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tv   Craig Melvin Reports  MSNBC  July 30, 2021 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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good morning to you. i'm in for craig melvin. it is 11:00 a.m. on the east coast and we start with an urgent new call to action. in the fight against the highly contagious delta variant. "the war has changed." that is from an internal cdc document obtained. it says we're dealing with a virus equally as contagious as chickenpox. and even more contagious than the flu or even ebola. right now we're also watching the white house closely. the president will play host today. first speaker nancy pelosi and majority leader chuck schumer to talk voting rights. then to cuban americans. the protests in cuba a loud cry for freedom from the communist regime. plus, time is running out for families behind on rent. the federal ban on evictions is
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set to expire tomorrow. we start with the urgent new concerns over rising covid cases. shannon pettypiece is at the white house. gabe gutierrez is outside of bellevue hospital. heidi presbola, and dr. hilton. good to see you all, shannon, let me begin with you. nbc news obtained an internal cdc document, what else does it say? >> it is really researchers sounding the alarm about the new risk posed to the delta variant. we're dealing with a more severe serious virus than we were this time a year ago. it outlines some of data that the cdc used to help make this recommendation this week that
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vaccinated people should start wearing masks particularly in areas where there is a lot of virus spreading throughout the community. it talks about people who are vaccinated can transmit the virus in some instances as those who are unvaccinated if they become infected. it also talks about some of the challenges that the cdc faces. there is a concern as there is a breakthrough in more cases, but there is a concern that stories like that will shake the public's confidence in the vaccine. that people think it is ineffective if they have not gotten vaccinated yet, or those vaccinated will think they need a booster shot. and so a lot of concern about the messaging around the vaccine's effectiveness as well as trying to convince those that are unvaccinated that they still need to get the shot and more
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broadly speaking to those recommendations this report saying there should be universal mask wearing and that health care workers should be mandated to get vaccinated. >> dr. hilton, we should stress that this is an internal document. how concerned should we be? >> we should be very concerned. i said from the beginning that covid has always been a step ahead of us. we didn't have the vaccines and we have seen that with vaccinated persons. there is more consequences to covid than just death. and so yes, the vaccine does a fantastic job of keeping us alive and i'm grateful for they
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get infected. the covid symptoms can lead to permanent disability. they are not working in the same way. >> supreme to be hyper vigilant. we need vaccines and mask wearing, and we're going to see worse numbers. they are 4,000 people a day. >> dr. hilton, let me ask you because it is the delta variant. the big game changer as far as this pandemic, what changes with the delta variant that may be maybe weren't having to deal with six months ago. >> the thing that changes is that we should not have needed to get through this document. we lost 650,000 americans alone.
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so it should not take us getting to this point. we know as far as development for vaccines, if there will be a concern, if there will be a concern that a variant literally figures out a way to invade our system fully. make changes, make doses, and what happen americans sas to realize is what happens happening in africa and the other countries. they will directly impact them. how do we get the vaccines out as quickly as possible so we can stop the development of variants. and not have to deal with the
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mounting deaths and the collateral damage left in the wake including permanent disability of which we're seeing long covid. >> yeah, that game, it is amazing that in the united states where there are vaccines, plentiful vaccines available, for the entire population, vaccine hesitancy is still a huge issue. you're speaking with health care workers that don't want to get the vaccine. what are they telling you about that choice? >> it's out an insignificant number. about one in four health care workers are still not vaccinated. i'm in front of bellevue hospital. health care workers rallied protesting a vaccine mandate. there is a sizable chunk of workers that do not want to see mandates. we heard about that lawsuit in
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houston, more than 100 health care workers affected by that. yesterday we travelled to north carolina and sat down with four health care workers. they said they were not necessarily anti-vax but they were anti-mandate. listen. >> i say this has not been researched enough, there is adverse affects that have been shown and they keep coming out, and i don't know what else will happen with this and i'm not comfortable putting something in my body. i won't be forced to put it in my body. >> and jose, a fact check on that the vaccines have been tested as we have been reporting. more than 40,000 people participated in a clinical trial for the pfizer vaccine alone. the cdc and fda say they're safe. there are many health care workers not convinced.
