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tv   MTP Daily  MSNBC  July 26, 2021 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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if it is monday, new warners from health officials amid a concerning scene that is all too familiar. with the point of the pandemic leaving too many people that are not vaccinated and too many questions about it could mean for those of us that are. plus we kick off another critical week on capitol hill. tomorrow is the first hearing from the house's january 6th committee. later, where climate meets covid. how the smoke and ash could impact a resurging pandemic.
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welcome to monday, it is "meet the press daily." a covid resurgence is playing out in nearly every state and it is leaving people to come to terms with how bad the surge could get. infections remain well below their winter peaks, but the number of cases, hospitalizations, and deaths suggest that it is spreading faster. today we learned that health officials won't lift international travel restrictions. public health officials are considering a update to cdc mask guidance for vaccinated people. here is dr. fauci. >> do you think they should be brought back for vaccinated americans? >> you know, jake, this is under active consideration. if you're asking am i part of
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the discussion, yes, i am. >> the unanswered question is exactly how much worse will the situation get not just for unvaccinated americans at a higher risk for severe illness and death, but for unvaccinated americans worried about their own immunity. it left the white house increasingly anxious about the state of the pandemic. especially considering that they nearly concurred the virus earlier this month. officials are now looking at models that show anywhere from a few thousand more to more the united states could see three times the daily number by october as compared to now. >> if you allow the virus to freely circulate because so many people are unvaccinated you give it yet again another opportunity
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to mutate even more and you may wind up with creating a variant that eludes it. with that many unvaccinated people going into the fall with the delta variant as efficient as it is, we could have a very serious problem with a considerable surge in innexts. >> currently more than half of the country is unvaccinated and the politicalization of the pandemic and the biden administration, let's get to the latest of the vaccinate rates. and rahima ellis is getting the background. cases and hospitalizations are
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at a level now that we have not seen since february. how are they holding snup. >> the university of alabama says of it's 31 most recent covid samples, they have all come back positive for the delta variant. as you mention the vaccination effort to is the lowest in the country. those are fully vaccinated and it has seen a dramatic rise in cases. there are now 51 they say they're starting to get busier, not as much as they were this past winter, of course, but we spoke with one icu nurse that said a parent should be treating over the weekend a young american in her 20s that unfortunately passed away. take a listen. >> i believe that families make such a difference when families
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are will. being there and providing that support for patients, it just makes it that much sadder for them to go through that alone and to just have some name have been taking care of them that they don't really know the name have to be their comfort. >> statewide the number of hospitalizations in alabama have gone up more than 300% since july 1st. >> gabe, the government there had some very strong words. blaming the unvaccinated for the state of affairs in alabama. i'm curious what you're hearing people say, is she facing a backlash at all? >> sure, it depends on who you ask. yes, the governor was very blunt on friday when she was asked about this and said basically those that were unvaccinated were letting the rest of the
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population down. certainly among certain portions of this state they feel, you know, they support what she said. we have been speaking with some of the health care workers here and they say while they don't want to get involved in politics they think that, you know, more outreach has to be made to people who have not been vaccinated. but it is a uphill battle as we have been mentioning. alabama at 34% is at the lowest parts of the country right now. when it comes to getting people vaccinated pl controversial comments in this part of the country, garrett. >> people have been told they have to use their mask again. there is a blue city and a very red state. i'm curious how this is playing out there and how people and
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businesses are responding to that. >> we heard from the mayor and the county executive for the first time just this morning and they explain they're reimposing this mask mandate for indoor public spaces. they're reimposing that for everyone because of the concern they have over the delta variant. they say it is too alarming and concerning. and they're encouraging anyone out door in groups to wear that mask. they are also receiving clear backlash. there is a county council member come up and take the podium saying he didn't think the county executive had the power to reinstate. also the attorney general came out and said he plans to sue the county and the city for coming
