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tv   The 11th Hour With Brian Williams  MSNBC  July 26, 2021 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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response was so slow. i think we need to hear from the officials at the white house. we probably need expert witnesses about extremists, disinformation and social media. pulling all of those groups together could take several months. >> we will be joined tomorrow night by congressman jamie raskin. the 11th hour with brian williams starts right now. hourn williams starts right now. good evening once again. day 188 of the biden administration. we are now just hours away from the first hearing from the bipartisan house select committee to investigate the deadly january 6 insurrection at the u.s. capitol and will play out in this room on the hill. benny thompson, democrat of
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mississippi writes in an opinion piece for the "washington post" -- >> the first witnesses will be police officers who suffered vicious assaults as they fought to protect the complex and lawmakers on that day. speaker pelosi appointed adam kinzinger of illinois to join republican liz cheney and seven democrats to investigate the attack by trump supporters that wanted to stop the democratic process of certifying joe biden's win. cheney and kinzinger voted in favor of impeaching trump following the riot and were the only republican committees to support the formation last month. house republican leader kevin mccarthy mocked the two members of the caucus for agreeing to be a part of the panel.
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>> some republicans have been saying that the gop should play ball on this committee. >> who is that adam and liz? aren't they pelosi republicans? >> it is childish. we are doing big things right now. we are getting to the answers of the worst attack on the capitol since the war of 1812. he can call me whatever names he wants. look, bottom line i am an elected member of congress. i am a republican. >> all of this comes in the wake of pelosi rejecting two of the picks for the committee, jim banks of indiana and jim jordan of ohio and mccarthy removed all of his picks from the committee and tonight introduced a resolution demanding pelosi seat all five of has original choices and it went nowhere in the
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democratic controlled house. the explosive growth of the delta variant is driving up covid cases across the nation. the rate of transmission accelerating in most counties. areas in red indicate the highest levels of infection. low vaccination rates also fueled the surge and we saw the first announcements of vaccine mandates. the departments of veterans affairs will require front line health care workers to receive the vaccine. california will now require all state employees and on site public and private health care workers to be vaccinated or face weekly testing. and new york city today announced the same rule for all municipal employees. new york city's mayor and california's governor say the requirements are the key to protecting gains. >> we don't want to wait until we are overwhelmed in the icu
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and thousands and thousands more californians die of a virus where they could save their lives by getting a simple vaccine shot. >> this is about our recovery. this is about what we need to do to bring back new york city. >> tonight politico says federal law does not stop private businesses or public agencies from mandating covid vaccines and reports white house officials are considering whether to recommend states and communities with low vaccination rates reimpose mask mandates, particularly indoors. the administration is keeping in place restrictions on international travel into the u.s. >> the more transmissable delta variant is spreading here and around the world. cases are rising at home, particularly among those that are unvaccinated and appear likely to continue in the weeks ahead. >> there are new developments in another story. trump ally and former inaugural chairman appearing in federal
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court pleading not guilty to charges he secretly lobbied the united states on behalf of the united arab emirates. he was arrested and released on bail on friday on a staggering $250 million bond. with that let's bring in our lead guest on this monday night, peter baker, the veteran journalist and author and chief white house correspondent for the "new york times." a white house correspondent for pbs news hour and moderator of washington week on pbs and chuck rosenberg, former u.s. attorney and former senior fbi official. he is also host of the msnbc podcast the oath. good to have you here on a monday night. peter baker, as the first hearing gets underway tomorrow, what will you watching and listening for? >> well, i think the dynamics of seeing a committee with seven democrats and two republicans not chosen by republican leadership will be the dominant
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thing. they will be watching the body language and how they conduct themselves and how the republicans, you know, work in concert with the democrats but not as the case may be. obviously by bringing in the police officers to testify in the beginning, they are establishing the seriousness of the issue. trying to puncture the mythology that some republicans are trying to create that it was really this protest that got out of hand. really not that different than a tourist occasion at the capitol. all eyes will be on liz cheney and adam kinzinger to see how they fit in to the committee and what that means for the future of the consensus view of what happened rather than a partisan show for the cameras. >> what is it that the white house is looking for to come out of this? >> it is interesting because the white house is essentially saying that president biden has
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the same goal as speaker nancy pelosi, and that is to get to the bottom of what happened on january 6. to understand who was involved. to understand what was probably happening before january 6 and who may have given the insurrectionists map and plan. also of course what was the president doing. the former president trump and what liabilities are there. there are a lot of things the white house is watching for. white house officials say that president biden, he will be looking at news clips. he will be looking to see what the police officers are saying tomorrow. they say he is really focused on covid and on getting the infrastructure deal done. they are saying yes, the president is interested in seeing justice done and more details about january 6. but they are clear they don't want it to dominate his agenda. that is an interesting point. they are not trying to lean in too hard.
