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tv   The Reid Out  MSNBC  July 26, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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♪♪ >> you can go watch the video yourself. it takes on a lot of interests and layers, but it also raises money for the bail project, the project that tries to end bail systems. that does for me. "the reidout" starts now with tiffany in for joy. hey, tiffany. >> i love following you because i get a bop-it on the way. i'm tiffany cross in for joy reid, and we begin "the reidout" just hours away from a select committee is about to
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investigate the capitol attack and there will be video the public has not yet seen. there will be four members of the capitol police who will detail the trauma they experienced when a mob of trump supporters, some even carrying flags supporting the police, stormed their way into the capitol. here's some of what we'll likely hear tomorrow from the officers who will be testifying. >> for some people, january 6 just happened in one day. for me, for every responding officer, it is nonstop. >> while the fight was happening, i didn't process it while it was happening. once it's all over and you're attempting to put together in your mind what happened. >> i got pinned to the doorway. they ripped my mask off, stole my equipment, beat me up. >> i do grapple with ptsd as a result of that day. it cannibalizes you.
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it just eats you alive. >> 140 officers were injured during the insurrection. and the doj says more than 165 individuals have been charged with assaulting or impeding law enforcement. in a statement announcing tomorrow's hearing, house speaker nancy pelosi said, quote, we have a duty to the constitution and the country to find the truth of the january 6 insurrection and to ensure that such an assault on our democracy cannot happen again. this week speaker pelosi said adam kendall -- kinzinger would be made part of the committee. this after mccarthy wanted jim
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jordan and jim banks. here's how mccarthy reacted to that today. >> some republicans have been saying that the gop should play ball on this committee. >> who was that, adam and liz? aren't they kind of like pelosi republicans? >> pelosi republicans. now, liz cheney who will give opening remarks tomorrow after democratic chair benny thompson, she had these comments. >> we have something more important to do and i think that's a great job. >> let's talk to pete aguilar of california. he's a member of the select committee to investigate january 6. christina greer, associate professor of political science at fordham university, and olivia troy. she was a former senior aide to the white house coronavirus task
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force and director of the republican accountability project. congressman aguilar, very happy to have you join the program today ahead of a big day that you have tomorrow. i know we're going to hear from the police officers tomorrow. i think everybody is very eager to hear the testimony of some of the folks that the committee will call. so aside from the police officers, who is on your list of people we'll hear from? >> well, tomorrow is about those police officers that you mentioned. and so that's what we're going to do first. that's going to lay the groundwork and set the frame for the conversation that we're going to have about the january 6 commission. but it is so important that the public gets to hear directly from these four officers who were the last line of defense protecting our democracy, protecting this capitol building and protecting us from all these insurrectionists. so it's going to be important to hear them out. we want to hear their stories, we want them to share their
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perspectives. there will be plenty of time to get to the next steps, but right now it's about these four officers and their experiences and what they went through on january 6 and continue to deal with. >> i want to stick with you for a second because we'll all be riveted, i'm sure, from their testimony. we'll certainly be talking about it tomorrow on "the reidout." but i am curious, when you subpoena other people, how exactly will you enforce subpoenas? once the police officers testify, there is a lot of leftover questions, you know, don jr. spoke at that rally, tim guilfoyle spoke at that rally, donald trump himself, the conversation with kevin mccarthy. so for the people who testify and don't want to share that information now, how will you ensure that they show up to testify before this committee? >> there are tools the committee has in our toolbelt. we hope it won't come to that, but we'll be prepared to exhaust every scenario in order to compel people to share what happened. our goal, our charge, our mission is to tell the story about january 6, what led up to
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the 6th, who funded it, and how we make sure this never happens again. so we're going to exhaust every avenue available, and if that means using the courts to enforce things, then we will. but we hope it doesn't come to that. but there are tools that the committee has in our tool belt. i'll follow the lead of our chairman and make sure that we are exercising every possible way that we can compel people to come before us. >> all right. well, it took don mcgahn two years to battle a court battle to finally testify, so hopefully it won't take that long. christina, let me turn to you, here, because one thing that's been a bit frustrating with the american public is why exactly does this committee have to be so bipartisan, you know? it's like if you were prosecuting dave karesh, you're not thinking we should get the branch davidians, too, to get