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out and the bottom line, you heard this from the county council member that opposes the mask mandate. he says bottom line go get your vaccine. if you look at the rise in cases it is clear that it is attacking the unvaccinated population, and the joint message is get your vaccine because that could help stop the spread. city leaders say part of the reason why they're doing this mask mandate is essentially a stopgap until they can get vaccinates where they want them to be this is a way to stop the spread. >> i think missouri is a state where you're seeing a claw back of the emergency hours where they were given early on in the pandemic to impose those kinds of restrictions. are people complying? are you seeing the same political push back that the 2020 mitigation efforts of last year are not going to fit on
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2021 population? >> yeah, a little bit of both. we heard from some grocery store chains and a outdoor theater. they said they will comply with this new order. one chain now requiring masks inside of their locations and outdoor theaters saying they're strongly encouraging them, mirroring the order. also a major saying mask mandates are not prak tick call. he said this is not going to be a priority for him. it is a local mayor of a town. you have some differenting approaches to how they have them. they are going to get that vaccine. the possibility of vaccine mandates being required, and
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mayor deblasio has expanded the vaccine mandate. what can you tell us about the reaction there has been? >> they're seeing the number of covid positivity rates going up. the mayor says this is not sebl able. and as you point out, he announced today something that is pretty extreme. he is saying the city's entire wfs of more than 330,000 must be vaccinated or subject to weekly testing. they said this will include taeders, police officers, firefighters, and others. and he says he is doing this because of safety. take a listen. >> this is about our recovery and what we need to do. this is about keeping people september. it will all come together.
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>> the mayor says it will take effect on september 17th. that is also the full day of the start of the new year and teachers are among those that must be vaccinated or they will be subject to weekly tests. they said they have to get vaccinated or also be subject to a quickly test. the question is now one of how many people are we talking about. according to reports they say about five million new yorkers received a dose of the vaccine and that means some two million have not been vaccinated in a city of about eight million, garrett? >> a city where where there was a lot of interest in getting that out. i'm joined now by dr. paul who is a member of the vaccine committee and the director of the vaccine education center at the children's hospital of
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philadelphia. doctor, i want to start with this news from the white house today that they will not be making changes or lifting the restrictions on foreign travelers should they be taking more aggressive measures given the state of the pandemic right now? >> i think given the state of the pan determine take is reasonable the first variant that spread across europe, asia, and the united states and killed hundreds of thousands on people was replaced by the alpha variant. if you are infected with the a
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va variant. this is a highly contagious virus. we're still talking about mask mandates and we did it last year. it only takes two shots, three to four weeks ag part, and yet fewer than 50% of people in this country have gotten it. it is normally frustrating to me. >> can you clarify the risks? we talked a lot about breakthrough cases and i think they are very frightening. how relative is your risk comparatively speaking? >> i think the term breakthrough should be reserved for those that despite being fully
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vaccinated are not hospitalized or killed by this virus if is 9955% of people. they are unvaccinated and 93% that are hospitalized, so it protects against that. that is what you care about if is doing what it is intended to do. and i think it doesn't work if you don't get it. that is the problem with the current vaccine. it doesn't work as a concept. >> i know a lot of vaccinated people potentially worried about bringing a degree of the virus home to their unvaccinated children. >> i think that is fair. i'm fully vaccinated and when i go to a store and see crowds of people not wearing a mask, i wear a mask. although i'm protected from having been fully severe, but i could still be mild symptomatic
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or asymptomatic. they are all similar in that manner. you would not have expect it'd to protect against asymptomatic. so for that reason i still wear a mask. >> let's dig into your specialty here. the cdc advisory panel met to look at the data around covid boosters for vulnerable populations. now we have this from israel. the most recent figures released late this week suggest that the pfizer vaccine was just 39% effective. compared to the 95% from jan and april. i wonder what you make of that data and what should viewers take away from it and the potential possibility ofs intoer shots needed down the line. >> the vaccine is still highly effective. overtime it may become less effective against mild or moderate disease, but that is