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it will be riveting testimony. there are going to be officers talking in detail about how violent it was. republicans tried to paint it as a loving crowd in a tourist visit. >> here is what we heard earlier today from january 6th committee member adam schiff. >> our rule will be to fully uncover the facts. what is it that people did at the rally to instigate violence. how many of them went to the rally fully planning to do violence. we are in a different place in our country's history than we were on 9/11. it is a much more polarized country. the job of our committee will be more difficult than it has been in the past. >> chuck, the original model for this 9/11 was the 9/11 commission, right. we do of course now have a very different kind of panel. are you concerned about whether the committee will be able to really come up with the type of report, both in terms of getting to the bottom of what happened,
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but very importantly taking a look at how we can make sure that it never happens again. >> well, you are right. the 9/11 commission was a model. it was created by an act of congress, signed by the president in november 2002. and the really interesting thing about it is that it consisted of ten people. five chosen by republican leaders. five chosen by democratic leaders and if you read the preface to the commission report, what they say is remarkable. they came together though they had different points of view and opinions and wrote a single report. no minority report. ten people unanimously agreed to a complex set of facts and recommendations. they came together at a time, and this is a quote from the preface of the 9/11 commission report, at a time of great partisan divide. what i would like to see, and believe it or not i will finally answer your question from the
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january 6 committee, the same thing. we put aside politics. because what happened on january 6 was too big and it was too important for us to take a partisan approach. i wish we could do what the 9/11 commission did. i wish we had ten people to come together, republicans and democrats and write a single report. i doubt it will happen. >> key to that is who is going to testify, obviously beyond what we know will be the riveting testimony of the four officers. we heard from him saying look, nothing is off limits. i guess that begs the question what does that mean? >> well, that is a good question. you know, i was on the white house lawn today in the rose garden talking specifically to house majority leader steny hoyer about that topic. he is is not on the committee but he said that democrats want to talk to people that were in the room with president trump.
