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tv   The Last Word With Lawrence O Donnell  MSNBC  July 28, 2021 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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somebody keep an eye on tomorrow we've been watching the texas democracy who left the state who will testify before the house oversight committee in d.c. tomorrow. they're staying out of texas until the session ends so the law can be defeated. that does it for us tonight. time now for "the last word with lawrence o'donnell good evening ". >> we have big news out the senate. the bipartisan vote was much bigger than many of us expected. a total of 18 republicans supported the bill. the one absent senator was a republican who supports the bill. 17 republican senate votes on the floor but 18 in reality already there. including mitch mcconnell. >> you remember the days there
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were big votes in the senate like that, these days i was talking to senator tester saying until you are doing something completely noncontroversial it is unheard of to get 18 people joining with democracy. democrats. it's quite something. >> it really is. i saw your interview with john throughout the problem and he's very realistic about what the possibilities are. he's not someone who throws around a lot of false optimism. he is one of the keys to watch it get this far. it's not all the way there but this vote is a huge hurdle to get over. >> looking forward to your show. have a good one. >> thank you, ali. as i say, the senate delivered a huge vote tonight, a huge win, very important, huge win for joe biden in the senate tonight. it was also a huge win for chuck schumer's legislative strategy
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in the senate passing a bipartisan infrastructure bill followed by a larger democrats-only bill, and at the very same time, this part was completely unnecessary and he brought it on himself but at the very same time it was a humiliating and crushing defeat for donald trump. any real movement on infrastructure legislation was going to in effect be a humiliation of the trump presidency's complete failure on infrastructure and its repeated pretending that they were going to have an infrastructure week, but donald trump actually found a way to make tonight's humiliation much more devastating for himself. by actively intervening in the bipartisan negotiations something no ex-president before him ever did. former presidents stay out of legislation. but because donald trump constantly reaches for new
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levels of imbocility and because he seethes with jealousy donald trump decided to threaten the negotiation with democrats and joe biden on infrastructure, on monday he called them, quote, weak fools and losers. and based on experience with how much republican senators feared donald trump in the past we had reason to suspect that donald trump would be able to scare off some republicans from cooperating with democrats. here's the amazing thing. instead of pulling one or two senators away and ruining the 60-vote threshold on this, the amazing thing is, in fact, since donald trump started threatening those republicans, the number of republicans supporting the bipartisan infrastructure bill doubled. that's right. it doubled. it doubled to 18.
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including mitch mcconnell. who voted for proceeding to the bipartisan biden infrastructure bill. mitch mcconnell stood on the senate floor and defied donald trump today. the final vote was 67-32. 17 republicans voted for the bipartisan bill. and as i said, the one senator who was absent republican mike brown also actually supports the bipartisan bill. in a celebraory bipartisan press conference after the vote republican mitt romney said this >> some time ago ted kennedy said something of this nature, i will apply it this way, when chuck schumer and mitch mcconnell agree on the same bill they haven't both read it but in fact they have and know what's
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going on in this process. >> mitt romney is first time negotiator almost all of them had never legislated in the senate because the leadership in both parties in the senate have taken all legislative powers away from most senators. none of the committee chairman have the kind of power they used to have. so senators are not experienced legislatures any more. it is wrong to use the word legislature only to mean the people elected to positions in legislative bodies. the reality is the staff, the senate and house do most of the real legislating and know ten times more about it than the elected officials, they are in every sense legislatures, the most experienced legislator is steve who advises joe biden who
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has been managing complex negotiation from the white house for democrats since the clinton presidency. much of my confidence in the possibility of a successful bipartisan negotiation and vote in the senate on infrastructure has been based on my personal knowledge of the skill set that steve brings to this work. when i worked in the senate i worked with steve when he was in the white house and watched him masterfully handle the tensions and technical difficulties of complex legislative package s with the white house chief of staff and biden as president this team is unmatched in the history of white house legislative experience. republican senator ron portman did the standard thing today, the traditional thing in these situations, by thanking people in the other party and in the white house who he had been working with, but this time -- this time he knew with every word he spoke tonight he was
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defying donald trump, who just this morning thread end -- threatened the republican senators again this time calling them, quote, weak, foolish and dumb. >> we worked very closely with the white house. on this. and in fact, senator and i have been negotiating with the white house in addition to our colleagues and i want to thank them, steve b who in particular took the lead for the white house and brian dies sand president biden. >> and then this happened. >> i'm very pleased with our ability tonight to move on to legislation and continue to demonstrate that. >> one question. it is the white house i need to get going. it's steve. i shouldn't answer while we're here. >> steve -- never stops calling even when the deal is done.
