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tv   American Voices With Alicia Menendez  MSNBC  July 25, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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in the mid terms. infrastructure. bipartisan talks stalled wednesday when republicans blocked further debate on the bill saying too much of the package remained unresolved. negotiations carried on this weekend, however, and it appears lawmakers could be close on a deal. according to our reporting, the last big hurdle is over public transit funding. democrats want more cash for public transit, republicans want to spend it on highways. democrats today sounding hopeful. >> we have a few issues still to work through but i think this is the week we get the infrastructure bill to the floor. but it's a reminder that in a bill this big, that crosses so many different committees and jurisdictions, getting to the final deal is challenging. it is going to be worth it ultimately this will support $1.2 trillion in new infrastructure spending over eight years, and the $579 billion is new spending and frankly, jonathan, that's a big
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deal. >> okay, that's in infrastructure. then there's biden's second challenge, a vicious new variant of covid-19. nearly every state in the union reports an uptick in cases due in part to the highly contagious delta variant, and the high rate of unvaccinated americans. dr. fauci laid out the stakes on msnbc just a short time ago. >> of those people who are eligible to get vaccinated, you probably are going to have like 100 million people who are not vaccinated. with that many unvaccinated people, going into the fall, with the delta variant as efficient as it is in transmitting, we could have a really serious problem with a considerable surge of infections. >> threading the need toll pass the largest infrastructure bill in more than a half century, and fighting a resurgence of covid-19, just one of the issues could be enough to make or break a presidency or a party's control in washington. with the midterms just 18 months away, what president biden and
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democrats do next could mean everything. joining me congressional reporter alencia johnson and eli stokal. senator coons thinks there's a good chance the bipartisan infrastructure bill gets to the floor this week. does that square with your reporting? >> the white house is not putting any schedule or time line in place. they basically stepped back and said this is up to the lawmakers to write the bill. there are going to be a lot of ups and downs and we'll see what happens. behind the scenes the senior administration officials who have been closely involved in working with this group of ten lawmakers to write this bill have been on the phone all weekend but they're waiting to see how it shakes out. at this point you get the sense that the most important thing is getting this bill written, keeping that group of ten together and they're not going to worry too much about the
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final numbers, even if they're a little bit different than what they initially drew up. >> eelina, about keeping everyoe at the table, where are the remaining holdouts in this bill? >> well, we heard senator rob portman say on the sunday shows they have about 90% of the bill completing. 10%, it's the hardest, the last stretch of these negotiations that are the most difficult so they have agreed our reporting shows over the weekend on repurposing and relocating about $70 billion of unspent covid relief funds from former president trump's, one of his coronavirus relief packages. another as you mentioned alicia, is the public transport package. you think of highways, roads, bridges, still having some issues including water transportation, which is a big thing that senator tom carper is
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on the environmental and public works committee that's pushing for. and another big -- issue that we've seemed to like i said pay for is using medicare rebate money to pay for it, something that they want in the $3.5 trillion reconciliation package, which of course won't be passed with democrat-only support but they're trying to use that now so in the bipartisan bill so some hiccups there. a lot of hurdles to go through before they get that bill rinne. >> the hill reports that by tying these two infrastructure bills together, biden and the democratic leadership are engaging in a tricky and potentially detrimental tactical balancing act adding the proposal is staunchly opposed by republicans and moderate democrats will only recommend the reconciliation bill if the bipartisan infrastructure bill is passed first. talk about the conversations
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likely happening within the administration about getting it through and selling it to the american people. >> well, passing the bill will be one of biden's greatest achievements and in order for us to maintain control of congress and senate in 2022 and hopefully again in 2024, we have to pass a bill because this is how people will actually feel and understand what the biden administration was elected to do and they will be supportive of it. the conversations are being had of how do we get people to support this if the republicans continue to block this. frankly, they don't want the biden administration to succeed. how do we make sure all the democrats are on board to push this through. taking the politics aside, people need to get back to work, we need jobs, infrastructure and transportation, we need all of these things going hand in hand in the infrastructure bill. the american people don't want to see politics but for democrats this is critical to our 2022 strategy. >> eli, listen to what