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that would include chief of staff mark meadows, his children and other white house officials. of course lawmakers like jim jordan, kevin mccarthy, house minority leader kevin mccarthy who my reporting and others show was on the phone with president trump as former president trump was watching in tv and liking in some part what he was seeing and kevin mccarthy was yelling at him to do more. all of those are people that democrats might want to call. i have been talking to democrats about this and they are also worried about executive privilege. that meaning when there are people so close to the president like the chief of staff, there is a worry it could set a precedent so say republicans are in charge of the house and want to subpoena the current white house chief of staff. there is a feeling on the part of some democrats you want to be able to claim executive privilege. that is what a lot of the former
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white house officials will try to do. but there are democrats cautioning where if you start to interview and force executives to testify who were working for a former white house, that could back fire in the days and in the years forward. >> complicated stuff that will be happening on the hill. politico is reporting the white house considering a mask mandate for some states and officials are split on the merits of issuing new mask guidelines with fears they will be politicized in bold new republican attacks. this would raise the specter of vaccine passports. and alienate and stigmatize portions of the country whered individuals have chosen not to get the shot and fears to impose mask mandates will be futile. we have seen some. how much is riding for the white
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house on what steps it decides to take as it decides to reverse the surge. >> a lot is riding on it it. the healt of the country. delta variant so much more contagious than the other virus. the president said a pandemic of the unvaccinated. the map earlier shows what parts of the country are most affected right now and parts of the country where the vaccine rates are lower. there is evidence in the last few days it has begun to scare people resistant to the vaccine and the numbers of people turning up to get shots starting to go back up as they see the risk rising in their own communities. it is possible that begins to change the attitudes among those who have been hesitant or resistant. the problem with mask mandates as we have seen is that they are seen as partisan at this point, whether it should be or not. the idea of masks and vaccines
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are part of our partisan divide. it is extraordinary because it is about health and not ideology. people see things through the lens of whose side you are on. you are part of this tribe or that tribe. mask mandates may be reimposed. but i think that there will be enormous resistance among the people that who you most worry about, those that are not vaccinated. >> those decisions have to be made. on the hill they are trying to make decisions even as we speak about what the heck to do about this bipartisan infrastructure deal. it was weeks ago joe biden and others came out. they announced we will have a deal here and now they are having problems. i have been reading the reporting and it ranges from it could collapse to saying well, it is wrangling at the end of the process. what do we know about what is really going on here? >> well, it is a back and forth.
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every week is infrastructure week, right. >> week number 42 of infrastructure week. >> right. when i talked to white house officials say dale thayer are very confident this is on track. caveats, everything could fall apart but the white house as well as democrats feel confident and say while there are back and forths including transportation and kind of how they are going to pay for all of this. there is a feeling that white house officials say when you are hearing nos from republicans. there was an offer made on sunday. it was rejected by sudden republicans. that means you are closer to the end. whether or not i buy the reasoning is a little bit shaky. but the point that the white house is signaling as you hear the details of the last minute things, this is all sort of on
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track. of course they are trying to do this two track system where a bipartisan deal and a reconciliation deal always supported by democrats. >> our hill team reports there are still phone calls going on late tonight. chuck rosenberg, we saw tom barrack in court predicting seeing over time he is 100% innocent. where is the case going and what might his defense look like? >> well, i doubt he is 100% innocent because i read the indictment. it is compelling. the government has e-mails and text messages in which he is working on behalf of the united arab emirates, something he didn't disclose and failed to register as an agent of a foreign government. what happens now between now and the next court date in early
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september. the government will providing discovery to the defendants and there may be pretrial discussions about resolving the case. i wish i had a dollar for every defendant that was 100% isn't on the day of the arraignment. >> a lot has been made of the $250 million. does that tell us how rich he is? >> it says quite a bit about how rich he is. judges do not have complete discretion to set pretrial release conditions. you have to set the least restrictive set of conditions that would reasonably assure the defendant will show up. it is not a crime of violence. he doesn't have a criminal record. he does have a foreign passport. he has some incentive to flee
8:18 pm
but by setting the bond at $250 million that is greatly diminished. it is a lot of money and it says a lot about how much he has and less about the strength of the case. but read the indictment. it is pretty darn strong. >> chuck rosenberg, always a pleasure. thanks to all of you. and coming up, she is not just battling covid. a top public health official in louisiana is going up against people that believe the vaccine is part of a government plot. i will ask her how that fight is going. and later, new reporting on the key role liz cheney will play in tomorrow's bipartisan hearing on january 6. 11th hour just getting underway on a monday night. 11th hour just getting underway on a monday night. u? breathe more freely with powerful claritin-d. claritin-d improves nasal airflow two times more than the leading allergy spray at hour one.