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their perspective. what do you think the bipartisan committee should do? >> all americans should feel concerned, disgusted and aggrieved by what happened on january 6. sadly, it's mainly the democrats who view what happened on january 6 as an assault on democracy at large. most republicans say it's just a few tourists who got turned around. oh, it's a march that was a little bit unsavory, but it's not that big of a deal. we've seen the deaths and the injuries and the aftermath of staff that was in that building, especially immigrants of color who knew they were definitely in such a dangerous position. so it really has to be democrats who question their republican colleagues to acknowledge the truth and fast. this idea that we're even divided as to what happened on january 6 when we see it with
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our own eyes is really something where i think that's the images behind nancy pelosi to say if this affected the entire american populace, we need to have both sides at the table, but what happened on that day is so well documented in so many different ways. >> it's so well documented, and we said in the open, olivia, that there's going to be footage we still haven't seen even after all the new footage that has come out. is this really a political win for kevin mccarthy? there has to be a level of some sensible republicans who see with their own eyes and ears what happened and they hear republicans right before them try to rewrite history and say, don't believe your lying eyes, this didn't happen. is this going to work? >> i don't think it's a political win, but what it does do, it gives them the opportunity to create more disinformation, is what i fear, and they'll spin this and do their own charades on the side, and i think that's partially why it's so important to have republicans sitting on the
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committee, because you can't call this nonpartisan right now. they tried. we tried that route, they tried that route, congress tried that route, they tried to do a bipartisan commission and all these people voted against it. it's important that the truth come out. tomorrow morning, i think, will be an emotionally, very raw hearing. but i think the average american citizen needs to hear it from these officers. let's remember the republican party touted the blue lives matter movement. so blue lives matter and we're going to hear about these courageous officers, what they face and had what they saw, and that truth needs to be on the record. >> olivia, i want to stick with you here because you left the trump white house in august of 2020. the white house records from november 3rd to january 20th have yet to be subpoenaed. because you were there so close to that time, what might those white house records reveal? >> i think you need to look back on what happened last summer.
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i think those records will show what happened in the dereliction of duty across the cabinet, where were people at the time, what was communicated, what wasn't, and what really happened in the oval office. who was in the oval office, who was communicating and who actually expressed concerns and raised these concerns, because those are the people that really need to come forward and really state the facts so we don't allow this to happen again in the future. we have upcoming elections. i have no doubt that we will see more attacks on our democracy as state capitols are on the hill. i hope not, but this committee, all these investigations and these facts will help protect us in the future. that's why it's so critical and this investigation matters so much. >> my last question to you, olivia, you were an aide to mike pence, and i'm very careful not to completely sanitize him here because he did stand by trump during a lot of horrific things, but because you worked with him
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and know him, do you think he would be cooperative with this committee? should he be subpoenaed? will he show up and testify? >> i would hope that he would, and i would hope that he would tell the truth. his life was threatened, the life of his family, and i hope his chief of staff comes forward. but i will be very honest about this. i worked firsthand inside the white house, and i know what they're capable of, and i just hope in this situation in terms of national security and our democracy at stake that the truth will prevail and people will do the right thing. it's the right thing for our country. republicans, democrats, whatever party you are. >> congressman aguilar, what are we going to hear tomorrow that we have not heard before? >> you're going to hear these officers in their own words. you're going to hear them not just in a sound bite, not in 30 seconds, they're going to have some time to answer the questions but also to give their own testimony. they submitted written testimony so far, and i think it's going
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to be incredibly compelling. and i think you can also expect to see some videos and some still images as well as members question these officers about their experiences. i think it will be important, i think it will be emotional, and i think it's going to be an important process as a building block to our further conversations about what happened on january 6. >> krissie, this is one thing i'm worried about. we saw what happened on january 6. one thing i think will likely live in perpetuity at this point, the republican party, the maga sycophants, will they ever accept elections that they don't like? let's say the republicans take over the senate. do we have to worry about another insurrection then? trump is here. do we have to worry about
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another violent legislature? >> i think we do, tiffany. we can't forget the life of gretchen whitmer. we saw there was an entire plot to kidnap her. i think one of the most insidious and dangerous things donald trump has done is to call in question truth and facts. that type of ethos has lasted long after his presidency and i feared it would. you have one-third of the republican party that are the maga-ites, but sadly a rough two-thirds go along with what the maga-ites say. to me that's just as bad. if you have a bunch of spineless jellyfish who won't stand up for what's right, then they might as well wear the red hats and stand up for the insurrection if they're not going to do what's right for this country. that's a great concern because we know in 2022 we'll have