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okay. so i'm not scared. by that. i think we'll start talking realistically about booster dosing. they are hospitalized and killed by the virus. instead of being 3% or 5.5%. then i think you can talk about boosters. we should not be talking at masks or boosters. we should be talking about which is i think you can fairly point a finger at those choosing not to vaccinate. you 25% to 30% of the population saying we don't want to get vaccinated. so we can do one of two things. we can say okay. people will continue to suffer and be hospitalized and die. dr. fauci says we will continue to mutate until it is less acceptable. that is okay. we're going to stand back in the
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next sixth months. >> a little less than a minute left, but i want to ask you about other breaking news. pfizer and moderna will expand fair age limits. duh that change the time line for when they could be authorized? >> we were told not to comment on things and specifically in the 30 to 70,000 range. hopefully we'll have a vaccine for children by the fall because we have a confluence of terrible events. it is a winter virus. it will be more in the winter
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than it is now. thank you very much. more on the growing surge in cases coming up and how that complicates things for the biden administration. plus, we're tracking a major week for congress as senators hit another roadblock on infrastructure. later, how wildfires out west could make coronavirus symptoms much, much worse. live in salt lake city where the air pollution is becoming a major problem. a major problem. i've been married to my high school sweetheart for 35 years. i'm a mother of four-- always busy. i was starting to feel a little foggy. just didn't feel like things were as sharp as i knew they once were. i heard about prevagen and then i started taking it about two years now. started noticing things a little sharper, a little clearer. i feel like it's kept me on my game. i'm able to remember things. i'd say give it a try. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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welcome back. it wasn't suppose to be this way for the white house. to focus on infrastructure and on his broader agenda in the leadup to the midtermsmidterms. there is a virus that is
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threatenning to once again consume it's agenda. case and point, jen psaki is holding her daily press briefing and she has fielded a number of questions about the covid response. it is considering the return of mask mandates here at home. joining me now is mike memoli and anny lensky. and with increased vaccination this summer was also about the success story of the covid recovery. is the delta variant putting a damper on that? and how is the white house planning to respond to it. >> i think you said it quite well. think about where we were a year ago in the heat of the campaign for then candidate joe biden. they were conscious and overly critical of the trump white house where the messaging was at odds with what scientists were saying with what we should be
10:23 am
doing in terms of taking precautions. where we started the month of july was the white house trying to celebrate the fact that as the slogan went america was coming back together. well we don't hear that kind of messaging any more. but they are seeming to want to be add odds in terms of going back wards from where they were as they pressed forward with their other agenda at this point. the white house is walking a fineline here, too. the message that i'm getting is a lot of this, they think, is being driven by a concern for cases. and the concern is that there is not the data just yet to support that this is a widespread problem. the biggest issue, and jen psaki just repeated this, is getting everyone vaccinated. they see some positive signs now that in the deep pockets of the
10:24 am
south, the most republican turf if the country, vaccinations are picking up a bit. in an interesting way a white house official made this argument to me in terms of what it means for their infrastructure argument going forward. the argument was "this is too much too quick when the economy was really recovering faster than expected. the concern that we might go back into a little tail spin might only speak to the fact that the white house was in the right position to try to go aggressive, bigger than what many republicans were calling for at the time. but they still believe the politics are on their side and what the president is proposing is incredibly popular, they want to spend more time talking about that rather than the fight against covid. >> anne, you had great reporting about this about the white house and their level of concern about
10:25 am
it. >> there was two things that the postreported on. one is just breaking the news that the white house and the cdc are actively talking about returning to a posture where they are recommending masks in some reform for even vaccinated people. obviously the significant shift for may when biden and white house staff ripped off their masks excite dpli, saying they are vaccinated and the very prospect and the fact that they're talking about having to walk that back, they are taking it seriously the model they're looking at is 60,000 new infections a day in october.