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representative said earlier about the two bills passed in tandem. >> the two have to go together. i have said that for three months. the speaker has said that. the senate majority leader has said that. i believe everybody knows the two must go together. so that was very clear and that's why every minute we delay on the bipartisan bill means a delay on the reconciliation bill. >> talk us through republican strategy, eli. >> well, you know, biden basically said he agreed with pelosi in that strategy, when they started with this and he had to walk it back because the republicans immediately seized on it and said this was never part of the deal conditioning the bipartisan bill on the other one. yes, you talked about doing both simultaneously but it was never the other, the big democratic bill has to pass before the house is going to vote on the bipartisan bill and now as you're trying to see, you see the white house try to hold together the coalition on the bipartisan framework and trying to hold together the entire
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democratic senate conference, all 50 from the bernie sanders wing of that conference to the joe manchin side and done it so far. it's remarkable. keeping them together is really difficult, and when the liberals in the house, the progressive caucus starts talking about this, right at the moment where you're trying to hold those ten senators, ten republican senators you need to pass the bipartisan bill it's fraught with tension because that is an opportunity for them again to say i don't know if this is a good faith negotiation if you're just going to take this and then go ram this $3.5 trillion democratic bill down our throats through reconciliation. you can understand the administration strategy because it's really the only way to accomplish all of these things in this congress but it's, you know, riddled with potholes the road ahead of them and they're not to the finish line yet. >> eli, as all of this is happening we also have a ton of other things happening, including this tuesday, the first hearing of the house select committee investigating
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the january 6th capitol attack. several capitol and metropolitan police officers set to testify. house speaker nancy pelosi announced a second republican to the committee adam kinzinger will join liz cheney. kinzinger released a statement. "let me be clear, i'm a republican dedicated to conservative values but i swore an oath to uphold and defend the constitution and while this is not the position i expected to be in or south out, when duty calls, i will always answer." eli, we'll get to kinzinger's announcement in a minute. set the stage for tuesday. what can we expect from this first hearing? >> you know, they will try to make this seem like this is not a partisan effort, and they will try to focus on january 6th, but it's just, it's full of partisan. it really depends on what lens you're looking through, whether you see this as an insurrection, what it was or if you're buying the what-about-ism and excuse
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making and gas lighting from former president trump and all the republicans saying what he wants them to say, downplaying it and belittling it. it becomes so politicized i think it's going to be really difficult for this committee to make this, get the country to see this investigation as fact-based and nonpartisan. even if it is, it's just going to be a tall order convincing all of the country that that's the case. >> especially after what minority leader mccarthy did last week. so we know that kinzinger will be appointed to this commission. we know nancy pelosi wants bipartisan credibility. my question as i watched this go down, with kinzinger, anything else actually give this bipartisan credibility? >> well i think they will try but unfortunately what the minority leader showed us, this was a partisan effort. when we pointed very much so conspiracy theorists that were perpetuaing former president
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trump's rhetoric that led to the insurrection, he was promoting, he appointed those members to be part of this "bipartisan" committee. unfortunately, he set the stage for it to be partisan. now leader pelosi has appointed some people who have committed to upholding the oath of the constitution and really want to drive a thorough investigation. let's be honest, in history, this is actually one of the darkest moments of our history, right. this is a violent attack on our capitol, no matter where it came from. we have to remember that and do the investigation to see how we got there. the fact that republicans who like to be the party of conservative values and the constitution don't want to agree to that and actually make this partisan actually sets us up for something worse to happen in the future because there's no accountability here. >> right, alayna, this is an historic, accurate accounting of what happened.
