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tv   The Beat With Ari Melber  MSNBC  July 29, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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>> if you didn't see it last night, go watch the profile on her whole family, it is so beautiful. a little bit of joy in these ridiculous times we live in. thank you for letting us into your homes during these extraordinary times. "the beat" with ari melber starts now. >> thank you very much. i am ari melber. president biden delivers a major address of what came late today of what he calls the pandemic for the unvaccinated. >> every federal government employee will be asked to attest their vaccination status. a mask is not a political statement, it is about protecting yourself and others. >> biden using his federal power to tighten vaccine participation instead of standards as we are going through a period where other employees and local governments are weighing in on what to do and how hard to push
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employees on this new approach is moderate to a policy viewer. get vaccinated or get tested later. it is also a contrast to many poor countries around the world where vaccines is not widely available even today and people are clambering just to get one. not waiting around to see or waiting to get paid. i want to be clear with you, some real talk. it is striking that we live in a country where the government determines it needs to give out incentives for vaccinations because i want you to remember something. vaccinations are the incentives. they are the thing that everyone
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was waiting for last year, hoping to come into existence to protect us and avoid death and get back to regular life and not wearing a mask and all that other stuff. it is the incentive. the covid rebound and i bet you know this, it is truly to america's story right now. highly vaccinated area living in a different way. take florida, we talk about florida a lot in the news for a variety of reasons, in just the last 14 days covid has more than doubled there. the republican governor, trump's ally says he won't look at certain safety moves no matter what. >> i think it is important that we say unequivocally no closures, no to restrictions and no mandates. >> meanwhile, today washington, d.c. is another city reinstating
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indoor mask rules even for the vaccinated. republicans are protesting masks, flaunting new guidelines to have to wear them in the senate, congresswoman literally threw her mask at as staff member this week. you take it all together and what we have going on here, what you can see on the floor there and what you can see in these protests is a question of leadership. it is a question of what we are going to do about these debates. i will be the first to say anyone who has as zero tolerance policy for other people's views and what they're doing with their body does not help because you have a right to decide what to do with your health coverage. as we have emphasized in our reporting, vaccines are safe and vaccines work and people are making these decisions based on misinformation, we are going to be in a longer problem. it is going to last potentially a very long time. so get informed and potentially
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get paid if you want to get vaccinated. i want to bring in our first round of expert, dr. michael sagg and the nation's joan walsh. >> doctor, what does it mean the president is out there pushing people to do something they will not do without 100 bucks or more to incentivize just getting vaccinated. >> it is baffling to me as you just said that getting the vaccine protecting your own health is not incentive enough. i have talked to people around the world and they are clambering for this vaccine in areas that just don't have and even in sidney and austria still having to wait several months to get the vaccine. what's emerging right now is something we all fear of several months ago as we saw the vaccine uptakes starting to weigh in,
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that was the emergence of another surge of another spike. that's what we are in right now. we'll see numbers increasing very likely to be on what we ever experienced before in terms of peaks and around labor day, there could be two or three times higher than what we have ever seen with covid. that's going to be true in alabama. >> yeah, i understand we are going to work on it with joan and trying to get her up to speed. doctor, staying with you, i want to play with the republican on georgia speaking out on these issues on fox. take a listen. >> it makes no sense, there is no science to it, let americans be americans and give us our freedom. we are tired of big government trying to be the nanny for every american. if i want to take the risk, i will take the risk. >> what's the public health
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mission here? we understand why that's appealing. how do you go up against it respectfully while trying to help people understand that this is scientifically bad safety. >> danny patrick monihan, the facts are wrong. we know a lot about the delta variant and it is dangerous. we have a new hurricane coming our way. the storm warnings, we are trying to sound the alarm and it is going on deaf's ears. it is something that we are all fearing. i published 30 minutes ago an op-ed in the washington post that talks about fighting a two-front war. it is bad enough to fight the virus and now we have to fight
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this information, that's beyond unfortunate, it is counter productive and it is going to kill people. >> yeah, i mean you just put your fingers on it like other disaster responses when there is a hurricane or when the government steps up and says you got to get up and out of this area because of what we know. you got to save yourself and your family and certain things you have to do. most of the other days of the year, you probably can do what you want, we have a little liberty. i want to play a little bit more from the president's remarks. we heard him speak out about covid and health. today he did seem in a genuine way and it is that balance of leadership i oppose where public officials want to strike a certain note. he's almost seemed to be saying come on, you guys. >> take a listen. >> federal government will reimburse those employers who give their staff time off not only get themselves vaccinated but get their family members
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vaccinated. >> this is where the president is acting loudly. news viewers understand all the things he said if he wanted to do them on a national mandate. most of them if they involve time off or labor. so he's using these new rules at the federal level as an example. he seems to hope employers will also volunteer or find other ways to make sure everyone has the time off and support they need to go this or do this in groups or families. what did you think of those points from the president? >> while i like the support we are getting and the trenches here trying to encourage people getting vaccinated, technically from public health law, there are all kinds of precedent for having mandates for, we can incarcerate people with tuberculosis if they refuse to take their medicines or protect the public. we are being very careful with
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mandating these vaccines because they're kind of new and they are still under early use of authorization so that's what's causing people to pause. the president and others trying to encourage folks. we are following short. with this new surge, what i am worried about very deeply is that we are going to go back to fighting this with kind of one hand behind our back that we are not able to use all the tools at our disposal. unlike the surge we had back in january, where hospitals got overwhelmed. we have the tools now and the vaccine. it is mind boggling that we are not able to get it implemented by two-thirds of people unvaccinated fully. dr. saggs, thank you very much. i want to turn to our other top stories tonight. it is covid adjacent but it is a different type of story.
