had the number at the top of his head, a million new vaccinations yesterday. and all way the administration wants to push states to get these vaccination numbers up. i am going to fit in a break and we'll turn to something i am happy to promote.
3:49 pm
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-it is. -i thought -- i thought it was last thursday. it's friday on the beat so it is time to fall back. and i'm joined by two of our favorite guests here. we have hip-hop royalty fab five freddy, a filmmaker and a visual artist and architect of the street art movement and exploded on the scene back as one of the first graffiti artist to go global and explaining hip-hop to the entire world. he's now working with his own cannabis line. our argument and his feature called all of the streets are silent, looking at hip-hop and skateboarding. and then we have steve kornacki, from the big board all the way
3:54 pm
to tokyo where he's part of our all-star lineup covering the olympics and you could find him at the big board any time you're wondering where an election is heading. i should mention that kornacki khakis have gone to a fan base including leslie jones and, steve, take a look. >> kornacki with the khakis. what's up sexy baby. i see you. the khakis looking great today. the khakis always looking great, steve kornacki khaki. >> video tells the story, sir. i want to start with steve all the way out there and i'll warn viewers we may have a tape delay. we have sound in the background, that is live tv. but steve, what are you seeing out there and what is on your fallback list? >> yeah.
3:55 pm
ari, i apologize there was a giant helicopter hovering overhead as we were setting up for this. but we're entering second weekend of the olympics here in tokyo. and gymnastics and swimming part of the first week and now we switch into track and field where the u.s. wins an awful lot of medals so exciting about what is about to come here in tokyo. but you asked for what would be on my fallback list, watching these games, i'll give you one. age. here is something -- i'm starting to get up there in years a little bit and i'm a little sensitive so to this one so i get inspired when i see athletes a little bit older than me and there are not many left. but whether it comes to equestrian for the united states, one is really shining. the u.s. team dressage, that is one of the events, the u.s.
3:56 pm
dressage team just won the silver medal this week. the best finish in more than half a century. the team is anchored by 52-year-old sabbine shoot carrie. her horse 15 years old. that is hold for a horse. san sayo horse's name and they came through in the clutch to put the united states past great britain into the silver medal slot. that is a great finish for the u.s. in team dressage and then there is also this weekend here the individual events playing out and philip dutton is competing for the united states, he's the oldest american athlete at these games. he's 57. so something that gives inspiration to some of us. >> i love that one, steve. and that is an update for people following, so much to keep up with apt the olympics. not to put you on the spot fab five freddy, but you've been on the program before. the only thing old about you, freddy, is your age.
3:57 pm
because you're young in every other way. your vibe, your energy, your fashion, so if you have any thoughts on age diversity or what else is on your list, man? >> this is great to be on with who we jokingly call grand master math, steve kornacki, who has just created a whole space for himself calculating everything that we need calculated. from elections now to seeing him at the olympics is perfect. we love it. thank you, steve. >> thank you. >> yeah. and it's been exciting watching the olympics and mentioning the documentary, all of the streets are silent, which i take part in along with a lot of other people that were active on the new york scene in the '90s, i was around but didn't know, i saw and had friends that skateboarded but i just didn't understand the whole scene and how it perfectly connected with '90s hip-hop and it is just a fascinating film.
3:58 pm
and also perfect that this is the first year that skateboarding is a part of the olympics and it is -- and the events that i saw with that new york street type skating up and down banisters, i remember seeing friends do it back in the '90s and now we have a whole film that shows how that laid the foundation for what is happening now. >> yeah. that is so important. and what do you think about what people are learning? steve is here in tokyo, but hip-hop has gone global. and one of the positives people argue is that it is race and consciousness, freddy. >> yeah. it is definitely. and being over in japan, when the movie wild style which i took part in hip-hop's first film, we went on a tour of japan, planting those hip-hop seeds in the early 80s so it is fascinating to see how deeply roots the culture is in japan and so many other places. there is some strong japanese
3:59 pm
hip-hop culture and style and fashion and everything going on over there. although we're not seeing the japanese people because of covid, there is no audiences now. but still amazing to see where this all has come. >> absolutely. steve, i got 20 seconds, the last question to you, is the easiest, none other than fab five freddy, has dubbed you grand master math. do you accept your new nickname? >> you could consider me extremely flattered. great for the kind words. that is awfully kind of you. i appreciate it and i'm stuck with khakis and math. there is nothing else i could do. >> there it is. so shout out to grand master flash and grand master math. for those watching with the twitter nearby, that is #grand master math and you could add steve kornacki. shout out to the olympians of
4:00 pm
all ages. thanks to steve and freddy. that does it for us here. thanks for sticking with us. "the reid out" is up with alicia in for joy reid. >> i was hoping to get a shoutout but no dice. evening, i'm in for joy reid. we have a lot to get to in the hour ahead. including stunning new details we're learning about the pressure donald trump exerted on his justice department to help him overturn the results last year's election. according to notes from a senior doj official, trump pressed for the department to declare the election he lost, quote, corrupt and leave the rest to him. the doj made news on another front today. issuing an opinion that the treasury department must turn over trump's tax returns to congressional committee that has been fighting to get them for the past two years. we're going to get to all of this in a moment. but we begin "the reid out" with an alarming and grim newport rat of the fight to contain the
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