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president joe biden was in pennsylvania today at a mac truck factory when he got the word that they had a deal and this the senate would vote tonight. >> you may have heard in washington, i was just on the phone, looks like they reached a bipartisan agreement on infrastructure, fancy word for bridges, roads. [ cheers and applause ] transit systems, high-speed internet, clean drinking water, capping the orphan wells, thousands of them abandoned, and abandoned mines, and modern resilient electric grid. i'm working with democrats and republicans to get this down because while there's a lot we don't agree on i believe we should be able to work together on the few things we do agree on. [ applause ] i think it's important. >> in just one tweet bloomberg's jennifer epstein captured everything that no one working
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in the trump white house ever knew about how legislation gets done. quote, biden administration's engagement on infrastructure since june 28th, white house had office of legislative affairs had at least 330 meetings and calls with members of congress and their top aides. jobs cabinet secretaries had 100 with numbers, since jobs plan release on march 30th. 998 legislative affairs meetings and calls. and leading off our discussion tonight is someone who was in dozens of those meetings and made dozens of those calls senator richman director of white house office of public engagement, thank you very much for joining us mr. richman, really appreciate it. >> thank you for having me. >> when did you get the word
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that there was a deal and was there any point where your confidence had become shaky about this? >> no. through the whole process, look ago the people who were involved including the bipartisan group of senators, but also the president. i think i was on one of the stations couple weeks ago and said people continue to under estimate president biden and he continues to deliver. and it's really because he has such an intentional team. you talk about steve and you have to talk about anita dunn and ryan klein and brian dies and lisa rice. the thing that is so special he says let's keep our head down, do the work, don't have to grand stand or beat our chest, let's just deliver for the american people. same as with the vaccines, getting them shots in the arms, same thing we'll do with the infrastructure and then go to the family plan and we're going
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to keep waking up every day to make people's lives better. >> one thing the president does and i know the real pros in legislation do is they ignore the things that are said by people they're negotiating with when those things aren't particularly helpful or seem to be in conflict. and not 1ur surprisingly a few weeks down the road that thing that seems to be i an could flikt disappears. con disappears co that siemian siemian i will write a written statement to a arizona newspaper, senator referring to the other track of infrastructure legislation the democrats-only bill that will go through reconciliation. she said about that, i do not support a bill that costs $3.5 billion. $3.5 billion. support a bill that costs $3.5 trillion. that's odd because all democrats
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had a celebration with president biden when that $3.5 billion deal was agreed to by the senate budget committee members what's your reaction to what certainty cinema had to say. >> we find the senator to be thoughtful and very deliberate about what she's doing. also this is the legislative process, the sausage-making process, so a lot of times people will make their positions known but that's why it is called legislating. i think what president biden is doing is showing the real art of making the deal. and so, yes, we read the statement. we take the certainty at her word but this is her word but this is we take the senator at her word but it is a long process and this indicates where she is at this moment. every statement is a snap shot in time. we look forward to continue to work with her. she played a very important role in this bipartisan deal and expect her to play a big role in the families plan as we invest
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in the human infrastructure and the american people. >> let's listen to senator schumer tonight after this big procedural win. >> my goal remains to pass both the bipartisan infrastructure bill and a budget resolution during this work period. both. it might take some long nights, might eat into our weekends, but we are going to get the job done, and we are on track. again, the vote tonight means we're on track to reach our two-track goal. >> what is so interest being that is senator schumer has said that from the start and yet there came a point few weeks ago where some republicans acted as if they were surprised when senator schumer said that again after the bipartisan deal was first agreed to at the white house with the president. and so that's one of those
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examples of what i would just call noise in the legislative process where the republicans pretended they didn't know there was a second track and now it's noncontroversial that there's a second track and now there's 18 senators supporting the bipartisan deal. >> this is legislating as its best, leadership at its best. where you agree, get it done. move on. in the place use don't agree go fight about it. so we agree on this historic investment on infrastructure in this country, removing lead service lines going to our schools and homes. historic investment in amtrak. but we may not agree on the invefment in people -- investment in people adding four years of free education so we can win the future. where you agree get it done.