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i can report for you tonight we are seeing a record drop in poverty levels. dramatic new evidence of the impact of federal spending. a lot of this comes out of the pandemic related program and a lot of it comes as a time when people are suffering. the deal of the epidemic upheaval. there is been stimulus checks and a new round under biden this past year. here is a chart that tells the story. you can see from the '70s, how the poverty rate is a matter of percent, time drops and comes backup. now the far right yellow bars
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pointing down to your screen. there is stories and the internet and what goes viral and there is the cold hard data, 435% drop in the current poverty rate in america. the nrk times with is haugs of report knowing the country have never cut poverty so much in a short period of time. >> it is a positive for so many million americans. the group affected the most, children. >> poverty among children in america fallen by 61%. the biden administration embraced in the covid bill and gone with direct aid to so many families. as a top story in america, we have the perfect guest, someone you may recognize leader of this issue, congresswoman from
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democrats. >> congresswoman, before we get to you, we are going to get to you in the history books. i want to make sure people understand that there is a lot of different things going on. i want you to look at this pros, how long you have been fighting for this exact program. >> i am talking about extending child tax credit for the families that need most. >> we can make a critical impact for all families and children, failing to extend the tax ex exemption. 12 million americans will be plunged deeper in poverty. >> congresswoman, thank you for being here. >> thank you so much ari. >> you have been adds kating with this once because you believed unit.
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two, you thought it would work. what does it tell you that according to these independence account that this is working quite quickly in america tonight? >> well, i think that what we have tried to do over the years is trying to address the issue of poverty and differences have been made and more particularly that the extent of the policies over the last several months if you will with the kare packages and rescue imagines and etcetera, they had a profound effect on lowering child poverty in the united states which is why and i will tell you a concern i have is that these stimulus checks will go away. and some of the other pieces of this newly created safety net if you will will go away.
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which is why we need to make sure the child's tax credit will not go away. it will be permanent. that's one that i am advocating for. we know that family's income is stronger predictor of a child's achievement outcomes than the level of schooling their parents have had. from one generation to another, there has been significant challenges with regard to this issue. now we have a way of ensuring a children will be lifted out of poverty and the checks starting on july 15th and they'll continue every month of the end of the year and there will be a sump sum payment to people
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that are next year. this is enough for programs, it has to be permanent if this is going to work. there is always lag time. >> i am only going to jump into say stay with us, we'll bring in general walsh, it is still the zoom area. >> joan, so happy to be here. >> i know you both cared about and joans, what does it mean if people look at the headline on the screen, it says "good news: it is a fact that most people would call it good news rather than raising children. this is not always the top stories. tell us why the u.s. economy or the economy gotten here.
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>> ari, i think we got here because there was kinds of a deliberate effort in the l late '70s and '80s, helping children may encourage children to work. there was a strong rhetorical push. we saw well-fair reform and cut backs of all kinds. ronald reagan says we fought a war on to havety and poverty. we did see property won. god forbid, it is in a night ware and we have suffered so many different ways that we are all in this together.