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contentious elections. we know we have governorships. we have the entire house coming up for re-election, and if republicans aren't happy with the results, then they just say that it's false. that's a very donald trumpian claim that republicans have embraced and democrats haven't been firm enough. they're passing different voters rights in elections to make sure we're all protected. this isn't just about protecting democrats to make sure democrats stay in office, this is about protecting all americans to make sure they have a legal right at the box office. kemp did what he did and we knew it wasn't fair. this is worked out in their favor when brian kemp essentially stole the election. we ever an international agency that weakens us. >> congressman aguilar, i'm
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curious of your perspective here. i know you're on the committee, so it's a tough question to answer before the hearings kick off. we've seen some members of congress fraternize with some of the insurrectionists. you work at the crime scene, essentially. do you feel safe working at capitol hill, and do you suspect some of your colleagues may have intentionally or unintentionally aided some of these insurrectionists? >> i knew there were capitol police officers protecting us day in and day out, just like the four who were going to testify, the two d.c. officers who will testify tomorrow. but it's something that's very real and we think about it often here. i don't know who my colleagues talk to. we saw one of these members, mr. banks, travel to the border with someone who was here on the capitol grounds on january 6. i mean, that's ridiculous. and so i think that members
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continue to have issues, and i think that that's something that hopefully this committee will get to the bottom of. but if members have nothing to hide, then they should be fine, and they should be willing to share their perspectives. but my suspicion is that some of them may not be as forthcoming as they should be. >> all right. well, we will certainly be tuned in tomorrow and we'll have that coverage live and we'll also be talking about it tomorrow night on "the reidout." up next, a federal agent issues a vaccine mandatbelatedl undo the masking mandate. civil rights icon bob moses died at 86.
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the pandemic is spiraling out of control yet again. with hospital beds filling up, even the sick turned away. and those devastating stories of loss and so much death are back. and still, none of this seems to be swaying the millions who refuse to get vaccinated or even wear a mask, which is why some state governments and agencies are stepping up the mandates. today california announced it will require all state employees and health care workers to be vaccinated or face regular frequent testing. that's almost 250,000 employees. and the u.s. department of veterans affairs will require its 115,000 front line health care workers to take the jab, making it the first federal agency to mandate that employees be inoculated. elected republicans who have sowed vaccine hostility for political gain are fighting
4:22 pm
these mask mandates or ignoring the problem altogether. florida now accounts for 20% of all cases in the u.s. but its governor, florida governor ron desantis, is worried about transgressions rather than addressing the problem at home. congressman crist joins me now. this news about the v.a. mandating vaccines is fairly striking. it's interesting to see a federal agency take the stand. should more federal agencies or even state and local government agencies make a mandate and do you think we'll see more of that? >> i do think there will be more of that and i do think it's probably appropriate. as we always say, you need to rely on the experts like the gentleman i'm on with today with you. but the physicians and health
4:23 pm
workers should be the ones to make these kinds of calls. but as they increase in my state of florida with the delta variant, it's heartbreaking. sadly the governor is playing russian roulette with this issue, and in the meantime he's going to texas and campaigning for president. he goes to aspen and pennsylvania and all around the country. the job of being the governor of florida is an important job. i used to have it. and it matters and it makes a difference in people's lives. if he would simply advocate for people to wear masks and get the vaccine, he can have a major impact in making florida healthier. because in the meantime, my fellow floridians, many of them, sadly, are losing their life. >> it's striking that all these cases are coming out of florida. dr. purnell, let me say the congressman is on capitol hill so he can't see you. i'm curious from you, over 4 million people have died from covid. how many people have died from taking the vaccine?
4:24 pm
>> well, over 600 in 10,000, approximately, have died from covid. over 34 million have had cases. those who have died from the vaccine, that would be a number that we wouldn't be able to nail down specifically, tiffany, and i want to say this and make it very clear. we have no evidence that there is a direct link between the covid vaccine and death. we do have people who died who were vaccinated, and we're looking to see if there is a causality or just a correlation. bottom line, these vaccines are safe, bottom line these vaccines are effective, and politicians, unfortunately, are manipulating and playing on the fears of the public and fueling misinformation and disinformation, and that has to stop. >> over 4 million have died worldwide, 600,000 here in the united states. let me ask you a quick question, dr. pernell.