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where you disagree, go fight. we have every intention of winning the fight and president biden has won every fight so far. so we feel good about it. this is what people want. get together. make progress. where you don't agree go hash it out. we're going to hash it out on the families plan. we're going to take our case to the american people why it's important to invest in them and their future and the care economy and clean energy. all of those things are just as important as the physical infrastructure. and we're going to make the case for it and we feel good about it. >> senator richman thank you very much for joining us again tonight, always appreciate it. >> thank you, lawrence. >> thank you. joining us now ej from the "washington post" and senior fellow at the brookings institution i need someone in the senior ranks of the press corps who has seen everything, ej, in order to discuss what we're seeing tonight. because i had a lot of confidence that the vote was going to get over 60 because of
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the players involved who i know and who you can tell from the grand stand are really expert at what they're doing. but i would not have predicted to you 67 votes on the senate floor and one of them was going to be mitch mcconnell. and actually another republican who was absent would have brought it to 68. >> yeah, no, this was really striking. i got to say, i hope donald trump is watching your show tonight because i think he through a shoe at the television set when senator richman said president biden is showing the real art of making a deal. he was the one who claimed he could make a deal, biden is the guy who can. and i too never expected it to get this high. i think both of us thought this was going to pass. and the reason we thought it was going to pass is a, the strategy made sense, you can't get the
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moderates to vote for a big bill if you don't do the bipartisan bill. but you can't pass the bipartisan bill if you don't pass the big bill to get the progressives. there's going to be a lot of back and forth between them but they're going it get there. if i could just do a shout out to someone no longer with us is a congressman called steve la toret who i interviewed him a couple years before he died. he was pretty conservative but he was old-fashioned. he liked roads bridges and transit and said he quit congress because we couldn't pass a transportation bill any more. i'd love to call steve la toret and say gesbert guess w guess and say guess what they're passing a big transportation bill. you're seeing something bigger than one bill. you're seeing a shift away from the view that government can't to any good any more. i think ha comes straight out of
7:18 pm
the pandemic where both parties realized you had to spend a heck of a lot of money to get us out of that mess. >> donald trump quadrupled the size of his humiliation in this, just this morning he said in a written statement, if this deals happens lots of primaries will be coming your way. so that means about six or seven in 2022 donald trump has to tonight start recruiting republican primary challengers to about seven of these republican senators depending how many decide to run who are up in 2022. yet they knew that and saw every word donald trump said and they went out there and defied donald trump tonight and they did it in large numbers. and mitch mcconnell's vote, by the way, one thing that occurred to me, one reason for his vote is not just getting the bridge in kentucky that he desperately needs but also protecting his members who have been threatened
7:19 pm
by donald trump to show that the actual republican leader of the senate is on board with this bill also at this stage. >> you suggested something at the beginning that i agree with which is i think the intervention helped the democrats put this together. couple days ago i got a text from a top democratic aide who said will the republicans follow donald trump? or will they try to make a deal? and i think this might be significant, you know, donald trump will have a lot of power in that party. there are a lot of republican rank and file who will vote with donald trump. but i think republicans are starting to realize that a very close relationship with this man could really hurt them, especially among swing voters in the suburbs and now even among some of his working-class
7:20 pm
supporters who basically like transportation bills. they like building roads. they like the job that's are involved here. i also think mcconnell may have been persuaded by the idea if they're going to attack the bill they better not be complete constructionist maybe the obstruction strategy also died tonight >> ej, thank you so much for joining us, really appreciate it. >> great to be with you. thanks. >> coming up we're joined by congresswoman susan wild who was with president biden in her congressional district in pennsylvania what he got the word the senate reached a deal on infrastructure. a deal on infrarustcture. there's an america we build and one we explore. one that's been paved and one that's forever wild. but freedom
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when i put my hand on that bible on january 20th, took the oath of office, i made a
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commitment to the american people, we're gonna change the paradigm. so working people can have a fighting chance again. to get a good education. to get a good job and a raise. to take care of that elderly parent and afford to take care of their children. stop losing hours and lives stuck in traffic because the streets are crumbling. the waiting for slow, spotty internet to connect them to the world. that's what the economy we're building is all about. >> our next guest democratic congresswoman susan wild represents the pennsylvania district where president biden spoke today. >> i want to thank congresswoman wild where are you. [ cheers and applause ] there you are. [ applause ] you've been a tireless champion for the working men and women of the lee high valley, helping us
7:26 pm
pass the tax cut for families with children, people are seeing now in their bank accounts, showing up in their bank accounts, every month. and working with our administration to expand home care for seniors. >> joining us now democratic congresswoman susan wild of pennsylvania. we want to begin with this photograph of you in the presidential limousine, riding with the president and pennsylvania's governor, tom wolf. you're on the way to the mack truck plant in pennsylvania. the president was at the plant or was he -- did he get the phone call from steve ruscetti in the car? >> i believe he got it when he got out of the car.