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it is just became the time the push that the congresswoman had been taking for his whole career. >> it is something not embraced by everyone. everyone needed that help and so many people got it. i hope we extended and it is a really wonderful day to see that headline, you know, gave me cheers honestly. >> congresswoman, i want to put up another chart here. we are people and we follow through things through stories. >> the data tells a broter story, some of the folks who are tourists, we may not hear from them as much or whatever. i got here the charges, what does it mean of the years ahead if we see this kind of reversal?
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this is a decline and three times any other in recent history. >> how do you maintain this? >> it could be years and lifted out ofs the survival mode. >> thatst really the critical issue at the moment. i think what you can't do is interrupts the trajectory and just assume that if you go along in the same way this will continue. they'll not be there. however, that is the permanent of a child's tax credits. child poverty caused us and these are not my numbers.
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it costs over a trillion dollars. child poverty, we have the opportunity to reverse that. s we are looking at and joan said, the spotlight covid has had, we know child poverty been there for a lock time. covid shine a spotlight on this area and to force us align to have us created and expand, and improve it and especially for families with younger children will get $300 a month for their child, families with six six to 17 will get 50 -- $250.
3:20 pm
i webt on programs with families, i will be able to buy groceries. >> one woman this past weekend, i can finish school so that or avoid child care. >> the stories are one after another. >> they are on a physical clift. they can't afford child care and diapers. if you can't afford them, send your kids today care.
3:21 pm
it is a lifeline to the middle class and it gives 55% of kids out of property. >> the last hinge was social social security. where we lifted 90% of seniors out of poverty. we have the ability to repeat that experience for children. >> i appreciate it. i got to fit in a break. >> we wanted to understand olivia's policy history and you have been a leader on. >> we'll work on this. >> it is a working progress. >> congresswoman and john walsh. >> we have an update on the 6th economy tee. >> the we also have an insider and a have prosecutors on the strong case against trump's billionaire allies, we'll show you how aoc, just made some history. stay with us. aoc, just made som history. stay with us at usaa, we've been called too exclusive. because we were created for officers.
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the january 6th committee is getting to work. meeting on the next steps considering subpoenas if warranted for testimonies. kevin mccarthy accordings the committee does not have enough republicans to be valid. he pulls three republicans off
3:26 pm
6789. is note something that's steve pearce -- >> the hearing that we did see this week was serious, non-partisan testimonies. new details continue to emerge. this is a newing torkt. investigations say it could take years. congressman brooks no admits he was wearing body carpaler based on a tip he received about
3:27 pm
looming violence. which makes him looked worsz for what he did and say to rally. >> some of the people planning the big rally were prophasing for something more than a rally. >> raising for vee lens? steve abandon was tieb fob more rally. >> u.s. understand this. all hell is going to break there has tonight. >> it will be controversial things going on. >> whied did he goes it? >> and what does it sigh of in accountability. we have our shortest break after this. we are back after our authoritiest break just 6 o
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we are back with the washington post on the january 6th committee and where we go from here. long time viewer, our deep expert, i am glad to have you back. >> great to be back. >> it would appears the republican strategy to pretend this investigation does not exist or hyper partisan is not working well. what was carried on the networks and carried part of the time on fox and it was on the paper and internet. what you get from that committee is not conclusion about of the exact level of donald trump's culpability. but you get the exact kroout, something that he came and
3:30 pm
killed members of congress to stage a coup. >> what does it mean and is it true in accountability? >> for republicans. our horrific attack in our democracy i am going to cover it up. mccarthy gambled here and he lost. >> of course, let by jim banks and jordan. >> okay, pelosi said you can have two of these three but not the other two. they are witnesses in the inquiries. >> mccarthy says okay, i am going to pull everyone occupy. he would hoping there tould be em city teet there. it would be seen as -- that's not how it came across. kinzinger by
3:31 pm
doing their duty to the country and everyone the cost of being cascaded by their own party. shows this is a serious bipartisan inquiry and par my was hoping that no one is going to pay attention. i think we have seen a lot of congressional hearing over the heres. this was the most compelling. i didn't expect for it to be this compelling because i was not sure there was a lot of new information about what the police went through that day because we have seen so much already on tv but just listen to the testimony, it was so raw and powell. officer donald, wow, that was hard to wear. >> that was. we stood up there and told the
3:32 pm
truth and knowing how they're going to be attack by the right. the message is getting out there and the cover up of mccarthy and the west of republicans are trying is failing. >> as you mentioned, that as expect is important because it goes to the intent of the mob. the mob was authoritarian and it did not support democracy. a big part is racist. willing to commit crime against the government, participating in what was explicitly accidentally. there were mobs who get out of control. >> this is quite an organized effort from the start, the entire gathering purpose. that was why it was with january 6th and 21st.