4:25 pm
this delta variant in florida, i'm really curious, because with your medical expertise, and this is from a layperson, i would think people are outdoors, people probably have a lower transmission rate, why is it higher in florida? >> we don't politicize wearing a seat belt. we don't politicize wearing a bike helmet. we won't politicize the need to have child immigrations. but we have politicized mask wearing. we have politicized getting a vaccine, and those are things e know are bread and butter staples in preventive medicine. but we do have politicians who are standing up. we need to stop with the russian roulette, as the congressman just said. think about senator menendez and senator collins.
4:26 pm
think about the bill they have in both houses of congress looking to establish a 9/11 style commission to look at what happened during this covid-19 response and to help paint a blueprint for how we should respond to such emergencies. we need to see more of that. >> you're raising an interesting point. people weren't saying, i refuse to get this polio vaccine, or i don't want this tuberculosis vaccine. it's very weird to see this become a political debate. congressman, i want you to listen to eric schmidt. he was on fox news this morning and i'll get on you the other side. >> their solution is defunding police and providing masks for those who are vaccinated and kids. it's about control and people have had enough, and i'm going to stick up for the people in my state who have had enough, and that's why we're going to file a lawsuit today. >> this is insane. even if you want to follow this crazy, alleged, they're trying to control me mentality, at some
4:27 pm
point doesn't self-preservation kick in? don't you want to live? don't you want your children to live? how do you explain this kind of ridiculous outlook? >> i can't. that's inexplicable to say that people want control and that's why they're advising people to get a mask or get a vaccine is one of the most absurd things. people want to try to help people save their life. that's what's going on. it's like dr. fauci says. one of the most basic things we can do, just get the vaccine, wear a mask when you're in public, and i think the reason it's spiking in florida in addition to not having good leadership from our governor and he's out galivanting around the country is the fact that it is warm. that's why florida kind of boomed. we got rid of mosquitoes and hot temperatures. but the point is we have a government that stopped leading, and it breaks my heart to say that. all he needs to do is stand up and say, listen, maybe my party
4:28 pm
doesn't like me saying that you ought to wear a mask or you ought to get a vaccine, but as governor of the state of florida, i'm telling you you need to do it to save your life. that would be the right thing to do. he needs to have the moral courage to do it. >> well, he has kind of said get the vaccine, but it's a mixed message, right, because he's also promised to use his power to invalidate local emergency measures. he sued the cdc trying to prevent them from having cruise lines require passengers to be vaccinated. he stepped up his personal animosity towards dr. fauci for some reason. i mean, who is the countervoice to him? i understand that you're running for governor and you have a platform as well, but who are the community validators saying, yeah, this guy is nuts and you guys need to get vaccinated? >> any health expert in the state of florida is saying that. and i'm saying that, so i guess i'm the countervoice with you right now, tiffany. it's sad that has to occur. when i was governor, i understood that working across
4:29 pm
the aisle, working for the betterment of the people, you know, when you get elected governor as a republican or a democrat, you don't get elected governor as the republicans of florida, you don't get elected of the democrats of florida, you get elected as governor of the people of florida, and you're supposed to work for them all. if it's a little counter to his politics to tell people wearing a mask is a good idea or being vaccinated is really lifesaving, then maybe he should get out of politics and into another profession. because what he's doing is wrong and it's costing lives. >> yeah, his ambition is outpacing his good sense, i would imagine. thank you so much, congressman charlie crist, for being here, and of course, as always, dr. chris pernell. still ahead, a handful of grifters are making big bucks spreading vaccine misinformation that is literally killing people. really, how can this be legal? stay with us. with us
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with the countryow facing a pandemic of the unvaccinated, coronavirus that is surging also has an unknown cause. dr. martha white told the "new york times" that they are stuck. the "times" knows that facing deep distrust by conservative news outlets and lawmakers and by rampant misinformation online, local health officials like dr. white are fighting for influence. the biden administration has pointed the finger at tech companies for enabling vaccine misinformation online, and the "times" reports that one source, dr. joseph mercola, is one of the worst spreaders of
4:35 pm
disinformation. his audience is substantial. he has 2.7 million combined followers on his english and spanish language pages. he is at the top of a very short list of a dozen people that produces just 65% of anti-vaccine misinformation on social media. i'm joined by ben collins, an msnbc reporter. ben, this is so insane that this rampant information is having such a big impact. i'm not excluded from it. it reaches my texts, it reaches my dms, it reaches my in box. is there one specific plaform that tracks more disinformation than others, or is this spreading like wildfire? >> with telegram, it's the wild west there. they operate without code words or anything like that.