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this is becoming a fight across the country when the comes to mandates. it is all an example of the challenges facing the biden administration, the cdc, and the fda trying to overcome that vaccine skepticism across the country. >> good point, gabe, thank you. in washington that new mask requirement takes effect at 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, how will they enforce that? >> gabe, we're here in the nation's capital where there is a lot of security but no mask police. it will be up todd business owners. we talked to some of them today and they said they're very confused as to what the metrics will be to reopen, to masks for instance if you go across the river you have a similar case
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rate spread. even higher in some cases, and no mask mandate. one gym owner says he worries this will really affect business. >> when they were rolling back in the spring and the summer we saw 30% to 40 3k9 of our people start to come back and the biggest fear is that with the mandates we will lose them. >> so, mr. meyers told us that he is right now crafting a letter to mayor bowser here asking for business as well as other gyms saying we need to focus more on incentivizing the vaccinated. this is something as we go forward he says that earlier in the pandemic they went ahead and mandated the vaccine.
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they found it was good for business. this is a city where you have high levels of vaccination at 72% of individuals here that have at least received one staff in the arm, jose. >> that is interesting. the issue of incentives. how effective they are or are not. there is new reports about how the white house is reigniting. they say making life inconvenient works fairly well. that is making people's lives more difficult. >> and i think the messaging could not been something that we reward or punish. people say i want to keep my
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business open to make money. we know from 1918 to 1920 when that many americans became six what followed was the great depression. your business is tied to the health of your workers if you don't have corkers you don't have a business. so they need to think about that. they need to talk to their employees frequently. >> dr. hill ton, i want to ask you about booster shots. now every year when i get my flu shot there is a new blend that i have to get shot in my arm, that's a booster, right? so what about booster shots? should we be, the united states, should we be considering that? >> right, it's one of those things that is an ethical
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dilemma. the third dose goes to me, but if we know with have with them. the entire global population. what we have is that it will be threatened by another variant that develops. whether or not the data suggests is that a shot is necessary. but we do know that vaccines do go into the arms of every individual in the community and until that happens we will not be able to reach that hard immunity to keep us save. >> i will see you later in the show. and thank you very much for being with me this hour. in just a few hours, speaker pelosi and chuck schumer will go
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a sword and cheeld approach that is part of a letter from republicans. they want speaker pelosi to move on a smaller bill. it will likely come up in two hours or so.
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sahil kapur is on the hill with the latest, good morning. >> hey, jose. >> take us through where things stand right now. >> this group of 38 lawmakers is calling on leadership to bring up voting rights legislation. it is expected to come up some time this summer or fall. it restricts summer or fall. what the democrats want to do is add provisions from the previously stalled "for the people act to the bill that are specific to voting rights. things like early voting and universal access to mail in voting. put it to a vote, that previous
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bill, it stalled in a senate as a result of a phil buster. the separate bill the john lewis voting rights act. the vice president's vote, but there is no viable path for 60 votes to break a republican phil buster. and that is where activists have been involved. but still this effort indicates moderates are calling and saying time is running out and congress needs to act quickly, jose. >> and we just got a update on that deal. >> senator schumer says the
8:20 am
senate may need the weekend to continue voting on the infrastructure agreement, to get through amendments, and he is optimisticly saying they hope to issue up final assage of the legislation in a matter of days. there is still a tro access to be worked out, but the fact that 67 senators voted to begin degait on that is a sign of it being in good shape. >> a pleasure to see you this morning. thank you for being with us. >> tomorrow is a day that millions of americans have been dreading. a moratorium put in place at the start of the pandemic will expire. vaughn hilliard is talking to
8:21 am
families that are effected. how are the families dealing with facing possible eviction. >> exactly. this is imminent here. we're talking about the motor youm ending tomorrow, saturday, and folks here are getting eviction notices on their front doors. we talked to multiples of the individuals. but they said they would take congressional approval to expand it beyond tomorrow. now what are you looking at? millions of families. one mom lost her warehouse job that took her down to one other job. just a few months ago her rent
8:22 am
went up from $900 to $1300. she got a notice of her e vax, and she is waiting and hoping for some of those federal dollars to come in before they kick her out. take a listen. >> you could essential i will be evicted at any moment. where would you go? >> i don't know. just to be honest. i mean i only option is a hotel because it will be hard to try to get into a new parent due to all of the a qualifications you have to have and having an eviction open they will judge you for that and you won't qualify to goat a new apartment. >> she doesn't know where she is going to go. you have to get approved and you have to turn over your documentation.