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>> the headline in today's new orleans newspaper, no room at our inn. in this case, the inn is a hospital, and the numbers tell a devastating story. only 41% of louisiana's population received at least one dose of the vaccine, 37% are fully vaccinated, one of the lowest rates in the country. the same time, cases surged more than 170% in the past two weeks. a dramatic influx of covid patients that forced one of the state's largest hospitals to stall nonemergency surgeries. my next guest is a top public health official in the northwest corner of louisiana who says
8:23 pm
vaccine information has public health care workers left feeling stuck and that deep mistrust stoked by conservative news outlets and lawmakers and rampant misinformation online. local health officials are fighting for influence when the only sure strategy for beating back the virus is to get more people vaccinated. dr. white considers herself a target at a time many around the country have resigned or been fired during the pandemic. we are pleased to welcome to the broadcast the aforementioned dr. martha white, the medical director for region 7 in the louisiana department of health. we appreciate you staying up with us and we know this is a very busy time for you. i know you know the state recorded an additional 6,225 new cases since friday. that is one of the largest case counts since the pandemic began. so doctor, what is your view of
8:24 pm
the situation there tonight? >> we do feel stuck. we feel like we have been working around the clock to try to get people vaccinated. i don't believe it is an idea of access. i believe it is an issue of the people that wanted to be vaccinated have been vaccinated. so now we are having to try to meet people where they are and figure out what their hesitancy is and that runs a variety of issues. >> so how much of that hesitancy do you say, okay. i understand this. let's talk it through. and how much is it just crazy town and what are some of the things that you are hearing that are just out there that it is kind of hard to talk people back from? you have some with historical fears and others with general fears of medicine and medical
8:25 pm
procedures and needles. then you have people that heard all kinds of rumors on tiktok and social media to lead them to really think this is a government overreach or an issue that they don't want to take it into their system, perhaps it will change their dna, things like that. >> when someone says to you something like that. well, i understand it is going to change my dna. can you have success telling them what the facts are? i know you stood up in meetings. people are angry. they really do feel that somehow the medical profession is instead of trying to keep them safe, out to get them? >> so, it really depends on the person. some people have dug in their heels and it is really hard to reach them. i think you need to keep that approach, slow and cautiously. talk to them when they are at
8:26 pm
their limit with you, you take a step away and come back another day and talk to them again. some people will listen and you can talk to them the truth about the vaccine, how it works. it does not embed in your dna. it is not gene therapy. you can get them to understand and to even agree to get vaccinated. >> i can't imagine this is anything but at times incredibly demoralizing. the head of the health department said the state made all of the progress it has made. >> you know, i feel the same way. it is very disheartening. you work every day. we have a strong team. and they really put in just working every day, multiple hours a day, seven days a week. we thought that we were coming up towards the end of the hours and it feels like we are getting
8:27 pm
right back in to them. my husband was on a vent for two months. so, i have a lot of fear of going back to the days again where no sleeping and a lot of concern about our community. >> your husband is okay now? >> he is. he still has post covid syndrome like a lot of people do but a miracle and we are thankful he is here. >> you are still going to work every day, in spite of the fact that you feel like you are a target. i was thinking of the doctor that wrote about the patient that were dying and begged her for a vaccine. she said she had to say to them it is too late. she was getting death threats. she felt like she was literally physically a target. what did you mean when you say you feel like you are a target? >> well, you know for the first
8:28 pm
time i stood two feet in front of women who were cursing me and calling me names in the middle of a city council meeting. i had to turn my back to them. you feel very at risk. you know i had a lot of people there protecting me. but you can feel that aggression. it is very palpable right now. i feel like people have fear. they are afraid to go back to where we were. but they need to understand that they are in charge of how we move through this pandemic. we right now are in charge of how we move forward. if we do the right things, the things we know work we can move through it a lot more smoothly. if we don't it will be a bumpy ride. >> i hope people listen to what you have to say. this is within our control. we know how to fix this. dr. whyte, thank you for all you do and thank you for being
8:29 pm
willing to stand up and speak out. we do appreciate it. >> thank you for having me. >> coming up, what republican congresswoman liz cheney says about the january 6th hearing hours before it gets underway when the 11th hour continues. u when the 11th hour continues introducing aleve x. it's fast, powerful long-lasting relief with a revolutionary, rollerball design. because with the right pain reliever... life opens up. aleve it, and see what's possible.