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talk to me about how this is shaking out among democrats. >> they have a lot of work ahead of them. i think one of the arguments that republicaned made for not supporting and largely most of them blocking, i say as a reminder, they blocked and tried to block the idea of putting forth a nonpartisan and bipartisan independent commission, and democrats now like eli said have an uphill battle of trying to make this look like it is bipartisan. one thing that they're going to try to do is look at the motive here. the senate committee put forward a report that looked at all of the things that led up to january 6th and what happened that day. it didn't get into motive, it didn't get into potential and the role that the former president played as well as other republicans, and so that's something i know that my sources on the hill said is going to be key to their investigation and
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these hearings. another thing that is dicey and something many republicans are worried about, when they might be called to testify. he could potentially be subpoenaed to testify as part of this investigation so there's a lot that has to happen and they want this to wrap up before the end of the year so that it doesn't spill into an election year but seeing we haven't had our first hearing i'm skeptical. >> busy and consequential week ahead. thank you for walking us through it all. next it's noticeable how different the gop talks about vaccine these days. can they reverse the very doubts they helped cement. plus your jaw may drop when you hear the defense of those accused of plotting to kidnap michigan's governor. two reporters covering the case will reveal this baffling legal excuse and we take to you anthem
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county, michigan, where trump flags flow high and so do conspiracies about 2020 and unexpected epicenter of disinformation. and later, why we still can't stop talking about what women wear or don't wear when they play sports. a double standard we will happily shoot down when "american voices" continues. above everything? you put muscle over matter. and you make horsepower... a superpower. ♪ (upbeat pop music in background throughout)
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a disturbing trend across the country is not letting up. covid cases are rising, and the unvaccinated account for nearly all hospitalizations and deaths which is why new masking guidelines are being considered even for fully vaccinated americans which make up just over 45% of the u.s. population according to cdc data. here's dr. fauci earlier today. >> do you think masks should be brought back for vaccinated americans? >> you know, jake, this is under
3:18 pm
active consideration. if you're asking am i part of the discussion? yes, i am. part of the discussion. >> monday st. louis joins places like los angeles county in requiring masks indoors. new york city's mayor is mandating public hospital employees be vaccinated or submit to weekly testing and urging private businesses in the city to require workers be vaccinated, signaling he may introduce vaccination mandates for hundreds of thousands of municipal employees. these efforts and campaigns, yes, are about stopping the spread of covid and its delta variant. but it's also about something else which dr. fauci explained earlier on msnbc. >> if you allow the virus to freely circulate because so many people are unvaccinated, you give it yet again another opportunity to mutate even more, and you may wind up with creating a variant that in fact alludes the protection of the
3:19 pm
vaccine. >> "new york times" reporting biden officials increasingly expect vulnerable populations to need a booster shot as research continues into the longevity of covid vaccines. a number of the vulnerable populations, cases, hospitalizations and deaths are rising, republican strongholds which may explain why there is a noticeable difference in how republicans are talking about vaccines. >> i would encourage people to get the vaccine. i have high confidence in it. i got it myself. >> government has a role to play in encouraing people to get vaccinated. i've done that consistently from the beginning. i think everyone who is eligible should be vaccinated. >> these vaccines are saving lives. they are reducing mortality. >> these shots need to get in everybody's arm as rapidly as possible. >> dr. fauci says he wants to see more. >> what i would really like to see is more and more of the leaders in those areas that are not vaccinated to get out and
3:20 pm
speak out and encourage people to get vaccinated. i was heartened to hear people like steve scalise say we need to get vaccinated, even governor desantis in florida is saying the same thing. >> is it possible for the gop to remove the very doubt they helped create? as my next guest argues in "slate" incubating, amplifying and polishing lies is now the full-time occupation of much of the gop. faced with the choice between governing and lying, they have decided to be purveyors of fiction. with me the senior editor and legal correspondent for "slate" and host of "the amicus" podcast. there are republicans stoking fears and mistrust and some republicans urging people to get shots in arms as "the new yorker" puts it, "these statements were not a coincident. they were a coordinated political retreat and no wonder. the new politics of the pandemic are following the alarming new
3:21 pm