4:36 pm
with facebook they have to sort of get through the sensors to talk about vaccine misinformation. it's at wild west and they use it as an ammo dump to dispense what they call normal people to not take the vaccine. what you see that disinformation does is they have a doctor title in front of their name, and a lot of people say, hey, look at this paper from this doct. this doctor says don't take the vaccine. it's not safe. there are a lot of reasons why that guy behaves that way, but that's the big thing they do, they share around these, like, edge cases and these extreme, like, faraway blogs onto facebook and telegram and that's how it gets pushed out to regular people in real life. >> which is so scary. the virus is not killing us as fast as ignorance, right? mr. mamayor, let me ask you,
4:37 pm
because i think there are two buckets of people, right? you have some i call the maga crowd who have never known actual oppression, so they assume things like mask mandates are oppression. then you have a different bucket of people. you have people of color who are very distrustful of government and the health care industry for reasons that are deeply rooted in historical fact and data. i think these two groups of people need different messaging and different messengers. in your area of louisiana, do you have an equal amount of these people who are both, quite frankly, a danger at this point, and how do you message to those very different groups? >> tiffany, you're absolutely right. that's what the city of shreveport is primarily composed of, very conservative republicans, so you have those political wins against us and we have a majority of african-americans as well and we know the historical thoughts and mistrust of african-americans in our public hlth systems. we have been fighting that since
4:38 pm
day one here, and that's why we find ourselves as one of the lowest vaccination places in the country right now. trying to beat back against that is with relationships. talking to family members, talking to people that are at our churches and using our personal relationships, the relationships we've catered for a lifetime to really -- that's what it takes to overcome all the misinformation out there is literally killing people in my community. >> literally. and, look, i have people in my family who are distrustful, but i have to say a lot of people have since come around, so it's very scary. ben, i'm curious why these platforms aren't kicking people off. like this doctor we talked about in the open. how is it he's able to stay on the platform? donald trump finally got kicked after. as they see these people spreading misinformation, how are they able to persist? >> they've been doing this for years, skirting bans and making
4:39 pm
themselves look as good as possible. they know the rules, they know the rules applying to facebook. last week we reported on a bunch of groups that changed their name from anti-vaccine groups to dance party and changed the name vaccine to dance when they were talking about it on facebook to discourage those bans. people who have been in the vaccine community has been at this for decades. when covid came along, that was a godsend for them. that was the best thing that could happen because it gave them a thing that everyone had to confront, everyone had to get a vaccine or not. when all of that happened, we were all locked down, people were locked down reading instagram, reading youtube, and they got a much larger audience than they've ever had before. >> i think that's part of the problem, right? a lot of these social media campaigns have democratized a reputable voice. someone can call themselves a journalist but it doesn't
4:40 pm
necessarily mean they are and they can represent that. i'm scared for you, mr. mayor. when folks in your area are consuming news, are they looking at local news, are they reading certain papers? where are folks getting their information about covid? >> honestly, i have to commend our local news stations here for doing a pretty good job of not spreading misinformation. there are a few radio stations that has dabbled with it, but primarily it's from social media. we're getting bombarded on all social media platforms with that misinformation, and it just item bells out of control and it plays out in the rooms that we were in. just last week we were at a city council meeting and we had someone stand up and just spread all misinformation. luckily we had dr. white who is over this region and the audience to stand up afterwards ask correct a lot of the misinformation she put out. it's primarily coming from social media platforms but it's having a damaging impact,
4:41 pm
nonetheless. >> a fatally damaging impact. for the folks watching at home, please share responsibly. if you have questions about something, go to the cdc website as a trusted medical physician, your doctor, because what you see on social media is not always accurate. thank you, both, thank you mayor adrian perkins and ben collins for adding some truth to this. the civil rights icon bob moses died at 86 as people are trying to live out his legacy. . (burke) nothing. (customer) nothing? (burke) nothing. (customer) nothing? (burke) nothing. (customer) hmm, that is really something. (burke) you get a whole lot of something with farmers policy perks. see ya. (kid) may i have a balloon, too? (burke) sure. your parents have maintained a farmers home policy for twelve consecutive months, right? ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ (burke) start with a quote at 1-800-farmers.