10:26 am
seen that does auger a different message and they had been hoping for it. they have been sending out very worried messaging that americans don't know enough about iowa's build back better agenda. even biden's top supporters have no idea what is in this thing so they want to be talking about what is in it. they find that when people learn about it they like it better. instead it seems like the clevgs move back to covid. when you're looking at the massive prospects of the really significant infection increases. the politics about that is a little tricky. i was talking to one of biden's pollsters that staid you know bottom line is that americans
10:27 am
and republicans trust him on covid. so from a raw political perspective, it may not be so tough. if you can keep going back to something that worked all of the way along, at least he can be talking about something that is successful rather than a deal on the hill that is not really happening right now. i want to ask you about the politics of all of this as it revolved around vaccine hesitancy. there is people in alabama, for example, that do not want to be told what to do. how do they message around that or do they leave it to others? >> they're putting a bright spotlight on the brieks of people like sarah huckabee sanders. you heard from the president,
10:28 am
for the governor of virginia, calling out the alter call as we're starting to hear it. not just from republican office holders, but conservative media and fox news promoting vaccinations at this unfortunately late stage. hung certain populations having dr. fauci, having the president and the vice president out there pushing vaccinations of not the answer. it needed to come from trusted voices. now they're putting the spotlight on those voices. >> nick saban needs to come out and talk about it. turning now to other developing news involving a different presidential administration. reuters is reporting that tom barrick just plead not guilty to charges of violating federal lobbying laws in a brooklyn federal court this morning.
10:29 am
last week the billionaire was released on a massive $250 million bail following his arrest in california. we'll bring you more developments as we get them. coming up, as members of the january 6th select committee get ready to meet tomorrow, we'll bring you a conversation with a capitol police chief. he pull pulled out of retirement to help on the day of that deadly siege. deadly siege giving you multiple options and at least 24 hours to help you avoid an overdraft fee. because we believe how you handle overdrafts (vibrates) should be in your control, (chimes) not just your bank's. low cash mode (chime) on virtual wallet from pnc bank. one way we're making a difference. (chimes)
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we're following developments on two major bills on capitol hill. republicans said the offer attempted to open up issues that the that the group already agreed to. they were hopeful a deal could be reached by today, but some pretty major sticking points remain on issues like transfer funding and broadband policy. meanwhile, members met today for the first same since adam kinzinger was met by speaker behoe si. the committee is holding their first hearing tomorrow featuring police officers who were on the front lines during the capital attack. joining new know is sahil kapur.
10:34 am
republicans more or less rejecting this counter offer outright. it seems like we're sort of moving backwards. >> it is a great sign when there is a public clashing. that is very foundational. it is a little difficult to know in this race state on this public back and forth if it is a sign that the deal is collapsing or threats to walk away from the table. of course it is very different from threatening to do it. one thing is very clear. there is an optimistic feeling among some senators in this working group that they could get a deal done by today. this is looking increasingly unlikely but whether or not they
10:35 am
get it done is still to be determined. >> trying to figure out what anyone is basing this on. we have been at this for a month. more philosophical issues need to be worked out. not just details on where specific dollars go. we're learning in realtime why this has not been done. why the administration couldn't do this, previous administrations could not do this. it is hard, right? >> yes, there has been public optimism. of course that struck this $579 billion framework more than a month ago. they agree that it is not any new action is. infrastructure week became a punch line, a running joke,
10:36 am
similar issues like joe biden is now trying to get them to agree on a major investment. it is one thing to do highway reauthorizations, but it is another to do a major series of legislative infrastructures. >> let's talk about the january 6th tomorrow. pelosi remembers, a term that i had not heard before. >> they are saying that the g.o.p. should play ball on this committee. >> really, who is that? adam and liz? ant they pelosi republicans? >> we're doing very serious business here. we have important work to do and i think that is pretty childish. >> it seems like kevin mccarthy
10:37 am