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everybody about the necessity of accountability for what happened. >> on the decision to name two republicans to the committee investigating the assault on the u.s. capitol, the "washington post" puts it this way. the move is intended to present the committee as a bipartisan effort following republican leadership's decision not to participate in the panel after nancy pelosi rejected two of minority leader kevin mccarthy's picks for the panel. back with us again tonight the former obama campaign manager and senior advisor to the president and on the board of directors for the obama foundation and stewart stevens. he is now with the lincoln project. good to see you gentlemen. david, liz cheney gets a prime speaking role. adam kinzinger puts out a statement saying he is a republican dedicated to conservative values but he also swore an oath to uphold the constitution. you have kevin mccarthy,
8:34 pm
dismissing them as pelosi republicans. does their message send a real message of bipartisanship? >> i think it does. for the foreseeable future the lines in the politics are no longer republicans vs. democrat. cheney, kinzinger, these are still republicans but they are putting the fight for democracy first. stewart and the folks at the lincoln project represent that as well and the elections of 22 and 24 and 26. it will take everybody. we can disagree about a lot of things. foreign policy, tax cuts. the one thing we agree on is that democracy is worth fighting for and saving. that is why i think being not just on the committee but given a primetime speaking slot. i don't know how many people will watch the hearings in real time, but they will be bouncing on social media and i hope they
8:35 pm
get heavy digestion. >> i think the point they make about lines shifting, i mean republicans used to consider themselves the party of law and order. you have four police officers targets of violence on january 6 who are going to sit there and talk about what happened to them. does that beg the question what does it stand for now? >> we called this the book that i wrote about the republican party, it was all a lie. i don't know how you square that. how do you be the party of law and order. i must have made a thousand law and order spots over the years. i believed it. i felt like the guy was working for bernie madoff and we were beating the market. >> when did they stop?
8:36 pm
>> it is a very good question. i think that the turning point for the party was december 2015, when trump came out for a muslim ban, which is clearly unconstitutional and the party didn't do anything. once you let that happen, if the party stands for anything it has to stand for the constitution. the party looked the other way. it is what we said would happen with terrorists. you negotiate with terrorists you end up completely losing any moral ground. that is what happened to the republican party. it is a complete moral collapse. david is right. it is about democracy and hypocrisy. the stuff that we argued about sames quaint now. capitol gains tax, really. we care about that. are we going to have free elections where people believed the outcome of the election is
8:37 pm
truthful. >> david. you have these two republican members that felt it was necessary to point out they were doing their constitutional duty. be a member of congress standing by the constitution in what was supposed to be a base minimum requirement. is now a act of bravery? >> sadly i think that it is and tragic it is only two. you know, the road to recovery has to start somewhere. the sun will come out for both members, tomorrow or the day after that. >> really? do they survive this, david? >> yeah. they could both lose primaries. there are so many republicans in congress. the thing they fear most in
8:38 pm
their entire life is to lose a primary. these people that run for office in the first place, they have high aspirations. things they believe in and want to do, whether on the economy or foreign policy or health care. but right now the single thing that unites them is a fear of the trump maga base and fear of losing primaries. the country owes them an enormous debt of gratitude for the service they are providing in her protection. i think democracy is hanging by the thinnest thread it has in our nation's history. >> your group, the lincoln project is putting out a new ad tomorrow. >> who funds the politicians, fills the bank accounts of
8:39 pm
groups trying to restrict minority voting rights? some of the leaders of the most successful companies in america that laud their diversity efforts, inclusion and extoll their purported virtue in integrity. companies led by companies like stephen schwarzman, helping finance the structure that led to the violence on january 6. >> what are you hoping to accomplish with the latest spot? >> you know you hear a lot about the propaganda of this movement, fox and the whole spear of palace of lies. this does not work without money. what is critical here is that people that are business leaders understand what is at stake here. these are people that have flourished and benefitted tremendously from the system that we have and they have to wake up and they have to realize it does not need to be this way.