8:23 am
it is public notice that she as an eviction filed against her. and also you have to add on that we're talking about millions of individuals potentially being pushed out of their homes and able to find friends or family we're in the heart of a pandemic here going from a small living environment to one in which the transmissability rate will increase. >> just think about this. it is 49d%. there is state aide that is coming in the pipeline, but around the country there are millions of people that just like the family you had with us this morning, are going to face really difficult situations. >> you're right here in georgia more than 200,000 alone. the census just earlier this
8:24 am
month, their latest data is at 3.6 million americans and renters that say they expect to be evicted here in the next few months. there is billions on the possible for these families and renters to take advantage. hardly any of it has been dolled out to renters. of the $ 522 renters available. i talked to sierra. she replied in april at that relief. she says she is waiting to to find out if she gets that money. millions of families here waiting. >> vaughn, why? why is this happening? what is causing this money to
8:25 am
not get to them? >> i just got off the phone this hour with the department of housing here in georgia and i asked that very question. she said ultimately it comes down to individuals who lost their jobs who lost their pandemic, so proving she lost her warehouse job because of conditions around the pandemic, she says he is turned over the documentation. another woman had the job and that business is shuttered. a she doesn't even know how to get ahold of those folks, and meanwhile, a housing advocate says there is two million people
8:26 am
and that mor tor moratorium ends tomorrow. in just a few hours president bide listen sit down with a group of cuban americans about the calls for freedom from the people on the island. mus, the news that the president just made on immigration. we'll be right back. esident jusn immigration. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ when technology is easier to use... ♪ barriers don't stand a chance. ♪ that's why we'll stop at nothing to deliver our technology as-a-service. ♪
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in just a few hours president biden will host a group of democratic cuban americans and also a cuban singer. the author of the song that has become an anthem inside of cuba. they're going to be talking about the calls for freedom from that regiem. >> they are trying to take actions to address the situation around sanctions. but this is the president's first meeting with cuban american leaders. there has been vocal protests for a few days now by cuban american groups calling on the administration to do more. it is certainly an audible from the white house.
8:31 am
the need and the desire from some cuban americans for them to do more. one action we expect them to bring up is sanctions put in lace that's week. that included sanctions on the cuban defense minister. but anything else we're not anticipating any announcements to come today but we will hear more about what the president has to say following that meeting. >> and president biden met with the hispanic caucus members. he made it clear on what he wants them to do. >> yeah, there is increasing pressure on the hill to include a pressure in a reconciliation bill. this is a big budgetary bill they will try to push through. there is a question around
8:32 am
whether or not the president will get behind that and here is what he had to say yesterday. >> i think it should be included in the reconciliation bill. >> he wants to see a big bill is about whether or not they there will be enough votes in the senate. and another big question, of course, is whether or not they would even do that. they said we still needs to hear if they could get the votes. i appreciate you being with me. joining me now is the conference. also with me julio.
8:33 am
he is the founder and publisher of latino rebels. let me start with you. president biden spoke to your group's conference a few days ago and we heard his plan to get daca and tps passed into law. what do you think of this approach? >> we have been very encouraged by seeing the strong messaging and the commitment to not only just do daca but to do it in a way that we can be certain that we'll have the best chance to get it approved. making a commitment to get this path way to citizenship for workers, daca, farm workers, and being able to do it on this legislative vehicle is extremely encouraging and we're very pleased with the president's comments last night. >> juilo, if congress votes on daca as part of the bill,
8:34 am
specifically part of the spending plan, what happens to comprehensive immigration reform on capitol hill? >> that is a great question. one of the things we reported this morning is that garcia, a democratic representative out of chicago, said the number being tossed about with senator sanders who is kind of involved in the chair reconciliation budget is $126 billion. that was the figure that we reported this morning. it is still unclear what does it mean? does it cover daca and essential workers? a lot of senate democrats told our correspondent in dc that they're all for it, right? what you're hearing is a lot of senate democrats, people like elizabeth warren, amy klobuchar, bernie sanders, and they said they would be open to overruling the decision if the stimulus
8:35 am
package seen as not value litt for the reconciliation. so right now there is still a lot of questions i would say, but i agree with janet. there is a sense of guarded optimism right now with a lot of advocates in the immigrant rights community. but like with anything that comes to the biden administration, let's see what they do. >> juilo, i'm glad that you're reporting on issues that can be ignored by other groups. the mayor of los angeles says 500 community college students will have a grant to pay their application fee. is this something that other cities should be considering? >> absolutely, jose. we're very encouraged by these local actions, if you will, to optimize the advancement and the support of these daca students. they absolutely need the support
8:36 am