math of the pandemic." that math being upticks in red states. what do you make of this about-face, dahlia? >> i think you nailed the problem and the problem is that if the end product is lies and the end product has been lies for such a long time, the end product about the results of the election was lies and the end product about the vaccine was lies, suddenly, when the rubber hits the road and people believe the lies, and in fact, the daily act of governance is premotoring and spreading and amplifying the lies, you have existential problems that result from that. we saw that, that was january 6th, when people came together and absolutely wrapped themselves in lies. that's the problem we're seeing now the vaccines, where people are saying given that truth is unknowable, i guess i'll just believe the last thing i read on
3:22 pm
facebook, and this utter lack of trust in a government that has sent such profoundly conflicting messages, means that now folks really feel like why would i listen to what the government says at all? i'll just listen to my mother-in-law. >> when you zoom out, when we look at trump, you write about how his lies about something seemingly ridiculous like crowd size for example would leave to his boosters giving life. experts were warning this manipulation was how strong men cling to power for sure. it's easy enough to push it a with a, once he was no longer president the flattery of adjusting for his benefit would stop. it's clear the falsehood itself is the end game. why is this something that exceeded trump's time in office and actually overtaken his party? >> that to me alicia is the question that we all believe if we could put to rest the
3:23 pm
fabrication fictions around the '22 election, the silly, trivial lies about crowd size and changing weather maps and all that seems so utterly silly if we could put that aside, maybe we could come together on shared facticity when trump was gone and what i was trying to flag in that article is trump it seems was not the problem. the lies were the problem and removing trump from the picture, if you have a gop that is still functionally purveying the lays day in and day out, saying those were just tourists at the capitol january 6th, they were patriots, weren't violent or covid is in no way different from the flu, then trump was never the problem and we make a mistake when we say post trump we have no problem. we have a bigger problem i think and it's post truth. >> dahlia, as always, thank you. next, explosive, new
3:24 pm
reporting about the plot to kidnap michigan governor gretchen whitmer. some charged in the plot used a head scratching defense, get ready for it, government entrapment and later, inside thursday's meeting between the vice president and daca recipients as thousands live in limbo after a judge ruled daca unlawful. two people at that meeting join us, as congress faces pressure to pass a permanent fix. stay with us. ♪ limu emu & doug ♪ oh! are you using liberty mutual's coverage customizer tool? sorry? well, since you asked. it finds discounts and policy recommendations, so you only pay for what you need. limu, you're an animal!
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who watches the watchman? in michigan the militia accused of plotting to kidnap governor gretchen whitmer was reportedly on the fbi's radar earlier than we knew. fbi informants infiltrated the wolverine watchmen over the course of several months. one provided military style training and was promoted to second in command of the group.
3:29 pm
court documentation show five militia members are facing domestic terrorism charges and according to buzzfeed several are accusing the feds of entrapment. jessica garrison and kenbenzinger join us. there is question whether there was a conspiracy without government's involvement. how did the kidnapping plot get set into motion? >> it's not entirely clear whether the plot -- the fbi played a big role in pushing in even helping the basic framework of the plot coming together. that's one of the things we found when we reported this, its initial story was this was this plot by the people had a clear plan to kidnap the governor of michigan. over time you've come to see
3:30 pm
there was a network of informants, 12, and two undercover fbi agents that infiltrated the wolverine watchmen and other groups that were working with them and provided for them meetings, transportation, food, lodging, all kinds of resources they would need to move forward with it so the question is really which came first, the chicken or the egg. who was the engineer of this and whether in fact the government played a heavy hand in getting these people who admittedly had aggressive anti government views whether the government played a role pushing it further than what it would have gone. >> jessica how will that weigh with a judge or jury for assisting? >> we know a lot about one of the confidential sources because he testified in court. he's a former soldier who wanted to join a group to keep himself in fighting shape so he went to facebook and started looking through groups and was pointed to the wolverine watchmen and
3:31 pm
answered on the questions about his political views which were libertarian, moved on to a second chat of an encrypted chat on another app and once there, he saw that they were talking about you know basically hurting police officers and this alarmed him and so he went to a friend of his who was a police officers and referred to the fbi and he wanted to tell the fbi hey, this is a little bit alarming and be done with it but the fbi asked him to go back into the group undercover. so he was according to his own testimony very much motivated by wanting to, you know, prevent violent acts. there are many other informants, and we just don't know as much about them. some of them many of them we don't know who they are. there's a second informant from wisconsin who is sort of a long time, he had been an informant numerous times before, involved in the 3% militia group and we