7:27 pm
i was receiving text from colleagues in washington at about the same time telling me we had a deal. when he announced it it was great news. this deal 32 republicans in the senate voted against everything you try to accomplish at the mack truck factory today. there's an industry and factory that depends totally on the quality of the infrastructure that those trucks roll out over every day across this country. and -- but it does look like this bipartisan bill is on track. what's your reaction from the perspective of the house of representative what's happened in the senate today? >> i am absolutely delighted. it was great news. it got a huge cheer from the audience today when the president announced it. it's remarkable 32 republicans voted against it and on the
7:28 pm
other hand 17 voted for it, it was the best example of bipartisan we've seen in a while. a week ago we were afraid this deal was almost dead so i was thrilled it's going to be -- infrastructure will do a world of good for districts like mine. >> and what about the reconciliation package that is being put together in the senate budget committee, also will be done in the house budget committee that will be an even larger infrastructure package, how does that look tonight in relation to this bipartisan deal? >> i know that there are senators who have stated that they wouldn't vote for it. all i can say to that is we've come a long way in just a week. i think that the power of discussion and negotiation compromise which sometimes seems like a lot of art in washington it has been resurrected and i think we're going to be able to get to the point where we can get this thing across the finish
7:29 pm
line and have a very resounding vote in favor of both the infrastructure package and ultimately the reconciliation package. it may not look like it does right now. it may not have everything in it that people want, that's the whole point of compromise and negotiation. >> you're in one of those districts that you face a lot of republican voters every day. you got to talk to them. you represent them. what is their sense that you're getting from them about the job that president biden is doing so far. >> i am overwhelmingly getting a very good sense from my constituents, people who quite honestly have been happy with the steady hand he's brought to the administration. we've gotten so much done in a few short months. there's people in my district that approached me from their
7:30 pm
small businesses out there that have said that they were on the brink of closure and the work that's been done by the president and by congress and getting the american rescue plan across the finish line has been a game changer. so i am overwhelmingly hearing positive remarks from people. very much in line with the president's goal numbers which have been pretty steady. >> i know some of what you went through on january 6th in the attack at the capitol you have talked about it, congressman crowe talked about his experience with him. we seen jason crow with you -- what was your react from the police officers who defended and
7:31 pm
saved you on that day? >> you know, like so many americans i watched yesterday as much as i could. we had a lot of committee work going on at the same time. i was mesmerized by what i heard. the thing that came home during the testimony was how close we members of congress were to grievous bodily harm and how they literally saved the day for us. notwithstanding the picture you just showed and how that day effected me i have so much gratitude for the officers, for all of the capitol police and the d.c. metropolitan police who really saved us and prevented harm to the members of did congress, quite honestly, many of the terrorists called by one of the policemen were there to inflict. >> congresswoman susan wild thank you very much for joining us we really appreciate it. >> thank you so much.
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we have breaking news from "the washington post" tonight. quote, president donald trump calls his acting attorney general nearly every day at the end of last year to alert him to claims of voter fraud or alleged improper vote counts in the 2020 election according to two people familiar with the conversation. the personal pressure campaign which hasn't been previously recorded involved repeated phone calls to acting attorney general rosen in which trump asked what he was doing about the issue. rosenfelsen -- krz n -- kr
7:37 pm
rosen told few people about the phone calls. but some notes, including to richard donahue who was present and those notes could be turned over to congress in couple days. now from california, chair of the house administration committee which held a hearing today on election sub version. congresswoman, your reaction to this "washington post" reporting tonight. >> well, it's in keeping with many of the other reports we've had about the president's efforts to try and subvert the election, frankly, and we will surely in the select committee want to know more about that. >> you're on the january 6th committee that held a hearing yesterday. you're investigating what led up to the attack on the capitol as well as everything that happened that day.