and they're contributing. we had many of them represented in those essential jobs that were necessary to get us through the pandemic. it is absolutely necessary to keep them in the system so they can support the rebuild of the economy. we need them. >> some form of comprehensive immigration reform that is popular throughout this country seems to be such a difficult endeavor on capitol hill. juilo, i want to talk about another issue. one of the things that i so appreciate that you do, juilo, is you post on a daily update on your twitter feed, the number of migrant children held by the u.s. government. the latest number, 16,189. according to dhs. that is a lot of people. what's going on? >> that is the big question here, right? as you remember, jose, this was sort of the news that broke in
8:37 am
march. migrants were coming, over crowded facilities. they could not hold the kids and they were put in hhs shelters. every day the department of homeland security is holding them. but it is still hoovering around 15,000 or 16,000. and the reality is this week it has increased. and it is one of, i think the biden administration's issues when it comes to immigration. they seem not to have been able to put their arms directly around this issue. and i do want to just credit my colleagues for being down at the border and looking at kids in cages but there is similar
8:38 am
situations that require more attention. especially with whistle-blower complaints. with kids getting covid, that have been under reported, it is a serious issue that i think the biden administration is trying to kick down the road, but the numbers are the numbers. >> juilo, and i want specifically to quote what you're talking about. a new report saying two whistle-blowers were told to downplay a covid outbreak. how does this happen and where do we go from here? >> can i step in jose? i would just say, janet and juilo. >> i appreciate the tracking of this, it is so important to make sure there is accountability. i would not discount the mess that the trump administration inherited. they had to undo and rebuild
8:39 am
this system. and i will tell you the secretary that oversees hhs made a definite commitment. but we need to make sure they continue to be accountable. but we should not discount the mess that they inherited from the trump administration, either. >> and the numbers are increasing again. there is still serious issues here and i think given the fact that some of it was inherented by the trump administration, but we're going now seven months in and how long can you blame them for clear things happening with migrant children in these centers. i'm not saying their ignoring the issue. i think more could be done and
8:40 am
talking to immigrant rights activists, lawyers, people on the ground. i think there is accountability, and let's make it happen, and it is complexion. and it goes back to the thing that we said. still talking about immigration reform for 20 years, and i think this is just part of the issue. >> yeah, janet you have been on the forefront of this. it is amazing to think the last immigration reform package was in 1986. ronald reagan was president was there was immigration reform of comprehensive nature. that is unbelievable. janet and juilo, thank you so much for being with me this morning. i so appreciate your voices. >> thank you, jose. >> thanks. >> any minute now president biden meets with governors of western states that keeps getting worse.
8:41 am
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any minute president biden and vice president harris are set to talk with governors in western states. it comes after a record breaking fire season in the west. kelly o'donnell is joining us about this. just this week the governors of california and nevada issued a plea for more resources. what do we expect to hear today? >> part of what is notable is that this is a cross section of governors from the west including bipartisan governors. montana, oregon, idaho. all of the places you expect. they are trying to have a kpoel whole of government approach in
8:46 am
a way that is accessible to these governors and they have additional focus on things like fiery distance and extreme heat. having some working groups among the existing federal organization to target thosed kind of climate related issues. so this meeting is a chance for the president that will be gone at the executive office building where they will hear from these governors, get specifics about what they need, and troo to -- try to provide some resources. they are trying to track the issues, where is extreme testimony a factor and what federal resources can be brought to bear. this is enormously costly in lives, resources, structures, and the air quality that is affecting us far beyond the states involved in the fires. it is one of the emergencies of a period where there is a lot of critical issues for the white
8:47 am
house and hearing from the governors will be a piece of trying to get the proper resources, funding, and know how to help them battle this on the ground as well as the larger climate implications. jose? >> kelly o'donnell, thank you so much. it's amaing to think that 101 million people in the country are facing extreme temperatures today and tomorrow. kelly, great to see you. thank you very much for being with me. >> president biden's meeting comes as the largest fire in california has scorched nearly a quarter of a million acres. we have the latest on the fight to contain that fire and more on the west coast. good morning. hey, good morning, jose. firefighters out here have their hands full right now. there are more than 5,000 of them now battling the dixie fire that is burning in northern california. right now it is only 25% contained and it has spread
8:48 am
across 220,000 acres. 40 structures have already burned. the flames are threatening the same area that burned in the 2018 paradise fire that was the deadliest in the state's history. currently the dixie fire is the 13th largest ever in california. and region is facing more extreme heat warnings. there is now a heat emergency in 23 counties. in the southern part of the state temperatures are expected to top 104 degrees today. the state will provide cooling centers and other resources to help people beat the heat there, more than 100 people died in june when temperatures reached a scorching 116 degrees. covid cases hit a new high in los angeles county. right now the number of people hospitalized is close to 1,000.