3:32 pm
don't know what motivates him and as for many others we don't know who they are. >> ken, michigan's a.g. warned of the danger of "legitimizing militias by validating their grievances and violence against the government." where is the line drawn in this case? >> that's a great question. i'll tell you the defendants in this case believe they had a first amendment right to sit around and have conversations and train in the woods with firearms, which are illegal -- are legal, excuse me, and to conduct the kind of activities they said that they are being accused of doing, all first amendment protected and nothing they did wrong and say the government has overstepped the line and persecuting and prosecuting them for their release and for opinions they should be allowed to have under first amendment. the government says a different thing. the people went past the line that when they went on a nighttime surveillance in september to look at the governor's vacation home and to
3:33 pm
look for ways that they could infiltrate where she's at, and ex-filtrate a sitting governor of one of the 50 states of the united states that they had gone past the line and stopped by a bridge on the side of the road, under the bridge, looked at ways to explode the bridge so police couldn't rescue the governor and they negotiated with someone who turned out to be an undercover fbi agent to buy enough plastic explosives to blow that up, that was crossing the line. i think ultimately probably will be to decide that was just fantasy talk or whether indeed they were serious with their intention to carry this out. >> so many questions. jessica, according to "newsweek" governor whitmer's victim impact statement will be read in court next month. what else is ahead in the trial of these 14 defendants? >> i mean, i think that there is so much ahead in the trial. we haven't really had a trial yet. we've had people going into court and filing motions and we've had some testimony in the various state and federal cases
3:34 pm
to decide whether people should get out on bond, but the trial itself has not yet begun and i think a lot of people will be closely watching it, because i think that both these weighty questions the jury has to decide and i think there's more twists and turns and things we don't know. if the past is any indication we might find quite fascinating. >> hopefully you'll join us as you continue to follow it. thank you so much. in our next hour, growing concerns about domestic terrorism and how the biden white house can confront it. after this break, we head to michigan where one county has become the state's epicenter for misinformation about the 2020 election. why. our dasha burns went to find out. at the lexus golden opportunity sales event. get 1.9% apr financing on the 2021 rx 350. experience amazing. facing leaks takes strength.
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misinformation in michigan where trump flags are still flying and people are still denying the fact that joe biden won in 2020.
3:38 pm
nbc's dasha burns found it is one example of many across this country of how the big lie is staying afloat. antrum county, michigan is known for its sprawling orchards but the 2020 election gave this cherry capital a new source of notoriety, the epicenter of a national debate. is the election over here in the county? >> no. the election continues to go on. >> reporter: president biden won the election with 306 electoral votes, carrying michigan but antrum county clerk sheryl guy says november's election rages on. >> it has been chaos, frustration, and a lot of negativity from those pockets that believe that trump did win the presidency. >> reporter: soon after polls closed november 3rd, guy's team erroneously reported biden won
3:39 pm
the historically republican county. the next day she discovered human error when her team failed to properly update software. trump was named the county's winner, but not before antrim county became a focal point of republicans claiming michigan was misreporting electrical returns. >> i think the election was compromised. to what degree i can't say. >> reporter: greg mcmaster questioned biden's victory after serving as an audit count team member for the recount, worried about similar looking signatures on some ballots. >> if this can happen here, it can happen anywhere. >> reporter: you accept joe biden as the legitimate president. >> i wouldn't say legitimate. he is my president, whether i like it or not and i'm watching how he conducts himself. i still have questions about the election. >> reporter: but there have been mull imexhaustive reports locally and a lot of counties as
3:40 pm
well as at the state level. what would it take beyond what's already been done for you to, for the dust to settle and for you to accept the results? >> i think a complete forensic audit would be primary. >> reporter: in may a michigan judge dismissed a lawsuit seeking a new audit of the county vote. and in june a michigan state senate support spear-headed by senator ed mcbroom say they were reported. macmaster hasn't read the report. why not read it? >> i trust the man that put it out with the committee he had, i trust he put it out. for me to read it and tear it apart or find challenges, isn't going to change. it's only going to perpetuate the insend dear attitude that's been going on. i have to step back and go senator mcbroom i trust what you did. you exhausted almost all your efforts but left yourself open