has only bad options right now. he hope it's will go away. but i have a hard time imagining that former president trump will have a committee hearing where there is no one depending donald trump into what are the republicans going to do next? how do they respond here? >> there will be shadowboxing throughout the duration of the committee. between kevin mccarthy and speaker pelosi. she put liz cheney on it, and in an attempt to bolster the bipartisan committee, all part of a goal of trying to get the american public to trust it's findings, it's analysis, it's conclusions. republicans from the very moment they filibustered the truly independent 9/11 style commission to investigate january 6th in the senate would
10:38 am
always call a partisan exercise. the dilemma was whether or not to let a fire brand of defenders like former president trump take their seats and under mine the work of the committee from within. she seems to take the short-term hit and to take the punches assuaging a partisan effort here on the january 6th committee. at the end of the day the committee will do it's work. while it will be called partisan by republicans i will note that the benghazi committee was also trashed by the democratic minority. it discovered key facts including hillary clinton's e-mail server that changed the direction of american history. so facts have a way of taking on a life of their own regardless of the political spin around it. >> democrats chose to participate in that committee and then defended hillary clinton to a degree they wanted to. an option that mccarthy will not
10:39 am
have. we could do the whole segment on this but i have to late it go right there. as we mentioned members of the january 6th compete are holding their first hearing tomorrow. i had a chance recently to speak to their new boss, tom manager. like something out of a movie he says he was pulled out of retirement to run the agency in one of the most turbulent periods we have ever seen. >> why did you apt job with 535 bosses. >> i was enjoying requirement. if you asked me on january 5th do you want to be a police chief i would have said no, i'm fine, but the events of january 6th changed that. as i was riveted to the television watching what was going on here.
10:40 am
and it was the first time. what questions do you still have. what steps do you have here? i'm looking forward. i have a list of recommendations. if any of the investigations have yet to be done, they are in progress, they come out with additional recommendations. i want to see them as well. but what i do know is that i think based on all of the reports that have been done i have a real good sense of what we need to do to improve some of the policies and training and all of those types of things. i have a good sense of what needs to be done. i think that the men and women of this department showed their courage and dedication on january 6th. now the department has to do
10:41 am
their part to make sure they have training, resources, and equipment to continue to do their job. >> a particular face here in the washington dc area. the former montgomery county maryland police chief. coming up, an alarming new study that suggests how climate change is making coronavirus more dangerous. pay for what you nee. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ crest pro-health complete protection kills 99% of bacteria. plus it works around... ...and around... ...and around the clock. crest pro-health complete protection gives you 24 hour protection.
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zlmplts e. welcome back, wildfires are releasing huge amounts of smoke in the aerothat are reaching cities across the country. reaching cities that are now under air quality warnings. experts are worried about what poor air quality paired with covid might mean for your lungs. cal perry has more from salt lake city, utah.
10:45 am
what do we know about the relationship between poor air quality and the list. >> the particles attach to your lungs and it they're concerned it is an 18% increase in clauses. if the person had underlying conditions, but it is certainly stressful. we have a map and we can show you what it looks like. far into the plains, i saw you outside of dc in new york looking at that smoke. it is an every day problem. winthrop washington. this is four times a hazardous level. it is a problem getting worse. we're dealing with 88 fires
10:46 am
across the west. there is 20,000 firefighters battling the fires. for much of the country the air quality report is like a weather report. let me show you what an expert told me just a short time ago. >> it is the new weather report. this is the new normal. getting alerts on your phone. listening to the air quality report and deciding what you will do that day. >> and sometimes you're staying inside. >> especially for exercise. >> if you're in one of those three cities that we laid out you're not going to be able to go outside today. the federal government is starting to put this stuff online. the national weather service is also tweeting about it. i want to show you a tweet. they're comparing it to lord of the rings. it is depressing and scary. when you talk to climate scientists, this is as good as it will get.