8:49 am
the county has not seen numbers like that since february. health officials say 92% of those hospitalized are unvaccinated or partially vaccinated and only 8% are fully vaccinated. that will do it for me out west, i'll send it to you, jose, out east. thank you, simone. good to see you. all 98 victims of the surfside building collapsed have been identified. but what happens to the site of that devastating collapse? emotional and complicated legal battle about to get under way. families are pushing for a memorial instead of another condo. we'll hear from some of them, next. condo. we'll hear from some of them, xt millions of vulnerable americans struggle to get reliable transportation to their medical appointments. that's why i started medhaul. citi launched the impact fund to invest in both women and entrepreneurs of color like me, so i can realize my vision
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switch now and get 2 unlimited lines and 2 free smartphones. and now get netflix on us. it's all included with 2 lines for only $70 bucks! only at t-mobile. a painful new legal battle is brewing over the site of the surfside building collapse. some family members of the victims are fighting for a memorial on the site, but that could affect how survivors of the collapse are compensated. this all comes as the final victim of the collapse was identified earlier this week putting the final death toll at 98. nbc's alison barber join us from surfside, florida. explain this legal fight. >> so the crux of it is they will sell this property where the condo once stood. it is a very valuable piece of property, it's an ocean front
8:54 am
property valued at $100 million. a judge has approved the sale of the property. they have to sell it because the people who survived this collapse they need money and they need funds to try and rebuild their life. the question, though is, who buys it and what do they do with it? is it a developer who turns it into a new condo building or a philanthropist, a group of people, someone stepping in, buying it and then turning it into a public memorial? we spoke to three people all impacted by this tragedy and all connected not just because they lost someone in the condo collapse, but all of the people they lost were related by blood or by marriage. there is nikki and her husband luis. they'd just gotten married in january. they had plans to have a bigger wedding after the pandemic. they lived on the eighth floor. then there was moises and andres. they were cousins and they were
8:55 am
cousins with luis. andres was supposed to get married in august of this year. >> the one thing we knew right away is we didn't want to see another fancy building on surfside at the site of the collapse where we lost our loved ones. i'd like to go often and remember them and honor them and maybe go to the beach where we used to go to. >> maybe seeing that place in respect as a green area, it will show that it's not about, you know, buildings, money, it's about respect. i know that the land have to be -- they need to sell the land, but also it can be combined with the respect, you know? >> we're asking if the government, miami-dade county, the city, fema or even all of the way up to the presidential
8:56 am
level can step in and see this from their eyes and from our eyes and try to help us respect the victims who were a part of this catastrophe. >> so many losses ellison barber reporting. i'm jose diaz-balart. thank you for the privilege of your time. i'll see you tonight on "noticias telemundo." look me up. the great andrea mitchell is next. liberty. liberty. ♪
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♪♪ ♪♪ good day, everyone. this is "andrea mitchell reports" in washington where new cdc guidance on masks and the delta variant has the nation on edge and its rising covid infections in all 50 states with the full explanation of the skience behind this reversal expected today. first reported by "the washington post," the cdc is warning officials that the delta variant is more contagious that the chicken pox and fully vaccinated americans can infect people as unvaccinated people. these discoveries changed the war on covid, but the agency is stressing that vaccines are still the best defense against severe infections. in advance of today's release, president biden ramped up the pressure to get more shots in arms yesterday and is requiring federal workers to get the


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