3:41 pm
to any new information if it's brought available to you that you can continue the investigation and maybe render a differenter have. >> it was stolen. >> reporter: but that hasn't stopped outside forces from using antrim county as a rallying cry, including qanon supporter ann vandersteel and mike lin del who headlined a pro-trump rally in the county last month. signs of qanon's presence in the area emerged and election fraud beliefs resulted in safety concerns. >> we have been told that i should be put in front of a firing squad, a military firing squad. >> reporter: offering guys some hope for unity, president biden's visit to antrim county this month. he toured the orchard belonging to the king family. >> i think antrim county specifically has gone through a lot of turmoil in the last year, with the politics, and so i think he saw it as an opportunity to change some minds
3:42 pm
or just have some goodwill. >> reporter: still, visible signs of decision in the region remain. >> i liken it to red ants and black ants. put them together in harmony. the minute you shake up the jar, they'll kill each other. that's kind of where we are, somebody shook this jar what we've been living in for decades and now it's a problem. >> reporter: it's already so many months. i mean, when does this end? >> that is a really good question. i would love this to have ended months ago, but you know, only time will tell. the sooner the better. >> that was nbc's dasha burns reporting. next, will congress move ahead with permanent protections for undocumented immigrants? it was the focus of a meeting thursday between dreamers, advocates and the vice president. two people who were at that meeting take us inside next. later the summer games are on. we bring you the latest from
3:43 pm
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the white house working to send reassurance to daca recipients as pressure mounts on capitol hill to pass permanent protections for them. especially after a federal judge's ruling declaring daca unlawful. in doing so the biden administration is blocked from processing new applications, which puts thousands who were in the application process in limbo. this past thursday vice president kamala harris met with daca recipients and immigration advocates to reassure them this administration is fighting for a permanent fix. she tweeted shortly after calling on congress to create a pathway to citizenship through reconciliation or other means, adding that dreamers should not live with such uncertainty. president biden was asked about including pathways to citizenship through reconciliation outside the white house a short time ago. >> a pathway for citizenship.
3:48 pm
>> there needs to be a pathway for citizenship, whether it is through imgration remains to be seen. >> i'm joined by two people, sergio gonzalez, former senior policy adviser to then senator kamala harris and a daca recipient and executive of united we dream action gresa, tell us about your meeting with the vice president. >> so great to be with you tonight. i conveyed emergency that i feel it in my bones that the millions of members of united we dream and millions across the country are feeling tonight, the urgency of deportation, of 35 years of inaction that she will be a critical person to ensure we pass citizenship for undocumented young people, tps holders farm workers through reconciliation this year. >> it is unbelievable to me you had people who and waiting to
3:49 pm
get their fingerprints and now they won't be able to get work papers, they won't be able to get a driver's license and they won't have the unique shield from deportation. the ruling out of texas is alarming because even though biden has said the doj is going to appeal, that sends the case to the fifth circuit and that appeals court ruled in favor of hits to daca before. we could be looking at this headed to the supreme court. no one optimistic about that. the pressure on congress has grown exponentially. is that right? >> that's exactly right. before the texas court decision there was an extreme sense of urgency to get this issue done with, because of the real life implications, not only for daca recipients but families, for farm workers, it ps holders, who helped keep our country going during the pandemic. after the court ruling, that urgency has only been exacerbated. we know this issue must be dealt with this year by congress, this
3:50 pm
is something that congress has failed to do for the past two decades, and that's why we need congress to act right now. this has major economic implications for our country, this is why it must be part of the package that democrats announced a few weeks ago, that this would create $1.5 trilliono our economic activity and gdp and create 400,000 jobs. that's what i was thrilled to see the president lead a dynamic meeting to get this done. >> this now sits with the senate parliamentarian and she will rule whether or not immigration is allowed to proceed as part of the recommendation. let's pursue the option where she says, yes, we can proceed, then the fight begins with how many people can be covered. in that case what role does the white house play? what role does the vice president play in holding the line, making sure there are no democratic defections?