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as you guys have seen, democratic activists are raising the alarm about a raft of voting laws. if there isn't a way for us to
4:46 pm
not repeat what happened in 2020, we're -- the f word. many states are trying to make early voting, absentee voting harder. republican lawmakers can now intervene if they don't like the results. the atlanta institution is saying they already started building the case against fulton county election officials. the goals, of course, is stripping them of their duties and future elections. why? because fulton county has a large number of black, brown and asian-american voters. fighting that kind of voter suppression was a major part of bob moses' life. moses died sunday at the age of 86. in 1960, moses left his job as a high schoolteacher at a private school in the bronx to organize poor, illiterate and rural black americans in mississippi. he later became the mississippi field director of the student
4:47 pm
nonviolent coordinating committee or snic. sadly, voter activists are still having to fight the same fight. for more i'm joined by none other than reverend al sharpton, my big brother in the action network and host of his show on msnbc. you've been in this battle for a long time, so i recognize we don't have the right to feel tired. but for those of us who do feel tired, what are your words and thoughts on this entire situation tonight? >> my words are if we're tired, we have to fight even through our weariness. when you look at bob moses, john lewis and others that fought despite being weary, they were able to change this society and transform the body politics to the degree that we were able to
4:48 pm
secure a black president, 60 blacks in congress today, that are now under existential threat, the whole democracy under threat. that is why we're mobilizing all over the country. we're having a national march on voting rights on august 28th. the 66th anniversary of emmett till's death, the 50th anniversary of "i have a dream" speech. martin luther king jr. and etta king and i are working on that march. and senator graham and senator manchin as well as speaker pelosi. and we're going to the martin luther king monument with some of those texas legislators who were in washington because they want to make sure texas doesn't get a quorum to continue these battles that they're waging to
4:49 pm
suppress our vote. so we can't stop. we must, in many ways, pick up that baton and keep fighting. yes, we're tired. but as fannie lou hamer said, i'm sick and tired of being sick and tired, so i'm going to keep fighting. >> absolutely. let me just give our viewers some background on what bob moses went through as a voting rights activist. when he was organizing in mississippi, a sheriff's cousin bashed him in the head with a knife handle. bleeding, this man kept going, staggering up the steps of a courthouse to continue to register black voters. he was riding this a car with someone and the klan shot through the window. he had to cradle the driver while the car was still moving just to get it on the right road. reverend, i have to ask you, when we see violence like that, and then we see in some of these red states that they're giving partisan poll watchers increased power in open carry states, could we see this level of violence again, one, and two, do you think senators manchin and
4:50 pm
cinema and the white house, black voters who organize this black suppression, do you think they realize that is the fear we carry with us, that is the strength we carry with us and that is the passion we use to fight these draconian tactics? >> i don't know what they realized, we must have that determination. do i -- am i concerned about violence could happen against us? yes, some of us that had violence. i have been in -- in marches where i was stabbed. >> that's right. >> but we kept going. and i think that, what we must do is, we must glean, from those that laid the path like bob moses that suffered violence. one of the great honors of having "politicsnation" here on msnbc was bob moses came on the show, and talked about some of that as well as his algebra project. and knowing john lewis and having him on, and talking and marching with him. we, in many ways, make mockery
4:51 pm
of their sacrifice if we let these new jim-crow type laws go into effect to many ways, suppress and eliminate our vote and not only our vote. it is a threat to democracy, period. everyone watching us is under threat, if they can get away with it in majority-black and brown districts, they will do it to anyone that opposes their draconian attempts to reverse democratic process in this country. >> absolutely. that's the thing i think people have to realize. voting rights is just the first step. then, comes the policy ran through. this is when they revoke abortion rights. they roll back some of the criminal justice reforms that we have seen so it's very scary. you talked about emmett till. and i just -- he would have turned 80 this weekend and just to put in context, president joe biden is 79. so this shows that this history was not that distant. um, you know, grown men snatched this teenaged boy out of his house and beat him. mutilated him. shot him in the head, and threw him in a river. and it's almost hard to believe,
4:52 pm