8:40 pm
it was the american experiment because it was an experiment. ask themselves if they would rather be c.e.o. in america or russia. how will it work out? that is what you have to fight for. they have to quit funding these people who are fundamentally against the vision of a plurristic democracy in america. >> we have a lot more to talk about. the reports of growing alarm among democrats over gop-led efforts to prevent certain people from going to the polls when the 11th hour continues. ps when the 11th hour continues people everywhere living with type 2 diabetes are waking up to what's possible
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opportunity sales event. lease the 2021 is 300 for $379 a month for 36 months. experience amazing. what we have done is that we have raised the awareness and consciousness in the country as it relates to voting. i am excited for what we have done but came here with a goal
8:44 pm
in mind. the fight does not stop until we get the oversight we need. the win we are looking for is federal oversight. they have to be told time and time again you are intentionally discriminating. >> one of the texas democrats still in washington ahead of next week's scheduled congressional recess. there is mounting pressure to get something done on the stalled federal voting rights legislation,and president biden's infrastructure legislation appears to be on shaky ground. bipartisan negotiations entered their darkest phase in more than a month. david, in the "washington post" today -- >> it is important to recognize that biden consciously chosen not to use the full force of the bully pulpit to repeatedly call for the protection of voting rights by any and all means necessary including the
8:45 pm
elimination of the filibuster. fair criticism? >> well, listen, this is largely an inside game. it is about getting 50 democratic senators with manchin and sinema to agree they are not going to get rid of the filibuster. will they do a carve out around voting rights to protect democracy. >> has the president done enough? >> well, i think he has. i think he will do more. i think the most important things he is doing are things none of us are witness to. they are conversations and they are calls with democrats on capitol hill to make sure, because here is what you have to do. you need to use every lever. some of it is legislative. some of it will be oversight. some of it will be lawsuits. let's not forget, as insidious as all of this is, making it harder for people to vote. i think there are a lot of
8:46 pm
republicans, not all, but a lot of republicans that don't think black votes should count the same as white votes. this is all about the retention of power. there was a report in georgia today that legislatures want to take away legislation from fulton county, making it harder to register. getting rid of early voting hours. it is abhorrent and so anti-american and anti-democratic. they want to change the rules. congress has to act or you are waving a white flag. but that is not where we are. >> and politico has been reporting how democrats have been doing the math. take georgia, where a voter i.d. law could impact 270,000 voters in a state biden only won by 12,000. from a purely political point of
8:47 pm
view how worried should democrats be ahead of the midterms? >> they have to be tremendously worried. i think david is right. what the president is doing, the democratic party is still a governing party. a lot of governing stuff takes place that we don't see it. and i hope that it gets passed. some sort of federal intervention here to standardize the laws. because this is about making it harder for people to vote. everything that happened on january 6 was about taking away african-american votes for the most part. all of the votes that they called illegal. they were in these inner cities where all of this stuff is supposed to have happened and really it was nothing about anything but trying to disqualify a large number of african-american voters. it is all about that. people have to realize it and fight back. >> couple of other things i want
8:48 pm
to get to. today was supposed to be the day that the bipartisan infrastructure bill got done and appears to be in limbo. the hill team is reporting that chuck schumer threatened to keep the senators into the weekend, and that seems to be giving talks a little jolt. you know how negotiations go. the longer negotiations drag on, is that the more that gets done or the more time for it all to go south? >> yeah. it can appear super ugly from the out. i have been a part of the negotiations in the white house and on capitol hill. stewart has been around it for a long time. there is always a moment at met 11 1/2 hour where it looks like all hope is lost. but i think that given the fact that you had such a public display of bipartisanship. you had members of both parties saying they are going to get it done. they will find a way, i think. schumer threatening to keep everybody in washington. i would like to see that not just for infrastructure but progress on voting rights.