3:51 pm
>> you know, what we really want to ground this conversation is the millions of voters who went out to vote last year for a comprehensive immigration reform. they know that democrats have control of the house, the senate and the white house. when we think about the 2022 election, those voters will want to see results. we are real clear that there is a moral emergency, there is a political imperative and my life and the lives of millions of documented people and daca recipients like myself is on the line and we must do something now. >> we know so much that comes down in the next month comes down to democrats trying to deflate what's happening on the interior with what's happening at the border. is there a way to really go out and sell this proposal the way they're selling something like
3:52 pm
infrastructure? >> i think that we've seen signs in the past two weeks, and especially since this texas court ruling that the white house is very infested in getting citizenship passed. there is both a moral imperative here, an economic imperative here and a political imperative here. republicans understand and know that there is support for these proposals across the political spectrum. 70% to 80% of americans support citizenship for d.r.e.a.m.ers, for essential workers, force farmers, for tps holders, and that's why they want to talk about the border and they've been doing this the past 30 years. that's why we're very glad to see democrats bypass that conversation altogether, do what is right, do what is politically smart and actually include this in the reconciliation package. so i think the meeting with the vice president, the fact the president is stepping out on this issue right now, that we have homeland security stepping
3:53 pm
out on this issue now, and both moderates and progressives are leaning in, this is exactly what we expect. i also want to give a shoutout to rayssa for her leadership here, and it is their voices that have led from the beginning, and they've been put in an untenable situation for the last daca. donald trump tried to rescind daca in 2017. he's tried to destroy this throughout his presidency, and we know we're in a very historic and unique moment that must be capitalized on and we must pass citizenship this year. >> because what we talk about in terms of regulation will be talked about in terms of a dollar amount, how do we remind people that this is actually about people? >> we do so by coming onto your show, alicia, and thelg them what is at stake. we tell them of people right now that are in detention centers
3:54 pm
across the country yearning for the opportunity to be free. if i have a message for the people watching us today, it's to say that if you ever thought about being pro-immigrant, if you thought of yourself as someone who stands for justice, we're asking you to join us in this fight, to call your member of congress and ensure you're joining sergio and myself and many others calling for citizenship. >> sergio, greisa, thank you both. still ahead, the question about masks and the vaccination new comments. is the vaccination the only way to save lives? plus a number of olympic athletes test positive for covid. will it impact the summer games? we'll get an update of how team usa is already proving to be the comeback kid. usa is already proving to be the comeback kid i got you. ♪ all by yourself. ♪ go with us and get millions of flexible booking options.
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and you can get unlimited data for just 30 dollars per line per month when you get four lines- or mix and match data options. available now for comcast business internet customers with no line-activation fees or term contract required. see if you can save by switching today. comcast business. powering possibilities. now to tokyo where it has been a day of highs and lows for team red, white and blue. while team usa was able to end the medal drought, the men's basketball team lost 86-76. the men's team's first loss since 1972. >> after getting shut out for the first time since 1972, the men's team went out blazing, especially in the pool.
3:59 pm
the u.s. team continuing to be dominant in the pool. there is bad news for team usa in golf. bryson dechambeau tested positive for covid before flying over here, and also in golf, jon rahm who won the u.s. open, he also tested positive. they're not going to be able to participate. but there is enough time for them to get replaced. there have been some other challenges for athletes on the ground here. that heat continues. organizers have done some things like move events earlier in the day so they're cooler. they've also set up cooling tents and misting sprays to try to help them. then there's the problem of that potential typhoon heading in this direction. it's not going to be that strong. the winds aren't going to be damaging and it may not be that disruptive because it will hit overnight. it also, ironically, could be good news for the surfers. back to you. >> stephanie gosk in tokyo, thank you. as we begin a new hour, republican reckoning with lies
4:00 pm
about the election and lies about the vaccine. the party of trump is starting to reap what it sowed. plus, should mandate a vaccine? what would it actually look like? fighting extremism to domestic terrorism. women at the height of their athletic careers fighting against a sexist double standard. this is "american voices." we begin this hour with a reality check for the republican party. this week more than six months after the deadly insurrection at the capitol, house lawmakers will finally get to work on getting to the bottom of it. the first hearing for the select committee investigating the january 6 attack is set for this tuesday. house speaker nancy pelosi said she won't let republican distractions get in the way. >>


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