except when you think about tamir rice and trayvon martin and ronald greene and daunte wright and stefan clark and on and on and on we could go. the one thing i found interesting, rev, is that the woman who made these accusations admitted later that she lied. so, when you still think about the birdwatcher, amy cooper. the victoria's secret karen. you know, seeing this, what is your thought on how we navigate this history that keeps repeating itself? >> we must keep bringing it up. we must raise it up. the mother of emmett till, opened his casket so the world would see what they did to her son and that energized a civil-rights movement in the '50s. i was just 1 years old when it happened but i grew up hearing from my mother, the story of emmett till. i wasn't old enough to protest but i was old enough, by the time we got to howard beach and, certainly, old enough when we got to trayvon martin and some of the things that i have been
4:53 pm
involved in. including george floyd. so, we've seen a litany of pain but we have had power, over pain. we're survivors and that is why we're going to make sure we secure our voting rights. so we put people in power, that will take care of upholding the principles of what is right and righteous. >> well, reverend sharpton, you don't get thanked enough for the work that you do for the community and certainly, i thank you for everything you have done for me. so thank you so much for sharing the screen with me, tonight. and don't go anywhere, at home, because up next, intensifying wildfires across the western states are taking us into unchartered territory, as thousands of homes and businesses literally go up in smoke. and you know what? there's no end in sight. you don't want to miss this special report we have. we'll be right back. we'll be ri. charlie's my little sidekick when it comes to projects around the house. but, she disappears on me. i can't see everything she gets into, that's why i trust tide hygienic clean. it gets between fibers to remove visible and invisible dirt. if it's got to be clean, it's got to be tide.
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okay. a massive heat wave has descended upon the united states with nearly 30 million people likely to see temperatures reach or exceed 100 degrees by the end
4:58 pm
of the week. now, temperatures are expected to help fuel western wildfires. and experts warn that the weather pattern will send dangerous ribbons of smoke, as far as the east coast andthe mid-atlantic states. joining me from salt lake city with more nbc news correspondent, cal perry. >> tiffany, this is the second year, in a row, that the american west has seen historic-fire conditions. we are talking about 88 fires in 13 states. some-20,000 firefighters trying to suppress the situation. but the reality is these are now climate fires. they are moving and acting differently. firefighters are telling us they don't usually see these conditions until september and october, which is frightening. 1.3 million acres burned, so far, this season. and it is kicking up smoke and bad air, all over the united states. you can see here, on this map. this is a map that the cdc puts together. how far that smoke is reaching today, into the united states. heavy smoke as far to the east
4:59 pm
as st. louis, reaching washington and new york. we saw this last week. it is a concern from a health perspective. the cdc and doctors are growing more and more concerned. i had a chance to speak to an air-quality expert a short time ago. take a listen. >> you can see increased incidence of hospital admissions sort of all cause. you can see increased-death rates for all causes. you can see asthma exacerbations. you can also see increase use in asthma medications and then, when you put it all together, wildfire smoke is responsible for billions of dollars in increased-healthcare cost. >> if you look at some of the cities that are worse off today, see an air quality rating in the 400s. that is four times what the federal government says is a healthy level and this unfortunately, and we have had this conversation before, is the new reality when it comes to climate. climate scientists will tell us this, unfortunately, is as good as it's going to get. these fires are going to be year round. the temperatures, only going to rise. last june in america was the hottest june, ever recorded. so that is the concern.
5:00 pm
that the air quality is only going to get worse. people really when they check the weather report need to start looking at that air quality because it could dictate whether or not you can go outside. tiffany. >> thank you, cal. please, be safe. and that's "the reidout" for tonight and "all in with chris hayes" starts right now. tonight, on "all in." >> adam and liz? aren't they kind of like pelosi republicans? >> the sad leadership and clear boundaries of the republican party. >> we have important work to do. and i think that's pretty childish. >> it's childish. we are doing big things right now. tonight, how trump's version of the insurrection became the litmus test for house republicans. and what the january-6th committee will be investigated when they convene for the first time, tomorrow. then. >> does this impact fertility? well, the answer is no. and that's been the data. but they -- >> despite the ongoing misinformation damage, how some of the v


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