10:47 am
these wildfire seasons will become year round. >> you can see it in salt lake city behind you. it's like being in a soup bowl down there where the valley will not clear out. can you clarify for me on the covid portion, do the studies give a connection between making covid worse or easier to catch when the air quality is this bad? >>. >> this particular study is about catching covid, not how it becomes worse. if you talk to health experts can it be about contracting in rino last year. >> appreciate that, cal, thank you. and we'll have aman and it is planning to make an announcement this morning. beads.s morning.
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10:52 am
all pointing to the delta strain. and while a majority of cases in provincetown are breakthrough infections in people who have been vaccinated. i am joined by the town manager alex morris. mr. morris, the city obviously decided to reinforce the mask mandate last night, and why did you feel that this is the right move after this outbreak. >> so about a week ago today, we reinstated the mask advisory which we were hopeful that it would lead to enough change, but given that the cluster is a cumulative number and it does not reflect the number of active covid number of folks here in town at this moment, but we wanted to send the message loud and clear that we want to put a stop to the growth of cluster and see the positivity rate decline in a quicker fashion. so the positivity rate that we are tracking is at 15% at july
10:53 am
15th, and so yesterday it was 7%, but the board of health and the select board wanted to make sure that we had the mask mandate in place. >> and we had dr. paul offit said that this mask mandate is a 2020 solution to a 2021 problem. so what about the passport checks and looking at the vaccine approach to fighting this outbreak? >> yeah, right now, it is not either/or but it is both/and. we know that in the long term, it is about vaccination, and doing everything to get the most amount of people vaccinated that live here and visit here. we have the highest vaccination of any year-round residents in any town in the commonwealth of massachusetts, but with the cases, 70% of the covid-19
10:54 am
positive cases since july 1st have been among the vaccinated individuals and given that the delta variant is so contagious, and the viral load is so profound, the breakthrough cases are in province town and so easily spread, we will eventually relax the mask mandate when the positivity rate is under 3%, but it is not either/or. we have to slow the spread of covid-19 given the cluster outbreak and do what we can to encourage vaccination in the long term. >> how hard to control something like this that is so dependent on the tourists, and you people coming from all over the country where the mask standards and the general covid protocol are different place-to-place, and now trying to get those who are there for a week or a day to follow your rules? >> it is learn achallenge. we are a townf 3,000 people year-round, and in the summer, we have upwards to 60,000 per day, and we balloon.
10:55 am
it is a popular destination for folks across the country and globe. so we are doing our part to get the population out. this a town that did a phenomenal job last year in the beginning of the pandemic to make sure that people could have a fun and safe experience in provincetown, and that is the case. this week, we have countless families in town, and many of them masked indoors and outdoors and enjoying time with their family and friends and the message is not the come to provincetown, but get tested and vaccinate and be safe while you here. >> the understanding is that the majority of the cases in this cluster in province town have been in vaccinated individuals and the quote, unquote break through cases, and the way they are happening, but as the dr. offit described to us are mild. how has that played to you putting this mandate in place, and people are concerned that they are still getting sick or still pazpassing the virus in
10:56 am
between each other, a mandate like that is still easier to put in place. >> yes, and at the end of the end, day with are entering the new normal because the delta variant is not the last variant we will see. and so this is not going anywhere any time soon, and so this is a new normal to learning to live with the virus, and experiencing what we are here in provincetown, the majority of people here in provincetown have incredibly mild or moderate symptoms, and no spike in hospitalizations or symptoms, so at the end of the day, the vaccine is working, but the delta variant is dangerous for those unvaccinated. >> thank you, alex morris. and thank you for being with us for this hour, and chuck will be back tomorrow. more "meet the press daily" tomorrow and news coverage with geoff bennett after this. .
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it is great to be with you. i'm geoff bennett. as we come on the air, president biden is meeting at the white house with the prime minister of iraq, and the two leaders are expected to announce the end of the u.s. combat mission in that country. as soon as we hear from them, we will bring that to you life. we start with busy day in washington, and dramatic moves ahead of the first public hearing ahead of the house select committee addressing the house attack on the u.s. capitol. it is expected to be


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