3:33 pm
all of that comes through. i want to play at pete of pound sound to you. it speaks to the type of pressure far right. to do things that's really against police and law and order. there has been this push and demand to do vigilant of the officers attacked in the tragic use of force and at the gateway, we know from the impeachment proceedings and other videos echlt how tight it was down the wile, we seen this crowd breached already. think thought if they breached again, they would be out number and members of congress could be stop to death. >> he is disagreeing with these calls, take a look.
3:34 pm
>> we have the right to know. >> the person that shot her is a police officer, shooting the criminal violating not compliant with officers to tell mer to stop and don't come to that window. >> you don't do it. they're brekting people and i am just grateful for the person quite honestly >> the republican senator giving a valid answer from a law enforcement perspective. what does it say that this is now a point of pressure and contention in republican politics. >> the big thing is the blue, that's the yes, they're not backing the blue. they're bashing the blue. you saw that reprehereprehenciv
3:35 pm
they are being mocked at. that's so low and these people risking their lives and almost lost their lives and now they're being mocked by the people on the right. you have this interesting time of this cult of ashley babbit, trying to turn this. it is just you know, you have to say, the last five years as a former republican, i can't believe how low my colleagues would say that. they go lower still and a way that so many of them and hats
3:36 pm
off to senator cramer here for not going along with some of this. so many on the right are mocking the police officers and they're making heroes out of insurrectionists and you had some members of congress trying to get into the correctional facility where terrorist suspects are being held. this is an upside down world where republicans backing on police officers and attacking police officers. this is like a bizarre world that i would never thought i would see. >> i appreciate you mentioning your history there, adviser to romney and writer for "the washington post" and taking these issues seriously. good to see you, max. >> thank you. >> coming up. another trump ally indicted. we have an insider and a prosecutor on what's happening
3:37 pm
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here is the 12th trump allies indicted. you can see we have connections to each other, business interests and many of them convicted. one of them closely connected no barrack. gaetz who you may recall pledged guilty and he was sentenced for 45 days in jail. we have two guests weighing in on all these issues. rick gaetz, the former department of the inaugural committee. thank you for both of you doing this. >> rick, we'll get to your view
3:42 pm
of the case, i am curious of your cooperation which was documented. did i provide any information about your former colleagues? >> there were questions that was asked that had nothing to do of congress work. it was a much broader range of issues that ideally related to russia collusion and did not confirm and didn't exist. once that was done, they tried to pick anything else that's related to the president. >> you are alluding to your view of the wider issues here and viewers of "the beat" knows and we learn more of that way and people can make up their own minds, what do thank you think the case against of mr. barrack and you dealt with the feds and you know him. >> this is a continuation of just going after people that
3:43 pm
were closely associated with trump. there are more questions that have not been answered yet in this case. why did they waited this long and why did the lead prosecutors dropped the case weeks ago. you look at the continuation of the way the laws is abused. this is going to create a perpetuate cycle and scenarios where people are going after each other for political purposes. if republicans going back for power and they start doing this, it is not good for our country. we have to stop prosecutors abusing the law for political gains. that's the issue here. >> your argument and it is one we heard in various forms of witch hunt or politicalization goes to the validity of this
3:44 pm
case. >> playing for another country's team. he's talking about himself -- he's trying to get united states to actually get somebody favorable -- if anything of our interest to the uae. it is not going to look friendly of his conduct. again, mr. barrack, one of the things that come throw in the evidence provided that this whole thing was designed to take
3:45 pm
advantage of the u.s. government and to some degree you can argue people made different and take advantage of donald trump. that matters because whatever the disagreements here today, i would hope and think that we would all want united states government want to run on its own agenda and not corrupted by foreign agenda. i am reading from the indictment that mr. barrack tries to help the foreigners of what candidate trump had said, and according to this info. they got it in. here is then boss donald trump, take a listen. >> we'll work with them to develop positive terrorism relationship. >> what do you say to that?