7:38 pm
>> exactly. >> but the question of what led up to it is rather broad, it is not exactly clear where that boundary is. were these phone calls to the attorney general part of what led up to what happened on january 6th? >> well, we'll find out. we're going to follow the fact where's they lead us. you know, it's one of the officers that said yesterday, a hitman was sent, we need to find out who sent the hitman. how did this happen? how was it organized? what motivated it. who funded it? so on. we'll have a broad inquiry and follow the facts and find the truth >> there's written testimony former acting attorney general rosen gave to congress in may. and now just has a lot more between the linings weighs read
7:39 pm
it. this is what he said in writing. during my tenure no special prosecutors were appointed, whether for election fraud or otherwise. no public statements were made questioning the election. no letters were sent to state officials seeking to overturn the election results. and into department of justice court actions or filings were submitted seeking to overturn election results. and as we read that now we are left to wonder, are those the specific things that donald trump asked him to do every day? and he's putting in writing that he didn't to them without at that point anyway, telling us that those were actually being requested of him all the time. >> well, we'll find out the answer to that. you know. those statements it's like, well, of course not, because snon were warranted. none were warranted. perhaps as you suggested it was an outline what he was refusing
7:40 pm
to do as the president's request. rather than speculate we will find out the answer. i also, as you know, today we had a hearing in the house administration committee which i chair. another aspect of the violence that is being used to try to subvert our system of democracy and that is the violence that's being directed at regular election officials who are being threatened with guns. we heard from the election official, local election official in maricopa county describe a scene that was quite similar to january 6th. except they didn't actually invade the county center. so we have a pattern here of subversion of the electoral system that we need to take very seriously. >> and republican legislatures including georgia's for example, and texas, have been trying to
7:41 pm
formalize into their state laws what donald trump was trying to do over the phone with the attorney general by basically being able to change the outcome after the vote count, that's what they're trying to put into some of these laws. your hearing today was address something of that. >> yeah, so we have a bill that would preclude some of what the states are doing to replace the local election officials who are just counting the ballots. i mean, this has not been something that has been high profile. this has been a boring activity for centuries where you just count the ballots, now partisans are seeking apparently to take over this function and to skew the results. we can't let that happen and this bill would prevent it. we had a hearing today that was very helpful but chilling as well. because although the registrars
7:42 pm
and election officials didn't engage in hand-to-hand combat, like our brave officers testified about yesterday, they are facing off with armed militants who are seeking to subvert the electoral process. can't let that happen. >> congresswoman thank you for joining us we appreciate it. >> thank you, lawrence. >> coming up, donald trump found a new way to lose in the senate in the infrastructure vote and he found a new way to lose in texas last night. maria and professor eddie will join us next. it's relentless. we do everything but control it. and when it's running out. we relentlessly try to protect it.
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7:47 pm
to the bill. an and trump last last night in texas. last night voters in north texas chose republican state representative jake elsay to fill a fake house seat over a candidate endoresetted by donald trump. endorsed by donald trump. the widow of former congressman ron wright. the special election run off was to finish ron wright's term in the 6th congressional district after he died earlier this year from covid-19. donald trump carried that district in 2016 by 12 points but in 2020 he won the district by just three points. and donald trump endorsed susan wright in the final days before the may 1st election which then went to the run off. during the runoff, donald trump issued three statements affirming his endorsement and
7:48 pm
recorded a robo call for wright and headlined a rally for her monday night before the election and donald trump's candidate lost. joining us now president and ceo of vote latino and eddie chairman of the african-american studies at princeton university, new book "begin again" and something's happening in texas. >> lawrence, you and i talk about this a lot. that is, texas is not that rubalcabay ruby red state that everyone thought. it's becoming much more moderate state. the district you're discussing you have a large in flux of a growing latino population, also young professionals coming in, because industry in texas is changing. you're seeing a lot of folks such as amazon coming in, apple coming in, toyota coming in.