8:49 pm
the country is in grave perle. i am not sure now is the time for any recess. but i think it will get done. this happens time and time again. you announce you have the contours of an agreement. it looks like at the very end it may fall apart. i just think there is so much momentum here, and everybody has got a lot riding on it. i think they will find a way to get it done. >> and tonight, the former president gave his endorsement to ken paxton in the race for texas attorney general. that is an endorsement george p. bush tried and tried and tried and all but sold his soul for. here we go. right. the risks of seeking trump's approval. >> yeah. for those of us that worked for the bushes, this is just
8:50 pm
painful. i believe there will come a moment when george p. greatly regrets this. you can never give trump enough. that is what we always knew. you have to say no. you have to stand for something other than election. i hope this serves as a lesson of where you will get when you try to appease someone that is basically a terrorist. that is donald trump. >> stuart, david, thank you guys. appreciate it. the quiet protest by olympic athletes in tokyo, hoping to make headlines through their excellence and not their outfits. when the 11th hour continues. outfits. when the 11th hour continues
8:51 pm
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♪ ♪ controversy has. >> alejandro: -- has erupted at the olympics for uniforms exploiting sexuality.
8:54 pm
protests by gymnasts highlight the growing gender equity. >> reporter: tonight female athletes say they want the focus to be on what they do and not what they wear. the norwegian beach handball team was slapped with a $1,500 fine for refusing to play in the regulation bikini bottoms opting for elastic shorts. pop star pink offers to pay the fine proud of the team for protesting the very sexist rules about their uniform. at the olympics the german women's gymnastics team sent a similar message during the qualifiers instead of the bikini cut. >> you will not see our coverage some things we have been seeing in the past.
8:55 pm
>> it wasn't until 1952 females made up more than 10% of the competitors. of the 11,000 athletes in tokyo, nearly half are women and are able to compete in more sports than ever before. clearly when it comes to gender equity, there is still a distance to go. more of the 11th hour after a quick break. f the 11th hour a a quick break. we made usaa insurance for members like martin. an air force veteran made of doing what's right, not what's easy. so when a hailstorm hit, usaa reached out before he could even inspect the damage. that's how you do it right. usaa insurance is made just the way martin's family needs it with hassle-free claims, he got paid before his neighbor even got started. because doing right by our members, that's what's right. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. ♪ usaa ♪ does your deodorant keep you fresh all day? we put dove men deodorant to the test with nelson, a volunteer that puts care into everything he does.
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is it your plan to call the former president to testify? or even his former chief of staff? >> well, let me say that nothing is off limits. we will follow the facts. on the meetings that we have had with the members of this committee, they have all said whatever the facts and our investigation lead us, that is where we will go. so nothing is sacred. >> and the last thing before we go tonight, tomorrow morning the investigation into the violence of january 6 gets underway. this evening congressman adam schiff talked about what is at stake. >> this was ultimately an attack on the capitol, motivated by people that could not accept losing an election, and made the decision they would use violence to achieve a political object they can't at the ballot box, and that danger to our democracy is one that we are going to have
9:00 pm
to address, and it will be part of the scope of what we look at. but that is a big, important question for the whole country that we are going to have to wrestle with. >> andrea mitchell and halle jackson will be here as the commission holds their first hearing and special coverage begins hours from now at 9:00 . and that is our broadcast for this monday night with our thanks for being with us. on behalf of all of our colleagues at the networks of nbc news, goodnight. >> rachel's got the night off. the date was march 9th, 1974. it was a saturday, which is a little weird because you don't think of big things going down in federal court on a saturday. and this is big. it was really really big. in fact, nothing like it had ever happened before. a whole bunch of top associates of the president of the united


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