3:46 pm
>> mr. barrack is a generous man. he's a spirited person. he goes out of his way to help other people. working closely with him, i can tell you that every instance that i experienced, his interests first and foremost are the united states. this is no different than any president in the white house. you look at john and tony podesta, you can take you ae and put any country in there and cast a net and group up a bunch of people. this is, you know, it is an issue that we need to look at more. this idea of attacking people on foreign representation, it was not weaponized until the mueller probe started because they could not find anything on russia
3:47 pm
collusion. they need to find something else and used it. the problem is the way the prosecutors go about doing this, if that's the case, if tom barrack is guilty then you should go after everybody else, you can't have about unequal application of the law in this case and that's what's happening in this scenario. >> let me do a little bit of a fact-check. the fed and the mueller probe, barack obama and white house's council was indicted in part over issues connected to foreign lobbies and them saying he was e did. i take rick's point, these are baseless and politicized charges. >> there is a big difference
3:48 pm
between tauting an administration than you are lobbying behalf of the uae and in secret and beating information using crypted messages to the uae government and trying to hide what you are doing and not disclosing that to the government. i take mr. gates his word that he had a good view of mr. barrack but he was not there with those phone calls. we don't know what they are hiding because this was being done and it was more like spying. >> yeah. we want to air some of these out. this is a case of big debates on both sides and touches big questions in washington for what's for sale and how is this lobbying work regardless of who's in power in the white house. appreciate both of you having the dialogue, rick and rinaldo, i am going to fit in a break. texas activists are on a march on an important issue. a voting rights story we have
3:49 pm
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when you add xfinity mobile. get started today. the fight to defend voting rights continuing with marches. the poor people's campaign has a new four-day 27-mile trip into texas's capital, which has become ground zero in this ongoing clash over republican efforts to limit the right to vote. one proposal stalled as democratic legislators left that state to completely deny a floor vote, several facing the u.s. house today, and discussing the details of that republican bill with congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez. >> the proposed texas bills sb-1, hb-3, would set new i.d. requirements so voters must provide their driver's license number or if they don't have one the last four digits of their social security or signed affidavit, correct? >> right. >> as well as monthly citizenship checks. monthly citizenship checks.
3:54 pm
for voter registration. correct? >> correct. >> these bills would then expand the authority of partisan poll watchers by granting them, quote unquote, what is known as free movement at a polling location, which could allow them to harass voters, correct? >> people with no training coming in your area. >> representative thompson, this sounds an awful lot like the jim crow that you grew up in and were born into. based on your lived experience, would you say that these proposed voting laws are remnants of jim crow? i shouldn't even say remnants. revivals, an attempted revival of jim crow? >> absolutely. jim crow -- >> absolutely. that's a discussion across generations there. ocasio-cortez one of the youngest members of congress speaking one of the longest serve's black women lawmakers in texas. she also laid out the stakes when she was leading the fight against that texas bill on a recent appearance right here on "the beat." >> i have seen a lot in my lifetime. and during that lifetime i've had an opportunity to see people
3:55 pm
denied the right to vote, the struggles they had at trying to get to the polls. i've seen people who were black killed, murdered, dogs released on them. aftering have experienced all those things in my life, it was incumbent upon me to take a stand and to be able to continue to fight for the rights of black people to be able to vote. and my constituents to have that privilege not ripped from them. >> well, let's keep listening to that living history. when we come back, a barrier broken at the olympics. stay with us. stay with us ♪ ♪ ♪ born to be wild ♪ see disney's jungle cruise. applebee's and a movie, now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood. mission control, we are go for launch. ♪♪ t-minus two minutes and counting. ♪♪
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and finally, your dose of the olympics. american suni lee winning the gold in the individual all-around gymnastics and making history, the first asian-american woman to win the gold in this spot. >> this medal definitely means a lot to me because there was a point in time where i wanted to quit and i just didn't think i would ever get here, including injuries and stuff.
4:00 pm
so there are definitely a lot of emotions but i'm super proud of myself for sticking with it. >> her family and friends are super proud as well. you can see some of them reacting there. the news is out. but if you want to watch the whole thing you'll see how lee did when the competition formally airs tonight on nbc. that does it for me. "the reidout" starts right now with alicia menendez in for joy. hi, alicia. >> hi, ari. thank you so much. and good evening. i'm alicia menendez in for joy reid and we begin "the reidout" tonight with the latest flash point in the covid culture war. required mandates for masks and vaccines. with president biden today asking federal workers and contractors to get vaccinated or else face testing. >> every federal government employee will be asked to attest to their vaccination status. a mask is not a political statement. it's about protecting yourself. and protecting others. get vaccinated. for yourself. for the people you love.


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