7:49 pm
with that more educated individuals and changing demographic. it's why you have republican texas legislate prevent people from voting because it's not the same texas of ten years ago. >> the general democrat came in third below the line of qualifying for the runoff. so an interesting future for that district. professor it's a fascinating night in the republican world. we saw these 17 republican republican vote oz -- votes on the senate floor tonight, after -- after donald trump called them fools and threatened every one of them with primaries in the next election when they're up for reelection. that's a vote that was unimaginable a short time ago. i certainly didn't anticipate it being that big tonight, that
7:50 pm
vote both against donald trump and for the infrastructure package. >> right, lawrence. it may be an indication that trump may be losing at least some grip or hold on the republican party. but we have to be careful. remember that trump has, you know, a litany of losses, right, representatives, the senate, the presidency, he lost a number of midterm elections, campaigns and the like. that's not where his power resides. i think donald trump is a kind of cultural phenomenon. and he sits at the nexus of the kind of disease, discomfort about the demographic shifts that maria talked about, and the sense that the country is changing. so his power rests in his ability to sow chaos. and how that translates politically various, i think. so we need to see that on the one hand, him losing the grip, but on the other hand we need to understand where his power resides, that is sowing chaos.
7:51 pm
>> and of course republicans still begging for his endorsement, republicans traveling from wyoming to see him for his endorsement to run and challenge liz cheney in a primary. let's listen to what liz cheney said yesterday. >> look, almost every member of the republican conference understood in the days immediately after january 6 what had actually happened and many of them said so publicly. and the fact that so many members of our leadership and others, the fact that they've gone from recognizing what happened on the 6th to protesting in front of the justice department on behalf of those who were part of the insurrection, is something that i can't explain. i think it's a disgrace. >> marie teresa, she can't explain it, it is a disgrace, but donald trump loves every bit
7:52 pm
of that disgrace. >> oh, and i think what the infrastructure bill shows us is two things. one is that it benefits republicans to send money back home and help secure the elections, they're willing to be against donald trump. but when it's talking about voting, access to the voting booth, securing the sanctity of that voting booth, they use donald trump as a foil. what professor glaude just said is right, they will use donald trump to help encourage that white nationalism that basically brought us the insurrection on january 6. what i found so striking yesterday, when the officers were talking, was how harrowing the account was, how they, all of them, talked about how they wanted to be recruited, the white officers, they were trying to recruit them, and the
7:53 pm
african-american officer and latino officer were called un-american. and that synthesized what we're talking about when it comes to what donald trump represents. he is part of a white nationalist party and the insurrection has everything to do with the changing demographics of this country. and a fair fought election that a multicultural america brought forth in joe biden. >> thank you both for joining us tonight. >> thank you, lawrence. we'll be right back. back.
7:54 pm
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show me the olympics. [ "bugler's dream" playing ] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ on january 6, for the first time i was more afraid to work at the capitol than in my entire deployment to iraq. in iraq, we were in a war zone. but nothing in my experience in the army or as a law enforcement
7:58 pm
officer prepared me for what we confronted on january 6. >> sergeant gonell is an immigrant from the dominican republican. he is now a corporate police sergeant. he told us yesterday how many times he has raised his hand to take an oath to protect this country. >> on july 23, 1999, the day before my 24th birthday, i raised my hand and swore to protect the constitution of the united states. because this country gave me an opportunity to become anything that i wanted. at that time i had already started basic training with the army reserves. in fact i raised my hand several times in ceremonies to pledge my commitment to defend and protect the stay with us of the united states. when i joined the army reserves,
7:59 pm
when i was promoted to sergeant while in the army, when i was promoted during my naturalization ceremony, and my reenlistment in the army. when i joined the united states capitol police. and lastly, when i was promoted to sergeant three years ago. he have always taken my oath seriously. >> the trump mob, who donald trump sent to attack the capitol, believed that sergeant gonell had no right to be there. >> i was in the front line, and they -- apparently they saw through my mask, they saw my skin color and said, you're not even an american, regardless whether i was in the military, they don't know that. they're yelling and saying all
8:00 pm
these things to me. i mean, when i heard that, i wasn't even thinking about any racial stuff. but for me, i wasn't even thinking about that, i'm there to stop them regardless. i'm not thinking what they were yelling in terms of my skin color or my race. i know i'm an american soldier, former american soldier, and police officers. i didn't take that into account when i was defending all of you guys. >> sergeant gonell gets tonight's last word. "the 11th hour with brian williams" starts right now. good evening once again. i'm chris jansing in for brian williams. day 190 of the biden administration. and there's been a major breakthrough tonight on a key biden agenda item. the senate voted to begin debate on a nearly $1 trillion


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